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God's Life ( Zoë ):

1) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a “Church System of Order” that accentuates the “Life of God” ( Zoë ) as a necessary objective for New Testament accomplishment. The Church System that does .. NOT .. fulfill this character qualification within Believers is not only deficient in failing this mandate of DIVINE PURPOSE, but by extension is conducting a program of “Antichrist Reseeding”; which perpetuates the LOST condition, already inherent to ALL men.

This “Inherent Nature” of the “Natural Man” knows NOT the “Life of God” ( Zoë ) as its normal reality and CANNOT of itself discover this “Life of God” ( Zoë ), because it is Hidden from the “Natural Man” by the Sovereign Selectivity of God. Consequently, “Natural Men” CANNOT circumvent Divine Order and compel God to surrender up ( HIS ) Sovereign Rule, according to “Natural Men's” Evil Minded Demands. “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination has been Divinely Called / Chosen / and Ordained in this accomplished purpose, of shepherding Believers into the reality of this “Life of God” ( Zoë ).


2) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is very emphatic upon the issue of “Sanctification”. Believers, and the Church Institution, are “Called Out” of the World, to become Set Apart from the World, to be distinctively “Delivered” from the Many Philosophies / Imaginations / Babel Confusions of the World's Religions, inclusive of variations of the Christian Gospel, that have proliferated abundantly in Contemporary Church Traditions. The Mainstream of Contemporary Church Society has Lost its perspective of Godly “Sanctification”. They do not understand this Virtue to be a requirement that qualifies the Church unto “Holiness”, therefore; becoming merged into a Unification with “Fallen Men” of the World. The Church has LOST its original value to God, and to ( HIS ) Holy Son, Jesus Christ.

God Called Out Abraham, in the Book of Genesis, to commence a Covenant Plan, to “Save” some of the World's Men from the Defaulted Damnation, that Adam and Eve established for ALL of humanity. This universalized condition of Damnation has been the Overall Dispensation that ALL Contemporary Men are born into. This requires today a Divine Order of “Sanctification”; whereby, an escape from Damnation is available. ALL of God's Created Men must follow a specific plan of “Sanctification”, not being afforded ANY “Individualistic” methodologies, or Faith Types of “Diversified” Gospels, to escape from this Defaulted condition of Damnation. The “Life of God” ( Zoë ) is the Standard of evidence that proves this GOSPEL of “Sanctification”, and confirms the Pathology that leads to “Salvation”.

Apostles' and Prophets' Foundation:

3) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination has a Church Foundation built by and within the Apostles' and Prophets' Gifts ( Dôma ). This Church Foundation of Christ necessarily can Only occur by Divine choreography. God ( HIMSELF ) formulates Apostles' and Prophets' Gifts ( Dôma ) for Oversight of the Church, from within ( HIS ) Sovereignly selected men. This formulation process requires a “Patient Transformation” of such Men. These men hear God's Calling Voice, and are required to Resist their “Inherent Nature” of the “Natural Man”, to obey God's Voice, unto the completion of ( HIS ) formulation process; whereby, God “Transforms their Hearts”.

Now, “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination provides these “Transformed” Apostles and Prophets, with their Authenticated Gifts ( Dôma ), for laying the ONLY foundation of Christ. Now, Called Out “Believing Men” can be Built Up, upon this “Correct” foundation of Christ, into “Life of God” ( Zoë ) exhibiting Flesh Tabernacles. The Original Bible Intent for a “Holy Church” may NOW be witnessed in this Church System of Order; for, “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination enables this Foundation of Christ; wherein, the Inherent obstruction of Men's Nature may NOW be overcome.

Repentance and Baptism, of John:

4) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Church Order that has been established from within a necessary precedent of Heart Convicted “Repentance” from Mammon Serving according to the “Baptism of John”. This “Repentance”, when accomplished in reality, opens the Only Way unto “Holy Ghost Baptism”, unto ( HIS ) exclusive domain of “Covenant Entrance”, of New Testament Promises. Without this “Repentance” from Mammon Serving the Baptism experience of the Holy Ghost is obstructed, and professing Believers CANNOT enter into the “Covenant Domain” promised within the New Testament.

Materialism Worship, Mammon Serving, is a “Fallen Man” condition, a common base line for ALL of humanity, and is a Core hindrance to Believing Men's Entrance into the Covenant of the New Testament. The “Repentance” Ability itself is a God empowered Ability conveyed to Believing Men through the Gifts ( Dôma ) of true Apostles and Prophets. God Imparts a Spiritual Event of Change, within those Believing Men who are “Repentant”. Such “Repenting Believers” become Delivered from the Sin Powers of this Core hindrance, and may then experience the Baptism of the Holy Ghost; wherein, the Intended “Life of God” ( Zoë ) becomes a reality.

Loving the Truth”:

5) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Church System that is concentric upon the “Love of God's Truth”. This “Loving God's Truth” is .. NOT .. “Synonymous” with Men's natural sense of “Self-Centeredness of Loving the Self”. This “Love of God's Truth” necessarily requires Men to “Deny the Self” and the natural sense of “Self-Centeredness”. These two ideas, “Loving God's Truth” and “Self-Centeredness of Loving the Self”, are clearly opposite, and are .. NOT .. tangentially compatible with one another. This .. IS .. a matter of decision for “Believing Men”.

This automatic Inner Conflict and Contradiction, of “Who Men are to Love”, becomes reinforced and emphasized continually within “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination. Therefore, Believing Men are taught to Accept this doctrine for them to “Deny the Self” and the “Fallen Man Nature”, toward its “Self-Centeredness of Loving the Self”. ALL Believers will be confronted relentlessly with this REALITY of their own Inherent Nature of the Natural Man that requires “God's Truth”, to obtain the Covenant Salvation of the New Testament. This “Love of God's Truth” is Inviolable as a condition of “Right Faith” before Covenant Entrance may occur, with its experience of “Life of God” ( Zoë ).

Taught by the FATHER in the Old Covenant:

6) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Church System that has been filtered through the teachings of “The Old Testament Father”, as The Precepts that lead “Called Out Men to the Holy Son of God, of the New Testament Covenant. Without this particular reference of “Bible Discipleship”, the “Life of God” ( Zoë ), manifesting through an invisible New Testament Spirit Voice, would seem to be nonsensical, chaotic, and subject to ALL manner of “Fallen Man” vulnerabilities.

The “Fallen Man”condition is absorbed into “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” logic and reason, as an auto-default reality that renders ALL of humanity to be “Serpentine, devil Spirit” confused and misled “continually”. So, without “Fallen Men” having a filter of references, as “Taught by God, the Father” within the Old Testament of Covenant Life, the Principles of the New Testament “Life of God” ( Zoë ) could not be mediated. Then, the Covenant Spirit would remain paradoxically mysterious and illogical, producing then MORE Church distortion, that is now common throughout the whole of the Christian Church Society.

The NEW TESTAMENT Priesthood of Melchisedec:

7) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Church System that specifies a particular identity of Priesthood functionality, immersing the Church Body whole into Priesthood “Works of Faith”, that are defined and qualified, in detail, by the Priesthood of Melchisedec. The Traditional Church System of the New Testament, that is Patterned after the Priesthood Order of LEVI, is in a complete failure of its Priesthood functionality, and cannot accomplish its mandate of New Testament intent.

The Priesthood of Melchisedec, from Genesis, who is referred to in Hebrews as a New Testament similitude for Jesus Christ, is to be an identity and pattern for the Christian Church Order. The Priesthood of Melchisedec is shown to be a Higher Order than the Priesthood of LEVI, enabling its Believers to exceed the Works of LEVI, and to practice a Faith that transcends the Faith of the Old Testament Jews. For “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination, this Priesthood of Melchisedec is the “Doorway” of access that enables the New Testament Church with Signs / Miracles / and Deliverance Abilities that far exceed the Traditional Church Society, and its “Limitations and Omissions” of the “Life of God” ( Zoë ).


Oversight by “Holy Ghost Gifted Priests”:

8) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination functions within this Priesthood of Melchisedec; whereby, Manifestations of the “New Covenant Spirit” are an “Active” experience of Daily Intercession. An “Active” Priesthood of the New Covenant is in continual Intercession, subjective to Holy Ghost Rule, Who Guides / Teaches / and Strengthens the Church Body by the Daily events of Spiritual Manifestations. This constant process, of the Holy Ghost Presence, brings Cleansing / Deliverance / Protection / and Strengthening to the subjects of God's Holy Body, according to ( HIS ) Plan of Predestination and Selection, and “Oversight Authority”.

This Daily Intercession is not only Time Intensive in its “Spontaneous Daily Labors”; but further, it is “Afflictive and Painful” at times in the physical impressions of Christ's Cross of “Felt Crucifixion”. “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination “Overseers”, who are “Prophets Of Jesus Christ”, are entirely absorbed Daily and Routinely in this work of Priesthood Ministry. Therefore, “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Members become immersed, automatically, into a patterned responsibility that “Triggers” Spiritual Manifestations within “Prophets Of Jesus Christ”. Consequently, added Church Members correlate to added “Pain” of “Christ's Crucifixion”, following the example of the “Overseers” of “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination.


9) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination will have a benevolent insight and oversight on ALL “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Members. This ability, of a continual Holy Ghost presence, enables “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Members to have Intercessory Prayer / Sent Instruction / and Sent Emissary Helps as a Preventive and Diagnostic Guidance. This ability will provide an envelope of “Protection” from the Realm of “Serpentine like Spirits” / Devils of Deceit / and Retaliating Dragon Spirits that abide within Men of the World.

Angels / Devils traffic continually within ALL Men, as a component of God's Creation. Consequently, this Realm Of Heaven MUST be studied within the Church Body, as its normal Domain of “Mastery”. “Prophets Of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination presents this Lesson plan of continual Instruction, that the Church Body should NOT be ignorant, and therefore; may be productive and effectual in Priesthood functions of Prayerful Intercession.

Church Leadership:

10) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is concentric upon Church Leadership being properly Installed / Ordained after the RULE of Jesus Christ, through the Manifestation evidence of the Holy Ghost's Presence. Church Leadership Construct, being necessarily compliant to Divne Order, as evidenced in the Holy Scriptures, is a paramount matter to verify / to validate / and to authenticate; so that Spiritual Manifestations are fluently “Interactive” with the Church Body, having clarity of Interpretation, Application and Understanding.

Such Church Spiritual Manifestations, occurring within the Apostles' Gift ( Dôma ) / the Prophets' Gift ( Dôma ) / the Evangelists' Gift ( Dôma ) / and the Pastors' and Teachers' Gift ( Dôma ), are a Pivotal component of God's Covenant with Men. These Gifts ( Dôma ) “Guide” Believers' into Covenant Understanding and Covenant Entrance. ALL such Gifts ( Dôma ) Manifestations are incorporated into a Divine Order of Church Intercessory Prayer, in the Churches' understanding of their own Angels / Devils traffic. “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination conducts this very somber Ministry of properly “Ordaining” Church Leadership, to enable this Church Intercessory Prayer to understand this Manifestation Life function.

Transformation of the Heart:

11) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is sensitive to the Spiritual Manifestation of Heart Transformation. Believers, especially Believing Church Leaders are Discerned and Qualified by evidence of their Covenant Entrance and Covenant Understanding. When Professing Believers, especially Believing Church Leaders, are claiming to be “Saved”, this particular Spiritual Manifestation, that portrays true Heart Transformation, is known by the Overseers of “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church”.

Transformation of the Believers' Hearts is an absolute requirement, as a portrayal of Covenant Entrance / Covenant Understanding / and Covenant Fulfillment. Therefore, Transformed Believers' Hearts are portrayed by evidence of the Holy Ghost, through ( HIS ) Spiritual Manifestations. This Discerning, of such Spiritual Manifestations, is experienced ONLY through Overseers of the Church Body, within the Apostles' Gift ( Dôma ) or the Prophets' Gift ( Dôma ). “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Overseers will know this Qualification of Professing Believers by the Holy Ghost's evident signs of their Transformation, or lack of their Transformation.

Judgments versus Trials of Faith:

12) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination distinguishes between “Divine Judgments” as perfect consequences for Men's SINS, and “Divinely Choreographed Trials Of Faith”. ALL Believers are proved, to the Integrity of their “Christian Conversion”. Both Divine Judgments and Trials of Faith are Manifestations of Spiritual Experience, and therefore must be so defined for “Correct Oversight” of Application and Counsel.

Divine Judgments, as actual punishments for Men's [ SINS ], are commonly / routinely / and shamefully misapplied throughout the Church Universe as being Trials of Faith. Traditional Church Counsel actually encourages NO CHANGE of Men's behaviors / attitudes / or “Faith Directions” as the intended result of such Judgments. The DEVIL is commonly declared to be the culprit of “Mischief” in these Events; whereby, ( he ) allegedly tries Men in their Right Standing, when in fact, such Men are practicing EVIL in God's Order of Rightness.

Correcting” Men's behaviors / attitudes / and “Faith Directions” from their Sinful “Works” is a Divine Manifestation intended to be a “Lesson” that portrays God's Rejection of Men's Heart Motives / Intentions / and Works, that Violate God's declared Rule.

In Many Manifestations of Judgment, God uses “Actually” other Men to perform the Execution of Judgment to commit Thefts / Accidents of Injury / Murders by Intent / Violence of Many Varieties / Wars and Atrocities, ALL of which are Divinely Imposed Judgments to “Balance Out the Scales” of Perfect Justice.

God may well utilize Earthly Powers of Creation to Execute Punishing Circumstances, as Floods / Droughts / Forest Fires / Extreme Heat or Cold / Storms / Tornadoes / Hurricanes / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / and Asteroids.

Sickness / Disease / Strange and Sudden Death / Psychological Affliction / Chemical Dependencies / Relationship Dysfunction and Brokenness are ALL tools of Divine Judgment.

The Devil / Evil Angels are sent Exclusively by Divine Judgment, in ALL matters of Punishing Consequences.

Conversely, a Trial of Faith will be an exercise of Right Faith Working of Believers toward overcoming obstacles to Divinely important achievements. Such overcoming “Works of Faith” will be punishing to accomplish, rendering a common reaction of disbelief from Professing Believers and particularly from Antichrist Church training.

The Spirit / The Water / and The Blood:

13) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination IS a “Discipleship” Program of Priesthood Intercessions; whereby, Believers “Learn” how to interact with “The Spirit” / “The Water of Flesh” / and “The Blood” to accomplish the “Will Of God” in the dynamics of Human Husbandry. This course of “Learning” redefines the condition of Mankind, in the Minds of Believers, to accommodate God's Reality, which far exceeds the perspectives of “Fallen Men”.

Fallen Men”, of course, recognize the Reality of the Flesh World as their “Learning” School, from which, ALL of Life is defined for them. This “Fallen Men's” Reality is Far Short of God's Reality, missing entirely the purpose of God, in ( HIS ) Creation of Humankind. The defining of this dynamic, of God's Creation purpose for humankind, opens up the Idea of God's Husbandry process, to accomplish something much greater than “Fallen Men” can otherwise recognize. The Spirit within Men / The Water of Men's Flesh / and Men's Blood are Three components of God's Husbandry that the Church Priesthood MUST understand and function within, fluently, for Men to accomplish the “Will of God” as a Church definition of purpose.

Body Oneness in the Spirit:

14) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Body concept that MUST “Obey” a Spirit Life Form of integration and collective choreography. The Church Body has many parts, as a metaphor of the Human Body. Therefore, a correct “Spirit Life” will Synchronize ALL of the components of the Body to work together, which far exceeds the “Reasoned” calculation or control exercised by any “Individual” Body Part. The Church that belongs to God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ, MUST “Learn” to render up ALL “Reasoned” calculation and control to an Infinite Spirit, the Holy Ghost, who has been given the Divine Mandate of Total Church Rule.

Church Rule, according to the Traditional viewpoint of humankind, has Stereotyped ALL Church Men as being Blind to God / Deaf to God / and Stupid to Godly “Learning”. The Traditional Church Order has been formed around “Ritualistic Religion” / “Rote Ceremonies” / and “Repeated Patterns” of a Childlike limitation, wherein; NOBODY Learns / Grows / Matures / or Transforms unto a Higher Spirit Life Reality. This, of course, is an Indictment against a Failed Church System. “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination entirely circumvents this Travesty of Church Pretension to Shepherd True Believers into a Spirit Life of the “Holy Word” advancing the Church Body into a literal Reality of Oneness with God's Spirit of Truth.


The Covenant ( IDEA ) Among Gentiles:

15) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination upholds the Idea of Covenants between God and Men, as a preface to understanding the New Testament purpose of God in Christ Jesus. Without Men knowing this Background orientation to Covenants, Believers of Christian Promises are easily swayed toward philosophical diversions, becoming derailed from Entrance into the actual Covenant of Jesus Christ. Consequently, the Covenant Linkage with God's Holy Son is a necessary component to Believers having a Self Identity that reinforces their steadfastness in Right Faith practicing.

The broad view of the Traditional Church Society has obscured this Idea of Covenants, not recognizing the universal Handicap in Gentiles, who have .. NOT .. this practice in the tradition of their BASELINE Culture. Covenants are more extreme than “Legal Contracts”; whereby, Covenant Partners exchange Blood as a “Free Will Gift” in the commencement stage of their agreement, not withholding the Blood payment as a punishing consequence for later contract failure. The Guarantee of commitment fidelity is “Settled” at the beginning of the agreed “Alliance” and that commitment fidelity is confirmed in Blood.

Covenant Commitment:

16) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination “Teaches” the basic reality of Covenant Commitment, both from “God unto Men” and ALSO from “Covenant Men unto God”. The duality, of Covenant Agreement, is .. NOT .. a typical Church theme, anywhere. Covenant Commitment endears the Believer not only to God, but also to the “Principles” of a Godly Life, not begrudging leaving behind a worldly life, but instead reverencing the Godly Life of the promises of the Son of God, who is THE example, and therein; as a BASIC characteristic of the Covenant of the NEW TESTAMENT.

God's CALLING of Men, to come to ( HIM ), is a Sophisticated endeavor that “Invites” Men to Rise Up in their thinking, to think on God's plane of Heaven's Reality; whereby, ( HIS ) CALLED OUT Men are included in God's Eternal Life Realities. It is this ideology of Heaven's Eternal Life that CALLED OUT Men must consider, in their Private Contemplations, in their Covenant Agreement with God, of its Entrance and of the level of Commitment that such a lofty “Invitation” requires. Covenant Believers MUST surrender up ALL of their worldly life in Sacrifice, as the price to be paid BEFORE their Covenant with God commences, in Heaven's Reality of Eternal Life.

The New Covenant Model Requires God's Spirit:

17) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is emphatic on the “Principle Truth” that NO ONE Enters into the Covenant of God's Holy Son without the Scriptural Baptism into the Holy Ghost, and having the Following / Confirming Signs of Church Pentecost. This New Covenant, between God and ( HIS ) “Invited” Men, is entirely a Holy Ghost enabled Covenant. Covenant Men MUST “Learn” to function within this Holy Ghost Dynamic of “Invisible Person” activity, in a continuous “Life of God” ( Zoë ).

This Holy Ghost Baptism / “Invisible Person” activity is prefaced with the “Lesson Patterns” that the Covenant of the Old Testament set, in its meticulous staging of the Covenant of the New Testament. Men who have been well trained in the Covenant of the Old Testament, in its “Principle Lessons” are prepared to understand the Ways of God's Holy Son, of the New Testament, and therein; will be oriented to the Ways of the Holy Ghost, in ( HIS ) “Invisible Person” activity. The “Invisible Person” methodology of the Holy Ghost is Very Particularly “Patterned” in these Old Testament “Principle Lessons”, giving New Testament men the orientation to a Covenant Model that is dependent entirely upon an “Invisible Person” as the Guide / the Force of Power / and the Light of Perception for its Believers.

Covenant Gifts Characterize the Church of God's Spirit:

18) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination remains interwoven into this Holy Ghost Baptism / “Invisible Person” activity that Defines / Qualifies the New Testament Church in its function of a Covenant Life Methodology. The New Testament Covenant of Jesus Christ is GOVERNED exclusively by this Holy Ghost Baptism / “Invisible Person” activity. Every Gift of Divine Ability, that characterizes God's Church function, is particularly / exclusively Holy Ghost / “Invisible Person” governed and directed, with Divine Evidence of Spiritual Signs.

ALL Abilities and Gifts of God ( DÔMA ), of the Apostle's Gift / the Prophet's Gift / the Evangelist's Gift / and the Pastor's and Teacher's Gift are Entirely Holy Ghost / “Invisible Person” dependent and exclusively governed. For the Church Institution, anywhere, to attempt to conduct God's Church business outside of the direct governance of this Holy Ghost / “Invisible Person” paradigm, through ( HIS ) particular Baptism and “Signs” of activity. Such attempts, although universally common, are “Fallen Man” exercised, “Tree of Knowledge Fruit Eating”, Flesh Life Reasoned, and “Antichrist” natured, WITHOUT exception. The typical Church, of ANY flavor of Denominational programming, is a Staged Pretension of a “Scripted Narrative”, entirely Missing the Covenant Life of God's Holy Son, Jesus, and obtaining NO Salvation offered in the New Testament.

Covenant “Terms” Restrict the WORD LIFE of Jesus Christ:

19) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is derived from the Word Life Form of Jesus Christ, which can ONLY appear through Baptism into the Holy Ghost from within the Apostle's Gift / the Prophet's Gift / the Evangelist's Gift / and the Pastor's and Teacher's Gift. These Gifts are ALL Ordained from this “Invisible Person” authority of Holy Ghost Covenant Entrance. Without this Holy Ghost Baptism, and without the Ordained Ministry Gifts ( Dôma ) of the Holy Ghost, the Word Life Form of Jesus Christ would .. NOT .. appear to Men to Manifest the Covenant of Jesus Christ.

The Word Life Form of Jesus Christ is THE Instrument / Methodology of God that Saves Men from the inevitable Wrath of Divine Judgment. However, this Word Life Form is functionally accessible ONLY within the Activated Covenant of Jesus Christ. Such Covenant Activation is entirely within the “Domain” of the Holy Ghost, through this Baptism. And, this Holy Ghost Baptism is conveyed to Men's access through the Ministry ( Dôma ) of the Apostle's Gift / the Prophet's Gift / the Evangelist's Gift / and the Pastor's and Teacher's Gift, which are ALL dependent upon the particular Directional Guidance / Force of Power / and Light of Perception of the Holy Ghost. The Word Life Form of Jesus Christ is NOT accessible outside of this particular matrix of Covenant Ability.

Church Gardening Functions obtain FRUIT of Covenant Life:

20) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination clearly understands the Church Mandate of functionality. The Word Life Form of Jesus Christ, within the authority of Holy Ghost Covenant Entrance, and within the Ordained Ministry Gifts Dôma of the Holy Ghost, is THE specific focus of Oversight and Shepherding. The Church's Institutional Mandate is to Minister to the Word Life Form of Jesus Christ within the Heart Gardens of CALLED OUT Believers. The Word Life Form of Jesus Christ is a “Living” / “Seed Growing” / “Fruit Bearing” force of Power within Men, requiring the Husbandry interaction of Church Gardeners.

The Traditional Church “Patterned System of Religion” has misperceived this Word Life Form of Jesus Christ, not understanding at all this “Living” / “Seed Growing” / “Fruit Bearing” force of Power that requires Church Gardening functions. Such particular functions are Divinely provided through the Apostle's Gift / the Prophet's Gift / the Evangelist's Gift / and the Pastor's and Teacher's Gift, that are ALL required and dependent upon the Ordained Ministry Gifts ( Dôma ) of the Holy Ghost. This Church Mandate of Word Life Form “Heart of Man Gardening” constrains the Church Men to the Directional Guidance / Force of Power / and Light of Perception of the Holy Ghost, to obtain the Matured Fruit of the Covenant Life of Christ within the Heart Gardens of CALLED OUT Believers.

The SEVEN CHURCHES Covenant Life Completion:

21) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination understands implicitly the Holy Ghost Methodology of Church Preparedness. Therefore, the Church is Spiritually compartmentalized into Seven Churches for Seven Types of Church Trial / Discipline / and Church Authority with their Seven Types of Church Intercession. These Seven Churches of their Seven Types, are documented in the book of Revelation Chapters 2 and 3, as: Ephesus / Smyrna / Pergamos / Thyatira / Sardis / Philadelphia / and Laodicea.

These Seven Churches are within the Domain entirely of Baptism into the Holy Ghost, and of the Ordained Ministry Gifts ( Dôma ) of the Holy Ghost, to accomplish the Church Mandate functions of Word Life Form “Heart of Man Gardening” to obtain the Matured Fruit of the Covenant Life of Christ. Within this matrix of these Divinely Qualified Stipulations, the Seven Churches must, Absolutely endure trials and overcome their Appointed obstacles of Worldly Religion Subversion, to fulfill their Appointed “Faith Works” that enable the Covenant of Jesus Christ to be accomplished and to Complete the New Testament.

These are the itemized “Faith Assignments” Appointed to the Seven Churches, for their Required Overcoming:

1) “Thou hast left thy first love” - Ephesus

2) “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer” .. “be faithful unto death” - Smyrna

3) thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication” - Pergamos

4) “So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate” - Pergamos

5) thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols” - Thyatira

6) “I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works” - Thyatira

7) thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead” .. “Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent” - Sardis

8) I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee” - Philadelphia

9) because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” - Laodicea

10) “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” - Laodicea


The Prophet Messenger of God:

22) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a MESSENGER of God to the Church Community, which abides within a broader Community of Men. Men who DO NOT know God, or who DO NOT know the WAYS of God, will certainly violate the WAYS of God and provoke a Divinely Structured Consequence. Without an Intermediary Messenger of God, to convey God's Words / Guidance / Instruction / and Warnings, such Punished Men will NOT understand their sufferings to be a consequence for their own violations of God's WAYS, nor will they assimilate EVER God's particular solution to their sufferings.

The Prophet's Gifts ( Dôma ) of Old Testament Administration, active within “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination, will hear and speak from God's Voice of the Holy Ghost Spirit. This Spirit of God is UPON Men as The Father who then Draws / Calls Out Men into “Faith Works” to come to ( HIS ) Holy Son, Jesus Christ. This Voice, of Old Testament Administration, “Instructs” Men in THE WAY pattern of ( HIS ) Holy Son and “Reveals” to Men The Truth principles of ( HIS ) Holy Son. This Voice of The Way and The Truth of Old Testament Administration, combined, will Guide Men into The Life power of the New Covenant of ( HIS ) Holy Son.

Further, the Prophet's Gifts ( Dôma ) of New Testament Administration, active within “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination, will hear and speak from God's Voice of the Holy Ghost, who will abide WITHIN the Hearts of Covenant Baptized Men as The Holy Son. This Voice, of New Testament Administration, will then Guide Men into “Faith Works” to serve The Father WITHIN the Manifestation Life of the Holy Ghost.

Revelation 11:3-4 “And I will give power unto .. ( my two witnesses ) .., and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. .. ( These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks ) .. standing before the God of the earth.” .. Revelation 11:6 .. “in the days of their ( prophecy ) .. Revelation 11:10 .. “these .. ( two prophets ) .. tormented them that dwelt on the earth” ..

These two Voices of the Holy Ghost Spirit, one of Old Testament Administration, and the other of New Testament Administration, are THE two witnesses / THE two olive trees / THE two candlesticks that speak through THE two prophets of Revelation.

The Prophet's Gift of Teaching:

23) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Prophetic Ministry that functions in all manner of Spiritual Manifestation Reading; wherefore, the Voice of God is discerned and obeyed with Right Faith. Without the clear discernment of God's Living Voice, NO Church of Believers WILL exercise Right Faith in obedience to God's Will. And, without this Prophetic Ministry Gift of “Discipleship Teaching”, no Church of Believers WILL know how to discern the Living Voice of God's Visiting Spirit, which explains exactly the present state of the Traditional Church Society.

The Traditional Church viewpoint of Godly obedience is implicitly limited to Men's Reasoning of Scriptures. Such non-Spiritual Men CANNOT discern or hear the Voice of God as a Living Spirit. This strategy, of reasoning through Scriptures to obey the WILL of a Spiritual God, FAILS God's intent entirely. ALL Men are bound up within their “Fallen Natures” of Indwelling Demon Deception, which of course compromises those Men's interpretation of Scripture. Such Deception is Heart of Man motivated toward the Auto Default Program of “Self godhood Worshiping” / “Mammon Serving” / “Worldly Distractions” / and “Flesh Lust Indulging”. Such Heart Programmed Men are bound in darkness, and are not ABLE to perceive their own dysfunction in their compromised natures. Believing Men MUST be provided with a Divine help of enabling a Church Institution, comprised of Divinely Empowered Gifts, that include necessarily the Gift ( Dôma ) of the Prophet.

Prophet Priests of Intercession:

24) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Priesthood Intercessory agency that Embodies the Spirit Force of “Prayed for Church Men”, absorbing within the fleshly bodies of the Interceding Priests, the very Heart of Man Natures of Church Men's Indwelling Demon Sprits. This Spiritual Methodology, and strange ability of Divine Empowerment, distinguishes the New Testament evidence of Supernatural signs, as belonging to this active Prophet's Ministry.

This Methodology is punishing to the Interceding Prophet Priests, becoming piercing pains of an Internal Crucifixion, as these Indwelling Demon Spirits are absorbed into the Interceding Priests' fleshly bodies. Unless such a Divinely Empowered Methodology disrupts this Indwelling Demon Corruption, these Indwelling Demon Sprits will continually be corrupting agents abiding within the Hearts of Church Men, motivating them with continual “Self godhood Worshiping” / “Mammon Serving” / “Worldly Distractions” / and “Flesh Lust Indulging”. Such piercing pains, endured by Interceding Prophet Priests, liberates these “Prayed for Church Men”, enabling Such Believing Church Men to Discern / to Hear / and to Walk, daily with the Living VOICE of God's Visiting Spirit.

Shepherding the Church into MANIFESTATION LIFE:

25) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination shepherds the CALLED OUT Society of Church Men into walking daily with the Living Voice of God, within a Manifestation Life Methodology of God's abiding Holy Spirit. This Manifestation Life Methodology is THE focused intent of Divine Purpose, requiring an active Prophet's Ministry to bring forth its understanding as a “Discipleship” orientation. Such Church Men learn this “Priesthood Intercession” function that requires them to interpret God's Living Voice and conduct a “Prayer Regimen” demanded by God's abiding Holy Spirit.

This Manifestation Life Methodology encompasses the Whole of Men's Behaviors, in the Object Lesson of Church Men learning Spirit Empowerments and Operations. Men's relationship interactions and abuses, all manner of Afflictions: Physical / Psychological / or Emotional, and EVERY event and experience of humankind is an expression of God's Intrusive Voice of Divine Power, whether of Cursed Sin, or of Covenant Righteousness. This correlative association MUST be learned by perpetually reinforced Prophetic teaching for the benefit of “Correct Interpretation” of Manifestation Life Events; whereby, “Priesthood Interpretation and Intercession” produces a resulting effectuation. Illnesses and Chronic Diseases will STOP. Chronic Pathologies, like “Accident Proneness”, or “Infinity Loop Decisions”, or “Sin Lifestyles” will STOP. Men's Compulsive Behaviors / Obsessions / and Addictions will STOP. Physically Abusive / Punishment Threatening / and Deadly Embattling encounters will STOP.

LIVING WORD” Heart Gardening:

26) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Word Gardening Ministry and the Living Word of God is THE core purpose of God's Creation of Mankind. The progress / egress / or stalemate of the Living Word of God, occurring within the Heart Gardens of Church Men, is assessed continually and cross referenced to God's Signs of

( HIS ) Manifestation Life Methodology. God is THE Husbandman to the “Vine” of Christ's Life ( Zoë ). God is THE Guide for knowing the real state of the Church Body. Therefore, God's Signs revealed through ( HIS ) Manifestation Life are direct indicators to this Word Gardening success or failure.

Believers' Right Working of Faith is THE core issue of “Discipleship” for this Living Word Gardening. If this “Discipleship” in Faith Working of this Living Word Gardening remains without correct Shepherding, Church Men's “Living Word Fruit Bearing” will certainly FAIL its Divine Purpose. Such “Un-discipled” Believers will remain WILD in their “Fallen Man” natures in continuing to hear and follow their Indwelling Demon Spirits. The MANY signs of God's Manifestation Life Direction for Faith Action will remain unanswered by the Believers and no “Change” / no “Transformation” / and no “Rebirth” will occur within the Heart Gardens of such Church Men.

Evangelist / Pastor and Teacher Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries:

27) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is very intensive upon bringing the Church Leadership into its fullness of functionality. The subordinated Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries of the Evangelist / Pastor and Teacher are Discipled and Baptized accordingly. They are Ordained with Manifestation Life Empowerment to conduct their appointed Works of Word Gardening to reinforce Believers in their Right Working of Faith. The Church “Wife of Christ” concept is intensive upon Discipling and Baptizing Believers and conducting a Living Word Gardening to bring “Perfection” of the FRUIT of Jesus Christ from within the Hearts of Believers.

The Evangelist / Pastor and Teacher Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries are essential components to this Divine Nature development process within the Heart Gardens of Believers. The Prophet's Ministry, as the subordinated companion to the Apostle's Ministry, is the Holy Spirit Appointed / Ordained / and Empowered Gift ( Dôma ) Ministry to Shepherd these Church Leadership Appointments into Manifestation Life Discipleship Orientation and to Oversee these subordinated Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries. ALL of these three Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries are Holy Spirit Manifestation Life Intensive, as an inviolable requirement. Therefore, every Church Ministry in existence today that has NOT this Manifestation Life Discipleship Orientation, has NOT been Appointed / Ordained / nor Empowered with a Gift ( Dôma ) Ministry by an actual Apostle's Ministry, or by an actual Prophet's Ministry. These unqualified Church Ministries CANNOT, EVER, successfully conduct this required Discipling and Baptizing of Believers, nor conduct this Living Word Gardening to bring “Perfection” of the FRUIT of Jesus Christ.

Obtaining NEW Prophets' and Apostles' Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries:

28) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination provides the Prophetic Ministry Discipleship Insight to the Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries of the CHURCH APOSTLE and the CHURCH PROPHET. These Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries, the FOUNDATION of Jesus Christ is “Formed, Laid and Set” within the Heart Gardens of Believers. Without the active Ministries of these Gifts ( Dôma ) of the CHURCH APOSTLE and the CHURCH PROPHET, the Foundation of Jesus Christ can NEVER be “Formed, Laid and Set” within the Heart Gardens of Believers. These Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries, of the CHURCH APOSTLE and the CHURCH PROPHET, are “Critical and Inviolable” components in Believers' successful Entrance into the Covenant of Jesus Christ.

Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is able to “Disciple, Baptize, and Ordain” the general population of Believers producing a measurable frequency of CHURCH PROPHETS in each Local Church Body; whereby, these NEW CHURCH PROPHETS have Manifestation Life Empowerment of the Holy Spirit. And, in rare instances CHURCH APOSTLES, as well, are obtained from the general population of “Discipled, Baptized, and Ordained” Believers. Local “Church Body Living Word Gardening”, and its auto-companion Discipleship of Believers' “Right Working of Faith”, are dependent upon the active functionality of such CHURCH PROPHETS, with the Oversight and Doctrine Regimen of CHURCH APOSTLES. The recovery, of these Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries at the Local Church Body Level, may well become obtained from the Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries of the Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher, as Training Qualifying Posts of Authority to this Divine Husbandry process of promotion to the CHURCH PROPHETS', or possibly to the CHURCH APOSTLES' Gifts ( Dôma ) Ministries.


The Apostle of the IMAGE of God's Holy Son:

29) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is ORDAINED in the Gifts ( Dôma ) Administrations of the CHURCH APOSTLE. These CHURCH APOSTLE Gifts ( Dôma ) are more than rhetorical reasoning of the Holy Scriptures, with their religious validations of paper certifications. These CHURCH APOSTLE Gifts ( Dôma ) are accomplished by God Sovereignly in ( HIS ) methodology of “Spiritually Selecting” / “Spiritually Leading” / and “Spiritually Driving” ( HIS ) Newly Called Out Disciples into a “Wilderness Journey” of Spirit Life Obedience unto Transformation.

Heart Nature Transformation is THE standardized reference that pleases God, uniquely. Called Out Disciples, of the future CHURCH APOSTLE Gifts ( Dôma), obtain necessarily the Heart Nature Image of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ. This Heart Born Image of Jesus Christ is followed behind with confirming evidence of God's MANY “Signs”, including the Manifestation Life ( Zoë ) of the Holy Ghost, that shows a clear separation away from “Self Idolatry” / “Mammon Serving” / “Worldly Friendliness and Distractions” / and “Fleshly Lusts”. Without the knowable evidence of this Heart Born Image of Christ, ANY administrator of a Christ based religion is disqualified superficially, and is discredited perfectly, with all of that administrator's claims of Ordination, even of an alleged CHURCH APOSTLE.

The “Apostles' Doctrine” of PAUL'S GOSPEL:

30) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is a Faithful adherent and determined advocate of the “Apostles' Doctrine”, which IF so followed becomes THE exclusive “Blueprint” for CALLED OUT Disciples to obtain the Heart Nature Image of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ. This particular pattern of the “Apostles' Doctrine” is commonly overlooked as THE Pathology of Divine Structure that brings the implicit result of the Heart Nature Image of Jesus Christ. This CHURCH APOSTLE Core Value of Faithful adherence, to the “Apostles' Doctrine”, is THE Pathology of “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination.

The “Traditional Church Society” has compromised itself with its formulating Church Doctrines that vary remarkably from the Gospel of Paul, a clear Apostle of Scripture Letters. This Gospel of Paul reference, in his framing the “Apostles' Doctrine” of the New Testament Church Community, is commonly “Quoted” with favorite verses popularized. The Core Value of his Scripture Letters is strayed away from / obscured by misunderstanding / and abusively misrepresented. This “straying away” leads the “Common Church Community” into framing MANY Church Doctrines that violate / contradict / and undermine the very “Apostles' Doctrine” of Paul. The Gospel of Paul, as he wrote it by the Holy Spirit, guides True Believers toward obtaining the Heart Nature Image of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ.

Apostle Gifts ( Dôma ) Authentication of the LIVING WORD:

31) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is Living Word of God emphatic in the very work of accomplishing the Heart Nature Image of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Paul is THE champion of Living Word Structure. This CHURCH APOSTLE focus upon the Living Word Structure of God's “Indwelt” Heart Nature Image, incorporates implicitly the Ministry of Church Vineyard Oversight. The Church Vineyard is THE CHURCH APOSTLE'S Domain of the Gospel of Paul with “Severe” / “Honest” / and “Unrelenting” scrutiny.

The whole “Traditional Church Mindset”, addressing the Living Word of God reference of study and disciplined learning, is entirely Flesh Minded driven. Common Church Men try to MEMORIZE the Holy Scriptures as an operation of the intellect, even posturing such exercises in a Game Format of Competition. And, in the Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God in Sunday Church Services or Presumed Revivals, the Common Church panders Non-Spiritual Preaching and Teaching as THE authentic Gifts ( Dôma ) of Divinely Empowered Church Administration. Such Non-Spirit Preaching and Teaching has MISSED entirely, and FAILED to obtain, the Heart Nature Image of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ. The CHURCH APOSTLE'S Gifts ( Dôma ), as authenticated through the Gospel of Paul, have strangely circumvented and escaped the ideology of “Traditional Church” Theology, as has ALSO escaped the Living Word of God with the Heart Nature Image of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ.

The Apostle of God's Indwelling Spirit:

32) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is embedded into a Spirit Methodology that particularly depends upon God Himself as a Core Component of Men's developing the Heart Born Image of Jesus Christ. Without having this Spirit Methodology, the Church Institution remains ineffective, automatically misdirecting its followers toward repeating its pre-condition of Divine Rejection. The CHURCH APOSTLE of Gifts ( Dôma ) Administration is entirely and absolutely dependent upon this Spirit Methodology of God, and is absolutely dependent upon God Himself as THE active Guide to the Church, who conducts ALL of ( HIS OWN ) Works of Church Powers through ( HIS ) Ordained CHURCH APOSTLES.

The Spirit Methodology of the CHURCH APOSTLE'S Gifts ( Dôma ) of Administration is a “Validating” characteristic that uniquely defines the Church as belonging to a God Spirit. This God Spirit of the Creator God insists upon Men becoming “Godlike”, in accepting a God Spirit Domain, and that Spirit Methodology of Function. ALL Men are created to be God Spirit Compatible, even having a configured empowerment that includes a “Godlike” Intelligence. ALL Men have a Spirit Body and a Spiritual Sentience for “Hosting” an indwelling Spirit Person for this purpose of enjoining to the God Spirit. However, ALL Men are “Hosting” the Unholy Serpentine Spirit of the Devil / Satan. However, Men, “Hosting” the Unholy Serpentine Spirit of the Devil / Satan, are Guided toward “Flesh Minded” vices and away from Divine Life and Holiness. The CHURCH APOSTLE Person knows this distinction of “Hosting” these two Spirit Person Opposites, having obeyed this Spirit Methodology of the GOD SPIRIT unto gaining the implicit Heart Born Image of Jesus Christ, through Spirit Transformation.

The Apostle LIGHT to the World:

33) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is Spiritually Immersed / Baptized into the Ways Of God of the Old Testament, with Divine Order Precepts that establish the Basis for God's Creation. From this CHURCH APOSTLE'S Foundation, in Old Testament Doctrine, the Church Institution has definition in its boundaries of purpose, with clarification of its “Divine Selection” / its processes of “Trial Struggles” / “Trial Conflicts and Suffrages” / its “Imputed Abilities and Appointed Works” / and its “Rewards” of Eternal Life.

The Church universe has been Derailed in its entirety, not understanding God's Mind Set in arranging Men's Order of Eternal Consequence, nor in the meaning for Men's “Struggles, Conflicts, and Sufferings”, nor in the complex interaction that Men have with the Spirit Domain of Heaven. ALL of Men's difficulties have been portrayed by the Church universe as being a “Mystery” that ONLY God can understand, when in Truth God has provided ( HIS ) Covenant Men with Gifts ( Dôma ) of Empowered Interpretation, within the CHURCH APOSTLES of “Discipleship” Administration. The Church Institution is intended, by the Creation God, to be THE Light Of God to the World. The questions to Men's lives, purpose, and sufferings are answered already in totality with their pre-arranged Puzzle Code provided within the CHURCH APOSTLE'S Gifts ( Dôma ) of Divine Order Precepts. Nothing of Men's Existence has been left by God, to be “Lost” to “Mysterious Vagaries”, for the CHURCH APOSTLE'S Gifts ( Dôma ) of Administration are God's Light to ALL of humanity's complex and seemingly vast confusions.

The Apostle to Men's SALVATION:

34) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is Spiritually Endowed / Imparted / and Baptized into the Ways Of God of the New Testament with the Covenant Statutes of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ, establishing the CHURCH APOSTLE'S Doctrine Platform for defining Men's Salvation. From this CHURCH APOSTLE'S Platform, the Church Institution has a structure for obedience to God, the Father of Jesus Christ. Church Men have a concerted Faith Work directed toward overcoming the World and the Powers of Satan, in order to accomplish their appointed Service unto God, to obtain their Reward of Covenant Salvation.

Both, the influences / the entanglements / the obsessions of the World, and ALSO the “Invisible Persuasions” of Satan already are indwelling the Hearts of Church Men, Corrupting their Motivations from WITHIN. So, without having this CHURCH APOSTLE'S Platform for defining Men's Salvation from God's Judgment of Eternal Wrath, Church Men remain “Naked” without “Spiritual Armor” and “Imprisoned” within an “Invisible” force that they DO NOT understand. Such Church Men continue to strive against God, as the Church universe so encourages them, not overcoming their Spiritual Bonds of Imprisonment, and not Serving God by whom they would obtain their Salvation. Such Church Men then learn to oppose the CHURCH APOSTLE'S Platform with its Covenant Statutes of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ, insisting that the Ways of the World are IN FACT God's Ways of Light, and that they are “Free” already from the “Invisible Persuasions” of Satan, presuming foolishly to have Entered into their Reward of Covenant Salvation.

The Apostle's Redemption of ISRAEL:

35) “Prophets of Jesus Christ Church” Denomination is circumspectly aware of the Church's responsibility to God that integrates the Church's “Marriage” to the Sacrificed Lamb, who is God's Holy Son Jesus Christ, and an overall duty to REDEEM Israel from the “Veil of Darkness” that has blinded Israel for a Season. God's Holy Son endured the shame of Israel's rejection to allow for Gentile populations to be brought into the forefront of the New Covenant, to become God's Arm of “Righteous Justice” in the Church Dispensation Age. And, this exact posture for the New Testament Church is a necessary component in the construct of Doctrine which forms the Gifts ( Dôma ) Administration of CHURCH APOSTLES.

Israel is the object of God's Covenant Creation of the New Testament. Israel was / is / and will be the intended Covenant Partner with God. The Church Institution has been designed to fulfill a Divine purpose of Priestly Intercession, according to the Manifestation Life ( Zoë ) of Jesus Christ. A Spiritual Holiness is Faith of Man Empowered to accomplish a “Work of Redemption” that removes this “Veil of Darkness” from Israel, bringing that Divine Judgment of blindness to its End. The CHURCH APOSTLES' Gifts ( Dôma ) of Administration are centered up on this duty of Church appointment to accomplish this Work of the New Testament Covenant. The World and all humanity becomes the unknowing beneficiary of Israel's Redemption when Israel in fact has been restored to the Covenant of Jesus Christ, in fulfillment of the interests of the Father of Jesus Christ.

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