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FILE ONE .. Mystery Church

    The Apocalypse of John is .. entirely .. concentric upon maturing the Christian Church Institution; wherein, the pre - Apocalypse Church would be immature and derailed in its distortions of Church purpose; and wherein, the pre - Apocalypse Church would « Fail » entirely the « Covenant » of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. .

    John's Apocalypse is God's documented forewarning of .. NEW TESTAMENT .. complexities, that are required to fulfill the « Covenant » by the church institution; wherein, the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. church will go through a complex “Pruning”, as a Living Vine of Christ's ( Fruit ) Life .. Zoë .. . The Tribulations, of Jesus Christ's Apocalypse, will be required; for, without such complex Apocalypse - Tribulations, the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. church will .. NOT .. arrive at its Creation ~ Designed purpose of « Covenant » ( Fruit ) Life .. Zoë .. .

    John's Apocalypse is .. VERY .. concentric upon Word of God purity .. accuracy .. and actual attainment .., as [ THE ] purpose of God's Creation Design; therein, the Word of God is the “Heart” of the Apocalypse ~ Church's Life. Without the Apocalypse processes, becoming accelerated in the Church's experience, the Word of God purity .. accuracy .. and actual attainment .. will .. NEVER .. be fulfilled, stifling the « Covenant » ( Fruit ) Life of Christ.

    The Word of God, as [ THE ] most fundamental purpose of the Church institution; the Word of God [ IS ] the .. literal .. “Life Force” of God dwelling among Human Creatures; wherein, this Word of God “Life Presence” of God, the Church .. MUST .. mature in, and finally bear the Fruit of, which has historically remained elusive, and philosophically distant, from the common Church conscience. John's Apocalypse is God's own device for accelerating this Word of God Fruit / Maturity within the Church; wherein the Church, the Word of God becomes the dominant .. “Life Force” .. among all Apocalypse – purified Human Creatures and their following generations!

    Jesus Christ, God's Son of Holiness, is the Flesh ~ manifestation of the Word of God; so that, the Human Creature, separated from God, could < SEE > .. < TOUCH > .. < HEAR > the Word of God as a clear reference of learning. Jesus Christ is [ THE ] focused interest of John's Apocalypse; wherein, the Word of God becomes [ THE ] standard reference for constricting Human Creature Faith working. Jesus Christ, the « Flesh Indwelt » Word of God, owns the work of the Apocalypse of John, implicitly. It is .. NOT .. the work of the < “Antichrist” > .. DEVIL .., that owns the authorship of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ.

    The Apocalypse of John is the ~ FRUIT BORN ~ of the Word of God, having come “Alive” within New Testament Prophets of Jesus Christ. The Apocalypse of John is a derivative, specifically, of the Word of God, who is Jesus Christ maturing in the flesh of New Testament Human Creatures. The Church Community, that is postured toward resisting / or escaping from the Apocalypse, such a Church is postured to resist Jesus Christ ( HIMSELF ), as the indwelling Word of God, and is not postured toward overcoming the Indwelling Devil.

    The Holy Ghost is .. DIVINELY .. pre-positioned to Obey God's Son, Jesus Christ, the Indwelling Word of God; wherein, the mission of the Holy Ghost is to be given ~ POWER ~ of manifestation dominance, through the course of the unfolding Apocalypse. This ~ POWER ~ in Holy Ghost ~ manifestation dominance can .. ONLY .. occur when Jesus Christ, as the indwelling Word of God, comes into fruitful fullness, within an “Appointed” church body of the Apocalypse.

    The Holy Ghost is .. ONLY .. accessed as a protective .. POWER .. manifestation within the Human Creature, when the Word of God .. Jesus Christ .. is allowed / enabled / carefully guarded and obeyed, while enduring trials and tribulations of the forewarned Apocalypse. The Holy Ghost is [ THE ] power enforcer of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Church body; wherein, the Holy Ghost captures the worldwide Human Creature with Judgments, when a church body is concentric upon receiving correctly, and growing to fruitfulness within, the Word of God .. Jesus Christ .. . The Holy Ghost will .. NOT .. protect a church body from punishing consequences, when the Word of God is denied / hindered, throughout the Apocalypse.

    The Church is God's appointed instrument to “Oversee” the whole of the worldwide Human Creature, in the stature of .. DIVINE GRACE .. of benevolent care taking; wherein, the Church body is intended / required to < “Know” > the will of God .. implicitly in detail .. . The Church, therefore, must function in Holy Ghost powers of the supernatural, which tenets of power; are derived .. explicitly .. from Jesus Christ's authority of Word of God fruitfulness. Without such Holy Ghost interaction of intelligent discernment, the Church body .. CANNOT .. < “Know” > the will of God .. implicitly in detail .., and clearly is .. NOT .. in right relationship with Jesus Christ, of the indwelling Word of God.

    The Church community has been severely compromised, by its wandering away from the Word of God, of Jesus Christ, that the Church has .. NOT .. the direct help of the Holy Ghost; but instead now, the Church needs to start over, to re-start its relationship with the Word of God, to re-learn of Jesus Christ, to therein re-align itself with the Holy Ghost. This sequence of Church order is inviolable; wherefrom, Holy Ghost power / manifestation evidence / direct contact Divine counsel is attained.

    Salvation, offered by God within Holy Ghost manifestations of Holy Scriptures, is very regulated and is specifically obtained, and is .. NOT .. to be confused with « Fallen Creature » whimsies, that are not applicable within the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Covenant of Jesus Christ. The Church community, of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Covenant of Jesus Christ, should know this distinction of Godly Salvation, particularly, when obtaining the Holy Ghost is ( THE ) promise and confirmation, that the Church is tracking toward Godly Salvation.

    The Church idea of Salvation has been derived from « Fallen Creature » whimsical reasoning of < “Self Centered” > wretchedness; wherein, Holy Ghost confirmations of Covenant “truth” has been vacated with its direct authorities of Jesus Christ. Salvation “truth”, therein, is vastly distorted throughout the Church community, subjecting it listeners to « Fallen Creature » whimsy, that evades the Holy Ghost and ( HIS ) manifestations of Salvation clarity in Jesus Christ.

    The Antichrist view of Salvation is distorted in favor of « Fallen Creature » whimsical reasoning; wherein, Church « Creatures » are misguided into « Doctrines » that serve < “Self Centered” > wretchedness and Obsessions of Fleshly Lusts. Antichrist Salvation has zero power of Holy Ghost evidence, and is supported by a woven Bible maze of confused Babel, that portrays a loosely fictionalized derivative of Salvation. Antichrist logic has supplanted the Church structure of foundational authentication, completely nullifying the Salvation promise of Holy Ghost empowerment.

    The Antichrist Church is now the universal default reference for Salvation thinking; wherein, the Church of « Fallen Creatures » holds to Antichrist affirmations of < “Self Centeredness” > as their preferred view of Bible Salvation, which; has a greatly diminished, or none at all, evidence of the Holy Ghost, and which Antichrist Church; ignores all Bible Theology that requires submission / obedience to the unction of the Holy Ghost, which unction; directs the Church toward the Bible's platform of God's promised Salvation.

    The Kingdom of God is a Heavenly concept of God's Church Order that leads the « Human Creature » unto God's Salvation; wherein, the Antichrist portrayal of Godly Righteousness will .. NEVER .. bring the « Human Creature » into right embodiment of the Kingdom of God or Salvation. The Salvation of God is implicitly constricted to the Kingdom of God reality and experience, by which the « Human Creature » discovers God's Salvation, which the Church should abundantly realize, departing vigorously from Antichrist sleights of delusion.

    The Salvation of God and the Kingdom of God cannot be separated, the one from the other, for the « Human Creature » to understand the eternal linkage, of the Church being constricted to God's Order. The Antichrist, abiding already within the “Fallen” « Human Creature », perpetually leads the Church away from God's Order, the Kingdom of God and from God's Salvation, to preserve the Antichrist territory and life-expression within the « Human Creature ». The Kingdom of God .. CANNOT .. fulfill its Salvation purpose without expunging the Antichrist from the « Human Creature ».

by: Michael Mitchell