FILE THREE .. Mystery Church

    The Word of God is .. implicitly / singly .. the « CORE » purpose of the written Bible, costing a prolonged suffrage of the Human Creature, until the .. DIVINE .. equation of < soul > “Salvation” would be satisfied; wherein, the written Bible .. Word of God .. has attained its original intent.

    The Word of God .. CANNOT .. be replaced, nor supplanted with vast variations of Worldly philosophies, nor manipulated with “Fallen Man's” Imaginary Interpretations, and still remain “Glorified” to this .. DIVINE .. uniqueness of .. Word of God .. exactness; wherein, alternative religions are .. universally .. disqualified as counterfeits, which; cannot be equally valid to accomplish < soul > “Salvation”, as the written Bible .. Word of God .. .

    The Covenant, between God and His predestined Human Creature, is uniquely offered to appointed men by God, and; is .. NOT .. devised by “Fallen Men”, according to the Human Creature's vast variations of Worldly philosophies, and Imaginary Interpretations of the written Bible .. Word of God. God's Covenant offering, unto < soul > “Salvation”, is entirely constrictive to an exact equation of .. Word of God .. design and construction, and; is .. NOT .. accepting of any variation of Covenant substitutions, nor even small .. Word of God .. discrepancies.

    The Covenant methodology of God incorporates an implicit partnership, between God and HIS Covenant believer, which involves God .. HIMSELF .. as the exclusive agent of enforcement, who, as the dominant partner, guarantees the result of the Covenant, by HIS providing the Word of God supply, to empower the Covenant results. The Word of God, as the Covenant methodology, is constrictive to the exact Covenant offering; wherein, Covenant believers are required to accept / have faith in / trust as inviolable truth that the promised Covenant result is genuine and obtainable, through the Covenant partner, God .. HIMSELF.

    The Spirit of God is activated by the Word of God, specifically, which Spirit is the enforcer of Covenant < soul > “Salvation” processes. An exactness of Word of God precision is the .. DIVINE TEMPLATE .. that implicitly enables the Spirit of God to follow through with the remaining work of progressing the < soul > “Salvation” Covenant plan.

    Covenant < soul > “Salvation” is .. DIVINELY MANAGED .., requiring God < HIMSELF >, in the Spirit, to be involved with each, individual, believer. God, however, regulates this laboring process to be triggered by His template of the Word of God, limiting, severely, all Covenant < soul > “Salvation”; therein, all variations of individual interpretation / translation / exploration of the Word of God, Worldly conceived and fancifully believed, to obtain .. NO .. benefit of Spirit helps.

    The Kingdom of God is entirely Word of God structured and Spirit of God empowered; wherein, the Covenant is discovered as an experienced reality. The Kingdom of God is .. THE .. destination of the New Covenant; wherein, the Revelation Church is revealed in Spirit power of the Word of God Apocalypse.

    The Kingdom of God is a manifestation of the Spirit, in .. DIVINE .. evidence of confirming signs, specifically showing Word of God miraculous demonstration, as its Covenant objective. Without such miraculous demonstration, the Kingdom of God remains unfulfilled, and dormant; wherein, the Word of God is still not experienced; and wherein, the New Covenant is still a vague concept to obtain.

    The Angels realm .. IS .. distinctively the Kingdom of God paradigm of Church experience .. understanding .. and discipleship learning; wherein, the Angels .. ARE .. the evident manifestation of Word of God triggering and Spirit of God confirmation. The Angels are the “power tools” of Jesus Christ, in continual abiding of the Kingdom of God, as a Covenant promise and Covenant reward, for believers of a Spirit Salvation to look to, in Word of God .. Right Spirit .. adherence.

    The Angels of Jesus Christ bring, to each Word of God believer, their individual gifts of Kingdom of God contribution, their gifts linking to other Word of God believers’ gifts, to produce the collective Covenant signs of Kingdom of God evidence. The Word of God Covenant is completely immersed into an interactive dependency upon Angels of God’s Heaven; whereby, Word of God believers are Spirit enshrouded .. Spirit glorified .. Angels empowered .. as Fleshly Tabernacles for God’s Holy Son to abide in.

    Jesus Christ is ( the ) model for all of human creation, as ( the ) god imagery and universal reference for Divine purpose and eternal dispensation; whereby, the Angels of God’s Heaven are particularly aligned and dispatched to men. Therein, Jesus Christ has exclusive dominion of the Kingdom of God, whose Spirit is precisely fixated as the exclusive template to adhere to and embrace unto Salvation. The Angels of God’s Heaven, and the Kingdom of God exclusivity to the Spirit of Jesus Christ, cannot be circumvented by any other design of Religion, and obtain a pardon from damnation.

    Jesus Christ, God’s Holy Son of Covenant consecration, is to be universally acknowledged and bowed to in submission, to access the indwelling Spirit of Jesus Christ, to further access the appointed Angels of God’s Heaven, and to enter into the powers of the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ .. MUST .. become ( the ) exclusive worship icon of the Human creature, so that, an inward Spirit change can occur, which, then affects the Salvation promised to such true Believers within the Holy Bible. The Kingdom of God Angels are mandated as being precisely necessary experiences to assure the Believer’s path .. WAY .. unto a Bible Salvation of Jesus Christ.

    The Revelation of Jesus Christ is exactly the disclosure of knowledge that translates the Kingdom of God to Human Creature Believers; wherein, the Angels are – SENT – to such men, enabling the < Spirit of Jesus Christ > to unfold within them. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is a .. DIVINE .. process that unveils the Kingdom of God Spirit, to work inside of appointed Believers, liberating the Angels to speak within the hearts of such men. This .. DIVINE .. origin of Revelation arises from within such Believing men.

    God’s Revelation to Believing men is His portraying of grace, in permitting the Human Creature to abide with .. Divine .. understanding of the Kingdom of God Realm, incorporating the working of His < Spirit > and the functional integration with His Angels, to therein; know His Son Jesus Christ. This disclosure of God’s Revelation is .. not .. an intellectual discovery of”Truth”, but is a < Spirit within > experience, that releases a mysterious Angels power that connects the Kingdom of God to – FAITH – and Angels. The Revelation experience is Believers entering into a .. DIVINE TRUTH .. Reality of heart understanding of Jesus Christ, substantiated by indwelling Spirit growing power. God’s Revelation is .. simplistically .. limited to a heart of man experience.

    The Church idea is to be the embodiment of, and the custodial guardian of, Kingdom of God Revelation, in knowing .. distinctively .. Jesus Christ, and his Angels. The Church of Jesus Christ should not know the Revelation of .. exact .. Kingdom of God “Truth”, but must experience the Heavenly reality of God’s Angels, in their evidence of earthy signs, in displays of power.

    The Church reality is .. not .. to be confused with theories and philosophical postulations of < SINFUL > man’s intellectual interpretations, of Bible scriptures, but; is entirely supported by experience and evident signs of Angels in manifestation, as confirmation of Jesus Christ abiding within their hearts. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is such a confirmation of Angels in manifestation, showing the – TRUE – Church as representing .. implicitly .. this .. DIVINE .. reality as “Truth”. Church Revelation, then, will be followed with the power of Angels.

by: Michael Mitchell