Pandemics and SIN

    A Worldwide Pandemic may appear as a psychotic purpose of a few “militant” anarchists, but may appear also as a ( natural ) course of humankind, conducting its reckless bio-sciences experiments that have fallen off of the “tracks” of prudent [ SAFETY ]. A “viral” infection Pandemic, taking its toll Globally upon multitudes of unsuspecting souls, becomes a permitted manifestation of God’s “justice” upon [ SIN ] glorying men; whereby, God’s many warnings had previously been disregarded with mindless dispatch. A Pandemic, released upon humankind, is a - VOICE - of God, speaking an unrelenting “truth” about men’s ( lust ) for “power” of ( self rule ) and ( self gratifying glories ); whereby, the end result of such ( lust ) for power is inevitably concluded with “Death”, Pandemic or otherwise, followed behind with an Eternity of “Damnation”. God’s sovereign resolve to fulfill ( HIS ) Creation plan, to its fullest potential, should be somberly acknowledged in such a spectacle as a Pandemic of immeasurable suffrage and despair. A Pandemic will exceedingly dwarf human expectations for Godly ( mercy ) / ( forgiveness ) / ( compassionate commutations of Judgment ); so that, any surviving population, of such a Pandemic, might learn of God’s entitlement to ( HIS ) Creation sovereignty. Such Pandemic survivors may redirect their future intentions of life toward ( “Righteous” ) pursuits. A Pandemic spectacle of “Death” would be a lesson from God, in any of the various manners of implementation; whereby, survivors of a Pandemic might refine their reasoned gratitude to their Creator with a humbled sense of purposed duty. A deadly Pandemic is a conclusive manifestation, denying any stupid argument, ( saying ) God’s [ WORDS ] are serious, to be accepted as a Worldly factor of inescapable human reality, that must not be dismissed with derisive foolery.

    A Pandemic, releasing an astonishing magnitude of human suffrage, would winnow the Church population; so that, Church survivors of a Pandemic may redirect their Faith affections in how they view God, and how they perceive the New Covenant offered by God, to provide a [ “Salvation” ] not otherwise available. A potential Pandemic would have a .. DIVINE .. purpose in redirecting a maligned Church institution .. “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” .. Rev 6:8. So, “Death”, becoming manifested in a potential Pandemic over a fourth part of the earth, then, would profoundly press the surviving Church community into a massively ( “Tribulated” ) condition; whereby, such a Pandemic would force a Faith Reformation from a circumspectful perspective. Such a Pandemic, moulding and redirecting a circumspectful Church community, might well trigger an “awakening” of “right” Faith in some, that would, then, shake a Church faction out of a larger collective Church society, to set them into motion of a very different Church Ideology. So, a Pandemic event, caused within the Kingdom of Heaven - OVERSIGHT - of God’s Christ Jesus, would intend a greater purpose of God’s Covenant to become accomplished, through such a Pandemic spectacle of terrific human loss. This Pandemic would change the entire Earthy paradigm of the New Testament.

    The Apocalypse of John shall be a Global spectacle of the New Testament Covenant, - NOT - of the [ DEVIL’S ] strategy of purpose, but of Jesus Christ’s; wherein, God’s prophetic .. VOICE .. predicts / forewarns of such extraordinary “Tribulations” that - MUST - be experienced by the Church community, to fulfill the “mandate” of God’s Christ Jesus. .. “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass;” .. Rev 1:01. This Apocalypse .. MUST .. come to pass; and therein, New Testament Churchmen need to be braced for this Apocalypse reality that God will thrust upon them, and; requires of them. The awesome ( glory ) and wondrous ( grace ) that God has engineered for humankind .. MUST .. be tempered with this extraordinary mandate of God’s expectation, and its mournful process of the Apocalypse of John. The coming experience, of the Apocalypse, may well incorporate the witnessing of an Apocalypse Pandemic and its massive suffrage of humankind; wherein, God’s Churchmen must be tempered unto resolute strength of determination, to become fully the ( IMAGERY ) of Jesus Christ throughout humankind. By this .. DIVINE .. process, of the Apocalypse of John, that may well incorporate a Pandemic witnessing, the full “Revelation”, of God’s Covenant Apocalypse, becomes understood by its experience. An astonishment of Divine Apocalypse “justice” becomes poured out ( rightly ), upon a rejecting humankind, confirming God’s sacrificed Son, Jesus Christ, who should not have been rejected in times past.

    The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, having a profound purpose of ( perfecting ) the Christ heart ( nature ) within Covenant “believers”, will display extraordinary supernatural evidences, of true Church capability. The New Testament Church will be profoundly rediscovered through this Apocalypse reformation; so that, the “spiritual” gifts of the Holy Ghost, of the miraculous signs of “right” Church confirmation, will be outwardly observable, throughout this Apocalypse. The [ DEVIL’S ] paradigm, of previously unchallenged dominion throughout ( ALL ) of humankind, will be disclosed within the contemporary Church community, within the Apocalypse process of great “Tribulation”; whereby, the [ DEVIL’S ] subliminal bastion of society’s rule becomes openly viewed and defeated through “believers’” “right” Faith working in this Apocalypse of the Apostle John. This Apocalypse of Jesus Christ becomes ( THE ) answer of God, to religious men’s grievous frustrations, of their ( Cursed ) Church darkness / torments / bloody conflicts for centuries. The Pandemic horror through the Apocalypse, that may unfold across the Globe of many religions, becomes an outward evidence that Christians cannot explain away in superficial rhetoric of simple minded Church mythology / fantasy / theory. Such a Pandemic of visible horrors is God’s haunting Apocalypse .. VOICE .. that the contemporary Church order radically disregarded, requiring now an exaggerated rearranging of Christian viewpoints. Permitting God’s sovereignty, including ( HIS ) “justified” wrath and somber warnings against [ SIN ], to become a reality, therein; requires a forewarned rectifying, now witnessed in “living” Apocalypse color.

    The Angels of God’s Kingdom of Heaven, provided to New Covenant “believers”, are a < CORE > component of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ; wherein, God’s many helps of .. DIVINE .. grace of Angels are present with Church men, to overcome and transcend the many dangers and threats of the Apocalypse process. God’s Holy Angels, as in the Old Testament Bible narrative, are currently “active” and readily available to Covenant “believers”, to overcome the vast multitude of ( “unclean” ) spirits ( Demons ) that inhabit contemporary Earth men, even contemporary Church men. Holy Angels do not “activate” without “right” Faith working, requiring, therefore, a discipleship faction of “right” Church doctrine; therein, carefully keeping the [ WORD of GOD ] presented, as a - FACTUAL - reality of God’s Sovereign standards. The Apocalypse Church of Jesus Christ will consequently be [ HARD HIT ] with a new Church revival of doctrine, that recovers the original Apostle’s doctrine and those Holy Angels .. “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.” .. Acts 2:42. The contemporary Church culture that resists / rebukes and obstructs the Apostle’s doctrine and its Holy Angels, will not, therefore, have the benefit of God’s Holy Angels in the Apocalypse, and will suffer a .. DIVINE .. consequence over their rebellion. This rebelling Church community will endure a ( reverse ) transformation, away from God’s Holy Angels and toward “unclean” spirits, unto becoming the prophesied - BEAST - of the Apocalypse .. “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” .. Rev 13:01. The Holy Angels, of God’s kingdom of Heaven, are pre - engineered to exceed the power of these “unclean” spirits; wherein, the Covenant “believers” in the ( reformed ) Church will overcome these “unclean” Church spirits, by these “activated” Holy Angels, and fulfill the Covenant of Jesus Christ. Even allowing for a Pandemic to overtake the Earth’s humankind, God’s Kingdom of Heaven Angels are “empowered” with exceeding ability to succeed in a battle of Angels and Demons. Predestinated Covenant “believers”, through these Holy Angels, will survive such a potential Pandemic, and wondrously thrive throughout the horrors of the Apocalypse.

    The Angels of God’s Kingdom of Heaven will engage each process of “Tribulation” throughout the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, meaning of course, that God is Sovereignly in control of these “Tribulating” events. God’s Angels will direct / door open this complex process that will press Covenant “believers” into a defensive corner, causing them, through “Tribulating” events, to exercise their Faith in “right” focus of .. DIVINE .. intention; whereby, the reforming Church body will fuel such “Tribulating” Angels in their many tasks of Covenant fulfillment. .. “And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” .. Rev 11:15. These Apocalypse Angels contain God’s punishing ( Trials ) and also enable Covenant “believers” with helps to endure their Apocalypse “tribulations”. The Angels, throughout the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, are to be discerned and accepted as the - WAY - of Jesus Christ in the New Covenant; wherein, this - WAY - emphatically incorporates the Faith working of a Covenant Priesthood. Even the potential Pandemic events are Angels correlated, before and during such “tribulating” processes; wherein, such Pandemic processes would be wrapped thoroughly with sent Angels of .. DIVINE .. manifestation.

    God’s Kingdom of Heaven functions by set standards, knowable and understood by New Testament Prophet - persons; wherein, Church men’s Faith is precisely blueprinted and correlated to these Angels of God’s Kingdom of Heaven. The Apocalypse process is experienced in advanced training by such Prophet - persons, as are the Apocalypse ( Church Trials ) and Judgments of forewarned consequence; so that, Covenant Prophet - persons, present and functionally edifying within the Church experience of the Apocalypse Angels of Jesus Christ, may authoritatively know what is to come. The Church Prophet should be a component of the Church experience, that is exclusively the ( Reforming ) Church community; therein, the understanding and encouragement of the Covenant Prophet can “Guide” other Covenant “believers” throughout the Apocalypse process, described and forewarned of by the Apostle John. A Church community that ( Rebukes ) and ( Reviles ) the Prophet - Gift / Prophet - persons in the New Testament, as being nonsensical, will fail the purpose of God in their many “tribulations”, and therein; will be given over to the [ DEVIL ], who they presently serve unaware. God’s prepared Prophet - person, of the Holy Ghost Prophet - Gift, could have helped such Church men perceive God’s Apocalypse - WAYS - of Angels; however, such Traditional Church men have celebrated their Gentile ( logic ) and ( reason ) with such enamored glory, .. coming subversively from the indwelling “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” .., that such Gentile Church men are simplistically seduced to remain in their “happy” camp of familiar orientations and to ( spin the wheel of chance ) toward their expected endorsement from God. These Gentile Church men “think” they are so very smart in their Bible - bowl knowledge; that, they believe a Church Prophet could add nothing to their present glory of ascended virtue. A Church Prophet, that forewarns them of a potential Pandemic, of course is “ludicrous” to these delusional Church men; for, they have built high castle walls and lofty parapets around their puffed up egos, as they assure themselves that God “loves” them most of all because of their profound ( logic ) and ( reason ). A Church Prophet, warning them of a Pandemic by their operational Prophet - Gift, of course; would be ridiculed with derisive laughter. And then, should an active Pandemic “flush” many of their Traditional Church members and family away, such a horror would be explained by them to be something else entirely, as probably being a “saving” wisdom of God, that circumvents a Prophet explanation of rejection and Judgment.

    A Church Prophet, having the Prophet - Gifts to discern “spirits”, perceives manifestations of ( Demonic torments ) / ( disease and suffrage ) / ( Witchcraft attacks ), overtaking Covenant “believers” or about to encompass them as an approaching siege of malevolent punishment; and therein, a Kingdom of Heaven Prophet will recognize the corrective behavior, or intercessory prayer works, to engage. The Prophet of the Covenant of Jesus Christ is a messenger of Covenant “promises”, particularly ( “Transformation” ) of the soul, unto [ Salvation ]; therein, the Prophet - person is the Church conscience of a “correct” doctrine Faith and disciplined behavior. The Covenant Prophet will .. NOT .. be bamboozled by strange and sudden variations of “spiritual” manifestation, as Witchcraft strategies try to vary their battle plans with tricky schemes of distraction and misdirection; but, a ( tried ) Prophet will methodically sort through a labyrinth of intricate options in the “spirit” realm of God’s Kingdom of Heaven, and discover the [ KEYS ] of complex puzzle interpretation, to complete the mystery at hand. Angels are a second language to real Church Prophet - persons; for, the Angels are God’s structured link of communication to all of ( HIS ) Church citizenry. Especially the Angels, of the Apocalypse, are particularly kin to the Covenant Prophet - persons, as they speak warnings of upcoming ( “Trials” ) and ( “Tribulations” ). Even a potential Pandemic of the Apocalypse will not seem to be strange or peculiar to the Church Prophet; for, the - VOICE - of Angels will come forewarning Prophet - persons of a catastrophe to prepare for, with “right” Covenant Faith. Such a Pandemic would, then, be circumvented with minimal damage, because of the “active” Prophet - person, but having instead a benefit of ( strengthening ) the resolve of ( “listening” ) and prepared “believers”.

    God’s Kingdom of Heaven is experienced by Covenant “believers” through the Holy Spirit; whereby, all of the Kingdom of God characteristics are blueprinted and dissected for a Priesthood Church to manage. The Holy Spirit, therein, is the curator to God’s invisible “powers” of New Testament functionality; so that, when “believers” are ( Baptized ) in the Holy Spirit, they begin to perceive the Kingdom of God paradigm of invisible presences, messenger - Angels of course and [ DEVIL ] “spirits” as well. The“spirits” of men are known, even separately from the Holy Spirit of God; for, men take on a characteristic that defines their ( nature ) and exposes them to the discernment of other spiritual men; therein, whichever camp men have decided to serve, they become recognizable at once in that decision. Christ men are made known by the Holy Spirit; and, ( antichrist ) men, as well, are made known by the Holy Spirit; so that, friend or foe, the surrounding men of society are well understood, without mystery or deceit. The Holy Spirit ( Baptism ), of course, is the [ KEY ] to this perception of the invisible kingdom, and therein, is required for Covenant entrance. The Church Prophet is God’s special envoy to this Holy Spirit understanding, discipleship and ( Baptism ); for, the Church Prophet is, of course, ( Baptized ) in the Holy Spirit, and therein; perceives this invisible kingdom paradigm of God as an advance recognizance informer. Angels, passing through the Holy Spirit, frequently visit the Church Prophet, guiding the Prophet - persons and revealing future things to come, that prepares the “listening believers” for Faith preparation. The Apocalypse process, of Covenant fulfillment, is, of course, active with Angels trafficking to the Church Prophet, according to the managing control of the Holy Spirit; wherein, Covenant “believers” may synchronize with the Covenant’s development of its citizenry, and successfully endure / complete the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ.

    The Holy Spirit, given by God to Covenant “believers”, is [ T·H·E ] literal “promise” of the New Testament Covenant; wherein, Covenant men are “empowered” by God’s Holy Spirit grace, to escape from and overcome their heart natures of [ SIN ] with its indwelling [ DEVIL ] “spirits” of compulsory influences / motivational contaminations / subversive character. This literal enabling of God, by [ HIS ] free gift of the Holy Spirit, is the .. DIVINE .. ability to supersede / transcend the hindrance upon the First Covenant men, with their extraordinary mass failures of Bible history. New Covenant Holy Spirit citizens, now, may transcend their own indwelling natures, to rise ( perfectly ) to God’s required level of “holiness” in the Christ nature, and ( serve ) God’s interests in the World. The Holy Spirit abiding, with Covenant men, even abiding within the flesh of Covenant men, enables such “believing” men to understand God in their flesh lives, and then to obey the “living” God while they abide still in their flesh bodies, as Jesus Christ so dwelt among men of an [ EVIL ] World. This Holy Spirit [ KEY ] is .. NOT .. to be overlooked, nor ignored or dismissed as a marginal or secondary aspect of the New Testament Bible; for, the Holy Spirit component is [ T·H·E ] primary quality of the New Covenant, that distinguishes New Testament “believing” men’s abilities from the [ FIRST ] Testament Pharisee failures. New Testament Prophet - Gift persons know this Holy Spirit experience; for, this Holy Spirit reality is their trained experience in the New Covenant Bible paradigm. Such Prophet - persons have been trained, like the Apostle Paul, in the wilderness journeying paradigm of ( super spiritual ) Holy Spirit manifestations; wherein, such Prophet - persons have observed the many [ SIGNS ] of strange Holy Spirit evidences that confirm God’s “believers” of abiding “truth”, by their Faith in Jesus Christ. Angels, of course, have appeared to such Holy Spirit endowed persons, disclosing profound messages of God, privately; therein, Holy Spirit ( Baptized ) persons, .. Prophet - persons .., become normalized to Angels visitations, in their learned paradigm of God’s Holy Spirit Kingdom of Heaven reality. The Apocalypse of John, as well, is opened up by the Holy Spirit, to disclose otherwise mysterious events within a context of .. DIVINE .. purpose of Covenant fulfillment; and therein, the Apocalypse is entirely bound within this Holy Spirit “empowerment” of New Testament realization.

    The Church reality, after the structured promise of the Holy Spirit ( Baptism ) endowment, fully is integrated into God’s Kingdom of Heaven paradigm of .. DIVINE .. “powers”; and therein, the New Testament Church does .. NOT .. act baffled / "stupefied” by supernatural events / manifestations of Angels and Demons and Human “spirits’” unveilings. The Church grace, with its mandate to ( mature ) [ SINFUL ] men unto the perfect nature of Jesus Christ .. “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:” .. Ephesians 4:12-13; this Church mandate is .. DIVINELY .. enabled by the Holy Spirit, for Church men to understand the workings of God’s Kingdom reality, as a natural component of Church ( life ). The New Testament Church Prophet, of course, is fully acclimated to this Kingdom of Heaven paradigm of Angels, Demons and Human “spirits”, and to their many variations of manifestation in the Church community; whereby, God’s planned endowment to the Church Order supplies the necessary Guidance / Prophet “training” of spiritual dynamics for successful Church perfection.

    A small population of Church men are “reconciled” to God by the ( Baptism ) waters for “Remission of Sins”, and by the Covenant consecrating blood of Jesus Christ, and by the Holy Spirit ( Baptism ) of the New Covenant scriptures .. “This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth.” .. “And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.” .. I John 5:6 & 8. Therein, such Church men are distinguished from a larger populated Church ( mother ), that had offended God by its compromised and unbending Faith platform, that embraced [ SINFULNESS ] as their - BIBLE - “right of entitlement”, that they had “believed”, by experience, to be impossible to shed. This smaller true Church of Jesus Christ, comprised of men converted from [ SINFUL ] Worldliness, is a community of men who “believe” in this “reconciliation” to God - PROCESS -, and then the heart nature Covenant “transformation” - PROCESS - to the Christ ( nature ); therein, God’s true Church becomes extricated from its larger Church ( mother ) community, of religious pretending ( frauds ). The Holy Spirit contingent of the New Covenant narrative has been misread / misinterpreted / misunderstood by the ( Gentile “minded” ) Church community, that dominates the contemporary Church culture. God’s intended Prophet - Gift, “empowered” of course by the Holy Spirit, is entirely prepared to address the compromised and unbending Church fraud, and; work Holy Faith to Guide the smaller Church community out of the doctrine “Damnation”, guaranteed by that larger Church ( mother ) of Revelation ( whoredom ) .. “So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.”.. Revelation 17:3 .. “And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.” .. Revelation 17:16-17. The contemporary Church Prophet has profiled the Church fraud, and perceives the invisible Angels - VOICE - that plays out this staged narrative of God. Such Angels, of the fraudulent Church society, become easily recognized and warned against, by God’s prepared Prophet - persons, enabling the “listening” Church community to fulfill the Covenant mandate of Jesus Christ.

by: Michael Mitchell