Transformation Salvation ..

Angels / Men's heart Transformation / Prophets' Faith

        Angels, of men's Transformation; such Transformation Angels are worked / loosed / set into motion, by Prophets, through: ( A ) the “Word of God” template of men's faith containment, and through; ( B ) Holy Ghost power, and spiritual validation of [ true ] Holiness.

        Angels of God enlighten / enable / empower, men to endure the process of [ “heart nature transformation” ], which, experience, men must, successfully, satisfy, for: those men to attain true salvation of eternal life! Such an experience, of [ “heart nature transformation” ], is enjoining men purposely, deliberately, necessarily, with: the “Word of God” format of faith discipleship and expression, as; the ruling pattern of those men's lifestyle discipline; and, such an experience, of [ “heart nature transformation” ], requires, [ also ], the abiding presence and power of the Holy Ghost, to; connect such men to the Angels powers of Godly grace! Men's [ “heart nature transformation” ] requires men's preliminary adoption / acceptance of this process of change, as; a philosophy of understanding; and, for men to, so, submit to the personal cross of suffrage, of; this Divine mandate, toward; change [ radical heart nature change ], which, adoption / acceptance / suffrage, of this change, requires the visitation presence of the Holy Ghost, with His Angels; who, then [ the Holy Ghost ], compels an appointed man's conscience toward God / conscience toward Godly salvation / conscience toward Godly obedience, which, Holy Ghost compelled conscience, then, balances and justifies this radical process, of; appointed men's transformation / change! [ All ] of this complex methodology, of: “Word of God” faith working, and; Holy Ghost visitation with His Angels, unto; the Divine mandate of [ “heart nature transformation” ], this complex methodology requires the spiritual authority / involved oversight / intercession of daily prayers, by; Prophets, [ true ] church Prophets, priesthood - church ruling Prophets, Prophets of Divine mandate grace! Without such Prophets' ministries, and active functionality, the Angels, of [ “heart nature transformation” ], would [ not ] be commissioned unto their holy task, of; enabling that transformation process, of; waiting / suffering / cursed, men!

Christian Priesthood, of Prophets, mediates Salvation of Christ

        The Christian church, the appointed Priesthood of God; comprised of living Christian Prophets, who are arranged in an orderly church society; that Priesthood is appointed to work the mediation of man's Salvation, and; is sanctified, for this work, by; Holy Ghost baptism, and by; a cultural orientation to Spirit Life.

        The Priesthood of God, which is the [ true ] Christian church institution, the church - Priesthood is a Prophets' Gifts Ministry of Spirit Life, which, Spirit Life Ministry, is empowered, by; the Holy Ghost, to; bestow grace of God's salvation, upon; men, who are within the Priesthood society, and to; [ also ] bestow grace of God's salvation upon; the subordinated community of globular men, who abide within the general husbandry domain of the Priesthood authority! God's grace of salvation [ the redeeming of men, from; their imprisonment of sin, and from; the penalties of God's righteous justice which follow, automatically, all of men's sin / transgressions / evil works ], God's grace of salvation is ministered, toward; men, through; the Priesthood - church institution, according to; the Prophets' Ministry Gifts of Spirit Life! God's Spirit Life, as expressed through the Ministry Gifts of God's Priesthood Prophets, God's Spirit Life [ is ] the literal evidence / expression / portrayal, of God's grace of salvation, being actively worked! God's [ true ] Spirit Life, of [ true ] Priesthood - Prophets' Gifts, that Spirit Life is God's evident power, which redeems men from their sin / transgressions / evil works, thereby; restoring such blessed men, unto; a right order of holiness / a right friendship with God, and therein; replacing the cursed state of men's perpetual punishment, with; a blessed state of Divine wellness, and with; a Divine Order of perpetual inner peace, and with; a mental clarity of God's eternal truth, and with; a Holy Ghost empowerment of enabling strength!

The Apostle: God's “first” Priesthood Gift

        The Priesthood – church ministry Gift, of the Apostle – authority, is God's “first” connecting linkage [ from God to man ], bringing: heaven's power of the Holy Ghost, which; Holy Ghost power of the Apostle - authority, is God's evidence, of [ Redemption ], from; men's heart nature of evil. Such power, of Apostle – authority [ Redemption ], enables such Redeemed men to progress through a journey experience, to obtain a “Born again” [ Salvation ].

        Man's true [ salvation ] is defined [ only ] by the “Born again” process / journey / experience, which “Born again” salvation, is [ only ] attainable by the abiding power of the Holy Ghost, and which; Holy Ghost presence and abiding power, is enjoined to men / to the priesthood of men / to the church as the priesthood institution, [ only ] through; God's appointed church authority, who is the Apostle! God's Apostle, the “called out” Apostle who has endured, properly, God's wilderness journey of heart character transformation, God's ordained Apostle has been “Born again”, following the Redemption experience of Holy Ghost baptism; and, by this “Born again” process and achievement, the Holy Ghost - baptized Apostle is qualified, to; establish the “first” foundation order,of; the Holy Priesthood! The Priesthood institution / the Priesthood function of purpose / the Priesthood ministry work / the Priesthood order of spiritual authority, “cannot” fulfill God's mandate of purpose, nor even identify God's true intent of purpose, unless: God's Apostle has been Divinely prepared / “Born again” / Holy Ghost empowered, as; the Redemption evidence of being “called out”, and thereby; God's Apostle has been authenticated, and programmed, with Godly understanding, and ( “sent” ), for; properly establishing the [ true ] Holy Priesthood!

Holy Ghost baptism, of Spirit Life power, is the Prophets' sign

        Holy Ghost evidence, of; [ true ] church, Spirit Life, Power; Holy Ghost manifestation evidence is the Prophets' sign; whereby, lost / fallen / sin laden, men have grace to attain, with certainty, God's Salvation, within; a “Born again” reality.

        The Spirit Life endowment upon the [ true ] church, which comes through Prophets' ministry Gifts, that Spirit Life endowment is a Holy Ghost manifestation, from which; Spirit Life endowment upon the church, the “Born again” process / journey / course of experience, is set into motion, and is compelled, as; the salvation of such following church disciples! Man's salvation, the true, and only, salvation of God's sovereign plan and promise; man's salvation is consummated [ only ] through the “Born again” process / journey / course of experience, which is [ only ] fulfilled by; Holy Ghost manifestations of Spirit Life, and which, “Born again” reality, is [ only ] entered into as a result of the [ true ] Spirit Life purpose / intent / objective, which is satisfied [ only ] by; those very Holy Ghost manifestations! The Prophets' sign to the church, the confirming evidence of a functionally correct Prophets' Ministry, within a [ true ] church life experience / expectation / course of purpose; that Prophets' sign is Holy Ghost manifestations, of; Spirit Life evidence! That Holy Ghost evidence, of confirmation, of Prophets' powers and Gifts, that Holy Ghost evidence, of Prophets' ministry Life confirmation, within; the church, that evidence, of confirmation, is required, for; spiritually enabling the church, whereby; that Holy Ghost evidence, of confirmation, the “Born again” salvation - reward is enabled, and is obtained, by; [ true [ church disciples!

Prophets' Spirit Life “is” God's way of Priesthood Salvation

        Prophets' Spirit Life [ hearing and obeying “sent” Angels of God's holy counsel ] is a Priesthood culture, which; Priesthood - Prophets culture, exemplifies / empowers / fulfills, God's way of Salvation.

        Priesthood works, of prayerful intercession, require Prophets' Spirit Life, being expressed, within; those Priesthood works; through which, Priesthood prayers of intercession, Angels [ Holy Angels of Salvation ] are put into motion! The Angels dynamic, of men's Salvation, is “the”, particular, reference of affirming evidence, wherein, this Angels reference, men's Salvation is established and confirmed, and is known by Prophets, or wherein, the absence of this Angels reference, men's Salvation is lacking, or is amiss, and is known, [ also ], by Prophets! In either regard, of the Angels dynamic of evidence, the Priesthood Prophets' Spirit Life discerns / measures / knows that state, in; its [ true ] Salvation quality, or in; its lack of Salvation quality! The Spirit realm dynamic, of Angels, that Prophets' realm, of Salvation discernment, is the natural domain of the Priesthood; and, that Spirit realm dynamic, of Prophets' Salvation discernment, is impacted, continuously / purposely, by; deliberate Priesthood works of focused prayers of intercession; and [ also ], that Spirit realm is impacted, inadvertently, through casual, and undisciplined, prayers that are amiss, of; that Priesthood Ministry, in; its errors / failures of truth inaccuracies / practices of unholy ceremonies and rituals! The Priesthood function of ( “true Ministry” ) is required, to: discipline the prayer work, of that Prophets' Spirit Life, unto; a [ true ] holiness standard, and that ( “true Priesthood Ministry” ) is required to; fulfill those prayer works, daily, by the abilities of the Prophets' Spirit Life expression, which, abilities, function, according to; the Divine order / Creation plan of God, of Prophets' Gifts / powers / spiritual authority over Angels!

by: Michael Mitchell