FILE TWO .. Evil Beast Kingdom

        The Whore of Babylon is a constant ( “Spirit” ) type that permeates .. universally .. through the whole of the Christian culture; wherefrom, this Whore of Babylon .. ( “Spirit” ) nature / heart motivation / and subliminal persuasion .. was originated in Israel, through their 70 years of Babylonian captivity.

        The Whore of Babylon is an invisible force of [ SIN ] that subliminally drives the Christian community behavior, without the Whore of Babylon ~ Association being detected nor even comprehended. The Whore of Babylon ~ Mind Set, functioning normally within [ ALL ] Christian churchmen, is a ( “Soul of Man” ) influence, subliminally active in “bending” Christian churchmen toward the same behavioral predilection as Biblical Israel.

        Satan is ( THE ) force of subliminal influence upon the ( “Souls of all Men” ); whereby, the Whore of Babylon ~ spirit is effectually a subcategory of Satan. The whole of the Christian community is manipulated .. subliminally .. by this Whore of Babylon ~ spirit, serving Satan in an existential reality, while simultaneously professing “Jesus Christ” as active Christians. The specific character, exemplified by this Whore of Babylon ~ spirit, is a cultural centricity upon [( MAN WORSHIP )]; wherein, Satan continues to keep the Human Creature looping and Serpent Coiling around the Creature ( itself ) and not the Creator.

        The subliminal influence of Satan is to focus the Human Creature's attention upon ( “The Self” ), and therein; away from God or God's « Covenant Salvation » promises and powers. The Whore of Babylon – Spirit of Satan, abiding within [ ALL ] of Christian Churchmen, subliminally motivates Religious men unto ( “Self Worship” ), ( “Family Worship” ), ( “Creature Worship” ), even ( “Patriotism Worship” ); wherein, the Human Creature continually denies the ( “Worship of God” )]. Satan, as the .. inner .. [( VOICE )] of the Whore of Babylon ~ Spirit; Satan drives his [( MAN WORSHIP )] agenda within the Human Creature, framing a “Counterfeit Christianity”.

        The Spirit of Satan manifesting in the Hearts of the Human Creature, is a Power of motivation, even driving obsessions and compulsory addictions, and imposing a corruptive Imagination Life upon the Human Creature. The Spirit of the indwelling Satan will power the Human Creature toward .. Whore of Babylon ~ [( MAN WORSHIP )] .., even filling the minds of the Human Creature with Thoughts of exercising the Will unto ( “Self god ~ Creation” ). The Whore of Babylon ~ Spirit recreates [( MAN AS GOD )], mocking God's Christ in the flesh, wherein; Satan's Spirit empowers the Human Creature's « Faith Working » with confirming evidence, reinforcing such a believed delusion.

        Satan, as an indwelling Spirit, rules the Human Creature Heart, deceiving the Human Creature into believing that [( MAN )] is his own God, rendering the .. CREATOR IDEA .. to only being a ~ SUPPLY SOURCE ~ for the [( Human Creature ~ GOD )]. The Spirit of Satan, within all of the Human Creature, plays and repeats, over and over ad infinitum, the Whore of Babylon ~ mantra that the Creator God wants [( MAN )] to “Prayerfully” exercise his Spirit ability, to ( Demand of God ), to ( Direct the Spirit Powers of God ), and to ( Master the Knowledge of a Spirit God ). The Whore of Babylon ~ Spirit ( “Glories” ) in the Human Creature's ( Sentience and Intellectualistic capacities ), designing infinite plans of satiating the Human Creature's ( “Primal, Morbid, and Depraved Lusts” ).

        The power of the Spirit is amplified to Miracle level evidence, through Blood Sacraments; wherein, such Blood Sacraments are concentrating the Human Creature's « Faith Working » .. of purposed death .. into Spirit Realm operations. These Spirit Realm operations, whether unto Satan's amplification of Evil, or unto God's Holiness, are practiced according to specific protocols of .. implicit .. qualification. The Whore of Babylon connotation, of operational Blood Sacraments, is intended with deliberate achievement objectives, to empower Satan for deceiving the Human Creature Community into believing that [( MAN )] is God. Such Whore of Babylon ~ Blood Sacraments ~ might well perpetually deceive and control the Human Creature Spirit, forestalling God's Rule toward Liberating the Human Creature Universe, if these Blood Sacraments are never exercised unto Holy « Faith Working ».

        The Blood Sacraments fundamental portrays God's Creation methodology toward managing / manipulating / steering the Spirit component of the Human Creature; whereby, such adaptations of the Spirit portray Human Creature Sufferings of .. DIVINE JUDGMENT .. Imputations; or contrarily, such adaptations portray Human Creature ascendancies into .. DIVINE GLORY .. . These Blood Sacraments, centering the Human Creature's status upon the .. BLOOD / DEATH .. operation of Priesthood functions; such Blood Sacraments anchor the Human Creature's dependency upon Priesthood Works, in executing God's purpose of such Blood Sacraments operations, toward Sufferings or Ascending Glory. Whore of Babylon operations of Blood Sacraments are specifically centered upon accomplishing more exaggerations and perpetuations of Human Creature predilections toward Satan's control; wherein, these Whore of Babylon Blood Sacraments are purposely engineered to defy God, but conversely; serve God's actual interests in punishing the Human Creature by turning them over to Satan.

        The Evil Beast Kingdom comes into fruition during the process of the ~ END TIMES ~ Apocalypse; wherein, the Church of Contemporary Traditions transforms into a more overt display of Satan's nature and heart motivation. This Evil Beast Kingdom is a universalized evolution of Satan's Spirit, that has transformed the Church Community through Blood Sacraments operations. Counterfeit Priests, of a deceived Church Community, are learning to practice such Spirit operations of Blood Sacraments, to manipulate / steer the Human Creature Spirit toward a more desirable Evil Beast Kingdom Heart behavior, lifting [( MAN )] as God.

        The Evil Beast Kingdom, having become the universalized standard of Christian Theology; the Evil Beast Kingdom will become intensively focused upon ( Purging ) its ranks of any dissension, of any alternative Christian Theology. Within this ( Purging ), Blood Sacraments operations will unleash Spirit Realm powers unto murdering, to death, any / all other Christian Theology advocates; wherein, the Evil Beast kingdom Theology will intend to stand alone as God's True kingdom among Human Creatures. Satan's kingdom Realm, posing as God's Kingdom of Christianity, will insist upon absolute control over the Human Creature, through the operations of Blood Sacraments, which will conjure Satan's Spirit powers to eliminate any True Kingdom of God competition against his Evil Beast Kingdom.

        John's Apocalypse unveils God's process for maturing the Church in the « New Covenant » of Jesus Christ; wherein the Apocalypse, the .. Divinely .. QUALIFIED .. Church is “Purged unto Tribulation” .. “Tried in Suffrage” .. and “Awakened”. The Church, that belongs to the « New Covenant » of Jesus Christ, will endure this Apocalypse of John to its complete fulness, surviving persecution of the Evil Beast kingdom, and its Spirit empowered Blood Sacraments. The Church of this Apocalypse is edified by its deliverance power, escaping .. profoundly .. the previously indwelt nature of Satan. The Evil Beast kingdom, contrary to the “Redeemed” Church, becomes [ THE ] hallmarked picture of the Apocalypse of John, becoming exaggerated by its Blood Sacraments, to obtaining the personified Spirit of Satan in men's flesh.

        The Church Community is ambushed .. entirely .. by this Apocalypse of John, not understanding the « Covenant of Jesus Christ » correlation in the Apocalypse, nor the underlying principles that have been detailed in .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Scriptures. The Apocalypse of John is profoundly necessary to the objective of the .. DIVINE CREATOR ..; wherein, the Human Creature, of a limited few, is prepared, in the Apocalypse, to be the ( “Flesh Hosting Tabernacle” ) for God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ. The Evil Beast Kingdom, the « Failed » Church System of Order that is ( “Taken Out” ) of the Vine of Christ, to personify the « Nature » of Satan; the Evil Beast Kingdom will revive the Blood Sacraments from the Old Testament ~ Priesthood of Levi, to obtain Spirit abilities of the Apocalypse. During the Apocalypse .. implicitly .., such Blood Sacraments that amplify Satan's Spirit Power, become God's tool to “Try” the Faith of the “Redeemed” Church Community, to maturely prepare the ~ CHURCH BODY WIFE ~ of Christ.

        The Church of John's Apocalypse is comprised of ~ SEVEN ~ Churches; Ephesus .. Smyrna .. Pergamos .. Thyatira .. Sardis .. Philadelphia .. and Laodicea. These ~ SEVEN ~ Churches undergo great tribulation of John's Apocalypse; wherein, two Church types emerge in their mysteries, which; are opposite to each other. The Evil Beast Kingdom arises out of these ~ SEVEN ~ named Churches in the nature of Satan, and during the Apocalypse; persecutes the other Church type. The persecuted Church type, also transforming out of these ~ SEVEN ~ named Churches, is ( Freed ) from the bondages of Satan which still hold the Evil Beast Kingdom. Blood Sacraments activate magnified Spirit Powers of Satan, energizing the Evil Beast Kingdom against the “Redeemed” Church; however, the “Redeemed” Church, being persecuted, is energized by the Blood Sacraments of Jesus Christ, overthrowing the Evil Beast Kingdom of Satan.

        The Apocalypse battle, that occurs between two transforming Church types, is entirely revealing of God's master plan; wherein, Godly obedience and rebellion are showcased together with exaggerated .. ICONS .. of opposite Church transformations. The Evil Beast Kingdom champions its own version of Godliness, while serving the inner nature of Satan; while yet, the “Redeemed” Church is set free from the inner nature of Satan, to serve God while triggering the Wrath of Satan, in the Evil Beast Kingdom Community. The Blood Sacraments methodology, showcased in the Apocalypse, will center up on ( Human Sacrifices ) as its avenue to exact the greatest Spirit power, to enable the Evil Beast Kingdom's persecution of the “Redeemed” Church; however, the “Redeemed” Church will already have embraced the Blood Sacraments methodology, that merges Jesus Christ with the “Lamb of Sacrifice”. This dichotomy, of ( Human Sacrifice ) opposites, becomes [ THE ] showdown of Spirit powers; wherein, the Blood of Jesus Christ is revealed to release the greater Spirit power, exalting the Church of Godly obedience.

        The Antichrist is the ~ INDWELLING HEART ~ nature of all Human Creatures, that are mainstream ~ programmed according to the Spirit of Satan, that now drives men's Intellectual prism of perceptions, that define God, .. Bible viewpoints, .. and Church definitions. The Antichrist ~ INDWELLING HEART ~ nature will now concentrically personify a man of the Apocalypse, implicitly and in particular, which Antichrist opposes all things of authentic Godliness, and; who rises up to global leadership, to therein resist the ( REVIVAL ) of Godliness .. Holiness .. and Divine Truth .. within Spirit Life. The Evil Beast Kingdom ~ church of the Apocalypse, having embodied .. perfectly .. the Antichrist nature, is naturally aligned with this Antichrist Leader, to perform Blood Sacraments with ( Human Sacrifices ). The Spirit Powers of the Antichrist nature, amplified by such Blood Sacraments, will perfect this Evil Beast Kingdom ~ church of the Apocalypse, to .. perfectly .. defy God and persecute God's “Redeemed” Church until the final Judgment.

        The Antichrist Spirit becomes the dominant ~ INDWELLING HEART ~ nature of the Traditional church system of order; whereby, the mainstreamed church of Christianity is motivated by, even compelled and reasoned through, the Antichrist ~ enemy of God. The Antichrist Spirit lusts against God ( HIMSELF ), attempting to hijack ownership of the Human Creature, and demanding that God serve the Human Creature with .. DIVINE POWER .. . The Evil Beast Kingdom ~ church of the Apocalypse becomes the staged platform for an Antichrist Kingdom, that opposes God with the name of the Antichrist society ~ church, declaring ( HIS ) Kingdom name with defiant contempt of God, even executing the Abomination of Desolation in the holy place, of Blood Sacraments with ( Human Sacrifices ). God's Son, the Christ Jesus, as God's sacrificed lamb of “Redemption”, becomes openly mocked by such Blood Sacraments in the Antichrist agenda; wherein, the Evil Beast Kingdom – church of the Apocalypse strives to ~ FREE ~ itself from God's oversight and prophecies of judgment.

by: Michael Mitchell