FILE TWO .. Mystery Church

The Covenant of God, offered to God's “Fallen” Creatures, is entirely originated and empowered by the .. CREATION GOD .. for the benefit of the « Human Creature », but; primarily to serve the interests of God; wherein, such an offered Covenant is entirely the domain of God, for the application of Covenant Terms .. Conditions and its Fulfillment.

    The Covenant of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. is entirely framed within the previous Covenant of the .. OLD TESTAMENT .., that was experienced by “Fallen” Creatures, as the example to learn from; wherein, God's original Covenant Terms .. Conditions .. Failure Consequences and Fulfillment signs, were all defined and experienced with repeated admonishing. Contemporary “Fallen” Creatures should be able to sort through .. OLD TESTAMENT .. admonishing, to learn God's intent and expectation, to have undisguised clarity of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Covenant.

    The Word of God is ( THE ) .. exclusive .. reference for understanding God's Covenant offering to “Fallen” Creatures, with its original Covenant Terms .. Conditions .. Failure Consequences and Fulfillment signs; whereby the Word of God, the Covenant becomes enlivened / empowered / enabled to produce the promises that God intends “Fallen” Creatures to experience, in reality. The Word of God is .. DIVINELY .. enabled to produce the .. literal .. effectuations of Covenant Life, including the Covenant idea of Salvation; and, without the Word of God enabling of Covenant Life, .. NO .. DIVINE .. power exists ( ANYWHERE ) that can produce a substitutionary effectuation of Covenant Salvation.

    The Word of God is strategically engineered to produce Covenant effectuations from within the Hearts of “Believing” men, who are philosophically converted “Fallen” Creatures; wherein such “Believing” men, the Word of God becomes a < growing thing >, as a Living Seed that bears < Fruit > of itself, when nurtured properly to maturity. The Word of God, then, is ( THE ) grown fruit that produces the specific result of Covenant Salvation from within the “Heart Gardens” such “Believing” men, showing its effectuation of “Heart Nature” change / ( transformation ), as Word of God proof of Covenant Life.

    Jesus Christ is God's fleshly evidence to “Fallen” Creatures, showing what the literal Word of God portrays, when allowed to flourish within the “Hearts Gardens” of “Believing” men ; wherein, Jesus Christ, abiding within Human Creatures, produces an effectuation that enables a Covenant Reality with God. The Word of God Covenant is .. explicitly .. the manifestation of Jesus Christ abiding within the “Hearts” of the Human Creature.

    Covenant Salvation, offered to the “Fallen” Creature by God, can .. ONLY .. be activated when the Word of God .. Jesus Christ .. is correctly received and properly nurtured within the “Hearts” of “Believing” men, showing “Heart Nature” < Fruit > maturity of ( transformation ). Covenant Salvation is .. implicitly .. a Jesus Christ evidence and methodology within the Human Creature, and; without the Word of God < Fruit > of Jesus Christ manifesting within “Hearts” of “Believing” men, Covenant Salvation .. CANNOT .. occur, nor even be started.

    The Blood conduit, between Earthy Flesh bodies and Heaven's Spiritual paradigm, defaults ( ALL ) other philosophies of religion to futile theories of nonsense. The Blood of God's Holy Son, Jesus Christ, became ( THE ) exclusive instrument of Earthy / Heavenly convergence; whereby, the Word of God, of Covenant activation, was uniquely enforced to bring literal power of God into the experience of the “Fallen” Human Creature. The Blood paradigm is key to understanding the Covenant, the Word of God's Power, and Jesus Christ's mission in the Earthy Realm.

    The Blood of the “Fallen” Creature was contaminated, with SIN, in the Garden of Eden Narrative; wherein, this Blood component became ( THE ) battleground for later “Redemption” of the Human Creature, requiring extraordinary factors of Intercession to be .. DIVINELY .. engineered, incorporating God's Holy Son .. Jesus Christ ..; a Covenant plan, with its Terms .. Conditions .. Regulatory boundaries .. Consequences and Rewards; and then husbandry of the “Seed Sown” Word of God. The Blood of the Human Creature required cleansing, of its ~ SIN ~ component, necessitating a counterpart Human Creature .. Jesus Christ .. that had .. NOT .. this Blood contamination, to be used as ( THE ) Blood cleansing agent, .. when the Word of God was received in its original virtue, .. and when Covenant Terms .. and Conditions .. of Entrance was properly activated and upheld « Faithfully » by the invited Human Creature.

    Either God .. Himself .., or the Devil, becomes the driving program of the Human Creature Heart Nature, being decided by preferences of the Human Creature. The Human Creature .. CANNOT .. rule over this inner man motivation, as a Third power of motivation, by exercising of “Will”; for, Heaven's powers are .. DIVINELY CREATED .. to follow an exclusive model, of Human Creature motivation, either by God or the Devil, and .. NO .. exception may circumvent this .. CREATION OF GOD .. “Law”. During the Garden of Eden “Trial”, the Devil became the defaulted inner nature for motivating the Human Creature. The Blood is the location where God, or the Devil, may dwell within the Human Creature, to operate Heaven's powers, unto the corresponding nature of motivation. For the inner nature to be changed, from Devil motivation to God's inner motivation, the Blood .. MUST .. be impacted with Heaven's Powers to bring such a change; and, this change may ( ONLY ) occur by .. CREATION OF GOD .. “Law”, now made available through the Word of God, as God's “Sowing Seed” virtue, who may embody the Human Creature as God's Son, Jesus Christ. This Word of God formula, through embodiment of Jesus Christ, overrules the Devil Heart Nature program, [ when ] the Human Creature resolves the self as being “Condemned” with the Devil, requiring absolute conversion away from the Devil Heart Nature, and; unto the transformation ~ WAY ~ of Jesus Christ.

    The Devil is “the Voice” heard from within ( ALL ) the Human Creature population, as ( THE ) Universal Baseline experience; wherein, the Devil is perceived as being the familiar and trustworthy “Inner Voice” of < the Self >. The Devil within the Human Creature is .. NOT .. commonly recognized as being as “Alien” / “Strange” “Inner Voice”, that requires correction / a problem to be solved / a corrupted Human Creature Heart Motivation to be purged; wherein, the ~ ONE ~ single adjustment is to cleanse the Blood from the Devil, by the implicit process of ~ WORD of GOD ~ Seed Sowing, to grow the Inner Heart motivation of Jesus Christ. The Indwelling “Voice” of the Devil is so normalized, that the Devil is perceived as being the “literal” Self Identity within the Human Creature, and is the < Expression > of Self Will; therein, the Word of God, becoming Jesus Christ embodied within the Blood of the Human Creature, is .. NOT .. at all recognized as being necessary, nor even desired as a goal of possible attainment.

    The Spirit component of the Human Creature has been the mystery of God's Creation; whereby, the Devil Spirit, or God's own Spirit after Jesus Christ, has been a constant factor of universal conundrum, obscured by confusions of religious superstition, and; by the prepositioned contamination of all Human Creatures by the Devil Spirit. Further, the Blood, being the location of Spirit immersion / mingling / and emergence, within ( ALL ) earthy creatures, has been obscured as well, except revealed only to Priesthood practices of “Old Testament” Blood Sacraments, placing the core mystery of Word of God “Husbandry” into question of its matrixed embodiment of Jesus Christ, as the desired trophy of the Human Creature.

    The Spirit body, created as a component of the Human Creature reality, with its continuous integration with Heaven's powers; the Spirit Body is .. Divinely .. engineered to receive the indwelling Spirit of the Devil, or the .. Holy Ghost .., of God's Jesus Christ; whereby, the Human Creature is ~ AUTOMATICALLY .. “enlivened” by either Spirit presence. Jesus Christ, offering His Spirit, the Holy Ghost, offers the Human Creature ( THE ) ability to separate from the Devil Spirit, and its “Corrupting” power; nevertheless, the Blood of the Human Creature .. MUST .. endure the Word of God “Husbandry”; for, otherwise, the Blood cannot be “Cleansed”, binding the Devil and his inner power.

    The Kingdom of God .. CANNOT .. emerge into “Earthy” reality until the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, begins to indwell the Spirit bodies of the Human Creature, therein; removing the “Corrupting” power of the Devil Spirit. The Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, offers entrance into the Kingdom of God, by the Human Creature having a “Cleansing” of the Blood from the “Corrupting” Spirit of the indwelling Devil; and therein, the Kingdom of God will automatically manifest, in glorious power, when the Blood is yielded unto the acceptable Spirit of Jesus Christ, whereby; the Devil Spirit is stopped in “Remission”. This obtaining of the Kingdom of God is ( THE ) implicit goal of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. of Jesus Christ.

    God's idea of Salvation is encapsulated within the expressed power of the Kingdom of God; wherein, the Human Creature is “Redeemed” from the ~ SIN ~ penalty of being bonded to the Devil Spirit, who has merged into the Blood. This Kingdom of God .. idea .. has been lost from the Church's understanding and « Doctrine » of Jesus Christ; wherein this Kingdom of God « Doctrine », the Church would know it's Blood is intended to be cleansed from the Devil Spirit; so that, all Church believers would know to anticipate this Kingdom of God truth of their Blood being necessary to be redeemed from, and sanctified from, the Devil Spirit, unto their own ~ SIN ~ being captured by Jesus Christ in “Remission”.

    The Church function is to embody the Kingdom of God, in actual power of the Spirit, of the .. Holy Ghost .., of Jesus Christ; wherein, the Devil Spirit would be routinely / resolutely be in “Remission”, in being cleansed from the Blood of the Human Creatures Church. The Devil .. Spirit .. cannot function within the Kingdom of God; and, the Church community .. MUST .. acknowledge this parameter of Jesus Christ as being an absolute paradigm, that has .. NO .. exceptions.

    The Church community .. MUST .. represent Jesus Christ, in the exceptional Spirit of Jesus Christ, as ( THE ) exclusive curator / guardian / custodian of entrance to the Kingdom of God; wherein, only Human Creature Church members may have actual access to the Kingdom of God, which Church exclusivity; excludes every other religious type. The Human Creature bondage to the Indwelling Devil Spirit .. MUST .. become disabled, before the Human Creature may progress into the experienced reality of the Kingdom of God; therein, requiring an enabling agency to sponsor this exclusive .. conversion from the indwelling Devil paradigm unto a progressive Transformation process .., which agency is ( THE ) Church of the .. NEW TESTAMENT.

by: Michael Mitchell