FILE THREE .. Evil Beast Kingdom

    The Blood of Life is God's Creation mechanism; whereby, the Spirits of Heaven are merged into the Earthy Universe; therein, all of Heaven's potential and power is manifest within the Blood. It is .. therefore .. the Blood that requires attention, careful inspection, and management, as [ THE ] concentric study by the Human Creature. The Human Creature epiphany, then, to understanding this strange and wondrous reality of Creation, has opened up a ~ BATTLE GROUND ~ for Human Creature control, in designing strategies for manipulating the Earthy realm unto Spirit domination.

    Blood, particularly of the Human Creature, is the mechanism wherein all of the Sentient Spirits of Heaven can be categorized and assembled purposely by their distinctions, arranged according to functional application, and equated to measurements of cause with their effectuations. The Blood is the concentric substance that houses all of these wondrous abilities of Spirit Sentience; wherein, a purposed Strata of designated Human Creatures is .. DIVINELY .. endowed with appropriate discernment capabilities, to carry out ~ Mandated Protocols ~ of Blood discernment management. Priests of Blood discernment are appointed to conduct necessary works, to sustain a benevolent condition of mental / spiritual / physical well being of the Human Creature.

    Unholy Spirits, trafficking freely within the Blood of the Human Creature, are summoned and broadcast by the Human Creature that is « Self Indulgent ~ Serving », .. as a most natural and fundamental interest of a fleshly centered “Life”, .. and as a Mind Set of philosophical advocacy. Unholy Spirits rally, automatically, to such Human Creatures, to indwell the Blood as their rightful habitation, and there within; to speak their words – thoughts – urges – compellings toward guiding the Human Creature unto a “Life Time” of Unholy collaboration & assemblage within others.

    The Human Creature has inherited Unholy Spirits and Unholy “Living” as the universal standard of Earthy existence; therein, the Human Creature [ IS ] indwelt with Unholy words – thoughts – urges – and compellings that have been presumed to reflect the natural state of the Human Creature's « Self Identity », missing entirely the reality of Satan's dwelling within. The Blood of the Human Creature, being contaminated universally with Spirits of Invisible purpose; the Blood linkage remains a mystery, even evading “Religious” men's contemporary contemplations by this misdirection - tactic of Satan. Therein, the Blood component, of Earth – Heaven merging, has been lost from the understanding of the Christian psyche, being comprehended and exploited to advantage only by the Unholy Secret Society.

    The Secret Society, having obscured itself within the Human Creature community, has filled a void of Priesthood Intercession; wherein, such Secret Society has become a « KEY » component in the universal equation of Earth – Heaven merging, bringing Unholy Spirits of Heaven into dominant influence of the Human Creature, through the Blood medium. The Blood of “Life”, the Creation mechanism for Heaven's Spirits to abide in and dwell, is the ( “Centermost” ) concentration of Secret Society disciplines, in its Unholy study and careful management.

    The Secret Society has successfully dominated the Human Creature's “Life” reality, inserting Unholy Spirits into the opened doorway of Earthy Blood, and; subverting the words – thoughts – urges – and compellings of “Life”. The Secret Society now dominates the universal condition of the Human Creature, without exposing itself, of its < Secret Society Cult > membership, who are .. ALL .. trained in Blood discernment protocols, to uphold an Unholy perpetuation of mental / spiritual / physical “Cursing” of the Human Creature.

    Witchcraft, within the reality of the Human Creature, is .. NOT .. felt / sensed / observed, except only in the community experience; wherein, Unholy behaviors are clear indicators of Witchcraft influences. However, the Human Creature is so normalized to Unholy behaviors, in words – thoughts – urges – and compellings of “Life”, that the Witchcraft “Driver” from the Secret Society is entirely obscured, and certainly mysterious. The Blood of “Life” merging, of Earth and Heaven, is never suspected of contamination with Unholy Spirits; for, the Blood Management Priesthood has been hijacked by the Secret Society and their Witchcraft, being entirely lost as a benevolent empowerment of Holy Virtue.

    The Human Creature condition, having become entirely normalized to Witchcraft, is now a playground for Unholy Spirits and the perpetual trespass of the Secret Society; wherein, the Human Creature .. unknowingly .. obeys its Witchcraft ~ programmed motivations toward resisting God .. the CREATOR .., even persecuting other Human Creatures that advocate purging out the Unholy Spirits of Blood contamination. Witchcraft has been so cartooned, in “lovable” fiction, that the contemporary church community passes-by this issue without somber consideration. The working of the Secret Society, clearly observable in Witchcraft evidence, remains unresisted; and, the Blood linkage, to Earth – Heaven merging, remains too high of a Priesthood conscience for the Human Creature to climb to.

    The Evil Beast Kingdom reality is perfectly overlapping the common reality of the contemporary culture; wherein, the Evil Beast Kingdom .. perfectly .. aligns with .. the spiritual preparation, .. the psychological orientation, .. the normal commonality of all Human Creatures. Witchcraft, from the Secret Society, has .. perfectly .. adapted the Human Creature community to flow, seamlessly, into the newest trend of the Evil Beast Kingdom; so that, the Unholy feel, of previous Secret Society ~ Witchcraft working, matches the Unholy feel of the Evil Beast Kingdom to be experienced, without triggering alarm ~ senses from the Human Creature.

    The Evil Beast Kingdom believes that the Human Creature is God's center of “Creation Purpose”, and that; God's “Creation Gift” to His Human Creature is God's Son, the Christ. The “Engine” that drives Unholy ~ SUPERNATURAL ~ powers / and abilities is the Human Creature's own .. Psychic Energy .. « FAITH » that is centered upon ( Fleshly Realm Indulgences ). This Witchcraft model, a Secret Society « Doctrine » behind the Evil Beast kingdom, emulates God's “Creation Gift” of Human Creature .. DIVINE LIFE .. . This counterfeit sleight of hand, by the Secret Society, has baffled the Evil Beast kingdom into believing that the Son of God, through their Witchcraft, has come to fulfill the Evil Beast Kingdom of Unholy ( Fleshly Realm Indulgences ).

    The Church adaptation to the Evil Beast Kingdom is simplistically obtained; for, the Church began as a “Calling Out” by the .. CREATION FATHER .., to bring His predestined Human Creatures to His Son, the Christ Jesus. By the .. CREATION FATHER'S .. “Calling Voice”, such a Human Creature Church began to follow the ~ WAY ~ to the Son, and; to study the “Call”. The Human Creature's interpretation, of the “Calling Voice”, has always been filtered through a lens of Secret Society « Doctrine »; wherein, the Church has been pre-set to expect ( Fleshly Realm Indulgences ) as their expectation from “Life”. The .. “Real” .. « Doctrine » of Christ has been warped to fit the Human Creature's pre-set Witchcraft programming; and, this abomination to God has provoked God's responding Judgment, to punish the Human Creature Church, by releasing the Church into the hands of Witchcraft, permitting it to naturally exercise the Evil Beast Kingdom powers of that of Secret Society « Doctrine ».

    The Church is now an expression of the Secret Society « Doctrine »; wherein, the “Calling Out Voice” of God is being withdrawn by God, the .. CREATION FATHER .., leaving the Church defaulted to the unchallenged Witchcraft influence that produces the Evil Beast Kingdom. The Church rejection of the ~ WAY ~ of God's Son, the Christ Jesus, in its perverse ideology preference toward insisting upon ( Fleshly Realm Indulgences ), now becomes evident in the Church “drifting away” from God and HIS Son .. in total. The defaulted Secret Society « Doctrine », of Witchcraft, inherits the vast Church Institution, without any further battles over the Church “Soul”, therein; concluding the Church in the Evil Beast Kingdom.

    The Apocalypse of John, now, unfolds, disclosing this separation of Church types; wherein, the Evil Beast kingdom comes from Contemporary Church Labels, of historical familiarity; and wherein, the newest Apocalypse Church type becomes awakened to hidden truths, to therein deny the Evil Beast Kingdom obsession over ( Fleshly Realm Indulgences ). This newest Apocalypse Church Institution becomes braced against the Evil Beast kingdom of the same Apocalypse, to therein overcome Witchcraft powers, even passing God's Judgment ~ Enabling along to Witchcraft Empowerment, to execute God's Judgment / Punishment upon the Human Creature, for having rejected the ~ WAY ~ of God's Son, the Christ Jesus.

    The Apocalypse, foretold by John, comes into fruition of maturing the Christian Church, to perfect the real Church in the « Covenant » of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. . This Apocalypse of John cleanses the Church of its .. many .. transgressions, of variant Religious Philosophies .. Mythologies .. and Pagan blendings with Christianity; wherein, the Evil Beast Kingdom appearance reveals the horrid conclusion of fruit born of such chronic Religious Philosophies .. Mythologies .. and Pagan blendings. The Evil Beast Kingdom, in its reliance upon Witchcraft powers to war against God's true Church of the Apocalypse; this Evil Beast Kingdom, of Witchcraft, portrays its Apostasy in the unfolding Apocalypse, displaying its “Grand Glory” of past Church Traditions.

    Religious variance has come to define Godly Truth, by contemporary viewpoints of “Unclean” .. “Unrepentant” .. “Untransformed” .. Human Creatures; wherein, the Occult Church now represents mainstream Religion as .. DIVINELY RIGHT .. Truth. It appears .. NOW .. that Religiously diversifying of Godly Truth has become the standardized platform of Church, reversing .. actually .. the viewpoint reference of Occult Religion. Now, the Occult ~ Religion label has culturally displaced Godly Truth in the dominant cultural Order. The Apocalypse, of John's Revelation, heavily portrays an iconically Occult Church, which overtakes the Christian Community en masse, taking the form of the Evil Beast Kingdom and practicing wholesale Witchcraft. This Occult Church spectacle will frighten, to the core, those who have .. NOT .. been so Evil ~ transformed of the Apocalypse, but whose “Calling” requires them to withstand the Evil Beast Kingdom of Witchcraft persecutions, and overcome the Occult Church community of alarmingly dominant numbers.

    The Occult Church Community, pre – Apocalypse of John, is postured already with arrogant defensiveness, to argue against .. DIVINELY RIGHT .. Truth, whenever; Holy Ghost Spirituality rises up to claim its throne of True Holiness & Righteousness. The Occult Church of Witchcraft, shrouded within a “universal” Church commonality of the Evil Beast kingdom, already stands firmly against the Apocalypse Church of .. DIVINELY RIGHT .. Truth, to prove its own legitimacy of .. DIVINE SELECTION RIGHTNESS .., by its future Occult virtue of Bullying Coercion and Witchcraft Murders. The Evil Beast Kingdom becomes “Self Assuring” by its Occult domination of the .. DIVINELY RIGHT .. Church of the Apocalypse; wherein the Occult methods of « FAITH WORKING » show the [( WILL )] of the “Unclean” .. “Unrepentant” .. “Untransformed” .. Church Society.

by: Michael Mitchell