Two Prophets and Psychic Powers War over the Church ..

A Psychic Witchcraft Council Rules the Christian

Church Realm

Psychic powers .. covertly .. have ruled over the Christian church institution, which now; becomes the .. wholly captured .. instrument / the .. snared .. medium of spiritual reflection, of: the Evil Beast Kingdom, and of; its power base, which; power base, is the Psychic Witchcraft Council.

        The church, of Christian pretense, is, presently now, under the invisible influence of Psychic powers, of a covert Witchcraft Council, which, Psychic powers influence, will, progressively, now, unveil a dominant Antichrist culture / government / religion, as: a society of the [ Evil Beast Kingdom ]! This [ Evil Beast Kingdom ] society, an Antichrist manifestation of John's Apocalypse [ Book of Revelation ], is driven by such Psychic powers, witchcraft manipulations of Angels and Demons, which; manipulations, of Angels and Demon, have, previously, engineered an “unknowing” church society / culture / orientation, which, church orientation, has prepared our present societal – community, with; diabolical philosophies of religious “subterfuge”, of; “Antichrist” views - mainstreaming, but which; church culture, of “Antichrist” philosophies, now, unfolds, even further, with a more progressive, and overt, Antichrist character, of, even more exaggerated, Psychic powers, as a church - confirming evidence, in: Psychic healing powers, in; Psychic miracle signs, in; Psychic wonders of spiritual expression; and, through these Psychic powers signs, the Antichrist agenda advances, in; its domination of the societal – whole! This [ Evil Beast Kingdom ] manifestation, within, and through the established machinery of, the church institution, this manifestation will appear to be benevolent / friendly / logical and reasonable / desirable, to: the programmed societal mind set; and therein, the bondage, to the Antichrist agenda, of; universal ( “soul control programming” ), through; ( “invisible Psychic rule” ), that bondage will come easily, seeming to be a taste of honey, which is sweet, and not bitter, to; the deceived eaters!

Two Prophets, the “True Church” sign of the World's End

The “Two Prophets” sign is a “True Church” manifestation, which; “Two Prophets” manifestation of church, occurs during the time of John's Apocalypse.

        The “Two Prophets” of John's Apocalypse, fulfill a particular order, of: [ “God's plan for the church” ], as a sign of judgment upon; the ( failed church institution ), and as a sign of imminent conclusion to; the condemned / dying world! The “Two Prophets” plan, for condemning: the ( failed church institution ), and for speaking to; the condemned and dying world, in the time / era / age of the apostle John's apocalypse, that “Two Prophets” plan is to present a sign, a sign of God, particularly, to be openly / publicly, obvious! Such a sign shall be of men, a sign of Prophets' speaking, a sign of “Two Prophets' “ voices, which, “Two Prophets”, are speaking spiritual truths and mysteries, and which, public sign, of the “Two Prophets”, is the testifying / rebuking, to: that ( failed church community ), which has defied God's will and ways, and which, public sign, of the “Two Prophets”, is the testifying, to; the ( failed church institution ), and to; the damaged / condemned / decaying, world, about; God's original "creation purpose - intent" for man, and about; God's "imposed controls and limitations upon man", and about; God's "required reckoning of justice", and about; God's “sovereign rule over man”, such rule being eternal, inescapable, and relentless, and about; God's “mercy” - “grace” - “ forgiveness” - “love”, for man, and about; God's “ways” / “standard requirements” / “holy faith”, of the Christ - nature transformation, which could have been attainable, through, the functionality of a righteous church institution! The world's ( opposition ), to: the sign of this public testifying, of; the “Two Prophets'” speaking, that ( opposition ), which comes from the universal condition of men's evil natures, ( that opposition ) is well known, in advance, to the church of the “Two Prophets”, and ( that opposition ) is expected to be intensive / deadly / violent / merciless and bloody / vengeful and relentless; consequently, the messenger - prophets , of; this apocalyptic time / era / age, are; to be guarded, profoundly, with Divine power! The "Revelation" scripture - record of the "Two Prophets", of John's book of the apocalypse, called [ Revelation ], the "Two Prophets" are portraying the precise "church" gift, of necessary "church” - ministry authority, of holy faith training and discipline, as; the prescribed “ministry characteristics” which the ( failed church institution ) has, previously, exiled, from; its fellowship, and from; its culture development, and from; its inclusion into God's public representation and societal expression, and from; its recognition of respectful honor, and from; its storehouse of ministry - survival supply! The "Revelation" scripture -record, of the "Two Prophets", reveals the exact kingdom - of - God rank, of: spiritual command authority, of; the prescribed church - faith engine posturing, that, “must” be in perfectly matured operation, in order for the “Two Prophets” church to survive the massive persecution, of; this murderous ( opposition ), which, ( opposition ), is sure to come from a condemned / dying world, which, world, is trying to defend its domain, and its existence, from; God's intrusive demand for holy obedience, which, sign / reference, of holy obedience, is to be expressed, emphatically, by; the appearance / speaking, of the "Two Prophets" church!

Antichrist rule of Church angels by “Two Prophets” of Apocalypse

        Antichrist rule, over church angels of church prophecy; such Antichrist rule is permitted, by: the spiritual authority of the “two prophets”, of; John's Apocalypse.

        The Antichrist achievement; of acquiring rule over: the public forum of the church, and over; the angels of prophecy, within that church society; that Antichrist achievement, is a delegated / appointed / intended / permitted, authority; which, spiritual authority, to; rule over the public domain of the church, and to; rule over the church angels, who bring prophecy; that delegated / appointed / intended / permitted, authority is endowed / imparted, to; the Antichrist, by; the church ministry - works of the ( two prophets ), of John's apocalypse! The Antichrist rule, over the church functionality of angel prophecy, [ prophecy from angels ] within the church society / [ prophecy from angels ] within the functional rituals of the church / [ prophecy from angels ] within the ceremonial practices of the church, that Antichrist rule does “not” occur without God's sovereign oversight and delegation, of such spirit power, which God has appointed, ( firstly ), to His own ( two prophets ), a ( new testament church entity ), of John's apocalypse! The Antichrist endowment, of: rule over the realm of church angel - prophecy, by; the delegation of these ( two prophets ), a ( new testament church entity ), that endowment is appointed to accomplish the purpose, of; the ( two prophets ), of John's apocalypse! That purpose, of John's apocalypse, is symbolically characterized, within the church society of the ( two prophets ), as reflecting a church ministry, of; God's appointed judgment / God's culmination of wrath / the bringing of Divine justice, upon; a world of men who are detached from God's kingdom plan, and “true” church functionality! That purpose, of the ( two prophets ), a ( new testament church entity ), which emphasizes God's wrath / judgment / Divine justice, that purpose, further, portrays the spiritual grace - ability, of the ( two prophets ), to: escape from the wrath of the Antichrist, throughout the age of John's apocalypse, and which, spiritual grace – ability, further reveals the ( two prophets ) having a capacity of enabling, to; fulfill their mandated experience / process, of Divine sacrifice, which, strategic sacrifice, is to withdraw, from; society, from; the public arena of ministry, and from; the spiritual intercessions, as obstructions against the Antichrist order of rule, and from; expressing a church representation, in the permitting, of; Antichrist raving accusations, and Antichrist slanderous rebukes, and Antichrist gloatings, of a proud victory over the church, to go unanswered, and in the permitting of; the Antichrist system of oppressive governance, and the horrors of Demonic atrocities, to reign, unchecked, for; a season of patient waiting!

Book of Revelation symbols - “Four Horsemen” / “Two Prophets”

The “Four Horsemen”, as symbols of the Book of Revelation, [ the apocalypse of John ]; these “Four Horsemen” are four .. separate .. Spirit powers who are rising up to end the present church age; which; four Spirit powers, engage / produce the appearance, of; the “Two Prophets”.

        The symbol of the "Four Horsemen", of the apostle John's "Book of Revelation" [ the apocalypse - book ], the "Four Horsemen" represent four different power - movements, four sequential, and also cumulatively overlapping, power - movements, of God's Holy Ghost; whereby, the whole prophecy / story of symbols, of John's “Book of Revelation" [ the apocalypse - book ], including the story symbols of the “Two Prophets”, that prophecy / story of symbols is empowered to be fulfilled! Each, of the "Four Horsemen" [ white, red, black, and pale ] represents a separate character of God's power, a particular angel covering power, a very specific church - spirit power of Divine authority, which; “Four Horsemen” manifestation, which produces the apocalypse church, of the “Two Prophets”; that “Four Horsemen” manifestation overrules, absolutely, all other previous "church” - dispensations, of any, prior, angel covering order, which, previous angel covering "church” - dispensations, had defined, for a time / age / era, the continuous - stationary experience / continuous - stationary limitations / continuous - stationary plateau, of man, church man, spiritual man, societal community man, economics man, creative man, technological - invention man, civilized man, governmental and political man, barbarous man, in; every regard of the macro - condition of global man, up to this present time, of; the fulfillment of the “Book of Revelation", with; the “Four Horsemen” manifestation, of; the “Two Prophets”! The "Four Horsemen" are power movements of God, which; power, of the "Four Horsemen”, intervenes upon, and supersedes, man's previous "church” -dispensation of angel covering order, and which; power, of the "Four Horsemen", overrules / conquers / judges / punishes / or saves, man, on a global scale, within; the new church age dispensation / apocalypse, of the “Two Prophets”! Such power - intervention, of the “Four Horsemen”, radically interferes with man's previous stature of static - continuity, engaging; the apocalypse - church of the “Two Prophets”, changing; the rules of global man's learned experience and expectations, whereby, no man, singly, is overlooked, or is exempted from, the power / intervening authority / apocalypse, of the “Two Prophets”, which is enacted by; the Spirit power of these four symbols, the [ "Four Horsemen" ]!

The “666” Mark of the Beast & the Two Prophets – Apocalypse

        The “666” Mark of the Beast .. the “666” brand of spiritual bondage .. is subject to the Two Prophets – Seven Churches of ( “Revelation” ), which; are God's power of enforcement, for; the fulfillment of John's Apocalypse.

        The “666” Mark of the Beast is the power sign / the ownership brand / the authority signature, of Antichrist rule, which, “666” Mark / “666” sign of the Antichrist, is established, in; its power of the Apocalypse, according to; (1) the miracle working authority of the ( Two Prophets ), which, spiritual authority of the ( Two Prophets ), are prophesied about, in; John's Book of the Apocalypse; and, that “666” Mark is established, in accordance with; (2) the ruling pattern of the Seven Churches, also revealed in John's Book of the Apocalypse! The ( Two Prophets ), of the Apocalypse, is a ( “new testament church entity” ), which rises up, and foretells / forewarns / permits / empowers, the spiritual effectuation, of: the “666” Mark of the Beast, and the spiritual effectuation, of; the Apocalypse – purpose, which, Apocalypse, advances that “666” Mark, to; the forefront of universal adoption / societal acceptance / globular endorsement! The Seven Churches, symbolically revealed within John's Book of the Apocalypse, the Seven Churches represent God's matrix of universal spiritual law, which, Seven Churches law - matrix, when correctly decoded, through: the Apostle Ministry of Divine grace, that Seven Churches law - matrix reveals the understanding of the ( Two Prophets ), from which, Seven Churches law - matrix, the Apocalypse - church, of; the ( Two Prophets ) a ( “new testament church entity” ), that Apocalypse - church appears, with; the “666” Mark following behind! The Seven Churches mystery code / Seven Churches law - matrix, of universal church principles, becomes surface apparent, publicly, through: that ascendancy of ministry, of; the ( Two Prophets ), a ( “new testament church entity” ), and through; that following manifestation of the “666” Mark, which, ascendancy of the ( Two Prophets ) and also the appearance of the “666” Mark, are, both, signs of the fulfillment of the Christian church age, of; John's Book of the Apocalypse!

by: Michael Mitchell