Soul Crucifixion & Transformation ..

Christ Nature Transformation / the Cross of Soul Crucifixion

        The Christ character, of heart Transformation, requires Holy Ghost fellowship – empowerment, and a functional Priesthood of the Christ character, therein; such a Priesthood fulfills a base – line .. continuous .. support of daily intercession. [ Also ], the Christ character, of heart Transformation, requires the reality of the Cross, of personal sacrifice, in: each disciple's .. individual .. experience, of; soul crucifixion.

        The process, of God's promised salvation, “is” the required discipleship process of heart character transformation, from: the automatic birth - default heart character, of self centered evil, to; the Divine nature which is enabled through the death and resurrection of God's Christ, who is Jesus! This transformation work / process, incorporates the endowment capability of the Holy Ghost / the spiritual gifts of Christ, which are supplied [ only ] by the Holy Ghost / a continuing visitation - presence of God, in the Holy Ghost! This enabling grace of God is delivered to / is imparted to / is set into motion for, [ true ] church - Priesthood disciples, by; the preliminary work of intercession - prayer, performed daily, by; a correctly functioning Priesthood, which is a Holy Ghost empowered, and directed, Priesthood of Jesus Christ! And, the attaining of this desired Christ character [ Divine heart nature of Jesus Christ ] enjoins such blessed Priesthood disciples, with; a journey / a daily work of highest dedication / a required process of heart character transformation, which, heart transformation of Christ, requires the pursuing disciples to endure change, in a meaningful departure from the previous ways of lifestyle pursuit / in a required departure from the learned ways of the evil world / in a self disciplined separation from past allegiances, loyalties, affiliations, and relationships, which were developed within the culture of that evil world! This disciples' - of - Christ process, of heart transformation, is a painful walk / a journey of soul crucifixion / a process of the cross, in severe lifestyle change / in a life dedication redirection; whereby, this, disciples' - of - Christ process, is; the way of God's own Christ man, and is; a walk [ with ] the crucified and resurrected man, Jesus Christ, in; the power of the Holy Ghost! This disciples' journey, of painful heart transformation, is; a walk of disciples' crucifixion, to the learned orientations of the evil world, which is; a cross - of - Christ discipline, of accepted salvation terms, which, successful journey, yields, to such “called out” disciples, the desired reward of Christ, of; “eternal life”, through; an attained transformation, of such disciples' heart character!

The Church – Priesthood is Qualified by Soul Crucifixion

        The Holy Priesthood, as a functional society which defines God's “true” church; the Holy Priesthood is established by men's faith, faith which is required, to satisfy the Christ character of holiness; whereby, men's proper faith, church - Priesthood men enter into a course of heart character transformation, by; this faith enjoined process, of; soul crucifixion.

        The Priesthood, of God's creation plan for man, the holy Priesthood - church is a faith - of - man institution, which, faith - of - man, “must” adhere to / “must” be upheld as, a base line church creed, of the Christ character of holiness! This faith - of - man ingredient, of God's holy Priesthood - church, is derived from a trained soul / a disciplined soul / a programmed church soul, which is defined, by the Priesthood creed, as being a soul of crucifixion, which is a crucifixion, of: the self, and is a crucifixion, of; self centered interests, and is a crucifixion of; self serving dedications! The self crucifixion reference, and commitment of church discipleship, is a qualifying factor in disciples' [ true ] practice of faith, in; practicing the Christ character of disciples' holy faith; and thereby, soul crucifixion is [ also ] a required process in attaining transformation, heart - of - man transformation, from; a beginning heart character of self centeredness ( evil ), to; a resulting heart character of the Divine nature ( the Christ character )! The Priesthood society, the [ true ] Priesthood - church culture, is gravity centered around faith, the faith - of - men who are dedicated, to; the Christ character of holiness, in their faith working, and to; the faith - of - men which is [ not ] corrupted / compromised / deceived and enslaved, by; self serving interests and priorities ( true evil )! The [ true ] Priesthood of God is characterized, by: their common enduring of self crucifixion, in; their practicing of holy faith, and by; their having a heart character / Divine nature, of Jesus Christ, as a direct result of; Priesthood - church disciples' pursuing after the salvation process, of; heart character transformation!

The Cross of Jesus Christ / Holy Ghost power / Transformation

        The cross [ crucifixion sacrifice ], of Jesus Christ, is a church reality of discipleship experience, as: a process of heart transformation / a process of Holy Ghost fellowship / a process of Holy Ghost strength, which; cross of Jesus Christ, incorporates the required supply of enabling / supernatural, Holy Ghost, powers.

        The Holy Ghost is God's mechanism, of Divine virtue, who is God, Himself, bestowed, as a gift, upon [ true ] church men, to enable such men, to: ascend to the level of Jesus, the Christ of God! This Holy Ghost mechanism of God / God's creation plan, is “the” provision of God - capability / the supply of Divine powers enforcement, for [ true ] church men, to; walk with Jesus, God's Christ, and for those men to walk according to the way of Jesus Christ, in His purpose of ministry, as; God walks with such men, of the Christ purpose! The Holy Ghost, who is God Himself as the spiritual empowerment for [ true ] church men, the Holy Ghost is the manifestation of the virtue of Jesus, the Christ of God, which, Divine virtue, is superimposed upon men, who are believing church men, and who are men of the cross [ crucifixion sacrifice ], as; an advocacy of their deliberate resolve and highest level of dedicated serving! This cross of Jesus, process of [ all ] church - men's experience, this cross [ crucifixion sacrifice ] requirement, of God, is: the defining factor of qualification, which separates [ true ] church men, from; the world, and from; false religion, and from; false Christian church portrayals of religion! The cross, of Jesus Christ, precisely signifies the [ true ] church, and; implicitly characterizes the walk of all [ true ] believers / followers / dedicated disciples, of Jesus, in; their own cross experience, and in; their collective process of heart nature transformation, whereby, this transformation, to the heart nature of Jesus, God's Christ, is exhibited, by; the commonly known behaviors, and the spiritual examples, of [ true ] church men!

Priesthood Intercession / Prophets / Holy Ghost power / Faith

        Sinful man's salvation, from; the default “death penalty”, of; a sinful heart character; salvation requires a Priesthood work of intercession ( 1 ), and; Prophets' oversight / counsel / spiritual authority, within that Priesthood ministry of intercession ( 2 ), and; Holy Ghost enabling power, supernaturally driving that Priesthood ministry of intercession ( 3 ), and; disciples' faith cooperating, fully, with that Priesthood intercession ( 4 ).

        The Priesthood, of Holy Ghost power and purpose, is integrated with God's other ordinances of Spirit Realm Laws, which include: a structured hierarchy of Priesthood authorities ( 1 ), which, authorities, incorporate, specifically, Prophets, Priesthood - church Prophets, having spiritual Gifts and powers, which, spiritual Gifts and powers, oversee / guide / prepare / correct, [ all ] Priesthood functions, and which, Gifts and powers of church Prophets, especially, liberate and enable Holy Ghost works ( 2 ) of Priesthood intercession! This intercession work, of the holy Priesthood ( 3 ), delivers bound, and imprisoned, men, from; their sins / lifestyles of perpetual transgression / spirit realm motivations towards unholiness; and thereby, this intercession work, of the holy Priesthood, is “the” salvation mechanism, of; God's creation design, of; Holy Ghost purpose and power, and of; the Prophets' Ministry of Priesthood oversight! Man's faith ( 4 ), in disciples' works of precisely directed faith, that working of ( “salvation faith” ) is, still, God's requirement for church disciples, and which, ( “salvation faith” ), is “the” catalyst which puts individual salvation into motion! The salvation, of God's plan for [ true ] church disciples, God's salvation plan requires the complexity of these several factors of Spirit Realm Laws, [ all ] of which, factors / Spirit Realm Laws, “must” work together in converging agreement, whereby; God's salvation plan is precisely attained, and becomes overtly evident, in; the disciples' change, of their individual heart's character!

Church Prophets are Overseers of Disciple heart Transformation

        Prophets, who are expressing holiness of God's “true” church, are holy Prophets / messenger - advocates of God's holiness / watchful overseers of disciples' holiness / vigorous enforcers, of disciples' heart character transformation, which; transformation of Prophets, works according to; the holiness standards of Jesus Christ.

        The standards of Jesus, God's Christ, are the standards, of; men's heart transformation, and thereby, are the standards, for; the [ true ] church, and for; [ true ] Prophets, of that church! The standards of Jesus, God's exclusively appointed Christ, these standards define the holy virtue of God, precisely and implicitly, whereby; the [ true ] church of Jesus is defined / qualified / confirmed, and whereby; the Prophets, of the [ true ] church, are, themselves, defined / qualified / and confirmed! The transformation of [ true ] church men, including the transformation of [ true ] church Prophets, that transformation is required to adhere to the holiness virtue of Jesus, God's Holy Christ; and therein, that, particular, transformation standard, of holiness, separates, and distinguishes, the [ true ] church of God's Christ Jesus, from; false / lying / corrupting / damning, church portrayals, even Christian church representations / claims / arrogant, and self assertive, pronouncements! The Prophets, therein, of [ true ] church holiness, such holy Prophets are guardians, and vigorous advocates, of the holiness standard, of the virtue of God's Christ Jesus; and therein, such Prophets are messenger - articulators, of; that standard, and of; church accuracy, in fulfilling, or failing, that holiness standard! The transformation, of true church men, which is according to that holiness standard, of the virtue of God's Christ Jesus; that transformation of the church is continually measured / weighed / scrutinized / vocally reported on, by; [ true ] Christ Prophets! Deceiving / lying / corrupting / damning, transformation characterizations, which are continually attempting to infiltrate, and subvert, the church / the church behaviors, the church standards of Jesus Christ; such undermining of the church raises an alarm, from; [ true ] church Prophets, eliciting their automatic Prophets' responses, of; harsh corrections / stern warnings / prayers of holy intercession / pronouncements of spiritual powers which bring “just” penalties, upon; resistant church men / upon defiant church leaders / upon self serving church profiteers! Prophets, of Jesus Christ, are God's spiritual enforcers of holiness, in the transformation of church men; and thereby, [ true ] church Prophets wield powers of fierce correction, and the imposing of severe punishment, in; their ministry works of guarding / defending / upholding, God's standard, precisely, and implicitly, in; that church mandate of truly bringing its disciples, and the world, into; God's required process of holy transformation!

by: Michael Mitchell