FILE THREE .. Transforming Church

    Witchcraft has so commonly become the mainstream practice of all Human Creatures, that now, the mainstream Church Society, “Called Out” unto holiness, unknowingly and glibly practices Witchcraft. Christian prayer, claiming a virtue of holy correctness, but which is focused implicitly upon ( Self Serving ) .. ( Greedy Mammon Lusting ) .. and ( Narcissistic Pride ), is clearly exercising – CHRISTIAN FAITH – unto Witchcraft power results and is an abomination of pretentious religion.

    Witchcraft has not been defined well in the Christian community, leaving its practices uncorrected and relied upon as the Church’s first exercise of – FAITH -. Therein, the Christian Church Society, of all denominations, having been historically subverted by Human Creature inherited “lusts” toward [ Fleshly Sinfulness ], has adopted / embraced / accepted entirely the basest motivation of Witchcraft practices; wherein, all forms of life’s – CURSEDNESS – are proliferated, from generation to generation to all generations, without satiation, and without ending the Witchcraft causation.

    The Priesthood, that belongs to the Covenant of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .., requires “Called Out” believers to war in – FAITH – working against the practitioners of Witchcraft, even against Church members who exercise their Priesthood – FAITH – working in Witchcraft endeavors. The Priesthood of Jesus Christ .. implicitly .. will work its believers’ - FAITH – to overcome an opposition bondage of Witchcraft, that such “Called Out” believers had already grown up with and had become engrained with, as a normalized culture, having learned a bondage of training habits and cultural pressures, that .. MUST .. be overcome with proper Priesthood – FAITH – working.

    “Called Out” believers will exercise their – FAITH – working subliminally and automatically in Priesthood functions, which will .. directly .. bring conflicts and disruptions against Witchcraft, and Witchcraft advocates; whereby, such a “Called Out” Priesthood will prayerfully serve God’s Will, even God’s Holy Son, Jesus the Christ. The Priesthood of Jesus Christ will be opposed, immediately and viciously, by the practitioners of Witchcraft, even by Traditional Churchmen who have learned their Witchcraft culture of prayerfully serving the ( Self ) in the name of God’s Christ Jesus, as though it is an authentic direction of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Priesthood mindset.

    Prophecy, of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Covenant Priesthood, brings continual revelational awareness to the inner man condition of Witchcraft normalcy, the defaulted bondage to overcome with proper – FAITH – working. New Testament Prophecy, then, is a Church tool, intended and provided by God, that brings clear insight to the Witchcraft motivation and “Heart of Man” nature, to be overcome, as a Priesthood work of Prayerful intercession. The progress of “Heart of Man” transformation requires a Prophecy ( watcher ), having a ( “Gifted Ability” ) of .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Prophecy; wherein, the Church has the continual insight of transformation progress / staleness / or regression.

    Prophecy is a ( “Gifted Ability” ), of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Priesthood, to help “Called Out” believers into and through the – WAY – of .. NEW TESTAMENT .. transformation. “Called Out” Covenant believers are dependent .. implicitly .. upon others to assist them in learning .. NEW TESTAMENT .. principles, unto transformation progress, and transformation measurement, that are .. prepared preachers .. sent Apostles .. Prophecy ( watchers ) etc., who can oversee their – WAY – unto Christ, and unto Salvation. The Priesthood institution of .. DIVINE .. appointment, with such ( “Gifts” ) of Prophecy, enable such “Called Out” believers in this – WAY – of transformation, especially in the managing of Witchcraft interference; whereby, Prophecy is the guardian tool of the Priesthood that discerns any Witchcraft interference with “Called Out” believers. By Prophecy ( “Gifts” ), Prophecy ( watchers ) may destroy the – FAITH – works, of transformation interference, insuring “Called Out” believers may stay in the – WAY – of Covenant Salvation.

    The Prophets’ ( “Gifts” ), including Prophecy, are a necessary component in the Transformation process, a careful and painstaking experience of sincerely dedicated “Called Out” believers. Church Prophets are particularly sensitive to the invisible realm of men’s “Heart Gardens”, as to the motivational nature of the inner man; consequently, the Priesthood works of – FAITH – direction in intercession will be integrated with Church Prophets and their insights of contemporary Prophecy. The Priesthood functions are .. exactly .. dependent upon Church Prophets, to accomplish effectual results of Transformation, knowing that Witchcraft powers, from Witchcraft practicing Churches, are at work in opposition to the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. of Jesus Christ, and the Transformation of “Called Out” believers.

    “Called Out” believers, undergoing their own Transformation, may well be .. « Ordained » .. by Jesus Christ to carry the Prophecy ( “Gifts” ) and do the ministry works of Church Prophets; wherein, that Church function of Prophets’ discipleship may be supplied / expanded for further Church progress in the Transformation of the World’s Witchcraft practicing Human Creatures. New Church Prophets will appear .. continually .. as necessary Priesthood tools of Jesus Christ. Church Prophets .. MUST .. necessarily be “Heart Nature” Transformed, as Covenant Christians, having been discipled in the – FIRST – precept principles of Jesus Christ’s Priesthood, and to the defaulted subversion of Witchcraft, by the “Heart” reading Prophecy - helps of preceding Church Prophets, of .. « Ordained » .. ( “Gifts” ) of Jesus Christ.

    The Doctrine of .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Priesthood discipleship sets the platform of structure for Church Prophets to abide within; whereby, the Prophecy of “Heart of Man” transformation will have an accurate perspective, of opposition clarity. Church Doctrine .. implicitly .. is a regulating organization of Bible “Truth” concepts, charted by Apostles, with exact requirements of discipleship obedience, and not permitting of variation by individual .. untransformed man .. Doctrine interpretation / religious rituals distraction / or contrariness of worldly philosophies. The Doctrine of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Priesthood exactly limits, and precisely qualifies, the Prophecy revealed by active Church Prophets; so, they “Know”, without vagaries / confusions of “Called Out” believers’ “Heart of Man” transformation progress.

    The Doctrine of God’s Holy Son, Jesus Christ, is subliminally immersed as a skeletal bone structure, that is hidden within the flesh of the Bible Scriptures, and yet to be clearly perceived and perpetually disclosed to the Church body by contemporary Apostles and Church Prophets, whose Prophecy is confirmed by the actual transformation evidence of “Heart of Man” natures. The Doctrine platform, of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Church – Priesthood, is a Kingdom of God « Constant », as a methodology of God that continues without variation, of such Doctrine, from generation to generation to all generations, by such a permanent Doctrine platform that requires Priesthood Prophets and Prophecy to guide the “Heart of Man” process of transformation.

    The Angels, of God’s Kingdom of Heaven, will be dispersed automatically to obey and serve God’s Holy Son, whenever the Son of God becomes manifest in men by their – FAITH – working, which – FAITH – is activated accordingly when the Doctrine formatting of the Bible Scriptures is correctly framed and accepted as “Truth”. The Angels of the New Covenant, therein, will manifestly appear in evidence of .. DIVINE .. miracles, such holy Angels becoming clear to Prophets and testified of in their Prophecy. Prophets, Prophecy, and evident holy Angels are all synonymously in outward agreement with Doctrine correctness, bearing witness together in .. DIVINE .. confirmation of having accurate Bible “Truth” understanding.

    The Angels of Jesus Christ are particularly reflective of the holy virtue of Jesus Christ, when such holy virtue is evident within “Called Out” men of the .. NEW COVENANT .., justifying the dispersing of holy Angels to the helps of such Covenant men. Such Angels of Jesus Christ will manifestly speak to the New Covenant men with signs of .. DIVINE .. power, confirming the – FAITH – of such Bible believing Covenant men, reinforcing their convictions of Doctrine, even empowering their protections and supply, to become known clearly to contemporary Church Prophets and within their testimonies of Prophecy. The Doctrine structuring of Bible “Truth” is followed behind with the evident confirmations of holy Angels, to be reported by Church Prophecy of contemporary Prophets.

    The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ is full, even saturated, of Angels being activated, which are regulated in their precise manifestation - character and events by the Doctrine – FAITH - that has been held to .. specifically .. by contemporary Prophets. The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ’s Doctrine mandates an inevitability of God’s Wrath, as written about extensively by Bible Prophets, and should .. NOT .. be a surprise to ( true ) Churchmen of contemporary – FAITH – times. The Apocalypse .. therein .. brings Church change, .. even Transformation of the ( “Called Out” ) Church .., according to the .. NEW COVENANT .., especially the promised release of holy Angels, of redemption from [ SINS ], unto contemporary believers’ Salvation by necessary process of the Apocalypse.

    The Biblical reference, to the Apocalypse, portrays God’s Eternal Wisdom in HIS projecting the inevitable resistance from [ SINFUL ] Men, who will deny God’s Son, Jesus Christ of the .. NEW COVENANT .., by their insistence upon ( Self Gratification ) in a temporary Flesh life of Earthy glory. However, this Earthy Flesh glorying, being manifest now for [ SINFUL ] men .. mysteriously .. through invisible Angels of .. DIVINE .. permission, will change by the Apocalypse Angels, leaving no Earthy Flesh glorying to abide in that day for ( Self Gratifying ) Earthy men. This Apocalypse reality is known with certainty, by the Doctrine of ( true ) Prophets, who speak before the Apocalypse time and within that Apocalypse time, by such a certain Doctrine, as is their Prophets’ mandate from the Creation God.

    The Christian identity is entirely enwrapped within the .. NEW COVENANT ..; wherein, the Covenant of Jesus Christ defines .. implicitly .. the Kingdom of Heaven intention of God for His “Called Out” Human Creatures. Therein, the .. NEW COVENANT .. Christian has only – ONE – purpose of God’s intention, to be a dedicated host to the “Living” Word of God, to therein serve God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and then for such a Christian to obey the directives of Jesus Christ .. THE LIVING WORD .., which contemporary directives would be heard < within > a Christian by the indwelling ( Spirit ). The Apocalypse of the .. NEW COVENANT .. is a pinnacle reference of Christian identity; whereby, the “Called Out” ( true ) believer embraces the experience / process of the Apocalypse as a unique / necessary passage of profound intention, that produces the result of an authentic Christian life. The Angels dynamic, of Jesus Christ’s Apocalypse, enables the holy abilities of “Called Out” Christian men to accommodate .. precisely .. the works of the .. NEW COVENANT .., distinctively according to the Apostles’ Doctrine, of Christian Doctrine taught – FAITH -, while abiding among [ SINFUL ] men of unholy Angels motivations.

    The .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Christian is .. NOT .. at all like Worldly men, of their many philosophies of Religion / of unholy - FAITH – Doctrine; therein, the real Apocalypse Christian is < Christ - like >, even producing ( miraculous ) spectacles of Christian controversy and bewilderment. Such an Apocalypse Christian is set apart from worldly men, sanctified, but driven unto public spectacles by the Angels of Jesus Christ, spoken to them in translation by the indwelling ( Spirit ); wherein, such Angels of Jesus Christ are the sent accompanists of .. THE LIVING WORD .. accurate truth, pushing the Christian evidence of God among the world of [ SINFUL ] men, who are bound by / motivated by indwelling unholy Angels, which are guided by / released through untransformed men’s many Religions of unholy - FAITH – Doctrine thinking.

by: Michael Mitchell