Spirit Life's .. PRAYER ..

Demons are uprooted by “Word of God” reprogramming

    Demons, ( Spirit Demons ), manifest within [ all ] men, through: men's heart conscience .. “Evil Word” .. programming; consequently, Demons, within men, are uprooted .. [ only ] .. through supplanting that “Evil Word” framing, with; the “Word of God” reprogramming, which; process of reprogramming, is accompanied, automatically, with counterpart / immediately parallel, Angels, of; Christ Jesus.

        Demons are a normal component, of universal Angels covering experience, within; [ all ] present day men, wherewith; this Demons component, of the Angels covering, [ all ] men are empowered / liberated / enabled thoroughly, to; fulfill the thoughts and intents of their evil hearts! Men's thoughts, and men's intentions of the heart, are allowed / permitted / enabled, [ only ] by an Angels covering component, which “must” accommodate, perfectly, the evil character of untransformed men's selfish desires; and, that Angels covering character, upon [ all ] present day men, that universal Angels covering is defined as being dominant with Demons! Demons / spirit powers of evil / unholy Angels, are Divinely limited to / Creation Law liberated by, men's thoughts and heart intentions, which, [ “thoughts, imaginations, intentions” ], are established by men's soul programming, of; family trained lifestyle values and societal expectations, and of; character development rewards with its converse weights and measures of learned punishments, and of; cultural dedications of worship, and of; their life's works, of dedicated purposes and professions! [ All ] of men's soul programming, in the organizing of men's direction of thought and constructs of heart intentions; [ all ] of such soul programming is formed in language, of intellectual reason, as a Word framing methodology! The “Word of God”, as a doctrine principle of Divine Life, is a [ “heart of man” ] program, of; God's sovereign design, and standard, of eternal reference! All men who are [ not ] “Word of God” programmed, are, by automatic default, programmed with [word of man “ ] Demons substitutions / [word of man” ] Demons contrivances of logic / [word of man” ] Demons assumptions and postulations of theory / [word of man” ] Demons glories in self - God hood exaltation and self - worship! This Word concept, of [ “heart of man” ] programming, is man's universal reality, whether that Word programming, of the [ “heart of man” ], is crafted by God, or is crafted by men, who are separated from; God, by their preference for Demons, and who are separated from; God's wisdom of eternal laws, because of their mental entrapment by indwelling Demons, and who are separated from; God's salvation of Divine Life, which, Divine Life, is presented to man / promised to man, without the mitigating sin - penalty of death and eternal damnation, which (sin, Demons, death, damnation” ) man is encumbered with, automatically, and needs to be “saved” from!

Holy Ghost signs are Apostle Gift authored

        Holy Ghost signs, of miracle works, are [ Spirit Life .. evidences ], which confirm God's Priesthood, which; [ Spirit Life .. “confirmations” ] of the Holy Ghost, are Apostle Gift - authored / Apostle ministry - founded, within; the ( true ) Priesthood.

        The [ true ] Priesthood of God is defined by its Spirit Life, in; the evidences of its Spirit Life signs (1), in; the Holiness - virtue quality of that Spirit Life (2), and by; the Holy Ghost powers of church ministry gifts (3), which, church ministry gifts of the Holy Ghost, collectively, reflect a [ true ] Spirit Life of God's Christ Jesus! That Holy Ghost expression, of a [ true ] Christ quality of Spirit Life holiness, that Holy Ghost empowered Spirit Life is, directly, dependent upon the Apostle Gift / the Apostle authority / the Apostle integrity of church doctrine, wherein; the Apostle origin of church authenticity, the [ true ] Priesthood of God is established, and is revealed unto [ other ] men, as; a supernatural witness, of; the Creator - God! The Spirit Life evidence of God, expressed within the [ true ] Priesthood of God, that Spirit Life characterization is birthed within, and through, the experience, of; a [ true ] Apostle of God's selection / an Apostle of Divine appointment / a prepared Apostle of Holy Ghost power / a Divinely called Apostle of Holy Ghost Gift evidences; and therein, God's Apostle is “the” single factor of authentication, which qualifies the origination of a Priesthood, as; being God's legitimate Priesthood, of; proper origin, of; Holy Ghost church powers, of; exclusive confirmation! Spirit Life, of a [ true ] Priesthood of God, is Holy Ghost empowered as a direct result, of; the Apostle Gift of ministry, originating such a Priesthood, authenticating that Priesthood, as being, genuinely, God's Holy Priesthood!

The Apostle “Gift” to the church is a Spirit Life Ministry

        The Apostle “Gift”, “God sent” to the church, is a “Gift” of Spirit Life Ministry, which, Spirit Life Ministry of the Apostle, is followed behind with confirming signs, of; Holy Ghost evidence.

        The church; which belongs, exclusively, to God; that particular church has a characteristic, of consistent Holy Ghost evidence, which, Holy Ghost evidence, qualifies that church as being, uniquely, God's representation! That [ true ] church characteristic, of that consistent Holy Ghost evidence, that unique representation, is God's Spirit Life, which, Spirit Life, is a “Gift” of Divine manifestation, which [ only ] occurs, through; the church foundation ministry / the church foundation “Gift”, of; the church Apostle! The Apostle Ministry / the Apostle “Gift”, to the church, that unique church authority, of the Apostle, sets spirit powers / Holy Ghost evidence, into motion, throughout; God's Realm of Heaven, throughout; God's Kingdom of Holy Angels, whereby; the church is uniquely established, within; that qualifying characteristic, of; God's own Holiness, in; Spirit Life! God's Spirit Life; God's quality of holiness empowerment in His expression of Spirit Life / / God's empowerment of man's righteousness, as a Spirit Life reality of His [ true ] Church; that, particular, evidence of God “cannot” be attained, artificially or superficially or simplistically, by religious men; but, that evidence of God is attained [ only ] by the unique virtue of a Divine “Gift”, which God bestows, exclusively, upon His selected Apostle! God's Apostle is God's, uniquely particular, “Gift” to the church, which, “Gift” of the Apostle, “cannot” be left absent from the church hierarchy of true leadership, without the church having a severe consequence of obvious experience / a perfectly balanced penalty of overtly dominant evidence, which, (consequence and evidence” ), is the corresponding absence, of; God's [ true ] Spirit Life, from; the church understanding and expression!

The Christ character, of Jesus, defines the Church as Holy

        The Christ of God, who is Jesus of Nazareth, is: God's “sent” Messenger / Son / Heir of heaven and earth, who is, also, God's nature – standard, of; the Divine Life heart character, which; Divine Life .. Christ standard, qualifies / constrains / guides, the church, and the church character, as: God's Holy Priesthood.

        The Christ of God, who is the Biblical Jesus, God's Christ is; “the” Priesthood author of highest authority, and God's Christ is; the High Priest authenticator of God's [ true ], exclusive, Priesthood, which, [ true ] Priesthood, is the church / the Christian church / the New Testament church! God's Priesthood, the [ true ] Priesthood of the Christ, that Priesthood, explicitly, reflects / portrays / exhibits openly, the character - standard of Jesus Christ; and therein; the Priesthood - Christian church has God's automatic mandate, of highest expectations, to; uphold / abide in / reflect perfectly, the standard of the Christ character, and to, thereby; express the will of God, within that church character, of; the Christ virtue! The Priesthood - Christian church is intended, by God, therefore; to accomplish, perpetually without end, the mission - work of God's Christ, within; the character of the Christ virtue, after the same order of God's Christ, who is Jesus of the Holy Bible! This mission - work of Jesus Christ, God's Holy Christ; this work - mandate, which is to be upheld by the Priesthood - Christian church, this work - mandate is, to: serve God, the Heavenly Father, exclusively, and therein, to; pray in holy intercession, as a perpetual labor of Spirit Law enforcement, within; the holy character of God, which is the virtue of Jesus Christ, and to thereby; invoke / impart / transfer, the same heart character / the literal Divine nature / the same holy virtue, of Jesus Christ, unto; the hearts of other men, sinful men / evil conscienced men / unsaved men, and thereby, to; save such predestined men, from; their previously established heart characters of evil!

The “Word of God” is the Church Pattern of Jesus Christ

        The “Word of God”, within men of the Christian church community, is: expressively revealed through the testimony / example / standard, of Jesus Christ, and; with the behavior of works of Jesus Christ, which; works, are purposely confirmed within men's heart character, by; church men's transformation.

        The [ true ] Church / Christian church society, is authored and perpetually governed, by: Jesus Christ through; the “Word of God” training / heart character transformation, of [ true ] church men! Men; of the [ true ] church / the Christian church society representation of God; these such men are “Word of God” trained / “Word of God” discipled / “Word of God” fed / “Word of God” nurtured / “Word of God” changed by heart nature transformation; and therein; the church purpose / the [ true ] church functionality / the consistent church mandate of God's [ true ] authority / the required church character of motivation, is contained, entirely, within; the “Word of God” qualification, and precise identity! Jesus, God's Christ from the beginning of creation, Jesus [ is ] God's exact portrayal of, and literal manifestation, of; a perfect “Word of God” man / a perfect “Spirit of Heaven” man / a “perfect church” man, who, this Jesus Christ, is the express image of God, as; God is merged into a tabernacle - body of man's flesh! Jesus, God's perfect “Word of God” form within man's flesh, Jesus Christ is “the” perpetual Spirit of Life, and fulfilled promise of “eternal life”, within; [ all ] church men, who are so discipled / governed / nurtured, with; “Word of God” programming!

by: Michael Mitchell