Kingdom of Heaven through Prophets

    The Kingdom of Heaven is a paradigm of God’s creation plan that includes men with angels; whereby, ( HIS ) angels are precisely arrayed and choreographed in particular fashion to empower God’s Creation order within ( HIS ) created men. God’s judgements / punishments / rewards, administered for men’s compliance or violations of ( HIS ) Creation order, are executed upon men by appointed angels, sustaining always a Kingdom of Heaven regulation upon humankind. The Kingdom of Heaven is highly structured and extremely regulated by God directly, to operate continually in a consistent manner, without flaw or deterioration, promising to men a “perfect” reflection of men’s ( faith working ), and requiring men to study / discipline their own behaviors of ( faith ), with consideration of predictable consequences within the Kingdom of Heaven paradigm. The Kingdom of Heaven is a manifestation of God’s Spirit, the Holy Ghost; wherein, the entrance into the discipleship and imputed leadership of God’s Kingdom of Heaven requires men to be “invited” by God directly, .. to then accept with willing compliance, God’s ruling sovereignty, .. and become imbued with supernatural abilities by ( Baptism ) into God’s Kingdom of Heaven Spirit. Therein, such “invited” men would become citizens, who would abide righteously in God’s Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven, then, is intended to function with human participation, within a < spiritual > Church of .. DIVINE .. structure, intended to represent an institutionalized mastery of men’s discipleship in God’s methodology.

    The obtaining of entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven is clearly the directive of Jesus Christ given to ( HIS ) disciples, through the implicitly necessary Biblical protocols of < water and spirit > .. John 3:5. The Kingdom of Heaven is the intended ( home ) of “spiritually” minded men; wherein, the Kingdom of Heaven is the paradigm of reality that satisfies the heart’s desire, for ( lost ) men who intuitively know that life of the fleshly world is merely a shadow of something “greater” and glorious. The Kingdom of Heaven is the generalized direction of “thinking” for men that God has predestinated to extract from ( HIS ) judgment for [ SIN ]. Without the processes of < water and spirit >, ( Called ) men cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; therein, non-compliant men, ( ALL ) of the world’s men, are relinquished to the auto-default condition of - DEATH - and Eternal “Damnation” .. Romans 13:1-2. The [ CURSE ] upon ( ALL ) of humankind cannot be escaped, except for the amnesty of God’s benevolent mercy, by the Kingdom of Heaven - Covenant – offering; whereby, God has extended to humankind ( HIS ) best / only solution, the Kingdom of Heaven - Covenant -. So, the Kingdom of Heaven, disclosed to the world’s men of certain termination, opens a profound life reality, giving men ecstatic praise of the Creator - God. This conquering, of the preexisting [ CURSE ] by the consecration of the New Testament - Covenant -, reveals the Kingdom of Heaven paradigm, but only to “invited” men. Therein, the offering of God’s amnesty of the Kingdom of Heaven - Covenant -, with its Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ, becomes ( THE ) only antidote of God that absolves men of inevitable consequences in a judgment of Eternal destruction .. Matthew 7:13. This offering, of God toward “Damned” men, provides God’s ultimate puzzle picture solution, through ( HIS ) transmuting of [ SINFILLED ] humans with ( HIS ) Kingdom of Heaven structural design and functional purpose. “Dead men”, still in their flesh life dispensation, already sentenced to an Eternal dispensation, are thereby raised, by God’s benevolent mercy, to God’s ascended stature of reality, to function “perfectly” and Eternally in ( HIS ) Kingdom of Heaven.

    The Curse condition of humankind is profoundly established by God’s sovereign judgment from the “Garden of Eden” rebellion by Adam and Eve; wherein now, ( ALL ) of humankind has inherited and now embodies that Curse reality. The Curse judgment imposes upon ( ALL ) humans a force of imposed < heart core > motivation of the [ “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil” ], preferred by Adam and Eve, which brings the manifest result of - DEATH -, forewarned of by God and accomplished literally, as men’s universal truth .. Genesis 2:17. Now, the Curse upon ( ALL ) of humankind compels men to view everything in life’s experience through that Curse paradigm of reason / natural logic, which reinforces the same consequence of [ “Tree of Knowledge” ] - DEATH -, over and over, generation by generation, without end; for, that Curse manifestation never expires. The - ONLY - antidote to humankind’s Curse is men’s access to the [ “Tree of Life” ] .. Genesis 3:24; wherein, the New Testament - Covenant -, within the Kingdom of Heaven citizenship, provides Jesus Christ as [ THAT ] [ “Tree of Life” ]. Men who are “invited”, to escape the Curse, must be reminded of their auto-default < core motivation > of that indwelling auto-default Curse; wherein, they must reason everything through the [ “Tree of Knowledge” ] ( self aggrandizing ) methodology, even to analyze the [ “Tree of Life” ] - Covenant - offering of God’s Kingdom of Heaven paradigm and the [ Word ] Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ. The < core motivation / habit force > of the Curse, through the [ “Tree of Knowledge” ] methodology of earthly Curse reasoning, rules over everything according to ( self referencing ) of Curse logic, which is non-sensical and impossible in perceptive comprehension of the [ “Tree of Life” ] - Covenant -. These - TWO TREES - are opposite to each other and cannot possibly produce the same results, requiring “invited” men, of the world’s Curse, to be re-discipled unto Christ’s Life < Zoë >, as if becoming “REBORN” with all new references of fleshly / physical life.

    The Curse abides in all men and is evidenced throughout the generalized society of governing men, bureaucrats and decision making rulers, judges, law making politicians and enforcement officials, celebrities of every venue, and sports figures; so that, the entire culture is engulfed in the Curse. The perception of awareness, that the Curse “drives” ( ALL ) of humankind, cannot even become discovered until the Curse antidote is experienced, and personally known through a ( faithful ) exercise and willful conversion, as a ( revelation ) that arises out of the Kingdom of Heaven “invitation” to the < water and spirit > “born again” awakening .. John 3:5. The realization of the Curse is comprehended as a ( soul ) indoctrinated “habit force”, after the fact of having become “born again”, when a new structuring of life’s references are being practiced, and the ( OLD MAN ) “habit routines” are contradicted by the ( NEW MAN ) requirements of ( faith ) working. Then, the Curse becomes respectfully contemplated as an awesome judgment consequence of God. When “truthful obedience” is learned in the Kingdom of Heaven - Covenant -, God’s consequence of the Curse, for [ SIN ], is finally ( feared ) with understanding. Until this awakening occurs through the < water and spirit > “born again” conversion, men of the world remain ( blind ) to their bondage of the Curse, and cannot mentally contemplate [ SINFULNESS ] as a < CORE > heart motivation from that Curse, that draws and compels men toward practicing the [ “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil” ] Ideology.

    The Holy Ghost is the ( Spirit ) solution to the Curse upon all men; wherein, the Holy Ghost is .. literally .. ( THE ) promise of the New Testament, that satisfies / fulfills the .. DIVINE .. Order paradigm of God, to enable [ SINFILLED ] men to obtain “Salvation” with God. Therein, [ SINFILLED ] men can, by the Holy Ghost, experience ( righteous faith ) that God requires; and, by the Holy Ghost ( Called ) men can [ “comprehend” ] the [ WORDS / < logos > ] that God will speak to them, and therein; by the Holy Ghost men may become God’s emissaries to help the world’s ( “Damned” ) men find their way to the Life < Zoë > of Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost, then, is God’s .. exclusive .. instrument, from God to man, who can provide the Kingdom of Heaven experience, of literally opening the door and being the ( curator ) that guides learning men through the corridors of Kingdom of Heaven Life. Without the direct involvement with the Holy Ghost, [ SINFILLED ] men remain out side of the Kingdom of Heaven of the New Testament offering, and cannot possibly learn of its protocols .. WAYS of Life .. for clear referencing God’s “Spiritual” symbolisms of instruction / warning. The Curse is clearly known in the Kingdom of Heaven, as ( THE ) enemy of God and of the Holy Ghost; consequently, the Holy Ghost has a clear agenda to overcome the Curse and [ SINFULNESS ] of the world, and therein; lead such Holy Ghost < Baptized ) men to / into ( righteousness of faith ), to serve God’s Holy interests. So, obtaining < Baptism > of the Holy Ghost is the < KEY > to entrance into the New Testament - Covenant -, and to the continuous progressions in that Covenant Life < Zoë > of Christ. Without experiencing the Holy Ghost, and the “Spirituality” of that Holy Ghost < Baptism >, [ SINFILLED ] men .. CANNOT .. Gentile reason their way into that Covenant, nor fashion / conjure a “Saving” Life of Christ, in < Zoë >.

    The Holy Ghost provides to < Baptized > men a profound sense of confirmation, in ( HIS ) many quickenings of emotional senses; wherein, the Holy Ghost affirms ( HIMSELF ) with many daylong repetitions. Angels, of God’s sent messages, are distinctively passed through the Holy Ghost, and from the Holy Ghost into the man’s consciousness, having their individualized purposes .. Gen 28:12 / John 1:51. The Holy Ghost, then, must be learned, in ( HIS ) agenda of the New Testament - Covenant -; for, the Holy Ghost does not serve man’s ( self centered ) interests; but instead, the Holy Ghost serves God’s Holy Son, Jesus Christ, exclusively, and abides within the New Testament ( scriptures ) to enable ( HIS ) charged Covenant men with God’s intended Covenant viewpoint, therein; for men to serve the Covenant consecrator Jesus Christ, while submitting to Holy Ghost agreement, becoming God’s fluent [ WORD ] instruments of Covenant “Salvation”. The Curse of the world, in contrast to the Holy Ghost, the Curse becomes more cleanly reflective of [ ANY ] / [ EVERY ] alternative to the holy scriptures as [ “Antichrist” ] subversions, to draw away men from the Life “Saving” Holy Ghost Kingdom of Heaven. The Curse abiding within the hearts of men, seduce [ SINFILLED ] men with ( selfish “lusts” ), working their imaginations of ( self glorying ) ( “what ifs” - this or that - ), always keeping the [ WORD - “Truth” ] obscured and de-prioritized from the Holy Ghost influence. The Holy Ghost agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven will oppose the [ “Antichrist” ] fleshly life of “DEATH”; wherein, the Holy Ghost will lead ( HIS ) New Testament “believers” into a strangeness of Bible discipleship, that will have no supporters of the world. The [ “Antichrist” ] nature, then, abiding within ( ALL ) men of the world, is offended by the Holy Ghost, always, to forever lead the world’s men away from the Holy Ghost and toward a relentless bondage of the Curse, giving the [ “Antichrist” ] [ DEVIL ] a ( home ) of heart motivating “power”. The Holy Ghost, then, is [ SINFILLED ] men’s hope of escape, from the world’s “Damnation”, into the New Testament Kingdom of Heaven, to be opposed by the [ “Antichrist” ] ( within the self ) and from the surrounding societal community, even from the family, and especially from the pretentious and loudly objecting Christian Church society. Therein, [ ANY ] personal cost / sacrifice to escape the Curse of certain “Damnation” and enter into the Holy Ghost Kingdom of Heaven, must soberly be regarded, with the fullness of humility and attitude of compliance, to attend Jesus Christ’s Life < Zoë > of the Holy Ghost paradigm.

    The Prophet - Gift in the Church hierarchy is Holy Ghost enabled, from within the Kingdom of Heaven; wherein, the Church Institution, including the Prophet – Gift, is God’s appointed Earth based representation for guiding new proselytes into the New Testament - Covenant -. The Kingdom of Heaven is ( THE ) exact reason for the Earth based Church entity to show forth the character of God and the purpose of God within Earthy men; so that, the Prophet - Gift has a profound application in the contemporary Church System of Order. The Prophet - Gift, as a .. DIVINE .. ladder, is an exact bridge that transcends the abyss between the Earthy paradigm and “Spiritual” paradigm; whereby, the Prophet - person of that Prophet - Gift [ SPEAKS ] directly from God, what God may say to [ EVIL / SINFUL ] men, and directs men in an appropriate course of reconciliation with God. New proselytes, entering the Church husbandry System of Order, must ( FIRST ) learn to “Repent of Sins”, Sins committed by men of an earlier history, and then accept fully the ( PROMISED GIFT ) of the Holy Ghost, to then learn Covenant Life from within the paradigm of the Kingdom of God. The Prophet - Gift provides “Spiritual” radar to the Prophet - person, disclosing a clarity of [ “Heart of man” ] progress / stagnancy / or regression; whereby, the Prophet - person knows the proselytes’ real condition, transcending all dishonest pretenses. The Curse, upon ( ALL ) of the world’s men, is the auto - default [ “Heart of man” ] < core > motivation, persuading [ SINFILLED ] men of their imaginary accomplishments, as they speculate of Covenant successes. Curse compelled Earthy men are deceived easily in all manner of “Spiritual” issues, requiring a “Spiritually” based Church Gift to understand the [ “Heart of man” ] process and difficulties of conversion, and then allow the Prophet - Gift to bring correction. The Prophet - person of the Prophet - Gift is that guarantor of conversion “Truth”, perceiving and continually testifying of [ THE WAY ] of the Kingdom of Heaven.

    The Prophet - Gift paradigm of “Spirituality” is a component of the true Church hierarchy; wherein, the Prophet - person is the overall conscience ( feeler / voice ) of the Church society, holding the Church leadership honest to God’s mandated standards of New Testament function, according to Holy Ghost “access” to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Prophet - person, having the clear Prophet - Gift package of imputed capacities, sees through the natural [ LIES ] of Gentiles, knowing the genuine [ Heart of man ] dispensation and its predicted outcome of conversion. The Holy Ghost is the curator of the Prophet - Gift, providing the doctrine of Christ teaching and ( faith works ) protocol for the Prophet - person to learn and continually emulate; wherein, the Holy Ghost teaches the Prophet - person of the Prophet - Gift, and its purposes of Church application; so that the Prophet - person becomes a ( FIRST EVEL ) citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, who then may guide .. ( Shepherd ) .. others in the Husbandry of Christ’s Life < Zoë >. Without this Prophet - Gift guidance system, in a Gentile Church society, the Church Husbandry of proselytes falls off of its mandate of God, and cannot perceive its deficiencies and Apostasy; whereby, the contemporary Church culture guides [ NO ONE ] into the invisible Kingdom of Heaven; and cannot perceive their failure in ( lost souls ). The Curse, then, cannot be quantified as the real enemy to overcome; for, the Gentile Church has [ NO ] solutions in God’s “power” to advance its proselytes into the Holy Ghost journey of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Curse upon the world’s men remains mysterious in vague and convoluted Bible narrative lessons, without a Prophet - person correcting and redirecting the Church trajectory of New Testament “Salvation”.

    The Bible’s Pharisee Jews were privileged to know the Covenant of Abraham and the Commandments of Moses; and yet, the Pharisee culture was restricted to a flesh - “Earthy” perspective for life, that could not absorb a “Spiritual” paradigm for Covenant men. These Pharisee Jews perceived God as a Creator Spirit but these same Pharisee Jews could not translate the flesh of men into becoming “Spiritual” hosts for a Spiritual God to dwell within; therein, the Bible’s Pharisee Jews were bound by their fleshy capacities, trying to uphold a Covenant with a Spirit God through their flesh - “Earthy” concepts, that relied upon ( “logic” ) / [ “Tree of Knowledge” ] ( “reason” ) / physical plane ( “intellectuality” ) as their basis for religion. That flesh - “Earthy” Pharisee religion < missed > God’s intent of the Covenant agreement with Abraham and the Commandments standard of rules through Moses. The Holy Ghost concept within men was just too creepy for flesh - “Earthy” Pharisee Jews to embrace as their Covenant grace from God; consequently, the Pharisee regulation of religion sought to persecute men who might show forth this Holy Ghost manifestation. These Pharisee Jews were convinced such things were a ( “cult” ) of false religion, trending toward Witchcraft, and therein; were an offense to these Pharisee rules keepers, even a colossal [ SIN ] to the Covenant God. The Prophet contribution to the Old Testament narrative became their proof of God’s “visitation” upon flesh based men as an accommodation of God, to guide ( HIS ) chosen people along their way of fleshly superiority; but, to these Pharisee Jews, the Prophet “visitation” was a grievance endured by God and not to become a Covenant promise to all Covenant citizens. The Curse, to these Bible Pharisee Jews, was a mystery of God’s reconciliation - plan in an afterlife paradigm; for, the Curse predilection within men, in their mind, could only be managed in the Covenant promise through the methodology of their ( “logic” ) / [ “Tree of Knowledge” ] ( “reason” ) / physical plane ( “intellectuality” ).

    The Pharisee religion idea of “Spirituality” is to be in denial of / in opposition to supernatural manifestation events; therein, the Pharisee practitioners hold to ( self glorying ) piety, for having been so clean in their delusion of holy - wisdom. The Bible’s Pharisee perspective ( failed ) the Old Testament - Covenant design of God, alibiing their murder of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, who was the sent [ MESSIAH ] prophesied for them from the Old Testament. Therein, the Pharisee religion viewpoint should not be embraced by contemporary Bible followers but should be rejected as the most probable platform for learning the ( right ) ideology of doctrine for the New Testament religion of ( faith ). The broad based contemporary Church community has .. wondrously .. emulated that Pharisee practice of Covenant ideology, and has ( failed ) God’s Covenant intention with spectacular homage to the Pharisee predicate ( failure ). This comparison of the Biblical Pharisee religion and the present day Pharisee Church of Christian pretension is astonishing to behold; for, this insight is a clue to the deceivableness of men’s bondage in the Curse. Men within the Curse will remain in that Curse endlessly, having no solution from the Pharisee ideology, and will not be exposed in clarity of that .. Divinely .. imputed bondage until that Curse is literally overruled by something stronger, in a “Spiritual” paradigm of existentialism. The Pharisee religion, predating or contemporary in the Christian Church fraudulent society, cannot perceive itself and cannot correct itself; wherein, the Holy Ghost immersion within Bible ( Called ) and “believing” men is a peculiar and profound manifestation that works [ ONLY ] by God’s construct of Covenant protocols, that are assertively “Spiritual”. The Biblical Prophet - Gift, operating within an actual contemporary Prophet - person, will overrule the Pharisee religion ideology of Covenant ( failure ), and ( Shepherd ) the - WAY - into the Holy Ghost paradigm. This Prophet - Gift antidote to the Pharisee bondage befuddles the Pharisee practitioners; for, it makes no ( “intellectual” ) sense to them.

    The Church function, within the New Testament - Bible narrative, is consolidated within [ ONE ] main idea, which is [ SINFILLED ] / [ SIN REINFORCING ] men are to ( “hear” ) the invisible voice of God’s Speaking ( HIS ) universal and eternal “Truth”, in each man’s individual life experience, and then such ( “hearing” ) men are invited to follow the leading counsel of that “living” voice which compels those men toward the Church assembly. The Church function, then in assembly, is to receive such ( “hearing” ) men as having God’s sovereign ( Calling from the world ), for the Church, then, to appropriately manage the [ HUSBANDRY ] of such new proselytes and fulfill the Covenant mandate of Jesus Christ through the functional contribution that each new ( soul ) brings to the Church body. The Church body, within the framework of the New Testament - Bible narrative, grows stronger and becomes more complete with each added ( soul ), unto the projected result of all predestinated humankind becoming pressed into God’s ultimate Church citizenry of “Salvation”. Without God’s System of [ HUSBANDRY ] being received / embraced / duly implemented in Church functionality, the New Testament - Bible narrative of the Covenant’s fulfillment, in the apostle John’s “Revelation”, is delayed. The Holy Ghost enabling ability .. MUST .. be accepted and accommodated by the Church community; and, the Prophet - Gift, empowered by the Holy Ghost paradigm of “Spirituality”, and provided within a contemporary Prophet - person, can no longer be constrained in the Church to a Pharisee mind set of Traditional Church ( “intellectuality” ). The Pharisee religion must be set aside for the legitimate Church body to rise up with understanding of the New Testament - Bible narrative, of proselyte ( soul ) [ HUSBANDRY ].

    The Church learning environment of “Spirituality” is intended to be rich in evidence, of miraculous displays and continuous healing events, and wondrous manifestations that confirm God’s presence is “alive” and involved; therein, the Church is to be an experience of confident expectation for the new proselytes. The Church, confirming God’s grace on many levels, becomes the surrounding community’s icon of clear reference; whereby, the local men, governors / rulers, know to come to the Church to find Godly counsel and knowledgeable instruction, or even an explanation and resolution of forebodings. The broader community, without the Church help in decision / planning guidance, has become abandoned unto the general morass of worldly knowledge and its many confusions, leaving the governors / rulers to compounded society”s [ EVIL ] without Godly reconciliation. The Church needs to progress forward in ( faith ) and allow God to reveal ( HIMSELF ) in ( HIS ) own way, not in their Pharisee religion way. The Church, filled with the Holy Ghost and led by contemporary Prophet - person, of a genuine Prophet - Gift, can truly change the experience of the contemporary Church, enabling extraordinary manifestation experiences. Church “Spirituality” has now appeared in God’s time / season of consequence, confirmed within ( HIS ) ordained Prophet - Shepherd; so that, resistance by contemporary Pharisee religiosity will be met with .. DIVINE .. correction, in “power” of profound experience and not in vague symbolisms. The Prophet warnings to the Church society, now, are being followed behind with evidence of Holy Ghost judgments, leaving God’s predestinated Church devastated in extraordinary tribulations .. Mat 24:21 .. Rev 7:14. The “prophecy” of John the apostle, “Revelation”, is a profound warning of Jesus Christ, of tribulation that will shake apart the Church establishment, replacing that fraudulent Church institution with a holy version, not of the Pharisee pretension.

by: Michael Mitchell