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FILE ONE .. Transforming Church

    The contemporary Church culture is dominant with the Antichrist distortion, being saturated fully in its [ SINFUL ] nature, that binds up its “Indwelling” Intellectualism with a clear cover of “Gentile Pride & Self Glory”. Therein, the contemporary Antichrist Church society is .. NOT .. even remotely representative of Jesus Christ, nor the Bible storyline of God’s Salvation; but instead, the nature, heart motivation, and religious distortion of the Antichrist subversion can well be verified, by simply evaluating the contemporary Church “Fruit”, of its community wide influence. Community discord / unrest .. conflicts of societal violence .. and unnatural sexual behaviors .. universally follow behind the rise of the contemporary Antichrist Church in any community.

    The Antichrist domination of the Human Creature, worldwide, has controlled men’s viewpoint of the Christian promise, distorting its message of hope, by portraying .. expansive .. Antichrist options as the same Bible truth hope of Jesus Christ. This Antichrist hijacking of the Christian society, in total, has vastly redirected all Christian searchers of Bible truth toward a diabolical trap of layered deceptions, disguised as denominational Church variations of benignly logical Bible interpretation.

    The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, .. the Apocalypse of Revelation .., is ( THE ) technique of God, a corrective methodology, designed to overcome the warped distortions of the defaulted Antichrist inner nature of the Human Creature; wherein, the Apocalypse produces a universalized suffrage upon the Human Creature whole called “Great Tribulation”, a < “Justified” > process for mankind’s preferring to host the indwelling Antichrist heart nature, and to continually abide with its many warped distortions.

    The Apocalypse, of John, .. the Apocalypse of the Bible’s Revelation .., enshrouds the corrective “discipleship” of the predestined / called / glorified Church community, circumventing that unique population of Churchmen’s diminishing its corrective “discipleship”, which has previously been motivated by warped distortions from the indwelling Antichrist heart nature. This Apocalypse, of God’s Apostle warning, accompanies this Church “discipleship”, guiding that Church’s development, forcibly, throughout its “Transformation” out of the Antichrist heart nature, and into the Christ heart nature, unto the fulfillment / completion of the .. NEW COVENANT .. of Jesus Christ.

    The Church culture has formed around a Bible narrative that, they believe, invalidates any contemporary Prophecy; and yet,“Spirituality”, is scripturally described, that places unique emphasis upon the Prophet’s < Gifts >, which of course incorporates the works / functions of contemporary Church Prophecy. The Antichrist nature, abiding within < ALL > Human Creatures, including contemporary Churchmen, has exaggerated Prophecy to all manner of extremes of aberrations, that invalidates any Prophecy from Churchmen’s religious paradigms of inclusion; however, the Apocalypse of John is, itself, a Prophecy of contemporary contemplation, incorporates two Prophets in its storyline of Prophecy, opposing the Antichrist character and championing an Apocalypse within a selective Church population.

    Prophecy, as a Bible directed Church characteristic, exposes a God and Heaven - paradigm of Church reality, that enables the Bible believer to learn a communication link to God directly. This communication link to God is enabled via a Covenant, accomplished through God’s Son, Jesus Christ, who was sacrificed, to enable the Human Creature to partake of this communication ability. Such a Church showcased Prophecy is emphatically concentric upon overcoming believers’ orientation to an Antichrist paradigm of ( Life cultures ), which Prophecy; explains / warns against an inevitable Apocalypse that champions a relentless unfolding of this Covenant, unto its predestined fulfillment; so that, the Antichrist is shown, by contemporary Prophecy, to be God’s enemy, and the Church’s subversive motivator, which must be overcome within the progressive unfolding of the Apocalypse.

    The Priesthood, is a .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Church function; wherein, prayers of intercession are conducted to diminish / eliminate the effects of an Antichrist condition, which is [ SIN ]. The .. NEW TESTAMENT .. tool for Priesthood intercession is the “blood” of Christ, the sacrificed Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth; whereby, his “blood” would carry the imputed [ SINS ] of Antichrist driven men, as processed through Priesthood stations of intercession. The role of Prophecy is to continually filter through men’s [ SINS ] by < READING > men’s invocation of Godly Judgments, manifesting in all manners of openly displayed afflictions, to therein; direct the Priesthood Church works intercessions to eliminate such [ SINS ] with God’s corresponding Judgments. Such Priesthood prayer works of intercession are exclusively Prophecy linked, Prophecy directed, and Prophecy driven, through which; the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Apocalypse is disclosed as a tormenting manifestation derived from men’s [ SINS ]. The Apocalypse, then, becomes revealed through the function of navigation works of Priesthood Prophecy.

    The Church of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. is God’s designated Priesthood, of purposely .. DIVINE .. intercession; whereby, [ SINFULL ] men are helped in their struggles of overcoming their [ SINFULNESS ]. This Church help of Intercession operates through the “blood”, as ( THE ) created agency that receives and carries [ SIN ] to its processes of Priesthood terminations, which “blood” of a sacrificed death is qualified .. exceptionally .. to come in holiness, to .. NOT .. add a contaminating [ SIN ] to the [ SIN ] cleansing process. This [ SIN ] cleansing is a work of Church Prophecy, to < SEE > the [ SIN ] substances and their Priesthood processes of cleansing, for Prophecy to guide the Church Priesthood in that work of .. DIVINE .. Intercession. In the Apocalypse of John, this Priesthood work of Intercession is very emphatic on displaying the Antichrist contamination of [ SIN ] within < ALL > men, including Churchmen, who are tasked with this Priesthood assignment of Intercession with holy “blood”, requiring their deliverance from that Antichrist heart nature.

    The core ingredient to the Church – Priesthood is Jesus Christ, the “living” .. Resurrected .. Son of God, who not only died in Sacrifice, to provide holy “blood” for Priesthood Intercession, but who, Jesus Christ, .. ALSO .. “lives” within the Church Priesthood men, being the < Indwelling > heart nature of .. HIGH PRIEST .. Life function, that enables the Prophecy < Gifts > to operate, for guiding the Intercessory processes of Priesthood elimination of [ SINS ]. This Prophecy Life of the Church Priesthood .. HIGH PRIEST .. is a ([ KEY ]) component that defines the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Church, as belonging .. exclusively .. to Jesus Christ. The Apocalypse of John, specifically, is centered upon Jesus Christ as its – TRUE – author, and; as the center of the Apocalypse purpose, to accomplish the manifestations of Jesus Christ - Prophecy.

    The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, written by John, is a Prophecy that discloses Church transformation in a small population, but also engages a final Judgment of God upon a rebellious population of Human Creatures, that includes a Church – Priesthood majority that claims the glory of Jesus Christ. This Church – Priesthood majority knew the Will of God, but refused God’s Will with persistence, even preferring to become a transformed < “BEAST” > of Prophecy; wherein, they will perform Abominations of Desecration, to mock God’s Jesus Christ. The transforming Church – Priesthood is disclosed as the ( POWER ) mechanism that brings about this Transformation and the Judgments of God, producing the literal Apocalypse of Jesus Christ.

    The Christian identity is emphatically a direct correlation to believers in Jesus Christ; and yet, the Church – Priesthood population, that loudly boasts of the Christian identity, exercises .. NO .. Prophecy of the < SPIRIT > of Jesus Christ, and will .. NOT .. comprehend the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ; therein, becoming caught into the trap of Christian hypocrisy and even apostasy Judgments, becoming the literal < “BEAST” > of Prophecy warnings. The Church – Priesthood of Christian – Faith comes center stage in the massive spectacles of pandemic proportions; wherein, the Christian voice will be persecuted vigorously and yet will arrive at worldwide domination.

    The Christian idea of particular – FAITH – requires reformation; because, of the traditional Churches’ discipleship in hypocrisy, even unto apostasy, causing the Priesthood work to become diluted and ineffectual, slandering Prophecy, and triggering the corrective Apocalypse of Jesus Christ. This Apocalypse of Jesus Christ is required to accomplish the Christian mandate of proper – FAITH -, which then reintroduces the Priesthood works of prayerful intercession, instilling the Prophecy concept in the Christian experience of Life. The Prophecy of Jesus Christ is emphatically concentric upon the Apocalypse process of Christian reformation, unto .. NEW COVENANT .. recovery and maturing fulfillment.

    Christian Faith, having been allowed by the Church to imitate the World of [ SINFUL ] men, requires a complete overhaul, to be destroyed in its apostasy and rebuilt from a holiness foundation of Jesus Christ. The Priesthood works of Christian Faith require a Prophecy component of Life in Jesus Christ, and; without Priesthood Prophecy, that Christian Faith idea is lost, permitting Worldliness of [ SIN ] to proliferate its Faith, unchecked. The Faith of Jesus Christ constricts the Priesthood work of Intercession to an exact Prophecy - Life unveiling of [ SIN ] and its detailed consequence of punishing affliction.

    Faith is ( THE ) key concept of the Holy Bible, and yet is a mysterious factor of the Human Creature, requiring particular discipleship and dedicated practice, placing great emphasis upon the discipleship agency, that carries the mandate of this responsibility. The Church, supposedly of the Christian Faith, is accountable to God for their many abuses of aberrational Faith, rendering the Priesthood of Jesus Christ to be ineffective and commonly derelict in the contemporary Church universe, and leaving the .. NEW COVENANT .. of Jesus Christ a continual mystery and unfulfilled. The Priesthood of Christian Faith is very intensive in Prophecy discipleship, and operates with fluency in contemporary Prophecy operations.

    The Doctrine of Jesus Christ is the [ KEY ] to obtaining right Christian Faith; wherein, the Priesthood of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. is discovered with its power of unfolding miracles. This Doctrine of Jesus Christ is emphatically taught / revealed by the Church having such following signs of confirming evidence, that displays the Faith working of a contemporary Christian Priesthood. Right Doctrine unleashes right Faith of Jesus Christ, which then produces Priesthood Intercessions of .. DIVINE .. works in power, displaying a true Christian testimony.

    The Doctrine of Jesus Christ accomplishes a work of change / transformation within the Believer, arriving at a Bible Christian reality, specifically portraying a Faith that is exclusive to Bible definitions. The Priesthood of Jesus Christ is limited .. exceptionally .. to the Faith working of Doctrine, that is experienced by hearts transformed by true Christian Believers; and, without such specificity of Doctrine, the Priesthood of the NEW TESTAMENT .. Jesus Christ, and its intercession works, can .. NEVER .. be attained, being revealed only through men’s transformation, by working “Right” Faith.

by: Michael Mitchell