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America and the Antichrist ..

This web page represents a Spiritual observation and commentary on the American system of religious freedom, and on the contemporary status of an unconstrained Christian society achievement. The American role, Divinely choreographed .. engineered .. designed with implicit intent; that American role has been to host a religious experience, to foster a new Renaissance of Christian discovery, through a Spiritual awakening; whereby, the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ could become a profoundly Spiritual realization, of super – Spiritual understanding and empowerment, that .. previously was NOT .. allowed .. believed .. by the Old World ~ religious kingdom societies. And so, the American system of Spiritual liberation has permitted the rediscovery of [ THE ] “original” Bible ~ truth, which; has been hidden and guardedly obfuscated by the Old World Order of religious tyranny.

The present day status of American Christian achievement is [ THE ] focus of this web page; whereby, anyone of Spiritual inclination, should be able to perceive the heart ~ core character .. the cultural behavior .. of the present day American society. There would be / should be Spiritual questions, by such Spiritual observers, as to why such a phenomenon of ( “mammon” power brokering ) .. and unfettered ( “materialism” idolatry ) dominates the American psyche, and whether a Spiritual antidote exists, .. and whether God's intervention, within the power of His Divine Spirituals, will .. or should .. reverse such an aberrant course of the American culture. A Spiritual confusion .. [ Babel ] .. , throughout the whole American platform of Christian faith, has .. assertively .. opened up this present condition of the whole American social disorder, requiring, of Spiritual observers, a careful relearning process .. a veritable journey of heart driven inquiry and Bible truth ~ rediscovery .. to go back to the original Bible Words, and to the original Spiritual ~ intention of Bible interpretation, in order to find an accurate reference on how to understand our American purpose and the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ .. with Spiritual understanding .. that defines the present state of order.

The American dream has been the prayerful hope, and realized promise, for men of religious faith, who have desired to know God .. in truth .. and in Spiritual clarity, without being restricted by men of compromised motivations and lying theatrics, of a hierarchical system of pre-structured regulation. This American dream of religious liberty has flourished .. amazingly and miraculously ..; and, with this religious liberty came American freedom for men's other matters of necessity; wherein, American men could prosper financially and materially and have freedom of speech in a culturally opened society, .. and freedom from unjust persecutions of government. But, with this American system of permissions of personal liberty came also American men's availability to pursue after religious alternatives and heart desires of .. less noble .. derivation; and, American men could further contort religion, in amplified expansions of faith confusion, or fall completely off of the track of Godly interest, and; American men could journey after unrestricted faith works designs of fanciful - godless exploration .. ( humanism and self godhood pride, flesh glorification, flesh centered lustings, human idolatry, drugs sorcery, science idolatries, occultism, paganism and witchcraft ) .., and therein; unknowingly enter into dangerous Spiritual experimentations, and fall into snares of all manner of ( “sin filled” ) lifestyles, which; scattered plethora of American pursuits, is now .. ALL INCLUSIVELY .. exemplified .. clearly .. by the present American society.

The American view of citizens' liberties has been predominantly focused upon men becoming free to express what they want, in any design of faith, and toward every direction of individualized purpose; whereby, American men can speak the words of their hearts without being punished from an exclusive view of a dominant government ~ system. The core expectation of this thinking is that American men, having been liberated unto their individualized direction of self designed purpose, would create a society of "happy" men, .. "self realized" people, .. "fulfilled and rich" from within the very souls of the American citizenry. And, within this ideal of the American reference, the view of Americans .. themselves .. is that they are "free" without forced constraints of structured belief, having no external boundaries imposed to inhibit personal exploration of different ideas, so that Americans would not have to strive against regulation of .. ANY .. kind, which has blurred the minds of many in not accepting lawful constraints toward societal peace. And, this philosophical platform has given American men a “comfort zone” delusion of extended expectation, that; American citizens are liberated .. also and certainly .. from any regulatory interference of God .. THE CREATOR .. ; therein, American citizens are not inhibited by expectations of God's oversight or judgments upon the American culture, or God's Covenant standards of Jesus Christ being a prevalent reference of actual requirement of sober regard! So, Spiritual battles have been waged in the realm of American men's diversities of faith direction, over the disposition of the American culture - soul. American religious men, of dedicated conviction, have prayed with deepest sincerity, for the American social order to have oversight and interactive involvement of some type of Deity - Entity, some unto the Christ person; however, unto a mixed faith ~ perception of Spiritual holiness, toward the American soul. And, that course of religious mixture of faith, with its excessive contortions of conflicted and confused belief systems, has produced the .. literal .. effect of this present day .. SINFUL BABEL .. of the American culture.

The Word of God core reference for Covenant men of the New Testament of Jesus Christ; such a Word of God core reference is a stable reference; wherefrom, American men can .. correctly and reliably .. find the Bible truth of God, when; American men will .. honestly .. submit themselves to the original intent of that Word of God record. The Word of God message remains constant and filled with a strangeness of a Spiritual presence, which; Spiritual presence, is the eternal Spirit of God who is waiting .. perpetually waiting .. ceaselessly waiting .. for American men of ( “honest integrity” ) to select the Word of God as their point of reference, as their declared guide for life .. for lifestyle formation .. for life's meaning and structured purpose. The Spiritual life of Jesus Christ waits for American men to set their committed resolve toward an ( “honest integrity” ), in their believing the Divine message and original intent of the Word of God, regardless of the mystery of its Spiritual character, and regardless of the obstructions that surround the Word of God, which; obstructions, seem to be hiding a fearfulness of ( “unbelieving” ) men, who strangely dread Word of God clarity. Why is the Word of God so threatening to ( “fallen” ) men, even ( “fallen” ) religious men, triggering a response of psychological recoil and deflection from its exposure of ( “truth” )? American men are exposed, in their ( “fallen” ) state of ( “sinfulness” ), by the Word of God ( “truth” ), which; ( “raw truth” ), brings harsh Spiritual condemnation to .. ALL .. sinners, without exception; and, American men of ( “raw truth .. honesty” ) will accept their accountability, to their sin, before God, and further; will accept the judgments of God, as being righteous and just, in the clear promise, and sober warning, of Word of God ( “truth” ); therein, such American ( “truth” ) believers will accept the Word of God methodology of ( “exposing sin” ), which leads the ( “honest” ) American believer to the next step of understanding Word of God ( “redemption from sin” ), and; its companion of giving direction of ( “right” ) faith working, which; ( “right” ) faith working is what causes a Spiritual result of ( “soul Salvation” ).

The Word of God core ( “truth” ) is vigorously disputed in American churches .. is commonly theorized in its practical value, by American theology practitioners .. is routinely debated and re-interpreted and re-written by institutionalized American religion, as a mechanism of the Antichrist nature within .. ALL .. humankind; and therein, the Word of God has been argued universally, in its faith concepts; so that now, clear understanding of Divine intent, in the written Word of God, has been rendered to be simplistic in universalizing all men in its ( “Salvation” ) message, and yet mystically incomprehensible, in its counter message of “troubling” sacrifice and subjugation unto an invisible spirit ~ voice. The Word of God has been so diluted in its ( “pulpit” .. “preaching” ) .. interpretations, that .. now .. the power evidence of the Word of God does .. NOT .. manifestly appear in the Traditional church experience. The Word of God has now become an American ( “reference book” ) for philosophical arguments, guiding cultural debates in stereotyping Christians and non-Christians; whereby, both categories are pretentious, and distorted perceptions, and are not indicative of core ( “truth” ) posturings. The Antichrist nature of .. ALL .. ( “fallen” ) men, including .. ALL .. ( “fallen” ) religious men; that Antichrist nature has been aggressive in its targeted exploitation of the Word of God, in its motivation to undermine the core ( “truth” ) of Spiritual life, which manifests noticeable power evidence, in destroying the Antichrist value system, practiced un-consciously by all ( “fallen” ) men. The Antichrist nature is the automatic default nature of .. ALL .. humankind, from the ( “fall” ) of Adam and Eve in the ( “Garden of Eden” ); and therein, the Word of God must be filtered through ( “LYING” ) philosophy spirit ~ voices, ( “LYING” ) religion spirit ~ voices, and closed heart corridors within .. ALL .. men, in order to shine its light unto core ( “truth” ) awareness and power evidence of Spiritual confirmation. This obstruction, to Word of God core ( “truth” ), and Word of God ( “Salvation” ) empowerment; this obstruction is awesomely constructed, as the Antichrist domain of human – soul domination; but when American men set their hearts to believe the core ( “truth” ) of the Word of God, with ( “heart honesty” ), .. and with ( “acceptance of personal accountability” ), .. and with ( “willful subjugation” ) to God's Sovereign / unchallenged rule; such American believers will enter into the amazing light of Word of God core ( “truth” ), to be, therein; rewarded with Spiritual manifestations, .. MIRACULOUS SIGNS .. , power evidence, which is promised in the Word of God Covenant, as the confirmation that such ( “honest heart” ) believers have engaged the promise of ( “soul Salvation” ).

The Antichrist foothold, on all American men, defies the Word of God ( “truth” ) in its nature, and further; the Antichrist power, of men's soul ~ enabling, strives to please humankind by engaging men's basest desires of the ( “fallen” ) nature heart. The Antichrist .. ( “fallen”) nature .. spirit, which God imposes upon all men who reject God's counsel of ( “raw truth” ) exposure; the Antichrist spirit of ( “LYING” ) voices mirror ~ reflects back unto listening men, what men desire from within their darkened hearts and evil - programmed minds; therein, the Antichrist character, of Divinely imposed heart mirroring, denies the ( “raw truth” ) of the Word of God, and; perpetuates the infinity loop – carousel of repeating .. over .. and over .. and OVER .. the same persuasion which so easily misleads American men to miss God's voice, and to pursue after the indulgences of their evil ~ programmed hearts. Therein, the Word of God is replaced, and is perpetually supplanted, by American men's fleshly lusts and self pride and prioritized mammon servitude. The Antichrist spirit is commonly known by .. ALL .. men, and is not an exclusive character appointed to one, singular, personality to portray evil for the World to inspect. The Antichrist spirit is .. certainly .. akin to the contemporary spirit of American men; and therein, American citizens know full well the flavor .. the taste .. the sound .. the magical feel .. the seductive enthusiasm .. the anticipation of things hoped for, and dreamed for, and believed for, to indulge the self in, of the World, of sin and evil design, of the Antichrist spirit. Even religious men are caught within the vortex of the Antichrist programming in deception, believing they have been set free, by their intellectual proclamation of “religious presumption”; while the Antichrist spirit of inner voices declares godly styled imitations of God's authority, that; they are ( “saved” ), that; their families are ( “saved” ), that; their church's fraudulent belief system has ( “saved” ) them. The Antichrist infiltration into the heart core of all ( “fallen” ) men has so thoroughly saturated the conscious intellect, and the subconscious memory system, of human kind, that; men cannot ( “trust” ) their natural instincts, nor ( “trust” ) in their intellectual dynamics of head calculation and philosophical reason, nor ( “trust” ) in their Spiritual sentience of ( “feeling” ), trying to sense an inner heart compass of clarity, as being their connection to Divine ( “truth” ). The entire human complex of sentient abilities has .. ENTIRELY .. been compromised, and captured, by Antichrist infiltration and absorption, requiring an astonishing power and Spiritual discipleship learning process, for men to become ( “saved” ) out of the steel grip of the Antichrist voice.

The Antichrist spirit voice, within all humankind, inclusive of all American citizens; the Antichrist spirit voice is accepted .. universally .. as being the ( “real self” ), of a ( “self aware” .. conscience ); and therein, the Antichrist voice is routinely listened to as being the core voice of the human heart, of every personality of the ( “fallen” ) nature. So, listening [ .. TO THE HEART .. ], of that ( “inner self” ), is distinctively listening to the evil .. sinful .. spirit that dominates the heart character of all ( “fallen” ) human souls. Only a careful selection of unique souls, who are plucked out of the World and refined to the way of Jesus Christ, abide in a citizenship outside of the general majority, of the human population, of this uniform Antichrist imprisonment. The Antichrist mind of reasoning logic, and the Antichrist sentience of emotional connection to spirits, and the Antichrist needs of fleshly centeredness, are all active and a dominant voice within all of those hearts of Divine condemnation, and certainly within American citizens as well. American citizens have postured themselves with a generalized character of being a good people, a righteous people, a Godly people, the ( “Salvation” ) of an .. otherwise .. evil World; however, the special dispensation that God has established for the American people; such a Divine purpose has been set to serve the highest interests of God, in ( His ) plan of unfolding the New Testament - Covenant of Jesus Christ, and not to serve the Antichrist distortions and misdirected ideals of commonly ( “fallen” ) men. American citizenship does .. NOT .. automatically redeem souls from the default status of this indwelling Antichrist spirit voice, and from its commonness of being ( “fallen” ) with the rest of the condemned World. For all condemned souls, even condemned American citizens, every decision .. every dream of aspirational excellence .. every personal goal of life's purpose .. every whim and response to enticing indulgences .. and even exalted philosophies and lofty ideals of patriotism and nationalism; those condemned souls are .. universally .. imprisoned within the Antichrist ~ core of heart nature programming. Such appointed souls will define themselves .. assertively .. as being citizens in good standing with the evil World. And, for all of the good citizens of the evil World, the Word of God ( “truth” ) .. to them .. is nonsensical, is a hindrance to Worldly normalcy, is a profound contradiction to their indwelling Antichrist reasoning and Antichrist sense of well being and community balance. And, for all of these good citizens, and for even their respectable religious men, of the evil World, the Word of God requires careful interpretation / “specially” trained filtering / necessary modification, so that its animosity against the World, and against those citizens' Worldly ways, is suppressed; and therein, the Word of God, to them, requires the oversight and intellectual mind of the indwelling Antichrist spirit, which; Antichrist voice of the heart, weaves God's ways into a logical merger with the mainstream of all other religions of the ( “fallen” ) World. And, therein, men's heart domination, by the Antichrist seduction of men toward compromising the Word of God; such Antichrist domination within men's hearts is the baseline target of ( “soul Salvation” ), in the Word of God message.

Salvation from the Antichrist spirit, promised to believing followers of Jesus Christ, is targeting that Antichrist nature that abides already within the hearts of those believing followers, to remove that Antichrist nature, therein bringing Salvation .. Word of God ~ Salvation .. Divine nature ~ Salvation .. to the hearts of such believing followers. However, Salvation from the Antichrist spirit, promised for the World, and such Salvation promised to the American social order as well, is targeting that Antichrist nature abiding as a cultural presence throughout the whole of the societal fabric, of the World's humanity, and throughout the American culture inclusively, to remove that Antichrist nature from its societal evidence and influence, by; removing the human tabernacles / the human vessels, wherein; that Antichrist spirit has abode. This brings Salvation to the Spiritual character, of the World ~ whole, and to the Spiritual character of the American society ~ whole. God's Covenant of Salvation is still removing the Antichrist spirit of corruption, as the targeted intention of Salvation; but, the distinction is whether that Antichrist spirit is removed out of the hearts, bringing Salvation to the souls of Word of God ~ followers, versus whether the Antichrist spirit is removed from the societal fabric of the human experience, by destroying the Antichrist houses .. the Spiritual dwelling places .. the living tabernacles of human bodies, wherein such defending human souls have insisted upon retaining their preference for accommodating the indwelling Antichrist spirit, and its lusts and its self centered indulgences, by; their willfully collaborating with, and yielding to, that Antichrist spirit. Therein, such forced destruction of .. ALL .. human collaborators, with that Antichrist spirit, regardless of the astonishing magnitude of lost souls; such promised destruction brings Salvation to the human condition of the remaining World; and simultaneously, such massive destruction brings the very same order of Salvation, of Jesus Christ, to the American society.

God's Salvation authority is sovereignly exalted above the ( "fallen" ) condition of all humankind, as a ruling ( “energy force” ) that is imposed .. unilaterally .. upon the whole reality of the World, and therefore; is inclusive of the American societal order. The ( only ) decision afforded to ( "fallen" ) men of the World, and ( "fallen" ) men of the American societal order, is to accept God's Salvation, when it is offered in its Divinely established format of Word of God ~ faith construction, or; to reject God's Salvation offer, in an assertive preference for Antichrist freedom from the rule of Word of God Salvation life. ( "Fallen" ) men, under the multilayered deceits and blindnesses of Antichrist reason; ( "fallen" ) men .. DO NOT .. have the power of ruling over the New Testament / holy Covenant of Jesus Christ to produce a Divinely enforced Salvation, in such ( "fallen" ) men's defining of the effects or purposed direction of God's Salvation empowerment, or; in such ( "fallen" ) men's construction of the articles of the Salvation Covenant, or; in such ( "fallen" ) men's presiding over the judgment ~ selection of other ( "fallen" ) men, in Jesus Christ's Salvation Covenant inclusion or exclusion. ( "Fallen" ) men, when ( called out of the World ) to enter into the Covenant faith ~ life of Jesus Christ; such ( called out ) men can .. ONLY .. attend themselves to the sober process of carefully listening to the Spiritual voice of Salvation faith, and then submissively obeying that voice of Salvation faith, when that Salvation voice is manifestly presented .. ONLY .. through the Covenant of Jesus Christ. Any other view and attempt of ( "fallen" ) men, to reconstruct Salvation authority .. or the articles of the Salvation Covenant .. or Salvation faith empowered results .. of Jesus Christ; such attempts are futile and mindless, and; will not affect even a minute change, in the dispensation of actual Salvation results, of God's Salvation Covenant, even though such declarations of ( "fallen" ) men's reconstructed Salvation plan have been commonly .. confidently .. derisively practiced by religious men, who have remained captured .. UNKNOWINGLY .. in their unchanged ( "fallen" ) state of Spiritual darkness, even while their declarations of Salvation have been widely published and broadcast, with common acceptance and approval by vast audiences, of ( "fallen" ) men.

Prophecy, the New Testament manifestation of Prophecy of Jesus Christ, is a baseline characteristic of the Word of God ~ expression, which; Word of God ~ functioning of Prophecy manifestations, is necessary to understanding the American purpose, in God's plan for Worldwide Salvation. Without this Word of God ~ manifestation of Prophecy, the American Salvation ~ purpose is lost in its intention, and perpetually remains obscured in the mysterious plan of the New Testament of Jesus Christ; for in truth, God's Salvation of the World .. in total .. has been locked up in this mystery of unrevealed Prophecy. That withheld mystery, in the Prophecy of Jesus Christ, had been particularly sealed up until the Prophecy ( “place” ) and the Prophecy ( “time” ) had .. both .. become matured. And, until these two factors are satisfied, the sealed up Prophecy of Jesus Christ would not become opened up, withholding the promised Salvation of the World, from the .. literal .. Antichrist ( “spirit” ). This Salvation Prophecy ( “place” ), of the American continent and social construction, was hidden until its ( “time” ) had matured in Divine fullness; but further, the clear truth of the New Testament, and the liberated Prophecy manifestation of the World's Salvation, was hidden until its Prophecy ( “time” ) had also matured, in the prescribed order of the World's development. In this ( “time” ) component of Bible Prophecy fulfillment, inventions, advancing technologies, and medicines of converging sciences, are signs of this ( “time” ) maturity, which; are all meaningfully recognized today. But, this modern day composition of a highly technologized civilization complicates the understanding of Antichrist infiltration and universalized soul corruption, already obscured, keeping that factor of men's heart ~ core nature hidden deeply behind a new .. multilayered .. screen of easier and longer lived lives; wherein, technological sciences .. seemingly .. have become men's gods of Salvation; whereby, men's focus has been easily swayed toward the hope of scientific discoveries of longer life, even promising perpetuated life, within the context of men's untransformed ( “fallen” ) condition, of the Antichrist captured soul. And, by this newest distraction of men's devoted worship, the soul Salvation context of Jesus Christ has been diminished even further from men's Spiritual sense of necessity, as technological enhancements approach never-ending regeneration ( re-genesis ) of ( “fallen” ) men's lives. Now that [ .. this .. ] Prophecy ( “time” ) of Antichrist ~ hiding technology is apparent, along with the societal preparing of the American ~ Prophecy ( “place” ), other mysteries of New Testament Prophecy, of the World's Salvation, have become justified for contemporary fulfillment.

The Prophecy ( “place” ) is [ .. WHERE .. ] the ( “Divine Works” ) of Prophecy will manifestly appear; and, it is this ( “Divine Works” ) manifestation, of Prophecy in the ( “Divine” ) enabling of men's right faith, that edifies / establishes / emboldens believers' conviction, bringing clear confirmation of the Salvation ~ Covenant of Jesus Christ. This Prophecy ( “place” ), of the American social order, with its unique political / religious construction of protected faith practices; this American society .. Prophecy ( “place” ) .. has permitted searching believers of Jesus Christ to discover, and enter into, the ( “Divine Works” ) manifestation of the Covenant dynamics of Jesus Christ, proving the kingdom reality of the Word of God ~ Prophecy ( “spirit” ), for them to .. know .. the promised experience of that Covenant, of miraculous ( “spirit” ) powers .. healing gifts .. Spiritual discernment and interpretations .. revealed knowledge and wisdom in Word of God perceptions. American believers of the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ, having become liberated within the American Prophecy ( “place” ) of protected faith, from the previous constrictions of Antichrist ruled societies; such believers have come to walk .. daily .. in the ( “Divine Works” ) manifestation of the Word of God, of Covenant Prophecy; whereby, the Salvation to the World could become understood, in the revealed dynamics of God's miraculous ( "spirit" ) powers, and; achieved with stunning faith. These ( “Divine Works” ), of the Salvation ~ Covenant, have now enabled believers, who have learned to walk in this American ( “place” ) of Jesus Christ's Prophecy, to undo the empowerments of the previously undisclosed Antichrist ( "spirit" ); and, It is these ( “Divine Works” ) evidences, coming within this particular American ( “place” ) of Prophecy, that fulfills of the Salvation ~ Covenant of Jesus Christ, in open manifestation.

God's mysterious ways of ( His ) Covenant, incorporating Spiritual beings ( Angels ) who move by men's Covenant faith of priestly intercession, .. and; God's methodology of utilizing a cadence of measured times and seasons and moon cycles as communion times of feasting with God, to filter and mature men's Covenant faith, .. and; God's husbandry ~ selection of certain men as appointed Covenant authorities of strategic predestination of right faith character, .. and; God's eternal perspective of extending ( His ) Covenant works - evidence over lengthy spans of time .. even centuries .. to show the enduring empowerment of men's Covenant faith, and then producing documented records of such time - expansive evidence; these many factors portray God's intervention with men, within a peculiar Covenant design and fulfillment, with added strangeness of men's miraculous abilities of Prophecy, which; Prophecy abilities, testify of future Covenant outcomes, and remember the Spiritual echoes of past Covenant promises. God's Covenant idea is about ( His own ) intervention in men's lives, offering a plan of escape from men's previous course of Spiritual darkness and eternal torments. This escape plan is God's Covenant offer unto Salvation; and, this Covenant of Salvation, with its Covenant articles, .. peculiarly .. has sovereign authority over the whole of mankind, globally, and the Antichrist nature within ( “fallen” ) men, as a universal condition of the total human reality. Therein, .. ALL .. men are subject unto God, and unto the articles of ( His ) peculiar Salvation ~ Covenant, whether men resolve themselves to accept this truth, with its Salvation component, or whether men insist upon a posture of arrogant denial and mocking contempt, and the morbid justice that follows behind this Antichrist core ~ motivation. The American societal order, of religious freedom, is .. very assertively .. a component to the Covenant construction of Jesus Christ, unto the World's Salvation; whereby, this American freedom of religion is a hidden .. mysterious .. element of Covenant Prophecy.

God .. the Creator .. has sovereignly established ( Himself ) as not only being the designer of a Covenant, of intended benevolence between ( Himself ) and humankind; but, God, also, has proved the reliability of ( His ) Covenant of ( benevolent life ), through Biblical documentation of prior Covenant men's examples, illustrating an ability of ( “infinite energy” ), of invisible empowerment, that vastly transcends men's normal lifespans, even offering to exalt Covenant men into a higher life that perpetuates throughout an eternity, of never ending life. And, within this format, of extraordinary Spiritual abilities of Bible Covenant Prophecy and Bible promises of Covenant Salvation, that endure throughout time, God brings a profound .. immediate .. change to men's earthy purpose and physical life experience, through a Spiritual Covenant component, of an abiding Divine presence, which attends to Covenant men's lives, imparting a course of conscious pursuit to such Covenant men, a Spiritual course that God reveals .. directly .. to willing / responsive men; such men who will resolve themselves to accept / believe / and follow the abiding presence, and Salvation abilities, of that Spiritual ~ life Covenant, which then; elevates those willing men to the Covenant promise of enduring life / eternal life. And, historical evidence supports this Covenant idea of God's intervention with mankind, bringing the effectuation .. of God's Covenant .. enduring through time, known, peculiarly, through Bible documentation of Prophecy. By this strange Covenant methodology, God created a nation, previously nonexistent, a people and language, with their own religion of this peculiar Covenant empowerment, a centerpiece nation of global and universal controversy, the Bible nation of .. ( Israel ). Throughout history, when honest reason has prevailed, men have grasped the somber reality of this Covenant platform of Divine intervention, through the enduring example of Biblical ( Israel ); but men who have refused to accept the legitimacy of ( Israel ) as a nation, and; who have argued against the reality of this Covenant methodology of an invisible God, and God's intervention upon mankind through Biblical ( Israel ); such men have bound themselves up in arguments of Antichrist folly, for the evidence of this Divine intervention is truly irrefutable in the reality of an existent ( Israel ). Albeit, many men have snared themselves in their own dyslexic logic, in their denial of this common truth of God's Covenant empowerment, and; in their blatant mockery of Bible Prophecy, in that they have made themselves fools in the court room of known evidence, ensuring .. actually .. an eternal suffrage as a justified consequence, which; consequence, of their own loss of Covenant Salvation, is proved to their Antichrist mind .. only .. when their physical life has ended, as their part is concluded in God's continuing Bible story. However, in the continuation of God's Covenant sustainability through God's mysterious ways of timeless perception, the Divine construction of God's Covenant, with ( Israel ), has  hidden .. mysteriously .. another Spiritual component within ( His ) Covenant Prophecy. This Spiritual component would become recognized, Divinely perceived, only by truly "listening" Covenant men, of this American continent, within this present American order of society. And so, the American present day societal condition has been woven into the whole of God's ancient Covenant with ( Israel ); whereby, a natural evidence prevails today, on the global stage. A diplomatic Covenant exists between ( Israel ) and the American people. The American religious heritage, and; a recognition that the birthing of this American nation was enabled through Divine grace, specifically because of this religious platform of Covenant faith; this religious heritage and grace has been officially acknowledged as having come .. uniquely .. from the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ, descended directly from God's Covenant nation of ( Israel ); and, this historical "track" of understood descendancy has fostered an international kinship between the American people and ( Israel ). A diplomatic treaty is officially established, which; treaty, declares an American posture of military protection for ( Israel ), to protect God's Covenant nation of ( Israel ) from its many enemies, who have also been established through a long, and bloody, history of Covenant husbandry and symbolism.

The New Testament Apocalypse, of John's Revelation, is a literal Prophecy that comes out of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, .. and is a necessary component of the Covenant ~ Salvation promise of the New Testament; and therein, the Apocalypse ( manifested course of events ) is the fulfillment of believing disciples' expectations for the Covenant. For God to ( save ) the World, God .. implicitly .. is required, by ( His ) Covenant Prophecy, to remove the desecrating component of Worldwide corruption, which; specifically, is the Antichrist nature as a force of seductive influence and subversive lies, that abides within men's hearts of the entire World, inclusive of men of the American society. The Apocalypse, the Revelation given to the Apostle John by Jesus Christ; the Apocalypse, of the Salvation ~ Covenant; this Salvation ~ Apocalypse is [ THE ] answer .. [ THE ] solution .. [ THE ] promised fulfillment of the New Testament of Jesus Christ, .. and is the specifically targeted objective of the Savior's sacrifice on the cross, .. which; Apocalypse, is the literal process of Salvation, promised by Prophecy to true Covenant believers. This Bible ~ Covenant ~ Apocalypse, revealed to John by the Prophecy Lord, Jesus Christ; this Covenant ~ Apocalypse is [ THE ] friend to Bible believing Christians, who are waiting for this Covenant Prophecy to be satisfied. This Covenant ~ Apocalypse is [ NOT ] the Devil's plan for capturing the whole of mankind, from God's rule. The Apocalypse process of events is God's idea .. entirely .. which brings an open exposure to the hidden reality of the Antichrist nature abiding within .. all .. of humankind, conclusively. And, this Covenant ~ Apocalypse brings the ultimate culmination of the Antichrist empowerment over mankind, and then .. spectacularly .. destroys that Antichrist factor within humankind, for the duration of a millennium, as an historical picture that emphatically proves Bible Prophecy to be scarily real, as it is astonishingly manifested in an open forum of global evidence. And, this Covenant ~ Apocalypse exposes the Antichrist snare of the dominant church society, bringing its end, of seemingly endless Babel ( church confusion ), which held multitudes of human souls in bondage to the horrific reality of their eternal damnation. This Covenant ~ Apocalypse is Divine judgment finally coming upon the evil church and the church enslaved world .. in total .. because of its preference toward the Antichrist heart nature. The American part in this Covenant ~ Apocalypse course of events, is to be [ THE PLACE ] of refuge, [ THE ] geographic and societal location; whereby, the ( “Elect church” ) can hide and be fed and mature in its holiness virtue of Jesus Christ; until, the final stage of the Covenant ~ Apocalypse finally appears, and the ( “bride of Christ” ) is brought to the marriage supper of the Lamb, from out of its American hiding place. The prepared American place .. societal order .. is [ KEY ] to this Prophecy fulfillment of the Covenant ~ Apocalypse of Jesus Christ.

The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ has a component of Divine order; whereby, those who are true believing disciples are willfully listening to God's “living” voice before the Apocalypse process has fully engaged .. and are becoming more intensively sensitive throughout the unfolding of the Apocalypse order of the World's dismantling Salvation .. and are fully obedient to God in the conclusion of the Apocalypse process, having become the instruments of holy priesthood intercession, which accomplishes the intent of original Covenant Prophecy, bringing in the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ; and therein, such true followers are continuously being positioned, and perhaps re-positioned .. correctively .., for the Divine purpose to be fulfilled, in their private experiences. Geographic positioning, .. societal positioning, .. economic positioning, .. general survival positioning, are .. ALL .. factors of the Apocalypse equation, in fulfilling the New Testament / Covenant promise of Salvation, which; Apocalypse equation, is .. ENTIRELY .. within the control of Divine sovereignty, throughout the whole Salvation ~ Apocalypse process. The Apocalypse, of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, is emphatically prefaced by unique qualification, of the Covenant ~ sanctifying blood of Jesus Christ, poured out through ( His ) sacrifice of God - man death. However, the completed fulfillment of the New Testament Prophecy of the Apocalypse ~ Covenant, is .. very .. intensively enabled by the Covenant premise .. the New Testament requirement .. upon true Covenant ~ believing disciples, in their willfully committing to follow ( the cross example and commandment ) of Jesus Christ, in their obediently sacrificing ( their .. “self life” .. demands ) .. and in sacrificing their worldly involvements and lifestyles .. and in sacrificing their programmed dependencies on materialistic standards and priorities .. and in sacrificing their social ambitions and their perceived achievements of social status .. and in sacrificing their physical - realm comforts .. all for the purpose of satisfying the ( Covenant .. “Will of God” ), in such believing disciples' full cooperation with the Apocalypse process, of completing the Salvation Prophecy, .. of the World's ultimate Salvation from Antichrist corruption. True disciples of Jesus Christ have accepted this basic Covenant principle of ( “self sacrifice” ) for the sake of the Christ purpose, of ( Salvation ); wherein, this Covenant understanding, and this acceptance of ( “self sacrifice” ), such committed disciples are uniquely postured to be ( “saved” ) from the indwelling Antichrist spirit and speaking voice, of heart nature corruption; wherein, all ( “unsaved” ) souls are held .. without other recourse / or alternate methodology .. in a perfect Antichrist ~ continuation of eternal damnation. Consequently, the Apocalypse fulfillment, of the Salvation ~ Covenant of Jesus Christ; that Apocalypse fulfillment is revered with astonishment and embraced with awe, by true believing disciples of Jesus Christ. And, Covenant believers within the American social order will be comforted throughout the course of the unfolding Apocalypse, in that; these Covenant believers are cocooned within a specially prepared societal environment; whereby, they can remain hidden, and protected, from the Antichrist rage of Worldwide persecution. This American social order is Divinely constructed with Spiritual safeguards, not Divinely imposed upon all other societies of the World.

The American system of faith protection has permitted a social liberation of Witchcraft to emerge, as an alternative religion; whereby, this social permissiveness now enables Witchcraft to be a cultural factor under girding .. strangely .. the Apocalypse ~ Prophecy of Jesus Christ's Salvation ~ Covenant. The contemporary appearance of Witchcraft presents a social posturing .. rhetorically .. that publicly rejects Satanism and Devil worship, as components of such practiced faith; wherein, such Witchcraft practitioners identify themselves as being worshipers of nature and harmless mythological ( “spirits” ). This fanciful inventing, of a new public face for Witchcraft, has removed the Witchcraft religion from its previous social stigmatism as being a dark religion, and; has enabled the Witchcraft religion to be socially protected in the American system of order. The deception here is the presenting of an official Witchcraft religion that is postured .. publicly .. to have distanced itself away from any association with the Antichrist ( “spirit” ) of malevolent intent or empowerment, showing itself to being practiced only by ( “earth sensitive” ) good people of benignly theatrical imagery. However, the Antichrist ( “spirit” ), denied assertively by Witchcraft practitioners, is the very real heart character within .. ALL .. men of the ( “fallen” ) nature, universally, and inclusively of .. ALL .. of the variations of religious faces being shown in society, and certainly inclusive of any variation of Witchcraft religion, so practiced. So, Witchcraft religious variations, whether; practiced openly and publicly as a deceptive ruse of misinformation, or whether; practiced in highly guarded secrecy with dedicated intentions of global malevolence; Witchcraft practices are still driven by the Antichrist ( “spirit” ) abiding within the hearts of Witchcraft practicing men. The alibi of some practitioners of Witchcraft is that they have honestly followed after an ancient ~ religion, out an “earthy” sense of recognizing a oneness with nature, in their worshiping the natural elements of creation, however, the more basest view of ( “fallen” ) men's motivations follows after the fanciful possibility of men Psychically ruling over their own destinies through a learned Witchcraft discipline of mind controlled powers. Regardless of the motivation, Witchcraft now has the social permissions of the American system of religious protections; and, as is publicly evident in all forms of contemporary media, the popularity of Witchcraft has amplified geometrically in recent years. The American culture, of rising Witchcraft popularity, is rapidly preparing a social power base for enabling the Antichrist system of social order to rise .. suddenly .. to Worldwide domination. Further, this matured Witchcraft culture will become a Psychic ~ powers network to be utilized, effectually, by that Antichrist system of global governance, to advance its true persecution of Jesus Christ, in any form of religious worship. Therein, the ( “Elect Church” ) of [ .. END TIMES .. ] Covenant Prophecy will become .. relentlessly persecuted .. by this cultural networking of Witchcraft abilities, forcing that ( “Elect Church” ) to become elevated .. intensively .. and rapidly .. to walk in Holy Ghost empowered gifts of Bible testimony, of a truly Spiritual church. This staging of the [ .. END TIMES .. ] of this present World, by the accelerated rise of cultural Witchcraft as an active component in the Apocalypse process of the World's Salvation, is the Divinely choreographed staging which forcibly compels the ( “Elect Church” ) to embrace a Spiritual doctrine within the Christian view of Jesus Christ's Covenant. Those who don't accept this Spiritual component, of their Christian faith, will .. certainly .. perish, because of their denial of Holy Ghost gift usage, being Divinely required to protect their faith .. their Word of God integrity .. their holy sanctification .. their literal Salvation .. from the Witchcraft powers of the Antichrist.

The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ's Covenant .. very definitely .. has a Witchcraft component as part of that Covenant Prophecy, which; Witchcraft working of unholy faith, is providing the faith - fuel which enables the public rise of the Antichrist person, as well as the Antichrist system of Worldwide governance. This Witchcraft facet of the Apocalypse Prophecy, to be labeled as worshiping the Devil with dedicated faith working; this Witchcraft usage of men's faith is the Spiritual energy that becomes the dominant force of faith throughout the World; for, Witchcraft doctrine - formating of evil faith, .. and; Witchcraft ritual ceremonies of evil faith secretion, .. and; Witchcraft prayer formats of evil faith directing, .. and; Witchcraft summoning of possessing ( “spirits” ) to enshroud ( “fallen” ) men who are self trapped in their own evil faith working; this Witchcraft releasing of evil faith – energy fuels the Antichrist heart character already flourishing within the nature of all ( “fallen” ) men throughout the World, becoming universally dominant, bringing a new level of public acknowledgement, not to be tagged with imagery of disdain among the common public. Witchcraft will be seen .. fondly .. as a benign ( “psychic” ) tool of empowerment for the advancing of ( self indulging .. actualization ) / ( self centered aggrandizement ), and will .. certainly .. become the dominant .. exclusive .. religious practice, endorsed by, and later enforced by, the rising Antichrist system of Worldwide order. The Christian mainstream practice of religious theatrics, as a prepared faith engine that generates subversive Antichrist faith fuel, will simply become converted to Witchcraft practices, over a short time span, adopting .. openly .. this practice of Witchcraft religion. At the time of this strange ~ identity conversion of the mainstream church society, Witchcraft faith practicing will seem like an enormous liberty to ( “fallen” ) men .. especially to ( “fallen” ) religious men .. who had previously struggled, subliminally, against an unseen Covenant ~ force of the Christ ( “spirit” ), which; was calling them unto a faithful righteousness, that they .. subliminally .. resisted with continuous grief. Such pretending Christians will be set free of this Spiritual conflict between “right” and “wrong” .. between “good” and “evil” .. between the Christ mandate of Covenant service and the Antichrist character of self serving Witchcraft. This religious adoption of Witchcraft, within the church system of theatrical pretension, will be liberating such grieved Christians from their inner heart struggle against Jesus Christ; and, this Witchcraft sway, of the Worldwide social order, will produce the openly Antichrist system of governance, as [ THE ] perfect staging of the GREAT TRIBULATION of Bible Prophecy, which is a massively extraordinary circumstance of Spiritual trial and oppression, a severe pressure of life threatening conflict, Divinely required for preparing the Bride of Christ unto holiness, a previously unattained stature for the Church of Jesus Christ. The American social order will have a Spiritual preservative, a Spiritual ( salt ) leavening, Divinely containing the Antichrist Witchcraft abilities to within a pre-set limitation. Witchcraft, in the American social order, will have a pre-set Spiritual component of Divine restraint upon the Antichrist system of social governance, allowing for the hidden Bride of Christ to have its GREAT TRIBULATION process of change, while yet sustaining life support abilities, unto her survival throughout the time of the Apocalypse.

Michael Mitchell

Mammon Serving exposed by Prophets