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Apostle Priests ..

    Apostles of the New Testament church of Jesus Christ are men who have been predestined with a Divine purpose, well before they are born; and therein, are enabled ( before birth ) to learn a new posture of life referencing in the Covenant ~ Way of Jesus Christ, and to be emboldened toward pursuing after a lifestyle that is unfamiliar and alien to their societal orientation. Apostles are the beginning point of reference for other men to understand the ministry of Jesus Christ, ( His ) life of Divine perfection .. without sin, ( His ) sacrificed death .. for others, and; ( His ) resurrection and promise of [ Life ] .. for those who obey ( Him ). Apostles of Jesus Christ are .. servants who obey the commandments taught by Jesus Christ .. and also ( His ) “living” voice of the abiding Spirit of holiness. Apostles are ( holy men ) .. in truth, and cannot conduct themselves in sinful lifestyles; and therein, are bound to uphold Spiritual laws ~ truth, and to expose faith doctrine ~ lies. Apostles are [ THE ] first men of flesh to enter into the Covenant reality of the New Testament ~ Covenant of Jesus Christ ; and therein, Apostles are the ( first ) laborers of God's Christ Jesus, who .. then .. enable the development of the church ~ body, in starting the church, unto the original purpose of Divine qualification, and the exclusive methodology, of God's Son .. Jesus Christ. All of the other ministries of the church follow behind the Apostle of Jesus Christ, and are .. directly and exceptionally .. dependent on the Apostle's spiritual gifts .. the Apostle's authority of Divine appointment .. the Apostle's insightful instruction .. and the Apostle's oversight and correction .. ; whereby, [ ALL ] of the church functions are incorporated into the [ Gift Package ] of God's Apostles, for the dissemination, the delegation and oversight, of those church functions. Furthermore, Apostles are the flesh – man embodiment of Jesus Christ's Covenant empowerment .. of God's pure truth, of precise Covenant Doctrine .. and of church system Covenant ~ Gifts .. unto the promised ( soul ) Salvation of ( His ) followers; whereby, God indwells ( His ) Apostles, particularly and exceptionally .. as; the “living” word, .. as; the fully grown .. the fully matured .. the fully perfected .. Word Tree .. which is the “Tree of Life” of Genesis.

    The Christian experience of Covenant ~ Salvation is dependent on the Apostles of Jesus Christ, firstly, for the believers to begin the course of Covenant ~ Salvation with correctness, and thereafter ( continuously ), for perpetual correctness of that Covenant ~ Salvation. Apostles are God's Divinely appointed Word Tree .. “Tree of Life” .. ( filters ); whereby, Apostles are ( gauges ) of Divine accuracy, of the Word of God [ Doctrine and process ]. Without the Apostle gift in operation, the principle references to Covenant ~ Salvation can / will be strayed from, allowing distorted perspectives, and vain philosophies to enter into the faith practices of church followers; thereby, the church can become / has truthfully become a haven of damned men, who worship religious icons and .. NOT .. the “living” God of Christ Jesus, and; who miss the intended effect of Covenant ~ Salvation, .. unknowingly losing the opportunity of ( soul ) Salvation! Apostles of Jesus Christ are the literal tabernacles of God's “living” Word, and; are carriers, to others, of God's “living” Word truth – in clarity; whereby, God's holy voice speaks clearly .. literally .. through Apostles, so that Apostles know, without speculation or interpretational exploration, what God's eternal life – truth is declaring unto men of the Covenant! Furthermore, Apostles, as the embodied Word Tree of “Christ's Life”, Apostles are producers of Word fruit, from the fully matured “Tree of Life”; which, Word fruit of “Christ's Life”, is manifested, through Apostles, in spoken language .. in preaching .. in teaching .. in the laying on of hands to impart the Word truth – empowerment unto others. And, as the ( Word seed ) abides within the flesh of the ( Word fruit ), the eaters, of that Word fruit ( hearing believers ), ingest into their inner man – heart garden, the seed within that Word fruit, which then; grows up into the indwelling “Christ Life” of the Covenant. Apostles are the human carriers of that ( Word fruit ) of the “Christ Life”and its indwelling seed for planting; whereby, the Apostles' spoken words .. the Apostles' preaching / teaching, and the Apostles' impartations by the laying on of hands, the “Word of Life” fruit is fed to the eaters; and the seed abiding within that Word fruit, of the “Word of Life”; that Word seed is planted, as a “living” / growing thing, into the heart gardens of such believing hearers. The Apostles of Jesus Christ are [ .. the exclusive fruit / seed guardians .. ] of God's “Word Life” accuracy and Divine quality; wherefrom, the kingdom of God .. in holiness .. is advanced / planted / multiplied throughout the World, by the exclusive mechanism of the Apostles' Word preaching / Teaching, and the Apostles' impartations by the laying on of hands.

    The Priesthood of Jesus Christ is a church function / concept; whereby, the “living” Word of “Christ's Life” is the primary object of interest .. dedicated focus .. disciplined attention. This Priesthood function is centered around the ministry of tending to the “living” Word seed .. its growing stalk .. its developing branches .. its budding flowers .. its maturing fruit in its season; whereby, this “living” Word entity, the nature of “Christ's Life” is grown up within the heart – gardens of men; and Christ becomes the heart character of a community of many men. The World of humankind is the garden field; whereby, the Word of God – seed may be seed – planted and heart grown to fruit bearing among many men of many communities, unto the raising up of God's Kingdom, until; the “Life of Christ” becomes the heart nature that is planted and cultivated among all of humankind. The Priesthood function is to care for, to oversee, to water .. nourish .. correctly weed .. and protect .. the Word Tree – seed of Christ's nature, as that Word Tree – seed has been planted within the heart gardens of the World's men. This is a spiritual work of the Priesthood of Jesus Christ, starting with the Word Tree ~ Apostle, as the beginning Word Tree – fruit bearer, and Word Tree – seed planter and Word Tree - fruit overseer. The Apostle ~ established Priesthood conducts the very careful ministry work of laboring in the invisible realm of prayer ~ faith; whereby, the tending powers of the Word of Life, in Christ Jesus, are ministered through Angels, Angels sent of Jesus Christ's Kingdom authority, Angels of Holy Ghost jurisdiction! The Angels realm is .. exceptionally .. the working tool of God's holy Priesthood; wherein, the heart gardens of believing men are tended to, are watched over, are protected, by such Priesthood administered Angels; for, the enemy is profoundly insidious, having already taken hold of the heart gardens of .. ALL .. men, who have been .. previously .. established in sin, and are caught .. already .. in the deceiving bonds of the World. And, from the previously established condition of mental adaptation to the World's ways of sin, the believing hearers / the faithful eaters of the Word Tree - fruit of Jesus Christ, such believing eaters receive the planting of the Word Tree - seed, of Christ's Life, into their heart gardens, that have .. already .. been heavily planted with the World's seeds, which; seeds of Worldly doctrines, have .. already .. grown up within their heart gardens, unto fully matured Trees, of Knowledge – fruit bearing. Those believing men have been programmed .. already .. to trust in themselves .. to indulge intellectual appetites that have been whetted inside of themselves .. to worship the wonder of emotional sentience, that has permitted all men to experience hyper – intensive lusts of addiction; whereby, these in-born orientations of the World, such Word of God believing hosts need a knowledgeable, vigilant, and spiritually gifted Priesthood, to engage .. steadily .. in the warfare over the embattled souls of “Christ's Life” transformation.

    The Word of God – Tree of ( “Christ's Life” .. nature ) is [ THE ] purpose, [ THE ENTIRE ] reason of function, for the Priesthood of the New Testament of Jesus Christ. This is [ THE ] church function, to be the Priesthood – prayer guardian .. the nourishing Priesthood – prayer mother .. the betrothed Priesthood – prayer bride .. the sanctified Priesthood – prayer wife of the impregnating seed of Jesus Christ. The church concept of God, is for the Word of God .. seed .. the growing Tree of “Christ's Life” .. the fruit bearing of Christ's indwelling nature .. to have a place of refuge, a holy place of Priesthood - prayer, which is a surrounding garden fence / a protective wall / a spiritually sanctified vineyard; whereby, the planted Word – seed may have a friendly environment, to enable the embattled souls, who are the hosts to the implanted “Christ Life” seed, to have rest, .. and imparted strength, .. and examples of victory, for such believers to have a clear hope of overcoming their own fully developed heart garden trees, of fully matured ( Self ~ indulging Knowledge ). The Priesthood of Jesus Christ is necessary; and, the Apostle's foundation .. the exact Apostle's Doctrine of Christ's perfect Prayer .. the Apostle's precise construction of a Divine Priesthood is a [ KEY ] ingredient in the fulfillment of this “Christ Life” process of heart garden enabling. The Priesthood of Jesus Christ is the necessary agency that has been appointed to have this Apostle's knowledge of the “blood” ( the sacrificed holy / righteous ~ life ) of Jesus Christ, and the “oil” ( holy faith working ) of Jesus Christ, and the “Spirit” ( holy Angels / Holy Ghost enabling ) of Jesus Christ; whereby, the prayerful administration of the holy Priesthood according to Jesus Christ's Apostles, this spiritual warfare can be .. successfully .. engaged .. fought and won, in obtaining the heart garden fruit of Jesus Christ, from within the heart gardens of many men. And, without a prepared Priesthood / church institution, the corrupted heart gardens of many believers will not be overcome; because of, their pre-established conditions of heart garden fruit bearing of Worldly pleasures and distractions, and the perpetual replanting of those same World's seeds, of ( soul ) corruption, in their heart gardens; and, those believing hosts of the Tree of Christ - seed, who have faithfully believed the Covenant promise of “Christ's Life” fruit bearing, will not accomplish their daily / necessary faith working to bring forth the perfected fruit of “Christ's Life”, as their own heart transformed nature; and, the Covenant promise of Salvation will remain, for them, a lost opportunity.

    Men, who are “called” to enter into the Covenant Life of Jesus Christ, are taught by that Covenant to be aware of their heart driven ~ compulsive motivations .. their heart trained ~ lusts and addictions .. their corrupted nature of obsessive and destructive behaviors .. whereby, the Devil's dominion of ( soul ) entrapment is originated within them, unto their eternal damnation. For men to obtain deliverance from their pre-established bondage to Demon spirits, such men need the Christ character Tree ~ fruit .. born unto maturity of Covenant perfection, from within their own heart gardens, a process that requires Covenant understanding, and; patient Covenant attendance, unto the protection of that Tree ~ seed of the Christ Life. Furthermore, that implanted Tree ~ seed, of the growing Christ character, requires something else of Divine Covenant ~ intervention, Angels – messengers - carriers, ( Holy Angels of Jesus Christ ). The holy Angels of Jesus Christ's Covenant minister a holy substance ( a spiritual oil ) to that growing process of sustaining the Tree ~ seed of Christ's Life; which, holy substance, comes out of the prayers of Covenant men, of a ( righteous ) Covenant Priesthood. It is the Priesthood mother, the prayer womb ~ church that has the Covenant mandate to properly nourish and correctly sustain the impregnated Word Tree – seed, of that Life of Christ, through their Covenant prayers of holy faith ( oil ), thereby; providing Holy Angels with that faith substance ( holy oil ), for such Angels to carry to the implanted Tree ~ seeds. The Apostles of the Covenant of Jesus Christ are the ( first ) providers of this precious Christ ~ seed support, in their providing the exact Priesthood prayer, in their own secreting of the ( first ) fruit of holy faith ( spiritual oil ) in [ Divine .. right minded .. prayer ], and; in their setting the holy faith standard for [ Divine .. right minded .. Priesthood prayer ] for the church Covenant body to abide in; whereby, Christ's holy seed is sustained correctly, in the invisible realm of the heart gardens of believers. However, [ .. without .. ] this [ Divine .. right minded .. Priesthood prayer ], revealed and guarded from the Apostles' foundation of Jesus Christ, the church / Priesthood ministry of Covenant prayer strays from its clarity and accuracy; and, their ( spiritual oil ) faith - substance loses its holy virtue, becoming contaminated with Worldly ~ distortions of vain philosophies and unfounded imaginations, and; the Angels that are activated through such compromised prayers are spirits of darkness, Demons of ( Satan's ) kingdom, eagerly awaiting this corrupted faith supply to feed their human hosts with the reinforcement of their vices of darkness. In such a case, which is the present reality of the mainstream church society, the Covenant seed of Christ's indwelling life remains undeveloped within the hearts of these trapped believers, choked off from its holy oil, never reaching a growth level of fruit bearing ~ maturity; and, the Covenant ~ Salvation promise, of the indwelling Christ Life, remains unfulfilled for them, and perhaps lost permanently, unto their continued damnation!

    God's Kingdom of Heaven is a system of order that is profoundly established by Angels; whereby, God's Angels rule over men regardless of men's awareness or acceptance, regardless of men's Covenant holiness or sinfulness, regardless of men's religion or atheism. Men .. CANNOT .. supersede the Angels that abide within them, nor stray outside of their designated positions; for, those Angels are above men in spiritual dominion, in setting men's functionality of gifted abilities .. talents .. sentient capacities .. intelligence .. and levels of collective rule, even setting boundary limitations of societal .. familial .. or tribal .. influence, including the defining of each man's inferiority or superiority in ranks of group authority, and additionally; men's locational domain of geographic experience. And, men's societal participation and contribution / insightful clarity or dullness of collective perception / expressions of vocal instruction, command, or submission unto other men, all of men's societal functionality is pre-established .. limited and forcibly constrained .. or expansively directed and compulsively motivated .. by the Angels that are Divinely assigned to them. [ THIS ] is the Kingdom dynamic of God's creation plan; whereby, God's created men .. [ ARE ] .. governed .. [ with exceptional certainty ] .. within, or outside of, the Covenant of Jesus Christ! When men are predestined .. Divinely planned .. for their Kingdom disposition to be fulfilled in the ( holiness virtue ) of Jesus Christ .. specifically .. , such men will enter the Covenant of Jesus Christ which incorporates an elaborate change of Angels. And, when such men follow the Covenant process of Jesus Christ, their “calling” of Covenant purpose is revealed to them through the Covenant Angels that are given to them. Those such men, who respond with obedience to their Covenant “calling out”, such men enter into a change .. with certainty .. of their societal order, in their rank of community importance, according to their overall Angels' abilities; whereby, this Covenant change, believing men learn God's holy Kingdom structure, evidenced to them .. continually .. by their experiencing of Angels. But, it needs to be remembered that God's Kingdom of Heaven incorporates, ( firstly ), and perpetually, Apostles of Jesus Christ, and God's appointing of particular Angels, for this Apostles assignment of Covenant establishing and continuous maintenance. Apostles are God's Divinely appointed filters and guardians of ( His ) Kingdom Angels, according to the gifts of their own appointed Covenant Angels; whereby, the Kingdom Angels of Jesus Christ's Covenant are predisposed to a specified character, which; character, is known .. in its specificity .. and recognized .. in that exactness of character .., to God's gifted Apostles. The fallen Angels of common men are known and understood, as well, by the Apostles of God's Covenant Angels; so that, the fallen Angels are recognizable and qualified, in their kind, and with equal specificity. Fallen Angels, already operating within Covenant vineyard men, are discovered by the Angels of Covenant Apostles; and, this discovery automatically activates a Priesthood intervention of holy faith ( oil ) secretion, within the prayers of Covenant Apostles, commencing a struggle / a spiritual warfare; whereby, the fallen Angels are forcibly overruled .. are limited and suppressed .. in their effects upon the hosting believers of the implanted Tree – seed, of Christ's Life. Without this intervention by the Angels of Covenant Apostles, Christ's implanted seed .. within the heart gardens of Covenant believers .. may stagnate and even wither unto death; for such Covenant believing hosts, of Christ's implanted seed, are .. perpetually .. engaged with other men of the World .. family and friends and co-workers and societal governors .. of the World's evil, who are activating their faith ( oil ) secretions, continuously, as a creation capability of God for all humankind; and these World's workers of evil faith ( oil of sin ) enable evil Angels .. Demons .. ( Satan ) to manifest within the heart gardens of the believers of the Covenant of Jesus Christ. So a faith ( prayer ~ oil ) warfare is engaged, frequently, over the holy vineyard of the Christ seed, of many Covenant believing hosts, requiring the gift of the Apostles' Angels, and their carrying of holy Apostles' faith ( holy prayer ~ oil ) to guardedly defend the church body – tabernacles of the growing seed of Christ's Life. And, without this holy Priesthood gift of Covenant Apostles' Angels, the Covenant vineyard remains more vulnerable to attack, becomes weaker over time, and susceptible to the World's influences of spiritual corruption, which; influence and corruption, comes by the evil faith ( oil ) of an evil World, that enables the working of unholy Angels in the heart gardens of men.

    The Church idea, of God's original construction, is for men to function on God's plane of spiritual life, throughout eternity, within the classification of God's Son .. Jesus Christ .. . This Church idea is accomplished through a composition of multiple gifts of Divinely choreographed spiritual empowerments, selectively appointed unto men throughout the Covenant Church - body; whereby, the final effect of those many actively working spiritual Church gifts, is a manifestation of a healthy “living” Word Tree, bearing perfected fruit of the Divine nature of Christ's Life, from within the heart gardens of many church men. ( “Fallen” ) men are invited to learn this Covenant Church ideology, wherefrom; this faithful learning, the [ KEY ] is given to the entrance into this wonder, of the New Testament heart nature of Jesus Christ, and ( His ) Word Tree – fruit born empowerments. The Covenant Church entity is created to serve Jesus Christ .. exclusively .. in the role of a wife that submissively serves her husband, in holy obedience, which; holy serving, comes .. exceptionally .. from this spiritual dynamic of God's life. This Church – wife imagery requires Church ~ Covenant men to prayerfully interact with God .. THE FATHER of JESUS CHRIST .. in a fellowship of God's spiritual plane of Heaven; whereby, God teaches Church men, from within that spiritual plane, ( how ) to be that proper Church - wife to ( His ) Son .. Jesus Christ .. . So, God .. THE FATHER .. and God - the Son .. Jesus Christ .. and God – the Holy Ghost are all three incorporated into a continuous fellowship with this Covenant Church - wife, from within that spiritual plane. Therein, the Covenant Church – wife is enabled to function .. correctly and completely .. within the spiritual dynamic of God's Kingdom of Heaven; whereby, this spiritual plane of God's Kingdom, the Tree .. of Christ's Life .. is enabled to fulfill its created purpose of bearing the fruit of Divine Life, from within the heart gardens of many men. And, it is the Church - wife that bears the accountability to accomplish this Covenant fellowship with God, from within that spiritual plane of Heaven, for that Church entity to learn how to serve God's Son .. Jesus Christ .. . And, the Church that .. DOES NOT .. satisfy God's mandate to serve ( His ) Son .. Jesus Christ .. as a proper Covenant Church - wife of spiritual fellowship, is the Church that is .. ( itself ) .. filled with unchecked spirits of ( Satan ), and remains deceived with all manner of spiritual darkness / with wandering views of religion / with inbred doctrines of Devils / with many whorish philosophies of the World / with its prayerfully secreting its Priesthood faith ( oils ) that supply Demon spirits. Without this acceptance of God's Kingdom platform, [ .. being within a spiritual plane of Heaven .. ], the Church will .. NOT .. understand and ( cannot fulfill ) God's mandate to correctly serve the Son .. Jesus Christ, as a proper Church - wife; and therein, without this acceptance and practice of Covenant spirituality, the Church .. CANNOT .. succeed in its Priesthood enabling of the Tree .. of Christ's Life, in its faith ( holy oil ) supply of holy Angels to minister within the heart gardens of many men, .. in its processes of impregnating men's heart gardens with the Tree of Life - seed, .. and; in its enabling the fruit bearing, of Divine Life, to grow unto perfection, within such Covenant Church - men. Such an unsuccessful Church - wife enables believing men to remain unchanged by the Word – seed of Christ's Life; whereby, this exceptional change, they would be set free from the bonds of unseen spirits .. Demons .. ( Satan ) .. , and the pre-set penalty of death, with its eternal damnation. The Apostles of Jesus Christ are the ( first ) messengers of God's Kingdom - Church of spiritual fellowship; whereby, God's holy Apostles, the Church – bride is taught these [ KEYS ] to be spiritual and to pray in faithful obedience to the teachings of God, which; spiritual teachings, come through ( “anointings” ) of this particular fellowship.

    The Church of Jesus Christ requires a functionality of collective ministry; whereby, each member of the Church – body has a role of responsibility in activating the ministry gifts that have been imparted from the spiritual realm of God's Heaven. Thereby, the process of prayer, of ( holy faith oil ) supply to the holy Angels, this prayer process requires the participation of every Covenant believer of the Church - body. It is this collective ministry, of holy Angels' supply, that allows the Tree .. of Christ's Life to be continually protected and nurtured, unto its bearing of the fruit of Christ's Life, from within the heart gardens of each Covenant believer. The Church principles of ( right Priesthood prayer ) is the [ KEY ] to the success of this daily work; for, when this prayer of ( faith ) is unholy in its quality, then unholy Angels .. Demons .. spirits of ( Satan ) .. are supplied their ( oil ) substance to minister to the heart gardens of Church men, which then, reinforces those Church men's previous heart driven ~ compulsive motivations .. their heart trained ~ lusts and addictions .. their corrupted natures of obsessive and destructive behaviors .. whereby, the Devil's dominion of ( soul ) entrapment is continuing to be reinforced within them, even while they are attempting to be Covenant men. This unimaginable horror is the direct result of a failed Church system of prayer ~ faith construction. So, the Church system of Priesthood prayer ~ working requires a particular construction of Covenant posturing; whereby, the Church ~ Covenant believer understands intellectually, and accepts privately within the heart, the principles of being in agreement with God's Covenant terms, which; Covenant of God, and its terms for the Church, have been offered through the Covenant mediator .. Jesus Christ .. . The Covenant terms, of God's offer unto ( “fallen” ) men, unto the Salvation of men's ( souls ), these Covenant terms are established through the principles, that: Covenant believers ( A ) surrender up their ( souls ) to God's Christ Jesus .. which is surrendering up [ THE VERY LIFE of the SELF ] .. so that the ( soul ) may be “saved” from eternal damnation of the ( “fallen” nature ) .. by the processes of this Covenant, .. and ( B ) in this surrendering up of [ THE LIFE of the SELF ] which is .. the very life of the soul .. the Covenant believer accepts the condition that God established, for; the Church to be the “living” body / the flesh tabernacle ~ host of the Word of God – seed, of the growing life of Christ; whereby, Jesus Christ .. who is ( the “living” Word of God ) .. becomes the “living” nature growing up, and abiding in domination, within the believer's heart, which; “living” nature of Christ, then sets the lifestyle parameters .. the exclusive purpose of the believer's life in Christ Jesus .. the belief system of exclusive discipline .. and an agreed functionality / responsibility within the Covenant Church – body. These Covenant terms establish a disciplined life purpose of purity for the Covenant believer; whereby, the implanted Word of Jesus Christ must be favored in its purity with exceptional dedication unto holiness, by the Covenant believer, in such believer's commitment and preference over .. ALL .. of the vain imaginations and diverse philosophies of life, and the many alternatives of religion, that are proliferate throughout the World of ( “fallen” ) men. Priesthood prayers, of Apostles of Jesus Christ, are a primary component of this Covenant understanding and acceptance; whereby, Church Apostles' prayers are concentrated on satisfying the [ Will of God ] in all regards of a spiritual .. Church Kingdom .. dynamic, in the enabling the ( “Tree of Christ's Life” ) to become [ THE ] heart nature ~ source that motivates men of the entire World unto Divinely gifted holiness, thereby; [ .. SAVING THE WORLD .. ] from its ( “fallen” ) condition and its curse of Demon spirit punishments. The Apostle quality of Priesthood prayer requires Covenant believers, of the “correct” Church model, to deny the [ Will of the Self ], to deny Worldly desires / the lusts of the flesh / ( “fallen” ) man motivations and addictions / Demon cravings of pride and “self centered” indulgences; whereby, unsaved men would design prayers that would perpetuate their prior conditions of Earthly suffrage and Eternal ( soul ) damnation, of an unchanged ( “fallen” ) condition. The whole premise, of a “correct” Church model of Priesthood Apostles' prayer, is to teach ( “fallen” ) men to abide in [ .. a HOLY WAY of Jesus Christ .. ], which is enabled to function, within the Church of untrained novices, by the advance accomplishment of Church Apostles, and by the Apostles' preparation of the other .. necessary .. Church ministries, of the Priesthood .. Church mother .. .

    Divinely right - Faith is [ THE ] secret of the New Testament promise of ( soul ) Salvation; whereby, this disclosed knowledge of right Faith, the Church - bride of Jesus Christ becomes fully cleansed from spiritual darkness / becomes complete in God's image, as the wife of Christ / and is finally matured to be the true Church – mother, who nourishes the Tree of Christ's Life, in the heart gardens of many men. The conceptualizing of right Bible - Faith, .. the learning of such Bible - Faith principles, exemplified in Jesus Christ, .. and the disciplined practice of Divinely right – Faith working, are base-line characteristics of the New Covenant experience; whereby, such Faith principles learning, Covenant believers of Jesus Christ transcend the vague mysteries of ( soul ) Salvation, and; become participants of God's Covenant – Faith knowledge; therein, such discipled servants deliberately exercise right Faith, of; this perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ, by; their choice of utilizing this revelational understanding of Faith working, as their own practice. Further, spiritual dynamics, of Church ~ Covenant gifts, are vital components in this Faith revelation and practice, after the perfect example of Jesus Christ; consequently, the Church acceptance, and active pursuit, of Covenant gifts of the spirit, permits the God character [ .. unto the holiness virtue of Christ .. ], to be obtained from within an invisible shroud of God's Heaven; whereby, these Covenant gifts of the spirit become part of Covenant believers' mindset of references, as; a doctrine principle of .. actualized .. Covenant provision, and as; a daily function of deliberate Priesthood prayer activation; wherein, these Covenant gifts of the spirit, Covenant believers produce holy Faith works, on the scale of the holiness virtue of Jesus Christ; and therein, become saved .. from spiritual darkness of Demon spirits, .. and from the mind sets and sinful behaviors of ( “fallen” ) men. The Apostles, of the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ, are God's ( first ) ( “fallen” ) men to learn this doctrine [ KEY ] of right Faith practicing; whereby, through the knowledge and example and imparted gifts of these Covenant Apostles, this exact right Faith of Jesus Christ is revealed unto other ( “fallen” ) men, and is learned by Church ~ Covenant believers as a normal practice of Priesthood prayer. The Apostles' ( hearing ) the voice of right Faith of Jesus Christ, .. the Apostles' ( following ) the practice of this right Faith revelation, .. the Apostles' ( obeying ) of the commandments of Jesus Christ's Faith ~ truth, .. the Apostles' ( serving ) of the Faith - ministry of Jesus Christ, .. and the Apostles' ( accepting ) the ( “spirit” ) gifts of Jesus Christ's Faith, are all doctrine factors in framing other believers' mindsets unto the result of their own Covenant Salvation. And, these Apostles' message themes, of ( hearing ) .. of ( following ) .. of ( obeying ) .. of ( serving ) .. of ( accepting ) .. for the Church – body to embrace, are Faith definers which enable the Covenant Church ~ believers to enter into the reality of God's Kingdom of Heaven; whereby, their ( souls ) obtain the Salvation of Jesus Christ's perfect Faith.

    Men's Faith is a matter of automatic function, as an involuntary reaction which is triggered by men's ( voluntary activation ) of their ( wills ). The [ .. will activation .. ] of men, toward preferred thoughts and behaviors and decisions; such [ .. will activation .. ] causes a subliminal effectuation, a secretion response of a spiritual oil, from those men's spirit bodies, which; oil substance, is supplied back toward the heart gardens, of: the self, .. of children / grandchildren, .. of other family members .. siblings and parents and cousins, .. of other men of the World, who are subordinated to the higher authority of the Faith ( oil ) secreter, .. and of other men of collaborative agreement of collective Faith practicing. This Faith, whether; it is secreted in the holiness virtue of Jesus Christ, or whether; it is secreted in the ( “fallen” ) nature of the whole World; men's Faith supplies the ministry of Angels & Demons, in their continuous trafficking into, and through, and within, the heart gardens of men. Unholy Faith, produced in men's pre-set bondage of sinfulness, or in men's decided preference toward evil; such unholy Faith is the supply enforcer of perpetuated evil in themselves and in others. Holy Faith, however, is produced in men's willful obedience to, and knowledge of, Jesus Christ .. exceptionally ..; whereby, such holy Faith is the supply enforcer of holiness in themselves and in others, toward an obedience to, and a knowledge of, Jesus Christ .. [ the first begotten Son of God ] .. ! When holy Faith meets with unholy Faith, through their corresponding Angels, such opposite Faith effects in those receiving men's heart gardens will manifest in those persons' feelings of anxiety and confusion, .. and in those persons' feelings of inner conflict; whereby, this inner conflict, of Faith type opposites being at work, such receiving persons' become tormented until a decision is formulated to select one direction of pursuit over the opposite direction of motivation and encouragement, whether; holiness or sinfulness. The receiving men, therein, have the power of [ .. will activation .. ], to discern their inner feelings of conflict, and to set their course of preference, to obey the holy oil of a Faith – conscience, or; to obey the unholy oil of Faith - temptations. And, when that choice is final in its declaration, that chosen Faith type prevails in carrying out its function of supplying its own growing nature, from within those men's heart gardens, .. unto ( soul ) Salvation, .. or unto the continuation of eternal damnation. And, the denied Faith type, being rejected, may then be cast out, removing the inner conflict of the heart. So it is with everyone who is impacted with these opposites of Faith. Conflict arises from within their heart gardens, and the struggle of inner conflict causes feelings of confusion and anxiety, compelling a discovery to be sought out, to define the conflict from within; and, in the course of time, the conflict is decided through [ .. will activation .. ], but; this same conflict may be activated again, and again, within hard fought ground of men's hearts. This Priesthood prayer of holy Faith secretion, directed .. specifically .. toward liberating Worldly men from their unseen bonds to a ( “fallen” ) nature; such holy Faith - prayer is preparing those ( “fallen” ) men for the Church planters and waterers of the Tree of Life - seed. This Faith working of Church ~ Evangelism is a very sober work of Priesthood directed – Faith, that establishes Angel - walls of protection around the heart gardens of men to be liberated from their ( “fallen” ) natures, which; liberation of Jesus Christ, those men cannot yet perceive, because; their heart garden ~ born fruits of sin have blinded their hearts to their own condition, and to the only help, which comes by Faith of Jesus Christ. And, after the Tree of Life – seed has been received within such new Covenant believers, the heart gardens .. of those Church - Covenant men .. are under continuous stress of evil Faith working, of family .. of Worldly friends and co-workers .. of Faith workers of other religions, who are Faith workers of trespassing Witchcraft; whereby, such evil - assaulted Covenant believers require a diligent and knowledgeable Priesthood entity, of the Church – mother, to prayerfully send holy Faith, through the Angels of Jesus Christ, to carry out the battle of sustaining Faith walls of burning oil, as defensive works around the Covenant believers, guarding those heart gardens from perpetual assaults of evil Faith, and its carriers of Demon spirits. The Apostles of Jesus Christ have the revelation of this ongoing battle .. of Faith and Angels .. working within the heart gardens of men; and, it is these Apostles whose Faith working, in Priesthood prayers of holiness, that fights this fight, for themselves, and for the Church – body of unlearned .. unknowing .. ( “fallen” ) .. men. And, without the Faith war being waged by God's holy Apostles, the Church – body is [ MUCH LESS ] adept at this battle, over the rule of their heart gardens; whereby, many fail to obtain the blessed Salvation of the Covenant, having been overtaken and blinded by spirits of deception, and many continue in their sinful bonds without having the initial [ .. liberating conflict of the heart .. ], by the Apostles' holy Faith ( oil ).

    God's Word ~ Tree .. of Christ's Life .. is the realm of Prophets' spiritual oversight; whereby, the Prophets of Jesus Christ are the watchmen / the translators of Word ~ Tree development processes / the interpreters of its progress or egress / and the messengers of alarm when it is in danger. Covenant ~ Church Prophets are .. entirely .. centered, as a ministry dedication, to the conscious awareness of this Tree of Life ~ condition. As this Word ~ Tree Life .. of Jesus Christ .. grows and matures, within the [ collective garden of many implanted seeds of the Christ Life ], [ .. the Church - Mother Tree .. ] speaks words of its impregnated body ~ life, through its carrying Angels, disclosing information .. revelationally .. about the Church – body whole. This information is spoken, through the Church Angels, to prepared Prophet - hearers / to spiritually gifted Prophet ~ listeners / to the appointed Prophet - guardians, whose Prophets' ministry task is to know the condition of the Church – body, and to filter out distortions .. and misconstrued assumptions .. of this Word ~ Tree Life .. of Jesus Christ .. . The Prophets, of the Church ~ Covenant, are Divinely appointed monitors of Church – Life in Christ, whose Prophets' gifts of Prophets' Angels' watchfulness and holy intervention, enable such Prophets to measure the battle, of Priesthood - Faith against the Faith working of the World's established evil; whereby, the condition of the Word Tree .. of Christ's Life .. is revelationally known. Prophets of the Church – Covenant are compelled, by their Angels, to sound an alarm, within the Church, to other Church ministries, when evil Faith victories are occurring within the garden - body of Jesus Christ; and, such Prophets, by their gift – Angels, are the rapid response prayer warriors, of Priesthood ~ Faith intervention, to isolate and clearly identify the men whose heart gardens have been compromised, wherein; the Tree – seed of Christ is being inhibited from its progress of holy Faith nurturing! And, such ministers of the holy Covenant, [ Church Prophets ], are frequently afflicted by the ( oil carrying ) messengers .. [ Demon spirits ] .. of Worldly Faith ( oil ); whose enabling strength of Evil Faith ( substance ) is activated against the implanted Tree – seeds of Jesus Christ's “living” Word, .. and; against the flesh – body - tabernacles of men, wherever; men's heart gardens have been implanted with the seed of Christ's Word Life; whereby, this ministry task, Church - Covenant Prophets guard the garden gates .. stand in the spiritual portals of entry .. to the Church – body. Therein, Church - Covenant Prophets receive the ( first ) impact of assault that is launched against the gates that protect the Tree – seeds of Christ's “living” Word, .. and; the flesh – body tabernacles of seed - impregnated men. The [ will activation ] of Worldly Faith, becomes an attack of Angels .. ( conjured Demon spirits ) .. toward the literal [ “murdering” ] of the Tree – seeds of Christ's “living” Word, and; the human tabernacles .. as well .. who have hosted these implanted Tree – seeds of Christ's “living” Words. The Prophets feel these Faith attacks ( first ). Prophets, of the Covenant of ( soul ) Salvation, are the spiritual Faith shields of defense, who are afflicted with Faith – arrow piercings .. with stone pummelings, which are cast in Faith of hatred .. with nails hammered into their flesh & brutal whippings of thorny vines .. with beheadings and sword cleavings .. and with vile raping, all through the hearts' imaginations designed of Worldly men's [ will activation ], of evil Faith secretions, which; spiritual oil of Faith, feeds the carrying Angels .. Demon spirits .. which are conjured weapons of the “spirit” of ( Satan ). Prophets are brutalized in actual suffrage of painful torments, in their ministry as Covenant gate watchers, as vigilant sentries on the high parapets of the Church ~ garden. And, Prophets of Jesus Christ are set to this assignment .. [ ordained with appointed authority ] .. through the higher oversight of Apostles of the Covenant of ( soul ) Salvation. Without this higher authority of Covenant Apostles, Prophets are .. NOT .. validated with the proper gift - Angels of Church – body insight .. oversight .. and protection; and further, without Prophets established from the oversight of Divinely confirmed Apostles, Prophets are .. NOT .. otherwise ordained, leaving the Church – body – garden of implanted Tree – seeds .. to be less protected, and vastly more vulnerable to unshielded assaults of evil minded Faith working.

    Prophets, of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, have been endowed with gifts of the “spirit”; whereby, such ordained Prophets are enabled to discern Spirits .. Angels .. Demons, within the character of men's Faith .. [ activated by the wills of men ] .., whether toward holiness or sinfulness. Such activated Faith of men supplies the carrying spirits with Faith .. an invisible substance .. ( a spiritual oil ) of the identical character of that Faith of activation, in holy Faith of Divine virtue, or in Worldly Faith of sin; whereby, God's holy Prophets can .. precisely .. distinguish holy ~ working Faith from unholy ~ working Faith. Whether men's intention is toward the nurturing progress of the Word Tree – seed of Jesus Christ; or whether men's intention is toward the continued deception of the World's temptations of fleshly lusts and mammon serving, the guardian Prophets will discern the fruit born out of the inner man's heart garden – tree; therein, through the reading of men's Angels, Tree of Life ~ Prophets can discern the hearts / the core natures of men, and even the identities, of those supplying Angels with their Faith ( oil ). Prophets of the Tree of Life - Covenant are very sensitive to the voice of Angels that speak from within the heart gardens of men .. of all men .. of Church administers of Christ's Word Life .. and Worldly men of Demon harboring .. of disciples of the Tree of Christ's Covenant .. and antagonists who have set themselves against the “living” Word of God's Christ .. . The Prophets' ministry is God's gift to the Church – body, for the Covenant ~ Church to have knowledge of the Church condition, at all times, for such Prophets' insight to be known as revelation to the Church, disclosing a gifted understanding of Faith carrying ~ Angels, of what progress or egress is occurring within the heart gardens of the Covenant believers. The Angels, comprising Prophets' appointed gifts of Divine insight and warning, alert such Prophets to events occurring within others, which; events .. past, present or future .. are exposed through the Angels of these Prophets' gifts, disclosing the Faith – working of other men. And, Prophets are ordained, with the Apostles' imparted authority, to affect change within the Angels realm, thereby revising the outcome of events, through their own [ willful assertion ] of holy Priesthood prayer; whereby, this higher authority ~ Faith of Prophets, holy Priesthood intercession permits, or denies, the intended affectation of men's Faith working, whether such men's Faith is in holy obedience to the “living” Word, or whether such men's Faith is in allegiance to ( Satan's ) entrapments and continued bondage. Prophets of the Covenant Word Tree .. of Christ's Life .. will know, in advance, the future condition of the Tree of Life – seed and fruit, before that condition has manifestly appeared in its progress or egress, and; where the Faith ( oil ) is coming from, in its variations and mixtures of holy Angels or unholy Demons. The ( oil ) of holy Faith will be clear, through the voice of its Angels, of its source of origin; and the ( oil ) of unholy Faith will be distinguished .. also .. , through the voice of its Demon spirits, in its varying sources of Faith origin. The Prophets of the Church – body are given this insight to the ongoing battle of Faith, by the Angels' character, revealed through the Prophets' gifts; and so, Covenant – Church administrators are provided with an advantage of this knowledge of the Prophets' Angels, even before manifestation – events affect the Church – garden of many men's heart gardens, enabling the Church to prepare a proper and thorough Priesthood response, on a wider scale of Church- body discipleship.