Seven Seals of Revelation

    The Candlestick symbolism, of the - SEVEN CHURCHES - in [ “Revelation” ], clearly relates this tabernacle furniture to the idea of ( “light” ), even to the ( “light” ) of men .. John 1:4-5; so that, the Candlestick symbol, representing the - CHURCHES - of [ “Revelation” ], correlates seven different Churches, of seven types of Covenant focused strengths / functions, that also are shown to have seven different - Spirit of God - obstacles of tribulation to overcome. These seven Candlesticks .. Rev 1:12-13 .. are setting the stage of - “revelation - divulgence” -, in the story narrative to yet unfold in this book of John; wherein, each phase of dramatic symbolism tells a substory about these Candlestick - SEVEN CHURCHES -. These Candlestick Churches are at the < CORE > of God’s New Testament - Covenant - plan, that are portrayed here as needing to become something extraordinary, which can only occur in God’s designated laboratory in an orchestrated process of extreme tribulation. These Candlestick Churches, of the ( “light” ) of men, can only produce their intended ( “light” ) upon mankind when they fully are lit up, in God’s Kingdom of Heaven sense of fully developed representation. Therein, these Candlestick Churches, being categorized in seven different types of Covenant qualities of Candlestick Church providence, are destined to endure great distress throughout God’s intended process of extraordinary “Transformation”. This “Transformation” of the New Testament Church Candlestick community, then, is the very [ LESSON ] of John’s book of [ “Revelation” ]; wherein, the symbols, portrayed throughout this unfolding story narrative, correlate to God’s intended discipleship in ( HIS ) Church idea of ( “light” ).

    The - SEVEN CHURCHES - Candlestick symbolism is distinguishing seven Church priorities of fidelity and their categories in Rev chapters 2 & 3: Ephesus < repent and do first works >, .. Smyrna < enduring suffrage faithfully >, .. Pergamos < doctrines interference of Balaam & Nicolaitanes >, .. Thyatira < Spiritual Fornications >, .. Sardis < “dead” works proclaimed as “living” works >, .. Philadelphia < key of David / synagogue of Satan >, .. and Laodicea < harkening to the voice and opening the door to God / HIS Christ Jesus >. The Candlestick ideology of men’s ( “light” ) requires, then, God’s Covenant men to represent God, in God’s - WAY -, and not to reason their way through [ SINFILLED ] logic, of the [ “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” ]; whereby, [ SINFUL ] men may try to fabricate, foolishly, God’s Sovereign ways of producing Candlestick ( “light” ). The Candlestick ( “light” ) of Jesus Christ, of ( HIS ) Candlestick [ “Revelation” ] through John, is a profound story narrative that discloses not only God’s goal of the - SEVEN CHURCHES - in the eventual arrival at ( HIS ) Candlestick ( “light” ), to shine fully upon the world’s men; but also, the Candlestick Church [ “Revelation” ] is a story narrative that incorporates God’s overall viewpoint of the world’s humanity and its [ SINFILLED ] status, that .. MUST .. be overcome by the true - SEVEN CHURCHES - of Candlestick ( “light” ). These - SEVEN CHURCHES -, of the true Candlestick ( “light” ), must of course realize, with ( self deprecating ) humility, their own collective and individual compromise of God’s true standards of Jesus Christ, of ( HIS ) .. seven .. specific Candlestick requirements; whereby, the contemporary Church society is clearly inadequate from that standard of Christ’s Candlestick ( “light” ), that ( saves ) the world’s men. The Church community that haughtily proclaims its own ( “righteousness” ) and Candlestick brightness, to be above the possibility of any correction, such Church Systems are ( self indicting ) in their pompous [ “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” ] ( “glory” ), that will .. NEVER .. raise them to become that Candlestick ( “light” ) of Jesus Christ. Such Church men of ( self glory ) are, therein, the Candlestick of ( “Darkness” ) and not of ( “light” ) .. Matt 6:23.

    Angels are a < key > component of the - SEVEN CHURCHES - in [ “Revelation” ] .. Rev 1:20; wherein, the Angels are a primary source of ( “light” ) to the - SEVEN CHURCHES -, and reflect the whole of the New Testament story narrative of God’s Kingdom of Heaven system of Order. God’s Kingdom system of Order incorporates .. continually .. the Angels instrumentation to God’s communication to ( HIS ) Created men, to Covenant men’s ( “Trials” ) and maturity in [ WORD ] “truth”. Angels, coming from God and trafficking to men of the Earthen realm, Angels, then, must be acknowledged as a benchmark of God’s ordinary methodology with ( HIS ) < Husbandry > of mankind. Even the return trafficking of Angels, coming from men of the Earthen realm and trafficking to God, is mysteriously revealed by Jacob’s ladder .. Gen 28:12; wherein, this original idea of Angels discloses an issue for contemporary Churchmen to adjust to in managing their communications with God / Jesus Christ of the New Testament - Covenant -. The trafficking Angels must be interpreted / tried / authenticated; for, the wrong Angels, of [ SATANIC ] deceit, may well appear unto men, as they do commonly, and therein; must be revealed in their deceit for proper Church responsiveness. The Candlestick ( “light” ), of the - SEVEN CHURCHES -, will always come through the Angels, so designated for each .. individual .. Church type, and so incorporated into the individual journey of “tribulation” that each Church type / ( ALL ) Church types must endure. The Candlestick anthology of Covenant intention must, then, be processed, in its total venue of Kingdom of Heaven business, through God’s appointed Angels; wherein, the Candlestick ( “light” ) will eventually appear.

    The Angels of the New Testament of Jesus Christ will be the instrument of God’s utilization for the - SEVEN CHURCHES - of [ “Revelation” ]; wherein, a steadily constant ( “presence / voice” ) of the Angels will accompany men throughout the journey and tribulation of [ “Revelation” ]. New Covenant men, needing the ( “presence / voice” ) of God through ( HIS ) Angels, in their pilgrimage of John’s [ “Revelation” ], will become dependent upon the reading / interpretation of their appointed Church Angels, whether to rejoice in momentary victories, or whether they must brace for difficult, even perilous times, that come as their next level of Godly intended ( “Trials” ). The Church Angels will become a constant ( “voice” ) to rely upon in each phase of [ “Revelation” ] discipleship and ( faith ) maturity reinforcement; therein, New Covenant Church men will necessarily become dependent upon ( hearing ) the Angels’ ( “voice” ) of consoling or warning. Such a “spiritual” mind set, of routine Angels dependency, is very much God’s expectation for ( HIS ) New Covenant Church men; because, only in this reinforced pattern will men overcome their [ “Flesh Mindedness” ] of Earthy reasoning. Therein, the more that Church men refuse to listen to their appointed Angels, the more difficult and more tribulating their [ “Revelation” ] pilgrimage will become. These Church Angels, then, become God’s designated instruments for implementing the suffrages and torments that phase into the - SEVEN CHURCHES - of [ “Revelation” ], becoming the manifestation of ( “vocalization” ) that warns / guides the Church men but also being the power Angels that implement the ( “Trials” ) or [ “Judgments of God” ] for righteously balanced ( “justice” ). Such Angels, then, must be revered with caution and foreboding as powerful agents of God’s Kingdom; whereby, such accompanying Angels, the sanctified Church men can successfully traverse through the ( “Trials” ) of [ “Revelation” ], and fulfill the Covenant intention of maturing in God’s [ WORD ]. The Candlestick ( “light” ) of the - SEVEN CHURCHES - is, therein, dependent upon the Church acclimation to their Angels assigned; wherein, the success of their Candlestick ( “light” ) is representative of Church men’s “spirituality”, of listening to God’s message / instruction provided in ( HIS ) Angels.

    The book of [ “Revelation” ] introduces Seals that are to be ( “broken” ) to reveal hidden powers of God’s mysteries .. Rev 6:1; whereby the ( “breaking” ) of these Seals, strange and astonishing “spiritual” manifestations are unleashed to produce frightening pressures upon the Church community, already declared by Jesus Christ to have reflected - SEVEN - ( failures ) .. Rev chapters 2 & 3. So, the ( “breaking” ) of these - SEVEN - Seals untethers astonishing influences upon the Christian community, therein; intending these Seals pressures to bend the ( faith ) direction of the Church body. Each of these ( “broken” ) Seals brings its own, specialized, influence upon Christian ( faith ); and should each of these ( “broken” ) Seals cause its peculiar change of Church focus, then, the next following Seals must be ( “broken” ), to cause that next, specialized, influence upon the ( faith ) of the responsive Church body. Not all of the Christian community will respond properly with these - SEVEN - ( broken ) Seals, in this particular sequence of ( faith ) redirection. But, only a small portion of the Church community will respond correctly with these - SEVEN - ( faith ) influences; therein, this process becomes a mysterious Seals formula of Church selection. As each of these Seals is broken and its pressure is brought to bear on Christianity, a Church body fragment is defined as being uniquely qualified for progressing forward to face the experience of the next ( “breaking” ) of Seals, with its different type of influential pressure. So, one by one, as these Seals becomes manifest in their work of prescribed steerage of Church ( faith ), the responding Church body is progressively strained by more and more refining into a smaller and smaller faction of .. DIVINE .. obedience in ( faith ) working. The appointed Church Angels, of course, are instrumental in releasing these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals unto their pressures upon the Church community; so, by these Church Angels, God’s mystery Church becomes discovered, little by little in these - SEVEN - refinements, to work the right ( faith ) of Jesus Christ. And therein, the Candlestick ( “light” ) of the true / hidden Church becomes disclosed by the pressure influence of these ( “broken” ) Seals. The goal of this [ “Revelation” ] process, to produce a Church, finally, of Candlestick brightness, is, therein, dependent upon the Christian community becoming battered by the strange pressures of these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals, unto the result of that mystery Church becoming filtered out of the larger population of Christian hypocrites, to fulfill the very complex and precise ( faith ) work of fulfilling the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.

    The ( “broken” ) Seals of the New Testament of Jesus Christ are, of course, emphasizing particular matters of ( faith ), focusing .. [ SEVEN CHURCH ] .. topics of cultural battering: first of seven Seals [ White Horse / horseman ] < the planned emergence of alternate religions >, .. second of seven Seals [ Red Horse / horseman ] < hostile disputes & feuds flourish leading to Wars >, .. third of seven Seals [ Black Horse / horseman ] < widespread economic hardship, life support supplies diminished unto deprivation >, .. fourth of seven Seals [ Pale Horse / horseman ] < all manner of widespread “DEATH”, followed with “HELL”, and not followed by HEAVEN’S “Salvation” >, .. fifth of seven Seals [ Official religious martyrdoms ] < Religious ceremonial executions imposed for advancing ( WORD of GOD ) conversions >, .. sixth of seven Seals [ extreme Atmospheric pollutions & Geological calamities that hide Astrological positions ] < physical - Earthen realm devastations >, .. final of seven Seals [ SEVEN ANGELS - TRUMPETS, THREE WOES, SEVEN PLAGUES ] < astonishing Heaven - to - Earth tribulations, beyond / superseding physical - Earthen realm manifestations >. These - SEVEN - layers of ( faith ) targeting Seals are filtering the Church community, to produce a “righteous” thinking community of Covenant men, albeit a smaller and smaller population of Church “believers” emerges successfully. God’s intended level of Holy ( faith ) is required to successfully endure through this [ “Revelation” ] process: and, these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals are God’s strategic methodology to arrive at ( HIS ) idea of New Covenant fulfillment. Understanding God’s Covenant ( Husbandry ) of mankind in these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals is < KEY > to Churchmen having progress in their ( faith ) working; so that, layer by layer, these - SEVEN - Seals become the help that Covenant “believers” need to - OVERCOME - their worldly distractions / bondages of [ SINFULNESS ] unto “Damnation”. Covenant “believers’” listening to their appointed Church Angels, as a systematic regimentation, is the < KEY > of insight that edifies these Covenant men, enabling them to thrive and avoid certain devastation of these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals. Listening to their God-given Church Angels is their secret of success through this mysterious process of Jesus Christ’s ( “breaking” ) of these Seals. The Candlestick symbol of ( “light” ), then becomes manifest within these surviving Covenant “believers”; for, their perceptions / spiritual discernments / Kingdom of Heaven acclimation show a Candlestick brightness within these particular Covenant “believers”, all triggered through God’s utility of these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals of Jesus Christ .. Acts 2:1-3.

    The Prophet administration, within the accepting / “Spiritual” Church body, will be enabled to guide such a Church of Covenant “believers” through the terrible process of - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals of Jesus Christ; because, real Prophet - persons, having bonafide Prophet - Gifts, have been prepared for years, in advance of this ( “breaking” ) of Seals of Jesus Christ’s Covenant purification. By such Prophet - Shepherds, the listening Church body will have the help needed to navigate their ( faith ) working through such extraordinary events of “Tribulation”. These Prophet - Shepherds are the < KEY > to discerning / interpreting the ( “broken” ) Seals of [ “Revelation” ] and the ( faith ) matters required of the Covenant Church body; wherein, the Church Angels are < empowered > to separate such proper ( faith ) working Church men from the dangers and severe threats of the rolling swarm of ( “broken ) Seals in manifestation. This < empowered > attendance by these Church Angels, foreknown by the Prophet experience, provides the escape / grace necessary for such Covenant “believers’” survival and continuation in these [ “Revelation” ] ( faith ) < “Trials” >. The trained Prophet - Shepherds will know the discernments and read interpretation of these Church Angels; and, by that trained knowledge of Church Angels, such Prophet - Shepherds will know how to satisfy the ( faith ) demands of the encountered ( “broken” ) Seals, and activate God’s intended grace of “Spiritual” helps, coming also through the same Church Angels. The Candlestick ( “light” ), intended to grow and flourish within the Church body of Covenant “believers”, is already grown and is flourishing within the Prophet - Shepherd - persons; because, these Church Prophet - Shepherds had previous experience / wilderness training that matured their indwelling [ WORD of GOD ] ( faith ) working in advance of Jesus Christ’s ( “breaking” ) of these - SEVEN - Seals. So, these Church Prophet - Shepherds will understand, quite immediately, the Covenant intention of Jesus Christ and the mighty power of these - SEVEN - Church Angels. The Candlestick brightness of the Church’s standard is known within such Prophet - Shepherd - persons; so, that Covenant intention of God is known to these trained Prophet - persons as the very unique help / Gift to the Church community when these - SEVEN - Seals begin their troubles of cultural “tribulation”.

    The Prophet - Grace of “Spiritual” sensitivity is God’s specialized provision for ( HIS ) New Covenant men, enabling such Bible “believing” ( faith disciples ) to learn of and follow the ( faith ) “TRAIL” of these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals of the New Testament of Jesus Christ. Therein, the Church Prophet component is God’s specialized help for ( HIS ) Covenant followers; whereby, the Church Prophet - person is necessary to Church functionality and cannot be substituted for and cannot be expunged by any other Church administration. The Church community, that denies / objects to the Prophet - Gift of “Spiritual” discernments, will, therein, [ FAIL ] to perceive these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals of the New Testament of Jesus Christ, and will [ FAIL ] to understand the ( faith ) required; consequently, such a Prophet - absent Church community will have God’s Judgment of imposed Angels that constricts them to the [ BEAST ] nature and vile purpose in [ “Revelation” ]. The Prophet - administrator, qualified carefully with Gift empowerments and a protracted ( “Wilderness” ) journey of “Spiritual” discipleship, will be a dedicated spokesman of these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals of the New Testament of Jesus Christ, having already encountered these - SEVEN - ( faith ) matters during that complex ( “Wilderness” ) journey. Such validated Prophet - administrators, having successfully adapted to this ( faith ) learning to become the Church champion of ( faith ) “Truth”, can Shepherd Bible “believers” through these - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals of [ “Revelation” ]. The Angels of Church oversight are well understood by the real Prophet - administrator and can be discerned with clear interpretation; and therein, the Prophet - administrator knows by experience that Angels message of right ( faith ) and how the negligent Church body will experience a righteous Judgment of severest consequences. The Candlestick brightness, that is intended to come into Church manifestation, has already been experienced and understood by the Church Prophet; for, the before - and - after ( “transformation” ) realities are clearly distinguished as specific conditions of the Prophet experience. The Covenant objective, of Candlestick brightness, is foreknown to the Prophet - administrator, as fulfilling the .. DIVINE .. purpose for Church maturity, which therein; reminds the Prophet - person of the Prophet mandate of Christ’s immutable functional intention.

    The First Resurrection, of the New Covenant [ “Revelation” ] .. Rev 20:5, tells a summary conclusion for enduring the Covenant process successfully: .. Rev 20:4 “And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” .. So, the First Resurrection for New Testament “believers” is qualified carefully, by their ( faith ) working throughout the process of “Trials” of the - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals. The “beheading” martyrdom First Resurrection of successful “believers”, just as Jesus of Nazareth was ( crucified ) by the reigning religion of Pharisees and became the literal First Resurrection consecrating the New Testament - Covenant -, that following “beheading” martyrdom becomes the winning price for obtaining the reward of the First Resurrection. This First Resurrection is not obtained by any other ( faith ) behavior of professing Christians, who have declared their own victories of this First Resurrection by practicing divergent ( faith ), believing in all manner of religious philosophies to purposely circumvent this attention of murderous persecution. This First Resurrection must be prepared for with a specific regimen of ( faith ) strengthening, throughout a significant time of the - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals. The Prophet - Shepherd guiding the listening Church body will, of course, be preparing those Covenant “believers” for paying the ultimate personal price of individual “sacrifice” to becoming included in the First Resurrection, should God set that “beheading” First Resurrection price on the scales of ( faith ) measuring. That Prophet - Shepherd will also have endured a rigorous / threatening process of ( faith ) “Trials”, as that qualification required, for Church leadership of that First Resurrection, will have been integral in that complex ( “Wilderness” ) journey. The Angels of Church oversight / Trial / and ( faith ) maturity, seeing the distant possibility of the “beheading” First Resurrection, will be understood by the Prophet - administrator; wherein, the Angels of the - SEVEN - ( “breaking” ) Seals will be correlated to a Heavenly victory of the First Resurrection, should such a deadly “Sacrifice” become necessary.

    The First Resurrection is prefaced by the qualifying ( faith ) commitment unto “beheading”, in the Christian resolution to stand against punishing threats for carrying the witness of Jesus, and holding to the word of God, and to not being intimidated to worship the beast, or his image, and to not being bullied into receiving the beast’s mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands .. Rev 20:4. This “beheading” martyrdom threat, which arrives at “believers’” inclusion of the First Resurrection, becomes insightfully understood as an attitude of resolution to commit the ( self ) to in a quintessential departure from all manner of worldly immersion and moral compromise. The measure of ( “willing” ) the ( self ) to .. die .., to the world and its deceitful trickeries of seduction, becomes the pivotal measure of ( faith ) that wins the goal of the First Resurrection .. Romans 6:3-5. The First Resurrection, then, becomes the justified victory of a heroic commitment to the .. DIVINE .. standard of Christ’s ( nature ) .. 2 Peter 1:4 ..; wherein, the price of progress, unto that First Resurrection, is the personal ( faith ) acceptance of [ “DEATH” ] to the indwelling [ SIN ] ( nature ). Such a hope unto worldly [ “DEATH” ] would finally arrive by ( faith ) at a symbolic “beheading” or, if necessary to fulfill God’s ( faith ) requirement on time, even may manifest in a literal “beheading” martyrdom and the Covenant promise of the First Resurrection. This First Resurrection reward, for a symbolic “beheading” unto [ “DEATH” ] to the world, then, becomes a doctrine of hope and promise to new proselytes of Christianity, when that First Resurrection goal is understood / preached by the Church leadership. The Prophet - administrator, well versed in this [ “DEATH” ] to the world doctrine of ( faith ), becomes a < KEY > pillar of Covenant First Resurrection, as that First Resurrection is revealed as the very intention of Jesus Christ. Such Prophet - administrators are proper references for Christian proselytes, guiding them to the First Resurrection Covenant goal. This First Resurrection goal for a worldly “beheading” is enabled by God through the external manifestations of the “Trials” of the - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals. Such ( “breaking” ) of the - SEVEN - Seals becomes viewed as a doctrine to lead genuine Covenant “believers” unto the actual goal of the First Resurrection. The Church Angels that link [ SINFILLED ] men to God’s Covenant involvement and hope of the First Resurrection, such Angels are instrumental at transferring the - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals to the experience of Church men, to promote this [ “DEATH” ] to the world ( faith ) regimen, that might conclude them in the First Resurrection.

    The Church community, of the New Covenant [ “Revelation” ], is required to undergo a comprehensive reconditioning of ( faith ) working, in prayers and intercessions; wherein, such a required ( faith ) design of the Church follows the Genesis Abraham blueprint of example .. Gal 3:14. Such a Church design of functional ( faith ) precision may be considered to be too stringent and extraordinarily demanding to be realistic for Gentile Church men; however, God may design ( HIS ) Covenant with [ SINFILLED ] men according to any manner that pleases ( HIM ), .. that HE may charge with ( HIS ) power of - “SALVATION” -, .. that might justify the sacrificial [ “DEATH” ] of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. That consecration of the New Covenant, with the [ “DEATH” ] and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, should certainly be acknowledged, by unworthy [ SINFILLED ] Church men, to justify any Covenant terms and conditions that God may require for men’s inclusion of Covenant partnership. The Church Institution, as God’s official envoy to unworthy humans, the Church .. MUST .. accept fully God’s appointment of any Covenant terms and conditions, even such that may seem to be stringent or impossible. The Church, then, must raise its vision of .. DIVINE .. purpose and accept God’s Covenant - WAY - ( PERIOD ), especially knowing that the impossibilities of such Covenant terms or conditions have already been provided to Covenant “believers” by God’s gifts of grace. The Church community that will be raised by God, to Abraham’s ( faith ) of radical example, will come to that resolution of departure from the world’s many trickeries of [ SINFILLED ] compromise, in its symbolic essence of becoming “beheaded”, that may well justify “believing” Church men for the First Resurrection of the Bible .. Rev 20:4. That Church, of the stringent ( faith ) of Abraham, will arrive, through a tribulating series of - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals, to a Church doctrine goal of the First Resurrection of [ “Revelation” ]. The contemporary Church, that resists this doctrine of the Prophet - administrator and refuses this requirement of the New Covenant to emulate the ( faith ) example of Abraham, that Church community will be purged from the [ “vine of life” ] .. John 15:1 .., and become the [ “BEAST” ] Church of persecution and ritual murder .. Rev chapter 13. The - SEVEN - ( “broken” ) Seals will teach that [ “BEAST” ] Church nothing of Godly ( faith ); for, they shall remain deaf to God’s oversight Angels and defiant to the warnings of God’s sent Prophet - administrators. So, the - SEVEN - ( “breaking” ) of Seals, and the steady manifestation - VOICE - of the Angels, will not dissuade such Gentile Church men; whereby, their operating by the [ “Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil” ] will .. PROPHETICALLY .. conclude those Church men in its foreknown [ “DEATH” ].

    The Church, that is predestinated by God to complete fulfilling the New Covenant, with its proper ( faith ) in Priesthood prayers and intercessions, to become the proper ( “wife” ) of God’s Son, Jesus Christ .. Rev 19:7, that very specific Church will endure the discipleship of the ( “breaking” ) of - SEVEN - Seals of [ “Revelation” ]. That learning from this tremendous age of “tribulation” is demanded by God and is not optional as an extraordinary requirement of derelict thinking; wherein, this obedient Church community will be < willfully > accommodating God as the sovereign Lord that HE is. This extraordinary < willfulness > of Covenant “believers” should be the standard attitude for ( ALL ) men invited into a Covenant relationship with God .. Jesus Christ ..; however, the contemporary Church community has adopted an ideology of “entitlement” and superiority to God. In their thinking, they are God’s ( “pet creation” ) whose Covenant job is to provide God with their perpetual ( faith ) lists of ( “needful indulgences” ), providing God with their endless Church directions to allow God to have daily activities to keep God involved and happy with their busy .. [ SINFILLED ] .. “lusts” of the flesh and “prideful” ( self life ) engineering. The Church is profoundly derailed from the “truth” of a Covenant relationship with God .. Jesus Christ ..; whereby, the Church has deluded itself, not God, with its worldly logic of flesh based thinking. The First Resurrection, of the New Covenant reward, is predestinated to those who separate themselves from worldly trickeries of delusion, to become sanctified unto God and Godliness. That First Resurrection promise cannot be doled out to ( self willed ), ( insatiably indulgent ), Gentile reasoned Church heretics, that refuse the warnings of the Prophet - administrator and that steady - VOICE - of the - SEVEN - Church Angels. God’s matrix of Church helps are awesomely arrayed in advance, with the - SEVEN - Church Angels and their ( “broken” ) Seals and their readers, the Prophet - administrators, that contemporary Church men refuse and belligerently defy, with “toddler” tantrums that create a [ “DEADLY” ] Church environment against all Covenant “truth” advocates. The contemporary Church community will descend into a condemned state of ( “Antichrist” ) driven persecutions against God’s obedient Church, concluding that [ BEAST ] Church with .. DIVINE .. Judgments, unto a certain Eternal “Damnation”.

by: Michael Mitchell