Holy Ghost .. PRIESTHOOD ..

Holy Ghost signs / Holy Angels follow Faith in the “Word of God”

        The “Word of God” [ scripture of the Holy Bible ], when received into the heart of man, by faith of church disciples; that “Word of God” heart - soil planting is followed by Holy Ghost signs / manifestations, and holy angels, in order to; engage a holy heart character, within; such .. faith practicing .. church men.

        The faith of church men; being directed toward the receiving of the “Word of God”, as; their dominant reference of preferred authority, from which; men find their salvation in “eternal life”; the faith of such church men is contained, within; the Holy Ghost manifestation of dominating holy faith, whereby; the Holy Ghost faith - manifestation / faith - presence / faith - enabling guide to [ true ] church disciples, such [ true ] church men are endowed with an angels covering, of holy angels! Men's salvation, of “eternal life”, is fulfilled by the change in men's angels covering, wherein; such a holy angels appointment, unto these faith disciplined men, the “Word of God” reference, of dominant authority, that “Word of God” reference is enforced upon their minds / their willful assertions / their decisions of lifestyle behaviors / their deeds of action, so that; [ all ] of those men's heart character issues are captured by, and forcibly restricted within the established dominance of, the holy angels covering! The willful decision of “called out” church men, to; abide within the “Word of God” reference, as; their superior / ultimate / highest, personal authority, and to, therein; place their faith unto the salvation, “eternal life”, promise of the “Word of God” powers; that willful decision, of those “called out” men, is establishing faith / trust / abject dependency upon, the Holy Ghost powers of faith containment, from which; such enforcement of men's holy faith virtue, the angels covering is strategically engineered / holy faith constructed / holy faith authorized, to; be a changed angels covering, and to; become a holy angels covering, as; the fulfillment, of; the “Word of God” promise!

Priesthood Faith – Church Faith requires the “Word of God” grid

        Word of God” faith; church disciples' faith being formed / molded, according to the template / pattern / grid, of the “Word of God”; that, particular, “Word of God” faith requires “Tree of Life” church helpers /enablers / guardians, who are Priesthood Preachers and Shepherds.

        The “Word of God” template / pattern / grid, is God's “Tree of Life”, which, “Tree of Life”, is, explicitly, functioning within a “Word of God” template / pattern / grid; the “Tree of Life” defines God's [ true ] priesthood character and identity, and the faith type, of that holy priesthood! The “Word of God” / “Tree of Life” template / pattern / grid, is specific, and is consistent, and is eternal, and is knowable, by; church disciples; and therein, that “Word of God” standard, of permanent representation, can be, and “must” be, presented to new church disciples, in; a manner of universalized consistency, according to; “Tree of Life” structuring, of; God's kingdom order! Such structuring, of “Tree of Life” order, throughout the whole of God's Kingdom, requires, therefore, a consistency of “Word of God” delivery of presentation, and oversight, which can be observed, in; Kingdom - of - God authorities / a church hierarchy of prescribed authorities / a Priesthood strata of prepared authorities, which, consistent presentation and oversight, fulfills a common purpose, in; every [ true ] church disciple, regardless of; church disciples' geographic location, or church disciples' prior cultural orientation, or church disciples' ethnic traditions! Preachers and Shepherds are common Priesthood authorities, and are “Tree of Life” required, as; Priesthood Gifts of “Word of God” authorities, for; the universalized, and eternally consistent, process of disciples' heart character salvation! Such Preachers and Shepherds, who are Priesthood authorities, Preachers and Shepherds are Divinely appointed, to; this role of disciples' salvation, for; presenting / reinforcing / overseeing, “Word of God” development / “Word of God” integrity / “Word of God” fruit, of heart character transformation, within; [ all ] disciples! The necessity, of Priesthood Preachers and Shepherds, therein, “cannot” be dismissed / must [ not ] be disregarded / shall [ not ] be purposely and simplistically denied, by: [ any ] professing disciples, as; a philosophy of private Doctrine, which, Doctrine, emphasizes unique individualism / self exalting justification / self prescribed separatism, within; the experience of such professing disciples! The “Word of God” / “Tree of Life” template / pattern / grid, of; Divinely qualified salvation, is [ not ] subject, to; untrained / worldly minded / “Tree of Knowledge” practicing, novices, but rather; is Divinely ordered to be upheld, and properly ministered, by; Priesthood Preachers and Shepherds!

Church Faith / Holy Faith requires training by Church Overseers

        Faith, of church disciples' faith works, requires cultivation / husbandry, of: church Overseers [ Preachers and Shepherds ], which; Overseers, are guardians, of; correct church faith.

        Church Overseers, God - appointed and God - trained and God - approved Overseers, are an integral factor in the success of new church disciples, in; the developing and nurturing of those disciples, according to; [ true ] church faith principles! Church Overseers [ Preachers and Shepherds ] are guiding mentors, living examples to follow, and providers of spiritual grace, for: disciples of church life / disciples of church salvation / disciples of [ true ] church works! Disciples' faith, functioning within [ true ] church principles, of Holy virtue / of Godly righteousness / of Divine Life character, that, particular, quality of faith, in; the works of [ true ] church principles, that faith requires nurturing, and husbandry, by matured church Overseers, [ Preachers and Shepherds ]; and therein, such blessed church disciples are led, and spiritually fed, by; such matured Overseers [ Preachers and Shepherds ], in, the disciples' disciplined learning of faith truths! Church disciples' faith must be focused toward God / tried and strengthened by God / withheld from selfish interests and self centered lusts / dedicated to Holy Ghost priorities of church ministry service; and therein, church disciples' faith “must” become a tool / instrument / device of work, whereby; God, sovereignly, rules over the faith / faith direction and application, of every church disciple! Such faith qualification, and disciplined focus of daily faith working, “must” be cultivated within every learning disciple, unto; the disciple's benefit of; attaining soul transformation / heart character redemption from evil / Divine nature inheritance / “eternal life” salvation! Overseers, matured faith workers who are [ Preachers and Shepherds ], of; [ true ] church cultivation and disciple husbandry; those such Overseers are a Kingdom - of - God requirement, for; the literal saving of new disciples' souls! Church disciples “cannot” develop their own faith correctly / righteously / with God's true interests being satisfied, without; Overseers [ Preachers and Shepherds ], and without; the enabling grace which comes, to [ true ] church disciples, [ only ] through God's appointed, and seasonally matured, Overseers!

Tree of Life” Church Prophets discern Angels / Men's Faith

        Church Prophets are “Tree of Life” Gifted to search out, continually, men's faith works and faith posturing, by: such “Tree of Life” Church Prophets' discerning / scrutinizing carefully / reading and interpreting, men's angels covering.

        The “Tree of Life” reality is Angels - of - God driven, holy Angels defined, and church Angels read / discerned / interpreted, by; God's Prophets, who are “Tree of Life” trained, and matured, Prophets! This “Tree of Life” church reality, of church Prophets' Gifts, and their reading of Angels, which, Angels,are crafted by faith, [ unto every defined character of men ]; that “Tree of Life” church reality, of Prophets' Gifts, is [ also ] faith - of - man activated / faith - of - man expressed and fulfilled / faith - of - man reflected, toward; the intended result of men's attaining of heart character transformation / “eternal life” salvation of a changed heart character! “Tree of Life” church Prophets “must”, necessarily, activate their faith, in; the working of their own Prophets' faith, in; a disciplined focus of the Prophets' deliberate intent of dedicated purpose, whereby, such a strategic plan of faith direction and deliberate faith control, a “Tree of Life” reality, of disciples' explicit experience; that reality is Angels - power engaged / Angels covering implemented / Angels realm set, unto; its course of automatic expression - fulfillment, which, expression - fulfillment, is desired to be, and is intended to be, God's “Tree of Life” salvation / the salvation of “eternal life” / the salvation of “life that never ends”! The Prophets' ministry / work / function, within; the [ true ] church arena of God's “Tree of Life” mandate, and perpetual standard; that [ true ] Prophets' ministry is to read / discern / measure, and compare, every portrayal of church faith, and every church ministry work of men's faith, to; a disciplined reflection of the “Tree of Life” standard, in; the “Tree of Life” salvation intent of “eternal life”, which, church faith, is practiced, by; [ all ] of the [ true ] church disciples, and which, church faith, is practiced, by; [ all ] of the [ true ] church ministry leadership, and which, church faith, is practiced, by; [ all ] [ true ] church Prophets!

Tree of Life / Spirit Life, of Jesus Christ, requires Prophets

        The “Tree of Life”, as the template – pattern for man to experience the Spirit Life of Jesus Christ; that template – pattern requires the functional Gift of Kingdom Prophets, as: Bishops – Overseers, who see / who speak from / who report on, God's “Tree of Life” Angels, which; “Tree of Life” Angels, reflect, perfectly, church disciples' working of faith.

        Tree of Life” Angels, holy Angels, as a “Tree of Life” covering upon men, the attaining of holy Angels is the desired result which is obtained, [ only ], by men's correct using of faith, faith in the character of holiness! Men's faith, and the works of men's faith discipline, are subject, therefore; to church Bishops / Overseers, who are Divinely appointed Prophets, from whom; these Prophets, the [ true ] Spirit Life quality / measure of Spirit Life integrity, of church disciples, are known and reported on! “Tree of Life” Angels, as a covering upon men, are the result, of; men's integrity to holy faith, and of; the disciplined working of that faith; consequently, “Tree of Life” faith must be learned, and accepted, by; [ true ] church disciples, with; introspective, and consistent, self discipline! That “Tree of Life” faith is the primary issue of purpose and discipline and discipleship reflection, for; church Prophets, as Bishops / Overseers, who are, themselves, trained, and matured, in exactly the same discipline, of; “Tree of Life” faith working! Church Prophets are, thereby, the church Overseers - Bishops to holy faith learning, and its consistent practice, as; their primary role of church leadership! All of the Prophets' Gifts / spiritual authority powers / abilities and learned skills in Angels reading, those such [ “Gifts, powers, abilities” ] are “Tree of Life” endowments, for; the supreme purpose / tactical benefit, of; seeing / perceiving / knowing, church disciples' hearts, in; those disciples' faith working / faith discipline / faith accuracy, unto [ true ] heart character holiness!

by: Michael Mitchell