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Doctrine of Angels' Habitations ..

        The “Tree of Life” .. Biblical reference of the “Garden of Eden” .. the “Tree of Life” is presented to man, as; a ( style of life ) .. ( a decision map alternative ), for: man to enter into a [ Spirit Life .. reality ], God – intended, to; be a holy life. This “Tree of Life” .. [ Spirit Life .. reality of holiness ] is made to be functional within; the ( soul – life .. reality ), of; men, through; the interlinking of ( holy ) Angels, within; the heart of such men.

            God's plan for man is, astonishingly, centered within the “Tree of Life” concept .. of the Biblical “Garden of Eden” .. , wherein; men are to have the ( soul – life .. revelation ), of; their own “Tree of Life” empowerment, through; God's discipleship of such men. The “Tree of Life” mechanism .. the ( particular ) “Tree of Life” methodology and process .. incorporates Angels with men .. ( holy ) Angels inhabiting the ( living tabernacles ) of men .. Angels enabling / empowering / enlivening such men, toward; becoming holy; therein, God's ( holy ) Angels enable such men, toward; their serving a Holy God, from; a platform .. stature .. of men's ( living tabernacle ) holiness!

        The “Tree of Knowledge” image / concept, within the Bible reference of the “Garden of Eden”; the “Tree of Knowledge” is man's ( other .. alternate ) lifestyle / man's ( optional ) course of pursuit, compared to the “Tree of Life” image and the “Tree of Life” concept, which; “Tree of Knowledge” ( alternative option ) provides, to “Tree of Knowledge” .. man, an Angels' covering character, [ of Demons inhabiting such men ]. Such inhabiting Spirit Demons permit man to be ( “self ruled” ) .. to be [ as their own gods ] .. to be ( “self centered” ) .. to be ( “self glorifying” ), in; man's practice of intellectual reason, even in; man's framing of religious logic, in; man's ( “self deceiving” ) postulations - theories – philosophies, of; extrapolated conclusions of religion, even in; the .. Christian church .. realm of religion.

        This “Tree of Knowledge” lifestyle, and ( decision map .. reference ), is .. present day .. man's universal orientation, traditional motivation, and; continual pursuit of reinforcement, from which; a well developed societal culture has been perpetually maintained. Conversely, the “Tree of Life” posturing of man, toward: the exclusive serving of God, within the character of ( living tabernacle .. holiness ); that “Tree of Life” platform of lifestyle, within the Bible reference of the “Garden of Eden”, is the only ( alternative ) ( decision map .. reference ), which; is contrasted against the “Tree of Knowledge” ( decision map .. reference ). This “Tree of Knowledge” lifestyle .. cultural orientation .. preference of sinful men .. ; this “Tree of Knowledge” ( decision map .. reference ) is spiritually enabled / is liberated with power / is astonishingly endowed, with; its own character of Angels .. fallen Angels .. Spirit Demons, which; inhabit the World's men, as; those Demons' ( living tabernacles )!

        The Spirit realm, in its entirety, functions according to men's Faith .. men's works of dedicated ( faith .. practicing ) (1), and thereby, the Spirit realm functions according to men's progressive development of a growing faith ( “tree” ) (2); which, maturing faith ( “tree” ) (2), is arranged by men's ( faith .. doctrine .. “tree” seed .. system of believed references ) (3), becoming established from within men's heart conscience, according to ( either ); the “Tree of Life” ( Spirit Life .. Divine Holiness ), or according to; the “Tree of Knowledge” ( Spirit Life .. self centeredness and sinful corruption ). Men's asserting of “Tree of Life” ( faith .. practicing ), over the Spirit realm, will result in a heart character of holiness, and works of ( holy ) Angels in the World, of Divine benevolence .. eternal truth .. and perfect justice. However, men's asserting of “Tree of Knowledge” faith, in; their intellectual reason .. over .. the Spirit Life expression, concludes such men's ( faith .. works practicing ) with results of heart character corruption and Divinely appointed damnation (4). Such a developed ( “tree” ) (2) of the .. “Tree of Knowledge” ( faith .. “tree” ), within men's hearts is, then, Divinely encoded, for its character reinforcement, and enactment, through; the appointed integration of ( unholy ) Spirit Demons, which, then, will abide within those men's hearts / ( living tabernacles ), causing effects in the World of ( Evil ).

        Angels .. ( holy ) or ( unholy ) Angels .. obey Faith, which; Faith, is a ( substance of the Spirit realm ); and which, ( Faith substance ), is generated from men, and [ NOT ] from Angels, and which; Faith, is the .. belief .. trust .. of men that is set unto its focus of expected works. Men's Faith works according to the assertive wills of men's construct, in; men's devising of their intentions and purposes, of; their works' expected accomplishments. Men's Faith .. ( men's willful belief ) .. is the catalyst of the Spirit realm, which; launches .. drives .. ( holy ) Angels, or Spirit Demons, toward; the attainment of men's targeted objective. It is men's Faith that assembles a constellation pattern of ( holy ) Angels or Spirit Demons, whether; that constellation pattern is [ a “Tree of Knowledge” - constellation of Spirit Demons ], or whether; that constellation pattern is [ a “Tree of Life” constellation of ( holy ) Angels ], for; attaining those men's works' achievements. It is the [ “Tree of Knowledge” - constellation pattern ], or; the [ “Tree of Life – constellation pattern ], which; men exercise their faith toward, and .. no other .. type .. pattern .. constellation format, which; men may access, or enlist, to their Faith works. Such ( holy ) Angels or Spirit Demons dwell within men's tabernacles, as; the enforcers of .. MEN'S intended will .. unto; those MEN'S ( faith .. works of Evil), or as; the enforcers of .. GOD'S will .. which is so accepted, and embraced, by; such men, unto; those MEN'S ( faith .. works of holiness )!

        The Faith .. Doctrine .. of man .. is man's ( “decision map” ), whether: that Doctrine ( “decision map” ) is [ “Tree of life” holy Angels originated ], or; is [ “Tree of Knowledge” Spirit Demons originated ]. Man's Doctrine ( “decision map” ) is constructed by experience and training, in: the assembling of life's values, from: early childhood, by; parents' lessons ( grand parents / guardians / care providers ), in; their [ “Tree of life” holy Angels Doctrine ], or in; their [ “Tree of Knowledge” Spirit Demons Doctrine ]. And, this pattern construct is reinforced, by; older siblings, and by; school room teachers, and by; school classmates, and by; role models of the world ( television / movies / sports / singers ), in; their [ “Tree of life” holy Angels Doctrine ], or in; their [ “Tree of Knowledge” Spirit Demons Doctrine ], in; the establishing of a heart conscience platform, from which; this heart conscience platform, man's faith is trained to be released, in; .. day - to - day .. events, of; routine life's works.

        Man's ( “decision making” ) is established according to a personalized pattern of Doctrine, which; Doctrine, is a ( lifestyle plan” - “decision map” .. reference ), of: faith deliberation, and; daily faith works referencing, which; Faith - Doctrine ( lifestyle plan” - “decision map” ), reflects, precisely, its overall summation – construct, of; years of accumulated training and experience, whether in; “Tree of Life” principle truths of Divine Life, or whether in; “Tree of Knowledge” deceit, and; its promised guarantee of death, as; an eternal death. Man's personalized Doctrine is a faith pattern / a lifestyle of routine faith practicing / a heart program of subconscious faith motivation, which; Faith – Doctrine, is; knitted together, with; “Tree of Life” holy Angels, or with; “Tree of Knowledge” Spirit Demons, in; their invisible assemblages, within; man's heart!

        ( Blood transmutation ) occurring through the ministry of Angels .. ( Blood mediation ), of man's sins being neutralized unto absolution .. ( Blood sacrifice ) in the working of men's soul character, in an intermingling with different Angels types ; Blood is an established mechanism, of God's creation – design, for: changing man, from within; men's hearts; [ wherein ], men's heart - Doctrine .. of .. Faith - working, is empowered by the Blood, whether; that Doctrine .. Faith .. Blood .. is established in; “Tree of Life” foundations of Divine Truth and Life, or whether; that Doctrine .. Faith .. Blood .. is established in; “Tree of Knowledge” foundations of deceit and death. Whether men's Doctrine .. Faith .. Blood is established in “Tree of Life” principles or “Tree of Knowledge” principles; men's ( Doctrine of Faith ) can be .. interdicted .. overruled .. supplanted .. [ from ]; an external force, of ( Blood mediation ), therein; changing men's hearts .. overtly .. [ toward ]; Godly holiness / salvation / benevolent liberty from sin, or conversely, changing men's hearts .. overtly .. [ toward ]; unholy vice .. deceit .. additional bondages, unto; sin.

        Men, being held in the bonds of their preexistent sins; men have a God – created medium, for: men's redemption from those sins. Such a sin medium is; the Blood, sacrificed Blood of a righteous sacrifice, which; can [ only ] be the Blood sacrifice of .. sinless .. holy man, who is .. exclusively .. [ Jesus Christ .. of Biblical Nazareth ], wherein, that righteous Blood of sin mediation .. that ( sinless .. righteous .. holy ) Blood of transmutation is operated .. handled .. worked .. by the .. faith .. of a righteous priesthood, wherein; such .. righteous priesthood faith .. is released, through; the Doctrine ( “lifestyle plan” - “decision map” ), by; such righteous – priesthood men's faith, so that; ( other ) men's sin .. ( other ) men's sin character .. ( other ) men's heart driven motivations, toward sin behaviors, [ can ] be removed .. overruled .. supplanted .. by; a “Tree of Life” ( holy ) Angels covering, from within; the hearts of such prayed – for – men. And also, through this .. very same .. Blood sacrifice .. Blood transmutation .. process, ( reverse prayer .. Witchcraft processes ), can install a sin character .. a “Tree of Knowledge” deceit and death principle, of; ( Evil .. “decision map” .. Doctrine references ), from within; the hearts of such unknowing men, with; those ( unknowing ) men being enjoined with a “Tree of Knowledge” .. Spirit Demons .. covering!

        Angels dwell within men as their normal place of habitation. And, Angels function according to the faith - doctrine .. structure .. ( “lifestyle plan” - decision map ), which; men practice routinely .. daily .. with consistency, wherein; their faith substance is .. mysteriously and progressively .. leavened into the Spirit Realm, through; years of ( Blood transmutation ). This faith works' doctrine structure .. , and; this ( Blood transmutation .. practice ), is learned, through: man's inherited .. accepted .. “spiritual authority”, who are family tribe elders, and; who are the church leadership, which; ( “authority tree” ) of .. elders and church leadership, establish, for its faithful members / its family lineage, a .. [ character - type .. of Angels ] .. , whether; those Angels are “Tree of life” holy Angels, or; are “Tree of Knowledge” Spirit Demons ( evil Angels ).

        Angels .. Angels covering enablers .. are imparted unto men, according to: men's faith working .. men's faith substance focus .. men's belief construct, which; has come from a ( “spiritual authority” ), which; ( “spiritual authority” ), of; church leadership .. or a religious format .. or a family tribe - council of elders, which; has presented its structure - plan of formalized Doctrine construct, which; is a ( lifestyle plan” - decision map ), or which; ( “spiritual authority” ), has presented a structure – plan of philosophers' postulations, of abstract theories of Doctrine, which then; becomes adopted / embraced, deliberately, as; a disciple's willful assertion. Angels .. Angels covering enablers .. are imparted unto men from an ( “authority tree” ), of accepted ( “spiritual leadership authority” ), which; ( “authority tree” ), can be inherited, through: previous generations of parents' decisions, as; those parents have exercised their faith substance in agreement with a personal Doctrine, as; a ( lifestyle plan” - decision map ), therein; operating, invisibly and mysteriously, the ( Blood transmutation .. process ), with; the inclusion of those corresponding “Tree of Life” holy Angels, or with; “Tree of Knowledge” Spirit Demons ( evil Angels ). And .. contrarily .. an ( “authority tree” ), of accepted ( “spiritual leadership authority” ), [ can ] be pursued, deliberately, and activated purposely, toward: inducing of a new blending .. mixture .. of the Angels .. Angels covering enablers; whereby, a disciple's conversion, to; a new religious order, of Doctrine perspective, of; a different ( lifestyle plan” - decision map ); such a convert engages an invisible process of ( Blood transmutations ), which; automatically, engages a corresponding impartation of holy Angels / unseen Spirit Demons ( evil Angels ), toward; inhabiting that disciple's living tabernacle, by; the very activation of such a disciple's faith working – new belief structure – convinced agreement, in; the disciple's new Doctrine order, of; a ( lifestyle plan” – decision map ), of; such different perspectives!

        The Church, in its dynamic realm of ( Blood transmutations ), the true Church .. of the creator God .. is structured within a Faith - command pattern of Angels, which; Faith – command pattern of Angels, has been arranged through; a “Divine Life” Doctrine ( decision map of spiritual laws precepts ), [ for ]: assimilating a .. particular holy Angels covering .. upon its men, who are a society of selected men. This “Divine Life” .. Church Doctrine ( decision map ), has been arranged, also, [ to ]; disassemble the unholy / Spirit Demons / evil Angels covering, from; men, [ through ]; ( Blood transmutation .. prayer ) .. holy prayer .. priesthood intercession, of ( Christ's blood mediation ). Such a Faith - command structure of Angels incorporates a vine - like linkage / a channel of passage, for; Angels to pass from: the first level of Church authority, ( the Apostle ), into; the second level of Church authority, the ( five prophets ), and into; the third level of Church authority, ( the preachers / the shepherds / the teachers ).

        The Angels covering upon all globular men, established .. by Faith .. of those men, because of; their ( “authority tree” ), of; accepted ( “spiritual leadership authority” ); the Angels covering has been arranged in the character of Evil, within; a wide diversity of Evil Doctrine variations, because of; a Traditional Church Establishment of Evil Doctrine broadness, in; many ( decision map structures of spiritual laws violations )! This Evil - Angels covering, of: [ Spirit Demons / Devils / evil Angels ] habitating the bodies of all globular men; this Evil – Angels covering has been established, meticulously and laboriously, through: a chain linkage of Church Angels - command, commencing firstly, with: an authority of ( false Church Apostles ), and through the vine linkage / channel passage, from; that authority of ( false Church Apostles ), Evil Angels have been transferred, by impartation of ( Blood transmutation ), to; ( false Church prophets ), and through these ( false Church prophets ) as; vine – channels, Evil - Angels are transferred, by impartation of ( Blood transmutation ), to; the third level of ( false preachers / false shepherds / false teachers ); and, this established Evil - Angels covering, upon all men universally, is required, by God, now, to be replaced, through; (A) converting a Church remnant – elect to a holy Angels covering, by the invisible process of ( Christ's Blood mediation ), which; covering of holy Angels, is obediently subordinated beneath a “Divine Life” Doctrine ( holy decision map of spiritual laws precepts ); and simultaneously, this established Evil - Angels covering is required, by God, now, to be replaced, through; (B) the parallel destruction of Evil men .. multitudes of Evil men .. in; the .. closing out .. the purging out .. of their inhabiting Evil Angels, exiling those Evil Angels out of the World, temporarily, by; the course of removal, of such Evil men, ( physically ), from; living .. and physically abiding .. in a sanctified ( holy ) Church World!

        Spirit Demons are a force of ( evil enabling ), appointed by God, as; a just penalty upon .. sin preferring .. men. Men .. sin willfully .. transgress purposely .. against God's Laws, by: their using of faith, in; their producing of sinful works of evil faith, toward; the accomplishment of their willfully devised sins. This evil working, of men's faith, and this enforcing of men's evil by Spirit Demons; this continuous evil, and its Demons enforcement, is also countered, automatically and continually, with God's sovereign oversight / God's sovereign intervention / God's appointed priesthood of holy faith working, in; priesthood prayers of ( Blood transmutation .. intercessions ). Whereby, sinful men's faith working / men's evil works of faith / the empowering of men's sinful faith with Spirit Demons, are .. all .. counter balanced with God's justice, which; Divine justice, is implemented [ by ]; Church men's faith .. Priest men's prayers of holy faith, which; are practiced [ within ]; a Holy Doctrine ( decision map of spiritual laws precepts ). Therein, such Church men's .. Priest men's .. holy working of faith, in ( Christ's Blood mediation ), activates God's appointed Angels - punishing Angels, and; God's ( additional judgments ) of permitted Demons, evil enforcing Demons, who are those sinful men's enforcers of additional .. ( justified ) .. affliction, through; those Priest men's unleashing of ( predictable ) punishments, of; Spirit Demons who are permitted .. appointed .. to abide .. within .. the living tabernacles, [ of ]; such Divine laws - transgressing men.

        Spirit Demons .. Demons of men's Evil character enforcement .. Demons are an integral mechanism of Divine Order .. Perfect Justice .. Kingdom of God - Balance .. God's Sovereign Rule! Men's afflictions .. men's chronic diseases .. mental illnesses .. accident proneness .. unlucky events .. cursings of financial limitations .. suffrages of societal disruption .. broken marriages .. separations from children or other family members .. and; men's accumulations of afflictions .. are the result, of; men's faith working .. men's faith - construction of Evil plans .. men's preferences toward sinfulness, of intended / accommodated, transgressions, against: God's laws! God's response .. always .. , toward men's sins / men's transgressions, of Evil preference and intent; that response of God is to judge men's Evil faith / rule over men's dark works of faith / enforce men's heart conscience faith - deliberations toward sin, and; God's response is to minister ( just ) consequences, of righteous .. perfect .. penalties, with; the Divine appointing of inhabiting Angels / indwelling judgment Demons / Spirit Demons of Evil enabling; therein, upholding a Divine balance of spiritual order, in; [ all ] of men's affairs, even unto men's eternal condition of damnation! This changing .. this flexing .. this rearranging .. of the Angels covering, with its intricate matrix of judgment Demons, and; its Spirit Demons enforcers of Evil, to; accommodate God's .. perfect order .. of balanced scales justice; this process of changing the Angels / Demons covering, to; reflect .. perfectly .. Godly consequence; this process is the mandate of the ( true ) Church - Holy Priesthood. And, this Church - Priesthood process, of balanced scales of justice, is accomplished through the Priesthood prayers of faith, in; ( Christ's Blood mediation ), which; ( Blood transmutation .. prayers of faith ), are engaged, within; the particular .. and specific .. construct of God's Doctrine ( decision map of spiritual laws precepts )!

        God's justice penalties .. of balancing scales consequences .. are the Biblical Curse, which; Biblical Curse, when set upon sinful / transgressing men, through: the Priesthood – Church mandate of .. Holy Doctrine .. enforcement; those Priesthood – Church mandate .. penalties .. of the Curse transcend those men's flesh life - lifespan, passing on .. as a “living” Curse .. upon those men's children, unto future generations ( according to three generations of fathers ), and ( according to four generations of mothers' fathers ); [ whereby ], [ Angels and Spirit Demons ] are imparted into the family blood line / ( “family tree” ), in setting .. ( new matrixed conditions ) .. of [ Angels and Demons .. characterizations ], to be upheld in perpetual continuity, of; those sinful men's judgments, [ as ]; those family's perpetually inherited Curse.

        The Curse upon this present generation of men; that Curse has been established from previous fathers' generations, by; those fathers' faith works being set within their faith references, of; a “Tree of Knowledge” Doctrine. This lesson .. of this perpetuated Curse .. needs to be reflected upon, soberly, when .. present - day men .. advance, deliberately, their own agendas of Evil works, in: the increasing of their “Tree of Knowledge” indebtedness, of; their own sins / transgressions, unto; the activating of the Curse upon themselves, and; upon their own children, and; upon future generations, as; God's penalties of inescapable justice! [ Judgment Angels and Spirit Demons ]; inhabiting the living vessels of future generations, as; God's imposed Curse of righteous penalty - judgments; those inhabiting .. indwelling .. [ Judgment Angels and Spirit Demons ] carry on a perpetual enforcement of God's justice, until; such balanced scales - justice is remedied, through; [ A ] the complete fulfillment of the appointed Curse – punishment, for; each sin, of; each transgressing forefather, or until; [ B ] the balanced scales - justice is remedied, by; the .. [ alternative priesthood faith - works of absolution ] .. , which; Church remedy of faith – works, is activated, exclusively, through; Church - Priesthood ( Blood mediation .. prayers ) .. ( Blood transmutation .. in righteous intercession )!

        Pain, judgment penalties – of – pain, [ which ]: are being Divinely enforced upon men of Evil works, that soul – of – man pain / those tormenting afflictions of visiting Demons, [ which ]; tormenting Demons within Evil men, are passing through the structure of Angels covering, [ as ]: a linking vine / a channel of passage, [ within ]; Divinely appointed Church – Priesthood men; this judgment penalty – of - pain, brings a Priesthood - laborers' consciousness / a Church minister's reflection of Divine urgency, [ toward ]; ( other men's .. sins of Evil faith working ), and those Evil men's correlating pain of God's imposed Curse. That pain – consciousness functions as a .. Divine sensitivity and compulsory motivation .. for Priesthood faith works of Blood mediation, [ to ]; mediate that Curse, which; Curse, abides upon those ( other sinful men ), [ as ]; those Evil men's affliction of pain; wherein, such Priesthood - laborers .. [ must ] .. mediate that sin and judgments equation, with; its invisible Spirit Demons, [ for ]; an entire group of such ( other sinful men ). Further, such Priesthood - laborers mediate that sin and judgment and pain, [ for ]; a population whole .. of multitudes .. of ( other sinful men ), wherein, that felt pain compels such an intercessory labor of the Priesthood, as a soul racking suffrage, [ upon ]; such Priesthood intercessors, for; them [ to ]; change the Angels covering upon a community .. family tribe .. nation .. of Evil men.

        Men's Evil faith working .. Evil lifestyle practices .. causes a Divine response, a correlating process of Holy Church intercession / a work of ( Blood mediation ) .. ( Blood transmutation ); wherein, such a correlating laboring process, pain is Divinely imposed, upon; Church ministers .. Priesthood intercessors, without their having warning, wherein; those holy Priesthood - laborers experience sudden / unexpected suffrage, of; physical body torments / spiritual body crucifixion – impalements / soul – of – man groanings; wherein, through such excruciating pains / debilitating sicknesses, coming rapidly as violent storms, a counter - response is forcibly required / an inquiry is urgently demanded / a remedy is inescapably necessary. That responding process is the ( Blood mediation .. prayer ) .. the ( Blood transmutation .. work of changing the Angels covering ), which; ( Blood mediation .. prayer ), removes the Spirit Demons - Curse, from appointed men of Evil faith working, or which; responding labor .. [ conversely ] .. imposes, forcibly, an additional .. judgment Curse of God .. with; additional Spirit Demons being [ sent ] to dwell within such men of determined Evil, men who have been .. carefully .. weighed and measured and righteously condemned, by; God, for; those Evil men to, therein; reap precisely defined consequences, because of; their continued preferences, for; Evil faith working!

        Doorways / Windows, [ into ]: the Spirit realm, [ of ]; God's judgment Curse; such Spirit realm Doorways can be closed .. deliberately .. according to spiritual laws of Church - Priesthood works, in ( Blood mediation .. prayer ) / ( Blood Transmutation .. intercession ); [ whereby ], Judgment Angels / Spirit Demons can be .. and are .. bound up / suppressed / diminished / removed entirely, from; men's tabernacles .. deliberately .. on precise demand. Through holy priesthood - Church intercession, such Spirit realm Doorways / Windows, of God's judgment Curse, [ can be ] opened again / reopened / expanded in their previous openness, by; these very same spiritual laws principles, according to; Evil men's sinful deliberation, in those men's preferences, for; continuing in Evil. Judgment Angels / Spirit Demons, having been suppressed .. purposely .. on demand; such Judgment Angels / Spirit Demons [ can be ], once again, liberated / loosed / sent and magnified in their intensity .. deliberately and justifiably .. to abide .. once again .. within Evil men's tabernacles.

        Men, of the ( true ) Church, have an awesome responsibility and mandate, toward: the learning of .. [ God's ways ] .. , in; their mastering the discipleship process, of; .. [ the ways of God's kingdom] .. which; [ kingdom ways ], are .. [ the ways ] .. of the Spirit realm, of; Judgment Angels and Spirit Demons, and; Priesthood works, of; ( Blood mediation .. prayers ) / ( Blood transmutation .. intercessions ), wherein, this discipleship mastery, of such [ Spirit realm – ways ], men are: set free of the Curse, of; invisible powers of affliction, which, invisible Curse - powers upon men, have tormented men .. perpetually ... unknowingly .. driving men toward the extending of their own unholy devices / furthering such men's Evil abilities / adding even more .. Evil faith works .. of transgression, against; other men and God! Men [ can ] learn .. [ God's ways ] .. , of: spiritual doorways / the reality of Spirit realm faith windows / the reasoning for transient passage of Spirit Demons, and; the opening and closing of such a mysterious dimension, through: men's discipleship of the Holy Priesthood. And, within this specific discipleship process of learning, men are brought into .. God's understanding .. and; into God's kingdom Order concept .. and; into God's creation plan of a Spirit realm, which; understanding, has been made accessible to man's realm of Priesthood mastery!

        Priesthood intercession, ( Blood mediation .. prayer ) .. ( Blood transmutation .. work of changing the Angels covering ); this Priesthood intercession is [ God's holy mandate to the church ]; and, this Priesthood intercession will .. strategically .. rearrange / supplant / change the outcome of man's sin consequence, according to; the previous order of Divine judgment .. [ the Curse ] .. . Therein, this Priesthood intercession causes the Angels of God's Holiness to be .. deliberately .. on demand .. exchanged, for; man's Evil Angels / man's Spirit Demons of habitation, [ therein ]; absolving the ( just penalty – requirement ), of the imposed Curse, by; removing the .. sin character .. Evil Spirit nature .. of the Angels covering, from within; the hearts of sinful men.

        ( Blood mediation ) .. ( Blood Transmutation ), of Priesthood intervention / Priesthood intercession / Priesthood prayer works, when activated by God's hand of sovereign rule, and; direct oversight - instruction; ( Blood mediation ) .. ( Blood Transmutation ) changes the condition of circumstances of Evil man's judgments / Evil man's penalties of the Curse, wherein, this Divine intervention, engaged through an appointed Priesthood of obedient service; the ( Angels covering ) .. ( Spirit enabling of man ) is supplanted / changed / revised. Each sin characteristic, implicitly judged and penalized for .. each .. forefather's accumulated transgressions; each sin characteristic is .. singularly .. identified and absolved, through; the Priesthood intercession of ( Blood mediation ) .. ( Blood Transmutation ); therein, the prayed – for – men, .. [ and perhaps, coincidentally - mysteriously, by Divine providence, other “family tree” cousins, under the same exact Curse, of the very identical forefathers ] .. ; such prayed – for – men .. and other “family tree” cousins .. are liberated, from; a judgment penalty – Curse, of; inhabitation by Judgment Angels / Spirit Demons!

by: Michael Mitchell