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Angels of Darkness and Covenant Light

    The Angels Covering is a composition that reflects God’s Kingdom of Heaven; wherein, God interfaces with humankind, in ( HIS ) way, in ( HIS ) timing, to accomplish, of course, ( HIS ) purposes, that commonly eclipse men’s logic and reason .. “Cherubims” .. Exodus chapters 36 & 37. The Angels Covering becomes a part of humankind, literally merged into each human person, to become part of the personality of that person .. Ephesians 3:10. The Angels Covering, then, is a - TOOL - of .. DIVINE .. creation, that enables God to Oversee ( HIS ) created human creature with an ability to inject a quality of experience into any man’s reality, that men can observe and notice and extrapolate a message from, which Angels Covering experience will guide inquiring men to trace its origins, and to discover “GOD” ( HIMSELF ) and God’s intent of these or those Angels Covering messages. The Angels Covering is a component in all men’s motivation of the heart’s < CORE >; wherein, men become categorized by their Angels Covering patterns of behavior; and, when those behaviors are abruptly changed, to become supplanted by a strangely new Angels Covering, even alien behaviors, then those new Angels Covering behaviors become the cause of observing men’s thoughts and questions, as to why, and how such natural changes might occur. God ( HIMSELF ) is the cause of such changes; and, the methodology of such change is the Angels Covering, of Creation construction, from a hidden Kingdom of Heaven paradigm of existence. The Angels Covering, then, is profoundly revealing of God; and thereby, the Angels Covering dynamic becomes a mystical force of praise or horror. Therein, is great purpose of God, in ( HIS ) foresight of amazing capacity, in ( HIS ) creation design of such an extraordinary “power” of the Angels Covering existence, as ( HIS ) planned interface with humankind, enabling God to invisibly direct men, to redirect men, to motivate men, to inspire men, to demotivate men, to “Gift” men with all manner of ability, even to arrange a hierarchy of social preeminence according to ( HIS ) organizing of the Angels Covering. God .. Literally .. selects men, in pre-destination, by ( HIS ) sovereign ability to construct the Angels Covering of each man; wherein, God may appoint individual men, or groups / families, to works / noteworthy achievements / profound accomplishments; and wherein, God may well engineer a staged spectacle, on a timed platitude of forethought, as a lesson for then watching men. The ( faith ) machinery of humans is the invisible engine that men naturally / subconsciously manipulate, enabling men to interact with their appointed Angels Covering, to activate and pursue its purpose, or to interpret it, or potentially to alter it. All of mankind is blessed with this creation composition of the Angels Covering, God given and God programmed with individualistic capacities and collective society compatibilities.

    The Angels Covering secret is automatically revealed to Kingdom of Heaven - COVENANT – men; for, this composition of men’s sentience reality is made known as a factor of every man’s motivations / fleshly “lusts” / compulsions and addictions; therein, the Angels Covering must be accounted for, in - COVENANT - “Believers’” managing the course of life, in the process of “Transformation” unto the ( “Inner” ) Christ nature. The Angels Covering tells the story of the Christian experience, in the change from the world’s common nature of “Damnation”, reflected by its Angels Covering, to a liberated conscience of ascending light, in God’s Christ Jesus. The Angels Covering miracle of .. DIVINE .. adaptation, from a ( “Repentance” ) of [ SINS ], to enter into the “Remission of Sins”, becomes an astonishment of realization when this Angels Covering miracle occurs, spontaneously, proving the claim of the New Testament - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ. These Angels Covering confirmations, corroborate the Bible, adding impetus unto the further Bible promises of .. DIVINE .. “powers” unto healings and miraculous signs, and to then obtaining of the “Divine Nature” in “Believers’” hearts, giving hope to soul “Salvation” of the Bible’s Eternal ( “Life” ). The Angels Covering component, of God’s interface with humankind, is affirmed by the Prophet administration, that “reads” the Angels Covering, and then directs “Believers” how to interact with this messaging composition of the Kingdom of God’s Heaven. That Prophet administration will interpret the present times Angels Covering manifestations, that were altered / enhanced by “past” / “previous” events of “Believers’” ( faith ) working, even immersing such a Prophet - persons into distant past ( faith ) working of “Believers’” parents / ancestors, that culminated in the present time manifestations of the current Angels Covering. Such Prophet - Gift abilities, reading the Angels Covering, bring a dynamic perspective to the Christian Life - reality, substantiating the dependency of “Believers” upon Kingdom of Heaven principle learning, even triggering respectfulness of God’s several “Gifts” of - COVENANT - enabling. The Angels Covering component in “Believers’” experience, tells a readable story of progress, whether unto “Transformation” of the soul, or whether unto stagnancy or regression of the soul unto the [ OLD MAN ] nature and - COVENANT - failure. Reading the Angels Covering becomes a primary Prophet tool in assessing the Church’s aggregate integrity to the New Testament - COVENANT - ideal of Jesus Christ, and to whether the Church’s focus has become distracted unto worldly endeavors, that are not profitable to “Believers’” souls.

    The Bible’s perspective of Darkness is revealing a concept of “Spirituality”, that describes the Angels Covering of the world’s common men, that are .. NOT .. illuminated with the light of Jesus Christ, or with the Angels Covering of Jesus Christ .. Mathew 25:31, that would overtake the Darkness upon the world’s men, that handicaps them without their understanding, and that is outside of their worldly abilities of redemption. The Darkness, that characterizes the conscience / sentient capacities of the world’s men / heart motivations of moral or immoral motivation, hides men’s souls from their auto-default nature’s programming, in their primordial working of ( faith ). Biblical Light, that can overtake / overrule men’s Darkness, is - ONLY - referenced to God as its source, in the knowing of God, the Creator of all things, and in the knowing of the - WAY - of God, as the - ONLY - way to enter into “Life”. Contradicting Darkness is profoundly a “Spiritual” paradigm of God’s Creation reality; wherein, nothing of the world, from within the world’s Darkness, can remotely undo the Darkness state of God’s Created humankind. There is - NO - Light upon / within worldly men, of any philosophical or religious or intellectualized capacity that can circumvent men’s Darkness, nor remove / replace such Darkness, nor overtake such Darkness with .. DIVINE .. Light. .. DIVINE .. Light is constrained to the .. implicitly .. sovereign rule of God, and .. CANNOT .. be hijacked, nor tapped into by religious manipulation of Darkness, nor piggy backed by crafty “trickery” of the world’s men, in Darkness. .. DIVINE .. Light belongs to God, exceptionally, without further qualification, and cannot be accessed until God’s Christ Jesus bestows ( HIS ) Light upon men, by ( HIS ) appointed holy Angels Covering, to those that are ( HIS ) disciples, who are within the paradigm of ( HIS ) New Testament - COVENANT -.

    All men, entering the New Testament - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ, are coming from an auto-default condition of Darkness in their Angels Covering, without exception; whereby, such “Believers” .. CANNOT .. extract themselves from their own condition of Darkness, nor can they even define their bondages as the effect of a precondition of Darkness. The Darkness reality, with its principle learning of “Spiritual” referencing, is the domain of God’s true Church, to be known by the Church and discipled in all new - COVENANT - “Believers”. The Darkness state, of men’s preset Angels Covering, is a universal condition, foreknown, certainly, by God, but also is a “problem solved” within the paradigm of the New Testament - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ. The Darkness paradigm of the Angels Covering is overcome, instantaneously, by the process of “Believers’” [ REPENTANCE ] from [ SINS ], a concept thoroughly reviewed / presented by a qualified Prophet - administration, to bring “Believers” into their experience of the “Remission of Sins”. This “Remission of Sins” is a revolutionary experience that removes Darkness out of the Angels Covering of those “Believers”, disconnecting the obvious Darkness hindrance that would handicap such “Believers” in their ( faith ) working to accomplish their [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation”. This Darkness paradigm would perpetually subvert new - COVENANT - “Believers”, if not suppressed by “Remission of Sins”, and would mysteriously plague such “Believers” with indwelt compulsions / addictions and mental persuasions of wrong ideological thinking, unto their repetition / replenishment of Angels Covering Darkness, that becomes an infinity loop of uncorrected ( faith ) failures.

    The Curse is upon mankind as a perpetuated condition of Darkness in the Angels Covering; whereby, the world’s men are plagued, without natural help of recovery, by a “heart nature” program that is preset to cause the world’s men to use ( faith ) in “Antichrist” directions, that are ( Self afflictive ), and without end. The Curse is a promise of God when men violate God’s basic tenets of [ GOD CENTEREDNESS ]; wherein, such violating men, who are all of mankind, are persuaded from within, to remain [ SELF CENTERED ], insisting of course that they are their own gods, and are .. somehow .. God authorized to exercise their God - given capacities / sentient sensitivities unto - FLESH - minded glories, without honoring God or giving praise to God’s Creation benevolence. Men, within the clutches of the Curse, do not consciously comprehend the reality of such a Curse; for, such worldly men are blind, by the Curse, to their own susceptibility to perpetuate the indwelling Curse. The Curse upon men is never ( Self correcting ); therein, men’s hope of escape from the Curse is depending upon God to construct a devise of “Deliverance”, that transcends men’s ( Self ) assessment, Darkness Angels Covering, that blinds men to this Curse reality within them, that keeps all men handicapped and without hope of expiration or release from this perpetual bondage. The Curse upon all of mankind connects men to God’s further consequences of Judgments, in God’s permitting / directing men’s afflictions / diseases / societal conflicts, even murders and wars and all manner of political struggles, that keep men on a perpetual treadmill of laborious struggle in relentless suffrage. The Curse cannot stop, even unto multitudes of inevitable deaths, except only by God’s peculiar methodology of intervention; whereby, God’s plan of - COVENANT - fellowship ( Calls ) the world’s men to come to God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to show a - COVENANT WAY - unto ( HIS ) peculiar “Deliverance” from the Curse, and its Darkness of the Angels Covering. By this - COVENANT WAY -, God’s miraculous “power” is employed to bring a preset escape from the Curse, to overcome that Darkness .. profoundly .. by sending a renewed Angels Covering. Men’s heart natures are reset by this - COVENANT - programming, allowing men’s ( faith ), for the first time, to be released from the Curse bondage, unto working in a holy direction of Jesus Christ.

    The Curse upon all of mankind was profoundly set, from the “Garden of Eden” ( faith ) failures of Adam and Eve; wherein, all contemporary men cannot insightfully grasp their condition of an auto-default Curse reality, that motivates them from indwelling Darkness, from an Angels Covering, God sent to hold all men in an invisible trap of perpetual ( Self punishment ). The Curse upon men will not expire, nor become “timed out” upon God’s satisfaction of men’s punishment. But, the Curse is permanent, upheld .. perfectly .. by an infinite God, keeping all men profoundly ( locked ) in an invisible prison, holding men to a preset Angels Covering condition of ( Self affliction ). The Curse, therein, must be acknowledged as a real circumstance, having real consequence in all men’s lives, that needs a real ( “Savior” ), who can really bring “Deliverance”. It is this reality of the Curse that has been resolved for the world’s men by a profound complexity of .. DIVINE .. planning and abilities, concentrated into a - COVENANT WAY - of Godly construction, that invites men of the Curse to come to God, to seek after God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and obtain that help .. explicitly .. available to stop the indwelling Darkness abiding within men’s Angels Covering. The world’s men must arrive at an understanding that they are invisibly punished by a programmed Angels Covering, containing a “Spiritual” Darkness that imposes an ( Self directed affliction ) as the Curse. This preset Curse is God designed and enforced without “mercy”, until those suffering men come to God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to enter that - COVENANT WAY - of .. DIVINE .. grace, to obtain “mercy” from God’s former / justified punishment. This .. DIVINE .. “mercy” over the Curse comes by - COVENANT - “Believers’” learning the - WAY - of “Repentance” toward past [ SINS ], and therein; obtain for themselves the “Remission of Sins”, stopping the Curse in them of heart driven ( faith ) works of ( Self affliction ).

    The Prophet is God’s appointed messenger that is “God enabled” to perceive / read / interpret the invisible Angels Covering, of its Curse nature or holy nature, and its Darkness and Light origins in its fruit bearing; wherein, the Kingdom of Heaven Church Prophet may give clear insights to - COVENANT - “Believers”, to edify such “Believers”, to encourage their - WALK - of discipleship, to progress them in the [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation” process. The Prophet administration makes known the - WAY - of God’s methodology of ( “Speaking” ) to ( HIS ) ( Called ) men, to draw them unto God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and to enable such “Believers” to interface with God from within the Church Prophet - Gift of the Church Prophet - person. Understanding the Angels Covering and the Curse upon “unsaved” men, and the real influence of invisible Darkness, is revealed with clear definition by the Church Prophet administration. The Church Prophet, then, enables - COVENANT - “Believers” to ( “hear” ) the active - VOICE - of God, to perceive each day’s - WILL - of God, to satisfy God’s plan for the “Believers” “Transformation”, unto the real hope of Eternal ( “Salvation” ). The Bible Church Institution cannot satisfy God’s appointed service to guide “Believers” toward the [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation” process without God’s “Gift” of the Church Prophet, and a legitimate Prophet - person within the Church hierarchy. The Church Prophet reads / interprets / resists the preset Curse in the Angels Covering; whereby, “Believers” are helped and enabled to know the - COVENANT - intent of God, to encourage their ( faith ) working unto their potential “Salvation”. This work and functionality of the Church Prophet is .. NOT .. optional or a ( fringe ) ministry in the Church; but, the Prophet Gift / Prophet - person is a < CORE > function that defines and validates a Bible Church with God’s “empowerment”, therein; distinguishing a Church as serving God’s purpose with ( HIS ) created men.

    The Prophet - Gift of grace transfers from the Prophet - person into the Angels Covering of - COVENANT - “Believers”, enabling their discernments of ( “Gifted” ) perceptions / interpretations, and therein; facilitating such Church Body “Believers’” knowing the Curse and its subliminal Darkness, as their auto - default subversion of their “unsaved” ( “Antichrist” ) heart nature. The active Prophet - person, by Divine oversight and application management, enables - COVENANT - “Believers” with the imparted / transferred Prophet - Gift ability; so that, - COVENANT - “Believers” may know the daily - WILL - of God, in their hearing of God’s < VOICE >, by their interpreting the Angels Covering. - COVENANT - “Believers” must learn to filter out interferences / confusions of the preset Curse and its invisible Darkness; from which, the “Believers’” previous worldly condition would need to be insightfully known and measured in its magnitude of strength, and then overcome through right ( faith ) working of [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation”. Such progress of [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation” is measured unto confirmation, and enabled through the Priesthood prayers of intercession, by the appropriate Church Prophet; therein, requiring ( ALL ) - COVENANT - “Believers” to have personal access to an appropriate Church Prophet, that has the Prophet - Gift. The Church Prophet is always subordinated to God’s .. direct .. Oversight of relentless [ X-RAY ] insight and perpetual vigilance; wherein, the Prophet - Gift is ( working ), night and day, without end of function, supplying the Prophet - Gift unto others throughout the validated Church Body, reinvigorating the Prophet - Gift in others, over and over, adding strength to strength without end.

    The Light of God, to know God, to know the “thinking” and reasoning methodology of God’s ( “Life System” ), is apparent in the Angels Covering, which is known to the Church Prophet, of a certain, as being distinctively different from the Curse motivational characteristic of Darkness within men. The Light, of God’s nature / heart motivation within men’s Angels Covering, clearly provides to such men an inner ( flash - light / candlestick ) of brightness in a dimension of Darkness of the world’s Curse motivations. The Prophet - Gift within a true Church Institution has, of course, this inner Light of God, to perceive with clarity all various matters of the invisible Angels Covering; whereby, the Prophet - Gift, then, stands before God, to be God’s instrument of manipulative usage, for God to impart this Light to others within the Church Body. God may, in ( HIS ) - WAY -, ( “Grow” ) this Light of God within the hearts of the Church Body “Believers”, which Light characterizes the heart nature unto “Salvation” of - COVENANT - “Believers”. This Light of God, then, is ( THE ) “Salvation” of .. Eternal Life .. promised within the - COVENANT - Bible of Jesus Christ; whereby, the Light of God is ( “Grown” ) within the hearts of - COVENANT - “Believers”, by a particular methodology, and is obvious to the Prophet - person within the reading of the Angels Covering. The Light of God becomes seed - planted and developed into - COVENANT - “Believers’” hearts through God’s methodology of the - WORD of GOD -, which must be implanted into “Believers’” heart gardens, then Church Overseen with particular watering, nurturing, and pruning, to obtain ( “fruit bearing” ) of that Angels Covering of Light.

    The Light of God, developed through the implanted - WORD of GOD -, becomes overtly apparent within the Angels Covering, to be discerned and reported by the Church Prophet - person; wherein, the Curse is known to be diminished in such “Believers”, and their Darkness is being supplanted by the known Light. This transference from Darkness to Light, within the Angels Covering, and this transformation from the Curse to Blessing, within that same Angels Covering, becomes obtainable and knowable and reportable by the Church Prophet - person, providing a Church narrative of affirmation, that the Bible’s “Salvation” of .. Eternal Life .. can, possibly, be achieved. This Light of “Salvation”, then, is not a whimsical imagination of ( Self deceiving ) men; for, such Light is accompanied by outward signs of .. DIVINE .. confirmation, providing a reinforced “power” evidence that reveals God’s Oversight of reconciliation with such “Believers”. This Light of God, then is known to the - COVENANT - “Believers”, becoming, then, a spectacle in the world, through such signs of confirmation, that draws attention from “unsaved” men. Such signs that confirm this Light of God are presenting evidence that disputes the validation that others are seeking, in their various hopes of ( faith ), in their worldly religions or philosophies of life - guidance systems; therein, drawing buffeting behaviors, even threats of retaliation that will punish such “Believers” of Light, with worldly persecutions of imposed suffrage. The Light of God, then, becomes a topic of societal controversy, drawing some to come unto God, seeking after this same experience of inner Light, with its confirmations of “empowered” validation.

    The New Testament - COVENANT - Church is clearly intended by God to represent the Light character of God, especially to have been confirmed and .. implicitly .. enabled by the Church Prophet. The Church of God’s Light has been organized and preordained by God’s Christ Jesus after ( HIS ) ( “Death” ) and ( “Resurrection” ) of - COVENANT - consecration, enabling “untransformed” men to access the - COVENANT - of Christ’s inner Light, through a Church system of .. DIVINE .. order. The Church Institution, therein, has been provided by God with the capacity to obtain the Light character of God; wherein, God has enabled ( HIS ) Gifts of grace of the Prophet ministry, even providing the ( “Holy Ghost” ) Gift of insightful perception of the existent Curse upon “untransformed” men, with its subliminal Darkness distortions and confusions. However, the Church community has coveted ownership of the Church, deliberately hijacking the Church Institution from God’s ownership, as in the parable of “Vineyard husbandmen” .. Matthew chapter 21; therein, the Curse condition upon “untransformed” men and its subliminal Darkness, has been obscured from common Church knowledge, to become thoroughly ( “lost” ) from the Church culture. Therein, the Church community, today, is profoundly subject to God’s Curse - judgment upon mankind’s inner motivations and its Darkness of many worldly confusions, having no alternative channel of perceptions of this knowledge, keeping the Church society in an undiscerned bondage.

    The Church of Jesus Christ belongs to God’s sovereign ownership; wherein, the protocols / methodologies of God’s Gifts of grace are meaningful, even profoundly necessary, in accessing God’s “Salvation” through ( HIS ) offered - COVENANT -. Consequently, disregarding God’s Gifts of “empowerment”, such as the Church Prophet - Gift, is ( Self ) condemning with worldly minded Church foolishness; wherein, God’s imposed judgment - Curse of indwelling Devil motivations and its Darkness of worldly minded distortions / confusions, cannot be overcome, nor even perceived within the fraudulent Church society. The Light of a Church, that is actually in Jesus Christ, will be overcoming the Curse upon “untransformed” men, and clarifying the doctrine reasoning of its worldly Darkness; wherein, the authenticated Church has become substantially enabled by a legitimate Church Prophet administration. The world is clearly impacted by the Church in God’s Light, by its prayerful intercession in that Light, that breaks through the world’s Darkness, from within its preeminent Curse; and therein, the surrounding world is profoundly filtered, separating “untransformed” men out of the world’s “power” of Darkness, to draw such filtered men into the Church of Christ’s Light. In that Light of Jesus Christ, the legitimate Church Body fulfills the intent of God’s - COVENANT - offering, bringing God’s “Salvation” to the world, even while condemning other worldly men through the appointed - COVENANT - judgment, who are already driven by the Curse of abiding Darkness.

Michael Mitchell