This Christian Website is a testimony of Christian Prophets and Apostles ministries, being Divinely required components in the ( soul ) Salvation process. These [ .. active .. ] ministries have been missing from the ( soul ) Salvation ~ equation, of the ( contemporary ) Christian church System of Order, to the effect that Christian believers are [ .. deceived .. universally .. ] in believing they are ( Saved ), routinely and with simplicity. However, there is a substantial emphasis here, on this Christian Website, declaring the vital role of Christian Prophets and Apostles in the Christian church System of Order, in fulfilling the promise of the Covenant of Jesus Christ; whereby, their clear absence from the ( contemporary ) Christian church System of Order leaves the ( soul ) Salvation promise missing necessary components, and remaining unfulfilled. Witnesses of the Christian promise of ( soul ) Salvation, of the New Testament church ~ Covenant, are admonished to carefully inspect this matter of Christian Doctrine, to search out the valid necessity of Christian Prophets and Apostles ministries, as having ( contemporary ) .. timeless .. functions in the ( soul ) Salvation ~ equation.

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        The Christian church culture has been scattered and divided into many denominational belief systems, regarding Christian Prophets and Apostles being in ( contemporary ) administrations, as timeless and perpetual components in the Christian experience of ( soul ) Salvation; and, claims of [ .. active .. ] Christian ministries, being portrayed as [ .. functional .. gifted .. ] Prophets and Apostles; such claims have a monumental difficulty in their establishing a platform of Biblical validation and ( contemporary ) qualification for Christian witnessing. Individualized opinions of scripture interpretation have fragmented the understanding of these Christian administrations, into common positions of skepticism, even unto cynicism; and, the Christian Doctrine of ( soul ) Salvation has remained unreformed, universally permitted for all under simplistic reasoning, without the benefit of these [ .. Divine Gifts .. ] of Christian Prophets and Apostles administrations, and; without their confirming evidence of Jesus Christ's “Life” [ .. zoe .. ]. Sound construction of Doctrine, presenting clarity on these Covenant principles, has been supplanted by men's religious reasoning of scriptures, from ( “fallen” ) men's [ .. mind darkened .. condition .. ]. So, this Christian Website is presenting an abundance of information, regarding Christian Prophets and Apostles administrations, and their empowering the Christian experience of ( soul ) Salvation, from the position of this Christian author's actual experience of .. “anointings” .. in these ministry gifts .. in their description of function .. in their validation and signs of evidence .. in their authority over angels and manifestations of the Spirit .. and in their direct impact on the Christian experience of ( soul ) Salvation. What is recognized here, by this author, is that [ .. gifted .. ] Christian Prophets currently exist and are without “anointed” oversight of proper Apostles, .. have been spiritually orphaned from the ( contemporary ) Christian society, .. are presently uncultivated novices, .. and are desperately needing this instruction to fulfill their Christian ministries, and to complete their own course of ( soul ) Salvation. ( Soul ) Salvation is [ THE ] core matter for the Christian believer to understand; and, the Christian doctrine of ( soul ) Salvation is presented here, at length, to enable our Website visitors .. who are perhaps searching Christian Prophets .. to break free of the Babel confusion that has prevailed in the ( contemporary ) Christian church society, causing catastrophic damage to multitudes of deceived believers of Jesus Christ.

        Doctrine is a key point of referencing, in a disciple's constructing a mind set of orderly knowledge, of the Christian Covenant of ( soul ) Salvation; so, the Doctrine issue will be addressed, on this Christian Website, from the [ KEY ] perspective that God has designed ( His ) System of Order for the “correct”, and [ ONLY ], function of the Christian Church; and, God has established ( His ) Doctrine construction as to how ( His ) authority empowerments should be revealed within the Christian church body, and; outwardly, as well, to the societal community, out side of the church institution. So, Divine construction of Doctrine is [ THE KEY ] to learning the [ .. ONE CORRECT REFERENCE .. ] to understanding the Christian church System of Order, and its .. absolute dependency .. upon Christian Prophets and Apostles administrations, in order for the church to attain the lofty Covenant promise of ( soul ) Salvation. That specific / exclusive perspective, of God's own construction of Doctrine .. certainly .. is what this Christian author offers, established for Website visitors through the .. many Doctrine documents .. posted here on this Christian Website. Now, those who believe that they have a Divine right to formulate their own Doctrine, from the individualized viewpoint of their pre-set ( “fallen” .. “sin laden” .. “mind darkened” .. “Worldly” ) state; such persons have handicapped their Doctrine .. already .. to an astonishing level of a self assured damnation! That practice is folly. God's Doctrine viewpoint is ( “HOLY” .. “PURE” .. “UNCONTAMINATED WITH WORLDLY DISTORTIONS” ) and therein; God's Doctrine is [ THE ONLY ] reference that matters, particularly in trying to obtain a clear mindset on these mysterious administrations of Prophets and Apostles. And, those who state .. dogmatically .. that God's pure understanding of Doctrine is unattainable, justifying their own experimentations of Doctrine through Theological ~ philosophy and ( self indulging ) scripture contortions; such posturings of Doctrine declare an .. unattainability .. of God's pure knowledge in knowing “correct” Doctrine, which is ( itself ) .. establishing a self engineered Doctrine .. that disbelieves God's holy scriptures, that; Jesus Christ has come as [ .. THE TRUTH .. ], as a Divine promise of the New Testament / Covenant. Those who, therein, profess to believe the New Testament Bible, but who .. simultaneously .. disbelieve the promise of Jesus Christ to make known ( His ) Covenant truth; such professing believers have caught themselves in a trap of their own Doctrine ~ contradiction, and; are .. CERTAINLY .. forfeiting their own soul's Salvation, as their reward.

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        With certainty, the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ reflects Prophets and Apostles as being necessary administrations in the church, to bring forth the faith results of ( soul ) Salvation; and with certainty, the Doctrine of Jesus Christ's exact authority; is the Doctrine that comes by Jesus Chris's New Testament ~ Spirit .. the Spirit of the Holy Ghost .. ; whereby, Prophets and Apostles are established clearly, by this Spirit of this Doctrine, as foundations which support, and uphold, [ THE ] church. The Doctrine of Jesus Christ is [ .. spiritual knowledge .. ], having [ .. spiritual dynamics and eternal empowerment .. ], of eternal truth and life, that substantially is repeated .. over and over .. in perpetuity, from generation to generation, sustaining certain [ FIXED ] elements of church Order, particularly the administrations of Prophets and Apostles, in their Doctrine ~ faith works of producing [ .. spiritual effects .. ] of ( soul ) Salvation. Through Prophets and Apostles administrations, strong evidence was given in the Bible record; and, the Doctrine .. of the Spirit of Jesus Christ .. is upheld continually, even now, as the “living” knowledge of Covenant Salvation, continuing the purpose of God's Christ Jesus, as a perpetual echo of Divine construction. Manifestations of God's visitation ~ presence, and observable miracles of spiritual empowerments, confirm this Doctrine accuracy, of Prophets and Apostles administrations' sustaining the church, and enabling the church purpose of ( soul ) Salvation. And, with this confirmation of Doctrine accuracy, Jesus Christ becomes known within the church body, in ( His ) super – spiritual works, as a “living” reality of Bible truth, and is .. NO LONGER .. a rhetorical story of wonder from scriptural history. And, in broader perspective, God's Kingdom Order manifestly appears among church men, through the practice of this [ .. “right” .. ] Doctrine, and; because of this [ .. “right” .. ] Doctrine .. ( also ) .. comes the works of God .. in Jesus Christ .. becoming shown to people of the World, in the surrounding society, bringing evidence .. to them .. of strange healings, and supernatural deliverance from all manner of afflictions, proving the [ .. literal reality .. ] of God dwelling among men. Thereby, this Doctrine of Prophets and Apostles administrations, when believed, brings an extraordinary result of literal evidence, of God among men, in the Spirit's works of ( Saving ) men.

    The Pentecostal view of Christian Doctrine embraces a supernatural dimension of human experience, as a normal Christian awakening out of a sleep of darkness; whereby, ( called out ) Pentecostal followers of Jesus Christ are engaged by a sudden activation of invisible powers, as the Pentecostal promise of [ Holy Ghost .. immersion .. ]. These Pentecostal followers of God's .. Word of God .. New Testament / Covenant; such Pentecostal followers are hearing what others don't hear, a voice of ( soul ) Salvation; such Pentecostal hearers, believing and following this very implicit [ .. Word of God .. ] ( calling out ) from the World, to become ( Saved ) from eternal damnation. These following hearers, of Word of God ~ Salvation, are .. ( CALLED TO COME ) .. [ out ] / [ to ] a New Testament / Covenant experience of Divine promise; whereby, they are offered a Divine ability unto the Saving of their ( souls ). This Pentecostal ~ Covenant promise is God's sending ( His ) “living” Spirit .. the [ Holy Ghost ] .. , to be an inner man / heart ~ of ~ man sanctifier, to abide within the bodies / the “living” flesh tabernacles of those willing followers, of this voice of ( soul ) Salvation. The [ Holy Ghost ] is promised to abide within the hearts of such following believers, to sanctify such offered hearts / such “living” flesh tabernacles of men, to make them ( “holy” ) / ( “saints” ) / without ( sin .. corruption ) within that inner place of the heart; whereby, God will dwell ( within them ), by ( His ) Spirit, and within the thought ~ Doctrine components of ( His ) “living” Word. And, the [ Holy Ghost .. Spirit ], who will abide within them, will enshroud the “living” Word of God, within the “living” tabernacle / womb of such agreed believer ~ hosts. This is .. the simple premise .. of the Pentecostal Doctrine of faith. The “living” Word, of the eternal God, becomes tabernacled within the human heart ~ womb of Pentecostal believers, who are sanctified unto holiness, from the free gift of God's Covenant / [ Holy Ghost ]. This is the very basis for Pentecostal faith; whereby, the promised event of the Pentecostal experience, the [ Holy Ghost ] immerses the hearing believer's heart – tabernacle into ( His ) Spirit, cleansing / purifying / sanctifying such hearing believer's inner man .. heart ~ core .. , creating a holy garden place for the “living” Word of God – ( seed ) to abide in, and to grow up in, over a course of time, unto a fully matured Word of God – “Tree of Life”. The fully matured Word of God – “Tree of Life”, having grown up within the “living” tabernacle heart – garden of the sanctified Pentecostal believer, that Word of God – “Tree” .. then .. bears its Word of God – fruit, in its season, of “living” [ .. Word of God .. ] manifestation evidence, of Spiritual life < zoe > ~ speaking, and Spiritual life < zoe > ~ power signs, from God's indwelling character ~ virtue of holiness, evidenced through the ( then Transformed .. soul ) of the Pentecostal ~ Covenant believer. This Pentecostal Doctrine of faith incorporates the “living” Word of God ~ manifestation, of varying descriptions of supernatural evidence, as “Tree of Life” fruit being produced through the whole church body of true Pentecostal believers, and yet being observed / witnessed throughout the broader societal community of the World's men.

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        The key intention, of the Pentecostal perspective of Christian Doctrine, is to bring Divine empowerment, to enable New Testament / Covenant believers to have victory over ( SIN ), for such believers to become free of unseen bondages to the indwelling ~ existent empowerments of ( SIN ), to become changed, [ .. HEART NATURE CHANGED .. ], unto the very nature / the Pentecostal virtue of Jesus Christ. The Pentecostal viewpoint is very intensively directed toward men of flesh becoming entirely spiritual in their thought discipline, unto their obtaining .. literally .. the holy virtue ~ quality of God's Christ, and; through that virtue of Divine holiness, such men of flesh have confirming evidence, coming behind them as Christ's own Pentecostal - miracle works, to substantiate the accuracy of their believing this Pentecostal Doctrine viewpoint. The Pentecostal Doctrine – ideology is profoundly staging men of flesh to believe, with their assertive faith conviction, that; Jesus Christ came to save men .. ( them ) .. from an unseen bondage to their inner – man sin nature, through the Pentecostal ~ gift of Divine empowerment, as a ( “Spirit” ) force of God's own life ( “Spirit” ), for; ( His ) Pentecostal ( “Spirit” ) to be received by such believing men of flesh; and therein, such a Pentecostal gift of God's own ( “Spirit” ), men of flesh are enabled to know and to understand things they could not .. PREVIOUSLY .. know or understand; and further, such believing men of flesh could wield Pentecostal powers of God's “living” words, causing extraordinary effects on nature .. on the flesh bodies of men .. on unseen devil spirits .. on behaviors and convictions and lifestyles of many men .. bringing Pentecostal life to overthrow death .. or permitting the existent curse of death to remain in effect, in its stopping of life, when God's Pentecostal life is assertively rejected by men. The Pentecostal viewpoint of Christian Doctrine incorporates men of flesh being the traffic conduits of frequently visiting angels; whereby, men's exercising of Pentecostal faith is putting to work the .. literal .. energy force that releases God's “living” word - holiness into the World; whereby, this Pentecostal faith energy, God's holy angels are permitted to work the virtue ~ quality of Jesus Christ's Life <zoe > in the World of many men, which; World, .. otherwise .. is bound up within the heart nature curse / compelling motivations / reasoned logic / dark mindedness of demon spirits. And, from this Pentecostal Doctrine of holy virtue empowerment, of Pentecostal faith ~ energized holy angel works, the course of the World becomes changed .. and ultimately saved from ( SIN )!

    Prophets and Apostles are distinctively, and assertively, proponents of the Pentecostal Doctrine, of Holy Ghost ~ Spirit immersion, as being a necessary ingredient of the New Testament / Covenant, of Christian ~ salvation; whereby, this Prophets' and Apostles' Doctrine of Holy Ghost immersion is not to be confused as being optional, or somehow as being less significant than other Covenant promises of Christian experience. Prophets and Apostles are .. ABSOLUTELY .. Pentecostal in character, and; Prophets and Apostles are not only advocates of Holy Ghost immersion, as a positive attribute of the Christian experience, but; Prophets and Apostles are conveyors of the baptizing Spirit ( itself ), being the preeminent workers of Holy Ghost ~ Spirit baptism; for, without a “living” .. “active” .. Prophet or Apostle being accessible to believers, the Holy Ghost ~ Spirit is restrictively .. NOT .. “sent” by the Father, and; is not commonly empowered by God in any “alternative” manner of Pentecostal baptism; therein, keeping the Christian entrance, to the Covenant of Jesus Christ, locked up .. emphatically .. with Prophets' and Apostles' gifts of particular foundation [ KEYS ]. Furthermore, Prophets and Apostles ( both ) are witnesses of the Holy Ghost ~ Spirit being present .. or .. absent in other Christian believers, being prepared witnesses of the Covenant, who bear the Spiritual gifts of Jesus Christ, in such Prophets' and Apostles' knowing .. perfectly .. the ( “fellowship” ) of the Holy Ghost ~ Spirit. Christian Prophets and Apostles are ( themselves ) “living” tabernacles of Jesus Christ; whereby, the Holy Ghost ~ Spirit has immersed such Prophets and Apostles into God's Kingdom Life, as an exclusive Spiritual Life ~ awareness of Jesus Christ. True Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ have been implanted with the “living” Word of God – seed, within their heart gardens of [ Holy Ghost ] sanctification / purification. This “living” Word of God - seed has grown up to maturity, within Prophets and Apostles, as a fully perfected .. “Tree of Life”, which; “Tree of Christ's Life”, has, then, born the fully matured Word of God – fruit, of Pentecostal ~ manifestation evidences. From these Word of God – evidences, of the “Tree of < Christ's Life” > , God's holy speaking voice is exhibited through true Prophets and Apostles, in Prophets' and Apostles' preaching .. in Prophets' and Apostles' teaching .. in Prophets' and Apostles' laying on of hands .. in Prophets' and Apostles' casting out devils .. in Prophets' and Apostles' healing the flesh bodies of cursed men .. in Prophets' and Apostles' imposing Word of God ~ [ .. empowerments of salvation .. ] upon all of the physical realm of the Earth's biosphere, even the natural environment of humankind's dwelling place. Such Prophets and Apostles bear the “living” fruit empowerment, of the “living .. Tree of Christ's Life”, of Pentecostal Doctrine; and therein, Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ [ speak – release ] God's holy Word ~ fruit .. cleansing and re-genesis powers .. as their exclusive dedication of lifestyle expression, not being compromised or distracted by sin .. fleshly lusts .. Worldly obsessions .. or mammon serving.

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        Christian Prophets and Apostles are flesh man ~ witnesses to Covenant salvation ~ empowerments, of Jesus Christ. Such Prophets and Apostles are Divinely prepared as physical body ~ vessels of “Tree of Life” .. Word – fruit bearing .. ; therein, Prophets and Apostles, of Jesus Christ's Word – fruit, have become messengers to others, of that Covenant ~ fruit empowerment, unto the same ( soul ) Salvation of others. The preface to the validity of Jesus Christ's Prophets and Apostles, is the preface of the Spirit ~ enshrouded “Tree of Life” – seed having been implanted .. previously .. within the flesh ~ tabernacles of such Prophets and Apostles; wherein, that seed has been allowed its season of growth unto its perfection; whereby, the grown “Tree of Christ's Life” has born its fruit, of the indwelling nature of Jesus Christ, from within these Prophets' and Apostles' heart gardens. Such Prophets and Apostles have obtained the Salvation ~ fulfillment of the heart grown virtue of Christ's nature, and; have become of the same heart character as God's Son. This astonishing promise, of the Covenant Life of Jesus Christ, has been established for others .. for many .. who are the church body of Jesus Christ. Prophets and Apostles ( both ) having Spiritual gifts of Jesus Christ, to be overseers of this implanted seed of the “Tree of Life”; and, true Prophets and Apostles, of the gift of Jesus Christ, know by what manner of progress these Word - seeds are being accommodated, or are being hindered. But, Prophets, particularly, as extensions of the Apostles' administration, have the Divine mandate to exercise a continuous vigilance in overseeing the planted Word - seeds of Christ's “Living Tree”, that abide within the “living” garden of the church body. The Prophets of Jesus Christ are God's [ CHIEF ] overseers of this seed husbandry, sent by “anointed” Apostles, delegated to know the state of each church vineyard; whereby, all of the believers .. collectively .. and each believer .. individually .. are observed from within the shroud of the Holy Ghost ~ Spirit, who is God's very discreet hider .. or revealer .. of the true state of the “Tree of Life” – Word seed, of its survival or aborted rejection .. of its wellness or weakness .. of its growth or regression .. of its maturing unto fruit bearing and its fruit quality .. and of its level of fruit productivity or dormancy. All church ( “saints” ), who have committed themselves to receive the implanting of this “Tree of Life” - Word seed of Jesus Christ's ( soul ) Salvation; such church ( “saints” ) are tended to as blessed garden soil by “sent” Prophets and Apostles; wherein, this blessed garden soil, the implanted Word ~ seed of Christ's “Tree of Life” will struggle against inner heart forces of opposition, of those ( saints' ) own Worldly trained ( souls ), trying to choke off this alien tree type, which would take over the heart – domain with the Christ nature, if allowed. This garden soil, of church ( saints ), needs the continuous help of these Divine gifts, of attending Prophets and Apostles.

        The Salvation, offered by the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ, is the Salvation of men's ( souls ); whereby, the ( souls ) of men become recognized as an entity of study and deep learning of spiritual and eternal qualities. God's idea of Salvation starts with a prefaced conclusion, that men are .. already .. lost, are .. already .. condemned, are .. already .. without hope of recovery back unto a right relationship with God, if men are left to their ( “fallen” ) nature perceptions and empowerments. Therein, ( “lost” ) men are Divinely condemned to a dispensation of assured irreversibility; and, with this preface and permanence already decided, the idea of Salvation was prearranged, within God, that incorporated men's total condition, of being fleshly embodied, and also spiritually embodied, and being sentient with a soul; whereby, this complex matrix of men's three components of existence, other created elements were defined .. as well .. as being components to men's Salvation process, which are; spiritual beings of God's Heaven, .. Angels .. Demons .. ( Satan ) .. and a ( Savior ) .. . God's plan, of a Divinely constructed Salvation, was pre-framed within a Covenant agreement / a binding contract, constructed to work, and to be enforceable, between the Creator ~ God and agreeable ( “fallen” ) men, who .. otherwise .. would be without hope of such a Salvation. It is this Salvation preface that requires an extraordinary relocation of men's thought references .. of men's resolutions toward learning a new and a very different Faith usage and understanding .. with spiritual empowerments provided by Divine miracle; through which, men's Salvation becomes understood as an idea of clear thought, and is foreseen from a distant perspective, as a far away place of imagined destination, requiring a journeying ~ process for its discovery! The whole platform for this Divine miracle is described as Christian Salvation, even a Pentecostal Salvation, in an exceptional Christian experience of spirituality. This Pentecostal spirituality, of Divine miracles being necessary components in God's Salvation plan for ( “fallen” ) men, such Pentecostal spirituality is framed in Doctrine, even as a firm Doctrine that has been endorsed with exceptional miracle gifts of men, who are God ~ “sent” Prophets and Apostles of Covenant Salvation, whose mandate of Divine authorship, is certified with evident signs of miraculous events of experience; whereby, Prophets and Apostles, of exceptional Pentecostal spirituality, can be accepted as trustworthy messengers of Salvation.

        Men's ( “lost” ) condition occurred through men's fall from Faith ~ Life unto ( “Self Knowledge” ) and its death, by partaking of the “Garden of Eden” ~ Tree .. of “knowledge fruit” .. ; however, Salvation – Covenant accepting men may yield up their ( “Self Knowledge” .. rule ) over the [ SELF ], in their deliberate choosing to prefer God's total rule .. of ( Jesus Christ's ) Faith ~ Life .. methodology, according to the Salvation ~ Covenant's precept of ( “right” ) Faith – working. Covenant Salvation, of Jesus Christ's exceptional sanctification, is a matter of change .. profound .. heart core change occurring within believing men, whose condition, of being ( “lost” ) from Godly fellowship, is understood by such men, is accepted as a truth of realized experience, and is felt within their hearts with remorse .. with personal sorrow .. with deeply grieved repentance. It is such believers, of this ( “lost” ) condition, that Covenant Salvation has been prepared for; whereby, the Salvation of Jesus Christ is a Tree of Life methodology through Covenant agreement. God's Life force, of eternally perpetuating re-genesis, is a “living” thing .. a Tree – seed of God's Word - Life .. that grows up and abides as a force of Salvation, from within the hearts of believing men. This Covenant Salvation of Jesus Christ occurs within the heart – gardens of believing men; whereby, men's ( “fallen” ) nature of ( “Self Knowledge” ) and its death result is supplanted, .. is exceptionally replaced .., by the Divine nature of God's Son ( Jesus Christ ), which grows up within believing men's heart gardens. And, strangely, non-believing men remain unaffected .. untouched .. [ by Word of God ~ Life ] bearing its Salvation ~ fruit from within their heart gardens. Such un-believing men remain unchanged in their ( “fallen” ) condition of eternal damnation, without any effectuation of God's Salvation. Such unbelievers ( “feel” ) no sense of separation from God's fellowship, which; ( “feeling” ), would draw them to begin the transformation process of Salvation. Such unbelievers ( “feel” ) no remorse for being in a ( “lost” ) condition, and; ( “feel” ) no inner heart repentance for personal accountability to a sin lifestyle. There is .. NO .. personal identity that anything is missing or maligned, or needful, that requires a process or empowerment, of Salvation. Such unbelieving men have no ( soul ) pain for their sin, for they philosophize that life is to remain unencumbered by ( “sin” ) ideas; therein, the Salvation Covenant, of God's Christ, has .. NO .. impact upon their consciences. To them, Salvation is a fairy tale. Salvation is religious fakery. Salvation is a non-issue that is merely a pesky distraction that persists throughout the landscape of the human condition, an annoyance of simple non-truth. So, to them, God's Salvation offering is .. NOT .. perceived as being needed. The Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ, [ .. of Pentecostal “spirit” - grace .. ], are very clear, in their posturing of Christian Doctrine, to establish a [ CRITICAL ] premise of Covenant Salvation; whereby, believers of Covenant Salvation recognize their pre-established lifestyle orientation, as a Doctrine – belief system of the ( “fallen” ) World, toward each man's ruling over the [ SELF ], by the learned practice of ( “Self Knowledge” ) / of incessant ( “Self Pleasing” ) / of insatiable ( “Self Wants - Indulgence” ); and, with this declaration of the World's Doctrine, Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ, [ .. of Pentecostal “spirit” - grace .. ], declare that Christian Salvation is to be attained by the deliberate practice .. from knowledge .. of ( Jesus Christ's ) Faith .. unto eternal Life ( zoe ).

Jesus Christ, and particularly, the ( .. Faith .. ) of Jesus Christ, is [ THE SINGLE ] key example to study, and to learn, from the Holy Bible, in order to experience the Covenant promise of ( “Salvation” ). Without study and learning of this ( .. Faith .. ) reference, of Jesus Christ, the whole concept of ( soul ) Salvation is overlooked and missed; and therein, the Covenant benefit of eternal Life ( zoe ) is misunderstood, .. is overly simplified through ( “fallen” ) men's reasoned - calculation of scripture, .. and is unattainable. The Christian Church – bride of Jesus Christ is [ THE ] mandated institution that has been appointed this standard of reference, in knowing, and in correctly perpetuating, the ( .. Faith .. ) concept of Jesus Christ's Life, .. in sustaining the crystallized learning of this ( .. Faith .. ) Doctrine, .. in requiring disciples to perpetuate accuracy of this precise ( .. Faith .. ) working, whereby; the Covenant promise of Jesus Christ is understood by Covenant believers, with its affected impact of ( soul ) Salvation. When the Christian Church – bride of Jesus Christ fails this mandate, being a whore of Babel ~ religion, as it presently is, the broad scope of Covenant understanding is ( “lost” ), as ( “fallen” ) religious men are ( “lost” ); and therein, the Covenant of Jesus Christ remains a mystery of vast, and wondrous, speculations of philosophical imagination. The ( .. Faith .. ) of Jesus Christ begins with this learning, [ that is ]; Jesus Christ, .. the “spirit” within Jesus Christ, .. the “soul” of Jesus Christ, .. the flesh ~ body of Jesus Christ, has been Divinely created within a peculiar format of [ .. Creation ~ God Faith D.N.A. .. ]; whereby, Jesus Christ is [ THE ] ( “living” ) Word of God, made into the ( “living” ) flesh ~ body .. the ( “living” ) spirit ~ body .. the ( “living” ) soul, of an .. otherwise .. normal man. This uniquely singular characterization of God's ( first begotten Son ) .. Jesus Christ .. sets ( Him ) apart from .. ALL .. other men of historical proclamation, who are professed to have a similarity of social / religious importance. Jesus Christ was created with an exceptional composition of absolutely unique qualities, that have not been duplicated by the Creator God, but which; unique qualities, are made accessible unto ( “fallen” ) men through the peculiar design of God's offered Covenant with believing ( “fallen” ) men. The Word of God ~ embodiment of a man is [ THE ] miracle of astonishing conceptualization, which; explains the whole reference to the origination of the idea of Bible “righteousness” .. of being Divinely “right” .. of having “rightness” with God .. like NO OTHER man .., in a precise correlation to the core origination of Jesus Christ, of having been born in a “righteous” Word of God composition design, which further uniquely qualifies the particular structuring of Jesus Christ's example of ( .. Faith .. ), which; ( .. Faith .. ) working, produces the effect of Jesus Christ's exact Life ( zoe ), from within ( “fallen” ) men. Without ( “fallen” ) men learning this exact correlation to the Word of God ~ embodiment of Jesus Christ, such ( “fallen” ) men .. CANNOT .. learn to practice the ( .. “right” Faith .. ) of Jesus Christ; and therein, such men would continue practicing unchanging ( .. Faith .. ) unto “sin”, and; would continue to receive its exact consequence of eternal separation from God, in darkness, and in Hell's fiery torments. This exact correlation is a determining factor in ( “fallen” ) men's attainment of Salvation. The Prophets and Apostles of the Pentecostal “spirit” are enabled to intellectually comprehend this ( .. Faith .. ) quality of Jesus Christ, and to walk in that precise experience of Word of God ( .. Faith .. ). Therein, the Prophets and Apostles of the Pentecostal “spirit” exercise that ( .. Faith .. ) of Jesus Christ, with exactness of Word of God ~ thought Doctrine.; and, from this Foundational Doctrine of ( .. “right” Faith .. working ), as a platform for building, the Church – bride of Jesus Christ is precisely prepared.

The Church ~ bride of Jesus Christ is intended to accept this Word of God ~ embodiment of Jesus Christ, unto the literal working of the exact ( .. Faith .. ) of Jesus Christ, through the Covenant impartation / the ordination process of Divine grace. When men, in their ( “fallen” ) state, accept and believe this vitally important premise of the Word of God ~ Deification of Jesus Christ, such believing Covenant men are Covenant ~ ordained to become the blessed body of Jesus Christ, to function on the same plateau of creation ability and holy virtue, as God's ( first begotten ) Son, Jesus Christ. The Covenant of Jesus Christ is constructed with Pentecostal abilities of the manifestation ~ “spirit” .. with Divinely imposed gifts .. that transfer, to ( “fallen” ) men, the miraculous ability to come out of their ( “fallen” ) state of sinful hindrances, which; hindrances, are .. ALL .. derived out of Tree of Knowledge ~ ( Self rule ) perceptions and psychological orientations to a sinful ( .. Faith .. ) perpetuation. ( “Predestined” .. “fallen” ) men are enabled to function with the understanding of God's Son .. Jesus Christ; whereby, even [ .. the Mind of Christ .. ] is imparted to such believing men, so that an Word of God ~ assimilation, within predestined men's minds, is enabled with Pentecostal abilities, through this wondrous Covenant of Jesus Christ's gifts. Once ( “fallen” ) men are designated by God, the Father of Jesus Christ, in God's predestined appointment to come out of their ( “fallen” ) condition, such predestined men, in that gift of predestination, are Divinely ordained to receive the “spirit” quickened ~ gift of knowledge, as an imparted ability from “anointed” preaching, to recognize the .. exceptional .. truth of Jesus Christ, as a Church ~ bride capacity to embrace the Word of God ~ creation D. N. A. within flesh embodiment .. within soul life sentience .. and spirit embodiment, of humankind ~ creation. This gifted ~ understanding of the Divinely unique truth of Jesus Christ, rising up as an awakening of predestination; this understanding manifests as the [ .. Mind of Christ .. ], coming as the predestination ~ gift of God's appointment, as God's preparation of a bride of humankind for ( His ) Son .. Jesus Christ .., even as such ( “fallen” ) men are introduced to the Covenant of Jesus Christ, .. by; the “anointed” preaching of Prophets' and Apostles' ~ appointed Evangelists, who came after the preceding process of Apostles' prayers of intercession, toward fulfilling the Covenant of Jesus Christ. ( “Fallen” ) men, of this Divine awakening, are the blessed recipients of this Divine predestination gift, [ .. before .. ] such men are baptized into the Covenant of Jesus Christ. Such blessed men are to .. properly .. accept this [ .. Mind of Christ .. ] gift of comprehension, in its strangeness of abrupt awareness, with humility and repentance unto baptism, and therein; commence to walk in the Covenant ability of the [ .. Mind of Christ .. ], having been predestined to come out of their previous ( “fallen” ) condition. Such ( “predestined” ) men should .. MUST .. allow Jesus Christ to fulfill ( His ) Covenant purpose, through the Father's raising up of ( His ) Church ~ bride to Jesus Christ, from within the flesh ~ soul ~ spirit of humankind, for; the Son of God .. Jesus Christ .. to be enabled to fulfill the purpose of the Father of Creation, as the Church ~ husband .. as the Divine [ Seed carrier .. ] of the Word of God ~ D. N. A., who should impregnate ( His ) prepared Church ~ wife, to birth holy children, as a family of God's creation. This Salvation of humankind, from its universal ( “fallen” ) condition, occurs by the Word of God ~ creation D. N. A. ~ seed, of Jesus Christ, being implanted within the heart gardens of many men, within multitudes of ( “fallen” ) men, among all nations and tongues of men of the World; whereby, this Salvation of humankind occurs by seed ~ planting, and raising up, of the Life of Jesus Christ, of Word of God ~ creation D. N. A., to its bearing of perfect fruit, from within ( “fallen” ) men of this ( “predestination” ), who have been given this [ .. Mind of Christ .. ] ability; which, came unto them through the preceding prayers of intercession of Jesus Christ's Apostles, .. and; by the “anointed” preaching of Jesus Christ's Evangelists, sent through the revealed authority of Prophets and Apostles. And, without the actively working administrations of the Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ, this predestination gift, of the [ .. Mind of Christ .. ] ability, does .. NOT .. impart / activate unto believers of this Covenant with God through the mediator, Jesus Christ. So that, even predestined hearers are hindered from progressing in Word of God ~ creation D. N. A. .. seed growing .. within their heart gardens, suppressing their ( .. Faith .. ) working, of Jesus Christ's standard, .. and; obscuring their ( soul ) Salvation reward. Prophets and Apostles, of Jesus Christ's Covenant gifts, are [ THAT ] vital to the ( soul ) Salvation process.

        This Website is presented to Jesus Christ's Church community, particularly of the Pentecostal Spirit, who seem to be driven .. with a mysterious compulsion .. to discover a Website that may reveal some .. hidden .. Word ~ truth of Jesus Christ. The Church ~ Website community in general, and even the Pentecostal ~ Church ~ Website community, has been so extraordinarily layered with inaccuracies and distortions of Jesus Christ's Salvation ~ Covenant, exaggerated even further now with Christian Website proliferation, that .. certainly .. the [ .. Gate of entrance .. ] into the Covenant empowerment, of Jesus Christ's Spirit ~ Life ( zoe ), has been masterfully hidden, and is nearly impossible to find in Christian ministries and Websites, except only by the enabling of God's Spirit of truth, and; through the miraculous intervention by ( true ) Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ. This Church ~ Website resolves this mystery of Doctrine .. exceptionally .. by transcending the Traditional Church .. message and Website .. distortion, with our declaring the true matter of Covenant ~ Gate entrance, which occurs through [ .. the ( scriptural ) process of believer faith, .. of believers' personal acceptance of their own sacrifice, .. unto the death of the believing disciple's “old man” .. of the ( Fallen ) nature .. ( Self ) .. ]. This Church ~ Website establishes this believer sacrifice as being [ THE ] beginning reference .. the specific [ Gate entrance ] .. for believers' accessing the Covenant ~ promise of Jesus Christ's Spirit ~ Life ( zoe ), through which; Jesus Christ's Spirit ~ Life ~ endowment / ordination / impartation, this Church ~ Website declares to be the methodology of Divine involvement with ( Fallen ) men, for such men to obtain .. in truth .. the Covenant ~ reward of ( soul ) Salvation. This Covenant ~ Gate entrance .. of believers' sacrificing the “old man” .. of the ( Fallen ) nature .. ( Self ) .., and this .. explicit .. Covenant ~ impartation of Jesus Christ's Spirit ~ Life ( zoe ), are two core issues of Doctrine, for this Church ~ Website. We carefully submit these two Website ~ revelations to the [ .. End Times .. Church .. ], as having been authored by the Spirit of God, within the particular Covenant ~ Gifts of Jesus Christ's Prophets and Apostles, which; Gifts, are committed .. exceptionally .. to serving the Word ~ truth of Jesus Christ, in revealing this .. uncommon .. Church ~ Covenant accuracy, unto ( soul ) Salvation ~ achievement .. in truth. Visitors, who have found this obscured Church ~ Website, are admonished to be reflective of God's voice after leaving this Website presentation to the Church, which; voice of God's mystery, has compelled them with heart driven ~ motivations to find this Covenant entrance of “right” faith, to .. further .. accept the Spirit ~ Life ( zoe ) of Jesus Christ, as God's methodology of ( soul ) Salvation. We know, of course, that this Website ~ declaration to the Church, of presenting a particular Gate access to Christ's Spirit ~ Life ( zoe ), and of a Spirit ~ Life methodology of ( soul ) Salvation, triggers an auto - response from many of our Website ~ visitors, who come from various philosophies of Traditional ~ Church Doctrine, and Church ~ Website reinforcement; wherein, some responses are an aloof indignation and stormy retreat from this Church ~ Website; and wherein also, others respond with angry challenge, sometimes with an elevated emotion of hysteria, that insists on threatening us with all manner of intimidation. Some of our Website ~ visitors presume to teach us to fear the awe of the Traditional Church; wherein, their presumed stature of Godly “righteousness”, they promise to direct God's power of holy wrath to crush us, for our blasphemous Website ~ words against the Church. Our Website ~ declaration to the Church ~ body is that we have been established in fearing God, as being the “right” perspective of eternal judgment ~ authority, by not yielding to intimidations from the Church of Babel; for, we have immersed this Website ~ presentation into the scriptural foundations of the King James Bible; and, this Website ~ development has been .. miraculously .. enabled with Divine ~ Truth ~ confirmation, by the “anointing” of God's visiting presence. Our Church ~ Website .. purpose and message, about these matters of Covenant ~ Gate entrance, .. and; the Covenant methodology of Christ's Spirit ~ Life ( zoe ) being the needed linkage to ( soul ) Salvation, .. and; the expose´of the severity of past Church error; this Church ~ Website .. purpose and message has been extruded .. carefully .. through years of our own experience of ( Wine Press .. squeezing ), and our narrowly straining out the understanding of God's Will for our own lives. So, we declare that God has ordained the preparing of this Church ~ Website; whereby, we have yielded .. exceptionally .. to the revelations of Spirit ~ Life ( zoe ) ~ manifestations, and; we have obeyed those revelations with dedication of our faith, in the presentation of this Church ~ Website. Further, we are emboldened to publicize this Church ~ Website of Covenant ~ Gate entrance, and Christ's Spirit ~ Life ( zoe ), therein; facing the contradiction of multitudes of Church ~ Website ~ opponents. Through a lengthy and difficult process of the past, we have been enabled to now endure the hardship of Church ~ body confrontations, and; Website ~ ridicule from many other Christian ~ Church ~ Websites, and threats of direct retaliation, that may come from visitors of this very Church ~ Website. We are now resolved to sustain this Church ~ Website of careful Covenant ~ truth, with or without the support of Website ~ visitors, who may or may not be ( True Church ~ Friends ) of Jesus Christ.

        This Website .. Doctrine ~ presentation .., of Pentecostal Church Prophets' and Apostles' Gifts, is a Website ~ expose´ of the established Church community; wherein, Traditional Church ideologies, [ .. including Pentecostal Church posturings .. ], are declared to have thoroughly prepared our culture .. even our Website ~ viewers .. with well reinforced religious confusion, and cynical platforms of disbelief, toward God's truth. What is noted here, on our Website, is that the .. prevailing .. mainstream Church ~ society is now in the foreground of God's promised Apocalypse; whereby, God's Apocalypse is ( itself ) a confirmation of the Church's error of Tradition, in continuously violating the Covenant truth of Jesus Christ. Our Website ~ expose´ further cautions skeptics .. and critics of our Website ~ revelation, and our Website ~ ministry .. with this sober warning; that, the Church ~ Whore of Bible Prophecy .. has .. been in violation of God's Covenant truth .. for two millennia .. ; and, is subject .. now .. to God's poured out wrath .. WITH CERTAINTY ..; and, hearers of this Website ~ expose´ have the opportunity to weigh the ( escape potential ) of our Website ~ information! Further, our Website emphasizes that there is an Antichrist spirit ~ empowerment within the hearts of all ( Fallen ) men; and, our Website exposes this Antichrist spirit as being a subliminal influence upon the whole of mainstream Church ~ Doctrine, Church ~ Traditions and views, .. Church ~ pulpit teachings, .. and Church ~ Website ~ indoctrinations. It is that .. very influential .. spirit of the Antichrist, that is revealed as a baseline Doctrine ~ component of Biblical [ .. TRUTH .. ], within the New Testament ~ discipleship of Christian Salvation; and, this Website exposes the strangeness of present day Church ~ shielding, from this basic Bible truth; wherein, this Website .. further .. declares that the mainstream Church ~ society was captured [ .. centuries and millennia ago .. ], within this universal Antichrist ~ infestation, which has settled within the hearts' consciences of .. ALL .. ( Fallen ) men. And, our Website points out that ( political “correctness” ), of mainstream Church ~ Doctrine, would continue ( today ) to shield their congregants' eyes from this indwelling Antichrist ~ blindness, even if they arrived at our Website knowledge of this Bible truth; because, the Church ~ leadership still remains in the grip of this Antichrist persuasion, and is still being deceived ( daily ) by its indwelling seductions and subliminal heart motivations, of ( Self .. first ~ importance ) and ( Self .. first ~ serving ). This baseline Bible [ .. TRUTH .. ], of Antichrist infestation within the mainstream Church ~ society, is revealed, within this Christian ~ Website, to be [ THE ] .. extraordinary .. Covenant ~ focus of Salvation ~ of Jesus Christ, and; is a core testimony of Jesus Christ's Covenant ~ empowerment to deliver ( His ) disciples from this Antichrist infestation; which, Covenant ~ empowerment of Jesus Christ, our Website professes to exist ( today ) by the grace of God, .. imparted through ( today's ) active Prophets' and Apostles' ministries, .. from within this Website ~ platform of active ministry. Consequently, this understanding, of God's Covenant ~ Salvation from the Antichrist spirit, is now provided for these unique Church ~ citizens of the [ .. End Times .. Church .. ], along with this Website ~ revelation that Jesus Christ has “sent” .. already .. ( His ) Covenant ~ Angels to enable such true Church ~ disciples through an ( otherwise ) impossible maze of .. exceptional .. confusion. Without the .. exceptional .. help of Prophets' and Apostles' active ministry of miracle ~ faith, of this particular Church ~ Website, such holy Angels would not be heard by these Divinely appointed Church ~ citizens; for, the Antichrist spirit is set to hinder these predestined Church ~ citizens from hearing the voice of holy Angels, and from entering into God's Covenant of Salvation, but to remain captive within the previously established kingdom ~ domain of Antichrist ~ spirits. There are .. certainly .. many Antichrist driven sources of reinforcement .. replenishment .. and refreshing .. of this Antichrist kingdom of the World's ( Fallen ) men, including .. of course .. the media outlets of .. Websites, .. even multitudes of Christian Church ~ Websites .. which certainly .. are disguised to be messengers of Jesus Christ, .. but also there are multitudes of human interest ~ Websites, and; .. there are commonly accepted information ~ Websites; and, .. ( social networking ) Websites, which; broad diversity of Websites, are all rampant with the universal .. commonness .. of ( Fallen ) men ( blather ), of general Antichrist ~ distortion of Church ~ truth. Further, in order to fulfill the terms of ( His ) Covenant with ( Fallen ) men, God has declared .. a particular scenario .. of Church ~ development to occur, unto the Church's maturity of Jesus Christ's particular heart nature .. of holiness, which; development ~ scenario, our Website reveals to be the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, which; our Website explains, will break [ .. End Times .. Church .. men ] out of their ( Fallen ) man ( soul ) ties with their own evil natures, being reinforced from their indwelling Antichrist spirits. This .. exceptional .. course of Church ~ development, and Church ~ maturity unto holiness, requires the effectual working of the particular Covenant ~ Gifts of miracle ~ faith, of holy Church ~ Prophets and Apostles, which .. are presently .. activated through this Website ~ ministry of Divine grace, to bring forward the ( spiritual dynamic ~ manifestation ) of revelational understanding of this Apocalypse ~ purpose. This Website ~ platform of Gifts ~ empowerment, and this Website ~ grace of Divine revelation, discloses that Jesus Christ's holy Angels have been “sent” to guide ( His ) true Church ~ disciples unto this insight of their own Antichrist hindrances, enabling them to successfully navigate through these perilous times of Church ~ maturity unto Jesus Christ's Covenant ~ Salvation. Such ( Fallen ) Church ~ men are being quickened, by these “sent” Angels of Jesus Christ, to engage in personal action, .. to listen .. with urgency .. to ( His ) revelation on this Website, and; to prepare for a spiritual construction of lifestyle ~ holiness, also defined within this Website ~ presentation.

by: Michael Mitchell

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