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Michael Mitchell

We are sometimes presented with arguments about traditional church views and doctrinal absolutes, that our message disagrees with. Over 25 years of experience, in communicating with various denominations of the church society, has exposed .. to us .. a significant measure of church understanding, .. of the churches' message and construct of rationale, .. in the church's formation of faith ideas, including the "infallibility of God", in ( His ) establishing the church, presumptively endorsing the church's present condition and doctrine.

Another reference is the measure of numbers, in quantifying the church's population, an indication of popularity that might be thought to confirm, and validate, the traditional church as having God's approval. So, for our critics who have only browsed our web site superficially, and who feel a need to set us on their ( right path ) of higher understanding, we recommend a review of our web page ~ document of: "The Precepts of God". 
.. THE PRECEPTS of GOD .. Our Document ..