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Doctrine of Spirit Life Husbandry ..

        Spirit Life expression, which is the disciples' experience of abiding in “Tree of Life” Principles of discipline; this Spirit Life expression is understood .. continually perceived .. controlled and limited .. by boundary enforcers, who are Bishops [ overseers ], of: God's appointed Bishops' Gift. Such Bishops have a Spirit Life Gift, to: discern the various Spirit characterizations, within; the Angel Coverings Realm, of; “Called Out” [ Church disciples ], of; the entire cluster of [ Church disciples ], of; a fellowship of several “Tree of Life” disciples.

        Spirit Life disciples, who are learning to abide in “Tree of Life” fellowship with Jesus Christ; such “Tree of Life” disciples [ must ] have an Overseer [ Bishop ], who has the Holy Ghost imparted Gift of “disciple oversight”; because, the Spirit Life reality is an experience of opening the ( Windows of Heaven ), suddenly, therein: causing the release of many .. Spirit .. powers, which; released powers, include Spirits that expressly liberate the disciple's .. yet untransformed – evil characteristics .. , of: ( “self rule” ) .. ( “evil imaginations” ) .. ( “loyalties toward evil world entanglements” ) .. ( “fleshly lusts” ) .. ( “previous addictions and sin enticements” ), which; [ all ] of these released Spirits, along with the added Holy Ghost .. Spirit .. of Christly virtue .. in Godly obedience .. , [ all ] of these Spirits [ must ] be discerned and regulated, by; an overseeing – counselor, who has such a Spirit Life Gift – power, to therein; sort out [ all ] voices and mimicking thoughts, of; such a cacophony, of; diverse voices!

        Holy Ghost visitation evidence expresses ranks of Spirit Life authority, whereby; some church members have a Gift of higher Spirit Life perceptions / powers / miracle force, than other members of the church, according to; the Holy Ghost; and, these higher Spirit Life Gifts are framed, by: the Holy Ghost, into; categories of Spirit Life functionality, of; particular Bishops' [ overseers' ] works.

        [ Kingdom of God .. order ], incorporating the .. Holy Ghost .. governance of many .. [ multitudes of ] .. disciple – citizens, within; a collective society; this [ Kingdom of God .. order ] requires Spirit Life ( order ), which; ( order of Spirit Life ), is evident by Holy Ghost manifestations of church rank, in: Spirit Life authority distinctions; whereby, some [ Kingdom of God .. citizens ] are bestowed, by Divine selection, higher Spirit Life Gift powers / perceptions / miracle force, for: the benefit of the ( other ) Kingdom citizens; and, within this [ Kingdom of God .. ranking system ], the Holy Ghost designates, by special Gift endowments, several categories of Spirit Life authority, as particular Bishops [ overseers ]; wherein, functional work specializations provide optimal care for the church - body, of; many [ Kingdom of God .. citizens ]!

        Church Prophets are Holy Ghost - distinguished with high church - Kingdom rank, by; such Church Prophets' expressing .. Spirit Life .. authority, through; their peculiar ( Kingdom Gifts ), of: their having (A) insightful perceptions into the realm of men's heart character and men's platforms of motivation .. and of; their having (B) a miracle Priesthood authority to mediate men's [ .. Sins and Curses .. ], and; to remove the punishment of God's righteous judgments .. and of; their having (C) Divine powers over the construct of Angels toward the benevolent grace of imparting a heart character – redemption, to previously [ .. Cursed .. men ]. Such Prophets are appointed as .. Spirit Life .. Bishops [ overseers ], whose Prophet ministry - work's focus, for; church – disciples, is to .. discern .. Spirit realm characteristics, and; to purge out ( unholy ) Spirits, while enlivening ( holy ) Spirits, according to; the present - Grace of the Holy Ghost.

        Church Prophets .. Holy Ghost enlivened Prophets .. [ must ] watch, vigilantly and soberly, ( over ) the .. Church Spirit Life .. and ( over ) [ all ] of its disciples, in; the Prophets' discerning and distinguishing, of; ( unholy ) spirits, and; ( holy ) spirits, and; teaching .. correcting .. counseling .. chastising .. the church – body accordingly! Church body .. Spirit Life .. is vulnerable, always, to: ( unholy ) Spirit characteristics; because, the evil heart motivations, of untransformed ( new ) disciples, are a faith platform, which; platform of evil heart motivations, liberates .. automatically .. evil faith powers, which; invigorate .. empower .. evil spirits to manifest, and; to rule, subversively, within; the church - body, requiring, therefore, a higher [ .. Spirit Life .. Kingdom Gift ] to oversee the church disciples. Such Bishops [ overseers ] are required to be .. Holy Ghost .. endowed .. empowered .. Prophets.

        The “Tree of Life” Order, of Spirit Life discipline; that Order of the “Tree of Life” requires Holy Ghost manifestations, and Holy Ghost Gift evidence, of: higher Kingdom authorities [ Bishops / overseers ], including; Holy Ghost manifestations and Gift evidence, of church Prophets, with Prophets' Spirit power .. Spirit discernment .. miracle force of angel command, which; Prophets' power and discernment protects, and edifies, the church body, even purifying God's kingdom unto holiness, from; the platform of such Holy Ghost manifestations and Gift evidence, therein; purging unholy spirits, and evil heart characteristics, from; the hearts of “Tree of Life” .. church .. disciples.

        God's kingdom, which is to be constructed within a Divine purpose of Spirit Life holiness; God's kingdom requires oversight .. continuous involvement .. by [ Holy Ghost .. enabled Bishops ], of: higher Kingdom .. Spirit Life .. authority, who are “Tree of Life” Prophets. And, from these Prophets' function of church oversight, “Tree of Life” holiness is revealed .. taught .. reinforced .. program structured, so that; “Tree of Life” .. church .. disciples can .. ( in fact ) .. escape, from: the deceitful and seductive lies of unholy spirits, and from; the self deception and addictive lusts, of; those disciples' own hearts' untransformed evil!

        The ( true ) Church, of “Tree of Life” functionality and purpose; that particular Church is Holy Ghost empowered, with; ( higher ) kingdom authority rankings, including: “Tree of Life” Prophets, who are [ Church Overseers .. Bishops ], for; such Prophets [ Church Bishops .. Overseers ] to train “Tree of Life” disciples, in; Spirit Life powers .. Spirit Life Priesthood intercession .. Holy Ghost reading and changing, of; Angel coverings.

        The Church role / functional work / mandate of authority, is to purify, and enliven, the Angel coverings, upon: the Church leadership, and upon; the Church – body whole, and upon; the subordinated society of ( other ) men; wherein, such purifying and enlivening of the Angel coverings, the “Tree of Life” rule .. of Divine Holiness .. is the only standard of reference; wherein, this .. “Tree of Life” .. integrity, to the holiness standard, is required, absolutely, throughout; the Church – body whole. Therein, the Church is reliant upon .. dependent upon .. the Holy Ghost visitation evidence, of God's “Tree of Life” virtues, whereby; the higher kingdom Gifts, of Holy Ghost authorities, are necessary, as; [ Bishops / overseers ], to these “Tree of Life” virtues, and; especially, Church Prophets, which; Prophets, with their Prophets' Gifts, [ ARE ] the Church body [ Bishops / overseers ]!

        Priesthood intercession, as: the primary function of the church institution; Priesthood intercession incorporates the ( Christ blood ), in the sacrifice of ( faith ), for; the changing of men's sinful ( Angel coverings ), which; Priesthood works of faith .. in the Priesthood sacrifice of faith, in “Tree of Life” holiness, such Priesthood works of faith are relegated to the blood sacraments of Jesus Christ, to; mediate men's sins, through; the incorporating of church angels, employing and imparting “Tree of Life” Holy Angels .. Angel coverings, to replace men's sinful Angel coverings. This Priesthood .. sin mediation .. in Priesthood works of sacrifice .. incorporate [ “blood” and “faith” and “Angels” ], which; are [ ALL ] “Tree of Life” ingredients, of Prophets' training .. and; church Prophets' qualification .. as; the functional purpose, of; Prophets' ( true ) faith works.

        The Prophets' Ministry, unto the church – body, is to teach and oversee, the Priesthood - Church works of holy intercession, which; Priesthood – Church Ministry, of ( sin – mediation ), incorporates Priesthood men functioning purposely, in: “Tree of Life” holy faith, within; the Holy Ghost .. Gift endowment .. impartation .. of Prophets' faith, according to; the blood sacraments .. Priesthood .. pattern, of; ( sin faith .. sinful Angel coverings – blood transmutation ), through; the sacrificed blood of Jesus, who is the Christ, and; the Divine Savior. And, the Prophets' Ministry incorporates these Priesthood - men's functioning, in; “Tree of Life” .. Holy Angels .. ( Angel coverings ) .. in; Prophets' Angels visitation discernment .. in; Prophets' Holy Angels visitation reading and obeying .. in; Prophets' Holy Angels visitation works of ( sin mediation powers ). All of such Priesthood men's faith intercession - functioning is “Tree of Life” .. Angel coverings .. Holy faith .. regulated, precisely, according to; the [ active oversight and faith pattern ], of; church Bishops, who are Priesthood Prophets!

        Church Preachers are Priesthood Evangelists .. ( ev – ANGEL – ists ) .. message bearers of the Angels .. hearers and speakers of the Angels. Church Preachers are Spirit Life / “Tree of Life” .. ( seed planters ) .. ; and, Church Preachers are Holy Ghost enlivened kingdom developers, who are ( seed planters ) .. ( seed waterers ) .. of the “Word of God”. Such Preachers are “Tree of Life” church ministers, whose functional - kingdom Gift is to be an extension of the Prophets' oversight, to therein; bring an additional level of the Prophets' ministry, into; the church - Priesthood.

        The Prophets' Ministry, [ as a Bishops' character ], automatically establishes an additional extension of Church – Priesthood ministry, of; Preachers [ Evangelists – message bearers ], which; Preachers, [ ARE ] Church – Priesthood Prophets, who are functioning with the kingdom Gift of the Prophet. Such Preachers' “Tree of Life” Gifts are .. limited Gifts .. sub-categorized Prophets' Gifts / Holy Ghost empowered Gifts, which; are designed to ( plant and water the seed ), of the “Word of God”, within; the hearts of predestined hearers, which; “Word of God” ( seed planting and watering ), is accomplished by Preachers, in; their “Tree of Life” .. Priesthood .. ministry, as; helps to .. and multipliers of .. the Prophets' rule of authority!

        The “Word of God”, as the kingdom “base line” of Church qualification and description; the “Word of God” defines, and precisely qualifies, God's Church and Priesthood, as being, exclusively, [ THE .. particular ] Kingdom of Christ Jesus. This “Word of God” characterization of the Church is maintained .. and proliferated .. as the mission of Preachers [ Evangelists – message bearers – sub Prophets ], who are “Tree of Life” ( seed sowers ), through: those Preachers' works of ( verbal planting and watering ), of that “Tree of Life” ( seed ), according to; Spirit Life rule of authority, and the perpetual oversight, of; Priesthood Prophets.

        Priesthood Prophets, functioning as [ Overseers .. Bishops ], minister .. teach .. spiritual truth, as; [ “Word of God” .. truth ], to: the church – body whole; and, such Priesthood Prophets .. appoint to a work .. anoint with grace .. ordain with empowered authority, these “Word of God” helpers, who are ( truth – seed planters ) / ( truth - seed waterers ), who are Preachers [ Evangelists – message bearers – sub Prophets ], for; such Preachers to sort out / gather up, ( hearing ) church disciples / ( hearing ) kingdom citizens, from; the societal community, for; those kingdom citizens to experience “Word of God” ( seed planting ), in; “Tree of Life” training, with; the necessary Prophets' oversight!

        Tree of Life” Shepherds .. [ pastors – feeders of “Word of God” bread - fruit ]; Church Shepherds are appointed, by: overseer Prophets, to be another sub – category of the Prophets' Ministry, with; Priesthood – ministry Gifts, of; holy Prophets' functionality, [ NOT ] as Preachers' Gifts, but; such Shepherds' having Priesthood Gifts of a close .. personal .. fellowship with church disciples, being for church disciples; a spiritual role model of “Word of God” fruit - bearing, and being for such church disciples; a worker of “Tree of Life” intercession, and; exemplifying, for such church disciples, a “Word of God” lifestyle.

        Church disciples need a “Tree of Life” example, for; them to follow, and for; them to study, and for; them to reflect upon, continuously, which; “Tree of Life” example, is ( in ) the Gift package of Church Shepherds [ pastors – feeders of “Word of God” bread - fruit ], of: “Tree of Life” principles. True Church Shepherds provide a Priesthood base of .. spiritual intercession .. for; such church disciples; and, true Church Shepherds supply a Priesthood culture of .. spiritual fellowship .. with; insightful counsel; and, true Church Shepherds are a spiritual role model of consistent pattern portrayal, throughout; all of the occasions of church disciples' trials and distresses and victories, as; a stabilizing factor in those disciples' heart nature transformation. A true Church Shepherds' kingdom Gifts are [ NOT ] the Gifts of a Preacher, of; .. ( seed planter ) .. ( seed waterer ); but, Church Shepherds' Gifts provide comforting .. enabling .. encouragement .. of “Tree of Life” ( bread - fruit bearing )!

        ( Faith ), as: a “Creation of God” power, and as; a lifestyle practice of deliberate .. disciplined .. learning; ( faith ) is to be exemplified by, and overtly clear in the role model behaviors of, and in “Word of God” maturity, in: Church Shepherds [ pastors – feeders ], and in; Preachers [ Evangelists – message bearers ]; and therein, Priesthood disciples, learning “Tree of Life” order, can follow such examples, of ( faith ), Shepherds' ( faith ) and Preachers' ( faith ); such Priesthood disciples will be comforted, by; such “Word of God” Gifts, through; such church oversight, from; these .. two types .. of church Bishops, which; are sub-categorized Prophets.

        Church Bishops [ discipleship overseers ] are .. ( enabling guides ) .. to disciples, in: those disciples' learning how to work their ( faith ), as; a lifestyle practice, of; true “Word of God” ( faith ) development; wherein, such ( faith ) guidance of disciples, Priesthood Shepherds [ pastors – bread fruit feeders ], and; Priesthood Preachers [ Evangelists – message bearers – seed planters ], are crowned with glory; and wherein, such ( faith ) guidance of disciples, by; Church Shepherds and Preachers, “Tree of Life” blessedness is reflected unto the world, through; their bringing of holy ( faith ) working, of; the “Word of God” pattern – grid, within; the Priesthood ( intercession work ) of .. mediation .. of the world's sins, unto; the salvation of a darkened world!

        The Bishops' authority .. [ discipleship overseers' ] authority .. establishes church - society governance; [ whereby .. (1) ], the kingdom society, of very many citizens, is arranged in an orderly construct, of; Bishop's ( faith .. working ) consistency / cohesion, and [ whereby .. (2) ], the Bishops' Angels, of; properly ordained Shepherds and Preachers, such Bishops' Angels upon ( all men's coverings ), are; consistently, governed, and are; held to the Christ Jesus universalized - standard of holiness; and [ whereby these Bishops' Ministries, of; properly ordained Shepherds and Preachers .. (3) ], the “Word of God” pattern – grid is upheld, within; [ ALL ] disciples, which, “Word of God” grid – pattern, qualifies, and maintains, a holy Priesthood society, in its standard of holy ( faith .. working ), and holy Angels coverings; wherein, the “Tree of Life” virtue is secured .. enforced .. refreshed continually.

        The Bishops' authority, of [ Prophet overseers / Preacher overseers / Shepherd overseers ]; such Bishops' authority is integrated - within the “Tree of Life” construct of kingdom order; whereby, God's Holy Priesthood – Church is established .. maintained .. reinvigorated cyclically, according to; the “Word of God” standard of holiness, and; the “Word of God” containment and qualification, of; ( faith .. working ) expression, and; ( faith .. working ) cohesion, and; ( faith .. working ) agreement; and whereby, this Bishops' authority, and; a consistent adherence to this Bishops' authority, of [ Prophet overseers / Preacher overseers / Shepherd overseers ], God's .. [ Spirit Life ] .. is qualified, to; reflect [ only ] the Christ Jesus Kingdom, and to; enable the church society, in; its total whole, to; overcome the seduction and deceit of the World's evil, and to; save the souls of the World's previously ( lost ) / ( damned ) / ( mind darkened ) men!

        The Angels – realm, which; is man's counterpart reality, for; the functionality of men's living expression; the Angels - realm is structured .. defined .. set into motion of man's reality of experience, according to; the ( faith .. working ) of men, and, particularly, according to; the ( faith .. working ) of Bishops, as; those Bishops release their ( faith .. working ), of Priesthood [ oversight ], unto; the benefit of dependent / subordinated / unknowing church – body citizens. Such Bishops' ( faith .. working ), of [ Prophets' faith working, Preachers' faith working, Shepherds' faith working ], such .. Prophets' .. Preachers' .. Shepherds' .. Bishops' ( faith .. working ) are required to be anchored to / target focused by .. an overlaid grid – pattern of the .. ETERNAL .. “Word of God”, to; accomplish necessary changes .. corrections .. refreshments .. of the Angels .. the Angels – realm upon church men .. the Angels – coverings upon the World's men.

        The platform foundation, to: the strategic construction of the ( Angels .. coverings ) upon men; that ( Angels .. coverings ) foundation is the working of men's ( faith ), which; working of ( faith ), unto; the holiness character within men's hearts; that holiness character requires .. that .. such men's ( faith .. working ) [ must ] be disciplined .. assertively restrained .. to; the “Word of God” grid – pattern, and particularly to; Bishops' ( faith .. working ); because of; those Bishop's ( faith .. setting ) of the ( Angels .. coverings ), unto; effectual enlivening, for; the benefit of [ ALL ] lessor ranked church men. Consequently, that Divine appointment, of; Bishops [ Prophet overseers .. Preacher overseers .. Shepherd overseers ], is fulfilling a Divine appointment of [ Spirit Life .. Angels coverings .. oversight ] in the .. general well being .. of [ ALL ] subordinated .. dependent .. unknowing kingdom citizens. That engaging of Bishops [ Prophet overseers .. Preacher overseers .. Shepherd overseers ], therefore, enforces the “Tree of Life” construction of a benevolent character, of; the ( Angels .. coverings ), unto; that standard character, of; subordinated men's holiness!

        Overseers [ Church Bishops ], who are Prophet Overseers / Preacher Overseers / Shepherd Overseers; [ Church Bishops ] are functional, and effectual, [ ONLY ] within a context, of; a kingdom community, as; a collective society of enjoined fellowship, within; a spiritual family of continuously unbroken interaction. And, in such a Church bonded citizenry, this “Word of God” ministry .. of Overseers .. fulfills its intended purpose, of; structuring all church disciples' ( faith .. works .. molding ), unto; the constraining of such disciples, unto; a peaceful abiding, within; the imparted ( Angels .. coverings ), which; imparted ( Angels .. coverings ), are ( faith of man .. fitted ) / ( faith of man .. constructed ), to; the standard of God's holiness.

        Kingdom unity, of a collective society, is manifest by an unbroken .. Godly .. fellowship, and by; the common linkage of the ( Angels .. coverings ). Such .. particular .. Kingdom unity is attainable, [ only ], through: a coherent ( faith ) agreement, when that ( faith ) is consistent among [ ALL ] members of that kingdom society, and; when that ( faith ) structuring has a continuous reference of authenticity and replication, by; the Divinely appointed guardians of that ( faith .. ideology )! Such ( faith .. guardians ) are Kingdom Overseers [ Bishops ], who are Prophet Overseers / Preacher Overseers / Shepherd Overseers; and, such ( faith .. guardians ) are required, by God, to: build, and to; rebuild, and to; repeat such building, of; that guarded ( faith .. type ), by; the structuring of that particular ( faith), in [ ALL ] kingdom citizens, by; the heart programming of the “Word of God”, within; all such appointed kingdom citizens. And, through this heart programming, of guarded precision, the enabling, of such kingdom citizens, is accomplished, by; the ( faith .. achievement ), itself, in; its automatic result of Kingdom unity, which; Kingdom unity - result, is accomplished within the Overseers' [ Bishops' ] construction, of; the ( Angels .. coverings ), of; God's holiness!

by: Michael Mitchell