Mysteries of Revelation

    The 144,000 Jews of [ “Revelation” ] .. Rev 7:4 .. are designated, powerfully, as being ( “servants of God” ) .. Rev 7:03 - 4 .. “Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.” .. . Therein, these 144,000 Jews are required of God, somehow, in remembrance of God’s previous Covenant promise to Abraham of the Old Covenant. From this vantage point, of coming behind the [ SEVEN ] Churches, in Rev chapters 2 and 3, these 144,000 Jews become a significant, but not a central, component in this anthology of Covenant history; wherein, God has promised the [ ORIGINAL ] Covenant partner, Abraham, God’s perpetual attendance to Abraham’s < seed >, included to God’s Covenant manifestation, within this New Testament foundation of the 144,000 Jews. Therein, the 144,000 Jews will be .. DIVINELY .. ( “sealed” ) / selected / filtered / forcibly compelled to satisfy this ancient promise, from God to Abraham, as a New Testament manifestation. These reselected 144,000 Jews will not be naturalized Church proselytes, because of the many doctrine misdirections / deviant frauds / and ( faith ) failures that are dominant throughout the contemporary Christian community; however, these 144,000 Jews will be ( Called ) by God, which they have been prejudiced to accept in their ancestral Judaism, therein; endearing these 144,000 Jews to being servants of God, however, God may utilize them. The New Covenant of Jesus Christ is new territory for these 144,000 Jews; but, because of their ( Calling ), made real to them by the Priesthood intercession of the ( Apocalyptic ) Church, these 144,000 Jews will progress forward in a journey of inexplicable curiosity; wherein, those 144,000 Jews become centered upon Jesus the messiah of Old Testament promise.

    The ( “sealing” ) of these 144,000 Jews of [ “Revelation” ] is accomplished through the prayers of Priesthood intercessions of the newly designated New Testament Church body; wherein, that ( faith ) refining, accomplished by the previous ( “broken” ) Seals of [ “Revelation” ], has engineered a ( faith ) purity and accuracy that can accomplish this particular Priesthood work of intercession for the 144,000 Jews. This developing / newly obedient Church will hear from, and answer to, God’s guiding Spirit, and perform this necessary work of ( “sealing” ) these 144,000 Jews, who were so designated by God’s sovereign predestination. These 144,000 Jews will, of course, become part of Jesus Christ’s entourage of New Covenant proselytes; wherein, these Old Testament 144,000 Jews will be included into the New Testament - Covenant - manifestations of ( Christ’s Angels ) and “Transformation” of the heart nature .. 2 Peter 1:4, not shed upon the nation of Israel in total. There is an extraordinary difference between the Old Testament promise and the New testament promise; wherein, these 144,000 Jews will be compelled, by their New Testament ( Angels ), to be pressed into the New Covenant of Jesus .. [ their Old Testament messiah ] ..; and therein, these 144,000 Jews will become an integral component of the New Testament Church body. This extraordinary transcendancy through [ “Revelation” ], by these ( “sealed” ) 144,000 Jews, will bring them into the New Testament paradigm of the Kingdom of God, its discipleship of right ( faith ) working, and its Priesthood intercessions, that they well acknowledge from their Old Testament orientation to Priesthood ( Blood Sacraments ). Such 144,000 Jews will be ready made for this adjustment to the Sacrificial Blood of Jesus Christ, as their Priesthood medium of ( Blood Sacraments ), to apply in Priesthood ( faith ) working; therein, such 144,000 Jews will become profoundly powerful Covenant advocates of the New Testament. Further, Priesthood intercession works will be required through the [ “Revelation” ] process, to bring these 144,000 Jews beyond their becoming ( “Sealed”), unto the full immersion of these 144,000 Jews into Church functionality of the Kingdom of God.

    The [ “Revelation” ] of Jesus Christ is layered in mysterious symbols, all of which are to be known to the New Testament Church community, including the mystery of the Seven Thunders, in its time of full disclosure of ( faith ) maturity; wherein, the contemporary Prophet - administrator will understand this Seven Thunders mystery and will describe such Seven Thunders manifestation - effects for the Church body to draw wisdom and inspiration from. These Seven Thunders, are - SEVEN VOICES - of Angels that speak to the little book of prophecy: .. “Take [ it], and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey” .. Rev 10:9. This is the - “Book of Life” - ( sweet as honey ), but according to the describing - VOICE - of these Seven Thunders, this “Book of names” becomes bitter in the belly when the understanding is made known to the Apostle John what is / must happen to those in the “Book of names”. The whole intention of God in the Seven Thunders is that those in the “Book of life” must undergo change, according to the New Covenant of Jesus Christ; and, this change of the Seven Thunders brings those fortunate souls to express ( “holiness” ), to the measure of Jesus Christ. These Seven Thunders are revealing the process of change that brings [ SINFUL ] humans to the level of Jesus Christ’s ( “holiness” ); whereby, this ( “holiness” ) change / “transformation”, great sorrows are endured and must be overcome, through each of these Seven Thunders. As each experience of sorrows is encountered, the - VOICE - of these Seven Thunders will speak, and the correlating suffrage will be made known with individualized application. So, the Seven Thunders, then, describe the specific hardship to overcome in right ( faith ), as - Job - overcame his extraordinary hardships in right ( faith ); whereby, this lesson pattern of Seven Thunders suffrages and overcoming becomes the specific methodology of the Sovereign God, in ( HIS ) design of a Covenant worthy of that little book of predestinated names. The 144,000 Jews, of course, are so included in this Seven Thunders little “Book of Life”; and then, the suffrages they must experience will be pre-engineered into the Covenant narrative, even as it unfolds by the Seven Thunders. These 144,000 Jews, foreseen from God’s Old Testament promises to Abraham, must still satisfy the New Testament process of ( faith ) purification, unto the same level as Jesus Christ; wherein, their suffrages of the Seven Thunders will be just as vigorous as the Gentiles that prayed them into the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.

    The Seven Thunders symbolism in [ “Revelation” ] will become known as .. “the mystery of God should be finished” .. Rev 10:7; wherein, the clarity of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ is now open faced in these Seven Thunders, for; Covenant “believers” to understand the rigorous process which must be satisfied, to be included in the New Testament “Salvation”. These Seven Thunders must be obscured from the common Church of Traditional religiosity; for, that Church community of Gentile superficiality could .. NEVER .. mentally arrive at this Seven Thunders standard of God’s Covenant requirements. The “Transformation”, from [ SINFULNESS ] to ( “holiness” ), is a lofty paradigm of Seven Thunders manifestation; whereby, Gentiles object, as they have all along, in their unknowingly hosting the indwelling ( “Antichrist” ) spirit. The Seven Thunders paradigm of human suffrage is not only frightful to flesh minded humans, but the Seven Thunders gauntlet of punishing change is abhorrent as a Christian guide post of discipleship; for, Gentile Christians are ( self serving ) based and ( self indulgent ) as a relationship priority with the Christian - GOD -. This Seven Thunders paradigm of Christian “Transformation” suffrage violates ( everything ) that [ SINFILLED ] humans are expecting from God; wherein, the celebration culture, of ( “Antichrist” ) driven humans, is very focused toward “birthday” / “anniversary” / Fathers’ day .. Mothers’ day / - FALSE CHRISTIAN - “Santa Clause” and “Easter Bunny” remembrances / “patriot day” remembrances / and other peripheral holidays; wherein, created men - persons are remembered, in their indignant rebellion against the Seven Thunders regimen. This Seven Thunders paradigm of Christian based suffrages is the standard of Covenant fulfillment, for; Christian “Transformation” to .. actually .. obtain the ( “holiness” ) virtue of Jesus Christ, the ( “consecrator” ) of that New Covenant, of the Seven Thunders “Salvation” process. The 144,000 Jews, coming along with their appointed Angels of .. DIVINE .. selection, are swept into this Seven Thunders process of Christian “Transformation”, of the Gentiles unto an unnatural ( “holiness” ) of Jesus Christ. However, these 144,000 Jews are very justified in their endurance of this Seven Thunders “Transformation” suffrage, in the remembering of their ancestral violations of the Old Covenant with God, and even in their ancestors’ murdering the [ “SENT” ] messiah as they denied ( HIS ) authenticity as the fore-prophesied ( “Lamb of sacrifice” ).

    The New Song of Jesus Christ is appointed to the 144,000 Jews .. Rev 14:1-3; whereby, this New Song particularly distinguishes this 144,000 Jews as belonging to Jesus Christ without compromise / infidelity of any kind. The New Song is unique to this appointed population of men; wherein, these men know an ( angel ) - VOICED - New Song manifestation, from Old Testament inclusion to New Testament inclusion. Therein, these 144,000 Jews have a programmed consciousness in that New Song - VOICE -, that specifically labels these men in their serving Jesus Christ, in full conviction and complete dedication without semblance of compromise. The New Song cannot be counterfeited in imagination by [ SINFILLED ] posers, deceitfully pretending to represent the 144,000 Jews, as some have already attempted as a contemporary Christian Church Denomination; consequently, the authentic New Song will amazingly reflect Old Testament and New Testament components, layered together and blended in perfect New Song harmony, confirming each other as becoming necessary to balance the Covenant concept with ancient and eternal paradigms. Within [ ANY ] counterfeit version of this New Song, the Seven Thunders paradigm of New Testament “Transformation” suffrages would be absent, but instead would portray all manner of [ SIN ] in flesh minded ( “logic” ) in ( self centeredness / indulgences ), that [ FAILED ] the Old Testament - Covenant and which certainly [ FAILS ] the New Testament paradigm of “Transformation”. The New Song, being compatible with the Seven Thunders - VOICING - of ( angels ), the New Song of the 144,000 Jews will reflect a legitimate suffrage of New Testament Seven Thunders sacrifice / suffrage; and therein, the New Song will praise God, in Jesus Christ, for ( HIS) wise strategy in ( “saving” ) the ( souls ) of [ EVIL ] humans while “believers” are in their grim journey of ( soul ) “Transformation”. The counterfeit New Song posers will praise God, in Jesus Christ, for; their imagined future gratifications by their God’s Covenant provision of ( self indulgent ) blessings of flesh mindedness; and, in the real Covenant Seven Thunders, such counterfeit New Song religionists are exposed in their self deceit by their stern reviling of the Covenant God, in their hyper exaggerated displeasure.

    In the [ “Revelation” ] New Song, the 144,000 Jews will completely transcend the [ FAILED ] contemporary Gentile Church community and portray a zealousness of sincere New Song dedication unto God’s Son, Jesus Christ, that stupefies the pretending Christians .. Rev 14:4. Such acting Christians, left behind by the New Song behavior of the 144,000 Jews, are superficially aligned with Jesus Christ as a ( “political” ) affiliation of a worldly minded culture, and are not immersed into the New Covenant of Jesus Christ with the required New Song sacrifice of the ( self’s life ). So, the New Song, sung exclusively by the 144,000 Jews, will be verbalizing a “Spiritual” paradigm of Christianity that Gentile Christians are mystified and “freaked” by; wherein, the [ “Revelation” ] 144,000 Jews are condemning the contemporary Church posers with their New Song message. Such angered Christians will turn their wrath on the derivative Church body that belatedly follows that newly reformed Christian Church community .. Rev chapter 12, as the 144,000 Jews sing the New Song message; wherein, the provoked Christians will be executing the Seven Thunders paradigm of [ “Revelation” ] persecution .. Rev chapter 13. This Seven Thunders mystery of [ “Revelation” ] becomes manifest by the Gentile Church community, that has rejected the Covenant New Song terms and conditions of Jesus Christ, throughout a long history of Gentile hijacking of Christianity in [ “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” ] assimilation. The New Song message of the 144,000 Jews becomes another [ “Revelation” ] trigger that infuriates the Gentile Church but also adds God’s Judgments to the [ EVIL ] world that has denied the ( Merciful ) grace of God’s Covenant offering. The New Song, - VOICED - by the sent ( angels ), warns the world’s men of the coming Judgments of God’s Wrath, and even invites humans to return their devotions back unto God and accept ( HIS ) New Song Covenant through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

    The Prophet - administrators of Jesus Christ are appointed to enable the reforming Church community to embrace the 144,000 Jews and the New Song - VOICE - manifestation that accompanies the appearance of the 144,000 Jews; for, that New Song - VOICE - of angels is part of the reforming Church culture of active Prophet - Gifts. The Prophet - administrators embrace the 144,000 Jews as the [ “Revelation” ] plan of God’s recovery of ( HIS ) nation of Israel, which was a particular Covenant manifestation with the Prophet - Abraham; wherein, God’s promise to ( HIS ) Prophet - Abraham .. “And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee” .. Genesis 17:7. Therein, God will recover a portion of Israel, a fragment of each tribe of the Old Testament and, in the mystery of God’s reforming Gentile Church of the Prophet - Gifts, God will bring this recovered faction of the 144,000 Jews into a precise merger with the New Testament Church .. reformed .., which shall be perceived and embraced by the New Testament Prophet - administrators. The New Testament - [ “Revelation” ] Prophet - persons will see this coming and will prepare the listening .. reforming .. Church body to accept this phenomenal recovery of Israel into the New Testament - Covenant paradigm, to fulfill that Covenant of Jesus Christ. The Seven Thunders of [ “Revelation” ] will have been experienced by the New Testament Prophet - persons, and therein; will be an active component of the two Prophet - persons’ doctrine; wherein, the 144,000 Jews will also be discipled in confirmation of that New Song that accompanies the 144,000 Jews. The Seven Thunders of [ “Revelation” ] will execute the Prophet - administrators’ doctrine in clear confirmation of the New Song of angels; and therein, the Prophet - administrators of the New Testament will be approved and embraced by the 144,000 Jews, who are very reminiscent of the Old Testament curators by Prophet - administrators.

    Prophet - administrators, of the New Testament Bible Church community, will be engaged in huge “tribulating” manifestations; wherein, the ( demons ) of [ SATAN ] / the [ DRAGON ] will be warred against by the Prophet - persons to the measure of [ SATAN ] being cast out of the reforming Church body. This master event of the Prophet - administrators’ < baptism >, of “Repentance for Sins”, brings [ “SIN ] into “Remission”, as promised in the New Testament Bible .. Luke chapter 3. From this titanic manifestation of God’s miracle force, by the Gift of Prophet - administrators, the reforming Church community is permitted by God to enter into the Covenant of Jesus Christ by the following < baptism > into the Holy Ghost. The Prophet - administrators, of this profound and alarming event, then become the memorial reference for the following “believers’” ( “game plan” ), of how to confront the [ “Revelation” ] ( Trials ) that are unleashed, to strengthen and focus the ( faith ) working .. Intercession .. of that reforming Church community. These Prophet - administrators are the continuing gauge of remembered reference for surrendering up in forfeit each of the [ SINFILLED ] practices of ( faith ) deceit, learned in the Church’s culture from the previous Prophet - deceivers of the world’s ( “Antichrist” ) culture. Such Prophet - deceivers, of the “Traditional” Church culture, had misdirected / misled the Church community in blatant ( faith ) [ FAILURES ] of ( unholiness ), now requiring incredible correction through the [ “Revelation” ] of Jesus Christ. The Prophet - administrators will have renounced these learned Prophet - deceiver practices of “birthday” celebrations / wedding “anniversaries” / Fathers’ day .. Mothers’ day remembrances / - FALSE CHRISTIAN - “Santa Clause” and “Easter Bunny” celebrations of < strange worship > / “patriot day” remembrances / and other peripheral holidays; whereby, such warnings and somber corrections, by the true Prophet - administrators, will have already steered the reforming Church community away from such ( self serving ) based, and ( self indulgent ), diversions of the “Traditional” Prophet - deceiver Gentile Church. The Seven Thunders ( faith Trials ) will have been foreseen and prepared for, with efficiency, by the Prophet - administrators, previewing the reforming Church body with the soon coming New Song of the 144,000 Jews. Therein, the Prophet - administrators enable the reforming Church community to adjust more easily from continuing these Prophet - deceiver societal addictions, emphatically punished in these Seven Thunders ( faith Trials ) and to the merger with God’s Old Testament 144,000 Jews, who will come with an implanted angel doctrine in their New Song.

    Under the Earth of the Seals .. Rev 5:3 .. portrays a place reference for the support structure and origin of the Earth condition of mankind’s flesh based reality; wherein, men are motivated to survive and flourish in a flesh based reality; and wherein, men’s learned perspectives of Earthy life become known according to these Under the Earth / subliminal persuasions. Jesus Christ, unsealing these Under the Earth persuasions, to reveal them outwardly, Jesus Christ brings these Under the Earth support structures and origins to their time of clear exposure, for; their defeat and destruction. Men, having become puppets of these Under the Earth compulsions and motivations, ( “Called” ) men of God become weighed against the force of these Under the Earth powers and are ( Tested ) by God in their battle success or failure against these Under the Earth principle agents of flesh life motivation. Such Under the Earth “flesh survival” powers of motivation are perceived and clearly acknowledged by Prophet - administrators, and are overruled within the New Song of the 144,000 Jews; and consequently, the Seven Thunders of ( faith Trials ) will confront these basest “survival” motivations from Under the Earth powers. Such Under the Earth powers of flesh based “survival” are contrary to God’s Covenant requirements; wherein, Covenant men, especially Prophet - administrators, will teach the listening Church community to oppose this Under the Earth pressure, to even hear the words of the New Song coming from the 144,000 Jews, and especially fear the Seven Thunders of destruction, that insist upon ( faith ) purity of a “Spiritual” emphasis.

    The New Testament Church community has the natural motivation of these Under the Earth “flesh survival angels” .. Judges 17:5 .. < “Teraphim” >..; whereby, the Church community, flesh minded, does nor perceive its own background / invisible Under the Earth motivators of “instinctual” flesh based “survival”. Such flesh based angels, Under the Earth, are not [ SIN BASED ] motivators of [ SATAN’S ] dominion; but, these Under the Earth angels are God’s appointed helpers to drive mankind toward “survival” until a Godly appointed reason of ( holy faith ) appears for Covenant men to override these Under the Earth angels, to deliberately exercise an obedient death to the ( self life ) automatic default. Therein, these Under the Earth angels must be perceived as a natural “instinct” of flesh survival, that must be managed by Covenant - reasoned purpose; wherein, the natural inclinations of Under the Earth survival must be held in ( check ), to .. NOT .. exceed its creation function of species survival, and extend itself to other matters that don’t apply to flesh survival, such as: wants / desires of societal ambitions toward influence, or mammon serving “materialism”. The Church Prophet - administrators are primary allies in “believers’” managing these Under the Earth angels, in their Covenant pursuits of Godly service; wherein, the Seven Thunders of [ “Revelation” ] will place extraordinary stress upon “survival” of the ( flesh life ), so that these Under the Earth angels motivators must be overridden by ( right faith ) opposing societal ambitions and mammon serving “materialism”. The Prophet - administrators, then, will present and reinforce doctrine correctness in Covenant accuracy, that will prepare the Church “believers” for overcoming these Under the Earth angels and then enduring the Seven Thunders of [ “Revelation” ] ( trials ); whereby, the New Song of the 144,000 Jews will champion this Covenant victory over these Under the Earth flesh “survival” angels. These 144,000 Jews will, of course, carry this same burden of these Under the Earth survival angels, which must be managed as well, and will be properly addressed in the New Song, also of angels.

    The Church community that endures the “transformation” methodology of [ “Revelation” ] will certainly overcome the Under the Earth angels of “flesh survival”; otherwise, the resisting Church will be purged by the Seven Thunders ( trials of faith ) and be removed from God’s roster of “invitation” into ( HIS ) Covenant of Jesus Christ. Church men being “invited” into the Covenant does not guarantee that Covenant promise of “Salvation” .. “For many are called, but few are chosen.” .. Matthew 22:14. The Church, learning a respectful / fearful regard for God’s Covenant offering, is [ KEY ] to having a successful progress in these coming Seven Thunders ( faith trials ). When Church men are complacent and lazy minded in Covenant requirements of ( faith ) proving, such Church men will tend toward their Under the Earth persuasions of “flesh survival” first and foremost; wherein, such Under the Earth angels Church training will argue men’s resistance against ( faith ) correctness, causing such ( “Antichrist” ) indoctrinated Church men to - FAIL - utterly these Seven Thunders ( faith trials ), to even deny the - VOICES - of the Church Prophet - administrators and the New Song of the appearing 144,000 Jews. Wrongly trained, or negligently permitted, Church followers will be purged from the “Book of Life” .. “He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life” .. Rev 3:05. This extraordinary process of [ “Revelation” ] is well understood by the Church Prophet - administrators, and strangely will be - VOICED - in the New Song of the 144,000 Jews.

    New Testament Church “believers”, predestinated to endure the Seven Thunders of [ “Revelation” ] ( faith trials ), that obedient Church body will be persecuted by the larger Church community that denies and vehemently resists the Covenant suffrage of Jesus Christ. The suffering Church population will serve Jesus Christ with their ( faith ) of Priesthood intercessions, and therein; will qualify to receive the Covenant “Salvation” promised throughout the New Testament; wherein, this suffering Church population will deny, not God, but their own Under the Earth ( “flesh survival” ) compulsions, to press forward in right ( faith ) working. The [ FAILING ] Church society denies God, while obeying their < basest > motivations of Under the Earth ( “flesh survival” ); wherein, the same Seven Thunders ( faith trials ) are responded to wrongly, as motivated by the indwelling ( “Antichrist” ) spirit. These obediently suffering Covenant Church men listen to their Prophet - administrators and certainly acknowledge the New Song - message that emits from the [ “Revelation” ] 144,000 Jews; therein, these Covenant Church men discover the fullness of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. This Covenant mystery becomes known to these obediently suffering Church men through the [ “Revelation” ] process of ( faith trials ), revealed through the Seven Thunders and the - VOICE - of the Prophet - administrators, strangely echoed by the New Song - angels of the 144,000 Jews.

by: Michael Mitchell