Three WOES of the Apocalypse

    The Apocalypse is a .. DIVINE .. message of preparation and warning; that, the fulfillment of the Covenant requires an extraordinary process of “perfection” of God’s following “believers”; that, such “believers” must show forth their ( faith ) in overcoming profound obstacles of ( “Antichrist” ) intention, of worldwide saturation and highly proliferate Christian deceit. The Apocalypse of John is a frightening picture of profound suffrage through the .. DIVINE .. Order of ( “Trial” ) and ( “Sacrifice” ) and appointed Christian duties of dispensational ( “Oversight” ); that, shock the mind of learned disciples. The Apocalypse of John is intended to become a mainstream component in the discipleship of new “believers”; so that, the Apocalypse lesson narrative becomes appropriately a ( “doctrine” ) of all Christianity. The Apocalypse of John is a coalescing of the New Testament Bible narrative, in a picture of massive .. worldwide .. opposition; that, weaves Heaven’s mystery into Priesthood Apocalypse imagery and horrific spiritual Apocalypse figures that are permitted preeminence to champion [ EVIL ] against the inevitability of God’s Wrath. John’s Apocalypse shows forth a profound plan of God’s Creation; that, requires / insists upon the ( “Trying” ) of “believers”, on a grand .. Worldwide .. scale that brings an Apocalypse END to the New Testament process of proselytizing human creatures. The Apocalypse of John is a record of Jesus Christ, that shows forth a picture that Christianity must succeed against “something” mysterious and colossal and finish the course required before “time” runs out, to be followed behind with extraordinary Apocalypse evidence of .. DIVINE .. victory over all manner of opposing [ EVIL ].

    The Apocalypse is a profoundly dreadful picture to remember in the discipleship process of [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] transformation, reminding new proselytes that this Apocalypse of the Church is very sobering business of the highest gallantry to endure through, therein; having a wondrous prize of Life < Zoë > to become glorified in. The Apocalypse process of Jesus Christ shows a Church participation in the Eternal Dispensation of other men of the world; wherein, “believers” in the Apocalypse of John are exercising ( faith ) unto Godly serving, that destroys hindering agents of the [ DEVIL ] and enables the - WAY - of Jesus Christ for other predestinated men to find their reconciliation with God. The Apocalypse of John, as a Christian Covenant process of world domination and “Salvation”, becomes a reminder of the vastness of the world’s universalized condemnation unto Eternal “Damnation”, which demands a morbid Apocalypse honesty of the world’s true state of separation from God. This Apocalypse referencing becomes a motivational icon for pressing forward, when the [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] transformation seems too radical for men to endure; wherein, the Apocalypse sacrifice and graphic horror is greatly diminished in its impact of hurtfulness. The Apocalypse looms on the horizon, as the inevitable wrath of God, is to be endured through all abandonment of ( Self Pity ); for, the world’s influence / ways / customs / cultures are ( ALL ) ( “Antichrist” ) originated and reinforcing, to be punished under God’s Apocalypse judgment and to be condemned to the ( “trash heap” ) of Hell’s burning fires. The Apocalypse of John, then, reinforces .. exactly .. God’s benevolent - WAY - of ( faith ) unto self sacrifice and Godly service, through an obedient Covenant journey that is .. NOT .. the folly that the world perceives, but is ( ”Sanity” ) placed into perspective of a Eternal Dispensation paradigm, as the ultimate encourager of enduring the suffrage of “Truth”.

    The Beast character, in the Bible Apocalypse of symbolic representations, becomes embodied within men to bring threat and ( trial ) against the ( “Called Out” ) Church, to execute extreme persecution, to obstruct the true Church in its .. DIVINE .. progress. The mandate of Jesus Christ, for ( HIS ) Church body, intends to fulfill the New Testament - Covenant -, by its contradicting / overcoming the Beast persecution and culture. The Church of Jesus Christ, of true doctrine in right ( faith ), is strangely predestinated and filtered out from the Beast character of [ SINFILLED ] men, that have absorbed the Christian Church community; and, the Church of Jesus Christ is profoundly changed by transformation, to no longer be bound to the Beast nature of the ( “Antichrist” ) system of Church delusions .. Rev chapter 12. The Beast paradigm of “spiritual” character represents .. implicitly .. the compromised ( “Antichrist” ) indwelling and mutinying against God’s Church paradigm, that presents itself with delusion as being the authentic Church of Jesus Christ; however, that Beast character subversion, of the basic Christian culture, rages against any variance of its Church doctrine, that might divert any Church followers from that Beast System of Order / Leadership, unto a different structure of ( faith ) dedication. The Apocalypse of John presents a narrative of the Beast character driven Church, its sudden appearance, its vile “heart” nature and ability .. Rev 13:1-2, and its ( “deadly” ) work of intimidation and threat of destruction against the true / loyal / holy Church. The true Church of Jesus Christ is accomplishing the - WILL - of the Father of Jesus Christ, to properly make herself ready for marriage to the Son of God, the ( “Lamb” ) of sacrifice .. Rev 19:7-8, by its facing continually for a time the Beast threat as the ( faith ) trial to overcome. The Beast Church of scripture had been prefaced in detail through the [ SEVEN ] Churches’ descriptions of Rev chapters 2 & 3, as having ( failed ) the seven classifications of standardized Church virtues; wherein, that Beast Church, of the Beast nature, is proved to not have .. DIVINE .. confirmation of its authenticity.

    The Beast “heart” nature; the symbolic leopard, bear, and lion empowered by the Dragon .. Rev 13: 2; becomes the broad based < core > “heart” motivation of a large population of men that is universalized in the Christian culture, therein; becoming the very reason for God’s final Church purge / warning / process of the Apocalypse of John. All was .. NOT .. fine with God after the New Testament - Covenant - was consecrated by the “DEATH” and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and installed with a visible Church Institution by the beginning twelve apostles; for, the Beast nature would remain constant as a subversive and predatory < core > “heart” motivation within the broader community of the future unfolding Christian religion. There was trouble in the Church camp early on, as Covenant purification trials were being prepared by the eventual rising up of the Beast “heart” nature and Beast system of Christian culture as the most common type of Church character to be overcome. The Beast < core > “heart” motivation would eventually supersede the authentic ( “Christ” ) < core > “heart” motivation, intended in the New Testament - Covenant - .. III John 1:19-10. So, the Apocalypse of John was the departing ( “Revelation” ) from God, through ( HIS ) profoundly spiritual apostle men, that would outline a [ CODED ] message guiding / Shepherding God’s future generation through a difficult time of Covenant Church purification from the Beast < core > “heart” motivation and Beast Christian culture, to obtain the maturity fulfillment of that New Testament - Covenant -. The lurking Beast < core > “heart” motivation was to be revealed in clear ( “Revelation” ) as the usurping parasite undermining the “Saving” Covenant, that would “Save” the world’s condemned men from an ( “Antichrist” ) [ DEVIL - Beast ] < core > “heart” motivation. The promise and power of the New Testament - Covenant - transcends the subversion of the Beast < core > “heart” motivation, to be made evident to the Church through this Apocalypse power of Christ. The coming Church “believers” of the Christ < core > “heart” motivation, are .. NOT .. to be shocked by its drastic departure from the mainstreamed Church of the Beast < core > “heart” motivation and the Beast Christian culture, and to then become the Priesthood intercessors of the Apocalypse, to overcome the [ EVIL- Beast ] community by required ( faith ). The prophesied judgment of the Babylonian Whore .. Rev chapter 17 .. shows God’s partnership, with the ( “righteous” ) Church body, that will sovereignly endure to the Judgment end of the Beast Church community, and the Beast < core > “heart” motivation within all of mankind.

    The Bottomless pit story narrative, in the Bible Apocalypse, presents a symbolic extraction of a torment from [ “Hell” ], to impose upon “living” earthmen, for a five months illustration .. Rev 9:1-12; whereby, the Bottomless pit of [ “Hell” ] is supernaturally experienced in the Earthen realm as an ( “up close” ) sample of Eternal “Damnation”. This Bottomless pit experience of extreme torments, lasting for five months without an escape by death, is to portray a preview of God’s Wrath upon [ SINFILLED ] men, to forecast a future “truth” experience, in advance of a permanent Bottomless pit “DEATH” sentence. This opening of the Bottomless pit, in the Apocalypse process, and extracting out of the Bottomless pit a sampled torment of scorpion like locusts, may cause a ( self introspective ) redirection of some men’s later Church pursuit. These Bottomless pit [ “Hell” ] locusts appear armored for war, to exercise savage persistence when resisted by mankind, stinging men who are ( “unsealed” ) with Christ’s protection; wherein, these tormenting locusts out of the Bottomless pit have faces of men that reflect, in men’s vivid imaginations, certain past memories / guilts of their previous [ SINS ] that are still active without ( “remission” ) / even ( faith works ) of [ EVIL ] ancestors. These human face remembrances of previous [ SINS ] are all perfectly deserving still of God’s measured Wrath in the inevitable Bottomless pit, if truly the Bottomless pit of [ HELL ] is not escaped properly through the Covenant “Salvation” of Jesus Christ. The Bottomless pit, as the locational symbolism of [ “Hell” ], is poured out of torments to bring ( “Revelation” ) of sobering warning to men trending toward the future Beast paradigm of “spiritual” character, who would hold to their accepted Church ( faith ) of < core > “heart” motivation of the ( “Antichrist” ) [ DEVIL - Beast ]. Such men, given this preview of a real [ “Hell” ] Bottomless pit experience, are savagely shaken with this Apocalypse ( “Reality check” ) as a last ( Calling ) before they become - SET - in permanence to the Beast classification, having thereafter no reprieve from God’s Bottomless pit. The Apocalypse of John brings this horrific picture of opening the Bottomless pit as an astonishing warning .. the 1st woe, to unrepentant men, before their moment of repentance opportunity is past.

    The Bottomless pit [ “Hell” ] preview of the Apocalypse is not required for those “believers” of the Christ Covenant offering; for, they have already been set aside for God’s grace of ( “Redemption” ) unto an eventual ( “Salvation” ), apart from the Bottomless pit. Therein, such “believers” have become ( marked ) with a ( “seal” ), within the angels realm, that sets them apart from this Bottomless pit experience of earthy torments. Such “believers” cannot be affected by this Apocalypse opening up of the Bottomless pit; for, they are removed, astonishingly, by the angels appointed to them by the Covenant < Baptism > of Jesus Christ. The Bottomless pit review of [ Hell’s” ] Eternal torments becomes a profound evidence of something else as well, a Church ( faith ) working that produces such an effectuation, so powerful as to open the doors .. literally .. of the Bottomless pit .. [ Hell ] .. and extract from that Eternal Bottomless pit paradigm of God’s judgment of rejection, a torment of earthy experience that horrifically reminds [ SINFILLED ] men of Bible prophecy. [ SINFILLED ] men will be prompted to remember previously “preached” warnings toward < Repentance of Sins > and turning to Christ Jesus, to escape from the inevitability of the Bottomless pit [ Hell ] dispensation, as the - ONLY - hope of “Salvation”. ( “Salvation from what?” ) has been the question of [ SINFILLED ] men, who had been easily ( “brain washed” ) with an Ideology of [ Hell ] being an infinite party place that will indulge their darkest fantasies, with Bottomless pit [ DEMON ] spirits serving their many lusts and obsessions. So, the Bottomless pit is not, to them, a place / condition / dispensation to dread and avoid, up until this suddenly overwhelming torment that shows them the delusion of their [ SINFILLED ] mental expectation, exposing their future horrific reality in the Bottomless pit. The coming Beast classification, to them, would seem to free them to extraordinary violence within a Church based culture; however, with this Bottomless pit intrusion of surprising torments, such “unbelievers” become persuaded to reconsider their floating downstream into the Beast immersion unto “Damnation” in an extraordinary Bottomless pit woefulness.

    The Apocalypse disclosure of two messengers, as a Prophet appearance in the Bible - Covenant .. Rev 11:1-14, presents a strange administration of Jesus Christ to impact the New Testament Church community, that brings a Prophet “message” and “power” of torment and defense, unto the 2nd woe of ( “Revelation” ); wherein, a Prophet spectacle is so intrusive that the Church cannot ignore / disregard this overt picture of Church invalidation. This grand picture of the Prophet appearance is a shocking awakening, that provokes the Church society to recoil in offense, and refortify its “traditional” religious bastions of defense, to overlook their recent experience with the Bottomless pit opening with its horrific torments, and press on with insistent determination. The “message” from these two Prophet - persons, did not capture their imaginations of “truth”, and had no effect of forewarning them of their [ EVIL ]; therein, their persecution of these Prophet - persons seemed like the most natural course of ( faith ) working. The Bottomless pit torments phased them not as a warning of Eternal condemnation in [ Hell ], securing them .. perfectly .. in the future Beast classification of irreversible “Damnation”; and, their assassination agents’ experiencing a retaliatory death by ( faith ) of these Prophet - persons, deterred them not. These ( unhearing ) Churchmen were settled in their Beast future of the Apocalypse of John; wherein, they were inclined to persecute the Prophet - messengers and applaud / celebrate their deaths, overlooking the astonishing Bottomless pit sacrifice, death and public resurrection of the Prophet - persons as an endorsement of .. DIVINE .. origin.

    The Prophet appearance in the Apocalypse of John portends of just consequence; for, that Prophet administration had long been disregarded / dismissed / purposely starved out from the Church community, as a deliberate Church rebellion against God’s sovereign order. This appearance of the Prophet in the Bible Apocalypse shows the insistence of Jesus Christ to employ the Prophet - wisdom in ( “Revelation” ); wherein, the rebellious Church had refused the Prophet - Gift and even rejoices in the sacrifice and death of the appointed Prophet - persons. The wisdom of the Prophet - “message”, of two “olive trees” and two “candlesticks”, were not accepted by the ( failed ) Churches of Rev chapters 2 & 3, and were not to be accepted in any future time that those [ SEVEN ] Churches might influence; consequently, the Priesthood - Prophet “faith powers” of < angel covering > intercessions would fall upon the rebellious Church society with God’s anger. By Jesus Christ’s employing those - SENT - Prophet - persons, as spiritual guides of wisdom, Jesus Christ is also employing these Prophet - persons, “empowered” to enjoin with the Bottomless pit of [ Hell’s ] torments, to an Intercessory Priesthood - Prophet sacrifice. By Jesus Christ, this Prophet work of sacrifice settles by ( faith ) that torment, upon those Churchmen of this particular offense to Jesus Christ, that they would become the specific targets for this torment of [ Hell ] once they arrived permanently in the Bottomless pit. These Prophet - “messengers” are the spiritual line of change, between the true predestinated Church and the ( failed ) Church forgery of ( “Antichrist” ) subversion. The Beast Churchmen are specifically decided by this appearance of the two Prophet - “messengers”; whereby, the true predestinated Church becomes filtered away from the Beast Churchmen and from the Bottomless pit dispensation in Eternal “Damnation”.

    The Woman symbolism, in the Apocalypse .. Rev chapter 12, foretells of breathtaking change within a Church character; wherein, this Church - Woman becomes the ( first ) Church body, having heard the “message” of the two Prophet - “messengers”, that bears evidence of her previous [ SINS ] going into ( “Remission” ), completely dismantling the [ DEVIL’S ] system of order. The ( “Dragon” ), symbolically within the back history of that Church - Woman, is magnificently provoked by this change in the Church - Woman, and does all manner of retaliation and threat, to undo / overrule this ( “Remission of Sins” ) experienced by this Church - Woman, having no success but only ( “rage” ). This Woman symbolism of “giving birth” is clearly identified as the 3rd woe of the Bible Apocalypse, sending a “message” of alarm to the ( failed ) Church society, that of course remains behind the liberated Church - Woman and is still in the clutches of the proverbial ( “Dragon” ). This 3rd woe of the Apocalypse proverbial Woman is woeful to the left behind Churches, showing clear evidence of that Woman - Church’s confirmation of the two “messages” of the Prophet wisdom, and therein; proving the doctrine “truth” of the two Prophet - persons and the doctrine folly of the rejecting Church, remaining stedfast in its rebellion against Jesus Christ. The obedient Church - Woman becomes clearly liberated from the ( “Dragon” ) character .. [ the DEVIL ] ..; but, the mainstream Church community only watches this ( “miracle” ) Woman from their safety net of the ( “Dragon’s” ) lair of fierce possession. This 3rd woe to the ( failing ) Church follows behind the Bottomless pit 1st woe and the Prophet two “messages” 2nd woe. These [ SEVEN ] ( failed ) Churches, that ( failed ) in Rev chapters 2 & 3, are condemned to the next following Bible narrative of the appearing Beast character in Rev chapter 13; and therefrom, this Beast Church, unlike the liberated Church - Woman, will be doomed to the Eternal consequence of the Bottomless pit dispensation in [ Hell ].

    The Woman character of the New Testament - Church becomes a gender identity for Church Institutionalized function, as the .. “Woman bride of Christ” .. “child birthing mother” .. “milk nourisher” .. “nurturer & safety guardian” .. “children’s teacher”; wherein, the Church, as a Woman gender, accepts the Bible structuring of family and accepts the submissive role as the ( “Woman wife” ) of God’s Holy Son, Jesus Christ. The Woman, of the Bible Apocalypse .. chapter 12, has clearly embraced the two Prophet - “messengers” of the previous scripture narrative; wherein, the Woman - Church character had received the “message” of two “olive trees” and the two “candlesticks”, that when known identify the [ “Spirit comes upon man” ] of the Old Testament and the [ “Spirit comes within man” ] of the New Testament - Covenant. These two dispensations of the Bible narrative are ( “liberating” ) to the Church - Woman character, enabling that Church - Woman to experience a transitional ( “deliverance” ), learning from the Prophet testimony Jesus Christ’s mandate of “Repentance from [ SINS ]” of the Old Testament as a necessary process to transitioning into the New Testament - Covenant -. This Church - Woman of the Bible Apocalypse would have become readjusted to these Old Testament [ SINS ] of necessary “Repentance”, which proper “Repentance” by < Baptism > of these Prophet - “messengers” causes that [ SINFULNESS ] bondage to the [ DEVIL ] .. ( “Dragon” ) to go into “Remission”, then liberating that Woman - Church character from her previous < CURSE > of compulsory / perpetual [ SINS ]. Avoiding the torments of the Bottomless pit would have signified this Apocalypse Woman symbolism as already having been predestinated by God, for her necessary Church - Woman embodiment of “TRUTH” by these Prophet - “messengers” of two “olive trees” and two “candlesticks”. The Bottomless pit, of eternal torments, therein; having been bypassed by this Woman of [ SINS ] “Remission” labels that Church - Woman to have been tagged / sealed in predestination to receive the Prophet - “messaging”, to have the future ( “liberation” ) from the ( “Dragon” ) predilection of ( “Delusional” ) Church rightness, and; to leave the ( “Dragon” ) community of traditional Church captivity by the “Remission of Sins” .. Luke 3:3-4. The coming Beast - Church will, of course, threaten and persecute the Church - Woman, and overcome straggling Churches that ( failed ) to follow the two Prophet - “messages” of two “olive trees” and two “candlesticks”. In their fearfulness of straying away from their Church traditions that kept them ( “safe” ) in their [ SINFULNESS ] of the ( “Dragon” ), these straggling Churches belated their urgency of following this “truth message” of the two Prophet - persons; wherein, these Churches followed behind the Church - Woman, but not in the time of the Church - Woman. And, straggling behind the Church - Woman, they become easy prey for the Beast - Church to carry out that retaliatory rage of the ( “Dragon” ) revenge.

    The Church of the Apocalypse journey, discloses a troubling process that requires extravagant struggle and sacrifice, beyond any expectation from common Church men. These Church symbolisms are so grievous and horrific that Gentile readers are compelled to seek after ( “easier” ) / ( “friendlier” ) explanations, even pursuing ( “escape” ) philosophies as doctrine that might be exploited from within the argued mysteries of the Holy Bible. The Church - Woman, giving “birth” then hiding from the ( “Dragon” ) in chapter 12, seems too disconnected from any known Gentile Church narrative to be useful as a woe to learn; and, the scriptures of two “messenger” - Prophet - persons becomes too frightening of a woe to embrace; and, the Bottomless pit woe is magnificently horrific in its visualized graphics to render any kind of meaning to contemporary Church life or Church preparation. These three woes of the Church Apocalypse must then have reason and purpose of .. DIVINE .. reality that exceeds contemporary Gentile Church ideas; for, the time of the Apocalypse is nearing frighteningly in its outward signs to disregard from an honest conscience; wherein, these warnings as God’s timed “truth” must require some time to assimilate to meaningful ( faith ) experience application. The Church of the Apocalypse is faced with an severely wearisome assemblage of .. DIVINE .. symbolisms, that have no tolerance now for meaningless Gentile speculation and [ DEVILISH ] obscurity; for, the Church - Woman will appear in her time; and, that consequence for the ( failing ) left behind Church is exactly the sentence of God’s pronounced judgment, unto the Bottomless pit of Eternal “Damnation”. The Prophet - “messaging”, of the two “olive trees” of ( “Spirit” ) dispensation and the two “candlesticks” of two set aside Church - groups, portray the ( “Good Fish” ) being divided from the ( “Bad Fish” ) within the same net .. Matt 13:47-48, that all claim to be the Christian Church. The Beast - Church will be profoundly opposing to the Church - Woman, and the “bloody” Beast - Church rituals will become obvious in their blasphemies against Jesus Christ, proving the inevitable dispensation of that Church population, of being “justly” cast into the Bottomless pit of God’s Eternal Judgment.

    The Church character, of the Apocalypse narrative, is monumentally exposed in its [ SEVEN CHURCH CANDLESTICK ] ( failings ) of chapters 2 & 3, then throughout the remainder of the Apocalypse story board the Church “Entity” is placed in a ( “pressure vise” ) of extreme [ “TRIBULATION” ]. The profound symbolism of graphic horrors should signal great caution to any / every Christian Church community, especially to those Church flavors of Denominational independence that seem to ( “Glory” ) in their own magnificence of superiority, of their claimed intellectual supremacy and promised “Salvation” achievement. The Church idea seems to be very tortured, according to Jesus Christ, the avowed author of the Apocalypse testimony to John; whereby, a carefully scrutinizing overview of the Church Institution would indicate that God .. Jesus Christ .. has a “message” about the Church, that is profoundly discomforting, even being painful to regard. The Church community, according to its sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, must endure a severe process of change, which requires a witnessing of the world in horrific devastation, and a dramatic falling away from God by a Church component. And, in the midst of fantastic Church ( trials ) and sacrifices, an accomplishment is achieved; whereby, the Church is described as the ( “WIFE” ) of Christ .. Rev 19:7-8. Certainly, the contemporary Church community must recognize its present day dissimilarity from this future achievement, however Jesus Christ defines it. For, the Church - Woman of chapter 12 undergoes profound events of peculiar symbolism, even persecution and sacrifice for having achieved a monumental victory, having been impacted previously by the two mysterious Prophet - “messages”; and then, that Woman of the Apocalypse becomes the symbolic launch pad for a following Beast character to rise up with its own Prophet - spokesman. This Beast character has been forewarned by Jesus Christ to know its future Church doctrine consequence by the Bottomless pit torments it had experienced; and, by the Beast - Church dispensation of .. DIVINE .. Judgment, that Beast character will find its Eternal reward in the Bottomless pit .. [ HELL ] .. having been judged of Jesus Christ it had claimed to serve.

by: Michael Mitchell