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FILE ONE .. Evil Beast Kingdom

    A Secret Society has existed continuously since the “Tower of Babel”, of Genesis chapter 11; whereby, unholy psychic powers have been exercised from within mankind's creation ability. This Secret Society, having this psychic ability, has been motivated by an indwelling core nature of an “anti” god agenda, Devilish and Malevolent, since the fall of Adam and Eve.

    This Secret Society has perpetually worked contrary to the .. WAY .. of God with their unholy psychic powers, while simultaneously protecting from detection and expulsion, the indwelling Spirits of Satan. The work of this Secret Society was / is to exercise “Prayer” of Intercession, by using their psychic energy « Faith Power » to conjure and send these Spirits of Satan. The reward reciprocated to this Secret Society is their enjoying domination over the Human Creature Community, having this “Prayer Power” ability to manipulate the Heaven's Realm of Angels / Demons.

    The Blood of earthy flesh beings is [ THE ] traffic channel that spirit beings travel through, whether animal or human; therein, God's earthy realm is made a perfect habitat for all of Heaven's Spirit Creatures. Of all the earthy creatures, the Blood of the Human Creature is [ THE ] highest place for Spirits to traffic through, because of the Human Creature's exceptional ability of « Faith » .. « Psychic Energy » .. working, whether holy or unholy in its character. Holy Angels traffic through the Blood by permission of « Holy Faith », and Unholy Demons traffic through the Blood by permission of « Unholy Faith », which is .. strangely .. understood by the Secret Society. The Secret Society agenda, then, is to .. specifically .. enable and proliferate the Unholy Demons traffic through the Blood of the Human Creature Community, restricting their “Prayer” of Intercession to work only « Unholy Faith Energy ».

    The Blood of [ any ] / [ all ] earthy creatures, when brought under the « Faith Power » of .. DIVINE HOLINESS .., that Blood domain will be [ THE ] place, wherein indwelling / trafficking Unholy Demons are arrested unto their ( “Remission” ). Therein, this Blood domain is susceptible, always, to God's Sovereign intrusion. Without exception, God's Judgment Decree / Mercy Imputations, upon the Human Creature Community, is established .. always .. within the Blood domain, by changing the Blood composition of its indwelling Heavenly Spirits. Therein, the ( “Power” ) of the Secret Society, to influence / manipulate the Blood domain, is directly dependent upon God's Sovereign Grace imparted to them, allowing them or disallowing them their ability to access the Blood domain of the Human Creature. The Secret Society performs God's [ W I L L ] by proxy representation of God's Judgment, as a ( Perfect Consequence ) for the Human Creature's willful transgression.

    Evil, that the Human Creature has historically worked unto its own destruction; such Evil is a derivative of Indwelling Spirits trafficking within the Human Creature's Blood. When the Blood of earthy beings is left unattended by .. DIVINE ORDER - Husbandry .. unto “Holy Cleanness”, Spirits of Evil will automatically Traffic within the Human Creature community, like weeds overtaking a garden without needing invitation. This Trafficking of Evil Spirits, within the Blood of the Human Creature, is not an accident of .. DIVINE NEGLIGENCE .., but rather; is a ( “Decree of Judgment” ), imposing a Balancing - of - Scales Justice of destructive ~ Evil, upon the Human Creature. The Secret Society, of course, realizes this Human Creature disconnection from God's Husbandry; wherein, the Secret Society greedily exploits this vulnerability of the Human Creature, to manipulate its own advantage of domination.

    The Human Creature community has become so universally normalized to Evil abiding in the Blood, that .. DIVINELY HOLY .. Life conditions have become entirely obscured within fanciful “Mythologies” of diverse Religions. This Evil – normal has evolved .. NOW .. into a Human Creature “Philosophy of Good and Evil”; whereby, Evil .. ( itself ) .. is broken down into two behavior camps of ( Good and Evil ). The Human Creature is led to « Believe » that normalized .. Evil .. is actually ( Godly Good ), and; the ~ ONLY ~ ( < True Evil > ), the ( Devil's Actual Evil ), is culturally defined as being ~ EXTREMELY ~ morbid and violent behaviors. This confusion, of the Human Creature's “Philosophy of Good and Evil”, has been championed by the Secret Society; wherein, the Secret Society is perpetually / deliberately contaminating the Blood of the Human Creature with its conjurings of Evil Spirits.

    Satan, the indwelling architect of Secret Society Evil; Satan has become a subliminal ~ god ~ to his captured Human Creatures; therein, the Human Creature has come to worship Satan as their ~ god ~, who has provided them with a “Godly Life” reality, an ( Evil Life ) that the Human Creature has embraced as being “Godly Goodness”. Satan maintains his disguised indwelling within the Blood of the Human Creature, and; perpetuates the delusion of a “Godly Life” reality; from which, Satan rules over the whole community of the Human Creature with Evil. The Blood of the Human Creature, therein, has become Satan's Castle of abiding Evil; and, by the .. prayerful works of Spirit conjuring, the Secret Society performs its function, to enjoy its reward of a privileged dominance over the whole Human Creature community, by its willful serving of Satan, and; his covertly Evil mandate.

    The indwelling Spirit Life of the Human Creature has Biblically, from the Garden of Eden, become the exclusive domain of Satan, and; will continue to be exclusive to Satan, until the « Faith Power » system of the Human Creature has changed its center ~ focus of works. The « Faith Power » of the Human Creature must become redirected unto ( serving ) God, and; to no longer be concentric unto ( serving ) the Evil of Satan; whereby, such a change in « Faith Power » would shift the Spirit Life from Satan's indwelling Evil toward an indwelling .. DIVINE .. Spirit Life. Such a « Faith Type » change would ~ STOP ~ .. literally .. the Trafficking of Satan within the Blood of the Human Creature, supplanting that Evil Spirit type with a Holy Angel type, that would then Traffic .. freely .. within the Blood of the Human Creature. The Secret Society, proliferating Satan's Evil Spirit Life by its « Faith Power ~ Type », would be overruled by such a « Faith Power » redirection toward an indwelling .. DIVINE .. Spirit Life; and therein, the Secret Society would be rendered ( Harmless ).

    The Church has the .. DIVINE CREATION .. endowment to conduct « Faith Power » works that enable only .. DIVINE .. Spirit Life to manifest within the Human Creature. For that .. DIVINE .. Spirit Life to abide and thrive, such « Faith Power » works must .. firstly .. repress Satan from abiding in that Human Creature ~ Church, and not Traffic within the same Blood, forestalling and frustrating the proper installation of .. DIVINE .. Spirit Life. The Secret Society, having learned such « Faith Power » works that subvert this .. DIVINE CREATION .. endowment for the Human Creature ~ Church; that Secret Society maintains its subliminal domination over the whole Human Creature community, even perpetuating an Evil Spirit Life persuasion in the Church itself. The Church, then, having Satan trafficking within its Human Creature ~ Blood, with his Evil Spirit persuasions; that Human Creation ~ Church has ~ NEVER ~ experienced to this present day, nor understood, the .. DIVINE .. Spirit Life concept.

    The Church, having the .. DIVINE ORDER .. mandate to exercise its « Faith Power » to proliferate “Holy” Spirit / “Holy” Angel Traffic in the Blood of the Human Creature; the Church has, instead, exercised many « Faith Power ~ Kinds » in diversified varieties of “unholy” Spirit / Demon Traffic in the Blood of the Human Creature ~ Church community. The Church has become a perfect extension of the Secret Society, in the Church's practicing its religious ceremonies and ritualistic rote patterns, from the subliminal power of Satan, and his Evil persuasion. Therein, according to [ THE ] character design of the Secret Society, Satan and his preeminent Evil works have been ( served ) by the “unknowing” Church community; whereby, the .. DIVINE .. Spirit Life of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ, has .. NOT EVER .. entered ( into ) the Human Creature ~ Church community.

    An Evil Beast Kingdom will spring up out of the Christian Church community, previously divided and scattered in Satan's covert works of Evil, to unify together to overtly serve Satan. Because the Traditional Church community has .. routinely .. ( “Denied” ) the ~ WAY OF GOD ~, God's Wrath is now evoked, removing from them ( God's ) previous grace of .. DIVINE ABILITY .., and bringing them to this “New Dispensation” of the Evil Beast Kingdom. This Evil Beast Kingdom, then, rises up against an Apocalyptic ( “Holy” ) Church, to oppose God with Evil; wherein, this Evil Beast Kingdom will test and strengthen the Apocalyptic ( “Holy” ) Church, for it to fulfill God's « Covenant » of Jesus Christ.

    The Evil Beast Kingdom, the « Failed » Christian church community, becomes [ THE ] “perfect” instrument of Satan, to persecute the ( Wilderness Church ) of Revelation 12. The Evil Beast Kingdom, motivated by the infiltration of Evil Spirits of Satan, will test / prove / and strengthen the « Faith Integrity » of the rising ( Wilderness Church ). In comparison, the ( Wilderness Church ) will have been delivered from that same infiltration of Evil Spirits of Satan, denying the power of Satan to draw them into the Evil Beast Kingdom; whereby, the ( Wilderness Church ) « HEART NATURE » is opposite to the Evil Beast Kingdom « HEART NATURE ». Consequently, the ~[ WAY & TRUTH & LIFE ]~ of God's Son, Jesus Christ, will now be victorious within the ( Wilderness Church ) of the Apocalypse, overcoming the Evil Beast Kingdom « HEART NATURE », and the indwelling Evil Spirits of Satan.

    The « Christian Discipleship » of Sacrifice is centered upon ( “Baptisms unto Repentance” ) / ( “Forsaking All” ) / ( “Coming Out of the World in Sanctification” ) / ( “Self Denial and Taking up Your Cross” ) / and ( “Fasting in Prayer” ), as five Sacrifice elements. However, « Christian Discipleship » Sacrifice has been diabolically overprinted, by the Traditional church, to reinforce Satan's Evil Beast Kingdom ( Model ), toward the ( “Reseeding” ) / ( “Repopulating” ) / and ( “Regenerating” ) of indwelling Evil Spirits. Through this Church Faith of Infinity Loop ~ Incest, Christian Sacrifice is now lost, leaving Contemporary Christians subject to their ( “Lusts” ) of the Flesh, the ( “Pride” ) of their life, ( “Mammon Serving” ), and an unrepentant ( “Sin Conscience” ). Absent a Christian Discipleship of Sacrifice, Satan's Evil Beast Kingdom ( Model ) is well established within Christian behavior; whereby, this Sacrifice dormancy enables the Apocalypse to unravel the church toward a more pure Evil conversion.

    The Bible concept of Sacrifice is concentric upon God [( CONSECRATING )] ( HIS ) « New Covenant » with the Human Creature, by a Sacrifice of Blood of a ( “Perfect” .. “Sin Free” ) Human Creature. This [( CONSECRATING )] of God's « New Covenant », through Sacrifice of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ, requires a [“Like Minded” ] reciprocation of ( Soul ) Sacrifice, by the « Covenant Partner ~ Human », for “Activation” of that « Covenant ». This Bible Sacrifice ( Model ) has become an Evil “Stench” in the nostrils of the Traditional church community, provoking their interference of mislabeling .. misdirecting .. and proliferating excessive volumes of misinformation, to best enable the undisturbed progress of Satan's Evil Beast Kingdom. Satan's indwelling the Human Creature ~ church, as an obscure motivation, has guarded the development of the Evil Beast Kingdom, for the Apocalyptic appearance of blatant Evil, and therein; condemning Religion for its superfluous view of God's « New Covenant », and ( HIS ) methodology of Blood / ( Soul ) Sacrifice.

    Witchcraft, as a Bible narrative of Human Creature perversion; Witchcraft is empowered by the “Dragon” .. [ Satan ] .. the “Devil” .. “Revelation” chapter 12, to persecute the ( Woman in the Wilderness ), and to make War with the “Remnant of her seed”. Then Witchcraft, in “Revelation” chapter 13, prosecutes a War against the [( SAINTS )], who had been previously afforded the ~ WAY ~ of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ, but who had been Lazy in unwearying Procrastination. The Evil Beast Kingdom – church, in its time of empowered Witchcraft, becomes God's appointed Instrument to persecute the Procrastinating [( SAINTS )]. This Witchcraft War, of the Evil Beast Kingdom – church, imposes a Sacrifice upon the [( SAINTS )], of their « CHRISTIAN FAITH », pushing them to abandon their religious affiliation with God, in Sacrifice of their “Confession” to God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ.

    Witchcraft, prosecuted upon the [( SAINTS )] in “Revelation” chapter 13 by the Evil Beast Kingdom – church; Witchcraft exposes the [( SAINTS' )] previous true interest, of its own preferred ~ WAY ~. These [( SAINTS' )] ~ GOD SERVING ~ had been obscured within their public profile of “Charity Works”, within the Nicolaitanes' distortion of « Doctrine », and had not been attenuated to the Witchcraft ~ POWER ~ of the “Dragon” / Satan of “Revelation” chapters 12 & 13. This Witchcraft discerning and conquering ability, enabled within these ~ GOD SERVING ~ [( SAINTS' )]; Witchcraft discerning and conquering ~ POWER ~ had been hidden / obfuscated behind the church foreground .. ( diversion ) .. of Christian “Kindness”. These [( SAINTS' )] subliminal ~ GOD SERVING DISTORTIONS ~ become overtaken by the Judgments of God, through the Instrument of Evil Beast Kingdom – Witchcraft; wherein, these [( SAINTS )] are overwhelmed, being compelled to ( “Recant” ) even their Christian conversion, to Sacrifice their Christian « Faith », and further; to Sacrifice their ( “Designs” ) upon « Covenant Salvation ».

by: Michael Mitchell