Mammon Serving exposed by Prophets

    The Wilderness Walk, of Israel, was most seriously a commitment to leave a societal order of continuous “survival” supply, even though that supply was attached to an extraordinary suffrage from a repressive and cruel government. That Wilderness Walk, of the Old Testament, refreshes again in the New Testament paradigm, as a standardized “test”, whether New Covenant “Believers” will truly believe in God as their worship center, and leave .. “in truth” .. a contemporary Egyptian form of bondage, or whether they will simply ( “mouth” ) empty words as their ( “hope” ) of a pretentious religion. For Israel to follow God’s counsel, through the Prophet Moses, into a Wilderness Walk, challenged their knowledge of the Wilderness desolation, whereby, they should starve and collectively die in that Wilderness Walk. Now, the Wilderness Walk in the New Covenant paradigm is a dividing line for substantiating true “Believers’” claims of Covenant pursuit; wherein, the Wilderness Walk process of challenge to “survival” becomes the “Believers’” Covenant experience. The Wilderness Walk paradigm substantially goes into effect when “Believers” hear the presence of the Holy Ghost, who then guides such Covenant “Believers” into financial Wilderness Walk sacrifices, down sizing Wilderness Walk businesses or job positions, that then affirms the “Believers’” decision toward “trusting” their actual lives in an “Eternal” God, while they learn their Kingdom of Heaven paradigm of “Spiritual” realities, and to no longer trust in [ TEMPORAL ] Mammon and the many Devils of deception, of the world’s many kingdoms.

    The Wilderness Walk experience puts Covenant “Believers” into a psychological imbalance, as their lives are being rearranged by a new set of parameters. Covenant “Believers” have their ( “Fears” ) tried of financial Wilderness Walk failure and public shame, even of possible Wilderness Walk destitution; wherein, the “Believers’” hope of financial successes are comparatively minimized against the Covenant hope of “Eternal” rewards. So, the Wilderness Walk commitment forces the Covenant “Believers” to introspectively gauge themselves, unto their < DEEPEST > honesty, whether they really, really “Believe” in God and the promises of the Covenant Wilderness Walk of Jesus Christ, or whether they will only study for a time that Covenant of the New Testament Bible, and therein only; inspect that companion experience of “hearing” the - VOICE - “Calling” them to come to the Covenant Wilderness Walk, which perhaps is of God, or perhaps is only an unnecessary super achiever’s bar to excel by. The Wilderness Walk, only marginally referenced in the New Testament, becomes a serious dividing line, whether [ SINFILLED ] men accept their [ SINFILLED ] condition and its Biblical narrative of condemnation within “Eternal” consequences, as being real [ SINFILLED ] men’s “truth”, therein; skewing their view of the Wilderness Walk Faith requirement, and of the Wilderness Walk process of Faith “Salvation”. The Wilderness Walk, then, becomes a controversial paradigm of Covenant realization, perhaps postulated to be required of God, or maybe the Wilderness Walk is not required at all, [ SINFILLED ] men may argue, as they contemplate their [ SINFILLED ] potentiality as not needing this profound Wilderness Walk hope of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, with its terms of serious Wilderness Walk conditions. For the viewing [ SINFILLED ] men, the Wilderness Walk may be the – ONE – objection of the New Covenant that such [ SINFILLED ] men will raise religiously and bolster with pretentious holiness, to the extent of their “Eternal” destruction; for, [ SINFILLED ] men’s money is their real hope of life in the world, of “survival” and “reward” and “glory” and of “power” in the societal order, which however; ignores the Devil’s preexistent influence and subliminal corruption upon the world, rendering that “Earthy” treasure to be Biblically unworthy of “Eternal” reward. But, [ SINFILLED ] men are blind to the Devil’s indwelling corruption and to their own susceptibility to deceits of Mammon Serving, causing the Wilderness Walk to be measured on a objectionable standard of scrutiny.

    The Faith [ trust & belief ] storyline in the Bible transcends many other topics / themes of Bible anthology; wherein, the < CORE > value of the Faith message is declarative of God’s instruction for pleasing God ( HIMSELF ), which directly correlates such practitioners to having a justified claim for receiving a promised reward. The “rightness” of Faith is < CORE > to the pleasing of God; wherein, “un-right” Faith must be rejected, and especially learned and defined with clarity, to not be trapped into such unprofitable practices, and therein, become rejected .. actually .. from God’s heritage of promises and rewards. Faith must be “right”; and therein, “right” Faith must be valued and deliberately sought after with intent of acceptance when discovered. The Wilderness Walk, when discovered as an experience of “right” Faith, then, would be equated with a Godly Covenant exchange, within God’s Bible “truth”, which engages God’s own ( “power” ) of Life, certainly an encouraging indicator of Covenant progress. The Wilderness Walk, then, becomes a “walk” of Faith with God ( HIMSELF ), interacting, astonishingly, with the ( “power” ) of God’s Heavenly Life, even when the Wilderness Walk is experienced within the realm of “Earthy” mammon struggles.

    The Faith [ trust & belief ] experience in the Covenant of Jesus Christ is profoundly restrictive of behavior / attitudes / philosophical contemplations of true “Believers”; whereby, the example of such “Believers” portrays a character profile of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the consecrator of the New Covenant. Such Faith is .. not .., therein, commonly interchangeable with other religions. And, such Faith is .. not .. subject to interpretive variations with many views of Christianity, but; is implicitly .. singular in its specificity of virtue, only explained by the Biblical behavior / attitudes / philosophical contemplations of Jesus Christ, ( himself ). Faith, that follows behind Jesus Christ, is Faith that will portray Jesus Christ and no other religion or practice of worldly paganism. The “Believers” of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ will, invariably, reflect that Covenant view, in those “Believers’” experiencing the ( “power” ) of God’s Heavenly Life, as ( THE ) uniform constant that confirms the “right” Faith of such practitioners. Such “Believers”, consistent with every other true “Believer”, will bear the witness of Bible Faith, as promised by the Biblical narrative of “right” Faith. When such “Believers” are engaged by the Holy Ghost, to contradict the unholy spirit within them, the Wilderness Walk will seem, not only “right”, but will be, to them, a mandatory “walk” with God ( HIMSELF ), a privilege and a wonder of Heavenly ( “powers” ). The Wilderness Walk of Faith is practicing the Bible’s paradigm of a Heavenly reality among [ SINFILLED ] men of worldly deceits of mammon servitude.

    The Prophet perspective of Bible Faith will be astonishingly like the Biblical record itself, mirroring the scriptures, verbatim, having no variation, nor individuality of independent philosophy; therein, the Church Prophet, guiding .. specifically .. the Church society, will champion the Faith [ trust & belief ] precision of “Believers”, so that their “witness” of God’s “power” is uniformly constant with the Biblical narrative of the Bible’s disciples. The Church Prophet, installed deliberately by Jesus Christ, to sustain ( HIS ) Covenant of Life, will be a “pillar” of reliability, to reflect the kingdom of Heaven reality in the Church society, in “Spiritual” sensitivity and training. The Prophet will hold to that uniform constancy with fanatical reliability, keeping the Church society on the Prophet - Gift “track” of God’s intent, without wavering into religious experimentations of philosophical dabbling, dangerous temptations of assured [ DARKNESS ] unto [ SINFILLED ] bondages, that are punished by God in “ETERNAL” Damnation. The Wilderness Walk, of course within the Church population, will be reviewed and reinforced by the Church Prophet, to assure the “Believers’” progress in soul “Transformation” is properly encouraged, as that Wilderness Walk process requires proper Faith working / development / and maturity. The Prophet, then, becomes the Church guardian of “Believers’” living through their Faith with its “Trials”, after the paradigm of the Wilderness Walk. Without the guardian presence of the Church Prophet, the Church society will yield itself automatically to “untransformed” men’s natural inclinations of ( Self Centered - Saving ) / ( Fears of Financial failures ), which, of course, such natural motivations, not being challenged by the Prophet, will steer the Church community - whole off of its axis of Faith fidelity, unto a certain soul Damnation. So, without continuous Prophet warnings, the Church society – whole will be “lost” to the Antichrist paradigm of - FLESH MINDED - glories.

    The Prophet guiding Shepherd, in the Church’s matrix of leaders, becomes a < CORE > reference, from which the overall Church health can be assessed, and its .. DIVINE .. mandate of purpose may be affirmed or corrected; therein, the Prophet experience / training in “Spirituality” becomes a constant mirror of God’s Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven, as a guiding < CORE > to the Church’s Institutional function, cannot be gauged without the continued presence of the Church Prophet; where from God’s Kingdom of Heaven and help of the Prophet, Covenant “Believers” would not remain “lost” and “untransformed”, having .. NO HOPE .. of Covenant Salvation. The Faith component, in Church “Believers”, when left unchecked by absence of the Church Prophet, will remain worldly oriented / pagan religion directed / false Christianity immersed, and therein; will perpetuate a continual disposition of “ETERNAL” Damnation, yet remaining undetected in the Church community that has censured the Prophet - Gift. The Wilderness Walk, in its witnessed confirmation of God’s “power”, is indicative of the “Believers’” practicing of “righteous” Faith; and therein, the Church Prophet, remaining sensitive to Wilderness Walk “Trials”, guides / Shepherds the Church community, to properly reach into the Covenant Life of God’s Christ Jesus. The Covenant saving of the soul requires .. implicitly .. the developing of the Christian Faith walk, of such Wilderness Walk “Trials”, plus this Gift – sensitive Shepherding of the Prophet – Gift.

    God’s reference of a [ SINFILLED ] lifestyle is .. entirely .. limited to God’s sovereign authority of definition, and to ( HIS ) formula of [ SIN ] correction; wherein, Mammon Serving is incorporated into ( HIS ) classification of [ SIN ], and; men’s focus upon God’s Covenant offering, its conditions / terms / requirements, is worthy of “untransformed” men’s pursuit of study and compliance. Howsoever, “untransformed” men, in their [ SIN ] and Mammon Serving obsessions of Faith, have no “Spiritual” ability of assessing their own [ SIN ], especially their Mammon Serving transgressions, nor do they have any “Spiritual” measurement, in designing their potential deliverance from such “Spiritual” [ SINS ]. “Untransformed” men are subject .. implicitly .. to God’s Sovereignty in every matter, and especially [ SIN ] in its definition, that includes Mammon Serving. Mammon Serving, according to “untransformed” men, is a natural / automatic motivation of all mankind, and must, logically to them, not become categorized as [ SIN ] toward God, subjecting them to Divine Judgment. These ideas, of [ SIN ] and Judgments of God’s Sovereign Jurisdiction, will .. NOT .. equate to “untransformed” men’s natural abilities of logic and reason, leaving the Mammon Serving idea as a contentious topic, even of dubious consideration as a [ SIN ] related Faith practice. The Mammon Serving mindset and practice is directed toward ( “Self centered – deference” ), even unto ( “Financial glorying of the Self” ), which Mammon Serving of course is .. NOT .. glorying God at all, of ( HIS ) Kingdom of Heaven. This ( “Self Centeredness” ) in Mammon Serving, is not weighed down on the opposing scales with “Evil” men’s divergence of serving God’s interests, nor with the impractical “Eternal” Covenant Saving of the soul, in its Wilderness Walk lifestyle of ( “Self Denial” ). Mammon Serving ( “Denial” ) is considered ridiculous, even contemptuous, in a Wilderness Walk paradigm; wherein, the Church Prophet has of course .. NO .. weight of value, but is condemned with extreme prejudice, automatically. So, “Evil” men’s Faith working, unto Mammon Serving, is conclusively absorbed into God’s category of automatic Judgment, unto such souls’ “Eternal” damnation, having .. NO .. Covenant hope of “Salvation” in Jesus Christ’s Covenant “Life”. Mammon Serving, then, to “untransformed men, is a strange ambush of illogical impracticality; wherein, such “untransformed” men, show .. NO .. caution in their Mammon Serving, and even disregard the Church Prophet, becoming subject .. anyway .. to God’s sovereign Justice, whether or not they comprehend their jeopardy of “Damnation” in that Mammon Serving practice.

    Mammon Serving is so normal, even inherited from generations of forefathers, so that Mammon Serving is the mainstay of the world’s many cultures, commonly universal and generally understood as humankind’s basest motivation; therein, for God to declare Mammon Serving to portray a [ SIN ] quality, worthy of “Damnation”, is substantially undermining a < CORE > survival instinct, placing extreme pressure upon any who would submit themselves to such a contradictory standard. Faith, then, becomes a distinctive matter of provability, whether a member of Christianity is genuinely a “Believer” of the New Covenant, or contrarily is a poser from the Mammon Serving worldly culture, merely presenting themselves as religiously akin to Christianity, but without actually practicing the mantra of Faith of Jesus Christ. Mammon Serving is being contrary to God “centered” serving and dependency, which places an extreme mental disparity in actual “disciples” of Jesus Christ, forcing them to launch their very being into a God dependency Faith [ trust & belief ]; whereby, such “disciples” .. CANNOT .. identify themselves as New Covenant “Believers” while they are simultaneously pursuing Mammon Serving goals, of their learned cultural normalcy. Mammon Serving becomes identified, in a non-hypocritical Church, as being opposed to New Covenant “discipleship”; and therein, such Mammon Serving practitioners are clearly understood, in the Church community, to not be included with the Christian population. Church Prophet knows posers, presenting themselves as “Believers” of the New Covenant; for clearly, “Believers’” Wilderness Walk is known to the Prophet, just as an absence of the Wilderness Walk is known as well, as a tip off of such posers exercising their Faith in Mammon Serving.

    Judgments of God have become distant from the mindsets of “untransformed” men throughout the Church culture, allowing even professing Christians to disregard Biblical warnings to [ SIN ] and to their “Eternal” consequences; wherein, Judgments of God are .. seemingly .. intellectual play things, subject to “untransformed” men’s vulgarity in roadhouse jokes. The Judgments of God have become so distant from the consciences of “Evil” men that, now, the common assumption prevails; wherein, “untransformed” men ( “think” ) that their own logic and reason constrains the Judgments of God to an actuality of mankind’s permission, which of course is fallacious, and “deadly” in its error. The Judgments of God are preset and are seriously radical, imposing upon [ SINFILLED ] men concepts that are evasive and complex, requiring the Church Prophet – Gift for explanation, within a preset formula of Judgments of God correction by a Priesthood concept of Church “intercession”. This Judgments of God paradox enjoins, to common “untransformed” men, a baseline requirement of men’s ( “reverence” ) unto God, in a Godly ( “fear” ), which opens a dialog between God and ( “fearful” ) men, which may then extend unto other matters of Covenant offering, even .. DIVINE .. helps from the Judgments of God, in sent « Angels ». The Judgments of God are routinely spoken, in the – VOICE – of the Church Prophet - person, as warnings with pleas for repentance, commonly mixed with promptings for “right” Faith, further mixed with the Prophet Shepherding of “discipleship” in a Wilderness Walk; wherein, the “power” of a supernatural God becomes known in its merciful helps in an “Earthy” experience, perfectly opposite to consequential justice characterized in the Judgments of God. The Wilderness Walk, then, after ( “repentance for sins” ), and when pursued in the activation of the New Covenant experience, the Wilderness Walk is an indicator that the Judgments of God are being positively enjoined by the “disciple” in the hope of acquiring God’s “Mercies”, within the Judgments of God menu of options, in ( HIS ) Covenant Grace of forgiveness for ( “past” / “previous” ) [ SINS ]. Mammon Serving, instead, disavows / disregards / disbelieves the New Covenant enforced by Jesus Christ, but which Mammon Serving is itself subject to ( “repentance” ), and may avoid the justice of perfect consequence demanded by the .. otherwise .. relentless and inevitable Judgments of God. It must be known that the Faith working, of “untransformed” men unto their unrepentent Mammon Serving, is cleanly balanced on the scales of the Judgments of God, concluding such Faith working to punishments, unto “Eternal” consequence. The judgments of God are, therein, not simplistically circumvented; but, the Judgments of God are insightful, cutting to the core of “untransformed” men’s deepest motivations. Such Judgments of God are counted as frightening and “Eternal”, worthy of “untransformed” men’s contemplative study, in their weighing the invisible costs of Mammon Serving; so that, the Judgments of God become clarified with the specificity of [ SIN ] that equates to Faith directed at Mammon Serving, implicitly.

    The Judgments of God are a baseline concept, a literal ( “precept” ) of Theology; wherein, [ SIN ] / [ SINFULNESS ] is defined, in its context of disobedience to God; wherein, the ( “Curse” ) of [ SIN ] compulsion was Divinely merged into mankind, permanently; from which, the Judgments of God are declared with justification, in an “Earthy” and also “Eternal” paradigm. [ SIN ], then, with its Divinely imposed ( “Curse” ) of bonded motivation, and their Judgments of God consequences, should be known, certainly to the New Covenant Church community, but the Judgments of God are only declared publicly to the world through the proclaimer’s - VOICE - of the Church Prophet. Then, the following idea of ( “Redemption” ) and ( “Salvation” ) become understandable, defined within the workings of a Covenant - FORMAT -; through which, [ SIN ], the ( “Curse” ), and the following Judgments of God are made known to incorporate ( “Mercy” ) and ( “Forgiveness” ) and the ( “Power of Grace” ), as an offering of peace God makes to [ SINFILLED ] men. A Church Prophet / Shepherd / Preacher, who declares the Judgments of God, will ( “seed” ) [ SINFILLED ] men with forewarnings of [ SIN ] against the Creator, [ SIN’S ] compulsion of the ( “Curse” ), and the Judgments of God paradigm, directing the “hearing” men unto ( “Repentance” ), for; Covenant ( “Redemption” ) within such Judgments of God, and ( “Salvation” ). Such a Prophet – person is ( “Calling” ) men to come out of the world’s bondage to [ SIN ] and to enjoin themselves to the Covenant with Jesus Christ, .. to learn a new reference of Faith, .. to turn away from Mammon Serving, .. to even accept a Judgments of God Wilderness Walk of .. DIVINE .. proving, in their leaving the world’s Judgments of God ( “Death” ) and ( “Damnation” ). The Judgments of God, when acknowledged, becomes this < baseline > reference that weighs against such matters as Mammon Serving, or the Covenant protocol of a Wilderness Walk. Worldly ( “Sufferings” ), of course, are a known experience of all of mankind, being the most common realization of the Judgments of God, but the worldly ( “Suffrage” ) connection to its [ SIN ] origin and to the ( “Curse” ) predisposition toward continual [ SINFULLNESS ], is universally missed, even within the Church’s narratives of the Judgments of God. [ SINFILLED ] men are predisposed to provoke the Judgments of God, and to be condemned to continue the Judgments of God paradigm, with its preset consequences of “Eternal” ( “Death” ) and Judgments of God ( “Damnation” ); wherein, [ SINFILLED ] men are justifiably condemned, unless they have received, knowledgeably, the given help to escape such afflictions of [ SIN ] and the ( “Curse” ), with their following Judgments of God, through the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. So, without a foreknown awareness of [ SIN ], the ( “Curse” ) and the Judgments of God, in its consequences of “Eternal” ( “Damnation” ), [ SINFILLED ] men are not, naturally, motivated to find a corrective solution of “right” Faith. Therein, suffering the Judgments of God are required upon [ SINFILLED ] men, to set the premise for their needing ( “Redemption” ) and ( “Salvation” ); from which, [ SINFILLED ] men may contemplate an “Eternal” paradigm, not visibly obvious in their “Earthy” experience. The Judgments of God, when acknowledged, becomes that < baseline > reference that weighs against such matters as Mammon Serving, or the Covenant protocol of a Wilderness Walk.

    The Church community has been blocked from the intended grace of Divine planning, within a consecrated Covenant of “power”; whereby this blockage, Church members suffer profound Judgments of the ( “Curse” ), without their experiencing a real relief of Covenant ( “Redemption” ), and without progressing toward a Covenant ( “Salvation” ). The Church community has evolved into a counterfeit institution, having no solution to the Judgments of God paradigm, not understanding the ( Baptism ) idea of the New Covenant, and not permitting the Prophet Gift to function; whereby, a “Remission of Sins” “power” manifestation would stop the ( “Curse” ), and would profoundly rearrange Covenant “Believers’” predisposition unto a Covenant framing of soul ( “Salvation” ). Their ( “Salvation” ) is stolen away from them by the derelict Church program, leaving them subordinate to the active Judgments of God; whereby, they will continue committing [ SINS ] and perpetuating the ( “Curse” ) in an infinity loop of futile worship of a Christian God - hypothesis in a strange philosophy. The real Faith discipline remains a mystery throughout the “mainstream” Church community; for, the Church Prophet – persons are banned from the Church program of “untransformed” men’s control; wherein, a Covenant Faith “discipleship” would be known and routinely reinforced. The Mammon Serving practices of Church Faith, has horribly crippled the Church community and its Faith fidelity, condemning them to the automatic Judgments of God paradigm without any hope of Covenant ( “Redemption” ). And, the Mammon Serving Faith practice continues to keep contemporary Church men bound up in [ SIN ], today, without resolution unto a potential Covenant ( “Salvation” ).

    The Church community of ( “lost” ) men is subject to continuous misery and suffrage, without those men ever knowing that the – WAY – of ( “Redemption” ) from their [ SINS ] has been provided, through the New Covenant’s consecration, its terms, conditions, and protocols, that are .. NEVER .. explained by Church leadership; for, that Church system of Gentile intellectualism fails to understand the Faith pattern of Covenant success, in its dependency upon the Church Prophet administrator and the “Spiritual” Gifts infused into the Prophet – person. The Church society remains hammered with the relentless ( “Curse” ) of the Judgments of God; wherein, Church members are left to their own postulations of philosophy, as to why they are abandoned to the Judgments of God, when they have so strived to be dependable in Church attendance, and in their obeying the traditional ceremonies and rituals of the Church culture. These Church members have had no access to the Church Prophet – person, which has left them floundering in Faith of a Church forgery, that never seems to find God’s “power” of help, but only the ( “Curse” ) of the Judgments of God. The Church members practice, by endorsed approval of the Church society, a Mammon Serving paradigm of world – view immersion, which of course inhibits them from entering the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, and accessing the “powers” of ( “Redemption” ) from their [ SINS ], that also .. “Strangely” .. precedes their Covenant healings, and recoveries from many afflictions common to the world. The Mammon Serving “TRAP” has been overlooked, conveniently by Mammon Serving Church pastors, who insist that they, themselves, have been overlooked by Jesus Christ, and abandoned to the world’s mercy and benevolent generosity, that must not be offended by religious pomposity; wherein, such bound Church memberships would suffer the consequences of Gentile imagined retaliation unto starvation. Such Church managers, not having entered .. actually .. the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, would remain a “friend” of the world and the Antichrist nature, only to guide others in their Church pattern of Gentile reasoned Faith, to condemn multitudes with their derelict Faith.

by: Michael Mitchell