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Hidden Life of God's Spirit Holiness ..

        Spirit Life, of God's Holy Kingdom, is a “Tree of Life” concept, which; living tree ~ metaphor, begins with seed planting, followed by the developing of tree roots for nourishment and support, and its growing a trunk, and extensions of branches and leaves of covering, .. and finally; the bearing of its fruit, in its season. This Spirit Life fruit develops its growing seed .. within the fruit itself .. for reproduction of its Spirit Life, following .. exactly .. the natural pattern of creation. And, it is this living tree characteristic of Spirit Life ~ growing and developing and multiplying, that incorporates another factor of necessity, which; is the matter of an enabling entity, a nurturing agent, who is a watching gardener .. a caring ( husbandman ) .. . This living tree concept, of Spirit Life, requiring an enabling gardener, incorporates men as involved overseers to this planting, growing, fruit bearing and seed multiplying, with their Divinely appointed Spirit Life angels, .. whereby, such appointed men carry out their work of Spirit Life ~ faith, according to a set pattern of a Spirit Life ~ doctrine, provided to such men as a ( lifestyle plan ) and ( decision map ).

For information about God's Spirit Life, and Spirit Life ~ husbandry within ( fallen ) men, simply scroll .. further down .. this same Webpage to view these related topics .. the Church institution being in the female character, .. “God abiding within man” through the Apostles' Spirit ~ Gifts, .. the detailing of five Spiritual Gifts characteristics, of Church Prophets, .. who are / what are God's Bishops ? .. .

        Man, as a living soul ~ creature; man has been creation ~ engineered for Spirit realm ~ cultivation .. Spirit Life ~ husbandry .. and Spirit powers ~ programming, through; the authority of a watchful, .. learned and responsible, .. husbandman - agency, which; is ( the Church ). The Church institution, hidden mysteriously within a Spirit - realm concept, has been God's appointed husbandman - agency, for; this Spirit Life ~ cultivation of mankind, unto; God's holy purpose of ( His ) abiding within the hearts of men, in; the total whole of all humankind, as the “living” word. Within that Spirit realm dynamic of Church functionality, man .. ( man's heart character ) .. has remained far away, from; God, and from; the Holiness ~ virtue of creation ~ intent, through men's unchallenged preference to remain in sin. God's plan, structure and functionality, for such a delegated Church authority; God's plan, structure and functionality has been obscured from men's understanding because of the Spirit Life ~ mystery, of men being integrated with .. God's Spirit and Angels .. , both holy and unholy.

        God's idea is for the Church to be a conceiving .. and birthing .. agency, whereby; ( the male's seed merges with a female's egg ), which; is a parallel idea to natural realm understanding. The male's seed [ IS ] a ( thought ~ doctrine ), as a ( lifestyle plan ) and ( decision map ) of [ trusted belief ], to be practiced with expectations of successful reliability. And, the female egg [ IS ] the heart of man, of faithful ~ acceptance, which bestows the quality of [ RELIABLE TRUTH ] upon any particular ( thought ~ doctrine ), to be accepted as a practiced ( lifestyle plan ) and ( decision map ). The Church institution is the .. ( female ) .. who is designated .. exceptionally .. to be cultivated and programmed .. unto having the .. specifically unique .. heart character of God's virtue, of Faith ~ Holiness, through; the Church men's heart ~ acceptance of a ( lifestyle plan ) of God's .. particular .. ( male seed ) of holy .. ( thought ~ doctrine ). This qualification of the Church, by this .. particular .. human soul implanting ~ discipleship of holy .. ( thought ~ doctrine ); this qualification of the Church is established by a hidden .. ( invisible ) .. factor, which; is God's actual presence as ( the seed Father ) .. abiding upon and within .. the men of this Church agency, as a Living Spirit of holy seed ~ implanting. This Living presence of God's Spirit, upon Church men, is [ THE ] source of origination, for the Church ( doctrine ) and Church Life .. of the Spirit .. to successfully be God's representative agency.

        Humankind is [ THE ] very object of God's creation purpose; wherein, Divinely selected men are sought by God, for; such men to fulfill God's designated role of the Church. These designated men are selectively gifted, generations in advance, to prepare them for enduring an exceptional Spirit Realm ~ process of Church preparation, which; requires them to experience a spontaneous redirection of their lives, away from the learned ways of the world, toward the work of becoming sanctified, to therein; become God's Church ~ instruments. Through these .. predestined .. men's and women's gifted abilities, and willfulness, they surrender up ( their selves' ) control over life, and forfeit .. absolutely .. their potential profits of worldly treasures and pleasures and glories, for the sake of their own eternal salvation, and; for the work of imparting same salvation to other unwitting .. but dependent .. souls. Such Divinely appointed Church ~ men have been imparted with Spirit Life ~ gifts of God's predestined plan, to become component parts of God's holy work, of cultivating the hearts of ( many ) of the world's men. This duality, of these predestined Church men, of being the recipients of .. their own heart cultivation .. , unto God's Church ~ purpose of heart character ~ Holiness, and then also; these predestined Church men becoming the Church instrument ~ tools of God's heart character cultivation, within ( other ) men of the world; this duality describes the paradox of the true Church experience.

        God began ( His ) system of heart character cultivation with particular Church ~ Gifts, of Spirit ~ realm endowed abilities. The ( first ) .. Spirit Life ~ empowered ability, within God's Church system, is the Apostle of Jesus Christ. This person, of this unique Apostle ~ Gift, is a miracle of God's exclusive design and function; whereby, the Apostle ~ Gift is mysteriously distanced from ( fallen ) men's reasoned coherence or mimicking assimilation of Church counterfeits, but; God's Apostle is confirmed with .. outward signs .. of God's mysterious evidence. This delegation, of God's endowment, of Apostle ~ preparation, is alive with Divine Word ~ truth perception, which is followed behind with noticeable Apostle ~ signs of evidence, such as; changing behaviors, occurring within disciples of conviction and their observing witnesses, and; spectacular deliverances .. from Demons Spirits .., accompanied with multiple kinds of healing, and; heart felt peace and deep calm, occurring within disciples who are in the midst of circumstantial conditions of extreme distress and adversity, and; sudden .. and exaggerated .. reversals in natural circumstances, and in relationships, and in animals' behaviors, and in the weather.

        The appearance of God's Apostle is a [ .. manifestation .. ] of a hidden dynamic, of God's Spirit; whereby, that [ .. manifestation .. ] of the Apostle ~ Person, .. of the Apostle ~ Endowed ability, produces the exact result, of ( “God abiding within man” ), of Covenant men's ( heart character transformation ), .. exclusively .. accomplishing the New Testament promise of [ .. eternal life .. ]. This ( “God within man” .. Gift ), unto true Covenant men, is God's Apostle ~ Gift Endowment within the true Church; wherein, this ( “God within man” .. Gift ) is hidden within .. God's peculiar methodology .., understood by, and taught by, the true Apostle ~ Person. This Apostle ~ Gift Endowment, within the true Apostle ~ led .. Apostle ~ overseen .. Apostle ~ empowered .. Church society, commences a Divinely engineered “wilderness walk” .. a Church experience of “wilderness training” .. a “wilderness faith work of heart transformation”; wherein, the Church ~ body learns personal sacrifice and reorientation from worldliness, toward the .. Spirit Life ~ dynamic .. of God. This Apostle ~ Gift Endowed “wilderness process” is a journey, a learning environment that is endured without worldly protections, or assurance of physical - body supplies, wherein; the Church ~ body is .. entirely .. vulnerable and feels mortal jeopardy, having become reliant .. exclusively .. upon an invisible God, and an unpredictable future outcome!

        God's mysterious ways, of Spirit realm ~ Life, become .. outwardly .. expressive, and functionally integrated within God's created men, through God's .. next .. Church ~ Gift, of overseeing ~ Prophets. Church Prophets are highly dedicated disciples of true Church ~ Apostles, and; have been Divinely endowed with their own .. peculiar .. type of Church ~ body abilities; whereby, such true Prophets, this hidden Spirit Life, of God's Church society, becomes known as a normal component to other disciples of Jesus Christ. This Apostle ~ Gift Endowment, of Divine Word ~ truth perception and discipleship, sets the boundaries of .. exact .. qualification to this Church Spirit ~ Life dynamic; however, the Prophets of Jesus Christ are required to perform a continuous duty, of faithfully watching over Church ~ integrity, and its .. metered .. progress, in Jesus Christ's serving of the Father's Will. The Apostle ~ Gift Endowment .. exceptionally .. prepares Church Prophets for this oversight of Church ~ faith; whereby, prepared Prophets become God's “living” instruments” for ( His ) weighing and carefully measuring the Church's faith ~ quality, and its progress of [ .. heart of man ~ transformation .. ]. Without this Prophets' ministry work of vigilant Spirit ~ Life watching, the Church ~ body [ WILL ] .. absolutely .. stray from its purpose of pleasing God.

        The New Testament Church is God's appointed institution for the husbandry of men's heart character; wherein, .. the souls of men .. and the Spiritual hearts abiding within the flesh body ~ tabernacles of men .. are the .. exceptional .. subject of [ .. “Cross” of Christ ~ trans - mutation ..] < .. the « changing » from one thing « into » something very different .. >. This [ .. heart ~ soul realm .. ] of God's created men, abiding within the secret place of God's created Spirit, is the .. exceptional .. domain, and appointed jurisdiction, of God's Prophets and Apostles; whereby, Spirit ~ Transcending ~ Empowerments are to be understood .. with knowledgeable intelligence .., by God's true Prophets and Apostles. And, [ ALL ] Church ministry ~ disciplines, who follow behind Prophets' and Apostles' ministries, such as: Church Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, are to be perpetually sanctified by these Spirit ~ Transcending ~ Empowerments of transmutation, by God's appointed and Gifted Prophets. Church Prophets are validated, in their discernment accuracy, by their having learned these principle truth ~ laws of Spirit transcendency, through their discipleship from the preceding Apostle's ministry; and, through such validated Prophets, [ ALL ] other Church ministries are to be prepared. The Church, with [ ALL ] of its ministries, therein; is intended to abide .. continually .. as an active Spirit ~ Life workshop, for God's Prophet ~ ministry, and delegated Prophets' ~ authority of Spirit ~ Life correction, for Prophets to have unhindered freedom of oversight, for conducting this proper discipleship, and achieving this .. exceptional .. transmutation, of Church ~ citizens.

        Five Gifts characteristics, of Church Prophets, are hidden within Spirit realm abilities, and are defined by the Apostle .. through the [ .. Apostle Gifts .. ], and the Spiritual ability of the [ .. Apostle person .. ]. These five Prophets' Gifts measure the heart character progress of the Church body ~ whole, and individual Church disciples, which; five Prophets' Gifts, and Gift characteristics, are:

        ( Firstly ): ( these Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. are measuring Church disciples' heart character transformation ); whereby, these Prophets' Gifts measure [ .. the disciples' .. spiritual labors and personal sacrifices .. and; their patient suffrage .. of those labors and sacrifices .. throughout; the course of ( .. God's times and seasons and growing cycles .. ), [ IN ] the development of those Church disciples' ( right doctrine ~ faith .. “truth” .. assimilation ), of; the Church Apostle ~ pattern, .. within the Church Apostle ~ Spirit Gifts' ~ abilities .. ].

        These ( first ) Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. trace the transformation of men's heart nature and conscience, unto: Jesus Christ's Divine virtue. Such ( first ) Prophets' discernment ~ Gifts' are .. strategically .. concentrated upon the Church disciples' particular focus, dedication, and works achievements, of [ Godly service ], according to the principle standards of the Apostle ~ doctrine, as [ THE ] primary Covenant condition that enables such heart nature development to progress, [ .. IN TRUTH .. ]. And, this [ Godly service ] by disciples is further defined by its incorporating a Divine ability, as the particular qualification that validates such [ Godly service ]; wherein, this Divine enabling, God has arranged Spiritual ~ empowerments of ministry Gifts, according to God's sovereign delegating of particular ministry ~ works to each disciple. [ ALL ] Spiritual ~ empowerments, and [ ALL ] Gifts of ministry, are Apostle Gifts ~ imparted, .. Holy Ghost empowered, .. and afterward; Prophets' Gifts ~ discerned; whereby, this Divine enabling of this [ Godly service ], is [ THE ] .. exclusive .. point of reference for these ( first ) Prophets' discernment ~ Gifts to assessment, in those disciples' works of [ Godly service ], and; in those Church disciples' progress of heart nature transformation.

        ( Secondly ): ( these Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. are measuring Church disciples' heart character transformation ); whereby, these Prophets' Gifts measure [ .. the disciples' exercise of ( right doctrine ), in ( right doctrine ~ faith development .. through necessary growing cycles ), according to; their ( right doctrine .. seed planting times ), and according to; their ( right doctrine .. fruit harvest times ), of the Church Apostle ~ pattern .. within the Church Apostle ~ Spirit Gifts ~ impartations .. ].

        These ( second ) Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. enable such Prophets' to discover the developed measure of ( doctrine faith .. “truth” ) in Church disciples, while in their course of heart transformation. Disciples' heart transformation can be enabled properly in its progress, or preempted in its regress, with Spirit Life ~ intervention, through these ( second ) Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. . ( Doctrine faith .. “truth” ), as a force of God's Word ~ Life, [ MUST NECESSARILY ] be permitted its course of penetration into the deeply hidden places of the Spirit Realm; wherein, such disciples' souls would remain [ .. otherwise .. ] in bondage to their previous untransformed ways, of ( fallen ) man ~ self centeredness, and its sins of death. These ( second ) Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. expose such governed disciples to Prophets' corrective warnings and edifying instruction, permitting Prophets, of these active Gifts, to interact with such disciples according to such clarified Gifts ~ knowledge. These Prophets' Gifts ~ perceptions, come as an imparted grace from Apostle Gifts ~ abilities of Spirit Life, imprinting the Apostle Doctrine upon the Prophets, as an inviolable reference, to be upheld .. perpetually .. within the Church ~ body; and therefore, these Prophets' Gifts are a .. ( critical factor ) .. in those Prophets' overseeing the Church .. [ IN TOTAL ] .., allowing Prophets' to properly understanding and certify Church success .. and progress .. or regress .. and failure, with exactness of referenced understanding.

        ( Thirdly ): ( these Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. are measuring disciples' heart character transformation ); whereby, these Prophets' Gifts measure [ .. the disciples' adherence / submission / obedience to God's kingdom structure, of Divinely delegated authorities, who are appointed within each jurisdiction of Church boundary rule with their Church Gifts, while; such disciples are ( meritoriously ) preparing for their own .. individual .. ministry Bishoprics, and while [ ALSO ]; such disciples are enduring their patient waiting, throughout; their season of personal sacrifice and suffrage, according to; the preeminent authority of the presiding Church Apostle, .. of Church Apostle ~ Spirit Gifts' ~ impartations .. ].

        These ( third ) Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. measure the disciples' obedient acceptance of God's kingdom authorities, in their diverse kingdom ~ Gifts of Divine authority and fearsome empowerments; wherein, God is intimately involved with setting [ ALL ] Church matters of Order, and; sovereignly appoints men to their delegated posts of responsibility. This Divine structuring of Church governance, and Church function ~ maintenance, requires discipleship adherence to God's plan of kingdom order and structure, including [ ALSO ] the disciples' acceptance of Prophets, .. the Prophets' ministry ~ Gifts, .. and particularly, the Prophets' [ .. Oversight ~ Gifts .. ] that enforce “correct” discipleship, unto heart transformation! This ( third ) category, of Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .., enables the Prophets' continual assessment of Church disciples' progress, in their adjusting levels of maturity, unto their abiding .. peacefully .. within a kingdom order, which; God .. sovereignly .. rules over. God dictates [ ALL ] appointments of kingdom Gifts with .. ( His ) sovereign empowerment .., for oversight enforcement of every jurisdiction, throughout God's Kingdom realm, in every geographic location, on every level of societal order; and, God continues .. perpetually .. to be an active force of Church function for all dispensation ~ ages .. seasons .. and times! This spiritual law concept, of disciples' obedience to kingdom order ~ authorities, and their awesome Gifts of enforcement, is defined by the Apostle ~ reference of “correct” Doctrine, and further; is reinforced with Spirit Life ~ manifestation events of chastisements, through the Gifts ~ impartations, of the Apostle ~ Gifts of Spirit ~ Life.

        ( Fourthly ): ( these Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. are measuring disciples' heart character transformation ); whereby, these Prophets' Gifts measure [ .. the manifestation signs of Divine confirmation .. of Church disciples' ( doctrine truth .. mastery ), which; ( hard core ~ doctrine truth ), is known through Prophets' Gifts, according to: such manifestation evidence of .. ( active appointments of ministry events ) .., and also through; the Church disciples' .. ( attentive healing of others ), during such ministry events, while; they are simultaneously enduring their time of personal tribulations, within; the constraints of the Church Apostle ~ Doctrine, of Church Apostle ~ Spirit Gifts' ~ impartations .. ].

        These ( fourth ) Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. measure the renewing of Church disciples' minds, according to the [ .. Mind of Christ ~ pattern .. ]. Church disciples [ MUST ] be renewed in their minds, which occurs by the retraining of those disciples' thoughts from diverse ( Worldly faith ~ doctrines ), toward an exclusive ( right faith ~ doctrine ) of Jesus Christ. This renewing, of such disciples' minds, is measurable by disciples' spoken words, but also; by their faith works, as such faith works are manifestly apparent according to the Biblical pattern of Jesus Christ's ~ faith works. This .. exact .. faith of Jesus Christ portrays [ .. THE WAY .. ] of Spirit Life, of healing Gifts, and; miracle events ~ Gifts, and; prophetic insight ~ Gifts about the future or past, and; reading ~ Gifts that interpret Angels' visitations. As this faith working appears, with its .. exceptional .. evidence of Holy Spirit manifestation ~ Gifts, so .. also .. is the mind of Christ known in its progress of renewal. Both, disciples' faith works, and the renewing of disciples unto the mind of Christ; both characteristics are .. directly .. derived from a common doctrine filtering .. pattern .., a doctrine reference .. grid .., of God's .. exactly .. holy doctrine; which, ( right faith ~ doctrine grid ), is established .. exclusively .. from the Apostle authority .. and Apostle Gifts' ~ impartations! This ( right faith ~ doctrine grid ) of Jesus Christ's .. holy .. mind and faith working, is understood with clear distinction, and; measured continually, by Church Prophets of these ( fourth ) .. discernment ~ Gifts .., who are obeying God's Spirit Life ~ Gifts, in their mandated inspecting of disciples' minds.

        ( Fifthly ): ( these Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. are measuring disciples' heart character transformation ); whereby, these Prophets' Gifts measure [ .. disciples' quality of Spirit Life ~ holiness, according to; the Divine virtue of Jesus Christ's heart nature, within the Spirit Life ~ faith works of Jesus Christ's kingdom authority and proper order, within; the learned constraints of the Church Apostle ~ Doctrine, and the Church Apostle ~ Spirit Gifts' ~ impartations .. ].

For more detailing of information about the Prophets' administration and Prophets' Gifts, and; the Apostles' administration and Apostles' Gifts, describing distinctions of their ministries, and their functionality within the Church, find this link .. Our .. Official Letter .. to the Christian Church Community .. in the middle of the left column.

        These ( fifth ) Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .., along with the Apostle ( doctrine ) foundation ~ Gifts, and; the Apostle impartation ~ Gifts of Spiritual grace; such Prophets' Gifts oversee and enable the Covenant ~ Love nature of Jesus Christ to be developed within Covenant ~ disciples. This Covenant ~ Love of Jesus Christ has the authentic quality of disciples' having become free from sinful motivations of the heart; whereby, this Christ's Love characteristic confirms such disciples, as viewed through the Prophets' .. oversight ~ Gifts .., as .. literally .. being in the Covenant plan of ( soul ) Salvation. The insight provided, through these Prophets' .. oversight ~ Gifts .., enable such disciples' Love ~ quality to be measured as a heart of man ~ reality, or as being a ( fallen ) man deception. The deceiving behaviors, of a learned counterfeit Church society, can project a superficial appearance of Covenant Love and holiness, obscuring the true heart nature of Church men's ( fallen ) condition; however, the authentic Covenant Love of Jesus Christ, in its purity from sin, is a sacrificial Love that seeks to fulfill the expression of God's Will .. exclusively .. to the diminishing of their own ( Self Will ) expression. This sacrificial Love quality is .. particularly .. known by these Prophets' .. oversight ~ Gifts ..; and further, by these Prophets' .. oversight ~ Gifts .., such counterfeit Church deception is exposed and cannot remain hidden. In addition, this maturing [ .. Love nature .. ] of Jesus Christ is [ THE PARTICULAR ] evidence of Disciples' progress in their heart transformation; wherein, these Prophets' .. oversight ~ Gifts .. confirm this hope of a transforming Salvation.

        Church Doctrine, .. Doctrine assembled by an Apostle of Jesus Christ for Prophets to administer and oversee, is a [ .. spiritual law .. map ~ light .. ] that guides Covenant disciples in the ( right faith ) of Jesus Christ, as those disciples' personal construction of ( right faith ). It is these disciples' own faith that, when correctly constructed and exercised, works the progress of heart nature transformation, as [ THE ] actual New Testament promise of Covenant Salvation. God's ordained Apostles meticulously frames this Doctrine ~ faith map, layer by layer through Spirit Life ~ Gifts, that portray .. exactly .. the path of heart nature transformation; and, such ordained Apostles know how [ .. THE FAITH .. ] of Jesus Christ works, and; how Covenant men are to .. govern their faith .. deliberately .. by building up their “correct” references of Doctrine. On a broader scale, the ( Apostle's Doctrine ), of Jesus Christ's ( right faith ), frames the [ .. TOTAL .. ] Church reality; whereby, the ( Apostle's Doctrine ) activates Spirit Life .. automatically .. when the Church ~ body accepts and believes that ( Apostle's Doctrine ), and trusts in the overseeing Prophets' .. discernment ~ Gifts .. .

        Man, as a creature of Divine purpose, is programmed .. automatically .. for functioning within a collective society, requiring systematic order of a community ~ whole. This systematic governance of a community, and all resources of that community, for the benefit of a centralized authority, should be .. exceptionally .. preferred to be the exclusive order of God, the Holy Creator, and .. NOT .. to be ( fallen ) men's many devices of reasoned ~ manipulation that bear the fruit of woeful torments. In this defining of community order, a societal formula .. pattern .. hierarchy .. and its rules of conduct [ .. laws .. ], are formularized in the construction of ( Doctrine ); and, it is this matter, of ( Doctrine ), that is the core revelation in finding .. particularly .. God's plan of kingdom order. God has supplied messengers to mankind, who are dedicated to this mission of defining and articulating this optimal kingdom order, and its formularized ( Doctrine ); messengers who have been provided with Gifts .. Divine Gifts .. that are timeless, Spirit ~ Gifts that carry this pattern of ( Doctrine ) order .. perpetually .. throughout all generations. Such Gifts, of God's eternal ( Doctrine ), are Gifts of the Apostles' administration, and also; of the Prophets' administration; whereby, such Divinely appointed and imparted messenger ~ Gifts of the Holy Church, the “correct” ( Doctrine ) of God is provided to all of humankind. Through the “correct” ( Doctrine ) of God, God's optimal kingdom order is achieved; and, God's interest for mankind is discovered to be men's peaceful heart character of holiness. The Apostles' articulation of God's optimal ( Doctrine ), and the Prophets' continuing oversight of this ( Doctrine ) maintenance and “correct” reinforcement, are [ THE ] Spirit ~ Gifts that .. exceptionally .. bring the accomplishment of God's kingdom order of ( Doctrine ) ~ peace, and; will satisfy God's holiness ~ interest for mankind.

        God's intent is for mankind to rise unto a permanent stature of Divine holiness, which; is accomplished .. exceptionally .. through Church ~ men's adherence to ( Doctrine ~ truth ) of Apostles and Prophets. This [ .. ONE .. ] matter of ( Doctrine ~ referencing ) is a pivotal [ KEY ] to this achievement of Divine holiness; consequently, God has devised guardians for overseeing this ( Doctrine ~ truth ) integrity, who are ( His ) Bishops. God's Bishops have active Spirit ~ Gifts for conducting this watching, and this measuring, of Church integrity to “correct” ( Doctrine ~ referencing ); whereby, such Bishops are enabled to observe the Church's achievement, or failure, of God's holiness standard. Further, God's true Bishops are mandated to interact with the Church body, bringing correction and penalty judgments, for ( fallen ) men's subversive dissidence, in their resistance to .. exact .. ( Doctrine ~ truth ). Such Bishops' ~ authority produces an evidence, of Spirit ~ manifestations, that comes from the Apostles' several Gifts' of functionality; whereby, these Apostle ~ Bishops will always know the Prophets' activity, and the Church's holiness failures, and victories, and whereby; such Apostle ~ Bishops are .. NEVER .. lost in a ( Doctrine ~ void ) of Church confusion.

        God requires a “correct” ( Doctrine ~ structure ) to be the foundation for Covenant disciples' ( right faith ~ order ); so that, ( fallen ) men may attain [ .. heart nature ~ transformation .. ], of New Testament Salvation. For this ( right faith ~ order ) to be achieved, Divinely prepared husbandmen, Bishops of the Apostle ~ Gifts, are required to oversee the Church's integrity to “correct” ( Doctrine ~ structure ). As God's mysterious Word ( of faith ) must be planted .. watered .. and continually nurtured in men's heart ~ gardens, by anointed “Preachers”, who “Preach” from the Prophets Gifts; the “Preaching” ministry work of Prophets' .. MUST .. be followed behind with organization and definition of God's implanted “living” Word. This organization is the “correct” ( Doctrine ~ structure ) of Apostle ~ Bishops. This Bishops' grace over ( Doctrine ~ structure ) is appointed to this Church domain of men's heart gardens; so that, such true Bishops, with their Bishops' grace of Apostles' Gifts, may know the real condition of ( fallen ) men's ( faith ~ order ), and; their correlative platforms of ( Doctrine structure ). Any “correction” to the Church's ( Doctrine structure ) .. MUST .. come through Divinely appointed Bishops, with their Bishops' grace of Apostles' Gifts; and, without this core qualification of Bishops' exact validation, the Church's ( Doctrine structure ) .. WILL BE .. flawed, and; Church disciples' ( faith ~ order ) will fail the Covenant promise of Salvation.

        The Holy Ghost's empowerment of Church Gifts, .. the Holy Ghost's abiding presence within baptized Covenant men .. the Holy Ghost's Spirit ~ light of Divinely imparted understanding .. enables Church Bishops, with their Bishops' ~ grace of Apostles' Gifts, for such Bishops to discern .. to interpret .. to verbally report to the Church, the true state of heart character ~ transformation, of the Church's ( fallen ) men ~ disciples. Without this Divine enabling, provided by the Holy Ghost, ( fallen ) men ~ disciples will .. NOT .. obey the counsel, of .. strange logic and reason .., of God's Spiritual Bishops; and therein, without this Holy Ghost factor of enabling, ( fallen ) men will .. NOT .. progress in their assimilating the Bishops' “correct” ( Doctrine ). The Holy Ghost, abiding within those disciples' flesh body ~ tabernacles, is a [ KEY ] ingredient in ( fallen ) men's attaining the “correct” ( Doctrine ) of ( right faith ); whereby, such ( fallen ) men may escape from their indwelling ( fallen ) nature of inherited sin.

        The Church body [ .. WHOLE .. ], of Divine purpose and reality, functions within a supernatural manifestation of Holy Ghost ~ baptism! This supernatural manifestation ~ reality, along with the Apostles' ( Doctrine ) of “correctness”, are .. both .. brought into their stature of noticeable evidence .. exceptionally .. through Apostle ~ Gifts validations and the ( faith works ), of Holy Ghost ~ baptized Bishops. Through this Holy Ghost ~ immersion, and this Apostles' ( Doctrine ) “correctness”, Church Bishops are empowered with Oversight ~ Gifts, to discern, and to intelligently interpret, angels' visitations of Covenant disciples, in their holiness or unholiness characteristics. And, the Holy Ghost empowers such true Bishops .. selectively and reservedly .. with Spirit ~ Gifts that trump these unholy angels, inhibiting their continued trafficking within ( fallen ) men, of Covenant dedication to ( Doctrine ) “correctness”. This Holy Ghost empowered Oversight, and this same Holy Ghost immersion ~ experience, being provided to ( fallen ) men of Covenant discipleship, along with this same Apostles' ( Doctrine ) of “correctness”, empowers such ( fallen ) men with the same manifestation evidence of the same Spirit Life ~ experience, of Jesus Christ's supernatural abilities, giving such men power over demons, and; ensuring the process of transformation. So, ( fallen ) men's immersion into the Holy Ghost, and Holy Ghost empowered Gifts for Bishops, [ ARE ] of critical necessity for ( fallen ) men's entrance into the Christ Life of supernatural evidence, for those ( fallen ) men's successful progress unto Salvation ~ transformation.

by: Michael Mitchell