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God's Mandate to the Church

The Gifts unto men, that Jesus Christ endowed new - COVENANT - men with, are profoundly created to supply - COVENANT - “Believers” with the Heavenly tools they need, to successfully achieve a Kingdom of God purpose within a [ SINFUL ] world. Such Gifts unto men are thoroughly considered by God, in Jesus Christ, to boldly face the [ SIN ] reality and the “Antichrist” agenda among all of the world’s [ SINFILLED ] men; wherein, such Gifts unto men transcend, thoroughly, all factors of resistance, even certain subversion. The Gifts unto men are labeled as .. the Apostle Gifts unto men, .. the Prophet Gifts unto men, .. the Evangelist Gifts unto men, .. the Pastor and Teacher Gifts unto men, of Ephesians 4:11; wherein, the following results are promised as necessary evidence of God’s New Testament intent. These Gifts unto men are scripturally declared, in .. Ephesians 4:11-13 .. “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; ( For ) the perfecting of the saints, ( for ) the work of the ministry, ( for ) the edifying of the body of Christ: ( Till ) we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, ( unto ) a perfect man, ( unto ) the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:” ..; wherein, God’s intent for the Church is openly known, to therein, be dependent certainly upon the accessibility of these several Gifts unto men. For the Church society to suppress these Gifts unto men is derelict unto the severest consequence, rendering Church followers to be “untouched” by - COVENANT - abilities and promises; therein, such miserable Church members remain “Damned” / “unsaved” and removed from all hope of - COVENANT - deliverance.

    The Gifts unto men experience, that some men enter into, are entirely New - COVENANT - applied and purposed; wherein, such Gifts unto men are .. NOT .. conducive to worldly agendas or contrary Pagan religion cultures. These Gifts unto men are .. implicitly .. God’s agenda centered, and therein; are narrowly engineered, to accomplish a restricted structure of results. When Gentile minded Churchmen try to engineer their own versions, of such counterfeit Gifts unto men, they obtain .. exactly .. Gentile Gifts unto men and not God’s own Gifts unto men. Their intent of obtaining God’s Gifts unto men, on their own terms of control, is .. NOT .. successful. God’s authentic Gifts unto men are a burden of suffrage, for those so ordained; wherein, their walk with God is punishing, even unto death to the ( Self ) in their not seeking a worldly status of influence and recognition / in their not seeking after worldly trophies of acclaim / in their not seeking normalcy with worldly culture desires. Such Gifts unto men are not ( Self ) glorying, nor ( Self ) promoting, but instead are GOD - SERVING - even to facing perils of every type, to carry the message and intercessory grace of God, wherever the Spirit of God’s - VOICE - may direct. Frequently, the contemporary Church community has so been warped, into worldly culture philosophies of religion, that God’s Gifts unto men are not part of the contemporary Church experience, nor presentation, and further; have become vigorously resisted by worldly minded Gentile Churchmen. The Gifts unto men, sent to the Gentile Church community, then, become a serious punishment to carry; for, the ( message & intercessions ) required by God are conducted for an ungrateful / vengeful / threatening Church community, that enjoys its preeminent influence to “starve” and “vilify” such embodied persons with their Gentile Gifts unto men.

    The Ascended Christ - person Jesus, who consecrated the New Covenant for man’s Salvation via ( HIS ) “sinless” death and resurrection, is ( THE ) exact stature required of God’s architecture to reconcile [ SINFILLED ] men unto a “righteous” relationship with the - CREATION FATHER - . The ( Faith ) pattern, exactly illustrated by the obedient / submissive “Death” of the Ascended Christ, then becomes the hallmark reference for “Believers” to study and exactly emulate. The Ascended Christ / resurrected miracle is God’s .. ONLY .. way for [ SINFUL ] men to avoid their automatic “Damnation” in an Eternal death; whereby this Ascended Christ pinnacle of crowning victory, Christian “Believing” men may follow a particular - WAY - of ( Faith ) of the Ascended Christ regimentation, to help God’s Kingdom agenda in the “Salvation” of others. The Ascended Christ supreme paradigm of .. DIVINE VIRTUE .. cannot be “flippantly” supplanted by any Gentile logic of intellectualism with a substitutional theory, alleged to be ( THE ) - WAY - of God, when that restrictively implicit Ascended Christ - WAY - is provided by God, including outwardly observed evidences of confirmation. So, the - WAY - of the Ascended Christ, followed by confirming “Gifts” and “powers” and evidences, are to be revered with solemn humility and anchored with dedicated ( Faith ) of steadfast resolve; wherein, substitutions, against the Ascended Christ, should be disdained with extreme prejudice, even prosecuted with aggressive Church relentlessness. Strangely, the opposite has occurred. The Church Society has championed its Gentile intellectualism of Ascended Christ substitutions, with its many diversified philosophies of religion, and horrifically now relentlessly prosecutes the Ascended Christ - WAY - as though it was the enemy of proper Christian “Belief”. God’s Gifts unto men have become .. exactly .. a playtoy of Gentile intellectualism; whereby, such Gifts unto men are .. now .. a philosophy of religion that champions natural men’s worldly Gifts, physical abilities and skills, glories and rewards of fleshly beauty, even mental powers of numerical calculation or societal leadership, even manipulative skills / coercions / terrorisms, that don’t represent the Kingdom of God’s Heaven, after the Ascended Christ example.

    The Ascended Christ virtue, offered to “Believing “ men by the .. implicit .. exercise of ( Faith ), is now available with the supernatural “empowerment” of God’s own Spirit, the Holy Ghost, when ( “Called” ) men follow the Ascended Christ, and ( HIS ) ( Faith ) example. The Ascended Christ virtue, offered and available within the New Testament - Covenant, is an extraordinary ideology, not commonly “Believed” by Gentile Churchmen; for, such Gentiles do .. NOT .. allow the Ascended Christ scripture pathology to produce the promised Gifts and “powers” to manifest in their personal lives. They are so intent upon upholding their control by “Tree of Knowledge” intellectualizing of religion, that the “Tree of Life” ideas are alien to their ( Faith ) sensibilities, and nonsensical in requiring - TRUST - of an invisible presence / - VOICE -, that they don’t rule over with supreme governance. And, when such Gentiles exercise their “unbelief” in generational repetition, their progeny will then oppose, automatically, others who would obtain the virtues of the Ascended Christ, who are forced to rebel against the Church culture of “unbelief”, to obey the Ascended Christ. The Ascended Christ virtue does .. NOT .. whimsically come upon Gentile Churchmen, when they practice contrary ( Faith ), in direct contradiction to the Ascended Christ mandate of exceptional ability. The entire - Covenant - ideology of God does .. NOT .. equate to Gentile Churchmen’s methodology of a “fearless” religion. ( Faith ) of the Ascended Christ is required, to follow and obey the leading directives of the invisible - COVENANT - Spirit, causing men’s indwelling “Fears” to be confronted and overcome with ( Self ) disciplined convictions toward Eternal Ascended Christ rewards and Kingdom of Heaven “evidences” of worldly victories. The - WAY - of the Ascended Christ frightens Gentiles, by - COVENANT - “Believers’” having to be diminished in worldly goals / trophies / societal agreement and influence, to obtain an elusive virtue of the Ascended Christ, therein; insisting upon “Believers” being literal “Believers” in the Ascended Christ - COVENANT - promises. “Fear” and “unbelief”, then, are the typical core values of such “Tree of Knowledge” “Believing” Gentiles, who then vigorously proselytize as many disciples as worldly minded men can manipulate with religious promises, having plausible alibis of wondrous imaginations, referenced .. wildly .. to the Ascended Christ - person. The Bible narrative, of God’s - COVENANT - Gifts unto men, are attributed to the Ascended Christ promise, while counterfeit Gentile Churchmen are imaginatively superimposing their worldly views of Gifts unto men, to be worldly / fleshly / Demonically leveraging any listeners to distort the Christian ideology of religion, to merge easily with all Pagan religions, and therein; make their deceit easier.

    The Apostle - Gift of the Ascended Christ, is an emissary who has the discipled panorama of .. DIVINE .. doctrine, who then understands what Gentiles don’t understand, and who knows implicitly what Gentiles don’t know, about God, and about Creation, and about Covenants with God, and about the role of the Devil. Such Apostle - persons are discipled with great personal complexities and tribulations and great ( Faith ) achievements, to accommodate the discipleship process, to be [ SENT ] to the Church community, for; clarifying all of the many mysteries of Theological debates / philosophies of Gentile doctrine. The Apostle - Gift, ( itself ), is an intercessory “power” that enables Ascended Christ “Believers” to walk with God in an adversarial environment, of deceitful Church doctrines / confusion / “lies” of enormous misdirection of Christianity, to provide a baseline doctrine narrative of New - COVENANT - entrance and protocols, as an encouragement to continue in Ascended Christ ( Faith ). The Gifts unto men protocol is well understood by the Apostle - person, who will set order in the Church community, to ordain, certify existing, or disqualify as posers, the Church administrators who are to guide the body of Christ into the - WAY - of the Ascended Christ - COVENANT -, therein; needing God’s Gifts unto men, to endure and overcome the [ EVIL ] world, including the counterfeit Gentile Church culture. The Apostle - Gift, Apostle - person will clearly perceive the body of Christ, and its needs, and; by hearing the - VOICE / manifestation signals - of the Holy Ghost, the Apostle - Gift, Apostle - person will guide / train / ordain the Gifts unto men, appropriate Church administrators, to accomplish God’s husbandry of strengthening the body. The Apostle - gift is ( THE ) first and most basic foundation of Christian doctrine, that sets a standard of qualification for an authentic Christian experience, with the inclusion of supernatural signs of .. DIVINE .. confirmation, so evident in the Bible narrative. The Apostle - administrator, then is a ( KEY ) component in the Christian journey of discipleship; wherein, the Apostle - Gift, Apostle - person is the exclusive reference for knowing the baseline starting principles of an accurate Church experience, that leads Christian “Believers” unto - COVENANT - entrance and success. Without this Apostle - gift, Apostle - person preaching / teaching / exemplifying the - WAY - of Christian “Transformation”; real “Believers” are misguided and sabotaged, daily, in their pursuit; the Gentile Church assuring their - COVENANT - failure throughout Eternity and a misery of a worldly immersed life.

    The Apostle experience, appointed to men of - COVENANT - entrance and daily walking, becomes a regimen of daily discipleship; wherein, the Apostle - person, endowed with a Holy Ghost baptism, becomes guided and taught as the Apostle - person, in the understanding of particular daily events / manifestation visitations by angels / “dreams” and “signs” of discipleship, that ( “little by little” ) reveal the - WAY of GOD -, as a precursory Old Testament back story of Bible Theology, in learning the New Testament - COVENANT -. A “Believer”, exercising .. strangely .. ( “right faith” ), to .. somehow in ( “right faith” ) .. obtain a difficult “Remission of Sins” and the following baptism of the Holy Ghost, that “Believer” is then qualified to be ordained by the Ascended Christ Jesus, according to God’s sovereign wisdom and interests with humankind. Such a “Believer”, then, becomes appointed to the Apostle - administration, with the Apostle - Gifts of supernatural discernment, to learn the Kingdom of Heaven methodology and protocols, to be a qualified reference for others to follow. The Ascended Christ Jesus, as the supreme God of New - COVENANT - consecration, oversight and proper governance, and knowing the Apostle foundation is not at that time served, manages ( HIS ) Gifts unto men and delegates the Apostle - Gift to such a “Believer”. This ordained Apostle - administrator, of the Ascended Christ, becomes confirmed in those Gifts unto men, of that Apostle - Gift, by “signs” following, by “miracles” of such ( “right faith” ) working, that certify such a “Believer” as being an exceptional “Believer”, having exceptional ( “right faith” ). This “Believer” Apostle has been taught, by the Holy Ghost, the principles of God’s Creation, plan and purpose, to be listened to by any other “Believers” of Christianity, especially by existing Gentile Church administrators, who are to “listen” to an actual authentic man of Apostle ( “right faith” ). This Apostle - administrator, of the Apostle - Gifts from the Ascended Christ, then becomes a frightening force of God, that imposes upon contemporary Churchmen an oversight of ( “right faith” ), unto - COVENANT - entrance and success; wherein, such Gentile Churchmen’s resistance, even denial or persecution, such rebelling Churchmen, now, become frighteningly subject to the Apostle governance of punishing reciprocation. The Apocalypse of John, .. REVELATION .., is birthed with a fierce vengeance of God’s Apostle mandate.

    The Prophet - person of the Ascended Christ Prophet - Gift, having been ordained through the same process as the Apostle - person, then is appointed .. DIVINELY .. to be a special voice of God, to the body of Christ, to articulate principle “truths” / to reinforce standard Bible narratives / to correct any variations or individualized experimentations in Church doctrine, to become the conscience of Church authenticity and reliability. The Prophet - person, of the authentic Prophet - Gift, as a very particular piece of the Christian puzzle, becomes the Ascended Christ emissary of affirmation and wisdom, to hold - COVENANT - “Believers” accountable to “Transformation” understanding and ( Faith ) integrity’; wherein, such “Believers” are reliably progressed along their way to the Resurrection of the Dead, to face confidently the Judgment Day before the Ascended Christ, having understood the - COVENANT - intention of God. When - COVENANT - men are declared in their ( Faith ), the Prophet - person, having the Prophet - Gift, will be God’s emissary to read the “inner man” of the “Believing” population, to know and to report the progress success or failure to the Church community, with a clear reference of - COVENANT - protocols, to be explained and underscored repeatedly; wherein, the Prophet - administrator broadcasts warnings and rewards of the - COVENANT - process. The Kingdom of Heaven life, of community - wide dependability, will be Gifts unto men intensive and understandable to the Prophet - person, which Gifts unto men are to be cultivated, in continual preparation, and installed appropriately with Prophet - Gift safeguards. The - COVENANT - intention is for the body of Christ to continually be matured unto “perfection” with the Ascended Christ virtues, so labeled with clarity by the Apostle - person and measured, individually and collectively, by the Prophet - person. This dynamic function of the Prophet - Gift, within the Prophet - person, must then be championed by the rest of Church leadership, in uniform agreement.

    The Prophet experience, appointed to men of - COVENANT - entrance and daily walking, is to be regarded with solemn reverence by sideline Church observers; for, the Prophet - person will be endowed with ( back - to - back ) visitations of Spirits, of every type, for Prophet - Gift training, for Prophet - person “Trials of ( Faith )”, and as an example for others to reflect upon, in their own tribulations toward preparation for the coming Kingdom of Heaven. The Prophet - person probably has .. NO .. correct orientation to the New Testament - COVENANT -; for, no traditional Church can enable the Prophet - person with a correct doctrine foundation; therein, such a Prophet - person must learn by .. DIVINE .. visitation, by personal experience, having to obey an invisible presence of Spirits by ( “right faith” ). The Prophet - person, learning to proficiently use the Prophet - Gift, will be battered with relentless waves of ( DEVIL SPIRITS ), bringing all manner of affliction, physical / mental / conscience hauntings / spirit kingdom realm observations; whereby, the Prophet - person learns invisible spirit weights of measure, and shifts of generational triggers of past histories. The causes and effects of affliction, coming from past [ SIN ] events, becomes an extraordinary reality to witness, with the understanding of - COVENANT - consecration providing blood remedies, that are applied through Priesthood works of ( “right faith” ). The Prophet - person becomes a contemporary Priest of profound intercessory abilities, which Prophet - Gift is shown to bring “miracles”, “strange healings”, “unpredictable protection defenses”, “unexpected and illogical blessedness”, which show forth the mysterious workings of God within that - COVENANT - “life”. The Ascended Christ virtue overtakes the Prophet - person, without manipulations by [ SINFILLED ] men’s pretensions; wherein, the Prophet - person begins to “live” as Jesus Christ “lived”, with astonishing .. DIVINITY .. as an “inner” heart character of motivations and thoughts, imposing a Godlike presence into the social community, wherever the Prophet - person is accepted / installed. This Ascended Christ virtue, then, becomes a mysterious force of visitation from within the “inner” hearts of other “Believers” as well, with those same “inner” motivations and thoughts of Jesus Christ, just like the Prophet - person. Amazingly, this Ascended Christ virtue, rising up from within - COVENANT - “Believers”, will expose the hypocrisy of traditional Churchmen who become offended, which hypocritical Churchmen then exemplify their offense to these Godly motivations and Christlike thinking, by their crucifixion of Christ, again, by their persecutions / attempted subversions of these - COVENANT - “Believers”. The authentic Apostle - person, exercising the Ascended Christ Apostle - Gift, will be augmented by such a Prophet - person, who will publicly proclaim the Apostle - person of the Ascended Christ virtue, and will support such an Apostle - Gift - person with a complementary administration. Their Gifts unto men will be .. exactly .. confirming one another without competition, when such ministries are both Gifts unto men exemplifying the same Ascended Christ virtue, in - COVENANT - “transformation”.

    The New Testament concept of Saints is a clear derivative from the “Sanctuary” - word / place wherein God dwells, specifically being human flesh bodies, while being sustained in pristine “holiness”; therein, “Believing” persons, when qualified by the Bible narrative of Baptism in the Holy Ghost and also properly enjoining the fruitful indwelling ( WORD OF GOD ), such “Believing” persons become Saints. Signs and miracles of God will follow and confirm “Believers’” stature as Saints / “Sanctuaries” of God; so, the validation of Saints becomes known publicly and not just privately by individualized interpretation. The Saints designation is decided by God, as ( HIS ) “Sanctuary” is sovereignly chosen, and not by [ EVIL ] men. The Saints of the Holy Bible are story lessons that describe the qualifications of Saints, by showing their ( Faith ) works and following evidences. Certainly, the Ascended Christ virtue will become a qualifying characteristic of legitimate Saints; wherein, the Ascended Christ virtue is evidence of “heart nature” transformation, showing forth the ( WORD OF GOD ) and Holy Ghost quality of “Believers’” commitment and personal sacrifice. When Church attendees are portraying themselves as Saints, presuming to have the ( WORD OF GOD ) and Holy Ghost components, while exhibiting worldly virtues, and mindsets, and even Pagan religion pathologies and philosophies, such Church attendees are clearly disqualified from the Saints category, not in actuality portraying the Ascended Christ virtue. The Prophet - Gift will, of course, confirm all “Believers”, that are progressing unto careful qualification, as becoming Saints / “Sanctuaries” of God; wherein, their inner nature, showing the Ascended Christ virtue, will be previewed and foreknown with Prophet - Gift edifications prefacing their eventual confirmation, as the Prophet administration is so exercised and permitted to function. As well, the Apostle - Gift will profess publicly in the body of Christ, such Saints being successful in ( WORD OF GOD ) and Holy Ghost assimilations of the Ascended Christ virtue. False professions of Saints are known as well, and labeled with distinction, by the active Apostle - Gift. All of the Gifts unto men, among the body of Christ Church leadership, will collectively be at work, starting with the Apostle - Gift, to accomplish such husbandry as nurturing - COVENANT - “Believers” unto becoming Saints / “Sanctuaries” of God; wherein, God’s mandate to the Church is witnessed.

    The Saints experience, apart from the Church society, will show evidence of Bible authenticity by the outward signs of God’s confirmation, which then does not require an official Church traditional forum for authenticity; for, the traditional Church community does not accomplish this evidence of Saints, among the multitude of its converts, nor can it stop such progress by some who would instinctively accept God’s “invisible” visitation unto .. DIVINE .. counsel. The Saints / “Sanctuaries” of God experience realizes an astonishing plateau of fellowship with God, that requires no other confirmation, than the daily enjoyment of God’s implicit presence / counsel / wise insights that guide such Saints in certain Bible “truth”. The Church’s standards of intellectualized religiosity, in its many distortions of Christianity, cannot accomplish this Bible spectacle of Saints among its proselytes; for, the contemporary Church community does not understand, nor practice, the principle requirements that precede the attainment of this Saints status. The Prophet administration, that bears evidence of this Saints heart nature, is .. NOT .. accepted in the official Church Order. Nor is the Apostle administration accepted in the traditional Church society of intellectual rules; for, the Apostle - Gift will clearly show the way forward, to establish a doctrine foundation that establishes the Saints heart nature attainment, among “Believers” that are so inclined to endure the process of transformation, away from the world’s common mind sets and philosophies of “Antichrist Damnation”, that the Church society is so lovingly glorified in. The Saints Prophet testimony is alien to the Church Order, as is the Saints Apostle testimony; so, “Believers” that find the - COVENANT - experience apart from any Church involvement and hindrance, may exceedingly progress, even in their confusion of “God logic”, to attain the Saints membership as “Sanctuaries” of God. The Ascended Christ virtue will be felt by the Saints; for, that change of the heart’s nature occurs within them, becoming noticeable to those Saints in its strangeness, even dominating their consciousness and drawing their attention to their own change. The Ascended Christ virtue is .. clearly .. the goal in transformation; however, when “Believers” have no official training in discipleship, they are befuddled by this change overcoming them, which then becomes a celebration in the victories they achieved. Such Saints are the example for Church function pursuit, when that .. DIVINE .. function is agreed to and permitted its normal process, that includes the Prophet and Apostle administrations.

    Wow, the “mother of harlots” .. the Church .. becomes “drunk with the < Blood > of Saints”. Where does that scripture verse appear? Well, it is viewed in “Revelation 17:6”. The Saints are ( THE ) threat to the “Antichrist” culture and societal order of government. And, when the contemporary Church is profoundly dominant in social governance, then the Church culture will egregiously seek to destroy those who contradict such a society and indict it with valid Bible foundations, even by their own awakened experience as Saints / “Sanctuaries” of God. The Church society will strive to survive and thrive in dominance, disregarding to its fullest exertion of ( FAITH ), any semblance of contemporary Saints, even exercising persecution of such Saints that threaten the validation of such an “Antichrist” driven Church community. The Saints Prophet and the Saints Apostle will become morter for building their mausoleums, that they pretend to be Church sanctuaries; for, the counsel / warnings of such Saints’ administrations only fuel their Church outrage and vengeful Church lusts for “blood”. Such contemporary Church institutions are fully involved with the defense of their systems of heritage, transcending honest reason of scriptures, and dredging deeper and wider holes of argued doctrine traditions unto their defensive retreats; for, they will attempt to eliminate, forever, their mortal enemy, the Saints Prophet and the Saints Apostle administrations, as such ministries are unmasked within God driven Church bodies of Christ; wherein, the Ascended Christ virtue becomes acceptable with an embrace of a long awaited hope. The < KEY > reference, of the Ascended Christ virtue, not only indicts the contemporary Church rebellion, it also describes .. implicitly .. the rising Church system of New Testament Priests, who will execute ( “powerfully” ) the will of God in their ( FAITH ) working, to perform intercessory prayers that exacerbates the Apocalypse of John, to bring the final “END” of the “Antichrist” Church society.

    The Church experience, of the New Testament - COVENANT - intention, is to enable
( ”Called” ) “Believers” to be discipled in ( “right faith” ) concepts of the - COVENANT - Ideology, .. preparing such “Believers” with a proper ( “Repentance of Sins” ), .. for them to experience .. implicitly .. the [ “REMISSION OF SINS” ] and their entrance into the New Testament - COVENANT -, .. which occurs simultaneously with their ( “Baptism” ) into the Holy Ghost. The Church hierarchy of leadership should be authenticated by their experience / proof of these several principles of God’s - COVENANT - protocols, to therein; guide new “Believers” in this - HUSBANDRY - pattern of the Kingdom of Heaven, .. to obtain a consistent and measured progression unto the Ascended Christ virtue. And yet, the Church, in its Gentile logic and reason, after the [ “Tree of Knowledge” ] - CURSE - upon all of humankind, the Church, vehemently and with vigorous insistence, rolls forward steadfastly, creating more and more traditions, ceremonies, and rituals, strategically camoflaged in its pretentious Priestly costumes. The Church institution has emulated godliness in its public imagery, while having none of God’s confirming evidences of .. DIVINE .. authorization. The Church platform of Gentile reason has justified itself by intellectualizing the [ “Tree of Life” ] as only an - AFTER DEATH - reality, portrayed as a foolish paradigm to true Church men, of having an expectation for “Fleshly” men to seek after; therein, the contemporary Church holds forth a bastion of intolerant defense against ( ALL ) contemporary testimonies of ( “Divine Life” ). A flesh minded platitude, of God’s - COVENANT - idea, can .. NEVER .. grasp the actual Kingdom of Heaven dynamic, which the Prophet administration perceives and would “vocalize” frequently about, and which the Apostle administration would preach and teach voluminously about, to steer the Church community in .. exactly .. the [ “Tree of Life” ]. This “Gift” of God, endowed upon “Believing” men, opens men’s understanding, and endows such “Believing” Church men with “Spiritual” grace to experience .. literally .. what the Church currently denies and persecutes with vigorous prejudice, to desperately hold to its Gentile sense of Church “power”. The Ascended Christ virtue has no place in a Gentile Church society; and certainly, the Prophet and the Apostle administrations indict the Gentile Church leadership as their enemy, wherever they find them, which now is the - MAINSTREAM - Church population. The Church will .. NOT .. accept the Saints / “Sanctuaries” of God, as an experience of the Bible, even though that seemingly exposes them as the ( “Antichrist” ) spirit and having a rebellious agenda; but, their loyalty to themselves [ “FIRST and only” ] inhibits, of course, their own progress to become Saints of God, which evidence and proof these Church society citizens deny fervently as an improbable possibility.

by: Michael Mitchell