Evil Spirits of .. FAITH ..

The Holy Priesthood constrains Demons and installs Holy Angels

        Man's faith, when controlled / disciplined / programmed, by a Holy Priesthood; such Holy Priesthood - faith is a church character of power, that; constrains Demons, and that; installs / engages Holy Angels.

        Angels of God's benevolent grace / Holy Angels / Holy Ghost qualified Angels, as: a covering upon man; Angels are God's Priesthood implement of enforced salvation, for; men, for; the evil heart character, of previously unsaved men! This Angels dynamic, of God's salvation for man; this Holy Angels factor supersedes, and supplants, evil Angels ( Demons / evil spirit powers ) which, previously, dominated men's heart character, and which, previously, ruled over the continued proliferation, of; those fallen men's evil heart character! The Holy Angels covering, which is Priesthood installed within / Priesthood imposed upon / Priesthood imparted unto, evil men, that Holy Angels covering is a manifested result of men's Priesthood faith, men's practicing of holy Priesthood faith, by; church men's devoted constraint, of their faith works, unto; a Godly discipline of faith - Angels holiness, as; the [ only ] acceptable standard, for; God's created man! The church - priesthood [ is ] the standard bearer of Godliness / Holiness / faith - Angels discipline, unto; the Christ nature; and therein, the church - priesthood is required, by God's eternal mandate of spiritual appointment, to; uphold God's standard of righteous faith working, unto; the construction of a Holy Angels covering, which, constructed Holy Angels covering, is transferred to / imparted to, the subordinated society of men, therein; saving the macro - society of men, from; the corrupted Angels covering, of Demons / evil spirit powers, which, otherwise, rules over such unprotected men!

Church Evil, Evil Spirits, come through Works of Men's Faith

        Church structuring of faith, toward: men's accomplishment of evil works; such church structures, of faith works, have opened Spirit realm doorways, for; invisible powers to enforce those evil works.

        The faith of men drives / unleashes / sets into motion, spirit powers, whether those spirit powers are Holy Spirit powers or unholy / evil spirit powers; and, such faith working of men, engaging, automatically, spirit powers, that faith is framed / molded / patterned, first of all, by; the Church institution - culture! The Church institution - culture; which establishes man's faith within a standard of evil, thereby; unleashing evil spirit powers into the whole of a subordinated society; that evil Church institution - culture sets into motion the curse, upon; men's corrupted souls, at; every level of men's society! For the Church to be renewed / restored / salvaged from darkness, from; within a corrupted order of society, and toward; the holy standard of Jesus Christ's perfect faith; for that recovery of the Church to occur, a renaissance of faith is required, by; a new message / a new ministry / a new Church culture introduction; wherein, such a new Church culture, the Church faith standard [ must ] be defined / articulated, along with; spirit power evidence, Holy Spirit evidence, of; holy power! This holy power ( Holy Spirit evidence ) is “the” only reference of validation, which, holy power, confirms the higher faith standard as being the faith of Jesus Christ; and therein, this holy power ( Holy Spirit evidence ) is required as “the” [ only ] mechanism which upholds the messengers, who bear witness of this higher faith standard, for; saving a true Church remnant, out of; the previously established, corrupted, Church culture!

The “Tree of Knowledge” & the Evil Angels covering, Enable Evil

        Men's dynamic of experience, in self rule, is Divinely enabled / permitted / accommodated, by: such men's practicing of “Tree of Knowledge” principles, and by; God's supply of an evil Angels covering, which; evil Angels covering, merges into men's blood.

        Men's living reality incorporates an Angels covering, which Angels covering, accommodates, perfectly and precisely, men's character persuasion of deliberate assertion, which, persuasion of men's asserted character, is either evil or holy! That evil character persuasion, of men's assertion toward evil, that evil character persuasion will, automatically, be empowered, by; God's sovereign permission, with; a corresponding evil Angels covering, of; evil works / evil attitudes reinforcement / evil meditations and conspiracies / evil collaborations with other such minded men! The evil character Angels covering is, directly, attributed, to: men's evil decision making / men's weights of evil priorities assessment / men's practicing of Tree of Knowledge evil, whereby; men determine their own evil heart character, in; the evil direction of men's deliberate selection! This Angels covering dynamic, of men's selected evil, with men's Tree of Knowledge reinforcement, this Angels covering dynamic, then, merges into men's blood, and therein, within; the blood of men, the Angels covering is accessed / drawn from / reinforced and strengthened by; men's souls. Such a blood access, for; the merging of men's souls with the Angels covering ( evil or holy ); such a blood access allows men, to; impact, and to; direct, the persuasion of that Angels covering, by; the mental posturing of men's souls, and by; the assertion of willful decisions of men's deliberate resolve! The blood is where the souls of men interact with the Angels covering; and, the blood is the carrier of men's character persuasion, whether that character persuasion would be evil or holy! The evil character persuasion abides within the evil decisions of men, in; men's appointing of weightiness ( heavy or light weightiness ) in men's evil priorities assessments, according to; men's Tree of Knowledge assertiveness! And, that evil character persuasion is “blood - of - man” merged / recorded / expressively fulfilled, by; the evil Angels covering, which abides within the blood, of; evil intentioned, Tree of Knowledge ruled, men!

Tree of Life” Faith / Doctrine / Blood Mediation

        The [ Tree of Life ] character, of holy faith, is defined / qualified / regulated, implicitly, by: precise doctrine precepts ( decision map laws ); and, that [ Tree of Life .. faith ] is set unto its works of power enforcement, through; blood mediation prayers of intercession, which; [ Tree of Life .. faith works of intercession ], install, within men's hearts, a holy Angels covering.

        Men's faith, which is constructed, within: the doctrine of Jesus Christ, that faith will work, according to; the [ Tree of Life ] character of ( “spiritual laws” ) / ( “Divine truth” ) / ( “Priesthood labors of blood mediation” ); and, that faith will engage / set into motion God's Holy Angels, whereby; God's Holy Angels, men's soul salvation is secured, unto; a certain, and eternal, conclusion! Men's dependability upon God's Holy Angels, for; men's soul salvation, as; the literal power which implements, and sustains, God's promise of eternal life; that dependability upon God's Holy Angels requires [ Tree of Life ] adherence to / [ Tree of Life ] methodologies of / a [ Tree of Life ] heart nature of, faith, true - holy - faith, faith which is defined by / constrained to, the doctrine formulation of Jesus Christ! The doctrine of Jesus Christ, is, summarily, expressive of the [ Tree of Life ] heart character of ( “spiritual laws” ) / ( “Divine truth” ) / ( “Priesthood labors of blood mediation” ), through; men's works of Holy faith; wherein, Holy Angels are liberated, exaggeratedly, to the conclusive saving of men's souls; and therein, that perfect doctrine of Jesus Christ, men enter into, and perpetually reinvigorate, [ Tree of Life ] salvation! The doctrine of men's holy faith, as: the [ Tree of Life ] ( “powers of activation” ); such holy doctrine, which directs men's works of holy faith; that doctrine, of Jesus Christ, is; the [ Tree of Life ] gift unto men! This gift, of the doctrine of Jesus Christ; this doctrine gift is men's way of soul salvation, which, way of salvation, is worked by men's faith, as; that faith is worked according to the Divine - [ Tree of Life ] pattern, of; eternal life!

God's Kingdom is a Doctrine Realm of: Men / Angels / Demons

        God's Kingdom is a spirit realm comprised of: men with Angels, and; men under judgment of Demons; which, kingdom, is controlled, perfectly, [ by ]; God's sovereign Doctrine ( spiritual laws regulating man's life plan decisions ), which; Kingdom Doctrine, is; obeyed / enforced / activated, ( or ) which; Kingdom Doctrine, is; dismissed / neglected / defied, [ by ]; men's proactive faith.

        Faith of men, which drives Angels / Demons powers of manifestations, faith of men is controlled by / constrained unto / liberated by, men's construction of Doctrine [ personal doctrine, political doctrine, lifestyle doctrine, worship doctrine, economics doctrine, relationship doctrine, morality doctrine, heart character doctrine ]! Men's assimilation of personal doctrine, unto: all issues and categories of lifestyle decision making; that developed arranging of doctrine sets the framework / pattern / mold, for; men's faith; and thereby, men's doctrine determines the Angels / Demons powers, that are set into motion, by; men's faith working! Men's faith is formed into a pattern of Angels / Demons powers, according to: the doctrine ( lifestyle decision making formula ) which men construct, within; their minds and hearts! This is a spiritual law of eternal consequence, which men “cannot” circumvent, nor escape from! Men's souls are corrupted, by: their own faith works from an evil doctrine pattern, unto; an eternal consequence of God's wrathful damnation; or, men's souls are sanctified, unto; true holiness ( God's true salvation ), according to; men's working of holy faith, which is set into motion, by; a pattern of holy doctrine formulation, unto; a permanent eternity of Divine Life! In either consequence, of men's eternal stature, men's faith works the eternal consequence; and, in either consequence, men's faith is molded, by; men's construction of doctrine!

by: Michael Mitchell