The True Christian Church ..

A true Christian Church Requires the Apostle & trained Prophets

        The true Christian church is validated, by God, [ only ] within a Divinely planned infrastructure of Spirit Realm authorities, which are: the Apostle, with; Apostle - trained Prophets, within; a complex diversity of five Prophets “Gifts”.

        An Apostle Ministry, which is revealed within a [ true ] Christian church, that Apostle Ministry functions with subordinated Prophets, [ five separate Prophets' Gifts of Ministry ], who are ( Spirit Life ) extenders of that Apostle Ministry, and who, thereby, bring ( Spirit Life ), of Holy Ghost power, into; the church realm of [ true ] Christian experience! Prophets, [ true ] Prophets of Apostle Ministry training, such prepared Prophets are integral to a [ true ] Christian experience of ( Spirit Life ) power; wherein, such ( Spirit Life ) experience, the [ true ] church is discovered / is profoundly expressive of God / becomes the “saving” institution, which redeems the society, from; invisible powers of evil! The Prophets' Ministry [ five separate Prophets' Gifts of Ministry ] are the connecting bridge which links the salvation power, of; the Apostle Ministry, to; the church body, and to; all of the subordinated Church leadership posts, of delegated church authorities, wherein; this salvation of the church institution, its leadership posts, and its delegated authorities, the invisible powers of evil have no place of dominion, nor any place of infiltration, nor any access of deceit, for; its many sinful entrapments! The [ true ] salvation, of God, expressly revealed, and empowered, through; the Prophets' Ministry, by; the [ true ] Apostle training of those Prophets; that [ true ] salvation, of God, supersedes, and conclusively, and absolutely, exposes the sinful guise of evil, in; its many forms of corruptive entanglement; and therein, the [ true ] salvation, of God, is; a real power, with real effectuation of heart character definition and separation, as light is; distinctively separate, and opposite, from darkness!

A true Holy Ghost Church is based upon Sound Doctrine / Precepts

        The true Christian church is established by / is governed by / is discipled in, Holy Doctrine, of: Bible explaining ( “precepts” ). [ And ], such a true Christian church is confirmed .. in that Holy Doctrine .. through the presence of the Holy Ghost, by; profound Holy Ghost signs / miracle works / healings, of; Spirit Life evidence, which; confirm the correct .. Holy Ghost .. Bible ( “precepts” ).

        All of the [ true ] works, of the [ true ] church, are works of Divine power, which stem from a formatted plan of Doctrine, which, correct Doctrine plan, is confirmed, as being correct, by; Spirit Life evidence, which, evidence is manifested through Holy Ghost power! The [ true ] works, of [ true ] church, Spirit Life, evidence, those church works are confirmed in their correctness, according to: God's Doctrine plan origination, and according to; that Doctrine integrity, in its completed transference, to; other, many, church disciples, through; that Holy Ghost methodology of church leadership ministries, of; teaching and preaching and laying on of hands! The [ true ] works of the Church, reflecting a [ true ] Spirit Life quality of Holy Ghost power, those Holy Ghost works are the sign that follows a [ true ] Doctrine foundation, which, Doctrine foundation to the church, precedes, and opens the way for, those following Holy Ghost displays of confirmation, in; [ true ] church works of supernatural powers!

A Church Apostle installs Prophets & Holy Ghost powers / Gifts

        The True Church Apostle is mandated, by God, to: establish true church order, by; the Apostle work of grace, of; training / installing Prophets' Ministries with the five Prophets' Gifts, which; Gifts, must have Holy Ghost powers.

        The primary work, of the church Apostle, is to establish a .. Divine nature culture .. within the [ true ] church society; and therein, the authentic Apostle “must” train / install / oversee / maintain integrity of, church Prophets, of the five separate Prophets' Gifts! This Apostle - Prophets mandate of God, for the upholding of the [ true ] church society, that mandate is qualified by the Divine nature standard, of reference, from which, mandate standard, the Prophets' five Gifts are anchored and the Holy Ghost powers are made valid! The [ true ] church Apostle is the “first” church authority, who is prepared Divinely with, and appointed with God's sovereign jurisdiction of, literal church rule, to; define the Prophets' role in upholding the [ true ] church culture identity, as; a Divine nature institution; and therein, the Prophets' Ministry, to the Church society, is to enforce that same Divine quality of holiness, as; the “only” characteristic of church authenticity, which is, uniquely, empowered by the enabling presence, of; God, in; the Holy Ghost!

Church Spirit Life / Apostle Doctrine / Holy Ghost Power

        Spirit Life; the “true” Life of Christ, which is [ only ] generated by the Holy Ghost, and which; Spirit Life, characterizes the experience of “true” Church men; Spirit Life is crafted through men's disciplined thought focus, which; “must” be constrained to correct doctrine, of; Apostle “precepts”.

        Apostle arranging of doctrine order, as: a foundation work of church definition and purpose, that Apostle doctrine arranging, is; the “first” foundation to the church, which is the [ true ] church institution, and that Apostle doctrine arranging is; the “first” expression of God, within the [ true ] church reality, which defines / expressly reveals / properly sets into motion, Holy Ghost power, unto; a [ true ] Spirit Life! The Spirit Life of Jesus Christ is God - intended to be the same Spirit Life experience, of: a [ true ] church realty; which, Spirit Life experience, is derived from, and through, that Apostle arrangement of church doctrine! That specific correlation, between: the Apostle foundation to the [ true ] church, of correct doctrine, and; a [ true ] Spirit Life, of Holy Ghost power; that specific correlation “cannot” be dismissed with simplistic logic, of; men's dogmatic traditions and religious - minded conclusions! That correlative truth holds the explanation for the church's fallen state unto failure / common and universalized church divisions and general confusion / societal corruption and horrific decline, unto a more radical spiritual darkness! The Apostle doctrine reality, of being the “first” church foundation to [ true ] Spirit Life / the “first” bridge of connection to a [ true ] Spirit Life of Holy Ghost power, that Apostle doctrine reality cannot be derailed, by a resistant, and defiant, church culture, without having profound evidence of severe consequence, within and throughout; that “evil practicing” church society!

Holy Ghost power drives Church Prophets' Gifts of Spirit Life

        The Church power, who is the Holy Ghost, that Church power drives the community / the societal whole / the culture, of Church discipline, toward: a heart character of holiness, by; compelling the Prophets' five Gifts of discernment, to; enforce / uphold / maintain, [ true ] Spirit Life.

        Spirit Life, which is automatic within the [ true ] Church community, that Spirit Life is driven, by; the Holy Ghost, through; the five Prophets' discernment Gifts, of; [ true ] church disciples' heart character transformation, which, transformation progress, is known, through; (1) established patterns of doctrine - faith development processes, and through; (2) disciples' personal sacrifices and laboring service unto God, and by; (3) disciples' willingness to submit to [ true ] Kingdom - of - God authorities, and by; (4) disciples' accomplished doctrine truth mastery and discipline, and by; (5) disciples' Spirit Life evidences of Holy Ghost power! These five Prophets' discernment Gifts are [ also ] the bridge of grace; whereby, [ true ] church disciples are taught / empowered with Holy Ghost enabling / enjoined with the [ true ] church body / delivered from the bondages to their previously developed heart character, of evil motivations! These five Prophets' discernment Gifts provide, to [ true ] church disciples, the benefit of oversight, Spirit of God insights and profound wisdom, for; such church disciples to truly know their own heart character, in; its untransformed evil, or in; its measure of transformation, unto; a [ true ] heart character of the Divine nature! These five Prophets' discernment Gifts [ are ] the salvation empowerment, of God, which, salvation empowerment, is extended toward [ all ] [ true ] church disciples, to; oversee their progress, and to enable, such church disciples, to; walk with God, in the Spirit of Holy Ghost powers and fellowship, and therein; enabling such disciples to attain their own heart transformation, unto; a true salvation of their souls!

by: Michael Mitchell