Antichrist Prophecy ..

Welcome to this Christian Web site, which is dedicated to the reality of Psychic powers being at work among mankind. Men have desired, from the very beginning of man's created existence, to be as gods, .. and to have godlike powers, .. and for men to experience the benefits of using such powers of psychic energy. Within that context of men's original sin, to eat from the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil", to therein become as their own gods; within that context, men have utilized their Divinely created ability to exercise logic and reason to direct their spiritual energies, in the working of psychic power.

This Psychic powers ability was .. of course .. established by the Creator Father as an inherent capability of mankind; and therein, such a peculiar sentience and empowerment was intended .. as well .. to be qualified by, and constrained within, a dedicated posture of Godly service, from within the hearts and minds of God's created psychic machines .. [ MEN ] .. . God allowed this psychic powers ability to continue to function and flourish within men's sentience, while men practiced .. continually .. the sin of "Tree of Knowledge" logic and reasoning in their ( self ) direction as individual gods. Therein, this psychic powers ability is very much a part of men's continual experience and discovery, and mysterious development. 

Prophecy is a natural result of this psychic ability, whether this psychic experience is practiced from the worshiping of God in holy truth, or whether this psychic experience is practiced from the platform of "Tree of Knowledge" logic and reason of godlike ( self ) direction. Prophecy is an integral part of the mankind reality. As men profess their beliefs and ( self ) serving ideologies .. and proclaim their plans of victory in the world .. and project their faith working manipulations upon other men .. and predict their future accomplishments .. and assert the willfulness of their sinful desires .. men [ ARE ] exercising psychic abilities in their proclaiming future achievements, of prophecy. Prophecy is Divinely intended to be exercised in holiness, of Godly service; however, prophecy is much more commonly experienced, and witnessed routinely, within the character of men's basest sinfulness of ( self ) service.

One object of this Web site is to reveal this Divinely created reality of mankind, in the exposure of the universal experience of Psychic powers, and; Prophecy as a component - part of that psychic ability. The church society of Jesus Christ, within a context of God's originally constructed design; the church society was, and still is, intended to function fluently in the focused discipline of men's psychic powers, and particularly in the deliberate practice of Prophecy. The speaking / writing of prophecy, .. the interpretation of prophecy, .. the focused application of Holy Truth in the usage of prophecy, is very much a normal experience in the Divinely empowered church of Jesus Christ; whereby, men, of the true church society, know God with implicit experience, and have a clear perception of God's Will, through their development of Prophecy - Gifts.

When Fallen men have eaten from the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil", as a continuous life style and as a learned normalcy of sentient awareness; such fallen men practice psychic powers, .. and prophecy, with an automatic usage of this Divine gift, as a sixth sense, as a natural ability. There is no meditative reflection .. conscious responsibility .. from within fallen men, of whether holiness is expressive as the heart quality of their nature, when fallen men are exercising this psychic power and prophecy. And, there is no automatic constraint by God, as an external force in constricting this psychic power / prophecy usage, unto an exclusive heart character of Divine holiness. God permits fallen men to take this Divine gift of psychic empowerment, .. and prophecy, to use this sentient ability, to formulate life plans and to enforce evil of fallen men's design. 

Fallen men are .. commonly .. compelled to move forward in their life's plans, to attain the desires of the [ .. INNER SELF .. ], to express the lusts and potential fulfillments of that [ .. INNER HEART ~ SELF .. ]. Such Divinely created psychic energy, with its automatically accompanying insights of prophecy, is a .. seemingly .. natural enabler to such Fallen men's motivations, inclinations, and envisioned inspirations, empowering such Fallen men to advance their constructs, of their life's plans, to conceive, and eventually birth, glorious achievements of [ .. SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT .. ]. And, this enabled process, of psychic abilities, perpetuates the works of mankind, from a Fallen nature platform of wretched sinfulness. Prophecy, coming from a mysterious .. and spiritually unknowable .. origin to Fallen men, through men's Divine endowment of psychic abilities; the insightful quickenings of prophecy are wondrously learned by Fallen men, are listened to, are progressively exercised as a functional tool, and eventually controlled as an instrument of mysterious, and yet delightful, power.

The discovery of Witchcraft has been a journey of great mystery .. of tears and wondrous joy .. to fallen men. Such fallen men have adapted to this Divinely bestowed psychic ability, and have learned to revere prophecy as a guide to their godlike sentience; and, further, fallen men have lavished themselves with glory when they have discovered this power which enables them to work influence upon other men, to subversively infiltrate the lives of large populations of men, to steer the behaviors and decision making of specifically targeted men, in a learned ability of godlike domination. Witchcraft is .. not .. just a Biblical concept to wonder at as a ( "fabled" .. storybook tale ); but rather Witchcraft is a constant ability within unknowing men, fallen men, sinful and evil minded men, whose heart character is ready made to activate this sixth sense of spirituality with recklessness of blatant irresponsibility.  

Psychic ability / Prophecy is .. always was .. shall continue to be .. a component part of mankind's created experience. And therein, Witchcraft, as a fallen man .. sinful man .. mind darkened man application of this psychic powers endowment / prophecy experience; Witchcraft shall continue to be part of the spectacle of mankind, which; Witchcraft, .. MUST BE .. acknowledged with careful discernment, and with assertive referencing, and not simply deflected away as wild imagination. Fallen men's usage of Witchcraft has been obscured as a natural man / a normal man / a non-spiritual man sixth sense reality; and therein, Witchcraft has been embedded into man's subconscious reality as a benign existence, being simply a playful musing of imagination, with fallen / mind darkened men not having the clarity of Biblical perception and spiritual description of Witchcraft, leaving the meaning of Psychic abilities, and its intended purpose of holy communion with a Holy .. invisible .. God, to be obfuscated, entirely.

The Church component of God's creation of mankind; the Church entity is God's intended institution which has been designed, purposely and strategically, to oversee mankind, in general, having been endowed with special .. exaggerated and magnified .. abilities to know this Psychic powers / Prophecy sentience, with a qualification of Biblical wisdom of higher learning, and intended to abide within Christ's covenant endowment of supreme spiritual dynamics. Therein, the Church society / the broad based Christian Church community has been provided with the Christ ability, and the accompanying mandate, to function .. entirely .. with Psychic powers abilities / Prophecy, and; to oversee mankind as God's envoys of fleshly temples merged with spiritual powers of holiness. This Church concept has the delegated appointment to rule over the exercising of Psychic / Prophecy endowments of mankind, in general, to therein; contain sinful man's persuasion to corrupt all things holy, and to pervert their Psychic powers / Prophecy, with unlimited indulgences of Witchcraft lusting, and Witchcraft reasoned thinking.

Michael Mitchell