Terrorism and SIN

    Terrorism seems to be the contemporary mode of “political” bullying, threatening “political” opponents with punishing consequences as a deterrence. Gun violence, even mass shootings, civilian bombings and vehicular murders become frequent choices in this “political” Terrorism. Contemporary Bible - Learned citizens are now subject to violence, even unexpected mass murder attacks in this Terrorism spectacle; so that now, the white horse rider, the red horse rider, the black horse rider, and the pale horse rider, of Revelation chapter six, become the images of Bible mystery that stand out with Terrorism overtones. The time seems to be at hand for this unfolding of [ GREAT ] Tribulation, partly in this manifestation of Terrorism. These Bible horsemen being well disguised in Terrorism, of course, obscures the “spiritual” works of the sovereign God, in ( HIS ) Husbandry of humankind; however, this Terrorism is understandable and interpretable as God’s useful devise to accomplish a bigger objective than just the “political” message that common men may perceive.

    Men, who are given to execute murders in Terrorism, are motivated by “spiritual” influences they cannot explain, nor resist; because, they are appointed a time and purpose that transcends their awareness, by the God that - OVERSEES - the whole of mankind, in its ambiguous “Goodnesses” and all of its “Evil”. Terrorism must become a [ CLASS ACTION ], of a religious sect, having a name with “glorious” ideals of super heroism and having consequences of horrific Terrorism, when its values are abused by wanting dereliction. Such a religious caste of Terrorism accomplishes God’s set objectives, as a “teaching” lesson, as a [ PARABLE ] worthy of men’s attentive study; wherein, studious men will begin to ask the questions from “political” / religious Terrorism, not otherwise asked. And, some, with these “right” questions will mysteriously be given a “right” insight of explanation, from which they may progress in God’s play of human husbandry.

    Men’s adaptation of their Faith machinery, to work outside of God’s directives of ( holiness ), has gravitated automatically toward Witchcraft; wherein, men’s Faith working energizes and empowers ( unclean ) “spirits” to function within humankind and other Earthy creatures, as well. This Witchcraft facet of human Faith is clearly outside of God’s designed intention for humankind; for, the working of Witchcraft Faith is ( unclean ), and activates Heaven’s abilities of invisible “spirits”, toward accomplishing [ EVIL ] works, in all manner of ( unclean ) manifestations. When ( unclean ) “spirits” manifest, sickness / disease / death prevail, ( self centered ) insistence drives conflict and discord among societal groups everywhere, desperate challenge rages for societal control and domination, even unto murders, wars, threats of war, and of course Terrorism. Witchcraft and Terrorism are directly linked to each other; wherein, the Witchcraft of men’s Faith practicing is the direct cause of Terrorism, without question. Witchcraft practicing, even within a supposed religion, or even within a counterfeit pretension of Christianity, will always be followed behind with Terrorism, portraying ( unclean ) “spirits” in manifestation.

    Witchcraft practices among ( Antichrist ) societal factions are commonly attributed to ( Satanic ) cult religions; however, the basest form of Witchcraft is the exercise of Faith in ( self centered ) indulgences, universally practiced in all religions that are not Christian. Even ( fake ) Christianity, whereby ( self centered ) Faith is practiced as a permissive doctrine of presupposed Biblical narratives, is the literal exercise of Witchcraft, warned against in the Bible’s scriptures .. Gal 5:20-21. This Christian working .. deceitfully .. of Witchcraft Faith is somehow alibied by Churches’ presumptively using the name of Jesus Christ, as a religious format in ( self centered ) rituals and cultural celebrations. Of course, God’s intent of “right” Faith working is centered not upon humankind’s ( self ) indulgences, but upon serving God’s interests and Covenant processes .. Heb 6:1-2, that require the ( denial ) of humankind’s ( selfish ) interests, to the measure of sacrifice unto crucifixion .. Matt 16:24-25. Witchcraft is certainly a contradiction against Christianity, Witchcraft even being a ( Rebellion ) against Jesus Christ, God’s New Covenant consecrator, by ( his ) Holy Faith working. Wars and Terrorism, becoming manifest among ( Rebelling ) Christians, is certainly a predictable consequence, as a evident sign of God’s disdain against a societal culture that has distanced itself from God’s standards and requirements by its Witchcraft affinities, while holding to its pretensions of Christian piety. Witchcraft Faith working brings its own confirmation of punishing rewards; consequently, there is no surprise within honest Christians at this manifestation of Wars and Terrorism within their own Witchcraft Faith emphatic culture.

    The New Covenant of Jesus Christ’s “Gospel” Shepherding and Blood consecration became “birthed” within a previous Covenant people, given over to Covenant violation, overt [ SIN ] and unfettered Witchcraft; wherein, Jesus Christ, God’s sent Son, the Emmanuel of the “Gospels”, came to guide wayward Covenant men back unto reconciliation to their Covenant God. This strange New Covenant of Jesus Christ enables “believing” men to experience personally a [ “DIVINE” ] ability of the Holy Ghost - PERSON - of God, including an “enlightened” guidance throughout a flesh life in the Earth; wherein, the Holy Ghost enabled “believer” knows God privately and outwardly presents a Godly life among the Earth’s Worldly minded humans. This New Covenant reality, experienced by “believing” men in their flesh life, demonstrates a [ “DIVINE” ] nature sourced within the heart, confirmed by many outward signs of visible evidence, that God abides .. truly .. within such Covenant “believers”. This whole Theology of the Bible intention, of course, is debated and thoroughly distorted in theory by the many Church Denominations that pretend to “intellectually”understand the Bible narrative; and yet, the Covenant reality is ( lost ) from them, including this [ “DIVINE” ] nature sourced within the heart, and including a Holy Ghost confirmed experience with following signs. The Witchcraft driven culture, throughout all Church variances, is a precise Faith contradiction hindering this Holy Ghost empowered Covenant reality; whereby, a following sign of God’s “just” consequence portrays this deceitful culture as a ( Fraud ) by the evidence of Wars and Terrorism. So, Wars and Terrorism plague contemporary Churchmen, seemingly beyond their “spiritual” assessment and interpretation; because, they have not, and apparently cannot, enter into the Covenant of Jesus Christ that is so wondrously narrated in New Testament scripture.

    The World’s viewpoint, of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, misses entirely the Covenant with God aspect, thinking only that the New Testament Bible is just another book of religious literature, having [ NO ] actual “presence” of God upon the Bible’s “believing” men. The Covenant of Jesus Christ is ( lost ) to the World’s men, who are not ( Called ) by God, and who are avid practitioners of Witchcraft, as a < core > component of their personal religious ( “Precepts” ). The Covenant promise of [ Salvation ] is a fable to the World’s “Damned” men, who not only dis-believe such fantasies of religious books, but are Witchcraft driven to persecute the religion that professes such biased heresies against Worldly Ideologies. The World’s Witchcraft [ DEVIL ] “spirits”, of course, condemn the Bible religion of Christianity, and intend to proliferate its own agenda of infiltration and hidden persuasion from generation to generation ad infinitum; so that, the Covenant of Jesus Christ should remain a distant mystery to all humankind forever. This Covenant of Jesus Christ, reported in the New Testament, is very clearly the [ ENEMY ] against an [ EVIL ] World, and faces severe resistance, even murderous intent from all of the World’s cultures. Men who “believe” in the New Covenant of Jesus Christ will endure conflict from a World dedicated to its ( self ) preservation, sold unto Witchcraft perversions by the ( Rebellion ) of Adam and Eve. The Covenant “believers” of Jesus Christ will be pursued / persecuted by the World of Witchcraft advocacy, that will resort to threats, Wars, and Terrorism, to any extreme measure it may require to stop this Covenant of Jesus Christ from overcoming, and eradicating the Faith perversion of Witchcraft. The many Churches, not actually in the Covenant of Jesus Christ, and that practice this Witchcraft Ideology, will resist this Covenant paradigm of Jesus Christ, as those Churches insist upon their own uninterrupted perpetuation, even unto their resorting to threats of warning, verbal intimidations, and violent Terrorism.

    The Bible’s historic rendition of a Church Prophet portrays men that are strangely “spiritual” and knowledgeable in God’s “thoughts” / “ideas” / “principle Creation understanding”; wherein, the Prophet - persons ( Spoke ) of God’s viewpoints, particularly toward Covenant people that violated the original Covenant agreement. The Old Testament Prophet - messengers ( Spoke ) with “authority”, as though they were ( “sent” ) by God personally; wherein, they chastised Kings and their agents, reminding them of their Covenant transgressions and warning of consequences that would overtake that Covenant nation. New Testament Prophet - persons were elusively hidden, necessitating a circumspective transference from the Old Testament references, to visualize the works and ( “Gifts” ) that would benefit a proper New Testament Church community. The Witchcraft factor of subliminal influence, of course, would be recognized by the Church Prophet; for, the original [ SIN ] quality of all men, of universal Witchcraft dependency, would be known and precautioned by any New Testament Prophet. And, of course, such insightful Prophet - persons would be a direct threat to Church subversives and saboteurs, to therein; be targeted immediately for persecution / murder / Terrorism. True Prophet - persons are prepared by the Holy Ghost to anticipate Witchcraft plots of threat, even Terrorism, and; to circumvent such plots and entrapments while engaging Churchmen with their insightful Prophet warnings.

    The Church Prophet has the role of helping Church proselytes learn the basic principles of the Kingdom of Heaven, engaged by the New Covenant Holy Ghost; whereby, the Church - body reality begins to take form .. Eph 4:7-16. The literal mandate of God for the New Covenant Church - body, of the New Testament book of Ephesians, is very intensively dependent upon the Church Prophet, teaching / edifying / warning / revealing about the heart natures of the Church community. The contemporary Church Prophet discerns whether those heart ( natures ) of Churchmen have been “Transformed” unto the Christ ( nature ) .. II Peter 1:3-4, or are becoming progressively “Transformed”, or whether those contemporary Churchmen are remaining unchanged as [ DEVIL ] “spirit” driven, [ SIN ] ( natured ) Worldly men. The Church Prophet knows this heart ( nature ) conflict well and reinforces this baseline Covenant conflict like a cadence metered hammer; whereby, this Prophet becomes a castle wall of relentless Church defense and security, by the Prophet - persons’ remembering the [ WORD of GOD ] “truth”. This Prophet responsibility is .. DIVINELY .. imposed upon the Prophet - person and pressed with tenacity by the New Covenant Holy Ghost; so that, the true Church community is made to know the [ WILL of GOD ] in a daily life continuum, in all of their diverse ( Gifts ) of the “spirit”. The Witchcraft presence in Worldly influences is commonly known to the Church disciples and is well experienced in their private lives; whereby, this battle line of struggle is understood by all, not just by the Church Prophet - person. The Church Prophet, striving continually against this World’s Witchcraft paradigm, becomes the forefront - VOICE - of God, as the Prophet spokesman for the “listening” Church community. The Witchcraft precursor, to eventual Church disciple persecution and Terrorism, becomes a clear reality for these New Covenant Churchmen to weigh and measure; for, that tyranny of an [ EVIL ] Church universe, forewarned by the contemporary Apocalypse Prophet, strangely “Transforms” religious men into an [ “EVIL” ] rage of relentless ( horrors ), becoming manifest in ritualistic Church Terrorism events, executed publicly in Church ceremonies, as in the past Covenant narratives of Bale and Molech .. Lev 18:21.

    The New Testament’s narrative of Pentecost reveals an astonishing display of “spiritual” Gifts; whereby, the Covenant of Christianity takes its form as a “Kingdom of God’s Heaven”, that thrives with ( life ) from another World’s paradigm. “Spiritual” Gifts, of many strange “powers”, become the literal sign of confirmation; that God abides among men; healing ( HIS ) Covenant men; enabling them with extraordinary boldness of Faith to overcome Worldly opposition; surrounding them with .. DIVINE .. grace of unpredictable helps; so that, even the Earth’s nature is subject to these Gifts and apparently supports and enables God’s Covenant “believers”. The Gifts, that appear in the Church of the Holy Ghost, are diverse and benevolent, providing unusual / unpredictable helps to the Church - body; wherein, the Priesthood works of intercessory prayers become a < CORE > “power base”, that flourishes from these many Gifts of the Holy Ghost. A primary Gifts “power base” of Church Pentecost is the Prophet administration; wherein, this Prophet Gifts supply, Churchmen are endowed with God’s active - VOICE - of continual confirmation, with its edifications / witness of steady [ WORD ] “truth” / directions of Church - body wisdom; wherein, this Prophet Gifts testimony accompanies the Church community throughout all of its ( TRIALS ) of “Transformation”, unto the literal end of the Church - AGE -, through the Apocalypse of John. Witchcraft of the corrupt World, of course, becomes the force to overcome by these Pentecostal Gifts of the “spirit”; and so, the Covenant conflict, against this Witchcraft bastion of ( CURSED ) resistance, is proved to have been empowered with “spiritual” Gifts, having abundant Grace of God for true “believers” .. Rev 12:9-11.

    Gifts of the “spirit”, according to the New Testament Bible, are God given appointments, provided to Covenant men who are ( serving ) God’s interests as their dedication of purpose. These Gifts of God are then provided as the weaponry and defense of Covenant men, in their battle against invisible [ DEVIL ] “spirits”, that flourish grandly from a Kingdom paradigm of God’s Heavenly realm. All of the World’s humankind are invisibly chained in slavery of indwelling [ DEMONS ], and therein; cannot disconnect from, nor comprehend, their certainty of an Eternal “Damnation”, until these Gifts of God appear as a first time experience. This entire complex of human reality becomes exposed within these Gifts of God’s Covenant Grace; wherein, New Testament Covenant men are permitted to know this Creation of God condition, by their “spiritual” Gifts becoming activated by the Covenant Holy Ghost. The Prophet Gifts of Kingdom of Heaven training imparts these many Gifts of the “spirit” in ( laying on of hands ) events, while training Church proselytes in “right” Faith discipleship. The Church Prophet Gifts exposes the enemy of men’s [ Salvation ] as being men’s ( inner nature ) inclination to abide continually in [ SIN ], and therein; to agree with their indwelling “spirits” of the [ DEVIL ]. Witchcraft techniques are now revealed as mankind’s purposed manipulation of “spirits” for ( self serving ) intentions / indulgences in prayer, especially Positive Mental Attitude .. P M A .., which then disavows God’s sovereignty over the Husbandry of humankind’s [ Salvation ]. Biblical Witchcraft, which has evaded the clear logic of mentally enslaved men since the fall of Adam and Eve, becomes highlighted as a pervasive reality, by these Gifts of God.

    The New Testament Bible Church is “birthed” through ( “Repentance” ) of ( Called ) men unto the “Remission of Sins”, clearing the - WAY - for their Covenant Entrance by their ( Baptism ) into the Holy Ghost; whereby, the Church of “believing” men obtains the “Kingdom of Heaven” bounty, of its many Gifts of .. DIVINE .. abilities. This complex protocol of God, for “birthing” ( HIS ) Church, is profoundly staged to recess the [ DEVIL ] “spirits” within ( Called ) men, to enable them to ( hear ) clearly the - VOICE - of God’s Christ without the subverting “Antichrist” confusion. This sequenced arrangement sets the stage for “believing” Church men to progress toward the “Transformation” process of ( Heart Nature ) change, unto the eventual [ Salvation ] of their ( souls ). The New Testament Church community must be keenly aware of the Covenant Terms of acceptance, obligating Church men to endure the ( Trials ) of God that lead the - WAY - unto this ( soul ) “Transformation”; wherein, their success or their failure is .. directly .. correlated to their Faithfulness in properly managing their ( Trial ) experiences. The New Testament Entrance to the Covenant experience is guarded by and enabled by the Prophet of ( “Repentance” ) Gifts, that invisibly enforce the “Remission of Sins” experience of contemporary Church proselytes. This Prophet administration, being a “Kingdom of Heaven” ability of .. DIVINE .. precaution, leads the - WAY - into the Covenant with God, of the New Testament Church. The [ DEVIL’S ] indwelling influence of Witchcraft prayers / conjurings of Demonic activity, moving proliferatively through ( all ) of the World’s many religions, outside of the New Testament Church community, become commonly known and discerned with quickness among the Covenant Church men. This Witchcraft inclination and cultural orientation had been suppressed in these Church men through the “Remission of Sins”, enabling them to escape the confusion and deceitful misguidance in their Covenant ( Trials ) process, unto ( soul ) [ Salvation ].

    Church men, of the New Testament Covenant, are directed to follow and obey a mandate of God; wherein, such Covenant “believers” must progress in their diverse Gifts and contribute their Gifts to benefit other Church men, unto the fullness of the measure of Jesus Christ .. Eph 4: 7-16. From this known mandate of Jesus Christ, the New Testament Church community will undergo a massive metamorphosis throughout John’s Apocalypse; wherein, great “tribulation” will overtake the Church whole, changing some, surrendering many to Eternal loss, and recovering Jews to the New Testament Covenant Church of Jesus Christ. The World, of multitudes of condemned men, will be Judged by God, with horrific consequences, that will be recorded in stories forever. New Testament Covenant Church “believers”, that endure this great “tribulation” of John’s Apocalypse, will fulfill the Covenant standards of Jesus Christ, and attain the achievement of the mandate of God. The Prophet - persons that enabled Church members through this great “tribulation” process will become [ proved ] as having testified of hard Bible “truths”, that the ( failing ) Church refused to accept. The Gifts of God, imputed to God’s selected Prophet - persons, then become known as the backbone of Church success, in having accepted the “Remission of Sins”, and then; Entering the Covenant of Jesus Christ via ( Baptism ) in the Holy Ghost. The resisting Church community as well, becomes recognized in its Judgment of [ DEATH ] and “Damnation; for, that Traditional Church community preferred to keep its Witchcraft prayers Ideology, along with its Positive Mental Attitude .. P M A .. conjurings of Demonic activity, refusing to learn from God’s - SENT - Prophet - messengers. The warnings and edifications of God’s Prophet - persons were too painful for Church Traditionalists to accept; whereby, they preferred to wager a gamble on their Witchcraft culture, and therein; they [ DIE ] in horrific Judgments of God’s Apocalypse.

by: Michael Mitchell