Spiritual Life .. Blood Mediation ..

Blood Mediation of Man's Death is a “Tree of Life” - Priesthood work

        Tree of Life mediation, of man's sin and death, which, sin and death, is a just reward for man's evil sin preference; that Priesthood ministry work, of faith toward “Blood of Christ” mediation, enables fallen man to endure Divine Life / Tree of Life, transformation.

        The death consequence; which God, justly, imposes upon universal man, because of man's continual preference for a sin conscience – lifestyle; that death consequence can, “only”, be mediated, by: a “Tree of Life” - practicing priesthood, which, priesthood, is disciplined, to; that “Tree of Life” methodology, of God's mediation process! That mediation process / priesthood methodology, of the “Tree of Life”, is: the working of man's faith, priesthood faith, which is concentrated, upon; an intercession – work, intervening into the sin – conscience lives of damned men, by; the “Tree of Life” priesthood, to change the heart natures, of; those prayed - for men! That faith working, of the “Tree of Life” priesthood, that “Tree of Life” faith is directed toward a “blood of Christ” mediation process, as; an intervention which is advancing, unto; others ( sinful / evil minded, man ), the heart character, of; Jesus Christ, which; heart character of Jesus Christ, is a benevolent grace which those evil minded men do “not” deserve! The evil preference; which universal man holds, toward: a sin conscience – lifestyle, and toward; the perpetuation of an evil mind, and toward; the corresponding death sentence, which God, justly, upholds; that proclivity is, “only”, overcome / replaced / escaped from, by: (1) the enabling work of that holy priesthood, through their “Tree of Life” faith, in that “blood of Christ” mediation, and by: (2) a process of discipleship experience, which, experience / journey / work of faith, is a “Tree of Life” methodology in heart transformation, unto; the disciple's attaining of the heart character, of Jesus Christ! That “Tree of Life” process, unto heart character transformation, is: a Priesthood discipline, first of all, and is; a disciple's course of learning experience, secondly, which, discipline / learning experience, is the, “only”, methodology, by which; God's grace is accessed, “truly”, toward man's deliverance from sin and death, and which, discipline / learning process, is the, “only”, methodology, by which; man enters into “eternal life” [ God's salvation ]!

Spiritual life / Church life not Tree of Knowledge dead religion

        Dead Religion is a manifestation - result of “Tree of Knowledge” practicing, and; Dead Religion is devoid of Spiritual Laws Understanding / True Faith Practicing / [ kingdom of God .. evidence ] of Divine Life.

        The church; which fosters / reinforces / proliferates / defends and upholds, faith practices / faith deliberations / faith disciplines, which are: absent, of God's visiting presence - evidence, and are; void, of God's enabling - emboldening power, and are; dismissing, God's spiritual shepherding in ( Divine Life ); such a church is practicing a "dead” religion ! Common church traditions have established substitute philosophies of religion, which, religion philosophies have been assimilated, through: "Tree of Knowledge" scripture - logic, and through; theorizing [ “self centered” - “self gratifying” - “self serving” ] postulations of "happy thought" / “feel good” religion theology; through which, [ “self reinforcing - proliferating” ] of such practices, as a traditional religion, such theoretical postulations, of religion, have been raised to much higher levels of presumed authenticity, by repetitive “self validating”, and “self justifying”, to the result, of; those postulations becoming, eventually, accepted, as; legitimate foundation “truths”, while still, missing the real ingredient, of; Divinely correct religion authenticity, which, real ingredient, is God, Himself! This "Tree of Knowledge" scripture - logic, and these "happy thought" / “feel good”, religion postulations, ( since raised to being Divine truth pillars of absolute authenticity ), have become permanent foundation - planks of church reference, within common religion traditions; and, the aggregate - result, is that, the church has missed God, by; a wide margin, of “truth - positioning” disparity! The common church traditions, have; circumvented / denied / subverted, God's ways of authentic “truth”, and have; undermined / hijacked, God's intended religion, which is based upon; man's Divinely constructed faith works, being framed according to; perfect spiritual laws, from which; spiritual laws molding, of man's faith works, God's kingdom, and God's true religion of ( Divine Life ), are made to be a publicly known spectacle! God's kingdom reality would be clearly known, to: the church, and through; the “true” church experience, with; observable blessing evidence, of; universal peace, prosperity, wellness, and Divine protection, and with; an orderly governing of society, as a “true” religion reality, when, that religion, expressively, portrays, “only”, God's ( Divine Life ) character - virtue, of; Jesus Christ!

Man's Trial in the Garden of Eden: Death or Life?

        Man's “Garden of Eden” trial is to recognize the accessibility of the Tree - of - Knowledge, but; to reject the fruit of its evil promise, and thereby; man's “Garden of Eden” trial offers an escape from Tree – of - Knowledge death, of; God's eternal consequence, which; death penalty, automatically, is meted out to ( the eaters ), of; Tree – of – Knowledge fruit.

        The fruit; of the Tree – of – Knowledge, in the “Garden of Eden”; is universal man's food / the nourishment supply to cursed man / the strength of man's damnation support and perpetuation, which satisfies man's common desire, and natural proclivity, toward: “self centeredness”, and toward; “self glorification, and toward; “self serving”! Such Tree – of – Knowledge fruit, accessible within the “Garden of Eden” reality of spiritual possibilities, such “Tree - of - Knowledge” fruit is a spiritual support / a spiritual enabling / a spiritual food / a source of spiritual nutrition, which is; an evil angels' supply to man, from within; that “Garden of Eden” reality, as a possibility, continuously, provided unto universal man! The eating, of such fruit, having been available, always, within the “Garden of Eden” reality, as a fruit - source of man's spiritual possibilities, that, particular, “Garden of Eden” selection for eating brings; the flooding of man's mind / the leavening of man's heart character / the reinforcing of man's subconscious motivations, with; evil angels' logic, and with; evil angels' justifications, and with; evil angels' emotional satisfaction, in; the validating of man's evil intentioned works, of “self serving” faith, and in; the encouragement of man's evil minded lusts, toward; man's imaginations and fantasies of an evil heart! The trial, within the “Garden of Eden” reality, of spiritual possibilities, that “Garden of Eden” trial requires the recognition, of; the Tree – of – Knowledge reality, and that tree's continual availability to man, and then, that “Garden of Eden” trial requires the recognizing, of; the Tree - of - Knowledge fruit character, being a spiritual power of evil, which can be supplied to man, through man's eating of that tree's fruit, and then, that “Garden of Eden” trial requires the recognizing of discipline, a personal discipline, to; avoid, purposely, that Tree - of - Knowledge fruit, and its evil character, in order to; escape from the death penalty, which that fruit character engages, automatically! The “Garden of Eden” reality, of spiritual possibilities, is an environment of trial, in the choosing / deciding consciously / deliberatively reconciling, to abide, continually, in; God's order of spiritual grace, which brings God's Life, the other alternative provided, as well, within; the same “Garden of Eden” reality!

The Apocalypse brings Transformation of Prophets Of Jesus Christ

        Man's unrestrained Evil, and [ also ]; God's dispensation of relentless, globular, death; these two principle truths reflect .. two main characteristics .. of the Apostle John's Apocalypse, of; the “End Times”. Simultaneously with these two truths, the Divine Life process of heart Transformation, a third principle truth characteristic, saves the ( Elect of God ) .. the Prophets Of Jesus Christ .. from; God's decree of death upon the World. Prophets Of Jesus Christ is the “Salt of the Earth”, which; saves the “Earth” of humankind, for; the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ! Prophets Of Jesus Christ is the Priesthood force of holy faith, which; faith force of Prophets Of Jesus Christ, empowers the Theocratic Rule of Jesus Christ, upon; the whole World!

        The elect of God, Prophets Of Jesus Christ, which is a remnant of men who are Divinely selected, to; survive the Apocalypse; that remnant – elect shall endure the Apocalypse - process of horrors, of: the Apostle John's record [ Revelation ]; and, through that process of enduring the Apocalypse, that remnant – elect, the Prophets Of Jesus Christ, shall attain their salvation through heart transformation, unto the salvation promise, of; Divine Life! This process, of the Apostle John's Apocalypse, uniquely, produces a Divine Life, salvation, effect, upon: God's selected elect – remnant of intended survivors; which, elect – remnant, shall be known, exclusively, as; the Prophets Of Jesus Christ! Prophets Of Jesus Christ, the remnant – elect of God, shall rise up, suddenly, endorsing, and testifying of, the Apocalypse [ Revelation ] of the Apostle John; and therein, Prophets Of Jesus Christ shall distinguish itself, as being; of God, and as being; of the end of the ( “evil church age” ), and as being; the rallying center of God's, exclusive, survival - refuge, for; those who are predestined to witness the justice, of; God's poured out wrath, from; a vantage point of Divinely constructed safety! Prophets Of Jesus Christ will endure through the end of the Apocalypse - age; and, Prophets Of Jesus Christ shall appear at the conclusion, of; the Antichrist dominion, to establish the Millennial Reign, of; Jesus Christ!

Transformation of man, from: Tree of Knowledge, to; Divine Life

        Man's Transformation, from: a heart character of evil / sin / mental darkness, to; Divine Life, requires man's change of thinking processes, from:Tree of Knowledge” Religion, to; “Tree of Life” Religion.

        Man's automatic default - state, of natural birth - existence / spiritual inheritance, is the state of a sinful heart character / an evil nature / a mental darkness; wherein, this pre-existent condition, abiding upon “all” men, a remedy [ salvation ] is required, a remedy which is above man, beyond man's state of self assimilation / beyond sinful man's character attainment, a remedy which is authored by God, exclusively, through: Jesus Christ, who is man's only ( savior )! The process of man's remedy; bringing man out, from: man's previous state / bondage, of mind darkening ( spiritual blindness ), and out from; man's condition of an inherited Evil character ( as a defaulted heart nature ); that process is man's Transformation, unto; [ Divine Life ]! Man's salvation - remedy requires, by God's spiritual law of [ Divine Life ], a change of man's thinking processes (1), as a base for accepting different practices of a “true” Religion, in; [ Divine Life ], [ also ], man's salvation - remedy requires (2) a redefining of man's Religion - construction, which, Religion - reconstruction, satisfies, “only”, the objective of man's Transformation, unto [ Divine Life ], and, man's salvation - remedy requires (3) a reorientation of man's faith working, within a “true” Religion - construct, to attain that, particular, [ Divine Life ] result ; whereby, these “three” necessary changes ( “changing of men's thinking” ) / ( “redefining man's Religion construct” ) / ( “reorientation of man's Religion - faith” ), man's Transformation, unto [ Divine Life ], can be accomplished! Man's change; which accommodates, precisely, the salvation remedy of man's Transformation, unto; [ Divine Life ]; that change incorporates a transition of man's thinking, from; “Tree of Knowledge” processes of learned orientation, to; “Tree of Life” processes, which, transition of Religion - reconstruction, requires, further, a dedicated resolve to learn, and to obey, those very different “Tree of life” processes, as; the “only” reference for “true” Religion - construction! Within that transition, of man's thinking, a psychological relocation occurs, automatically, in that change of Religion - construction; whereby, the previous “Tree of Knowledge” Religion - construction, as the previously undefined, default practice of, faith, that previous Religion - construction is; purposely, abandoned, and is; deliberately, offered up to God's remedy of salvation, which, such remedy, requires sacrificing / forfeiting the loss of / surrendering up, entirely, the “Tree of Knowledge” Religion - construction! And, that sacrifice resolution / decision of forfeiture / deliberate surrendering, must be unto: God, and unto; the “Tree of Life” Religion - reconstruction / discipline, of; Christ's death / Christ's death to self saving / Christ's self obedience to crucifixion / the “Cross of Christ” discipleship, in; the disciple's own, personal, abandonment, of; everything worldly, including the “Tree of Knowledge” Religion ideology, of; exercising ( “logic supremacy” ) over Religion / insisting upon ( “head reasoned mapping and calculating” ) of truth / defending the bastion of ( “self glorification” ) and philosophical ( “self justification” ), through; the mastered usage of a controlled / subordinated Religion – construct!

by: Michael Mitchell