A Priesthood of Witchcraft ..


        A functional Priesthood of powerful Witchcraft intercession .. an evil Priesthood of Witchcraft intercessory powers .. a Witchcraft Priesthood of continual, daily and cyclical, prayer .. dominates the cultural / political / economic / religious direction of the present day world, and even the direction of the Traditional church community .. the structural formatting of Traditional Christian church order .. the philosophical / dogmatic views of the Traditional Christian society.

        Witchcraft, subversively controlling the .. worldwide .. order of the Christian church community; that Christian church reflection, which mirrors, precisely, subtle Witchcraft powers; that Christian church order and that Witchcraft working of men's faith have captured the Angels and Demons realm, throughout; the whole of the world, of; all sovereign nations and their governments, of; their structures and struggles of politics, of; their economics development and wealth gathering, and of; their lifestyle cultures and cultural husbandry; compelling and enabling [ ALL ] of the world, through; the Angels and Demons realm, in the Witchcraft ways of nurturing the world, toward: straying away from God, and to, therein; fulfill the .. promised judgment .. of God's Biblical Apocalypse!

        A Satanic worshiping Priesthood - society, comprised of Witchcraft practicing Priesthood covens, externally, and intrusively, dominates the worldwide Christian church community, its church character and its church structuring of ritual practices, with; Satanic overtones of man's glory .. subtle background voices of Witchcraft deceits of religious reasoning .. rhythmic cadences of emotional percussion vibrations of hyper – hysterical Satanic frenzy.

        The presently functioning Satanic Priesthood, which is empowered through men's faith works of ancient Witchcraft rituals; that Satanic – Witchcraft practicing - Priesthood now controls, through; their manipulation of invisible angels and demons, the .. worldwide community .. of the .. Traditional .. Christian church social order .. , therein; subliminally compelling the .. Traditional .. Christian church society, toward an institutionalized adherence with, and; a faithful practicing of, and; a voracious defending of, benign .. nonthreatening .. completely ineffectual .. church rituals and philosophies of religious tripe, which; accommodate, perfectly, the Satanic - Priesthood power - strategy, of; worldwide subversion, direction, and domination!

        Angels and Demons, of God's Created Heaven, are within the appointed domain of jurisdiction, of; supreme authority and highest oversight, of; God's Holy Priesthood; and, the Satanic agenda of worldwide domination, which is powered by Witchcraft faith works – practices, which; leverages a spiritual manipulation over this Angels and Demons realm; this Satanic agenda of Witchcraft faith practices, is, also, subordinated beneath God, and God's husbandry of His man, which; eternal plan of man's husbandry is perfectly regulated, through; God's sovereign rule, over; His Angels and Demons usage, and through; the incorporation of the Holy Priesthood, as well, who are God's appointed faith workers, of the Christ character of holy faith, within; that husbandry oversight / direction / rule of man.

        Angels and Demons are the invisible .. power tools .. of God's creation design, which; Angels and Demons, ( are ) understood by .. discerned by .. and governed by, God's Holy Priesthood. And, the ungodly practice of Witchcraft, functioning within the Satanic science of spiritually manipulating the ( cause / effect ) .. ( structure / balance ) .. of Angels and Demons; the Witchcraft practice, by evil .. ungodly .. Satanic worshiping .. men, Witchcraft is a .. power tool .. of God, ( also ), in; His accomplishing .. His perfect will .. among such ( evil men ) .. of .. ( evil societal communities and sovereign nations and tribes and families of men ), who refuse God's will and purpose, in; their lives. This Angels and Demons realm of God's Heaven, and; Witchcraft powers, which are exercised in the ( false ) Priesthood function of Angels and Demons - manipulation, are, [ both ], the natural domain, beneath the appointed jurisdiction of supreme authority .. of; God's Holy Priesthood; and thereby, Angels, Demons, and Witchcraft powers of Satanic faith working, [ ALL ], frame the requirements of the highest accountability level, and the functional qualification of, the ( Divine Nature” .. within men ), for; God's ( true ) Priesthood of holiness to maintain absolute control, in; the attainment of God's perfect will, among [ ALL ] men!

        The Traditional Christian Church community, and culture of progenesis of a rote religion; the Traditional Christian Church community has been subverted .. unknowingly .. gradually diminishing its integrity, from within; its own leadership ranks and its own congregational citizenry, by: infiltrated Satanic loyalists, who have been committed soldiers of ( false ) Priesthood intercession, upholding the value of their mysteriously hidden agenda, which; Satanic agenda for worldwide domination, has incorporated their manipulation of invisible Angels and Demons, through; their exercising of Witchcraft powers. The Traditional Christian Church society has [ not ] comprehended this threat of Witchcraft, because of; the effective blindness to their spiritual eyes, within; their own Church Angels, and previously stabilized Church Demons; and therein, the Traditional Christian Church society has lost, even further, its true identity .. its true mandate of God .. along with their effectiveness of Holy Priesthood intercession, within; the Creation of God – agenda .. of a husbandry plan, for; man's cultivation.

        The having of a Church identity, which reflects God's Holy Priesthood, and; its husbandry - of - man works, of; Divinely appointed intercession, as; a creation design of God's eternal purpose; this particular Church association, with the Holy Priesthood, has been lost from the Christian Church societal community, and; its .. broad scoped .. culture of Witchcraft contamination! The Church – Priesthood linkage .. of clear association .. has been clouded with severe darkness, because; the Church society has yielded up its sense of its own reality, to; the preexisting .. Angels and Demons component .. as the conscience .. and speaking voice .. within the Church society, which has been established, [ not ] through the Holy Church – Priesthood works of Holy prayer husbandry, but instead, through; the Angels and Demons component, which has been crafted .. outside of .. the Church, by; a Satanic Priesthood, of; Satanic faith manipulations, and; their Witchcraft rituals!

        The present day platform of reference, for [ ALL ] Christian Church .. confessing advocates .. , is postured according to .. long standing .. Church taught .. traditions, of infiltrated .. subversive .. subtly crafted .. Satanic philosophies, perverse indoctrinations and spiritual voices, which; Satanic subversions, are driven by Witchcraft powers of faith, and; have .. for a long time .. been incorporated into the Christian Church advocates' Angels and Demons component, of; their heart motivations, which; invisible Angels and Demons, have driven .. controlled .. forcibly contained .. [ ALL ] Christian Church experiences and perspectives of doctrine, which; have become portrayed as the normal and correct and Divinely perfect Church reality.

        Christian Church .. confessing advocates .. embrace .. adhere to .. defend with vigorous debate, a religious mind set and programmed lifestyle, of: infiltrated Satanic philosophies and doctrines, within; their correlation of Church traditions, which; Satanic philosophies .. doctrines .. and traditions .. , have undermined, precisely, the Holy Priesthood mandate and purpose of Divine ordination .. with; its Holy Priesthood function of continual intercession, toward; the Divine husbandry of man .. with; the particular Holy Priesthood work, of; overseeing the Angels and Demons realm of Heaven. And therein; these Satanic philosophies and doctrines, and; their correlating Church traditions, have, throughout the whole of the Christian Church society and culture, distorted, and hidden successfully, the ( true ) Christian character of ( Divine Life” .. virtue ), as; an Angels realm component of Christian enabling, which; Angels component is presented [ without ] the companionship of the Demons component, and its contaminating influence, which; Holy Angels component, of ( “Divine Life” .. virtue enabling ), enables .. empowers .. the single .. exclusive .. unique .. validation, of; God's [ true ] Christian expression and Church reality!

        The Holy Priesthood order, of the Christian Church society, that Holy Priesthood order is attainable [ only ] as the Christian Church – Priesthood is risen to the heart character .. virtue .. of God's Christ Jesus, through; the course of faith works - enabling .. faith works - reinvigorating .. faith works - refreshing .. faith works - reviving .. a new manifestation of Holy Angels, which; new manifestation, reveals the diminishing of the presence of, and the contaminating effects of, its previously active Demons. New .. Holy .. Angels, and the continuous diminishing of the previously subverting Demons, from within; the Christian Church heart character, is [ THE ] formula which validates the Christian Church society, and which; enables the Holy Priesthood fulfillment of its Divine mandate .. purpose .. and function, in; that Priesthood work, of; the husbandry of man.

        God's Christ, .. Jesus of Nazareth .. , is [ THE ] only .. pure .. correct standard of the Christian Church - Holy Priesthood society, as; the exclusive character of virtue, which: validates of the Christian Church – Holy Priesthood Institution, precisely, and which; qualifies, particularly, [ THE ONLY ] manner of Divine expression, within; God's man. God's true Priesthood, having arrived at becoming holy, in the Christ truth, within the flesh life, by; having the Christ nature of Jesus rise up within the heart; God's true Priesthood fulfills the Christian Church mandate and purpose, by; fulfilling the required faith work, of; destroying .. undoing .. aggressively conquering, Satanic powers of corruption, from within; men’s hearts, souls, and minds, by; the intercessory Priesthood process, of; changing the Angels and Demons equation .. and balance .. , therein; purifying the Demons, from within; the Angels realm within man, and; allowing the Angels .. of holiness .. to appear, without; the contamination of Demons!

        The Christ Nature of Jesus, which is the .. defining .. qualifying .. character virtue of [ ALL ] “true” Christian - confessing advocates; this Christ nature of Jesus of Nazareth, when it rises up within ( true ) Priesthood men, within a Christian Priesthood – Church society; this Christ nature is, automatically, opposing .. diametrically .. with vehement insistence and action; the long standing Satanic strategy of Christian Church – true Priesthood ( subversion, deception and derailment ), through; Witchcraft powers, of Satanic exercised faith, toward; the intent of externally imposing heart character contaminations, within; that Christ heart mandated church – Priesthood, in; [ ALL ] of its forms .. of denominations .. and doctrinal sects, and throughout; the subordinated society, which; is Divinely appointed an oversight grace, in perpetuity, from; the church – Priesthood, of; Jesus Christ.

        A War, a spiritual war of Angels and Demons manifesting within men, .. fiercely and relentlessly .. rages, between: the Christ nature of Jesus Christ, rising up within the ( true ) Christian Church – Priesthood society, and; these Satanic infiltrations, subversions and deceptions, of implanted Christian Church – Priesthood philosophies, which; are strong and dominant .. within .. the men of that very same community of the Christian Church – Priesthood society, which; Satanic infiltrations, subversions, and deceptions, have been .. long time .. empowered through the active faith discipline, of; Witchcraft practicing disciples. This Christ nature, of Jesus of Nazareth, which is the [ only ] defining .. qualifying .. character virtue, which [ must ] be carefully cultivated and expressed, within “true” Christian professing advocates; this Christ nature [ will ] engage in this war within men's hearts, automatically, with: active aggression and assertive determination; because, this spiritual war, of Angels and Demons manifesting within men, this spiritual war [ IS ] the Divinely intended work, of; the ( true ) Holy Priesthood, when; that Christ nature rises up within the hearts, of; that .. unique .. mysteriously hidden .. Christian Church – Priesthood!

        The Christ of God, who is Jesus Christ; this Christ .. Jesus .. person is God's perfect .. [ only ] .. heart character standard / blueprinted pattern, for: a .. Holy .. Christian Church - Priesthood .. to be actively enjoined within a community of many men; whereby, Jesus Christ is [ the ] specific heart nature .. the exclusive [ Divine Nature .. reference ] .. the precisely exact [ virtue .. of qualification ], which; the whole of the Christian Church – Priesthood society [ must ] accept, with ( true ) integrity, of exact replication .. and perfect duplication .. and progenesis and procreation .. from; one generation, to; [ ALL ] future generations, of; Christ men.

        A holy standard .. a Divine standard .. , which: Divine standard, [ IS ] the heart nature of Christ Jesus; such a holy standard .. a ( Divine Nature .. standard ) .. is required, by God, insistently, to; be upheld, as a .. faith standard .. of the Christian Church – Priesthood .. throughout; the whole Christian community, of; many Priesthood men, and which; .. ( Divine Nature .. standard ) .. , is to be attained, within the Christian Church - Priesthood, exclusively through; the [ “living power” .. of Jesus Christ ]. That holy standard .. this ( Divine Nature .. standard ) .. of Jesus Christ, has, in prior times, been compromised, exceedingly, from; a correct representation of Jesus Christ, and; .. this ( Divine Nature .. standard ) .. of Jesus Christ has been supplanted, astonishingly, by: a substituted Satanic structure of infiltrations, subversions and deceptions, of; implanted Christian Church – Priesthood philosophies and values references and belief systems, which; have come upon the Christian Church – Priesthood, through; the imposition of active disciples of .. Satanic faith working .. , who are advocates, and practitioners, of Witchcraft powers, and; [ not ] of Jesus Christ!

        A Holy Priesthood, a ( true ) Holy Priesthood, has attained the promised salvation of God, which, NEW TESTAMENT promise of salvation, is having the .. ( Divine Nature .. Jesus Christ ) .. grown, successfully, within the hearts of such a Priesthood. And, such a ( true ) Priesthood has, by default, been set free, from; Satanic infiltrations, subversions, and programmed deceptions, and; from the invisible powers of Intrusive Witchcraft; and therein, such a liberated Holy Priesthood has been empowered, of; Jesus Christ, by: God's Holy Spirit, to; War against Satanic subversions, and Witchcraft powers, which have dominated .. contaminated .. imprisoned .. the whole of the world.

        The Angels and Demons realm, having been manipulated .. successfully .. long time .. by Satanic faith working, from within: the ( captured and twisted ) Christian Church Institution, and [ also ] from within; the Witchcraft practices, of; .. Evil Priesthood .. intercessions; such Angels and Demons will .. now .. be recaptured, reconstructed, and reformed, astonishingly, according to; the Christ Nature .. Virtue .. of Jesus, which; Christ Nature .. virtue .. of Jesus, is rising up within the hearts of a ( true ) Holy Priesthood, and which, .. ( Divine Nature .. of Jesus Christ ), will .. forcibly .. drive the ( true ) Holy Priesthood – ministry .. in that faith working .. toward; an intercessory conflict, of overt and terrible War, against; the Satanic infiltrations .. subversions and deceptions, and the world's cultures of Evil, which; have been crafted to be dominant, until; this very day. And therein, the ( Divine Nature .. of Jesus Christ ) will .. force .. the ( true ) Holy Priesthood to .. forcibly .. overcome the Witchcraft society, crafted throughout the World, through; the Holy Priesthood intercessory course of changing the Angels and Demons realm, which; intercessory change, liberates, entirely, the World, in; its total whole, to; satisfy God's Will, in; the context of Holiness, of; Jesus Christ!

by: Michael Mitchell