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Family First, a Controversy of Prophets

    The Love of God is a preeminent topic of the Bible, both of the Old Testament and also of the New Testament; wherein, the Love of God appears to be God’s own insistence for ( HIS ) Created Humans, which Love of God may be mocked by “untransformed” men as a narcissistic character of God to be reviled and morally opposed by subservient humans. The < KEY > essential of this Love of God Bible reference is to recognize that God has required this mind set from ( HIS ) created humans, for the most basic qualification for entrance into God’s < Covenant > offering; whereby, noncompliance to this Love of God prerequisite is a certain obstruction to gaining the promises, gifts and benefits of the New Testament Bible. This Love of God mind set is then a synonymous reference to the .. New Covenant .. of the New Testament Bible, perfectly aligning such Covenant men with God’s mind and intention, which promises very lofty benefits in the New Testament Bible, including “Remission of Sins” (1), .. direct fellowship of the Holy Ghost (2), .. immersion into the collective body of Jesus Christ (3), .. and “Soul Salvation” (4). The Love of God, then, in yielded subservience to God’s sovereign power of incontrovertible Judgment, is a very clear commitment of benevolent intent, from man to God, which brings a profound reactionary inclusion into the New Covenant, by God to man. The Love of God, of course, brings .. NO .. detrimental association or consequence from God, but; brings .. entirely .. a grace component of God into the Covenant “Believer’s” experience and a lofty hope of Soul “Salvation”, that .. substantially .. justifies this Love of God practice.

  The Love of God sets the precondition of Covenant “Believers”, which qualifies and validates their Covenant behavior of having “Love for the Neighbor”; whereby, the “Neighbor” - person is very narrowly correlated as a companion - friend of the same Love of God Covenant; whereby, the “Neighbor” - person is necessarily defined in the Love of God virtue of God’s Christ Jesus, and therein; the “Neighbor” - person is separate from < ANY > broader “Love of Other Things” context. This Love of God behavior becomes clearly a derivative of the .. New Covenant .. of Jesus Christ, that .. specifically .. reflects God’s character virtue exhibited among and throughout that society of God’s Covenant citizens. The Love of God, then in its citizens, is a Covenant evidence that points to God as the Bible’s exceptional Covenant author / supreme governor, further reinforcing the distinction for expanding this “Love for the Neighbor” Covenant toward more of the society’s men, and therein; strengthening the cause for that Covenant’s Love of God baseline standard for all of the human society. The Love of God mind set and behavior holds specifically to a virtue quality of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, the exclusive and immaculate consecrator of the .. New Covenant .., establishing any true “Believer’s” religious affinity / loyalty / allegiance to the Love of God mind set and .. discipleship .., in complete deference toward God’s sent Son.

    The Church Prophet is a firm witness of this Love of God baseline mindset in the “Believer’s” character; for, the Church Prophet will be the Church’s only reliable watcher; because, a true Prophet will .. always .. be “tested” / “proved” / “validated” in this very Love of God prerequisite, by a long - suffering process, of years of “Spiritual” training. That training of the Prophet, accomplished by God exclusively and sovereignly, measures that Prophet in his / her temptation rejection “responses”, .. and his / her distraction decision “responses”, that establish, even strengthen the Prophet’s “fortitude” in Jesus Christ’s Covenant certification. A Prophet of Church validation will be very tough in Love of God certification, which is always contrasted with “Love of Other Things” / “Love of the untransformed Self” / “Worldly Love of Addictive - Sinful Indulgences”; whereby, the Love of God, in the Church society, will .. always .. be observed by a Church Prophet, for official affirmation / for verbal edification / for “Transformation” necessities of confrontational correction. The Church Prophet is God’s delegated / “Gifted” messenger to be God’s own witness .. - VOICE - .. to address this prerequisite character, and its diabolical subversions, to help the Church community hold to its .. DIVINE .. mandate of clear Covenant identity / success. A Prophet will be mindful and “Spiritually” quickened, always, of this “Heart” character .. discipleship .. and religious behavior; and therein, the Church Prophet is a continual [ Guide ] / [ Shepherd ] / [ Voice of God ], to keep “Believers” honest in their Covenant quest - goal.

  The Church Prophet sets the standard for Covenant acceptance of “Believers”, their permitted entrance and Covenant maturity in the Love of God, for “Believers” to reference in their walk of “Spirituality”; wherein, the hope of Covenant “Salvation” is always subject to God’s own Sovereignty, and which progress in hope; may be - VOICED - by the referenced Prophet - Church messenger. The Church Prophet, then, becomes ( THE ) exceptional “Gift” of God, for “Believers” in the Church to reflect upon, to remember the Love of God prerequisite throughout the whole Church community. The Prophet - person cannot be replaced / circumvented / substituted by any alternative “Gifts” of God, allegedly present in the Church - body by other “untransformed” Churchmen, requiring .. exactly .. the Prophet “Gift” being present, and a Prophet - person exercising that Prophet “Gift”. As Covenant “Believers”, candidates for the Bible’s potential Covenant “Salvation”, experience the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, and are engaged by ( “MANIFESTATIONS” ) of the strange and wonderful Spirit, that are known well by the Prophet – person, Covenant “Believers” are tested continually in their Love of God. The Prophet “Gift”, then, is helpful to assist their New Covenant interpretation of the Spirit, and is even necessary to guard the “Believer” from potential deceptions / misdirections / subversions such Covenant “Believers” have all learned to embrace in their inherited Antichrist - spirit orientations. The spirit of the “untransformed” self, of universalized [ SINFUL ] acceptance, is the automatic nature of every pre-covenant “Believer”; wherein, the fellowship of the New Covenant Holy Ghost must be carefully sifted out of the saturated immersion of the un-holy ghost - spirit. This universalized un-holy ghost - spirit reality is an absolute cause for “Believers” of the New Covenant, especially Church leadership, needing the help of God’s “Gift” of the Prophet. The Old Testament narrative of stories, narrated always from the Prophet “Gift”, is a careful documentation of ( “principle Prophet truths” ), that teach the hearing “Believers” in a lifestyle of Covenant discipleship, which lifestyle is personified in the Holy Ghost of the .. New Testament ..; wherein, New Covenant “Believers” must accept this fellowship / guidance / living unction of the Holy Ghost, from whom the .. New Testament .. Prophet “Gift” is certified and can be relied upon.

    The Church, comprised .. entirely .. of “un- transformed” Churchmen, has fallen victim of their own deceit, of the indwelling Antichrist – spirit, and their inherited orientations of an accepted [ SINFUL ] spirit – unction; therein, a Family First reference for life has replaced the Love of God prerequisite of New Covenant entrance. None of the contemporary Church representations, of this Family First Church ideology, have been accepted into the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, and its advocates .. CANNOT .., by this ideology, enter the New Covenant, nor experience any of the promises, .. Gifts, .. benefits, .. or Soul Salvation that the New Testament Bible describes and the Church Prophet .. - VOICES - .. . The Family First Church ideology is, by its origin, an Antichrist framework of doctrine principle, the Family First ideology opposing .. with certainty .. the Christ of God Covenant construction. The Family First ideology Church membership cannot, possibly, obtain the Bible’s hope of Covenant Salvation; for, that Family First ideology perfectly opposes / replaces / and substitutes itself for the Love of God prerequisite, and the Church Prophet advocacy for Covenant entrance. The Family First nature, Family First heart motivation, is automatically suspect of ( “Flesh Mindedness” ), and not being of a “Spiritual” mind, being neither male nor female originated, but being ( “Flesh Minded” ) of either gender. The Family First logic is a natural inclination of “untransformed”, [ SINFUL SPIRIT ] oriented, Gentiles, which Family First Gentile advocates cannot understand God’s – WAY – of Covenant reasoning; whereby, the Gentile – reasoning Churchman knows [ ONLY ] what is “Tree of Knowledge”, [ SINFULLY ], reasoned, which never .. NEVER .. can ascend to “Tree of Life” constructed fruit bearing.

  The Family First ideology is clearly an obstruction to New Covenant “Believers”, keeping them focused upon the traditions and influential wills of family members, especially parents, uncles & aunts, grandparents, siblings, even distant cousins, who may well be advocates of other religious views, philosophies, and worldly faith systems of many derivatives. This continuity of Family First holiday practices / celebration of traditions .. certainly .. ties New Covenant “Believers” to a mysterious Family First « Angel Covering » influence, not seen nor understood by logic, but which is felt and experienced as a force of indwelling compulsion, especially to the intellectual reasoning predilection of the universally common “Gentile” handicap. This Family First reference is a “Gentile” culture, intending to keep the Covenant of God ( out ) of “Gentile” family integration and “Gentile” unified Family First business. This Family First practice is a bondage of the world, a universalized servitude to mankind’s indwelling “Evil Spirit”; wherein, such insistent Family First practitioners are condemned by God to “Eternal Damnation”; and wherein, the Bible’s insistence upon ( “SANCTIFICATION” ) becomes immediately observed in its antithesis of this Family First preference over this Love of God Covenant prerequisite. The Family First practice is an immediate and continuous linkage of any “Believer” to that families’ disorders, its congenital D. N. A. illnesses, its mental perceptions and decision judgments, that – WILL – contradict God’s will for the wayward “Believer”, always at every turn, which « Angel Covering’s » bondage of Family First traditions will be discerned by the Church Prophet in the Family First continual rejection of the Love of God, and by extension the New Covenant. Such New Covenant “Believers’” previous afflictions, inherited D. N. A. illnesses, mental perceptions and decision judgments that have handicapped those “Believers” in the past, are all reflective in the « Angel Covering », which can be, and frequently will be, discerned and translated by the Church Prophet. This « Angel Covering » discernment and translation, by the Church Prophet, clearly defines the Covenant promised experience of ( “DELIVERANCE” ) of such “Believers”, .. bringing healings and recoveries .. to occur automatically by the Prophet - Oversight of a Baptism of Repentance, unto the “Remission of Sins”, stopping the Family First « Angel Covering » imprint. Astonishing manifestations occur, automatically in the willful exercise of the “Believers’” ( “SANCTIFICATION” ) from this Family First tradition, for their Love of God Covenant preference. All afflictions associated with Family First - “Cursing” become neutralized and reset, when New Covenant “Believers” separate from this Family First unification, and leap forward, courageously, unto the Love of God Covenant paradigm.

    This Old man / New man paradigm of Covenant change contradicts the “natural” man < CORE > sense of “Self Saving”, which requires that Covenant “Believers” .. MUST .. exercise a [ WILLED ] determination of < FAITH > to accept and engage the Old man / New man experience, therein; to [ WILLFULLY ] depart from the familiarity of the < CORE > “nature”, to launch into the unknown of this Old man / New man “transformation”. Such an Old man / New man narrative of Bible promises can work as a ( Deliverance ) motivation, for Covenant “Believers” who understand this basic Bible disclosure that the “natural” man character is .. actually .. “Evil” and is ( “Eternally Damned” ) by God, which clarity, then, reinforces the Covenant “Believers’” sense of hope, that this Old man / New man paradigm of Covenant change might include them into its blessed citizenry. The Old man / New man paradigm of “Transformation”, championed by the Church Prophet, will occur in the New Covenant “Believer” by an organic process of ( “Word of God” ) accessing, adoption and adherence; wherein, the profiled Old man / New man – objective, of the New man character, is revealed in the example of Jesus Christ. This New man character, of the Old man / New man transition, is detailed in the ( “Word of God” ) narrative, which emphatically distinguishes the Family First clarification, explained by Jesus Christ and now warned of by the true Church Prophet. The Old man / New man Covenant blueprint is the Bible’s constant standard; whereby, this Old man / New man pattern is to not be dismissed by Bible theoryists; consequently, this Old man / New man basic Christian reference should not be relegated to a lower level of priority. The ( “SANCTIFICATION” ) of the “Believer”, unto the Love of God Covenant prerequisite, is < KEY > in this Old man / New man “Transformation”; for, a Family First immersion will .. absolutely .. confuse / contradict / block in its entirety this Old man / New man ( “Word of God” ) adoption and adherence paradigm of < FAITH > within the Love of God. This Old man / New man ideology of Covenant “Transformation” cannot occur when other religious / philosophical / Family First distractions are being held to and preferred by Covenant “Believers”; therein, this ( “SANCTIFICATION” ) ideal must be studied / heard honestly in its intention / and embraced as a disciplined practice, for its methodology enables this Old man / New man journey through the ( “Word of God” ) organic ( “Seeding” ) and ( “Growing” ) and ( “Fruit Bearing” ) of the proper Covenant direction of Christian < FAITH >. This Old man / New man process is .. not .. incidental nor marginally intended by the New Covenant; but, this Old man / New man paradigm of change is ( THE ) core objective and is the literal methodology of God in ( HIS ) New Covenant offering to Save [ SIN FILLED ] mankind. The Old man / New man process can be bent in other trajectories; whereby, a different New man character can be developed, according to a variety of Antichrist intended characteristics, including religious characteristics, and even false Christian characteristics, which can be programmed after the ( “IMAGE” ) of Antichrist religious men, which are not in the New man character of Jesus Christ, but are still in the Old man / New man paradigm of “transformation”. Such alternative religious / Christian / Family First viewpoints, with their derivative Antichrist origins, will .. NOT .. accomplish this Old man / New man Covenant objective, but will, in their own .. similar .. processes, arrive at ( “Seeding, Growing, Fruit Bearing” ) of very different results, far away from the Covenant Old man / New man plan of Jesus Christ, all of which are condemned by God with “Eternal Damnation”. Only the – ONE – specific ( “Word of God” ), in its organic ( “Seeding” ) and ( “Growing” ) and ( “Fruit Bearing” ), will accomplish this Old man / New man “Transformation” of Covenant “Believers”, which Old man / New man Covenant “Transformation” offers the - ONLY - hope of Divine approval unto Covenant Salvation, period.

  This Old man / New man paradigm of change will not arrive at its intended result without “Believers’” submitting themselves to a - DENYING the SELF – mind set and discipline, to serve the sovereign God at a personal “cost”; and therein, the actual commission of this Old man / New man process portrays the “Believers’” commitment to the Old man / New man paradigm of “transformation”, to obeying a “living” God, maturing such “Believers’” Old man / New man resolve. When religious men are attempting to exploit the New Covenant for ( SELF CENTERED ) gain, of “Evil” intentions, the Old man / New man paradigm of “transformation” will not be pursued, and God’s “Trials of Faith” will be ignored substantially; because, any - SELF DENIAL – mind set and discipline will be overlooked, dismissed and scoffed at, along with their devalued Old man / New man “transformation”. This Old man / New man benchmark of .. DIVINELY .. intended “transformation, must then have a .. DIVINE .. methodology that proves, such a Old man / New man activation and progress, with God’s sovereign confirmation. This Old man / New man purpose of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ is exactly characterized with the “Fruit of Christ” virtue, which cannot be simulated by a < FALSE > process of development, hypothetically circumventing God’s Oversight, but can only appear within Covenant men as an .. implicit .. Old man / New man qualification. The Old man / New man ideal is not the objective of “untransformed” human creatures, as their religious, Family First intention; consequently, the Church Prophet – person of warnings and corrections would be disdained and discouraged from speaking, even impeded from having access. This Old man / New man ideal, then, has become a topic of overt Church objection / Family First argument / Theological debate; wherein, the Old man / New man Covenant paradigm would be renounced .. loudly .. as being a distortion of Christian distraction, even defying the Love of God prerequisite. This Old man / New man paradigm of Covenant commitment, in purposeful Love of God change, when clearly is accepted by Covenant “Believers”, exemplifies this Old man / New man immersion into the Covenant, which is a message from them to God, showing Covenant “Believers’” sincerity to embody the ( “Word of God” ) ( “Seeding” ) and ( “Growing” ) and ( “Fruit Bearing” ) of Jesus Christ in the Love of God, therein; showing they are worthy of God’s Covenant offering. Old man / New man Covenant “transformation” progress will be confirmed by God ( HIMSELF ) in - SIGNS - that fellowship the Covenant “Believers” in daily / frequent events of observable evidence, reinforcing the Old man / New man course of pursuit, as being a correctly accurate direction of ( “Word of God” ) authenticity in the Love of God. Certainly, when “Believers” are .. NOT .. being followed with this fellowship of God’s Spirit, with ( HIS ) confirming - SIGNS - in daily evidence, then a correlative suspicion, even alarm, should properly arise among witnessing Churchmen that questions the Old man / New man progress in such “Believers’” Covenant entrance. So, the confirmation by God ( HIMSELF ), in - SIGNS – that portray daily / frequent confirmations, is necessarily a factor in the Old man / New man experience; wherein, Church men .. MUST .. learn to listen for accuracy and authenticity in ( “Word of God” ) ( “Seeding” ) and ( “Growing” ) and ( “Fruit Bearing” ), with its Church Prophet affirmations that will verify the Old man / New man paradigm of “transformation”, with God’s following - SIGNS -.

    The contemporary Church paradigm completely circumvents the Old man / New man process that advocates Covenant “Believers” must show “transformation” evidence, of their commitment unto Covenant worthiness; and conversely, the Church .. collectively .. lends itself to affirm [ SINFILLED ] men’s automatic assumptions of having Covenant acceptance by the Creator God, regardless of “Evil” men’s disqualifications, and wherein; God’s Bible promise of “Eternal Salvation” is believed to be accessible upon death, automatically and commonly, by all [ SINFILLED ] men, even [ SINFILLED ] Church men. The Church community has abdicated its role of leadership unto “Reconciling” [ SINFILLED ] men with God, and .. unto the “Remission of Sins”, and .. unto this Old man / New man “transformation” process. The contemporary Church community has < FAILED > God’s Covenant principles, having assumed an authority of Covenant Judgments on their own and from their [ SINFILLED ] Church intellectualism, disregarding a Love of God prerequisite to God’s Covenant acceptance and entrance, and misdirecting any potential “Believers” toward alternative religious Church / philosophical Christian / Family First “doctrine” substitutions, assuring rejection by God and “Eternal Damnation”, for every loyal follower of the Church ideology. Church “Believers’” ideas, unfortunately, portraying Covenant guarantees of “Eternal Life” in a Bible Salvation context, are currently derived from [ SINFILLED ] Church men’s intellectualized assumptions and fantasy imaginations, having no assurances / confirmations of the Church Prophet, have .. NO .. hold of persuasion upon the Creator God, nor upon ( HIS ) Son, Jesus Christ. Even when [ SINFILLED ] Church men have devised many ploys to counterfeit the Church Institution, and have thought they would push God into compliance with their < “ETERNAL CHURCH PROMISES” >, they have corralled themselves with their religious appearing Church garments and Family First ideals. These “confused” / “self deceived” Churchmen, not being correctable by any Church Prophet, have misrepresented God directly, and have no power of persuasion to change God, or ( HIS ) Covenant offering / terms / powers / promises / Gifts. That Church of [ SINFILLED ] men are “Antichrist” - spirit driven, without their having any knowledge to perceive their own spirit captivity; and therein, these pretending Church hijackers, not fulfilling the Love of God prerequisite, can only confuse anyone who might listen to their rantings of loud Church promises, as they expedite such Church listeners to a more direct achievement of “ETERNAL DAMNATION” by training such Church “Followers” to disregard a - TRUTH - messenger, when they appear in the midst of this Church confusion.

  The contemporary Church culture, now, is ( Seeded ), even ( Re-Seeded ), with a diversity of distortions that misrepresent the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, even programming the societal culture with layered misrepresentations, hyper exaggerating such misrepresentations as being God’s Bible narratives, so that contemporary ( “would be” ) “Believers” are settled without inner conflicts, in Church “Lies” that contradict God / God’s Christ Jesus and New Covenant “Life”. Therein, the Church view without the Old man / New man paradigm of “transformation”, commonly embraced throughout the subordinated community as representing a permanent “Truth” of God, has misled many men, even the gross community population, with injurious philosophies that have provoked the Creator God unto decrees of .. DIVINE .. Judgment. Consequences fallen upon communities, even nations, have commonly transpired as a direct result of Church teachings that ignore the Old man / New man paradigm of “transformation”, and Church exemplifications of misrepresentation, that have never been vetted with a real Church Prophet - person; wherein, community populations have suffered, needlessly, and repopulated generations in the same condition of endless suffrage. The Church Institution has had the authority of God, as an active “Priesthood” of prayerful intercession, not bound to the Family First ideal, but to reconcile the prior Church transgressions back unto Godly “Righteousness”, and to nullify the many transgressions committed by the subordinated society and their provocations of God’s derivative Judgments, that have caused the contemporary conditions of continuous suffrage. This opportunity of prayerful intercession, as a New Covenant “Priesthood”, has been ( “lost” ) to the contemporary Church community, in its derangement of a Family First Church doctrine; because, a Gentile Church reasoning, of an “Intellectualism” practice, has thwarted a “Spiritual” dynamic of God’s Judgments / Covenant Sacrifices of Obedience & Covenant Mercies of Forgiveness, accessible through the – BLOOD – of Jesus Christ, consecrating New Covenant works with ( “power” ), activating profound abilities that Church Priests can wield, when tutored and properly discipled in a valid Church community. The Church Priesthood Order has, itself, been counterfeited with this Gentile Church reasoning, of an “Intellectualism” practice, not being confirmed by the Church Prophet – person of the Love of God prerequisite, which has denied God’s sovereignty in consecrating ( HIS ) own Covenant with ( SINFILLED ) men; wherein, such Churchmen have substituted their own “Evil” men’s idea of a Priesthood Order, with its pretentious works of “Staged Theatre” to entertain watchers, and have subliminally deceived their watchers into an acceptance of the presented visual authentication. And so, the world’s ( fallen ) men are so led by the counterfeit Church, having no Love of God, on and on, unto a subversive twist of ( Self ) validation, that affirms such Church “Believers” unto God’s actual “Damnation”.

Michael Mitchell