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Demonic Tormentors of the Early Apocalypse

    These present times, of the early Apocalypse, are in manifestation of Divinely imposed torments, which torments are Demonic manifestations of spiritual judgments .. MATT 18:34. Churchmen, of these present traditional ideologies, are becoming visited by God's manifestations of purposed torments; because, such contemporary churchmen are refusing to hear God's counsel of proper preparation. Now, these torments of the Apocalypse of John are activated by this cultural church mindset of “rebellion” and “defiance” against God's sovereignly devised [ CREATION ] plan. The Apocalypse of John is now unfolding the Covenant purpose of Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of God's holiness platform of “saving transformation”, presently lacking throughout the whole of the Christian community. And, when this manifestation of wisdom, of John's Apocalypse, is so ignored, the Demonic tormentors are justly imparted to gain attention.

    The present Apocalypse of John, seemingly ambushing the contemporary Christian community, should not be so shocking in its surprise; because of the written book of [ “Revelation” ]. However, the contemporary church community is incredibly unprepared for the Apocalypse, having dismissed its message and its prophetic messengers of particular Apocalypse training .. Matt 24:37-39. Now, contemporary churchmen will unnecessarily suffer for their insolent mindsets of resistant [ sinfulness ]. The Apocalypse of John will be seemingly unmerciful and callous, driving contemporary churchmen to seek after relief and protection and healing from this invisible dynamic of spiritual powers; wherein, God's Kingdom of Heaven paradigm will be given its due prominence of [ CREATION ] intention. By this coerced focus upon a spiritual universe, such tormented churchmen will accept, finally, this implicit remedy and wisdom of Apocalypse prophets.

    This Demonic manifestation of torments, Divinely appointed to contemporary churchmen, is a preview of the future church spectacle of broadly characterized Apocalypse [ BEAST ] behaviors, given to inhumane rituals of ceremonial murder, as a Demonic priesthood that harvests human blood for spiritual empowerments. Such Demonic manifestations will appear out of, and throughout the broad population, of the generalized Christian community, because of their universalized standards of defiance against a Covenant God, having overlooked and misinterpreted God's sovereign purpose in [ CREATION ]. These Demonic manifestations, of [ religious ] blood lusting, will be astonishingly acceptable and reasoned to be appropriate by the broad community of Apocalypse Christianity; and, this unthinkable manifestation of [ EVIL ] will be Divinely imposed through God's appointment of the Demonic “Angels”, already predestinated and appointed to be timely installed upon all of humanity. This Demonic character, overtaking the traditional Christian society, will be entirely justified by God's Covenant reality of purpose, as God removes HIS enemies within a fraudulent church community that has so dominated the church universe.

    This Demonic manifestation, of the religious [ BEAST ] priesthood, will not be revealed upon mankind until a separation has occurred between obedient Covenant men and the broader population of self serving Christian posers.This separation will be proving the obedient Covenant men by God's trials, and proving, contrarily, the Demonic loyal posers by their churchy defiance against the sovereign God. Then, this Demonic manifestation will suddenly overtake this “rebellious” category, regardless of the magnitude of its population. This Demonic population will be used by God as a test of Apocalypse threat and persecution against the obedient Covenant group, proving fidelity and resolve of that group, of their having right Faith. This Demonic manifestation, then, becomes the sign of [ DAMNATION ] appointed by God to such judged men, who will face destruction by the “living” Covenant believers, in their exercise of right priesthood Faith, therein; concluding the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ.

    The one specific pivotal distinction, that saves or condemns these churchmen of the Apocalypse of John, is simplistically the manifestation ( Gift ) of the Remission of Sins. Such contemporary churchmen that believe and accept the appropriate “Repentance of Sins” theology from [ SENT ] messengers, will be endowed by God with the implicit ( Gift ) of the Remission of Sins. Such otherwise minded churchmen, that scoff at this theology of the “Repentance of Sins”, will continue, on and on perpetually, to circumvent the Remission of Sins ( Gift ) of God; and therein, such maligned contemporary churchmen will be automatically forfeited to the judgment of God's Apocalypse condemnation, to receive the Demonic manifestation of certain [ DAMNATION ]. This inherited appointment of Demonic “Angels”, that persists automatically without the Remission of Sins ( Gift ), will not be escaped by contemporary churchmen. This Remission of Sins ( Gift ) is an absolute requirement and is astonishing in its manifestation of God's Kingdom of Heaven dynamic upon earthy men. This Remission of Sins ( Gift ) must, then, not become a “flash point” of religious contention; for, the cost of that religious arguing is catastrophic.

    The Remission of Sins ( Gift ) can only come into manifestation by God's very particular methodology, which incorporates, necessarily, a ( Gifted ) messenger of Divine preparation and imputation of this Remission of Sins ( Gifting ). Without this exact sequence and protocol of the Biblical ( “porter” ) of the door .. John 10:3, the hoped for result of the Remission of Sins ( Gift ) cannot and will not be obtained. All manner of traditional church imitations, substitutions, flesh minded equivocations, and imagined variations of interpretation cannot ever accomplish this Remission of Sins ( Gifting ), resulting therein with the Demonic manifestations of torments and the eventual Demonic manifestations of religious murder cultism. Only can the ( gifted ) Remission of Sins messenger break this stalemate of spiritual blindness, handicap / inertia and prepare sincere Covenant initiates with this Remission of Sins ( Gifting ) for the inevitably unfolding Apocalypse of John. Consequently, only the Remission of Sins, and only by the implicit messenger of Divine ( Gifting ), can this protocol of Divine order bring a spiritual Remission of Sins enabling to New Testament Covenant men, which spiritual ( Gifting ) of this Remission of Sins will steer them successfully through the Apocalypse of John process of [ HEART TRANSFORMATION ]. No one .. PERIOD .. will obtain the elusive “Resurrection of the Dead” / Salvation without having first accomplished this Covenant protocol of the Remission of Sins.

    The strange Beast character, within the Apocalypse of John storyline, will appear horrifically as an ambush from within Christian ideology; for, the contemporary church community is fraught with arrogance, having its flesh minded reasoning of scripture fragments. The universalized church community is so thoroughly mesmerized with its layered history of [ SINFUL ] men's reasoned logic, that the sudden appearance of a blood ritual religious Beast will overtake ( all ) of its numbers, having a tsunami wave of overwhelming enthusiasm, alibied as a Divine ascendancy of astonishing illumination. The Beast character will appear everywhere simultaneously, seeming to be perfect affirmation of Divine confirmation, that fuels the reinforcement of the traditional Demonic church order and its leadership of historical Demonic convention. The Remission of Sins will, profoundly, become the hated ideology that justifies their Beast campaign of cultish murder. And, with the persecution of the Remission of Sins theology, the design of blood drenched prayers will fuel the church's objective of manipulating the “Angels” that are setting upon all of humankind. The suddenly evolved Christian culture, having now the Beast nature, will be blind to itself; for, its < CORE > value, of conquering God's Kingdom of Heaven for mankind's [ SINFUL ] control, will become the universal ( cry ) of the contemporary church population. The Apocalypse of John discloses this ugly truth of churchmen's heart desires, in its joyfully embracing [ SIN ] and [ EVIL ] when self gratification is served, theoretically as always having been God's real design for humankind's ascendency. This Apocalypse choreography, Divinely posted by John, showcases the Beast of humankind's true indwelling nature, the Beast even dominating the posing Christian world. This church community of the Beast will be judged and the Beast nature devastated at the conclusion of the Covenant of Jesus Christ; for, The Remission of Sins ( Gifting ) .. Rev chapter 12 .. removes all camouflages of religious pretension but provokes the ( Dragon / Devil / Serpent ) to mobilize all of his Beast strength of human instrumentation, which then brings to bear the true Beast nature of humankind into this desperate scheme to rally toward eradication of God's control over [ HIS ] created man.

    The obedient churchmen of right Covenant Faith, perceiving and accepting the Remission of Sins ( Gifting ) theology, will quickly find themselves surrounded and oppressed by the bullying Demonic church and the Demonic culture, dominant throughout the surrounding society, preparing their anticipation of the coming Beast torments and inner character threats. This obedient church population will have their Faith tested / tried by the Beast influence and dreaded retaliation according to God through the Covenant process, which Covenant now is active by the Remission of Sins preliminary protocol. This Demonic nature and Demonic social culture will immediately be cleanly defined and obviously apparent as being the enemy to resist, to overcome, and to escape from, including the eventual Beast torments as well, to such New Testament churchmen of right Covenant Faith. This heart of man Demonic / Beast nature now is revealed as the implicit character of an indwelling Demonic / Beast spirit presence, who is the ( Devil / Dragon / Serpent ) forewarned from the Old Testament scriptures. Now in this unfolding day of the Apocalypse of John, the time of spiritual reckoning is at hand; wherein, Bible professing men must reconcile their actionable theology with a Biblical spirituality after the profoundest example of God's Holy son, Jesus Christ, and not after the contemporary benchmark of the Demonic / Beast sense of reference. This Apocalypse of John, day of the Lord, now imposes a spiritual reality that transcends flesh minded Gentile reasoning; whereby, the Demonic / Beast nature within all mankind must be acknowledged and exceedingly opposed with all due resolution of pursuit, of God's uniquely singular and exclusive remedy. That Demonic / Beast nature subversion, with its Demonic / Beast characterized temptations or threats, can only be escaped and overcome by God's highest provision of ( Gifting ) after the Remission of Sins. And, after experiencing this Remission of Sins ( Gift ), the hidden reality of the abiding ( Devil / Dragon / Serpent ) becomes cleanly obvious, because of its astonishing absence and instantly silenced voice. Then, the following evidence further reinforces this disquieting realization when a new indwelling voice rises up from within, that testifies of very different things than the Demonic / Beast spirit voice, which are accompanied with an array of reliefs, from diverse afflictions and disorders, or reliefs from diseases and familial / relationship tribulations. Such abiding manifestations had previously not been associated with Demonic / Beast spirit presences, trending toward the more exaggerated Beast afflictions of Divinely appointed torments; whereby now, this Remission of Sins ( Gift ) has rendered all such Demonic spirit afflictions, and even the Beast spirit torments void, absent and departed. Such a miracle of this Remission of Sins ( Gift ) is profoundly proved its worth in its transcending the Beast torment threat and all Demonic spirit afflictions; therein, bring extraordinary confidence to every Covenant “believer” that submissively departs from the world's cultural Demonic / Beast norms.

    The broad church community, acting as Christians while actively pursuing hypocritical lifestyles, has no recognition of their indwelling Demonic spirits, nor has any awareness of the crossover correlation between common afflictions and disorders, or chronic diseases and familial / relationship tribulations and such sourcing to their own indwelling Demonic spirits. This church culture, having an absence of true discipleship, has been originated in its baseline failure in attaining the Remission of Sins; whereby, the church theology now ignores the Remission of Sins protocol of Divine methodology. The Demonic nature, indwelling all of mankind, is still prevalent as the driving spiritual voice throughout the entire church community, without any suspicions, inquiries, or vague curiosities from church members. The escalating Beast torments, or even the more exaggerated Beast possessions of religious men, will come upon these Demonically blinded church leaders and members, seeming to be a complete ambush, therein; becoming a just and appropriate judgment of God.

    This Demonic infiltrated church society has so thoroughly obscured the ( Devil / Dragon / Serpent ) spirit dynamic of mankind's experience that the church itself appears to have escaped the notice of church members. This inbuilt construction of church infallibility has lied to its following members and community listeners, therein; even to itself. Now, the church culture has so hidden itself from this baseline truth of Demonic subversion; wherefrom, the actual need for the Remission of Sins would appear to not be necessary, and so the corrupted, adulterated, and apostate church body, in totality, maintains a public posturing of religious “righteousness” and worldly “Godliness”. Even the coming manifestation of the Beast, lusting for bloody priesthood rituals, will have a facade of rightness from Old Testament animal sacrifices being the priesthood duty to uphold. The inner man Beast character of logic and priesthood mystery of spirituality will pacify all of that traditional church population. Their generationally inherited orientation to their indwelling Demonic voice, and its logic of reason, will be easy to segue into the more complete [ “Damnation” ] of the Beast possession. The missed Remission of Sins will become laughable to their extremely perverted Beast minds, at that point of God's spiritual abandonment; for, no recovery will be offered, nor empowered, for this large church population.

    The Covenant prophet ( Gift ), so imparted to a prophet with “Divine power” by the sovereign God of the New Testament, such prophet ( Gift ) enables an active / continuous spiritual judge capacity throughout this extraordinary season of God's husbandry of mankind. This prophet – person, of this character of the Divine ( Gift ) who has so been imputed specifically by God's particular choice, becomes the unique [ CARRIER ] of Divine “word truth” in every application of mankind's complex Apocalyptic dramas. Therein, the Demonic voice, so commonly experienced and accepted throughout the universal humankind reality, and even throughout the posing Christian church communities, is therein known / exposed and defined in detail by the appearing prophet - person “messenger”. This Demonic voice is then implicitly confronted and swept aside unto silence by the Divinely programmed “word truth” of the Remission of Sins, so presented and enforced through the prophet ( Gift ) of “preaching” and “baptizing” in the ( “Repentance of Sins” ), for the Remission of Sins ( Gift ). The Beast manifestations of torments are as well instantaneously deactivated by the “power” of Divine ( mercy ), sometimes only by the prophet ( Gift ) of “preaching”, but certainly when the prophet “baptism” in the ( “Repentance of Sins” ) is activated. The true church, then, is revealed through the Bible “believers” becoming delivered from Demonic subversion, which then includes deliverance from the Beast possession that is threatened to appear later.

    The New Testament prophet can only be of the prophet ( Gift ) by God's ordination of the Holy Ghost, that implicitly reflects the Kingdom of Heaven empowerments. This prophet ( Gift ) selection of God can only occur as a Covenant of Jesus Christ citizenship; wherein, the prophet has successfully walked in the Covenant Holy Ghost for a season of qualifying trials. This stringent methodology of God does not allow “false” prophet - persons to pass into the field of ( spiritual ) church shepherding as God's appointed representative. The contemporary church community is already flush with fraudulent Theologies and worldly Ideologies, proving the absolute absence of legitimate prophet insight and shepherding leadership. Consequently, the Beast spiritual motivation is currently the most common future denominator throughout the Christian culture. Then, when this Beast character, of a religious cult / modern priesthood .. Rev 13:1 .. appears in its full manifestation, the church decision to depart from the “power” of Satan will have passed. The exclusive Remission of Sins opportunity will not again be repeated for that judged church society. This moment of Remission of Sins prophet message will have profoundly been orchestrated by God and offered through a methodology that had painstakingly steered predestinated men for a lifetime of key decisions, that profoundly concluded in their accepting the prophet message of the Remission of Sins, for themselves. The Demonic infiltration and subversion within them could not constrain their sense of draw unto God, to follow a strange pathology that brought the Remission of Sins relief from that Demonic influence.

by: Michael Mitchell