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Revealing the Prophets


    The Remission of Sins engenders the accomplishment of a New Testament Church community, that is uniquely invented of God's Creation scheme; wherein, the begetting of God's Son precipitated a following need for an appropriate human dwelling place having the Remission of Sins, befitting the magnificent grandeur a God - Creature. This Remission of Sins idea accomplishes a very unique ability of mankind, to ( hear ) and ( know ) the [ VOICE ] of a “living God”, without having that [ VOICE ] becoming distorted, overridden and puzzled by a counterfeit mocking [ VOICE ] of a ( DEVIL ) spirit. This Remission of Sins promise, intended for New Testament students to experience, is entirely so required before such New Testament believers may enter, in fact, into that personal reality of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, so described throughout the New Testament Bible and obtainable by the Remission of Sins. This Remission of Sins solution, to the counterfeit mocking [ VOICE ] of a ( DEVIL ) spirit, that all contemporary men possess and are subliminally motivated by, is uniquely wrapped in a mystery of Heavenly Remission of Sins protocols, only perceived now by appointed and acting New Testament Prophet - persons.

    The New Testament church universe cannot, absolutely, become formed until the Remission of Sins protocol has been satisfied; whereby, the counterfeit mocking [ VOICE ] of a ( DEVIL ) spirit cannot distort, confuse and puzzle the Covenant church men who are listening diligently to the Holy Ghost spirit of the New Testament. This Remission of Sins protocol, absolutely, must be followed as a most fundamental, and even paramount, directive of New Testament law to follow. The ( Blood ) of Jesus Christ has certainly accomplished the Kingdom of Heaven platform of empowerment to provide this reliable Spirit realm capacity of the Remission of Sins, provided that the other New Testament protocols are also acknowledged as conditions to obey and are permitted their functions without interference or obstruction. The Pentecostal powers of confirmation, of the Holy Ghost spirit, are certainly paralyzed when this Remission of Sins has not been followed and when the [ VOICE ] of a ( DEVIL ) spirit has not yet been silenced by this Remission of Sins. None of the Covenant consecration Gifts of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom of Heaven authorities, activated within the New Covenant, will be in evidence of the church community until this Remission of Sins protocol has been allowed, and until this Remission of Sins Faith preparation of Repentance has prepared the way of Covenant Life discipline. Consequently, the authentic church of Jesus Christ cannot come into manifestation until the Remission of Sins opens the door to Baptism in the Holy Ghost spirit, as God's only access point to Covenant powers.

    The church Assembly, of many church body component parts, of many Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirits, cannot manifestly abound in the church community until the Remission of Sins has removed, out of the church community, the interference of ( DEVIL ) spirit [ VOICES ]. The Assembly of church healing gifts, restorative signs and miraculous church demonstrations of Godly evidence, are withheld by God purposely until the “right attitude / Faith” is present and operating with fluency within the church body, thereby; liberating the Holy Ghost spirit to abound in ( HIS ) many Assembly manifestations that confirm God's pleasure. This Assembly, of these many Christ body parts, is uniquely dependent upon the clear doctrine of Jesus Christ being held to, and guarded with vigilance, by Faithful allegiance of Covenant “believers”. When this doctrine of Christ is not articulated, nor when the Remission of Sins has not cleared away ( DEVIL ) spirit manipulations, Christ's body Assembly will not manifest any powers of the Holy Ghost spirit, rendering the Assembly of Kingdom power to the mythical stockpile of fictional stories, relegated to long ago histories of Biblical antiquity. This Bible story of Pentecostal church Assembly, now replaced with a contemporary alibi of “unbelief”, can now be rediscovered when “believing” New Testament students accept the reality of the Remission of Sins and such Repentance Faith works, that forever echo the faded Assembly doctrine of Jesus Christ.

    This baseline reality of the church Assembly, representing many Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirits, and needing the preemptive Remission of Sins and its Repentance Faith works, such a baseline reality forces the question as to why the contemporary church universe has not perceived such a connection before now, and further; why the ( tempered & wise ) church society has not solved the problem of this church Assembly handicap? This church Assembly appears, then, specifically, when the “appointed” church Prophet manifests from the Lord Jesus Christ, having preliminarily achieved the Remission of Sins on a personal level, and carries the Holy Ghost spirit powers of Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirits. This predestinated “messenger” of Jesus Christ opens the doorway of the Remission of Sins to the church community, which qualifies such a receiving church to experience the Assembly of Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirits, portraying, then, a Holy Ghost spirit acceptance by God, as the confirming evidence of that church having the “right attitude / Faith” in the known doctrine of Jesus Christ and his church Assembly. The contemporary church society, that claims to be the Assembly of God church, and yet portrays, in fact, no evidence of God's confirmations, in the Assembly of Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirits, that contemporary church society is a [ FRAUD ], and is not aware that the Remission of Sins is required, as a God confirming evidence of a lawfully accepted Baptism of Repentance. This church bantering of Assembly terminology, rhetorically claimed as their church title of authenticity, confuses them, of a certainty, in their Gentile delusion of having a real Bible church Assembly.

    The Church Assembly, according to the New Testament scriptures, will, indeed, reflect the confirming powers, spiritual manifestations, and Kingdom of Heaven gift endowments of the present Holy Ghost spirit; whereby, God confirms ( HIS ) approval of that Church preparing society, in their “Knowledge of Christ's doctrine”, and in their “Faith working integrity”, in the Covenant direction of Jesus Christ. This Church Assembly idea, then, will not float around with diversities of Theological theories and fictions of mythology, but will be, implicitly, constrained to God's own, original, Creation purpose and thoughtful selections of predestination, in ( HIS ) framing of the Kingdom of Heaven baseline system of universal Church Order. This Kingdom of Heaven baseline system of Church Order is guarded perfectly, and flawlessly, from [ SINFUL ] men's imagined tampering for Church manipulation purposes; whereby, the immaculate portal of men's access, to New Covenant Kingdom of Heaven inclusion, is implicitly kept pure by the qualifying access protocol of the Remission of Sins. Without successfully undergoing this Remission of Sins protocol, no one, no man ever, passes through this qualifying drawbridge of entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven Realm of the Covenant of Jesus Christ; whereby, the Church universe and its exclusive Assembly is discovered. The functional mandate, of Church Assembly purpose, is clearly outlined by Jesus Christ, for those who would incline their ears for hearing, and for the “outsiders” who will not listen, the New Testament scriptures are entirely mystical and elusive for imagined excursions of limitless indulging of ( Self ) glorying and infinite Church diversities of construct.

    The contemporary Church, universal system of Order, stipulates, always, that their Church members must hold to a loyal gratitude and homage to the Church Institution itself, not focusing such religious Faith unto serving the Creation God, and unto humble submission to serve the Son of God, Jesus Christ of immaculate Covenant ( Blood Sacrifice ). The Remission of Sins only draws a vaguely hinted mention in that contemporary Church universe, as an obligatory scripture acknowledgement, having [ NO ] actual understanding of the Remission of Sins experience, and therein; having [ NO ] Baptism into the Holy Ghost spirit, for Covenant inclusion and unto its many signs of Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirit powers, as God's confirming acceptance. The contemporary Church universe, therein, has [ NO ] power evidence of Godly acceptance, into ( HIS ) extraordinary New Testament Covenant, and therein, has [ NO ] inclusion into ( HIS ) Covenant portal of Soul Salvation opportunity. The contemporary Church universe, of any Protestant or non - Protestant denomination, and especially of any contemporary Pentecostal brands of Church Order, are all failures of Biblically structured intention for New Testament Church. The Assembly of Kingdom of Heaven Church authorities over spirits, portraying a Holy Ghost spirit acceptance by God, are evident [ NO WHERE ], in any Church community. The [ BIG ] claims of “power evidence”, promoted by some Church Assembly posers, are scripturally founded in Antichrist deceptions, warned about in Revelation 2:20 regarding the Jezebel prophetess that deceives that Church community of Thyatira. The Church system of Order, within the Pentecostal flavoring of Christian powers over spirits, or whether outside of the Pentecostal realm, in any of the myriad styles of Traditional Church presentation, all of them, without exception, are subliminally deceived by [ SATAN ], and are not Holy Ghost spirit guided, nor empowered.

    The Prophets' ministry work, of many Prophets' Gift types, is Divinely engineered to fulfill a spiritual function within an active spiritual Church community. The Church, that is revealed out of the Remission of Sins, is first revealed in alarming chaos, comprised of newly Reborn and untrained spiritual men, which then requires a coexistent appearance of a concurrent voice of confirming witnesses, of the Church Prophets' Gift, Divinely bestowed upon companion fellows of the Remission of Sins population. As a group of New Testament believers are introduced to the Remission of Sins Repentance protocol, and then to the following Baptism into the Covenant Holy Ghost spirit, such a group of men, altogether, are inexperienced in God's Kingdom of Heaven realities. Therein, these inexperienced Covenant initiates are, together, wandering through this new reality of hearing God's voice, having only heard the familiar inward voice of a ( DEVIL ) spirit, now silenced, but will now need to adapt to this strange new voice experience, that is guiding them in a new life's purpose. Such a strange, and wonderful, new reality still requires helpers, confirming witnesses, reinforcing this strange new truth. These confirming witness are the Church Prophets, also new initiates reborn into a shocking Covenant reality, simultaneously along with a larger group of many new Covenant believers. These Prophets are Divinely endowed with Prophets' Gifts of understanding and interpretation, that well exceed the spiritual acumen bestowed upon the others, providing such Prophets as a benevolent assistance to the larger group of many men. Such grace of Church Prophets, therein; are enabling the group of Covenant initiates to experience the Assembly of many Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirits; wherein, every Church member shares in this magnificent Assembly of many components. Each Church member will have different Gifted abilities, not of the Prophets' Gifts, to contribute to the whole Covenant Church community, including of course those designated as member Prophets.

    The Prophets, that manifestly appear out of the Remission of Sins experience, and then are appointed the Prophets' Gifts by Jesus Christ, will be quickened by the Holy Ghost spirit toward interacting with other Covenant believers, automatically offering to help their concurrent fellows to understand their own experiences, of God's voice of direction and purpose. Such new initiate Prophets may seem unsure of their platform of truth, but these Church Prophets will be very firm in their convictions, of their testimonies of God's presence, and of the ( rightness ) of Godly obedience; therein, such new initiate Prophets will be reinforcing the overall purpose of Covenant Transformation, by their leadership examples of Faith and resolute determination toward loving God ( First ), which separates Covenant men from their training of prior Church derailments, of many doctrines and philosophies of Worldly apostasy. Such Prophets will hold to their conscience of intellectualized freedom from the ( DEVIL ) spirit voices, through the Remission of Sins experience; wherein, they will hold themselves and others to remembrance of that miracle of Grace, and to not tolerating of any back sliding toward a certain ( DEVILISH ) Damnation. These Prophets will be moved forward by the Holy Ghost spirit, ever forward, in a perpetual momentum of Covenant progress; wherein, these Prophets will remain a steady conscience of Church rightness, in that Church body integrity to the Covenant of Jesus Christ intention. And, whenever an ( Antichrist ) spirit tries to raise up a subversive philosophy, as a religious doctrine, or as a fashionable celebration of a Worldly culture, these Church Assembly Prophets will preemptively detect such subversions, and such human hosts that champion the olden bondage of ( DEVIL ) spirit cursing unto Damnation; and therein, such guardian Prophets will cast out the intruders, even handling these subversives roughly in public discourse, using them to teach Church Assembly men to not back slide unto Damnation.

    The Apostles, of scripture doctrine precision, will arrive also through the opened door of the Remission of Sins; whereby, the Holy Ghost spirit will properly support the guiding Prophets, with the simultaneously appearing initiate Apostles, throughout the new Church community. These new Church Apostles, newly interjected into God's Kingdom of Heaven reality, along with the many other concurrent Covenant believers, will be Divinely Gifted with a centered focus upon “right Bible priorities” of Faith, perhaps obscured to the many concurrent Covenant initiates. These new initiate Apostles will strengthen the witness of these concurrent initiate Prophets, with the Apostles' assertive intensity upon “right Bible Faith” doctrine, holding rigidly to a Godly service priority and departing away from [ SINFUL ] men's Worldly views of self serving prayers and flesh minded lusts. These Apostles, that are appearing out of the Remission of Sins, will, of course, be free from the ( DEVIL ) spirit's indwelling subversion and deceiving arguments; and therein, such accuracy, in Apostles' personal thinking, allows them to help the many other concurrent Covenant initiates' understanding the [ WAYS ] of God. The Spirit voice, heard now from within through the Baptism into the Holy Ghost spirit, must now be supported with “right preaching and teaching” of doctrine from these Apostles and Prophets. The Covenant of Jesus Christ, alive now within a Church body, requires a foundation of Faith reinforcement, as a steady message to follow, which Faith rightness appears simultaneously with the concurrent Apostles and Prophets Gifts of Church leadership. Such right Faith, of the Church membership's right doctrine, fuels the Assembly of Church healing gifts and manifestations of miraculous evidence, that confirm God's pleasure in ( HIS ) Covenant partners. And without these necessary Gifts, of these Apostles and Prophets, such an Assembly cannot be achieved.

    The Apostles, of the New Testament Covenant offering, are only discovered in their validated powers after they appropriately / necessarily / successfully pass through God's Covenant entrance, through the Kingdom of Heaven protocol of the Remission of Sins experience. The ( DEVIL ) spirit voices must, necessarily, be ( silenced / forcefully restrained ) as a precondition that specifically validates the Gift / Voice of the emerging Apostles. Without this precondition being fulfilled, of the Remission of Sins experience, the Apostles' Gifts / Voice / valid administration to the New Testament Church cannot manifestly appear, from the Divine appointment of ( GOD'S ) Kingdom of Heaven's authorities over spirits, followed behind with confirming signs of Pentecostal evidence. Church claims, of having the Apostles' ministry appointment, presumptively validating a contemporary Church Traditionalist to that privileged station of official Christian doctrine partitioning, have been wrongly accepted and approved; wherein, such fraudulent Apostles' claimants have not appropriately / necessarily / successfully passed through God's Covenant entrance, through the Kingdom of Heaven protocol of the Remission of Sins experience. The ( DEVIL ) spirit voices have not been ( silenced / forcefully restrained ) in such Apostles - persons, but remain active as indwelling subversions and as arguers of many Antichrist philosophies, pretended as doctrines of Jesus Christ. And, even Pentecostal flavored Church types have claimed they have empowered Apostles, showing their signs of power as Divine evidence, that proves, they argue, their claim as having God's approval of their Church leadership. And yet these Apostles, affirmed loudly by their companion Prophets, have not appropriately / necessarily / successfully passed through God's Covenant entrance, through the Kingdom of Heaven protocol of the Remission of Sins experience. This means, of course, that their ( DEVIL ) spirit voices have not been ( silenced / forcefully restrained ), but remain active in these false Apostles, and within their Traditionalist companion Prophets, as indwelling subversions and as arguers of many Antichrist philosophies, pretended as doctrines of Jesus Christ, and which are actively manifesting lying signs, so warned of in the New Testament. The Church Assembly, representing many Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirits, and needing the preemptive Remission of Sins and its Repentance Faith works, has not manifestly appeared, and nor can it appear; for, the Apostles and Prophets foundations to Covenant Faith have not been accepted, when God has previously sent them. The Church Assembly, of pretended Apostles, has only been impersonated by the contemporary Gentile Church of Traditional doctrine Theology, but without God's permission / authoritative evidence / Grace of forgiveness.

    The Life .. God's Zoë .., after the Divine heart nature of Jesus Christ, is [ THE ] intended purpose of the New Testament Covenant; wherein, Covenant partners with God can enter into Jesus Christ's Life .. God's Zoë .., and become citizens of Eternity in God's Kingdom of Heaven. Covenant men must learn this Kingdom of Heaven reference and definition of Jesus Christ's Life .. God's Zoë .., for; obtaining that Covenant promise of Eternal Life. Any other religious order / tradition / pattern of rituals, that fail this Life of Jesus Christ protocol, is simply an occult religion, unworthy of New Testament believers' involvement and support. The Life of Jesus Christ Ideology is cleanly the Christian purpose, and Church definition; wherein, the methodology of the Creation God must be followed, implicitly, and completely, having no exception substituted with equal measure of Life success. The Covenant Gifts of the Church Apostles and Prophets cannot be overstated as necessary components in this methodology of the Creation God; for, without their implicit preaching, oversight and counsel, this Life of Jesus Christ will never be attained, regardless of Gentile insistence upon other, Worldly minded, preaching of philosophies and friendly counseling, so generally presented. The Gentile denials, of contemporary Church Apostles and Prophets, are typically explained away with logical patter about their being unnecessary in contemporary Church times; and further, the Assembly of many Christ body parts, displaying Kingdom of Heaven authorities over invisible spirit powers, now is explained as being nonsensical, and Old World myths, to be replaced by Freudian psychoanalysis, and modern science psychology. The Covenant promise, of the Life of Jesus Christ and the Creation design of Church Assembly for Kingdom of Heaven authorities over invisible spirit powers, of course, does not convict any modern Gentile Church careerists of their inadequacies or misguided entertainment Ideologies. They fail the Life of Jesus Christ protocol, in their dependencies upon pretty buildings and extravagant stage pageants and Gentile fashioned group therapies.

    This Life of Jesus Christ .. God's Zoë Life .. clearly is a term for ( Spiritual Word Life ), in its manifestation of personal experience. Before this Life of Jesus Christ can be assimilated into mankind's reality, ( FIRST ) the prequel reality to Life is [ DEATH ], that must be acknowledged as the universal stature of all humankind, which is now manifest through the bondage of a [ SINFUL ] nature inherited from Adam and Eve, in the Garden. This [ SINFUL ] nature, and its justified sentence of [ DEATH ], was judged in all of humankind by the Creation God, to conclude in the justifiable punishment of an afterlife of Eternal [ DAMNATION ], and not in Life. This [ SINFUL ] nature, in an escape from this absolute conclusion of [ DEATH & DAMNATION ], must be transfigured into a Life nature, through God's paradoxical and mysterious Theology. God, alone, must circumvent this complex spiritual dynamic unto Life, that [ SINFUL ] natured men could not, and cannot, intellectualize, nor construct. This Life nature, of God's Christ Jesus, is to be only accomplished within [ SINFUL ] natured men, by God's process of ( Remission of Sins Rebirth unto Covenant Transformation ), a process that is dependent upon God's grace of Divine permissions, but still requires a Faith working / discipline, exercised precisely by such [ SINFUL ] natured men. This exact Faith working / discipline must be structured with implicit detail toward an absolute acceptance of a Divine substitution, of an unjustified Life nature replacing the natural man's justified [ SIN ] nature, and which Faith structuring; also imputes a Life force of Eternal reward, in substitution for such men's natural [ DEATH ] sentence and [ DAMNATION ] throughout Eternity. This Divinely constructed process, unto a Life nature, incorporates an accompanying help from a Church society, founded upon exacting principles that God's Apostles and Prophets provide. Without this Church Institution existing, along with its framework of Apostles' and Prophets' Faith works chronology, this indwelling nature of the Life of Jesus Christ, is impossible to obtain. The Assembly of the New Testament Church, operating consciously toward this Life nature, and therein; representing many Kingdom of Heaven authorities over spirits, this Assembly of the New Testament Church is a composition of help to Covenant men. The Life nature of God's Christ is strangely / miraculously worked into [ SINFUL ] natured men, by this Assembly of the New Testament Church; and so, this process of God's Church methodology is the exclusive manner to accomplish God's Covenant purpose of Life.

Michael Mitchell