America in the Apocalypse ..


        America, the United States of America, is the centermost stage of God's Apocalypse; wherein, Prophets Of Jesus Christ will appear, mysteriously, and; will withstand the many waves of horrific assaults, which are levied, continuously, by the rising Evil Beast, who is the Antichrist of Biblical prophecy.

        The Witchcraft culture; rising up within America to, eventually, reveal the Kingdom of the Evil Beast; that future culture of America is, presently now, embedded, solidly, within the spiritual complex of Angels and demons; and therein, the cultural evidence, of public appearance .. awareness .. and recognition; that cultural evidence progresses, now, unceasingly. America; which is the permissive society which has allowed diversity and expansion of religious faith – platforms and styles, as; an evolving culture, of; a “free state”; America, now, has ( also ) become the birthplace of a ( spiritual reversal ) .. of ( religious limitations and concentration ) .. and of ( church – faith merging and consolidation ) .. and of ( angels – realm convergence of controlled powers ), unto; the arrival of a supreme posturing, of; two .. opposing .. religious faith – gravity centers, who are the Evil Beast Kingdom, and; Prophets Of Jesus Christ!

        The contemporary Prophecy .. for America .. stipulates a .. disintegration of cohesive order and societal continuity .. , throughout; the church community – whole of America, and within; the political fabric of the governance of America; therein, the prophecy, of this present age, stipulates a social – cultural - political fragmentation of America, which; fragmentation of contemporary prophecy, will reveal a rising surge of .. ten political factions .. of ideological voting interests, which; will war against each other .. politically .. economically .. culturally .. and militantly .. to satisfy God's strategic plan, of; the “End Times” .. Apocalypse.

        America, being overtaken by the inevitable Apocalypse, of John's Biblical Revelation; the United States of America will fulfill the Prophecy of ten kings, and; their ten kingdoms, of; ten political factions, who will rise up as instruments who .. support and enable .. the Babylonian whore. This Babylonian whore is the Traditional “Church” society, of; the Christian realm of many ( multitudes ) of denominational church factions, which; Traditional church ( factions ), have [ ALL ] upheld a doctrinal - centeredness upon the importance of man's interests instead of God's interests, as; the Babylonian character of the Church. This Biblical Prophecy, of John's .. New Testament .. Revelation; this scriptural prophecy is centered upon .. ( the place ) .. of material wealth / abundant prosperity / extraordinary riches, where this Babylonian whore has proliferated, as; a wonder!

        Witchcraft, as the established cultural base for the future of America; Witchcraft has been gradually positioned, strategically, for societal acceptance throughout America, and; is foreseen, within the prophecy of John's Apocalypse, and; in this revealed prophecy, to advance .. ( within ) .. the Traditional Christian church realm, as; the Babylonian whore .. platform .. which leads the deceived community – whole.

        The future of America will become characterized as a Witchcraft based culture, a macro - society order which glories in spirit – realm powers .. Satanic rituals .. blood sacrifices [ animals and humans ] .. practices of psychic control, over men's souls, through Witchcraft manipulation of spirits, from within; a religious platform of validation, known commonly as the church. This revealed prophecy, of witchcraft overtaking America and absorbing the greater population of America, into; a cultural shift and manifestation of men's uncontrolled evil; this prophecy - record coincides with the .. scriptural prophecy .. of John's Book of Revelation!

        Michael Mitchell, having a Divine mandate for America, to: prepare an activated society .. of scriptural and contemporary prophecy .. for; that society in America to withstand the rigors of continuous Witchcraft assaults. Michael Mitchell is God's particular messenger of prophecy, for; Michael Mitchell to lead Prophets Of Jesus Christ into its season of Witchcraft strangeness, as; a public testimony of Jesus Christ, and to .. ( also ) .. enter into a season of dormancy, as; a quieting and resting of their Prophets Of Jesus Christ public testimony.

        America, being the home of Michael Mitchell, and; having a Divine predestination to “host” a society of scriptural and contemporary prophecy, which shall be called the ( Prophets Of Jesus Christ ); America will, also, “host”, simultaneously, the counter society .. of the Antichrist culture .. of Witchcraft; and, America will be the epicenter / the base line reference, for; the Bible prophecy fulfillment of John, which is evident through the Apostle's grace, which; abides upon Michael Mitchell. Michael Mitchell, having been: discipled in a wilderness journey, within America, and having been; established as an Apostle ministry with Prophets Of Jesus Christ, within America; Michael Mitchell is .. ( within ) .. the gravity center, of; the Apostle Gift of Grace, for; this Spirit realm conflict with Witchcraft to unfold, to its ultimate consummation!

        The Book of Revelation, the Apocalypse record of the Apostle John, this Book of the Apocalypse is a prophecy which testifies, eternally, [ .. with or without the message of Michael Mitchell .. ], as; a report .. a warning .. a sign .. of ( .. ultimate church failure .. ), within a perpetuation of Christian church error and bondage, which then; is followed by the Apocalypse public spectacle of John's prophecy, of; a ( .. miracle powers – true church .. event ), which then; is followed by another Apocalypse .. season of horrors .. of Witchcraft powers domination, wherein; all, of these factors of the Apocalypse, which will escalate unto a Witchcraft dominated World, have been spiritually imposed, as a perpetual vision / powerful visitation, upon; Michael Mitchell.

        Michael Mitchell, having been: Divinely integrated into many years of a personal Apocalypse experience, as; a reflection of John's Book of Revelation .. ( the Apocalypse ) .. according to; Holy Spirit visitations, and by: terrifically impacting circumstances of tribulation, and by; powerful visions of that Apocalypse prophecy, which have included the experience of punishing .. painful .. assaults, from; sinister Witchcraft workers, with; Witchcraft powers over invisible spirits, who were working their craft from within the bastion of the Christian church society; Michael Mitchell has been Divinely appointed, and prepared, to be the prophecy messenger, of the unfolding Apocalypse, in; America!

        Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ ( Jesus ) of God, the .. ( only ) .. heir – authority of ownership over Heaven and Earth, the sovereign Lord who rules over Michael Mitchell and Prophets Of Jesus Christ, the supreme enforcer of John's Apocalypse; Jesus Christ is the sovereign God who permits the rise of Witchcraft powers, and; a Witchcraft culture, to; become the dominant power over ( .. ALL .. ) of the World, as; a Divinely imposed punishment, of; Righteous scales balancing, because of; men's universal preference for evil, even within the .. Christian pretension of church .. . Jesus Christ .. now .. unveils the power of his prophecy, of the unfolding Apocalypse, through; his appointed messenger Michael Mitchell!

        The Apocalypse .. within America .. foreseen in the prophecy record of John's Book of Revelation; the Apocalypse represents Jesus Christ, as; the will, and purpose, of the resurrected Son of the living God, in; the Divine Son's service to His Divine Father, [ the Creator God ], in: the judging of man's full maturity in sinfulness, and in; the concluding of the apostate church - age, and in; the balancing of “just scales” .. of perfect consequence .. for; the whole community of pretending churches. Michael Mitchell, the appointed servant of Jesus, who is the Lord Jesus Christ, and who is the resurrected Savior Jesus; Michael Mitchell is the contemporary messenger - Apostle of the Apocalypse, of Jesus .. God's Son; and therein, Michael Mitchell is the .. ordained authority .. of Divine predestination and spiritual grace; whereby, Witchcraft powers, and Witchcraft workers, of the Evil Beast Kingdom, are Priesthood - endorsed .. Prophets Of Jesus Christ - permitted .. then overruled .. limited and constrained .. and finally concluded .. stopped at the end of the Apocalypse process!

        The Evil Beast, who is the Antichrist - person of John's Book of Revelation .. ( the Apocalypse ) .. ; that Evil Beast .. ( Antichrist - person ) .. along with; the ten kings of prophecy; and along with; a Witchcraft culture and structure of authorities, within; the Christian church community; that Evil Beast .. ( Antichrist – society ) .. will flourish in America. Jesus Christ .. the Savior Jesus .. the crucified and resurrected Jesus, who is King and Lord and Sovereign God above [ ALL ] men / mankind; Jesus rules over the Apocalypse - time of the Evil Beast .. ( society ) .. and; the Witchcraft powers of the Evil Beast .. ( Antichrist – person ) .. and the workers of Witchcraft around the World, and; Jesus rules over the appointment of his Apostle messenger .. Michael Mitchell .. and; Prophets Of Jesus Christ, which has been appointed, by; Jesus, to; the stewardship .. oversight .. spiritual authority .. of the Apostle messenger, who is .. Michael Mitchell .. .

        The Apocalypse .. of Jesus Christ .. is a spiritual season .. a specific church age .. of Divine purpose, which; deliberately, permits the rise of the Antichrist – person, according to; the ruling Priesthood powers of Prophets Of Jesus Christ. The Antichrist – person, with the Evil Beast character and spirit, and; with Evil Beast Witchcraft powers; that Antichrist – person .. Evil Beast .. will fulfill the prophecy of God's Wrath, in; God's unfolding of fiercely punishing consequences upon the World. This Apocalypse – rule and process, of Jesus Christ, permits the Evil Beast .. ( person and culture ) .. to become the dominant power upon America, for; a limited season, within; the scope of deliberate containments, by; the Prophets Of Jesus Christ .. Priesthood. The Divine Priesthood powers of Jesus Christ have been appointed to .. endowed upon .. Prophets Of Jesus Christ, for; this Biblical time of .. unleashing and containing .. the Evil Beast .. ( character and spirit and person ) .. with the Evil Beast Witchcraft powers, which; Divine Priesthood powers of Jesus Christ, can, ( only ), be accessed .. discovered .. entered into .. by predestined .. Prophets Of Jesus Christ .. disciples following behind, and accepting as Divine truth, the prophecy - message of Michael Mitchell, and; the evidence of .. ( Word of God .. confirmations ) .. which; evidence, follows behind, and accompanies always, the testimony .. report .. warnings .. of Michael Mitchell!

        John's Biblical prophecy .. the Book of Revelation .. which is the ( Apocalypse of Jesus Christ ) .. ; that .. Book of Revelation .. , as a scripture reference, has been forcibly imposed upon Michael Mitchell, from; an abiding spirit of visiting Angels. John's .. Book of Revelation .. the ( Apocalypse of Jesus Christ ) .. presents the platform of a .. failed .. Christian church community, in its ultimate state of apostasy; wherein, the Evil Beast – person, along with; an Evil Beast society, appears in global domination, from a church posture, through; the strange powers of unconstrained Witchcraft.

        The Witchcraft dynamic of the Evil Beast, established within the prophecy of John's Book of Revelation; that Evil Beast .. Witchcraft dynamic .. will be released to its ultimate stature of cultural domination and rule, according to; a Divine appointment given to a Priesthood of Prophets Of Jesus Christ, within; the Apocalypse process of Jesus Christ. John's prophecy .. of the Book of Revelation .. is a permanent record of spiritual foresight, and Godly intent, which; Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, reveals an exact, inevitable, consequence, of; perfect Biblical justice, according to; [ “Just Scales in Righteous Balance” ], which; consequence of the Book of Revelation, Jesus Christ imposes .. fiercely .. upon the .. apostate church .. and; upon the dependent society, which is the spiritual child expressive of that .. apostate church .. and which; consequence, of; Jesus Christ, of; the Book of Revelation; such consequence is a judgment of God's Wrath, which; has been mandated to the inescapable awareness .. an inner witness of perpetual recognition .. a platform of message bearing, of; Michael Mitchell!

        The Evil Beast Kingdom, having a power base of Witchcraft, of the .. Evil Beast character .. and abilities, and; being established through the evolving culture of Evil in America, and; fulfilling John's New Testament – prophecy of Jesus Christ, in; the .. Book of Revelation .. . The Evil Beast Kingdom is a .. vision .. of the Apostle John, of the Book of Revelation, which; presents the .. Whore of Babylon .. ( the Christian church society ) .. riding upon the back of a Red Dragon .. the Devil Spirit of Witchcraft Society - powers. This Evil Beast Kingdom, being the embodiment of that Witchcraft Society upon the Earth, rises to the pinnacle of exaggerated evil, and worldwide dominance, within; the Apocalypse – time .. season .. age .. of Jesus Christ.

        The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, being strategically intended as a .. ( power move ) .. of Divine Wrath; the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ permits the ultimate horror to come upon earth, as; an unleashed Evil Beast Kingdom, which; Evil Beast Kingdom, fulfills of the prophecy of Divine promise, in; the Book of Revelation. That Evil Beast Kingdom, of the Book of Revelation, shall be solidly established in dominance, in America, through; the successful conversion, of the society, to a popularized Witchcraft culture!

        The Prophets Of Jesus Christ, rising up in America to provide a refuge of escape, from; the Witchcraft powers, of; the Evil Beast Kingdom; this Prophets Of Jesus Christ satisfies John's vision of prophecy, within; his Book of Revelation, whereby; a woman of mystery flees into the wilderness to escape from the pursuing Dragon ( Devil ). The Book of Revelation, of the Apostle John, reveals a titanic conflict between Prophets Of Jesus Christ, and the Evil Beast Kingdom, which; is energized by the Witchcraft powers, of; the unleashed Evil Beast .. ( person .. spirit .. culture ) .. .

        The Apocalypse - plan of Jesus Christ .. of the Book of Revelation .. has provided for an escape, from: the Evil Beast Kingdom, and from; the Evil Beast .. Antichrist person .. and his Witchcraft powers; and therein, this, particular, alternative disposition can be accessed through the prophecy of Michael Mitchell, which; alternative disposition, [ IS ] Prophets Of Jesus Christ. The Prophets Of Jesus Christ .. [ WILL ] .. survive the Evil Beast Kingdom, evading the Evil Beast .. Antichrist powers of persecution .. throughout [ ALL ] of the societies of the world; and, Prophets Of Jesus Christ .. [ WILL ] .. in the end, assert the righteousness of Jesus Christ, in; the destruction of the dominion of the Antichrist, in; the course of God's purging the World, entirely, of ( all ) Witchcraft powers; therein, Prophets Of Jesus Christ fulfills John's prophecy – conclusion, within; the Book of Revelation!

        ( .. Holy Angels of God .. ), commanded by Jesus Christ, will enforce the security of the New Christ Nation, and therein; such activated ( .. Holy Angels of God .. ) will withstand the continuous barrage of Evil Spirits, set loose by Witchcraft powers, of the Evil Beast Kingdom, in; those ( .. Holy Angels' of God .. ) defense of Prophets Of Jesus Christ. Therein, the prophecy of titanic church conflict, within John's Book of Revelation, that conflict of Angels shall be fulfilled in both realms, .. [ in the Heaven's realm of Angels and in the Earth's realm of men ] .. according to; the Apocalypse - rule of Jesus Christ. The Evil Beast Kingdom and the Prophets Of Jesus Christ are the .. [ two church opposites ] .. which will consummate, entirely, the prophecy .. Book of Revelation .. of Jesus Christ.

        The Angels and Demon spirits, which are empowered to manifest through Witchcraft powers of the Evil Beast Kingdom; those Angels and Demon spirits shall be, continuously, subordinated beneath the higher rank / the greater spiritual grace, of God's Priesthood - appointed Angels, which; Priesthood - appointed Angels, will minister peace, and; strength, and; patient consistency, and; wise counsel, to [ ALL ] of the Prophet – citizens of Prophets Of Jesus Christ. John's Book of Revelation is layered with, and; is heavy laden in abundance of, the ministry presence of God's Angels, as; a direct reflection of Holy Priesthood appointment, of; Jesus Christ. These ministering Angels, throughout John's Book of Revelation, are Divinely empowered enforcers, of God's sovereign will, within; the manifestation – plan of Prophets Of Jesus Christ, and ( also ); the Evil Beast Kingdom, throughout; the time .. age .. season .. of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ!

        Christian religion – Angels and Demon spirits, which are manifesting as a heart character reflection, within and throughout, the apostate church realm, of the ( .. the present Christian church community .. ); those Christian religion – Angels and their infiltrating Demon spirits have been .. ( changed and reset ) .. ( engineered and rearranged ) .. ( formatted and restructured ) .. into the .. ( NEW ) .. order, of the Apocalypse – dispensation of Jesus. And, by the ministry of such changed spirits .. ( Holy Angels and Demon spirits ) .. Prophets Of Jesus Christ will appear, and so shall the Evil Beast Kingdom, each in their opposing characterizations of Angels types. The Prophets Of Jesus Christ and the Evil Beast Kingdom will present a public spectacle .. within the Christian church community, and; before the witnessing World.

        The separating apart, of the entire Christian church universe .. of apostasy .. into two radical opposites, who are: the Evil Beast Kingdom, with its Witchcraft powers over the formatting of Angels and Demon spirits, and who are; Prophets Of Jesus Christ, with its Holy Priesthood command over the appointed Angels of Jesus Christ; that separating apart, of the apostate Christian church realm, into two opposing .. radically distinct .. church characterizations; that separating apart of the Christian church community has been “set” .. spiritually established .. arranged and formatted, according to; the Apocalypse – dispensation of Jesus Christ. The .. apostate .. Christian church universe [ IS ] .. presently now .. has been in the past .. will continue to be in the future, compelled and driven, by: invisible Angels and Demon spirits of the Prophets Of Jesus Christ, toward; the eventual consummation, perfectly, of; the Apocalypse - dispensation of Jesus!

by: Michael Mitchell