Alien Abductions and SIN

    The Alien Abductions phenomenon is strangely in manifestation due to Gentile Churchmen’s attempts at manipulating the Angels realm, in their Gentile ideas of conjuring a logical selection of Angel types. Gentile Churchmen have thought they should have a Creation of God entitlement over the husbandry of men’s natural “powers”; and therein, they believe that they should have a .. DIVINE .. privilege to exercise control over the Angels, as though this should be like animal blood lines husbandry, and should be subject to men’s “power” of authority. However, the manifestation of Alien Abductions is a direct response of God’s “righteous” Judgments, for Churchmen’s trespassing manipulations of the Angels realm; whereby, any localized community, of such violating Churchmen, is impacted by Alien visitation events, that may evolve into Alien Abductions. This Alien Abductions phenomenon is way outside of the expectation of such Gentile Church administrators, and therein; are beyond their control or “power” of correction, leaving their communities bound to the mystery of this Alien Abduction suffrage. Alien Abductions are disturbing, even devastating, to the impacted community of Earthy men; and, Alien Abductions cannot be sourced / traced by Gentile sciences and pathological study to the original violators who trigger this response of Judgments from God. Alien Abductions are .. literally .. the overlaying of ( Angel Coverings ) from God’s Kingdom of Earth’s Heaven with the ( Angel Coverings ) from an Alien World’s people; wherein, this overlaying of the two ( Angel Coverings ), from two different worlds, presents an astonishing ability of Alien Abductions manipulation of men’s perceptions. Earthy men’s perceptions, of “time loss” and “environmental dislocation” and “sentient anesthesia” and “alien verbal messages” and “visitation entrapment horrors”, in all manner of Alien Abduction testimonial reports, such Earthy men’s perceptions are subject to fear stimulation as a Judgment of God.

    The Alien Abductions horrors, of men’s being subjected to a mysterious “visitation” that incorporates medical / D. N. A. experiments, drives such men toward hysterics of response, that may well include violent tactics of evasion, even suicide. Alien Abductions, especially characterized by bizarre creatures and freaky environments, that evade all manner of control and escape, Alien Abductions accomplishes the [ END RESULT ] of God’s intention for punishment. Gentile Churchmen should .. NOT .., of course, explore experimentations of God’s Kingdom of Heaven, in their attempts to manipulate God’s Angels. These Alien Abductions, being an extreme result of horrific consequence, are an unexpected retribution of God’s “power”, transcending men’s capacity of strategic prediction. Alien Abductions are beyond men’s calculations, both as a potential response from God, and also as a problem to solve. Alien Abductions are .. NOT .. presenting important clues to Alien Worlds; but, Alien Abductions .. ARE .. presenting important insights to God’s - WAYS -, that .. CANNOT .. be superseded and circumvented by fleshly minded Churchmen. God’s [ CREATION ] can .. NOT .. be extricated from God’s sovereign “power” of control or purpose of intention. Gentile Churchmen, trying to elevate themselves, foolishly, to God’s stature, are - DOOMED - to experience God’s predictable wrath, that now seems to include Alien Abductions.

    The Angel Coverings are God’s Kingdom of Heaven methodology for managing ( HIS ) Creation of humankind and animals; wherein, the Angel Coverings, ( spirits ) attached to Earthy beings, are reflective of behaviors / motivations / instinctual tendencies, both of men and of animals. The Angel Coverings can be programmed by God in advance, or may be altered by the working of men’s Faith “energies”; wherein, men who learn their authorities of Angel Coverings modification, may effect their offspring, to several generations. Angel Coverings may be ( holy ) as God is ( holy ), or may well be ( unholy ), as [ SATAN ] is ( unholy ); therein, men become the product of their Angel Coverings and cannot simply manipulate their Angel Coverings at will. Very specific processes of a Priesthood are required to modify the Angel Coverings, and such processes, of course, are regulated by God from the beginning of Creation. The idea of Alien Abductions is a contorted usage of the Angel Coverings; wherein, God modifies the Angel Coverings to compensate men for their [ EVIL ] conspiracies in trying to control the Angel Coverings externally from God’s Sovereign Rule, and to fabricate a ( self ) serving imposition upon communities of men, to tyrannically govern men’s behaviors / motivations / instinctual tendencies. A blackmail motivation is behind such attempts to govern and terrorize men through the manipulation of their Angel Coverings; however, God’s intervention short circuits such [ DEMONIC ] plans of community conquering, by God’s devise of engineering an Alien Abductions scenario that confounds men’s natural reason.

    Men’s changing of the Angel Coverings is intended to be exercised by God’s implicit direction unto delivering [ SINFILLED ] men from their [ DEMONIC ] Angel Coverings, to then obtain the behaviors / motivations / instinctual tendencies of Christ ( natured ) Angel Coverings. This profoundly miraculous overthrow, of the World’s [ EVIL ] motivated men, by the manipulation of the Angel Coverings, is certainly constrained to the Priesthood function of the New Testament Church Institution. God’s recovery of ( HIS ) human Creation, from the [ DEVIL’S ] captivity, is dependent upon the Christ’s sacrifice as the consecration of the New Covenant, therein; being translated into the Angel Coverings, which then may be replicated successfully by an enlightened Church Priesthood, unto the liberation of all the World’s humanity. So, the mystery of God’s Kingdom of Heaven is revealed in the Angel Coverings that invisibly control / constrain men’s behaviors / motivations / instinctual tendencies, whether unto “Damnation”, or within the Covenant of Jesus Christ, unto an Earthy Angel Coverings Salvation, and unto an Eternal Salvation. The Alien Abductions manifestation, in the Angel Coverings, is not only a punishment of an angry Creator, but also is a somber warning for the trespassing Church community, to not ( over reach ) its spiritual authority, but instead; to submit itself to God’s Christ Jesus, in the full revelation of the Church functionality. The Alien Abductions manifestation will not correct itself, but requires a Priesthood antidote, specifically in the correction of the Angel Coverings.

    The [ DEVIL ] spirit abides within God’s Kingdom of Heaven, dwelling now within the hearts of all humankind; whereby, the [ DEVIL ] spirit subverts the motivations / thoughts and conclusions of mankind, even of Church men. God’s Kingdom of Heaven is intended to be known to, and understood by, the New testament Church community; so that, the [ DEVIL ] spirit is clearly perceived as God’s ( tool ) of torment and punishment, for humans that stray away from God’s Sovereign rule, becoming, then; a deterrent of Church utility, as a significant threat. .. “It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father's wife. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, To deliver such an one unto Satan .. the [ DEVIL ] .. for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” .. I Corinthians 5:1&4-5. The utility of the [ DEVIL ] spirit, then, is realized as a subordinate to New Testament Church authority; whereby, the [ DEVIL ] spirit has no privilege of .. DIVINE .. appointment, to overrule the Church of true Christians. Such a [ DEVIL ] spirit may well be a component of the Angel Coverings, both of humankind and also of other worlds where alien creatures dwell; and so, the [ DEVIL ] spirit, as God’s appointed adversary against men’s holiness in Christ Jesus, is certainly to be understood / calculated / and properly managed by true New Testament Church men. The invisible realm of Angel Coverings, plagued with the [ DEVIL ] spirit infiltration / contamination, will be foreknown and preemptively constrained as the Church’s proper duty to Jesus Christ. Even the Alien Abductions manifestation, abiding within an Angel Coverings, will, of course, have a [ DEVIL ] spirit component within it; for, such an Alien Abductions phenomenon is intended to be tormenting as a punishment of God. The [ DEVIL ] spirit’s interest is to have a flesh body habitat to dwell within, either human or other world creature; for, the [ DEVIL ] cares not what its habitat looks like, Earthy or non Earthy.

    The [ DEVIL ] spirit, being the invisible force of resistance / active subversion against the Transformation of New Covenant Church men, now becomes managed by the enlightened Church of the Apocalypse; wherein, this Holy Faith activated Church community becomes exalted over the [ DEVIL ] spirit. The [ SEVEN CANDLESTICK CHURCHES ] of Revelation .. “And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks; And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.” .. Revelation 1:12-13, these [ SEVEN CANDLESTICK CHURCHES ] become the < KEY > purpose of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ. At this point in Covenant understanding, the power of the [ DEVIL ] spirit is overtaken / conquered and is escaped by these Holy Faith activated Church men. The tricks of the [ DEVIL ] spirit are not only revealed to these enlightened Church men; but, the [ DEVIL ] spirit is constrained to [ ONLY ] Earthy men that have refused the deliverance / Salvation of these liberated Church men, and who then; persecute out of rage, those same liberated Church men. The [ DEVIL ] spirit is permitted to abide within other men of the World’s [ SINFULNESS ], to even motivate such many men unto the stalking and persecution of the liberated Church men, even gathering together all [ DEVIL ] spirit captivated men for a final Armageddon showdown of ultimate power. The men, who are under the delusion of power, by the indwelling [ DEVIL ] spirit, are “driven” by that [ DEVIL ] spirit within their Angel Coverings to revile the Creation Father and the Saving Son of God, Jesus Christ; and therein, this corrupted Angel Coverings, [ DEVIL ] spirit fueled, becomes defeated resoundingly at Armageddon and cast into the ( “Lake of Fire” ). Furthermore, the Alien Abductions manifestation, incorporating the indwelling [ DEVIL ] spirit, will vaporize immediately when this Armageddon showdown closes out the fulfillment of the New Testament Covenant of Jesus Christ. This Alien Abductions manifestation, fueled by the indwelling [ DEVIL ] spirit, will no longer be necessary after the New Testament Covenant has been successfully fulfilled.

    The Church Prophet ministry, abiding within the Apocalypse Church of Reformation, is fully enlightened and engaged with understanding of the [ DEVIL ] spirit, and of the Angel Coverings purpose and function, that requires the Church to embrace the Prophet - ministry, and to intercede unto producing a Covenant holiness result upon the Earth. The Church Prophet, having become excommunicated from the universalized community of Christianity, is very intensive in Reforming the smaller Church body that accepts a proper Prophet - Reform, unto their becoming ( reconciled ) back unto God legitimately, and unto their learning to perform their Priesthood function unto holiness. The Church Prophet, then, rehabilitating the Apocalypse Church unto the “Remission of Sins”, is clearly focused upon the ( Transformation ) of Covenant “believers”, asserting the Prophet - Gifts of spiritual discernment. The recovering of Prophet - Gifts, back unto the ( listening ) Church of the Apocalypse, is a critical process that enables the predestinated Church community to fully experience the New Testament Covenant of Jesus Christ; wherefrom, the rest of the complacent Church universe is rejected by God, even as they rejected the Prophet - Gifts, unto their own Eternal “Damnation”. The [ DEVIL ] spirit is permitted by God’s Prophet to accelerate unto a [ BEASTLIKE ] rage; wherein, that Angel Coverings is strategically permitted to hyperactively defend their un - holy territory, of the ( Rebellious ), Prophet rejecting, Church Tradition. Even the Alien Abductions will seem to explode in acceleration, as the Prophet - Gifts permit .. “And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.” .. Revelation 9:1-3. By this hyperactive flourishing of the Alien Abductions manifestation, the Church Prophet is enabling the ( Rebellious ) Church community to accentuate its defended territories and prosper in its [ EVIL ], while it has a little time remaining to supersede the Church Prophet warnings.

    The Bible’s Apocalypse, forewarning the Church Prophet ministry, requires the continual Church awareness of the [ DEVIL ] spirit, driving his retribution against the Reforming Church that has escaped the morbid domination of the indwelling Angel Coverings, by the Prophet ( baptism ) for “Remission of Sins”. This continual Church monitoring, of the [ DEVIL ] spirit threat and ( warfare ), requires the Church presence of the Prophet - Gifts; wherein, as manifestations present themselves, by the discipleship “power” of the ( Holy Spirit ), the corrective course of Church pursuit requires the Prophet counsel of “right” interpretation. This correct pathology of the Reforming Church community is required; for, a ( deadly ) potential abides nearby, always known by the Church Prophet. .. “And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” .. Revelation 13:4 & 6-7. The Church Prophet - Gift knows this threat is ever present; so, when the Church Prophet counsels the Covenant “believers” this way or that way, the Covenant “believers” must surely consider that Prophet - counsel with ( life or death ) weightiness. God’s Covenant - WAY - provides for no alternative options. God’s Prophet messenger declares the Covenant - WAY - to obey; wherefrom, Covenant mutineers are permitted by the Church Prophet to follow their own counsel, who will then be overtaken by the ( dragon ) spirit .. Angel Coverings .. within raging men, unto their just destruction. The torments, of the Alien Abductions, will remain a contemporary threat against the community of the Prophet Reforming Church until the final Armageddon showdown is passed. So, the Alien Abductions remain active throughout this ( dragon - BEAST - ) process of warfare; wherein, the Covenant “believers” rely heavily upon their Church Prophet - persons for a refuge of tight assemblage.

    The New Testament Covenant idea centers Covenant men upon God’s agenda of humans becoming living flesh tabernacles for God to indwell in this Earthy plane. It is this Covenant agenda that enables Earthy [ SINFILLED ] men to escape the [ DEVIL ] spirit domination unto “Damnation”, in their becoming Covenant [ Saved ] unto Eternal Life. Earthy men are .. NOT .. Covenant empowered to escape from the [ DEVIL ] spirit agenda, for such Earthy men to then “live” in this Earthy plane to serve themselves, unto perpetual self indulgences. God’s Covenant offering is for God’s agenda only, including God’s benevolent [ Saving ] of humans from the Eternal ( Lake of Fire ). God’s Covenant agenda of [ Salvation ] is contrasted against God’s wrath of Eternal ( Lake of Fire ) “Damnation”. A third option is not offered to resistant men. God’s Creation of humankind is entirely dedicated to serve God ( HIMSELF ). Men, philosophizing an imaginary platitude of being Created, to have God’s super spiritual “empowerment” that enables men to run [ Wild ] in ( self indulging ) perpetuation, that ( wicked ) philosophizing simply justifies the [ DEVIL ] spirit agenda that - KILLS - and “Damns Eternally” such whimsical humans. The Covenant of Jesus Christ is engineered to [ Save ] men from the Angel Coverings that perpetuate a [ SINFUL ] conscience, freeing such “Damned” men to serve God - ONLY -, by men’s ( hosting ) God’s “living” - WORD - “truth” within men’s “believing” hearts. This particular equation of Covenant processes produces a new Angel Coverings of holiness; wherein, God and God’s ( holy ) Son, Jesus, may indwell such Covenant practicing men. The Church Prophet, of course, understands this matrix of Covenant processes, and then; perpetually disciplines the “listening” Church to practice ( Faithfully ) the “living” - WORD - “truth” of Covenant promise. This Church Prophet dynamic corrals the Church community into a “living” Covenant lifestyle of perpetual dedication, unto [ Salvation ] attainment, avoiding the many pitfalls of [ EVIL ] men’s philosophies unto their conclusion of “Damnation”.

    The Covenant of Jesus Christ manifests God’s enabling abilities .. ( GIFTS ) .. to equip Covenant men to understand the critical obstacles that .. MUST .. be overcome. Covenant “believers” .. MUST .. confront the ( self’s ) orientations and cultural immersions, that would re-seed and refresh and perpetuate such “believers’” condition in “listening” to [ SINFUL ] orientations and compromising immersions. This confrontation of the ( self ) requires God’s ( Called out ) Covenant men to willfully separate from their prior involvements and patterns of worldly tradition, to learn a wholly new set of references, not previously known / taught / or prepared for. The Covenant of Jesus Christ requires change, severe re-orientation and retraining, for; overcoming and escaping from the bondages previously inherited, and previously “believed” to be a “truthful” condition for gauging ( life ). The Church Prophet, of course, understands this conflict between two references of gauging ( life ), and what Covenant men are required to accomplish, with God’s helps of “spiritual” .. ( GIFTS ) ..; wherein, the Church Prophet is a help of God, a literal .. ( GIFT ) .. for Covenant men to abide with. The [ DEVIL ] then, as an internally dwelling influence that .. MUST .. be silenced through the “Remission of Sins”, is suppressed by ( Baptism ) of a credible Church Prophet; wherefrom, this [ DEVIL ] spirit influence is neutralized from confusing these Covenant disciples. The Angel Coverings dynamic is revealed to Covenant “believers”, as a factor of the [ DEVIL ] spirit malevolence, as a factor of Holy Priesthood supplied benevolence, and as a responsibility of Covenant led intercession. This Angel Coverings influence, then becomes realized as a < CORE > work of Holy Faith change, to be learned and immersed into as the Covenant advantage to be embraced.

    The Church, of the New Testament Covenant, is God’s administrative society to oversee and implement the activation of ( HIS ) Covenant with humankind; so that, liberating the world’s humankind is accomplished within a format of strategic purpose. God, of course, has always had a Creation purpose for humankind; therein, God’s construction of the New Testament Covenant, based upon the consecrating sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, has supplied to humankind the implicit antidote to the [ CURSE ] of [ DEVIL ] spirits. Church men, that have not this understanding of the [ CURSE ] of indwelling [ DEVIL ] spirits, will .. NOT .., of course, understand God’s antidote to the [ CURSE ] being integrated perfectly in the New Covenant of Jesus Christ; and therein, such Church men will .. NOT .. associate the Covenant prerequisites, of specific discipleship protocols, to the accomplishment to this Covenant fulfillment. The Church community must be “shocked” out of its spiritual slumber, to become awakened to its functional reality of New Covenant implementation; wherein, the Church Prophet .. MUST .. be accepted and embraced as a connecting linkage to this Covenant intention and ability. Therein, the Church Prophet must .. NOT .. remain perpetually excommunicated from the Church society and from the structuring of Church Ideology.

    The Church of Jesus Christ is God intended to assist “Damned” men of [ SINFULNESS ] to escape from [ DEVIL ] spirits; wherein, ( ALL ) contemporary humans are [ CURSED ] unto an invisible bondage to certain “Damnation”. This Church participation, with God’s New Covenant escape mechanism for humankind, requires, then, the Church society and hierarchy of Order to adjust to a discipleship protocol that centers Earthy men upon a “spiritual” dynamic of God’s Kingdom of Heaven. This Church paradigm, that draws men into a “spiritual” universe of mysterious “powers”, requires fleshly based men to ascend in their thinking to God’s platitude of ( HIS ) Son, Jesus Christ; wherein, Covenant centered [ SALVATION ], from the [ DEVIL ] spirit trajectory unto God’s rejection and “Damnation”, is promised and “empowered” for Earthy astonishment. The Church Prophet, of course, is a < KEY > component in this Covenant “empowerment”; whereby, the contemporary Church community discovers the [ SALVATION ] grace that confirms the “activation” of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. The wonder of the Church ability to affect the Angel Coverings, including the [ DEVIL ] spirit < CORE >, is revealed by a legitimate Church Prophet; for, such wondrous manifestations are observable in the changing Angel Coverings, as confirmations of the Covenant “truth” being “activated” with God’s promised ability.

by: Michael Mitchell