Church Spirituality by Prophets

    The Church community has become befuddled by the “Spirituality” described in the Bible; wherein, a Psychic phenomenon has appeared as a reflection of Bible Pentecost; wherein, some Churches are deceived by this semblance of “Spiritual” sensitivity / awakening, as though this Psychic phenomenon always represents Pentecostalism. This Psychic phenomenon frequently appears without any ( signs ) of [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation”, or its doctrinal discipleship; but, this Psychic confusion has appeared with other ( signs ) of supernatural manifestation .. Exodus 7:10-12, also not carefully vetted .. Acts 16:16-18. The observing Churchmen, of other witnessing Denominational orientations, have registered this Psychic phenomenon as appearing without the accompaniment of Christ’s character of holy change, holding such witnessing Churchmen at bay, in a distant skepticism of this Psychic phenomenon. So, real Pentecostalism, with its real Bible ( signs ), is legitimately valid as a Church standard, but; not without such a Pentecostal Church experiencing a [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation”, with its Pentecostal / Psychic companion doctrinal discipleship. Such a Psychic phenomenon is a counterfeit Holy Ghost manifestation and must be avoided with its deceit of ( false ) doctrine seduction. The Bible standard of Covenant discipleship orientation to a Kingdom Realm of Heaven, requires such ( Called ) pupils to learn, and adapt to, a “Spirituality” of invisible Pentecostal “powers”, that have regulatory paradigms of structured functions, that [ can ] be understood and engaged with knowledgeable consistency, distinguishing the Psychic ability of ( natural ) men from the holy character of God in ( HIS ) Kingdom Realm of Pentecostal “Spirituality”.

    Churchmen, beginning to compare the Bible’s narrative of .. DIVINE .. “powers” with a contemporary Church community devoid of such ( signs ), such Churchmen become contemplative of “Spiritual” abilities, even desiring to explore the Psychic realm of “untransformed” men, to even blend such Psychic abilities with their Church’s Order. Prayers of Gentile “lustfulness” commonly hijack the name of Jesus for Spiritual inducements of God’s grace, and idolatry modeling of statuettes and jewelry universally decorate Church buildings and their peoples, even Astrological guidance readings and Psychic Voodoo conjurings of Spirits have all become commonly mixed and blended with Christendom. Therein, the Paganisms of the world religions have become mainstreamed with the New Testament Church culture, embracing the Psychic phenomenon common to .. naturally .. “untransformed” Created men, as being a legitimate representation of a holy God. Consequently, the [ DEVIL ] Spirits, of every type of deceptive [ EVIL ] are permitted, even applauded with great celebration among Pentecostal styled Churches; wherein, no - COVENANT - theme of “transformation”, prefacing “Salvation”, is presented / championed as a work of passage within such Psychic Pentecostal Churches. The Psychic phenomenon is resisted and omitted by other Churches, of other Denominations, along with all abilities and ( signs ) of the Holy Ghost, as such Churchmen piously claim a higher fervency of holiness, in their denying any Psychic activity. The Psychic abilities within “untransformed” Churchmen is then strangely embraced as a holy Gift of New Testament Pentecost, in some Churches; wherein, such witnessing Churchmen .. feel .. validated in their “untransformed” state, seeming to have no need for “transformation” / change. Such men, in a Psychic Pentecostal Church, become .. simplistically .. complacent and very pacified, thinking they are .. entirely .. accepted by God, and already ( “Saved” ) by such Psychic evidence. And yet, these other .. disbelieving .. Churches are commonly denying / resisting the - COVENANT - promise of the Holy Ghost, while they firmly stand against an invisible [ EVIL ] of the Psychic Pentecostal Church community.

    The Church community has strangely become a refugee “base camp” for the common works of Witchcraft, which the contemporary Church community does not understand. The Creation ability of all mankind incorporates a Psychic ( faith ) “energy” capacity that moves “Spiritual” substances into fleshly reality .. manifestation .., without necessarily being of a ( holy ) character. “Untransformed” men, with their .. natural .. Creation abilities, of an [ EVIL ] nature, are prolific in working their ( faith ) in the Church community, as prayers of Witchcraft, not realizing their subversion of the Christian paradigm of ( holiness ). Men of the world know this ( faith ) “energy” works, even incorporating this Witchcraft reality in the business community to build fortunes, some even writing ( self help ) books on thinking / growing worldly riches through Psychic “power” disciplines. Witchcraft, then, is a facilitator / “express lane” to accomplishment in the world; wherein, the idea of Witchcraft, in itself, is .. NOT .. a morality dilemma to unknowing worldly [ CURSED ] men. Such book authors teach how to plan alone time in Witchcraft prayer / meditation closets, to “move” invisible things .. angels .. purposely, in the workings of Witchcraft regimens; wherein, many ( self help ) enthusiasts have joined the ranks of these Witchcraft activations of their business goals ( faith ) “energy” in .. manifestation .. intentions. And then, with this training in ( self help ) Witchcraft ( faith ) “energy”, a transition of such worldly mindedness into the “un-transforming” Church culture, comes an easy readjustment, while using the same ( tools ) of the same Psychic “powers” of subliminal Witchcraft. Common Witchcraft of the business world, or Witchcraft practiced from a Christian minded motivation of “unholy” benevolence, is still Witchcraft and does not represent the Christian paradigm of ( holy ) religion, or ( holy faith ) working. Witchcraft, in simplicity, is the deliberate prayer works of ( faith ) unto the intended purpose of benefiting the “self”, in ( self centeredness ) or ( self glorying ) , that exceptionally excludes any other benefactor, excluding even God as a benefactor of this ( faith ) “energy” working. Christian prayer working of ( holy faith ) “energy” is .. specifically .. dedicated unto the works of Jesus Christ, in ( HIS ) restoring the world’s [ CURSED ] men unto the grace of God’s benevolence, in - MERCIFUL - reconciliation with God, to redeem men from the [ CURSE ] of a [ SATANIC ] core motivation, to heal a damaged mankind, to “Save” the worldly minded souls of “Damned” men. This true Christian mantra, of prayerful ( faith ) working, requires a ( Selfless ) mindset, a literal sacrificing of ( selfish interests ) and ( self glorying ), in direct opposition to Witchcraft, in preference to the purposes of Jesus Christ in ( HIS ) - COVENANT - paradigm.

    Churchmen of the world, that have easily acclimated to a Church pretense of Christianity, are commonly members of a subversive Witchcraft - COVEN - in disguise, that more and more is actually led by Witchcraft practitioners, of literal Witchcraft spirit conjurings and curse regimens; for, Christian subversion is the mandated requirement of their Witchcraft - COVENS’ - membership; wherein, these Witchcraft subversives are intended to infiltrate unknowing Churches, of which there are so many, and therein, pray and teach how to pray in Witchcraft “powers” of [ DEVILISH ] ( faith ) workings, to indulge the ( self ), of ( self centeredness ) / ( self glorying ), of course, which is received quite easily and .. naturally .. to “un-transforming” worldly minded men, in using their Psychic “energy”. The contaminated Church community of Witchcraft practicing is a perfect antidote to Christian messengers / Prophet - persons that might come into those Churches to confront their many ( faith ) hypocrisies and apostasies, for them to then have to face the Witchcraft subversives in highest Church hierarchies. Such Witchcraft subversives protect their captured prey of unknowing Churchmen, clutching them with tight talons of fierce possession, devouring that Church prey with delighted accolades of societal aggrandizement, for them to guard and leisurely feast upon, as their Witchcraft victory. The unknowing Churchmen, who wandered into such undermined Church communities without training or warning, only succumb to the ( false ) Psychic training and forever lose the opportunity of the New Testament - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ. ( Lost ) men do not know when their “Salvation” is being stolen by other ( lost ) men of Witchcraft infiltration and subversion.

    The Covenant of Jesus Christ is a paradigm of God’s creation; wherein, the membership parties, enjoined to this Covenant, are agreed to the Covenant objectives, its terms of implementation, and its ruling protocols of propriety, having become intelligent partners with God, and having understood the original premise of its origin. The Covenant of Jesus Christ is a specific contractual agreement, offered to men from God ( HIMSELF ), that is guaranteeing an effect of profound conditions that no man could achieve separately from God. This Covenant is preceded by another forerunner Covenant that becomes the lesson / example for men to study and learn from; wherein, the newer Covenant is explained, having prerequisite principles defined, and conclusive results / consequences correlated to Covenant men’s behaviors and decisions. This prerequisite learning, of the former Covenant, appropriately conditions the newer Covenant men to accept the objectives, terms of implementation, and ruling protocols of the newer Covenant, to better prepare them for a successful Covenant result. Witchcraft, of course, is clearly defined, as well; wherein, that behavior is ( outlawed ) as offensive to God and is a violation of the new Covenant terms and protocols. This Witchcraft practicing is showing disrespect toward God’s Covenant offering, literally ( “disbelieving” ) the Covenant objectives, and its ruling protocols, that promise God’s ability in Covenant Life, and in the Covenant member’s ability to successfully overcome the world’s despising men of opposition to this Covenant of Jesus Christ. Those worldly men’s Psychic “powers” become their first weapon of choice, especially effective through their infiltrations of the Church society universe, perverting the Christian Ideology with many Witchcraft Psychic substitutions.

    Covenant men are fixated upon Godliness, in the pleasing of God specifically, which imposes upon such men a variance from other men of worldliness, to be unlike “untransformed” men; and, the picture of their envisioned reference is Jesus Christ, the consecrator of the New Testament - Covenant -. The image of Godliness, and the implicit behavior of Godliness, is .. profoundly .. the promise of the New Testament - Covenant -, in which God promises the heart nature < CORE > motivation and reasoned thought discipline of God’s Holy Son, Jesus Christ; wherein, Covenant men become Godly through the Covenant process of “transformation”. In this paradigm of Christian Covenant Ideology, worldly men are given a Biblical hope of EternalLife .. “Salvation” .., as the - ONLY - escape from God’s default wrath of Eternal “Damnation” in Hell’s perpetual suffrage. This hope of “Salvation” is the desire that might replace mortal men’s morbid dread of a inevitable fate; therein, giving ( Called ) men an alternative to Infinite [ DEATH ]. The Covenant Life that God promises, to “Damned” men, is entrance into “Spiritual” Life < Zoë > of the Kingdom of Heaven, which .. exactly .. is the Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ, God’s Holy Son. This Covenant Life < Zoë > of Christ is ( THE ) particular composition of God that “Saves” the ( souls ) of “Damned” men, to be learned through the process of discipleship, of particular understanding and portrayal by the Church Covenant Prophet - person. Covenant Life, of the New Testament, portrays then the Serving of God, exactly through this “Spiritual” paradigm of Christ’s Life, which becomes clear as the preeminent - GOAL - of God’s Covenant offering. Witchcraft and Psychic ( faith ) “empowerment”, of course, are replaced by this Covenant Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ, and; must be recategorized in discipleship as offensive, to be denied, and to be recognized as a certain evidence of “Damned” men. Witchcraft and Psychic ( faith ) “empowerment” become clearly labeled as an “Antichrist” phenomenon, respected as God’s Creation Gift to humankind, but; carefully avoided as a practice of “untransformed” life’s coping abilities.

    The Prophet administration of Jesus Christ is a Gift ability and ( faith ) “empowerment” that specifically enables Covenant insight and application, for the help of non - Covenant men to learn the functionality of Covenant Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ. The Prophet - person, “empowered” of the Holy Ghost originated Prophet - Gift, is ( THE ) < KEY > to the learning of this Covenant reality; therein, the Prophet - Gift ability, of Prophet - men, becomes God’s particularly sent help that other Kingdom of God Gifts cannot provide as substitutions. The Kingdom of God requires this learning and application of this Covenant Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ; and, without the Prophet - Gift enabling, this Covenant ability remains a hidden mystery to those ( Called ) by God, even to Churchmen that think they are intellectualizing the scriptures of the Bible, and even are satisfying God’s intention of the New Testament .. Bible .. . The Covenant Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ is a “Spiritual” paradigm of the Kingdom of Heaven, which, without the Prophet - Gift / Prophet - persons, evades .. permanently .. the intellectualized reasoning of the Gentile mind, and which can .. NEVER .. be conceptualized by Gentile Churchmen. Such Gentile minded Churchmen are still bound by the ( Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil ), from the “Garden of Eden” original source, and have not yet been enabled by this Prophet - Gift of help. Such Gentile Churchmen have .. NOT YET .. become delivered from that invisible bondage of the [ CURSE ] condition, through the Prophet - Baptism / Prophet - “empowerment” of the “Remission of Sins”, to become citizens of the Holy Ghost and the New Testament - Covenant -. The Witchcraft lies of Church hypocrisy and apostasy that lead such “believers” unto Godly disobedience, .. its consequential punishments and Eternal “Damnation”, .. with its Psychic ( faith ) “energy” companion of the world’s deceiving ways, will be opposed by this Prophet - Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost drives such Prophet - persons to champion ( truth ) in the New Testament Covenant Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ, and therein; to expose / indict the Church’s many deceptions in “Antichrist” Witchcraft ideologies, with its Psychic “energy” .. manifestations .. of Church deceit.

    The Prophet administration, in the Church hierarchy, is God’s emissary among humankind, who can - SPEAK - God’s intended words of “wisdom”, that bring understanding and focused direction to [ EVIL ] men of confused referencing. The Prophet, therein, is uniquely enabled to help ( lost ) men find a way of clarity in the world of convoluted gibberish; whereby, they may find their way of reconciliation with God. The Prophet of God is very oriented to the Covenant ideology, as mankind’s contemporary linkage with God, incorporating the Old Testament - Covenant - history, but certainly emphasizing the New Testament - Covenant - of Jesus Christ. The Prophet - person is the guide of particular insight, who understands the peculiar way of God, of ( HIS ) “Spiritual” methodologies, and of ( HIS ) Life < Zoë > of Biblical promise. The Prophet, of the Church Order, is the sentry on the castle parapet who watches and sees things approaching from a distance, that might bring danger, even temptations or coercive threats. Such a Prophet - watchman is established to - SPEAK -, perhaps loudly, of such distant threats, before those threats are manifest in fleshly reality. And, when such worldly dangers have come into manifest reality, the Prophet - watchman is ( THE ) only guide, God provided, who can navigate / Shepherd a careful road to defense, refuge and recovery. The Witchcraft paradigm of religion, even of Christian trickery and fraud, is certainly absent of the Prophet - watchman; for, the Psychic phenomenon of ( faith ) “empowerments” in the Church community, are the very enemy of God’s Prophet - messenger. Prophet - persons are alarmed with severe Holy Ghost warning - manifestations that .. CANNOT .. be ignored, nor dismissed, in the presence of active Witchcraft, of its Psychic manifestations. The Church, of infiltrated Witchcraft, will hate God’s Prophet - watchman; for, the Psychic “powers” of doctrine deceit and worldly seduction are instantly exaggerated to any Prophet - Gifted person, triggering a loud response of alarm.

    The Spirituality paradigm, of Church intent, is profoundly required of God and also provided through the Covenant consecration of Jesus Christ; wherein, ( Called ) “Believers” are drawn by the Holy Ghost into a realm of God’s Kingdom of Heaven. This Spirituality dynamic, of course, is a discipleship mystery and challenge to the ( faith ) of worldly propagandized men, requiring a Church society, with its discipleship orientation of Jesus Christ, to Shepherd the - WAY - of Covenant Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ; wherein, all of the New Testament Bible promises, “Gifts”, and guarantees are accessed and particularly enabled. The Spirituality of the New Covenant is God’s - ONLY - access to “Salvation”; where from, no alternative philosophy / theory of Gentile mindedness has “power” of holy Spirituality. The Church Prophet, of course, is particularly enabled by / immersed into this Covenant Spirituality, to guide Covenant “believers” from experience of this Spirituality, as well as by the holy scriptures narrative of God’s Kingdom Spirituality. The Church Prophet, therein, is ( THE ) Church expert on Covenant Spirituality, becoming the official guardian of the Covenant Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ; wherein, no Gentile minded Church pretense can know this concept of Spirituality, nor can guide “believers” to that holy Covenant experience. Witchcraft, of course, presents its methodologies into the experience of Spirituality, guiding and enabling and permitting its proselytes unto the redundant ways of the world’s pagan systems of Spirituality. And, when this Witchcraft paradigm of Spirituality, through its Psychic “powers”, is camouflaged within the Church’s mainstreamed system of universal order, the legitimate Church Prophet will feel, through Covenant Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ, that such Psychic “powers” are [ DEVIL ] manifestations in Spirituality, and are Witchcraft working, outside of the holy Covenant blessings of Jesus Christ.

    The Spirituality of the New Testament Priesthood / Church is centered around the preface of the Covenant of Jesus Christ; wherein, all of the referenced principles and protocols of that Covenant regulate that Christian reality in Spirituality, in its outward expectations / expression of fleshly world evidence. The New Testament Christian Church is intended, on its face of Spirituality, as being an extension of God, an exact representation of God’s character among men, from the paradigm of Kingdom of Heaven Spirituality and its compositions of angels / demons and men’s ( faith ) substance, of flesh men’s ( faith ) workings in Spirituality. The Spirituality of this Kingdom of Heaven, of course, defines the Christian reality of experience, but also of its wisdoms of application and purpose in Spirituality; wherein, the citizen “believer” is given a strange access to God’s domain, of a mysterious, non - flesh based, paradigm. Spirituality, then, is intended to express the fulness of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, in ( HIS ) appointed authority of .. DIVINE .. abilities / Gifts / wisdom “powers”; wherein, created men, through Jesus Christ, can know God, in ( HIS ) realm of providence in Spirituality, and may even - SPEAK - as God would - SPEAK - among the world’s men of the inherited [ CURSE ]. This Church dynamic, in its Spirituality, is “God among men”, through the embodiment of Christian citizens by the [ WORD ] Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ, from within the New Testament Covenant constraints / limitations / protocols / Gifts of Spirituality. This Spirituality is paramount to the understanding of Christianity; wherein, the Church appearance in the paganized community becomes a character portrayal of God among ( HIS ) created men. This Spirituality is profoundly evidenced in the Church Prophet, and is distinguished as not being a Witchcraft manifestation in Spirituality, that has shown itself to the world, through many religious paganisms. The Church Prophet will - SPEAK - [ WORDS ] of God, to the Church of Spirituality and to the surrounding community, clarifying such [ WORDS ] as coming from God, and; separating God’s [ WORDS ] from Witchcraft Spirituality that worldly minded men might assume.

    The Christian Church community, as a base line cultural influence for many of the world’s geographic regions, is fundamentally warped and distorted by its regionalized pagan influences, that have changed the original Church paradigm to represent a blended view with the local world philosophies and religions; wherein, God’s Biblical standards have become obscured and cryptic in strange mysticisms. The New Testament Christian reference, for men of the world’s [ CURSE ], has let the Church become what men of the world’s [ CURSE ] think it should be, by their logic and imagined reasoning of the [ CURSE ]. So, the Church ideology and theology and system of hierarchical order has strayed away, far from the original intention of God; and therein, the Church, today, does not represent the - Covenant - of Jesus Christ, but only uses the ( name ) of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, with a wild array of worldly notions of imaginary mysticisms. And yet, the Church “believes” and presents the view of having ( ALL ) of the Biblical benefits, that are deluding Church “believers” into expectations that will never be fulfilled by God, in ( HIS ) Kingdom of Heaven. The Church of Bible authenticity, with its Covenant promises, Gift “empowerments”, enabled deliverance and “Salvation” of a .. Divine .. Spirituality, is profoundly “alive” and functionally real only through the structured format and protocols of the scriptural disciples’ experience. The Church Prophet, of course, is a necessary < CORE > component in this original Biblical Church experience; wherein, this Spiritual paradigm of Church functionality becomes realized, along with its Covenant promises, Gift “empowerments”, enabled deliverance and “Salvation”; wherein, contemporary “believers”, of any geographic region and worldly culture, may, then, obtain ( ALL ) of the Biblical promises, in their local Church experience. And, when the local Church, of any geographical region, denies / ignores / dismisses the Prophet - Gift and person from its theology and system of hierarchical order, that Church will be crippled in its Covenant Spirituality, and disabled from the Biblical promises, all other Gift “empowerments”, deliverance enabling and any hope of “Salvation”.

    God’s design / sovereign delegation of Church order, requires the Church community to obey God, implicitly, and exercise ( right faith ) in conducting Church business according the standard of God’s Holy Son, Jesus Christ. This standard of Jesus Christ, then, sets the paradigm of Church order, its functional application, centered around profound Priesthood prayers of intercession; teaching faithfully its doctrinal precepts, statutes and commandments; and conducting its influence upon community leadership. Such a validated Church intention brings a .. DIVINE .. effect of “empowered” control upon the affairs of men, wherever the Church is functioning with highest integrity to God’s Biblical paradigm, and is extending its grace of Godliness to other locations of geography, to help other Church societies rise to its highest plateau of .. DIVINE .. validation, progressing such other Church regions toward the same intentions of profound Priesthood prayers of intercession; teaching faithfully its doctrinal precepts, statutes and commandments; and conducting its influence upon each one’s local community leadership. The Church must, by its original Covenant intent, fulfill a .. DIVINE .. mandate of purpose, centered upon “Saving” the world, by each geographic region, from the [ CURSE ] of inherited [ SINFULNESS ], unto the Covenant citizenry of Jesus Christ. The Church Institution cannot fulfill its .. DIVINE .. mandate, of complex functionalities, unless it employs, properly, the Prophet administration, having the Prophet - Gift functionally active, in its Spirituality of Biblical narrative. This Spirituality is a necessary component of this .. DIVINE .. mandate, which expressly fulfills the Covenant intent of Jesus Christ through all Church regions. So, the Covenant paradigm of God’s Kingdom of Heaven, will only become fulfilled from within the Church Institution, when the Church accepts the rule of God in their geographic locations, which then causes necessary cultural changes from the preexisting local community pagan imaginations of religion.

by: Michael Mitchell