LETTER to President Trump


Hello Mr President,

This message is clearly to be recognized as a “prophetic voice” directed by God, the Creator / Father of Jesus Christ. Mr. President, you have been counseled in Christian philosophy, by contemporary church counselors who are not representing the “prophetic voice” of God. They cannot advise you properly. This “prophetic voice”, which originated from God, is now giving you helps to understand God's point of reference for this ( Time of the Apocalypse ). You are not responsible for the ( Hammer of God's Judgments ), which is Sovereignly belonging to God's supreme Authority and Oversight. God's people, and particularly God's church ownership, requires from God a manifestation of “righteous” Judgments upon all of the United States of America. This calculation of Judgments and the timing of Divine sequencing has now brought forward HIS time upon America. None of this is because of your Presidency. You have profoundly kept your oath of dutiful service for America. Now, however, you must very simply draw away from your accomplished Presidency and leave that work alone, so that it may now be deferred to the following administration and to their Judgment of policies and decisions. Hopefully, you will now legitimately rest from your vigorous / exhausting work and not become susceptible to being drawn back toward becoming too personally involved in solving America's coming afflictions in the unfolding Apocalypse of God.

The signs of public evidence have been portraying a societal breakdown unto mayhem, trending toward extreme pandemonium, and potentially beyond toward something else. This public evidence has portrayed, in the “prophetic voice” domain, that God has been in this mix of societal breakdown. Mr. President you, certainly, have been an important part of this directed plan of God. Now, your time / participation has succeeded wonderfully, but now that time has passed and needs to be solemnly withdrawn from. Should you press forward to continue your previous work, you will be trespassing God's ( Time for the Apocalypse ), and such insistence will draw more punishing circumstances and more vile threats, even physical attacks against you or your family that all may avoided with this simplicity of “standing down”.

Now, this “prophetic voice” has revealed to us a prayer format that, when followed in prayer with deep sincerity, will discover a strange diminishing of circumstantial threats, even physical attacks, as God's grace falls upon you and overtakes the Earthly realm.

Michael and Renee


Joplin, Mo