Prophets' Spiritual Gifts and Powers ..

       The 666, Mark of the Beast, is the insignia stamp of Antichrist ownership and rule, requiring the Holy Prophets' Gifts of discernment and peremptory counter – rule, for; Holy Kingdom men, to; detect and escape from, the Antichrist men, of; the 666 cattle brand.

        The Evil Beast Spirit and Kingdom, which bears the 666 Mark upon its citizenry of men; the Evil Beast Spirit and Kingdom is constructed from within the .. invisible realm .. of Angels and Demons, which; invisible powers, compel men / drive men / imprison men with motivations, toward; serving the will of the Antichrist, and; the 666 program. The 666 Mark of the Beast represents the ( soul - of - man character .. of motivations ) .. ( the heart character .. of a purposeful objective ), of the invisible Angels and Demons, which; God's Holy Prophets [ must ] detect / discern, with: clarity of recognition, and which; God's Holy Prophets [ must ] counter with, through; their Divinely appointed Prophets' Gifts, of; supernatural .. Spirit powers!

        Holy Spirit visitation presence .. ( with powerful Prophets' Gifts ) .. , abiding upon and within; God's Holy Prophets, along with: God's Angels of Kingdom holiness; Holy Spirit visitation presence .. ( with powerful Prophets' Gifts ) .. exposes the 666 Mark, within; the Angels and Demons – invisible imprint, which; 666 Mark, is discerned within [ all ] damned men.

        Men of the world are marked by the 666 invisible imprint, also, according to; the purpose of the Holy Spirit. Such men are damned by God's process of .. just measures .. of righteous consequence; and, those men bear the 666 Mark of the Beast within their Angels and Demons – imprint; because of, those men's Divine judgments, which, judgments, are revealed, by: the Holy Spirit, to; the awareness, of; God's Holy Prophets. The Holy Spirit, presiding over the Holy Angels powers – invisible imprint of God's Holy Prophets; the Holy Spirit is God, Himself, opening up the discernment of His Holy Prophets, through; their appointed working of Spiritual Gifts!

        Holy Prophets, of Holy Spirit – Gifts empowerment; Holy Prophets are God's instruments, to: detect, and to; counter the effects of damned Antichrist men, who are imprisoned, by invisible Angels and Demons, from within; the 666 Mark of the Beast. This 666 Mark of the Beast is known, and detectable, to Holy Prophets; because of; the Holy Spirit – Gifts empowerment, within; the Angels realm of those Holy Prophets.

        The spiritual battle, which ensues between God's Holy Prophets and the damned men of the world; that spiritual battle separates, and distinguishes, the citizens of God's Holy Kingdom, from; the citizens of the 666 Mark of the Beast. The Holy Prophets of God are endowed with Holy Spirit power – Gifts, for the purpose of this spiritual battle, for; these Holy Prophets to discern and repel the powers of such Evil Beast Kingdom citizens, who are those set apart unto the 666 Mark; and, for these Holy Prophets to discern and to enable with power, by their Holy Spirit power – Gifts, those who are set apart unto God's Kingdom of Holiness!

        The Apocalypse, of the Apostle John's Book of Revelation; the Apocalypse is John's record of the end of the church age, which; end, requires church Prophets, God's .. Holy Spirit .. enabled Prophets, to rise up, with; their Holy Spirit power – Gifts, against; the Antichrist .. Evil Beast .. of the End Times, and against; the invisible Angels and Demons of the Evil Beast, which; enable the 666 Mark of the Beast, in; that 666 Mark of imprisonment, of; the world's captured citizens.

        The present – day ( church – age ), bound to the Apocalypse of the Apostle John; the present – day ( church – age ) of the Apocalypse is the Holy Spirit age of conflict, which; is an age of titanic struggle [ the Biblical time of .. great .. tribulation ]; which, age of the Apocalypse .. great .. tribulation, requires Holy Spirit Prophets .. Holy church Prophets .. Holy Spirit Gifts - empowered Prophets to rise up, from within: a Christian church culture of .. Babel chaos .. denominational fragmentation and doctrinal confusion .. very intensive conflicts of the Apocalypse, for; such Holy Spirit Prophets to, therein, face, and astonishingly overcome: a supreme Antichrist power, an Evil Beast Kingdom of invisible Angels and Demons, and; defy and evade the authorities, who compel, by their laws, the universalized acceptance of the 666 sign .. the 666 ownership insignia .. the private branding, by; the 666 Mark of the Beast!

        The Witchcraft pillar, of Spirit driven abilities, with their manipulation of invisible Angels and Demons; those Spirit abilities of Witchcraft manipulation, of Angels and Demons, is the backbone strength of the Antichrist agenda; where from, this Witchcraft manipulation, the 666 Mark of the Beast .. the Apocalypse Mark of the 666 ownership insignia .. , the 666 sign is imprinted into the souls of the world's men, imprisoning, the world's citizens, with these Witchcraft powers, which; are asserted over Angels and Demons, and which; Witchcraft powers, the world's citizens [ do not ] understand. The Holy Spirit power and Gifts, endowed upon the Holy church Prophets, such Holy Spirit Prophets, with their Gifts, [ will not ] help the people of the world, for; they have been marked by the 666 sign of Antichrist ownership, as; a judgment of God, for; them to perish through the course of the Apocalypse, of; John's record.

        The world's men, becoming overruled .. driven .. motivated .. by invisible Witchcraft powers, of; Angels and Demons manipulation; the world's men become enslaved, to; the 666 Mark of the Beast, as; the natural course of the Apocalypse - age. Holy Spirit empowered Prophets, of the Apocalypse – age; such Prophets, of Holy Spirit Gifts, are enablers .. endorsers .. of these Witchcraft powers, which; Spirit powers of Witchcraft, are activated to manipulate Angels and Demons, for; control over the world's men; and therein, the world's men are made to be ( unknowing ) instruments .. subliminally programmed robots, of Antichrist power, which; instruments of the world's men, ironically, become the avowed persecutors of God's Holy Prophets!

        A Priesthood, comprised of Holy Prophets; this Holy Spirit qualified Priesthood of God is a formal institution, which characterizes the .. true intercessory function .. of the Christian church, which; Priesthood intercession [ must ] be established in the reality of God's power, in order for the Apocalypse – age to commence, according to; their Priesthood work of spiritually endorsing, powerfully delegating and continually counteracting, the effects, of; the Witchcraft driven – Apocalypse, in; the Witchcraft manipulation of the Angels and Demons.

        The Witchcraft pillar, of Spirit driven abilities, with their manipulation of Angels and Demons, which; Spirit driven manipulation of Angels and Demons, are directed toward imprinting the 666 Mark, invisibly, upon the world's men; this Witchcraft pillar, of Spirit driven abilities, can [ only ] be enabled .. endorsed .. discerned and counteracted, by: a functionally correct Priesthood Institution, which; Holy Priesthood Institution ( true Christian church ), is enlivened, exclusively, by; Holy Prophets .. true church Prophets .. of this Apocalypse – age! This Priesthood, of: Witchcraft enabling and warfare, which works according to; Prophets Gifts and Spiritual weaponry; this Priesthood warfare is operated, within; constraints of eternal laws of men's faith; and, such a particular .. faith working .. Priesthood can [ only ] be engaged toward its intended effectuation, by; God's Holy Spirit empowerment, which; Holy Spirit person, directs such appointed Holy Prophets .. Priesthood .. toward this task, throughout; the unfolding Apocalypse - age!

        Priesthood Gifts, for doing the work of intercession throughout the Apocalypse - age; such Priesthood Gifts are spiritual endowments from God, which; Divinely endowed Gifts, for the Apocalypse - age, are Divinely bestowed upon Holy Prophets, for; those Priesthood - Prophets to set definition for / to forcibly constrain / to loose unto manifestation power / to destroy or enliven, the various Spirit revealing manifestations, of; Angels and Demons, within; a .. supreme .. Priesthood Gifts ( oversight role ), that supersedes / precedes / and sustains the Witchcraft agenda, and; the Spirit driven abilities of Witchcraft.

        Witchcraft manipulation, and faith empowered containment, of Apocalypse – age Angels and Demons, toward; the domination of the world's men, through; invisible Witchcraft faith – works and faith - powers; this Witchcraft manipulation can [ only ] be effectively ( discerned / and specifically defined ) .. and .. ( counteracted / or strategically liberated ) when a Holy Priesthood .. Apocalypse – age Institution .. , is functionally active, and; when that functionality of the Holy Priesthood is supported by, and directed from, the faith - working of Holy Spirit powers, and endowed Gifts, of the Holy Prophets' order. Priesthood - Prophets' Gifts, .. endowed Gifts of the Holy Spirit .. , are required, therefore, to be within the Prophets' order of holiness qualification, and; those Priesthood - Prophets' Gifts are required, as well, to be functionally active, in Prophets' faith, toward; the enabling / the endorsing / the enlivening / the limiting / the overruling / the conquering / the destroying, of any .. specific .. characterization, of; Witchcraft deployment, of; Angels and Demons!

        Angels and Demons, which characterize this peculiar Apocalypse – age; such particular Angels and Demons are subordinated, beneath: the Spirit realm authority of the Holy Priesthood, and to; the Holy Spirit empowered - Gifts of God's Priesthood - Prophets, and to; the ( lessor ) Spiritually appointed authorities .. of ( subordinated ) Witchcraft powers of faith .. , which; function within Divinely endowed abilities and Gifts, as well, which; ( lessor ) Spiritual authorities and abilities and Gifts, fulfill God's strategic purpose of the Apocalypse - age, including; the delegating of preeminent worldwide rule, to; the Antichrist agenda, wherein; Witchcraft abilities of manipulation, are permitted to direct the motivations of the world's men, through; their controlled Angels and Demons.

        Spiritual Gifts, bestowed upon the Priesthood Institution by the Prophets' endowments of appointed grace; such Priesthood Gifts are Divinely created / delegated / endowed for maintaining a particular dominion of authority, over: the Angels and Demons realm, and over; God's created men, through the Angels and Demons within those men, who are; the men of the world, and who are also; the men within the .. false church trained structure .. of a contained society, and who are also; the Antichrist – centered men, of endowed Witchcraft abilities and appointed grace. Angels and Demons are [ THE ] instrument, of God's creation design, which; Angels and Demons instrument, .. universally .. , enables God to sovereignly integrate His plan .. His “WILL” .. His purpose .. into men's functionality, on [ all ] levels of men's abilities and functionality of faith, including the realm of the Antichrist agenda, with; his Witchcraft manipulation of Angels and Demons, within; the world's men!

        The Evil Beast Kingdom, with its imprinted 666 Mark of the Beast; the Evil Beast Kingdom is an Antichrist / Witchcraft constructed society, crafted / designed / formatted .. within .. the Angels and Demons realm, which; Angels and Demons realm, is under the .. supreme oversight .. highest authority .. of God's Holy Priesthood .. Priesthood Gifts package. This Evil Beast Kingdom - society, becoming preeminent among the world's men, requires the specific direction of, and control over, the Angels and Demons realm, from within; the functional motivations of men's hearts, which; power of direction and control, over; the Angels and Demons, is Divinely appointed, through; the faith works .. Gifts package .. of God's Holy Priesthood, toward; the fulfillment of the ( Antichrist agenda ), for; the Antichrist to be, therein, supported / sustained with; his Witchcraft Gifts and endowed abilities, for; the completion of eternal God's purpose, of; this Evil Beast Kingdom.

        A new Kingdom of Christ - society, among living men, shall rise up, during the Apocalypse – age; and, that new Kingdom of Christ – society will defy the Evil Beast Kingdom, and; the threatening laws and persecutions from the Evil Beast Kingdom, by: that Kingdom of Christ – Priesthood society ruling, forcibly, over the Angels and Demons realm, by; the active instrumentation, of; Holy Prophets' Gifts, from within; a structurally established, and properly functioning, Priesthood – society, in; its faith working, in; holiness. The Evil Beast Kingdom, having arrived .. then .. at its prophesied place of appointed dominion, over; the world's men, by the Divine Gifts of enabling powers, and spiritual authority, being bestowed upon it, from; the Holy Priesthood – Prophets, by; their Prophets' Gifts and faith working; that Evil Beast Kingdom will be stopped .. limited in its radius of power .. and contained within an invisible barrier, by; a “fire wall” of Angels, ( without the contamination / subversive influence of Demons within those Priesthood Prophets' faith ); wherein, this “fire wall” of Angels, this new Kingdom of Christ - society is securely preserved .. [ “saved” ] .. from; the powers .. ( subordinated ) Gifts package .. of the Evil Beast Kingdom .. and; its Witchcraft manipulations of Angels and Demons!

        The Antichrist Spirit powers and endowed Gifts, which are Divinely permitted to be leveraged over the Angels and Demons realm; these Antichrist Spirit powers, and endowed Gifts of Witchcraft, prepare / seduce / lure the world's men, to accept / to cooperate with / to embrace fully, [ within their hearts and souls ], the new society construct, .. the new worldwide order of the Antichrist agenda .. , .. the New World Order, of; the Evil Beast Kingdom, and therein; to receive the required 666 Mark, of the Evil Beast Kingdom, upon / within; their bodies, according to; the already established imprint .. of the invisible Angels and Demons .. which; 666 imprint, has marked their souls already, without their previous knowledge or sense of reality.

        The Spirit powers, and the endowed Gifts, of the Antichrist; such Antichrist Spirit powers transcend the Angels and Demons realm, to; penetrate into, and seal with a brand, the souls of the world's men, compelling such men, from within their hearts, to; enjoin .. willfully .. joyfully .. with the new society, and rising Witchcraft culture, of the Evil Beast Kingdom. These Antichrist Spirit powers, and endowed Gifts, which endorse the Evil Beast Kingdom; such Antichrist powers and Gifts will merge with the thoughts and intents of men's hearts, through; the linking Angels and Demons, thereby; directing, compelling, and confining to a controlled pattern, men's heart motivations, even to their willfully adopting the required Antichrist insignia of branded ownership, the 666 Mark of the Evil Beast Kingdom!

        The 666 imprint, branded upon the souls of the world's men, through the controlled presence of invisible Angels and Demons; that 666 imprint is implanted, already, within the hearts of those men, and; that 666 Mark of the Evil Beast Kingdom will be implanted upon / within the flesh bodies of [ ALL ] cursed men, according to: the willful purpose of the Creation God .. as the prophesied judgment of God .. in the faith character and heart nature virtue of Jesus Christ .. , through; Holy Spirit powers. This Divine dispensation, to bring about the prophesied fulfillment of the Apocalypse – age; this .. End Times .. ordination is bestowed upon the Priesthood Prophets', with this ordination being empowered with Gifts of the Spirit, which; Holy Spirit empowered .. Priesthood – Prophets' Gifts .. are permitting these Apocalypse – age Angels and Demons to be ( unholy faith ) constructed, and controlled, by; the subordinated spiritual authority of the Antichrist, for; the .. Divine purpose .. of advancing the worldwide order of the Evil Beast Kingdom, and the 666 Mark of Antichrist ownership, as; [ .. A JUDGMENT OF GOD .. ], upon; evil men, who abide, as; [ THE ] mainstream heart character of [ ALL ] men, who insist upon ruling over themselves, and over the societal whole, throughout; the world of [ ALL ] mankind, in; a universalized, and consistently faith practiced, rebellion against God .. in; defiance against God's sovereign will.

        Spirit powers; which God has bestowed, sovereignly, upon His Holy Priesthood of Prophets' Gifts; those Spirit powers permit the Antichrist agenda, and the Evil Beast Kingdom, to arise upon the face of the earth, and; to rule over the world's men, with the 666 imprint upon those men's hearts and minds. The Apocalypse - age is the theatrical stage, set according to God's intended plan of just consequences, because of; men's continual evil; whereby now, the world's evil men are being judged, finally and righteously, and; are being converted .. wholly and thoroughly .. according to the Angels and Demons, of; their hearts implanted 666 Mark; so that, such evil men are given over, completely, to; an overt, and uncompromised, dedication to the Evil Beast heart character .. the Antichrist agenda .. the societal culture of the Evil Beast Kingdom, of the 666 citizenry, and whereby; such evil men of the world are marked, already, within the Spirit their hearts, by the Angels and Demons, so imparted with the 666 brand, and also; such evil men of the world are to be sealed upon / within their flesh bodies, with the 666 sign of Antichrist ownership, like cattle that have been purchased for slaughter, for; a spectacle of worldwide destruction. This destruction is being enforced, absolutely, by; the Holy God of Creation, within; His first begotten son, Jesus Christ, who rules over [ ALL ] men, and; who, Jesus Christ, judges [ ALL ] men, and who, Jesus Christ, decides redemption or destruction for [ ALL ] men!

        The Spirit powers, Divine ordination authorities which are integrated into Priesthood – Prophets' Gifts, for; Angels and Demons rule; such Spirit powers transcend the scope and dimension and the radial boundaries, of; the Evil Beast Kingdom .. of the Antichrist order of society .. and of [ ALL ] men of the world, who will serve their Antichrist master with horrific murders and terrifying blood lusts, in the Spirit of imprisoned subservience. Those Spirit powers, of God's bestowed Priesthood Gifts; such Spirit powers penetrate, ( even now ), throughout; the whole of the Angels and Demons realm, throughout; the whole of the preexisting Evil Beast Kingdom construct of society and culture, of Antichrist – programmed regimentation, wherein; those Spirit powers, even now, pierce into the thoughts and intents of men's hearts, of [ ALL ] of the men of the world, including; the Antichrist – Evil Beast Kingdom men of the 666 Mark, who carry that 666 sign, even now, within; their hearts, and; who will be sealed upon / within the flesh of their bodies, by; that 666 sign of Antichrist ownership.

        The souls of the world's men, and the thoughts and intents of the new Evil Beast Kingdom – society, of [ ALL ] Antichrist - owned men; [ ALL ] souls, of [ ALL ] men, are .. within .. the domain of jurisdiction, of: God's Spirit powers, which; Spirit powers of God's Creation, are functionally active, and powerfully alive, within God's Holy Priesthood – Prophets, within; their Prophets' Gifts. Consequently, no one .. NO ONE .. is exclusively detached from Spirit powers oversight .. of God's authoritative insight and correction .. from within the Priesthood Prophets' Gifts of observation. The 666 imprint, already activated within the hearts of the world's men, and; the 666 branding of men's flesh bodies, to be future - carried out upon [ ALL ] Antichrist – imprisoned men; this 666 sign of Evil Beast Kingdom - citizenry has been enabled .. endorsed with active empowerment .. defined and controlled with deliberate Spirit authority, by; God's appointed Priesthood, with their Prophets' Gifts, to; now advance the world's men into the bonds of active servitude, of; the Antichrist agenda, for; the satisfaction of God's perfect will, of; “Just Consequence for men's universal preference toward evil”!

by: Michael Mitchell