Holy & Unholy Psychic Powers ..

Antichrist & Blood Sacrifice, Prophecy of Angels, Abomination

        The Antichrist plan, to fulfill the Prophecy of the Abomination of Desolation; that Antichrist plan incorporates the crafting of the Angels Covering, through: the practice of Blood Sacrifice, in; Devil Worship.

        The Antichrist warning of prophecy, of the Biblical Abomination of Desolation, that prophecy of the Antichrist is correlated to the reintroduction of the blood sacrifice, ( “animal sacrifice or human sacrifice” ), in devil worship, as: a prayer device, and as; part of the tabernacle / holy place ritual! This Antichrist warning of prophecy, the prophecy of the Abomination of Desolation, in devil worship, then, is to be fulfilled, astonishingly, within: the church arena, within; the angels covering creation – arena, within; the priesthood institution; wherein, blood sacrifice, ( “animal sacrifice or human sacrifice” ), is God's mandated methodology for prayer governing / for prayer controlling / for prayer re-engineering of the angels covering, which, angels covering, is established upon the whole of the society, as; “the” governing character which dictates the overall character, moral virtues or sinful vices, of; that subordinated society! The Antichrist is intending to use the tools of blood sacrifice, within the prayer leverage of the blood sacrifice methodology, God's own creation device, to engineer an angels covering of devil worship, the Abomination of Desolation, which, Antichrist character, of the angels covering, violates the holy ministry / holy purpose / holy power, of God's Christ Jesus! This diabolical methodology, of the Antichrist, to: use God's creation device of the blood, in; ritual blood sacrifice, for; the intended purpose of an Antichrist agenda, of devil worship within the church; that diabolical intention will be fulfilled; and, in the fulfillment, of the Abomination of Desolation, that Antichrist warning of prophecy is satisfied!

Antichrist church-authority follows Holy Ghost-driven Apocalypse

        The rising up of the Antichrist church, and the Antichrist domination of the societal whole, follows behind the .. Holy Ghost .. implementation, of; the global Apocalypse.

        The rising up of the Antichrist authority; within: a publicly recognizable venue, which, venue, is a religious / church / worship, venue, as: the primary power base for Antichrist - recognition, and as; the reference, for observable evidence, to assert Antichrist - validations; that rising up, of the Antichrist authority, will be preceded by the Apocalypse, which, global - circumstance of the Apocalypse, incorporates, emphatically, the manifestation of societal calamity [ the systematic deterioration of order, of societal cohesion and governmental coherence ]. This deterioration; of societal cohesion / governmental coherence; this macro - community deterioration, of the [ Apocalypse ], is originated from / fostered by / enabled through, a fragmenting / disintegrating, “societal - cultural - political - religious foundation"! The Holy Ghost is "the" orchestrator, entirely, of this systematic deterioration of our existing societal - community cohesion; wherein, this deteriorating - cohesion prepares the way, for; necessary societal change to follow, and for; severe change to overtake our culture, and for; unthinkable change to supersede our values structuring, which, Antichrist authority - change, otherwise, would not be acceptable to, nor tolerated by, the world's men! But, through: the process of systematic deterioration of our cohesive order, and by; the radical escalation of survival - fears and terrors, and with; the anticipated trepidation of future, more threatening, events, gradually, our societal posture of order will flex / bend / become moldable, into a very different perspective of accepted values and agreed - to references! This, then, is when the Antichrist authority / the Antichrist world leadership, will appear, as the saving leader ( savior ), from whom, this Antichrist ( savior ), the whole of man will find a hope, of: a peaceful, new, foundation order of cohesion, as the salvation of society, and of; a continuous coherence of government, a new, Antichrist, government! This Holy Ghost work of imposed societal preparation [ the Apocalypse ], which, [ Apocalypse ], manifests as the Divine process of the apostle John's book [ Revelation ], that Holy Ghost preparation is, then, intended to disorient the world's men / disconnect the world's men from their own control of self -serving continuity / remove, from men, the hope of maintaining their previous / present - day, order of society, so that the Antichrist authority / government, with its Antichrist culture and control system, is embraced, willfully, by the world's men! This Antichrist penalty - judgment is God's decree of proper justice, for: men's historic, and continuous, attitudes of wholesale rebellion against God / men's arrogant disobedience toward God / men's defiant contempt against God, which the world's men have bestowed, relentlessly, throughout; the duration of God's appointed time / season / age of patient suffrage, of; gentle – shepherding!

Pentecostal church power-gift evidence needs spiritual maturity

        The Pentecostal church has gloried itself, in: its Pentecostal spiritual - gift power, without; its having the knowledge, of: the Pentecostal power source, or the understanding, of; the Holy Ghost character, of Divine Nature Virtue, which; character - virtue, requires the ( true ) church to express Jesus, in; the true authenticity of His Christ Nature.

        The present - day church movement, of the "Pentecostal" power - gift endowment, has identified itself with / adopted as its playground / flaunted as a child's box of toys, the supernatural power - gift evidence, of: the Holy Ghost; wherein, the supernatural power - gift evidence, of; the Holy Ghost, the "Pentecostal" church has adopted the power - gift blessing / the power - gift signs / the power - gift concept, of; the Holy Ghost, as; an implicitly appropriate, and necessary, quality of church life experience; however, the "Pentecostal" power - gift church movement has been lacking in / void of / falling behind in, God's wisdom / God's requirement of spiritual maturity / God's formal protocols of kingdom authority gift - ranking, of; "higher-perspective" “Pentecostal” spiritual oversight / “Pentecostal” self discipline to spiritual learning! Wherein, such necessary, “Pentecostal”, learning, a progressive revelation would have opened up, to: the "Pentecostal" church community, the reality, that, "all" spiritual dynamics, of the Holy Ghost power – gift, must be constrained to the development of / the transformation process of, the Christ nature / the Divine nature / the God character, “within man”, within the “Pentecostal” church man, as; "the" implicit qualification; whereby, infiltrating demon spirits are locked out of the "Pentecostal" power - gift expression! This absence, of this “Pentecostal” learning discipline; when exercising the Holy Ghost power - gift; that absence of a self imposed discipline, to; continually learn God's kingdom realm - protocols, for; spiritual gift application; that absence, of a learning attitude, has opened up the "Pentecostal" church movement to be leavened, thoroughly, with an abundance of confusing / subversive / demon spirit power - gift manifestations, all pretending to be the Holy Ghost power - gift of evidence, of; God's visiting “Pentecostal” endowments! There has been an acute lack of progress in this necessary “Pentecostal” learning, of God's kingdom realm protocols; and, as a parallel / companion evidence, to this lack of learning progress, the "Pentecostal" church community has, also, been void in progress, in; the "Christ way" of heart transformation / the "Divine Nature" conversion / God's character development, within; the church body -leadership, and, of course, throughout; the entire church body -congregation, as well!

The Satanic Church offers Antichrist power & a covenant price

        The Satanic Church is a societal embodiment of a .. covenant .. offering, of: impressive spiritual powers, which; Satanic Church powers, are presented as a .. covenant .. to willing converts, for; their voluntary serving of the Antichrist agenda, and; form of Government.

        The church – system, which: (1) expresses spiritual power, with dynamic evidences of an angel Deity, and which; church - system, (2) is presented, to man, as an empowering service to satisfy "man's selfish lusts"; such a church – system, which; (3) practices ritual ceremonies of blood sacraments [ animal blood or human blood ], combined with; again, (2) the satiation of "man's selfish lusts" [ sexual lusts, drug lusts, power lusts, material lusts ], that church – system, which; emphasizes man's usage of spiritual power, (1) of an angel Deity, with; (4) the delusion of man having control over such power, such a church entity is Satanic ! A Satanic church - system will be enticing to man, logical to man, seducing man's enjoinment to the Antichrist, by: the promise of "power", "power" over; enemies, "power" to; inflict pain / through spiritual attacks / with the abilities to torment and murder such enemies, "power" over; the physical elements of the earth, including the physical body's life span constraints of death, "power" over; money and the financial system within the world, "power" over; sexual partners, "power" over; political factors and government control platforms! "Power" is the main ingredient of the Satanic promise / covenant / contract / testament. "Power" is the Satanic lever to entice man into a counterfeit God - covenant / a counterfeit God - contract / a counterfeit God - testament, for; man to, then, pursue after the Antichrist, as a Satanic alternative to: God, the creator God, and as a Satanic alternative to; Jesus, the only legitimate Christ and Lord and proved savior and heir of the heaven and the earth, and as a Satanic alternative to; the Holy Spirit, the spiritual enforcer of Divine life-power upon man! The Satanic "power" covenant / contract / testament, with the Antichrist, comes with a price, a contract agreement price, a covenant bartering price, which price is to also serve the Antichrist, and His Satanic Archangel, a spirit – character already abiding within “all” men, and which, Satanic spirit - character, when further engaged, brings even more compelling needs / even more lustful demands / even more self serving requirements, which already tempt “all” men, and which, Satanic spirit - character, will be amplified / escalated, to a far greater intensity, within such men, to; the motivating of such covenant men, and to; the magnifying of the covenant man's personal sacrifice / cost, in; that Satanic covenant fulfillment! The Satanic contract always comes with a cost, which, cost, is attached to the "power" provided, a cost which exceeds the present cost / previous consequence / previously existing judgment, which “all” of the world's men are, presently, bound to! The "power" is real! The satiation, of man's lusts, is real! The evidence, of a spiritual covenant being engaged, is real! And, the Satanic cost required, of such covenant men, that personal sacrifice - cost, to; engage the “power” of such a covenant, that cost, also, is real!

Man's Psychic abilities are God-created to enjoin man with God

        Man's Psychic abilities and gifts and perceptions, and: man's Psychic linkage unto God and to a Divine Order of Eternal patterns; man's collective Psychic powers have been compromised, by: man's willful violation, of; God's spiritual rules.

        The Psychic qualities, of man's spiritual experience, these Psychic qualities are God - created as a normal / necessary / profoundly integrated, element of man's reality! This Psychic phenomenon is; thereby, intended to be developed unto its fullest measure / most efficient capability / optimum potential, of practical functionality! The Psychic spirit upon man [ the enabling breath of spirit life integration ] is God's universal gift unto man, and is, literally, God's linking bridge connection, between God and man; wherein, man's Psychic capability enables man to fellowship, directly and commonly, with; God! That linking bridge connection; of man's Psychic integration, with; God, and with; God's spirit realm, in the broad dynamics of the whole of the spiritual universe; that linking bridge connection enables man's functional purpose of Divine communication - Psychic enjoinment, as its original intention! However, that functional integrity, of having direct Psychic - fellowship with God, that functional integrity has been compromised, with astonishing complexity, by: man's wandering away from God's kingdom protocols of "spiritual fellowship rules"; wherein, the abiding in peaceful agreement with such "kingdom - of - God rules", the continued Psychic - fellowship with God remains undiluted / uncompromised / uncontaminated / clear and without distortion! Such contamination / compromise / distortion, of this Psychic - fellowship with God, has entered into man's common experience, because of; man's wandering away from God's "rules of spiritual protocol", which, "rules of spiritual protocol", require man to be, always, in; every state of experience, on; every level of man's growing maturity and development, focused upon: "God serving", while man is maintaining; a God conscience [ the centering of man's conscience upon God ], as; man's highest integrity of premeditated discipline! This “God conscience integrity” is required to be integrated into man's societal development, as: a deliberate construction of society's culture, to the establishing of; each man's “personal - life dedication", unto: God's sovereign "will", and unto; the total liberation of God's living expression, within; each man, privately, and with; all men, corporately!

by: Michael Mitchell