Hurricanes and SIN

    God, as the Sovereign Lord over humankind “Husbandry”, is .. NOT .. pleased with the contemporary Christian community, utilizing Hurricanes, and other destructive events, to manifest as ( HIS ) Earthy witness. Recent Hurricanes, striking the United States coastline, are very clearly a message from God ( HIMSELF ), that: [ SIN ], remaining “active” throughout the macro population of North America, has .. NOT .. been managed / neutralized / absolved by the Christian Church prayers of faith. The contemporary Christian institution has been Biblically appointed God’s mandate of Priesthood intercession, that specifically enables such an institution to mitigate [ SIN ] by its faith works, and therein; to eliminate its many effectuations of God’s “just” consequences; wherein, the Hurricanes that strike the United States coastline, and the islands that lead up to the mainland, would have been extinguished and ceased from having any energy to unleash. Hurricanes, unleashing terrific energy of winds and torrential rains, Hurricanes are very clear warning messages of this unmitigated [ SIN ] that has been ignored / overlooked / neglected by the proper function of the intercessory Church Priesthood. Now, this Hurricanes energy is spectacularly manifest as a proper Judgment of God’s wrath, allowing an unknowable future stream of destructive Hurricanes energy to pour out in further evidence, now requires a proper response for these Hurricanes by the Christian community. That proper response should be the Christian Church community constraining itself with “right” accountability, and; somberly beginning to sort out its [ SIN ] dilemma with its Priesthood function.

    This Hurricanes manifestation of God’s wrath can be properly absolved by an alert and diligent Church community, that understands its Priesthood faith functionality in the “Earthy” realm. The Church community, that properly responds to the Holy Ghost - Spirit of the “living” God, knows the promptings of a [ SIN ] reality are a warning that God’s response will eventually, and with certainty, appear in the “Earthy” realm, with such things as Hurricanes. Other punishments, besides Hurricanes, might be experienced as well as Hurricanes, such as “societal crimes and prejudice”, .. “disease proliferation and pandemics”, .. “relationship disputes”, .. “accidents”, “regional forest fires and droughts”, and so on; wherein, any societal community might become a clear target of God’s overt displeasure. Hurricanes, specifically Hurricanes, are limited to coastline communities; and therein, are suggestive of community habits, perversions, “witchcraft”, “false god worship” or other societal aberrations that traffic freely in those coastline areas. Hurricanes are macro - society punishing, that incorporate a generalized energy release of universal impact, burdening even the ( Righteous ) individuals that have avoided participating in the general [ SINS ] of such coastline societies, that have even burdened that localized Christian population. For their own sakes in particular, the Church Priesthood should adopt a more rigorous accountability in listening to, and obediently responding to, the warning “voice” of God’s Holy Ghost - Spirit, that would preempt such Hurricanes, and other destructive events like Hurricanes.

    The Blood of men is God’s creation - design for linking God’s communication to ( HIS ) Created men, and as well; linking God’s response to men’s Faith works, of ( HIS ) Husbandry Rewards / Judgments / Measured Mercies; whereby, this Blood medium is the specific housing place for God’s appointment of Angels / Demons. God .. ( HIMSELF ) .. directly Oversees this process of Blood assessment of men’s Faith works and Blood measurement of men’s Faith works quality, for God’s dictation of the appropriate Angels / Devils assignment; and therein, men’s attainment of certain qualities, rewards / punishments of Angels / Demons is directly attributed to their Blood exposure of Faith working. The Christian Church Institution, of course, is intended to perceive this “Earthy” reality of humankind, and if diligent: may function with ( perfect ) synchrony with God, according to men’s holiness of a cleansed Blood condition. God’s observable wrath, through such experiences as Hurricanes, is a direct clue as to the Blood corruption of men, especially of a community along a coastline location. Such Hurricanes striking a particular region is a locational clue of where the Blood corruption may be observed, when an awakened Church community begins its Priesthood prayers of intercession to accomplish its mandated function of appropriate Faith working.

    The Blood sacrificed by Jesus Christ, in ( his ) physical “death” of New Covenant consecration, is God’s strategized methodology for providing [ Grace ] of enabling, for men that would enter the New Covenant ( of Jesus Christ ); whereby, Christ’s Blood, properly applied in Priesthood Faith works of intercession, such Covenant consecrating Blood will cleanse / deliver Covenant men from the “voices” and “Cursing” manifestations of - SATAN -. This sacrificial Blood of Jesus Christ, seen by contemporary Covenant men within the envisioned “Kingdom of Heaven”, overcomes [ ALL ] “spirits” of - SATAN - and subdues such “spirits’” infiltration and indwelling subversion that [ ALL ] Earthy men inherit from the “Cursing” rebellion of Adam and Eve. Thereby, New Covenant men, by the ( power ) of Christ’s Blood, enter into a paradigm of reality that could not be experienced in any alternative manner, and could not have been known before this Blood cleansing reality is manifest by the ( “Remission of Sins” ). Even the Earthy realm manifestation of God’s Judgments, experienced by Hurricanes along coastline communities, may well be observed to vanish quietly and mysteriously remain absent, when this ( “Remission of Sins” ) reality is empowered through this Blood consecration and Priesthood intercession of “right” Faith. Even powerful Hurricanes and other forms of God’s “justice” in destruction messages to mankind are brought into subjection of ( Divine Covenant mercies ) by this Blood of Jesus Christ.

    The Bible reference, to men’s Faith, is made apparent by the many scriptural narratives of example; whereby, God’s intention for men’s Faith requires men to obey God as their sovereign Lord / Creator / Husbandman Overseer. In such a specific and implicitly particular reference for men’s Faith, it becomes crystal clear that such Faith .. MUST .. concentrically reflect the [ WORD of GOD ], in its narrative contexts that also incorporate ( GOD ) .. ( HIMSELF ) speaking to listening men, within a Covenant relationship, which ( GOD ) speaking; would, of course, reflect .. perfectly .. the written [ WORD of GOD ] as its confirmation by pre-written authenticity. Men’s Faith is correlated to Covenant men’s success in obtaining [ “Salvation” ]; wherein, Covenant men’s correct / accurate / implicitly perfect Faith causes a direct result that impacts such men’s [ “Salvation” ]. The antithesis of this “right” Faith would be a counterfeit Faith, a loosely arranged Faith that does .. NOT .. reflect the [ WORD of GOD ], written or directly spoken by God within the Covenant relationship. Faith from humankind .. MUST .. be tamed by a Covenant with God - regulation, of specific origin to God’s own thinking; which therein, causes Covenant men to completely lend themselves to God, to become something - NEW -, a - NEW CREATURE -, to embody God’s ( life force ), literally and not in theory, of “Divine Life” .. II Peter 1:4. Part of this Faith equation will include, necessarily, the Priesthood understanding of the Blood of Jesus Christ, the consecration of the New Covenant by this Blood, and; the application by Priesthood Faith. And with certainty, a Covenant “believer” will associate God’s Wrath with Earthy men’s preferences to [ SIN ], and will notice in particular great devastations caused by Hurricanes and other natural Earth forces that parallel the unleashed power of Hurricanes. Mankind’s Faith that fails these specifications, certainly fails to obtain the [ “Salvation” ] of Covenant promise.

    The Faith narrative of many Bible persons have particularly set the obvious standards of Bible Faith expectations from God; however, the particular Faith of Jesus Christ is recorded with abundance in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. And, in extraordinary redundancy of God’s help to ( HIS ) Covenant men, the Holy Ghost manifestation is provided as the ( “indwelling” ) spiritual witness and guidance system for Covenant men; whereby, Holy Faith is supplied as the inner motivation / “living” example for Covenant “believers” to hear. The personal Faith, illustrated by New Testament Apostles, is a clear portrayal of God’s standards of Faith expectations and requirements. Certainly, these Bible Apostles, knowing Jesus personally, were well aware of the valued significance of ( his ) sacrificed Blood, in its application of Priesthood intercessions of “right” Faith working; for, they taught their Church disciples that Blood of Christ foundation in their learning of Faith. This Blood of Christ Faith, when applied, would have had confirming signs following mysteriously behind these Bible champions, that would have dispelled afflictions / pandemics and caused strange climatic disasters to recede and cease to manifest, such as Hurricanes and Hurricanes derivatives, like flooding, spun off Tornadoes and pestilence. Mankind’s Faith is extraordinarily “powerful”, in any regard, whether in holiness or in unholy [ SINFULNESS ]; therein, God’s requirement of Covenant “rightness” of Faith of course is justified and appropriately enabled to manifest in men’s [ “Salvation”] from God’s wrath.

    The Church Prophet agenda is to advance the [ WORD of GOD ] within the New Covenant community of ( Called ) men; wherein, the Faith component in Covenant men .. MUST .. be taught / learned / practiced / clearly confirmed by the Church Prophet, to properly advance that implicit [ WORD of GOD ]. This Church Prophet - person will exemplify such New Covenant Faith; and therein, the Prophet example, centralizing the Church community in “right” Faith, is < KEY > to setting new proselytes in the “right” direction of their [ WORD of GOD ] development. Also, the Covenant consecrating Blood of Jesus Christ must be distinguished in that proper [ WORD of GOD ] Faith, which Blood then becomes a « CORE » Faith topic of the New Covenant Prophet. God’s life manifestations of miracles are a profound evidence of that “right” Faith within the New Covenant Church community; and therein, the Church Prophet bears witness in promoting God’s life manifestations of that “right” Faith. Should the Church Prophet not be operationally accepted in any Church community, and therein; is not accompanied with God’s life manifestations of that “right” Faith, God’s Judgments, instead, will manifest, with suffering consequences abounding in that Church community. By such failing Church conditions, of their not permitting the Prophet - persons to accomplish that Kingdom of Heaven function, the Church Prophet, having been scripturally designated by Jesus Christ for “perfecting” ( his ) [ WORD of GOD ] Covenant body .. Ephesians 4:7 - 11, the Church Prophet is disabled from fulfilling that prominent role in New Covenant understanding and safeguarding. And, the Church coherence of Covenant consecrating Blood of Christ will fade away from any purpose; and, the Faith of such rebellious Church men will stray off of the [ WORD of GOD ] course as well, and wander chaotically among the world’s many devices of confused Ideologies and fancies of religion. Such a condition of New Testament Church violation, of their denying the Prophet - Gift and the Prophet - person, is an exact preface for God’s wrath to unfold. Should Hurricanes then become the spectacle of the [ DAY ], a legitimate Church Prophet will be loudly proclaiming, even outside of the Church body, the Judgments of God ( pathology ), that is founded upon [ SIN ] and the many deceitful Faith narratives of [ SIN ], that provoke God’s response of wrath. A true Prophet, of the [ WORD of GOD ] New Covenant “life”, whether within the Church body or absent from such a Church body, such a Prophet - person will teach Church men from Hurricanes that manifest, guiding Covenant “believing” men through a pathology of “linked” principles that originate from [ SIN ]; and therein, a Prophet - person will guide the [ WAY ] out of such destructive Hurricanes of God’s wrath.

    A Prophet messenger of God will be uncannily timed with God’s ( Called out ) men, to guide them toward “Safety” when such ( Called out ) men are being pursued by, and troubled continually with, God’s wrathful appointments. The Prophet of God, then, becomes the “Safe” harbor for fleeing Churchmen, who have not learned of the Covenant ideals of Jesus Christ, of “right” Faith requirements, of the consecrating Blood, nor of the following “manifestations” of Covenant “powers”. God’s messenger Prophet, prepared with long years of patient learning, then, the Prophet becomes the answer to Churchmen’s haunting questions, of why this or why that?. The Prophet, then, is the “last resort”, the final possibility of ( hope ), when desperate Churchmen are pressed by God into compliance to Biblical structuring of God’s Covenant methodology. Churchmen’s experimentations of vast Worldly theories of Faith, provoke God’s legitimate responses of wrath, especially when God’s appointed Prophet - persons, of God’s sent Covenant help, are disregarded / disrespected / abused and persecuted. So, exploring Churchmen, striving to discover the results of many varieties of religious theory, become hammered into Biblical “spirituality” by God’s responses of imposed suffrage, and therein; are persuaded to reevaluate their premised theories. Such Churchmen are tribulated to reinstall the Prophet - person of Prophet - Gifts back into their puzzle picture of Biblical New Testament Christianity. When a real Covenant Prophet strangely appears and is accepted, the Church discussion will gravitate immediately toward the discipleship of Christ’s Faith, and the “manifestations” of “right” Faith; wherein, the real Prophet will reinsert the concept of the Covenant becoming consecrated with the ( Death ) and Blood of Jesus Christ, enabling then a following “manifestation” of God’s pleasing, in evidences of observable [ SIGNS ]. The [ WORD of GOD ] will become hammered home by the accepted Prophet - person; wherefrom, the New Testament disciples become the ( Tabernacle - home - body ) for the indwelling God. This Prophet orientation will assertively guide such a ( “Reviving” ) Church out of God’s hand of wrath, through this “right” Faith and Blood of Christ activation. Such destructive events as Hurricanes will become profoundly quiet, as the result of this Church guidance, of a sent Prophet bringing ( “Revival” ). Other destructive “manifestations” of God’s outpoured provocations, like: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods or Droughts, and of course Hurricanes, will diminish proportionally to this advancement of the returning [ WORD of GOD ] of a legitimate Covenant Prophet, with its “right” Covenant Faith and Blood of Christ, in Priesthood intercessions.

    The Bible concept, of the Curse, links all of humankind with the .. Garden of Eden trial .. of Adam and Eve; whereby, they wrongly chose to disregard God’s forewarning of “DEATH” by their eating the fruit from the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. From this simple choice of receiving the Curse, the flesh bodies of all of humankind became the habitation of the Curse, as “living” tabernacles for the [ DEVIL ] to abide within and perpetually influence. The Biblical Curse, then, is the universal human condition of hosting the [ DEVIL ] “spirit” from within the platform of human and other Earthy animals’ flesh; wherein, the [ DEVIL ] “spirit” manifests the Curse by perpetually manifesting sickness, disease and “Death”, and mentally and emotionally subverting mankind, by turning men away from God at every turn of God’s Covenant reconciliation from the Curse. To counteract this indwelling Curse threat, God has appointed ( HIS ) messenger - Prophet - persons, to appear unto designated men, especially within the Church “assembly”, and then to assist those ( Called out ) men, in overcoming this Curse of the indwelling [ DEVIL ] “spirit”. This Prophet - messenger methodology is now < KEY > to predestinated men’s reconciliation to God, providing a careful platform of Covenant Faith discipleship, incorporating the Blood of Christ enabling ability, that overcomes the Curse of the indwelling [ DEVIL ] “spirit”, that, then, is confirmed with “empowered” evidence of the “Remission of Sins”, within following signs of manifestation experiences. This proper Covenant Faith, that is immersed within the consecrating Blood of Christ, is profoundly preached and taught from God’s sent Prophet - person, which Prophet help, of course, is opposed, vehemently, by that [ DEVIL ] “spirit” of the abiding Curse.

    The Curse experience and familiarity, upon all of humankind, becomes the auto default reference by which ( Called out ) men try to assimilate the meaning of the New Testament Bible; whereby, the pre - established Curse, of the indwelling [ DEVIL ] “spirit”, is the only learned condition of mankind’s inward “nature”, that Worldly minded men utilize in forming their ( ideas ) of the Covenant of Jesus Christ. The Curse domain is so universalized that [ ALL ] men are surrounded by and immersed continually in a community / family / ancestry lineage of traditions / governing system / and entertainments orientation within a macro society “culture” that can [ ONLY ] function by the indwelling influence of the Curse. Should God ( HIMSELF ) speak to men of the Curse containment system, God may well utilize ( HIS ) Angels and messaging - men of ( HIS ) Angels to infiltrate this Curse paradigm, to advocate ( HIS ) intentions / instructions, for such men to receive navigation by. God ( HIMSELF ) may communicate to men of the Curse, from within the Curse paradigm. However, this New Testament Covenant is God’s preferred mechanism to overcome the inward “nature” of mankind, to set men free from the Curse, and; change men’s inward [ HEART ] “nature” to that of Jesus Christ. Again however, the supreme difficulty of men’s abiding in the Curse, enables men to defer to the way of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”, when they conceptualize their learned way of fleshly reason and head calculation, in organizing God’s Biblical narrative of the New Covenant and God’s elusive promise of “Salvation”. Of course, Worldly men, of the Curse, ( hearing ) the ( Calling ) voice of God, perhaps from within the Curse paradigm, have formed institutions of Church imitation and perversion, with supporting “rituals” and “ceremonies” and “presentation garments” they hope will validate their ( ideas ) of Curse - Christianity theory. All of the many Church factions, hoping to advance this and that theory of Christianity, have [ FAILED ] with ( epic ) Curse motivation; whereby, they deceive and mislead and pervert the - GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST -, as the indwelling [ DEVIL ] “spirit” insists upon ( saving ) the human “tabernacle” to its own usage. So, the Church community, being formed into the ( imagery ) of the deceiving Curse paradigm upon all of mankind, misses the mark of Jesus Christ over and over ad infinitum. God’s sending of ( HIS ) Prophet - messengers, framed from within the New Testament Covenant, after the inward “nature of Jesus Christ, profoundly are enabled to discern the Church character as dwelling in the pocket - Curse of the [ DEVIL ] “spirit”, who then are deflected / rejected by that [ DEVIL ] “spirit”, and who then are hindered with extreme prejudice by the Curse - Church leadership. Consequently, the solution to the [ DEVIL’S ] Curse is the Covenant Faith of Jesus Christ, and the Covenant consecrating Blood of Christ, which will never be preached / taught by absent Prophet - persons, leaving all contemporary Churchmen distanced away from the “Remission of Sins” experience and the ( Baptism ) into the Holy Ghost of New Covenant activation. Therein, the Curse continues to reign in Church dominance, from within the multitudes of Church Christians, leaving undone the Faith factor and Blood of Priesthood intercession. So, Churchmen remain today just as ( “Damned” ) as they were in the World, without the Covenant “powers” of Jesus Christ.

    The New Testament Biblical narrative of the Church is built upon the platform of Old Covenant principles. And, without the understanding of these premised protocols, the New Testament Church becomes a religious ( football ), to be kicked around / tossed / twirled into all manner of Worldly perversion. From this pre - established “truthful” assessment of the contemporary Church community, the Biblical paradigm of God’s intention, it appears, must become ( “refreshed” ) and ( “relearned” ). Unfortunately, the Curse, of the [ DEVIL ] “spirit” infilling [ ALL ] of the World’e humankind, must be dauntlessly exposed and confronted; wherein now, the Curse “drives” the universal Church paradigm; because, contemporary Church leaders are rangebound to remain in the ( flesh ) paradigm of their reliable familiarity; therein, keeping these Church pretenders subjected to the “invisible” preeminence of the [ DEVIL ] “spirit”. So, all contemporary denominational traditions of Church Ideology must become faced with this “truth” of compromise / corruption / and infiltration. God’s sent Prophet - persons will be the instrument that accomplishes this monumental feat, of Church exposure and its ( epic ) overcoming .. Revelation chapter 11. The Prophet “revelations” of the Covenant Faith of Christian proselytes, and the Blood of Christ dynamic of Priesthood instrumentation, the “Remission of Sins” and Baptism into the Holy Ghost, will be introduced within a selected Church body, as a ( “Revival” ) of the original Biblical narrative. This “right” Faith and Blood of Christ instrumentation within the Church, now become ( “relearned” ); and, through these ( lost ) references, the “Apocalypse” of John becomes fulfilled, ending the Gentile Church age.

    The Traditions of contemporary Church perversion are far off from the New Testament Church reality; because, that original reality of the Bible Apostles has not been disclosed as an experience for contemporary Church followers. Contemporary Church members are persuaded to remain ( flesh ) minded, and therein; to “disbelieve” the Bible rendition as an accessible “truth” for this present Church time; for, they now are trained to think those ( “miraculous” ) abilities were for that early Church only, and are not God - intended for now. This Church culture of trained “disbelief”, of course, is wrong and is ( “Antichrist” ) driven from the Curse reality; however, the Apocalypse - predestinated Church will separate from the “disbelieving” Church community, that now becomes ( transformed ) as vile - BEASTS - of “Revelation” chapter 13, that resists original Apostle “truth” and protects their Gentile minded Church fiefdoms of Worldly power and influence. The answer to this universalized Curse absurdity in the Traditional Church community is the ( “Revival” ) of those early Bible manifestations, through God’s raising up ( HIS ) Prophet - persons who are “trained” to “believe” the original Apostle’s “truth” for these present times. Such Holy Ghost “driven” Prophet - persons believe in the original Apostle’s “truth” as their present time ( “miraculous” ) experience; for, such Bible manifestations of “power” evidence have confirmed with experience such contemporary Prophet - persons. The Faith of these contemporary Prophet - persons, incorporating the “active” Blood of Christ in their Priesthood intercessions, brings the literal “power” of Divine manifestation into the present reality, causing the Apocalypse of John to unfold in its original Apostle format, mandated to fulfill the Covenant of Jesus Christ. This “right” Faith and Blood of Christ combination, ( “rejoined” ) by a contemporary Prophet - person, frees the Church from the diabolical Curse of indwelling [ DEVIL ] “spirits” .. Revelation chapter 12, and therein; allows that freed Church to rejoin the original Priesthood mandate, to further free all humankind from its bondage to an inevitable “Damnation” of God’s decree.

by: Michael Mitchell