Witchcraft Rule & Doctrine ..

Satanic rituals, of Witchcraft, rule over Angels & Demons

            Satanic rituals, Satanic practices of Witchcraft, intend / deliberately seek to rule over the realm of Angels and Demons; thereby, trespassing / usurping God's authority / inserting an Antichrist power of Evil Angels, over; the universal realm of men.

            The condition of man, by God's creation plan of spiritual laws, that condition of man incorporates the absolute integration of Angels with man / an Angels covering within man / an Angels, or Demons, counterpart reality which enables all of the sentient and biological and spirit realm, functionality, of man! This Angels covering, as a universal integration within [ all ] of God's created men, this Angels covering integration is dynamic, and is not static, wherein; the character of the Angels covering can change / flex / fade into weakness / surge with renewed invigoration, according to; the Priesthood work of daily intercessions! And, that Angels covering character, in; its motivating, or in; its restraining of motivations, of men's heart nature persuasions; that Angels covering character is framed / molded / constructed / dismantled and rebuilt, to therein; change men's behaviors, and men's decisions, and men's lifestyles, and men's professions of work dedication, and men's relationships, and men's affiliations, throughout; entire communities, family tribes, states of governance, or nations! This Angels covering, universal integration within man, is the key of establishing a holy character domination, over; [ all ] of God's created men; whereby, a correct, holy, Priesthood, may construct / reinvigorate / restore from damage, God's character of holiness, within men, of the Priesthood, and [ also ] within men, of the subordinated society! And, this Angels covering, universal integration with man, is the key of unholy character intrusion, for; a witchcraft plan of insurgency; whereby, a false Priesthood intercession, of Angels covering trespass, may change men, the behaviors of men, the heart nature persuasion of men, the decisions and relationships and affiliations of men, [ also ] on a macro population scale, even globally, toward an unholy character, both within; the Priesthood dynamic of the church community, and also within; the subordinated society! Such a plan / conspiracy / strategy, of Angels covering interference / re - creation, such a devious plan, is; Satanic in its nature, and is; utilizing witchcraft, as; its methodology of application!

Dual life - philosophy [ Doctrine] & heart nature conversion

        The Christian process and requirement, of heart nature conversion, requires disciples to learn / adopt / willfully embrace, a Christian lifestyle pattern, and; a Christian philosophy of doctrine, of: the Christ character, therein; becoming the ( house / living tabernacle ) for the inborn heart nature, of; Jesus Christ.

        The work of becoming a Christian is the work which is dedicated toward becoming Christlike, as a converted heart nature within the man! Becoming a Christian is, therefore, requiring the practice of adopting a Christian philosophy of life, in totality and in wholeness, of that Christian philosophy, wherein, that disciple applies "self directed" learning and "self disciplined" surrender and "self invoking" sacrifice; whereby, all other philosophies of life, of previously learned orientation and acceptance, those, such, philosophies of life are consciously / deliberately / premeditatedly, offered up to be replaced, and to be purged out of the conscious and subconscious functionality of the Christian disciple! This complete sacrifice, of the heart's previously established order of philosophy, is required, so that, the "new" Christian philosophy, the philosophy of the man - God [ Jesus of Nazareth ], becomes dominant within the Christian disciple's heart / order of life's direction, and, without that Christian [ Christ man ] philosophy of life being hindered, in its intended work, by a constant, day-by-day, mental debate and argumentative challenge, or by a heart posturing of obstruction, or by a contrariness of emotional strife, coming out of the heart attitudes of the Christian disciple! Accepting the Christian [ Christ man ] philosophy of life is the accepting of philosophical change; and, this character, of absolute reconstruction of the Christian disciple's heart philosophy of life, is not to be confused with the subversive / self deceiving, practice of adding a new philosophical element / a slightly different facet of philosophy / a spicy philosophical ingredient into the matrix of the Christian disciple's pre-existing heart nature - construction of philosophy, thereby, rendering the Christian [ Christ man ] philosophy to be no more valuable than being a philosophical additive, or an enhancement! Becoming Christian is a work / process / walk, of accepting, in totality and in wholeness, the Christian [ Christ man ] philosophy of life; whereby, the previously existing, and functioning, philosophy of life, within the Christian disciple, must by replaced, in its entirety, by the exclusive / singular, Christian philosophy of life! Two philosophies of life, coexisting within the same heart of a Christian disciple, two philosophies of equal merit, simultaneously practiced with dual remembrance of equal weights, of adjudged importance and lifestyle activation; that premise of functioning, properly, in two simultaneous philosophies; that premise does "not" work, is "never" successful, in; accomplishing the "Christ" intent of Divine life, within; the Christian disciple! Those advocates; of a dual philosophy of life, incorporating their previous philosophy of the world's order / perspective / training / reinforcement / philosophy, of life, into a coexisting equality with the Christian [ Christ man ] philosophy of life; those such advocates, to such a dual philosophy of life; those advocates fail, always, in their intent, of obtaining the Christian benefit of Divine Life! And, in this miserable failure, those such disciples continue experiencing the cursing powers, and the judgment consequences, of; the world's death, having "not" escaped, from; the heart's bondage, of the world's philosophy of life!

Jesus, God's Christ, Author / Way / Life to: Priesthood – Church

        Jesus, the Christ man of God, Jesus Christ is: God's author / foundation / finishing power, who; provides [ the ] Living Way / [ the ] Holy Truth / [ the ] Divine Life, within; the Priesthood – church.

        Jesus Christ, the Divinely birthed man from Nazareth, this God spirit - God soul - and God character, that abides within the one man's flesh, who is Jesus Christ; this Jesus is God's appointed source of creation purpose / holy functionality / eternal truth / Divine Life, for; the Priesthood - church, and for; its order of ministry! The Priesthood - work of ministry, is: the functional reason of purpose, for; the church; and, the Priesthood - society of ministry, is; a functional caste of men ( the church ), which engages God's salvation power, which, salvation reality, that occurs [ only ] within Divine power, such salvation reality is accomplished [ only ], by; the [ blood sacraments ]! [ Blood sacraments ] minister the sacrificed blood, of; the Christ man, Jesus; consequently, the Christ man, Jesus, is the source of the sacrificed blood, for; the fulfilling of Priesthood ( the church ) [ blood sacraments ]! And, the Christ man, Jesus, is [ also ] the High Priest, having eternal authority over [ all ] of the Priesthood functionality / salvation purpose / order of ( the church ) ministry! The Priesthood [ blood sacraments ] belong to the sovereign rule / ownership, of Jesus, the Son of God, who is [ also ] the Son of man!

A Priesthood of Witchcraft Rules the False Christian church

        A Priesthood of Satanic covens, manipulating invisible Angels and Demons through Witchcraft; such a Satanic Priesthood shall rule over / subversively control, the macro community, [ of ]: the false Christian church institution, [ and ]; the mainstream society, [ in ]; its construct of traditions and standards of reference.

        The Priesthood function, by grace of God's creation design, that Priesthood function ministers the blood of sacrifice, whether those [ “blood sacraments” ] are ministered by a Christian church Priesthood or whether those [ “blood sacraments” ] are ministered by a witchcraft Priesthood, through; Satanic covens! The Priesthood ministry work is a [ “blood sacraments” ] functionality, which requires the incorporation of spirit powers, whether; those spirit powers are holy Angels of the [ true ] Christian church nature, or whether; those spirit powers are corrupting Demons of the Satanic nature, of evil and witchcraft, or whether; those spirit powers are corrupting Demons of many “false religions”, or whether; those spirit powers are corrupting Demons of “false Christian church religions”! The blood of sacrifice ( holy or unholy ) / ( Christian or Satanic in Witchcraft ), that sacrifice is ministered by a Priesthood which has spirit powers [ Angels or Demons ], regardless of: the heart character of such a Priesthood institution, and regardless of; the allegiance of such a Priesthood ministry, whether that allegiance is toward or against God, or is toward or against the [ true ] Christian purpose and order! The spirit powers, which are wielded by a Priesthood ministry, are [ not ] limited to a holy purpose / a holy order of a [ true ] Christian church ministry; consequently, spirit powers, of either holy or unholy purpose and order, spirit powers are; effectual, and are; impacting unsuspecting men's souls!

Witchcraft Demons in the church are seen via Angels of Christ

        Witchcraft dominance, of the church society, is: reflected / revealed / exposed through the ministry of holy Angels, of; God's Christ. Such Witchcraft control, over the church culture, is expressed by / through Satanic Demons, [ of ]; the Antichrist character.

        Witchcraft powers, being deliberately crafted and worked, by: Satanic covens; Witchcraft powers dominate the undiscerning church and the construction of the Christian church culture [ the whole of the worldwide Christian church community ], of; [ a false Christ religion plan ], through; that Witchcraft manipulating of the Spirit realm, of [ Angels and Demons ]! The church universe / the Christian church domain of spiritual affectations, has been surrendered over to the Satanic polarity opposite, of; radical Witchcraft extremes, as; the direct consequence, of; Christian church incompetence / Christian church abdication of spiritual laws integrity / Christian church culture failure; and thereby, the Satanic culture of Witchcraft, now, rules, without any competent church challenge, the Spirit Realm of [ Angels and Demons ], whereby; those [ Angels and Demons of Witchcraft control ], the whole of society is, presently now, bound and imprisoned! The exclusive Christ character of holy Angels, functioning within the Christian church domain of Spirit Realm powers, that Christ character of the Angels, which God has intended to function within church men, has been, historically and universally, contaminated / corrupted / undermined / and supplanted, by: the intruding will of active, and intensively determined, Satanic covens, through; their invisible domination, by; Witchcraft powers!

by: Michael Mitchell