FILE TWO .. Transforming Church

    Church Prophets are a key link to the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Church obtaining the Covenant intention of Jesus Christ; wherein, Church Prophets bring to “Called Out” believers an experience of Spiritual holiness, in support of the Bible’s Word of God accuracy. Church Prophets are a < Gift > of God, bringing God’s direct – VOICE – to Human Creatures, providing them with specifically articulated solutions, to guide / measure the Church process of “Heart of Man” transformation. Being one < Gift > of several < Gifts > from God, the Prophets introduce and reinforce the reality of God’s Heavenly functions that transcend “Earthy” bondages, for “Called Out” believers.

    Church Prophets, in particular, bring a help to the battle against an “Invisible” presence of [ SIN ]. Church Prophets can [ STOP ] the “Heart Motivated” compellings of [ SIN ] and its “Blindness” of < Self – Alibied Justifications >, enabling “Called Out” believers to live without their inherited bondages to [ SINFUL ] lifestyles and compellings, which stop the processes of Godly Transformation. The < Gifts > of Prophets are centered upon discernments of “Invisible” Spirits, and how those Spirits .. even of [ SIN ] .., are regulated by God’s Heaven, and therein; what works are required by Churchmen – Prophets to “bind” / “loose” corresponding Spirits that plague or enable the Human Creature.

    The Word of God < CORE > to the Christian reality is .. emphatically .. championed by Church Prophets; so that, Word of God authenticity / accuracy / completion is of “Critical” significance, to be scrutinized, and carefully weighed with proving intention, causing the demeanor of Prophets to seem to be rude or unkind when Word of God violations and discrepancies are uncovered, that hinder the Godly Transformation of “Called Out” believers’ “Hearts”.

    The Word of God platform of reference, as an exclusive guide of God’s truth, is the [ KEY ] for Church Prophets to scrutinize, within the “Heart Gardens” of “Called Out” believers, measuring the growing process of the Word of God, unto its – FRUIT – of perfected maturity. This Word of God – FRUIT – can be compromised / subverted many ways, of many contaminations, even ( within ) the Church community and oversight, creating unnecessary obstacles to the Godly Transformation process, and confusing the reporting by Prophets, of the Word of God development of the Church community.

    Apostles of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. are messengers of .. DIVINE .. origin, who have been endowed with spiritual restraints, that regulate their – Apostles VOICES – of « Doctrine » emphasis, which restraints upon them; hammer upon “detailed Apostles specifics”, and flow with swift alacrity and firm flamboyance, denoting the Word of God as a special Apostles pattern of “Heart” of man formation, even regulating Prophets < Gifts > of “Spiritual” discernments with standardized Church functions. The Apostles < Gifts >, coming only from .. DiVINE .. origin, are exceptionally focused upon Word of God accuracy and implicit articulation, as a “Growing” thing that requires a specific – Apostles HUSBANDRY – oversight and “Garden” care, to be ministered by other < Gifts > of .. DIVINE .. origination and appointment, especially, the < Gifts > of Prophets.

    The .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Apostles are “Covenant” men whose mission is to bring other men into the “Covenant”, by the pouring out of their “Covenant” < Gifts >. All of these Apostles’ functioning < Gifts > are .. Divinely .. managed as God’s specifically controlled ministers, to advance the Kingdom of God among men of “Flesh”; wherein, the < CORE > ingredient of the Apostles’ qualification is the Word of God, developed / matured / perfected in its – FRUIT BEARING –, to evidence the – FRUIT – nature of God’s Christ Jesus. Any following, supporting, complementing Church ministries, will uphold the – SAME – exact pattern of the Apostles’ qualification, of the Word of God – FRUIT – standard, unto the developed / matured / perfected nature of God’s Christ Jesus, in all of the complementing Apostles’ ministries, especially the Prophets’ ministry, and the Prophets’ subordinated ministries of Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers.

    The Church is a community of Human Creatures, who have been .. DIVINELY .. selected and “Called” to come to God, to reconcile with God, to “Covenant” with God, by leaving a [ SIN ] life / lifestyle, to become Godly .. specifically .. as created; wherein, the Church community becomes as God’s “Holy” Son, Jesus the Christ. Apostles, of God’s Christ Jesus, convey this “Covenant” idea to “Called Out” Human Creatures, enabling such – WILLING – men to enter this “Covenant” with God, through the Gate of Jesus Christ, becoming the Church community that represents the Kingdom of God among Earthy men. Church men are, specifically, regulated to the Word of God standard, for Church men to accept the Word of God < CORE > nature of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to become converted / transformed in their < CORE > - FRUIT – nature, to undergo such a process of “Heart Garden” .. Church change, as directed by the “Covenant” Apostles and Prophets and the Prophets’ subordinated ministries of Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.

    The Church System of community is governed, specifically, by the Word of God composition of “Heart of Man” nature; wherein, Human Creatures are .. particularly .. fixated upon “Serving” God and God’s Interests in the Flesh dynamic of Creation. This Word of God dynamic of “Heart” Garden husbandry is overseen by Church Apostles and Prophets, whose ministry functions are designated to be necessary to the transformation of Church members, to accommodate .. exclusively .. the Word of God dynamic of “Heart” nature reprogramming / change. Such “Heart” nature exclusivity, in Word of God composition, is necessarily championed in Church Apostles and Prophets, without exception, as their implicit character of motivation.

    The Human Creature, being created with a Spiritual capacity, has a “Heart” motivation / compulsion to search out its emotional senses, to learn its origins and correlations, to manage its affectations, and to anticipate / even control its cycles of repetition; therein, “Called” men are drawn to learn this Spiritual dynamic of Church experience, through that Church programming of Apostles and Prophets’ ministries of Word of God structuring. This Spiritual dynamic is the “Heart” motivator / driver / compeller, that regulates the Human Creature’s behaviors / compulsions / decisions, even overriding thought and logical calculations; wherein, learning the Apostles’ and Prophets’ Word of God programming is a Spiritual struggle to be overcome in – TRIAL -.

    The Spiritual realm of God’s Heaven is alive with Angels and Devils that are continually stimulated and activated by the – FAITH – working of Human Creatures, universally; wherein, the Church design of Spiritual integration is intended for discipleship of “Called” men, to focus their – FAITH – working toward the formatted Word of God nature of God’s Christ Jesus. This Word of God format of Church men’s – FAITH – working is Apostles revealed and Apostles regulated; for, precise Spiritual accuracy, in activating .. implicitly .. Angels of Jesus Christ’s holiness, and therein; deactivating Devils of - ANTICHRIST FAITH – Spiritual cursing.

    The New World Order is massively fixating a Global influence upon the Human Creature’s – FAITH – working, to choreograph an Antichrist contradiction to Holy – FAITH – working from Word of God formatting, to effect the Spiritual dimension with a greater and greater amplification of Devils, to perpetuate the Antichrist hold upon all of mankind. The New World Order presents the ultimate opposition to Divine Life Church evidence of Holy Angels, that, according to the Apostles of Word of God prophecy, will overtake the New World Order of universal Evil, reversing its exaggerated level of Spiritual cursing; wherein, the New World Order is exposed, by such contemporary Church Apostles, to have always commanded Devils, now to their final remission of Human Creature cursing – FAITH – .

    The New World Order has developed unto its fulness of maturity by God’s permissive Grace; because, the Human Creature has perpetually been insistent upon ( Self Serving ) and not God Serving; wherein, the Spiritual impact upon the Heaven’s Realm of Angels and Devils has been biased, continually. And without God’s intervention, the Human Creature, raising up the New World Order, has – DAMNED – itself .. universally .. with increased Devil proliferations. The Church institution, GOD INTENDED .. to be of a Spiritual mind, to understand – FAITH – and Spiritual effectuations, especially of the New World Order, the Church has failed God’s intention. Now, the Apostles of contemporary prophecy are rising up adjacent with the New World Order, to impact the Church Universe with a holy direction of Church – FAITH -, providing now an Apostles’ « Doctrine » of Word of God authentication and standardization, to constrict Human Creatures’ – FAITH – works to deny Devils of the New World Order.

    The Pentecostal Bible experience is becoming a [ KEY ] association with “Called Out” believers; because, the New World Order Church Society will become so – OCCULTIC – with Spiritual powers, that true believers will be impacted with Devils of “Cursing” manifestations; therein, forcing such “Called Out” believers to search for a Church Experience that champions the Pentecostal experience of Holy Spiritual protections. The New World Order threat will become so intensively alarming in Spiritual assaults, that Pentecostal protections becomes a necessary power base of Church qualification / authentication.

    The “Called Out” Pentecostal Church, that overcomes the New World Order, will be taught the Kingdom of Heaven – WAY – of Angels and Devils activation by – FAITH – working; wherein, such Pentecostal believers become conquerers of the New World Order system of - “Church Rebellion” - against God. A Church being Spiritual is the common question, whether being Spiritual can be experienced in God’s Bible holiness, or is – SOLELY – given to the domain of unholiness, and therein; to its deceptions and assurances of many manipulations. The .. New Testament .. Pentecostal Church is proved to have a power of protection and blessedness, which Pentecostal – FAITH – working is publicly shown to overrule .. implicitly .. the Devils’ powers of the New World Order.

    The Covenant of Jesus Christ, of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .., is emphatically intended to lead “Called Out” Human Creatures into a – FAITH – working, that specifically activates / looses holy Angels from God’s Kingdom of Heaven, and binds up / deactivates Devils that follow the pattern of the New World Order. Such a .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Covenant, of course, is Spiritual in its core nature, and therein; is Pentecostal. The Church, intended by God in Creation, is to be Spiritual Covenant acclimated, even Covenant prioritized as a Pentecostal discipline, to therein associate – FAITH – working with Heaven’s – WAY – of Angels and / or Devils activation, and; to understand the Spiritual Covenant – WAY – of Jesus Christ’s deliverance power in ( HIS ) Pentecostal Church, which will diametrically oppose, even struggle against, the – FAITH – system of the New World Order.

    The New World Order, coming to its fruition of exaggerated fullness, is a manifestation of the Covenant of Jesus Christ becoming empowered with “Called Out” believers’ correct - FAITH – working; wherein, the New World Order becomes judged as the “Anti” agency / system of order to overcome, in its opposing God’s Covenant of Righteousness in favor of its upholding [ SINFULNESS ] of untransformed men, even in untransformed religious men, with its universalized culture of prefixed “Anti” philosophies of religion. Pentecostal – FAITH – working men will “Push” forward the Covenant of Jesus Christ, as the Spiritual Reality to overtake the physical dominion of [ SINFUL ] Human Creatures, driving the Pentecostal Church into a “Holy” experience of Spiritual Covenant preeminence, to no longer allow the Church community to abide in the perpetual squalor of flesh mindedness that can .. NEVER .. accomplish the activating of the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Covenant of Jesus Christ.

by: Michael Mitchell