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The Christian Prophets' .. APOCALYPSE ..

The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ is a Christian ~ imposed phenomenon, fueled by Christian - Prophets' works of prayerful intercession. This Web page is speaking a ( voice ) of contemporary Christian Prophecy, that testifies of this unfolding Apocalypse, of its inevitable events that incorporate catastrophes of global proportions, which; ( voice ) of Jesus Christ's Apocalypse, expressly portrays an evident reality of a Spirit realm ~ power base, beyond the scope of ( Fallen ) men's perception, which; is the extraordinary realm of Christian Prophets; wherefrom, their prayer works are launched with awesome faith ~ energy.

For more information about the Christian Apocalypse, .. contemporary Christian Prophecy, .. the qualification of contemporary Christian Prophecy through Holiness, .. and Church Doctrine, simply scroll .. further down .. this same Webpage.

This Website presents a public record of “true” Christian standards, not commonly portrayed, .. and; Divine validation of Christian ~ authority over the World in total, from which; Christian ~ authority, global domination is .. certainly .. established, .. and; particularly, of Christian Church – Prophets' ministry works, of: Spirit realm power ~ manifestations of astonishing levels of energy, which; Spirit realm, .. energy released .., manifestations, bring culmination of the present Christian church age, by the course of the Christian Apocalypse, of John's [ Book of Revelation ]! This Website, therefore, is a public testimony to the listening / believing / “truth” searching audience, of God's strategic intent, which; public testimony, declares that God's Christian Prophets are Divinely empowered administrators, who are holding every living soul .. of the World .. within a confined order of an imposed force of domination .. according to; God's Christian commandments .. according to; God's Covenant structure of eternal life's standards and requirements .. and according to; God's Apocalypse ~ methodology of Covenant fulfillment and execution of justice. These Christian references, .. these Christian Covenant standards of eternal consequence, these Christian Prophets' works of awesome spiritual energy, establish the whole of [ .. the Christian church culture .. ], of each denominational .. church belief system .., unto Apocalypse – categories of Divine dispensation, through the Divine process of Prophets' weighing and measuring of Christian ~ men's faith virtue, categorizing their Covenant righteousness or sinfulness, and their corresponding judgments of death, or rewards of merciful life; wherein, the [ .. Christian church community .. ], of this present day, [ .. WILL CERTAINLY .. ] be culminated in its present day expression / portrayal / projection, of Godly confusion and Christian distortion, in its [ Babel talk – diversities and endless contradictions ]! And, subsequent to this reckoning of “right” justice in the church domain of Christian virtue and failure, these very same Christian references, .. these very same Christian Covenant standards of eternal consequence, .. these very same Christian Prophets' manifestations ~ works of awesome spiritual energy, establish every living soul, of the whole of humankind, unto an Apocalypse – category of Divine dispensation, through this very same Divine process of Prophets' weighing and measuring of men's faith virtue, according to their Covenant righteousness or sinfulness, establishing perfect connections between men's sins and their “just” consequences. This Website report is a contemporary Prophet's testament, to: God's sovereign rule, over; the [ .. Christian church order .. ] and its confusions of Babel ~ faith practices, and of; God's final containment of the present sinful state of the World, through the Covenant process of John's reported Apocalypse.

The unfolding Apocalypse, of the Apostle ( gift ) of the Apostle John; the New Testament ~ Apocalypse occurs as a spiritual manifestation, that directly occurs through the visitation ~ presence of God .. the ( “Holy Ghost” ) .. among Christians, which; manifestation of God's Apocalypse ~ presence, drives the focus of all true ~ Christian ministries, but; .. particularly .. in the conscious ~ faith working of Christian Prophets. The New Testament ~ Apocalypse is a ( “Holy Ghost” ) driven series of God's judgments; whereby, the ( “Holy Ghost” ), and the ministry working of ( His ) true Prophets, bring fulfillment .. completion .. culmination of the present Christian church age, by; the ( “Holy Ghost” ) driving all true ~ Christian power, to the highest administrative authority of Jesus Christ, to engage, and sustain, the Apocalypse ~ Spirit. This highest administrative authority, of Jesus Christ, is Divinely concentrated in ( “righteous” faith ~ centered Prophets ), who are the engine ~ power base that drives the manifestation of any .. true .. Christian experience. And, it is the faith working of these Prophets, that empowers and sustains this ( “Holy Ghost” ) revealed manifestation of the Apocalypse ~ process of events. The Spirit of the Bible's Christ Jesus, the ( “Holy Ghost” ), is the spiritual conduit from which the ( Will of God ) is revealed .. in Divine mysteries .. to the Prophets of Jesus Christ; whereby, these Prophets formulate their faith working, in their secreting a ( spiritual oil ) of faith energy, for; the Holy Angels to carry unto the fulfillment of God's specified Apocalypse ~ judgments, throughout all of the church society. And; it is [ also ] the ( oil of “anointing” ) of these Holy Prophets, that fuels God's other specified Apocalypse ~ judgments that are carried, by the Holy Apocalypse ~ Angels, unto all of the World, bringing an Apocalypse ~ authority of profound rule upon the experience of the whole of humankind. A complex composition of ( “Holy Ghost” ) appointed Angels are the Holy carriers, of the Apocalypse ~ ( oil of “anointing” ), of God's judgments. And, it is these Prophets, of the ( “Holy Ghost” ), who fuel these Apocalypse ~ Angels, with their human faith - ( oil ) - secretions; whereby, the “righteous” judgments, of God's Apocalypse, are imposed, ( firstly ), upon the Christian church society, and then, ( secondly ), upon the whole of humankind.

The present church age “must” come to an end / a forecasted conclusion, as: a New Testament prophecy, which; is described, by the Apostle John, in: his record of the Apocalypse! This Apocalypse methodology, of God, reflects a judgment character of God, which; is .. NOT .. commonly .. portrayed in the church society. This Apocalypse of God is punishing the Christian church community, “rightly”, for; its having been a spiritual conduit of an “evil” character, .. its having had a “sin” nature in its religious order of faith working, .. its reflecting the subversive will of an “Antichrist” spirit, as its power base origin of faith practices; whereby, [ the Apocalypse ], of God's wrath, has been .. perfectly .. justified! The Apostle's event, of John's Apocalypse, is a ( “Holy Ghost” ) / ( Holiness of Christ ) given insight to the Christian church condition, .. given in spiritual oversight to that Christian church society, which; Apostle's gift insight from the Apocalypse, .. reveals the church's failure, .. unveils the church's multiple platforms of distortion, as: a spiritual conduit which has brought a spirit based authority of ( PERMITTED SIN ) into the societal whole of the World. God is bringing the Apocalypse ~ reckoning of judgment .. of the Apostle's gift .. upon the New Testament church, by; ( 1 ) surrendering the traditional Christian church society over to an extraordinary exaggeration of overt “Antichrist” ~ “spirit” oversight and imposition of an Apocalypse ~ rule, .. and by; ( 2 ) destroying the World's systems of order, of economics / of societal governance / of international diplomacy / of nationalized politics / of diverse systems of religion, of an Apocalypse ~ intrusion, .. and by; ( 3 ) imposing death upon multitudes of human souls, as an Apocalypse ~ sentence of “righteousness” .. and by; ( also ) ( 4 ) massively dissolving the earth's ecological system, of universal life support, by this Apocalypse ~ cleansing of evil! The Apostle John's gift, which; gift, .. uniquely .. accesses of the Apocalypse ~ revelation of Jesus Christ; John's gift presents an Apocalypse ~ insight to, and an Apocalypse ~ oversight of, the traditional church system and its distorted society; whereby, the Apocalypse ~ process, of God's judgment, brings the fulfillment / the conclusion, to God's plan of church development. In formulating the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ, God's Covenant provided .. sufficiently .. for the church to have a constant manifestation evidence .. of confirming powers and signs .. by the presence of the ( “Holy Ghost” ); for, the church to have a continuous guide unto truth .. toward the exceptional .. Word of God ~ truth of Christ .. , and for the church to have a warning of God's wrath of the Apocalypse, to deter the church from drifting away in its faith. However, the church .. DID .. fall away, as was warned in scripture; and, in the church's ( falling away ), the church lost the presence of the ( “Holy Ghost” ), and the guiding .. comforting .. evidence of supernatural manifestations; and yet, with this loss of evidence, of ( “Holy Ghost” ) guidance, the ( fallen away ) church was permitted to continue for a time, to explore its other .. many .. options, in the fullest possible diversity of church expression in a ( fallen ) state, with the promised Apocalypse looming .. always .. on the horizon, as the forecasted day of reckoning for this ( falling away ). And, within that Divine permission of church exploration, unto maximum church diversity, unto all manner of unholiness discoveries, the church has gravitated, .. with unbridled inclination unto its natural motivations .., to satisfy its base indulgences; so that, the ( fallen away ) church has become a spectacle of evil, and .. NOT .. unto the glory of Jesus Christ. This highly developed spectacle has been carefully forewarned in the Apocalypse of the Apostle's gift, and has been exposed, to have been in its ( fallen away ) condition, by the seals being broken, by the Apostle's gift, of John's Apocalypse, for; the church – body to .. then .. be seen, for; the perfected church to learn from, by the horrific scene of that Apocalypse ~ expose´! That Apocalypse ~ insight, .. that Apocalypse ~ oversight, .. that Apocalypse ~ power of angel command, of the Apostle's gift, is the revelation of Divine authority; whereby, God will conclude the church ~ age in its ( fallen away ) condition, ruling over the New Testament - church and its ( fallen away ) failure, presenting a clear indictment against the ( fallen away ) church with the prophetic spectacle of its World – wide impartations of spiritual calamity and devastating consequences. God's hand of deliberate purpose is revealed in the Apostle's gift, of John's Apocalypse ~ revelation, which; Divine purpose in the Apocalypse, discloses that the church institution exists ~ now in a condition of ( fallen away ) Babel, as [ .. THE WHORE .. ] that rides on the dragon's back, of Satan's “spirit”. This Apocalypse ~ insight / this Apocalypse ~ oversight / this Apocalypse ~ revelation, of John's gift as the Apostle, prepares a new church entity, for; .. an expression of God's newness in the World, in; .. establishing new systems in the World, .. as; a new Christian church age rises up, as; .. of the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ!

Prophecy .. Christian Prophecy .. within the normal Holy Ghost ~ New Testament Church culture; Christian Prophecy is a unique .. [ KEY ] .. characteristic of God's presence being evident with men; whereby, God more fully discloses the full domain of human kind experience. Men have been created with this Prophecy ability even though that ( spiritual gift of Prophecy ) has been suppressed by men's ( fallen ) condition, which; ( fallen state ), was derived from men's eating the Tree of Knowledge ~ fruit of ( faith centeredness ) in the “Garden of Eden” ~ trial process; whereby, Self Awareness ~ Knowledge became ( fallen ) men's preferred condition of sentient concentration, therein; preferring to deny the “Life” quality .. the eternal quality of God's Prophecy ~ Life .. of the “Garden” Tree of Life. This “Garden” reference, to a type of fruit eating selection; this reference is the reality of occurrence that exists within the hearts of .. ALL .. men; whereby, a [ .. heart garden .. ] exists within .. ALL .. of humankind, that requires tending to and careful oversight, of Divine husbandry, for; seed characteristics, of [ .. heart of man ~ planting .. ], need to be carefully selected; because, the fruit, of men's heart nature, is born from within men's hearts, from the seed – type so selected for [ .. heart of man ~ planting .. ], all of which; seed planting and garden tending, mirrors the physical plane of natural observation .. exactly .. ; whereby, the condition of God's creation [ whole ] is correlated .. perfectly .. to, and is dependent .. directly .. upon, the heart condition of men, by God's creation design. And, Prophecy is the spiritual language of God, whereby, the known, and knowable, Will of God is a normal component in the heart ~ garden husbandry, of God's men. All of mankind has this inborn capacity of God's Prophecy language; however, the Christian experience awakens this Prophecy ~ ability from its dormancy of sinful blindness, becoming the .. ( new normal ) .. to those believing followers of Jesus Christ's Prophecy. But, in addition, to the heart garden factor of seed ~ selection and fruit bearing being a God centered function of men's discipleship, the advent of the Christian Apocalypse is a punctuation mark, of God's most severe emphasis, portraying this Prophecy dimension of Christian discipleship as being a stable component of God's life within ( His ) believers. God's Prophecy language is permanent .. reliable .. fearsomely imposing .. and relentless, in timeless continuity; and therein, the Christian language of Prophecy is a main component, of the Apocalypse ~ event of Jesus Christ. Divine rule is established, through God's Prophecy language, that declares the Will of God in the Apocalypse ~ outpouring; whereby, contemporary Prophecy messengers [ .. like this website .. ] voice the appearing of the Apocalypse .. ( firstly ) .. within the church society .. giving warning to the church society, forcibly imposing this Prophecy ~ warning of Jesus Christ upon the unhearing church institution, regardless of its insistence upon dullness. God is showing, through Apocalypse ~ messengers, that God's Christian Prophecy is .. absolutely .. to be accepted by the church society, and; revered with sober recognition of its majestic privilege; for, the Life of Christ, as a Tree grown within willing men's heart ~ gardens; that Life is declared .. in God's Prophecy language .. to be exalted above the “Tree of Knowledge” worshiping practice, of religious tradition and advocacy; whereby, “Tree of Knowledge” adherence can .. NOW .. no longer bind up God's language of Prophecy, and; its profound benefits of heart ~ garden husbandry.

For more focused information on Christian Prophecy and the Christian Prophet's ministry of Prophecy, with warnings about the unfolding Apocalypse, and the Church of the Apocalypse, .. go to this link .. Our .. Official Letter .. to the Christian Church Community .. .

God's Prophecy does more than foretelling future events. God's Prophecy is a normal spiritual language of the [ Holy Ghost .. Spirit ], which; is a baseline component of the standard church “tool box”. [ Holy Ghost .. Prophecy ] is promised to all Christian believers who are resolved to obey the Will of God, in their personal lives of faith practices! The Prophecy language of God, when listened to, discloses a faith pattern of Divine Will, for believers to follow in disciplined faith ~ obedience; whereby, ( 1 ) God reveals in Prophecy ( His ) life plan / ( His ) implicit instruction of ministry service or ministry bishopric, as a Divinely intended future stature for the individual believer to attain through faith ~ working, or whereby; the Prophecy language of God ( 2 ) promises future – rewards, ( eternal life .. Salvation ), and natural life rewards, which are associated .. implicitly .. with the believer's completion of His / Her ministry service by the careful focusing of faith practices in God's voice of Prophecy, or whereby; the Prophecy language of God ( 3 ) reveals .. past tense .. faith ~ empowerments / faith ~ “sins” of the family lineage .. in [ generational “curses” ] .. which have set the present conditions of the believer's experienced affliction, or whereby; the Prophecy language of God ( 4 ) forewarns of future - coming chastisements, which; are directly correlated to the believer's possible faith ~ disobedience, in the predestined follower's attempting to escape from God's ministry service of ( His ) Prophecy language, or whereby; the Prophecy language of God ( 5 ) reveals faith ~ empowerments of spiritual authority, which had previously been established in past times, as obstructions to the believer's knowing God's Will in this present season of God's Prophecy speaking, or whereby; the Prophecy language of God ( 6 ) forewarns of God's stronger judgment - proclamations of permanent consequences ( eternal damnation ), or personal suffrage and loss, whereby; such consequences would be avoidable by simple obedience of careful faith working, toward; God's life plan design of Prophecy, and God's sovereign rule, or; the Prophecy language of God ( 7 ) reveals other facets of complication, of various parallel families / multiple family lineages, and their previously established faith ~ empowerments, and their complicitness of faith ~ working, in their progressing or hindering God's Kingdom Order among men, revealed through the language of God's Prophecy! The active faith ~ working of believing men, toward obedience to God's sovereign Will, is the purposed result of this Prophecy language; whereby, God's Prophecy language is [ THE ] spiritual tool that God utilizes. The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ is .. ALL .. about men's usage of faith energy, in ( fallen ) men's causing a faith energy blow back ~ response, from God's created system of spiritual order. When men exercise their faith energy toward ( fallen ) nature purposes, and particularly as a universal condition, that universality of ( fallen) men's faith - working brings a consequence of enormous magnitude, from within God's established Kingdom ~ system of Heaven, bringing a vastly universalized destruction upon the whole of the earthy plane. God created humankind with an enormous power of faith ability; whereby, men, if allowed to fashion their faith direction outside of God's benevolent constraints of ( His ) Prophecy language, such men could bring the destruction of humankind and God's creation, in totality. Men's evil practicing of faith is the cause of the Apocalypse ~ judgments of Jesus Christ, and; is the reason for the message of alarm being spoken in God's Apocalypse ~ voice of Prophecy. God's voice of Prophecy declares that, at the very end of the Apocalypse ~ blow back ~ process, God will preempt men's final measure of destruction, cutting off the final blow back ~ response, to salvage ( His ) creation from the totality of a perfect decimation, in mankind's [ .. justified end .. ]. But, God's voice of Prophecy declares that God will .. JUSTLY .. allow the closeness of men's decimation to occur, as an historical record of men's ( fallen ) condition, and; to be a sober reality check of men's faith “centeredness”, in men's accepting this “right” listening to God's Prophecy language. This Prophecy voice, of the Apocalypse ~ blow back ~ response, is Jesus Christ's voice of New Testament Prophecy, that reveals God's Words of truthful warning .. as; an instructional lesson about men's created faith powers .. and as; a merciful encouragement toward men's change of faith practices .. for; the true church to find the “right” center for their faith working, thereby; enabling such listening church men to .. singly .. find faith ~ Salvation from God's language of Prophecy, while in the midst of universalized faith ~ destruction.

God's Prophecy language was inborn within humankind, at the beginning of creation, before men ate the tempting fruit of the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of ( Self awareness ~ Knowledge ), and fell from grace of Divine Life. Before the ( falling way ) .. act of sin .. in the “Garden of Eden”, men were in a state of perfect Holiness, being .. entirely .. conscious of God, as the center of men's lives, .. whereby; men were exclusively focused upon a sentient Life of eating ( daily ) the fruit born from the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of Holiness ~ Life, which; ( daily ) Holiness ~ Life .. fruit eating, was listening to God's active voice of Prophecy ~ speaking. After the ( falling way ) .. act of sin .., from Holiness ~ Life .. fruit eating, ( Fallen ) men could still hear / still feel / still sense a voice of an invisible presence, but; not always with distinct clarity of understanding. Such men, of a ( “fallen” ) state, floundered in their condition of spiritual darkness, being distanced away from, and outside of the walled defenses of, Holiness ~ Life .. fruit eating, from a sentient consciousness of God ~ centeredness, being ( lost ) .. cut off .. from an inherited condition of Divine Holiness ~ Life .. fruit eating. After this ( falling way ), men could .. NO LONGER .. listen to God's active voice of Prophecy, as the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of Holiness ~ Life .. fruit bearing, whereby; men received God's empowered supply of endless Holiness ~ Life. Such ( Fallen ) men were without a ( daily ) access to God's active voice, of Holiness ~ Life .. fruit of Prophecy, and; were doomed to succumb to death, when death developed to full maturity, from within the inner hearts of such ( fallen away ) men. However, God still revealed ( Himself ) in ( His ) Prophecy language, as Holiness ~ Life .. fruit for eating, to some .. specific .. men who were .. strangely .. sentient ( still ) with God's Holiness ~ Life, as a cognitive fruit to be eaten in Prophecy; but also, God sent spirits [ .. outside of Holiness .. ], who were under ( His ) absolute dominion of Holiness, who spoke to ( fallen ) men [ .. outside of Holiness .. ], while those men were in their ( Fallen ) sentience ~ state of ( Self Knowledge ) centeredness. Hearing men, of the ( Fallen ) condition, explored the meaning of these voices [ .. outside of Holiness .. ], learning the ways of access to these spiritual voices sent from God, and .. further .. attempting to commingle with such voices, .. learning astrology, and Divination, and Tarot card reading, and animal sacrifices, and animal entrails reading, and crystal ball reading, .. and all manner of Psychic readings, .. including human sacrifice, to appease these spirits, .. to appeal to these spirits for reward, to forecast future conditions and times, etc. These spirits projected themselves, to ( Fallen ) men [ .. outside of Holiness .. ], as though they were God, having God's preeminent stature of supreme Holiness; and, these spirits became Deified by men, as mythical gods, but yet; not of the virtue of Divine Holiness, but being spirits of men's sentient ~ darkness. History of civilization has provided all manner of documentation .. statues and art .. poems and songs and passed down lore .. of these mythological Deities, who became recognized as being guides to each nation. And, guides they were, sent by God [ .. outside of Holiness .. ] to forcibly steer ( Fallen ) men to abide within a controlled path of Divine predestination. In truth, God, the creator of Heaven and life, ruled .. always .. over these spirits [ .. outside of Holiness .. ], and empowered these spirits to rule over ( Fallen ) men, of all humankind [ .. outside of Holiness .. ], with their delegated punishments and rewards, causing wars, and famines, and plagues, and invasions, and migrations, and every manner of torment, [ .. outside of Holiness .. ]; because of [ .. men's continued preferences .. ] for pursuing after ( Self Knowledge ~ centeredness ), as the core ~ value of common men's deliberate advocacy [ .. away from God's Holiness .. ], and therein; straying .. continually .. from a sentient eating of God's fruit of Prophecy ~ Life, obtained from the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of Holiness ~ fruit bearing. But now, the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ offers to ( Fallen ) men the eating the fruit born of the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of Christ's Holiness ~ Life, which is the Prophecy ~ fruit of God's active voice, as a profound gift unto men, permitting ( Fallen ) men to be restored / reconciled once again to God's supply of Life, through men's ( daily ) eating the Prophecy ~ fruit of the Christ Life, of Divine Holiness. And now, the ministry fulfillment of Jesus Christ compels the season of the Apocalypse to be engaged, in the virtue of Christ's Holiness, as a force of Divine tribulation, pressing predestined ( Fallen ) men into recovery, back unto the Holiness ~ way of eating the fruit of God's Prophecy ~ Life, from the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of perpetual Holiness, in the virtue of God's Son .. Jesus Christ. The intended achievement .. purpose .., of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, is the work of tribulating / pressuring predestined ( Fallen ) men, compelling such men to listen to voices of Holiness ~ Life .. to eat the Prophecy ~ fruit, born of God's active voice .., such tribulation of the Holiness ~ Apocalypse causing such men to strain carefully at hearing God's distant voice .. of the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of the Holiness ~ Life of Jesus Christ .. , thereby; filtering out the many closer, and louder, voices, who are .. not .. of God's Christian ~ Holiness, for; such ( Fallen ) men to obtain the Christian ~ Holiness ~ Life quality, of God's Prophecy ~ fruit, and therein; to know the way of God.

Outside of the Holiness ~ Life of Jesus Christ, the Prophecy ~ voice of unholy spirits speaks things that are skewed .. distorted .. universally directed toward the satisfying of ( Fallen ) men's self centered indulgences and “Tree of Knowledge” reasoning .. being clearly Antichrist in its practice, and; will not only miss the important disclosure of the Will of God, in Holiness ~ Life; but, this Prophecy ~ voice, outside of Holiness ~ Life, will be incomplete in its revelation, .. will have aspects of inaccuracy woven into the Prophecy ~ voice; for, it is absent God's Holiness character of ( His ) Christ, which; Christ character of Holiness ~ Life, speaks truth [ .. only .. ], as the perfect Prophecy ~ fruit born of God's Word ~ Tree of Life. This Prophecy ~ fruit eating, from the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of ( Self awareness ~ Knowledge ), is practicing the eating of Prophecy ~ fruit outside of Jesus Christ's Holiness ~ Life, and therein; .. is Witchcraft, .. is commonly described as Psychic readings .. , but nonetheless is unholy, evil, and Antichrist in its intention .. and [ WILL ] exact a Divine judgment of imposed consequence. Holiness ~ Life qualifies Prophecy ~ fruit eating as coming .. exceptionally .. from the “Garden of Eden” Tree .. of Life, therein; requiring such practitioners to have the preceding Holiness ~ immersion into Holy Ghost [ .. baptism .. ], which; Holiness ~ Life [ .. baptism .. ] comes .. [ only ] .. from the laying on of hands, of active impartations, of a present generation [ .. Apostles' spiritual authority .. ], specifically of this same Holiness ~ Life .. Prophecy ~ fruit eating, of Jesus Christ. This Apostles' ~ authority immersion unto Holiness ~ Life is the exclusive conduit for entrance unto this Prophecy ~ voice, of Jesus Christ's .. particular and exceptional .. Holiness ~ Life character; wherein, God's perfect Will for the believer is [ guardedly ] revealed. Holiness ~ Life, of an active [ .. Apostles' spiritual authority .. ], [ IS / ALWAYS WAS] .. a requirement for the Christian church of the New Testament / Covenant of Jesus Christ. And, this Holiness ~ Life [ .. baptism .. ] [ IS ] accessible to the ( Elect Christian church ) .. NOW .., through this Apocalypse ~ Spirit of Jesus Christ, which; Spirit of Jesus Christ, is imparting that [ .. Apostles' spiritual authority .. ] unto all who are appointed to ( His ) Apocalypse purpose of .. particular .. Holiness ~ Life. By God's Covenant insistence, through this intended culmination of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ; the ( Elect Christian church ) of this [ .. End Times .. ] is being ordained into this Holiness ~ Life immersion, of Holy Ghost [ .. baptism .. ], unto that church's appointed arrival at a perfect knowledge of God's Kingdom .. in the Holiness ~ Life of Jesus Christ .. . This attainment, unto this [ .. End Times .. ] appointment of Holiness ~ Life immersion; this attainment had .. NOTHING .. to do with such persons' own working of “right” faith, and “right” prayer focus, in their preceding Holiness ~ Life, for; they have .. ALL .. been concluded in their ( Fallen ) state of faith working, in their ( daily ) eating from the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of ( Self awareness ~ Knowledge ), unto their deserving a “righteous” judgment of damnation. However, by God's decree, such [ .. predestined and Divinely appointed .. ] ( Fallen souls ) have been “sent” this Holiness ~ Life [ .. baptism .. ], of immersion into the Holy Ghost, by spiritual transference of a present tense [ .. Apostle's .. ] authority, of an active [ .. Apostle .. ], abiding in Holiness ~ Life; and therein, these ordained ( Fallen souls ) have been Divinely directed to have a clarity of cognitive awareness of Holiness ~ Life, enabling them to eat .. sentiently .. of God's fruit of Prophecy ~ Life, so; they may ( know ) the Will of God. They will now become the ( Elect Christian church ) of this [ .. End Times .. ], and become the engine of Holiness ~ faith, that will bring the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ to its Prophecy ~ conclusion, from the exalted stature of Holiness ~ Life. Along with this [ .. Apostle's baptism .. ] into Holiness ~ Life, of this exceptionally ordained [ .. End Times church .. ]; this very same [ .. Apostles' spiritual authority .. ] holds the power of God's judgment of “righteousness”, whereby; such [ .. Apostles .. ] are “living” in the present tense, as the embodied Word of God .. Tree, in its maturity of fullness, of Holiness ~ Life fruit bearing, which; Word of God .. Tree of Holiness ~ Life, insists upon Word ~ Tree “righteousness” abiding within .. ALL .. humankind of the World, [ OR ]; an exact measure of consequence being accounted for .. ANY .. rejection of Word ~ Tree ~ Holiness Life, as it was so revealed .. openly .. in God's Son, Jesus Christ. And, this [ .. Apostles' spiritual authority .. ], bearing Prophecy ~ fruit in Holiness ~ Life, has been Divinely delegated a Word ~ Tree ~ Holiness Life stature of ruling power, over the World's garden of .. ALL .. humankind; whereby, this present tense authority in Holiness ~ Life, of an active [ .. Apostle .. ] [ .. CAN AND DOES .. ] impose the spiritual manifestation of Covenant ~ Apocalypse ~ Justice, that incorporates the “sending” of spirits to ( Fallen ) men of the World, who rejected the Word ~ Life ~ Holiness of Jesus Christ, which; “sent” spirits, are the Prophecy ~ speaking voice, of the “Garden of Eden” .. Tree .. of ( Self awareness ~ Knowledge ), which will .. NOW .. be accelerated to an advanced level of Antichrist Abomination, overtaking .. ALL .. of the World's ( Fallen ) men. Whereby, the acceleration of this Prophecy ~ speaking voice [ .. outside of Holiness ~ Life .. ], ( Fallen ) men are given a Divine appointment to rise to a much higher level of spiritual trespass, in ( Fallen ) men's exploring more of God's Kingdom of Heaven, to an even more alarming accomplishment of Antichrist Abomination, and therein; for the World's ( Fallen ) men to obtain an even greater measurement of God's judgment ~ Wrath, unto an horrific level of Desolation of such men, in their eternal dispensation. This Apocalypse ~ judgment, being “sent” according to Word of God ~ Holiness ~ Life abiding within a present tense [ .. Apostle .. ]; this Apocalypse of Apostles' Holiness is a punctuation mark of God's insistence upon all of the World's garden, in the World's men submitting to, and abiding with, ( His ) Word ~ Tree of Holiness ~ Life, of Jesus Christ.

The Church of God's Christ is intended to be the embodiment of God's “living” Word, to be revealed within the Holiness virtue of Jesus Christ; wherein, this “living” Word of Divine character ~ Holiness, the Christian Church is to be [ THE ] spiritual house .. [ THE ] tabernacle of men's flesh .. [ THE ] growing field of the Word of God ~ seed, that accommodates the Holy Angels of God, in their trafficking in and out, and through, this “living” tabernacle with a normalcy of their intended function. Furthermore, the Church entity, of this Holiness ~ Life character of Jesus Christ, in its enabling the Holy Angels of God to minister the faith ( oil ) of the Christ virtue, to the heart garden ~ seeds of God's implanted Word; this Church ~ entity is a conduit of God's “living” voice; whereby, the Prophecy ~ voice of God is spoken, .. is heard and taught commonly throughout the true Church ~ body, .. is believed as a normal Church function, .. and is revered with highest value; for, the Prophecy ~ voice of God is a core ~ promise of God's Covenant with ( “fallen” ) men; so that, ( “fallen” ) men once again may have open fellowship with God, through the Covenant mediator .. Jesus Christ .. . Such Covenant men of the true Church are trained, by this Prophecy ~ voice of God, how to direct their ( .. Faith .. ) working unto the ministry fulfillment of Jesus Christ, to complete their Covenant role in raising up the “living” Word of God's Life ( zoe ), unto its fruit perfection of ( soul ) Salvation. By ( Fallen ) men adopting this Covenant gift of God's Prophecy ~ voice, such ( Fallen ) men can enter into the realized experience of the New Testament Church, having the miraculous empowerment of Christian disciples, of the New Testament ~ Holy Bible. And, through this Prophecy ~ voice of God's Covenant, the present age ~ Church, of the New Covenant ~ Apocalypse, will be brought out of the confusion of its previous bondage, to Church ~ Babel. The true Church, that belongs to God's Christ, is intended to serve the Will of God and ( His ) Christ, as the purpose of highest Church devotion. It is this posture of absolute dedication that requires the Church to [ Deny itself ] ( as scripture instructs ) .. and further, to [ Take up its own Cross, of Sacrificing the interests of the Self ] ( as scripture instructs ) .. therein .. ( through an honest adherence to these two prerequisite doctrine commandments ) .. the obedient Church is spiritually enabled to [ Follow the “living” Prophecy ~ Voice of God's Christ, which; “living” Prophecy ~ Voice, comes from within the Church believers' hearts, of Word of God ~ growing Life ] ( as scripture instructs ). The Church serving the Will of God must .. necessarily .. be preferred by the Church ~ institution, over ( Fallen ) Church ~ men's Willfulness of Self serving, unto its preset ( Fallen ) condition and structured priorities, .. of evil, .. of its learned sinfulness, .. after the learned hearing of its inner voice of the Antichrist spirit, .. in the learned enjoyment of satisfying such ( Fallen ) Church ~ men's Worldly indulgences. And, it is this exact posturing of serving the “living” Will, of God's presently active Prophecy ~ voice, that qualifies the Church as representing Jesus Christ .. exceptionally .. . Without this practiced belief of [ Denying the Self's ( Fallen nature ~ wants ) ] .. and [ Fully Acknowledging / Accepting Resolutely / Taking Assertively a lifestyle of personal Sacrifice, in sacrificing this ( Fallen nature ~ compulsion )] .. and then [ Obeying the Commandments, the “living” decrees of a “living” God in Jesus Christ's active Words of Prophecy ~ Life, THIS DAY .. EVERY DAY ]; without functioning in this active Commandment of Jesus Christ's faith, such a Church remains .. fully .. within the domain of the Antichrist “voice” of heart ~ speaking .. in unchanging Sinfulness and Self ~ deception, and; its ( Fallen nature ~ rule ), unto eternal damnation. This Church posture, of ( Fallen ) Church ~ men's ( Self indulgence and Self saving ~ glorification ); this Church posture denies their knowing the active Will of God's ~ voice, as a tenet of their Church faith ~ doctrine, dynamically hindering .. ALL .. of their Church followers from entrance into the Prophecy ~ voice of God's Christ, therein; leaving .. ALL .. of their Church followers within the active rule of the Apocalypse ~ “spirit”, of God's fearsome judgments of Wrath. A Church that has postured itself to deflect the Prophecy ~ voice of God, as being .. merely .. fanciful imagination of a strayed religion; such a Church has declared itself to not .. EVER .. know God's Will as an active voice of [ present tense possibility ]; and therein, such a Church has cut itself off, with .. ALL .. of its Church followers, from God's Prophecy ~ Life, in Jesus Christ; therein, securing itself within the ( .. Curse .. ) of God's Bible judgments, without obtaining God's Covenant power, of ( “redemption” ) from the ( .. Curse .. ), and distancing itself, and .. ALL .. of its Church followers, from the Covenant promise of ( soul ) Salvation.

God's Covenant ~ Church is to be an institution of Divinely enabled Holiness, .. to embody the indwelling heart character of Jesus Christ's virtue, of Divine Life; and therein, the Church is to be God's .. exceptional .. emissary to all of the World's ( Fallen ) men, offering the promise and hope of Jesus Christ's Covenant ~ Life from the attained posture of experienced Holiness ~ Life. This Church ~ Covenant .. of Divine Holiness ~ Life .. is provided with Divine ~ Life tools of Jesus Christ's Church ~ empowering “Spirit”; whereby, this “Spirit” of Divine powers, the Church may advance this Covenant promise, of Divine Holiness ~ Life, unto the ( lost ) men, of the ( Fallen ) World. This bestowed “Spirit”, of Church ~ Holiness ~ Life, encompasses a gift package of the Church ~ Evangelism “Spirit”, [ .. which is automatically voicing a Prophecy ~ message of the “Good News” .. declaring ( hearing ) men's ( “Redemption” ) from their ( Fallen) condition of spiritual darkness, and the ( “Salvation” ) of obedient men's ( souls ) from a life wasted in Self glory and its eternal damnation .. ]. This Church ~ Evangelism “Spirit”, of Church ~ Holiness ~ Life .. further .. encompasses the World with a subordinated “Spirit” of God's empowered ( “Redemption” ), which; “Spirit” of ( “Redemption” ), abides within the Church ~ Apocalypse, of the Apostle John. ( Fallen ) men of the condemned World will be ( chased ) by the Church ~ Apocalypse ~ “Spirit” of [ .. Great Tribulation .. ], .. with relentless calamity .. with unhindered chaos .. with unnatural destruction of massive proportion .. and with despair, having no natural reason of explanation in the ( Fallen ) World. And, within this condition of [ .. Great Tribulation .. ], the World's ( Fallen ) men will be presented with the Church ~ Prophecy ~ Evangelism ~ voice of ~ Life of Jesus Christ's “living” Covenant; whereby, such ( hearing ) men of the ( Fallen ) World will be permitted a season of ( “Redemption” ) [ .. from their ( Fallen ) condition of spiritual darkness .. ], affording such men the enlightened ~ ability of the encompassing Church ~ Evangelism ~ “Spirit”, for them to know the truth of Jesus Christ's Covenant ~ Life, for a time of careful assimilation of this Covenant reality of Jesus Christ, to activate their faithful obedience to God's Will. However, men, who reject the Church ~ Covenant promise of Jesus Christ, such rejecting men will have the empowered ( “Redemption” ), of God's Church ~ Covenant, rescinded at the conclusion of the appointed season of [ .. Great Tribulation .. ]; consequently, such men will be restored to their previous ( Fallen ) condition throughout the remaining process of the Apocalypse ~ season; wherein, such ( Self ~ damning ) men will inherit an inner ~ man .. heart character .. of accelerated fierceness, in their unhindered defiance against all Godliness; and, they will .. then .. have no Church ~ derived hope of Salvation after the conclusion of their Church ~ Apocalypse ~ season of Covenant ~ promise. Such ( Self ~ damning .. Fallen ) men will be given over to the dominance of Antichrist deceit and leadership; whereby, they will ( Fall away ) unto an even greater “Spirit” of darkness, which; will advance .. ALL .. such ( Self ~ damning .. Fallen ) men unto their eating the fruit of greater sins, of Divine judgment ~ perfection, unto the greater destruction of their very ( souls ), throughout eternity. It is in this unfolding process of ( Fallen ) men's faith ~ preference, [ .. whether decided toward faithful obedience unto God's Covenant ~ Will, or whether decided toward a greater measure of ( Fallen ) nature ~ desolation .. ]; it is in this unfolding process of the Church ~ Apocalypse that Divine wisdom takes its form, unto Church ~ perfection. God's eternal wisdom has dictated that a [ .. Great Tribulation .. ] would be necessary, to bring completed maturity and fulfillment of ( His ) Covenant ~ Church. For, God .. MUST .. compel predestined men to come out of their Worldliness, of sinful pleasures, and learned knowledge of ( Self Rule ), .. to obey the “living” spirit of God's Church ~ Covenant, and therein; to practice ( .. Faith .. ) toward Word of God ~ seed growing, unto the fullness of heart ~ nature transformation, wherein; men obtain ( soul ) Salvation. It is this [ .. Great Tribulation ~ Apocalypse .. ], of God's eternal wisdom, that dictates a massive scale of suffrage, to compel predestined men to obey the Church ~ Prophecy ~ Evangelism ~ voice of Life ~ of Jesus Christ's “living” Covenant, that God sends to them, in God's present tense “voice” of contemporary Prophets of Jesus Christ, that directs such predestined men to follow the Church ~ Covenant rule of Jesus Christ, as men's ( LORD ) .. as men's ( GOD ) .. as men's ( SUPREME RULER ), and ( HIGHEST POWER ). Such men, being tribulated .. to excess .. by the escalating calamities and threats of the Church ~ Apocalypse; such men are forcibly compelled into functioning as [ .. THE OBEDIENT CHURCH .. ] of the [ .. End Times .. Apocalypse .. ]. The Church ~ Prophecy ~ voice of Evangelism is sent to these [ .. End Times .. ] ( Fallen ) men, through contemporary Prophets of Jesus Christ, for; them to know God, .. to understand God's ways and God's Will, .. to become a clear Church advocate of Holiness ~ Life; so that, all .. subsequent .. generations of men could know God as an intellectual creator of a Covenant of Divine Life, who has empowered ( Fallen ) men with a “Spirit” of ( “Redemption” ), from ( Fallen ) men's imprisoned heart ~ condition of Antichrist spirits. This Church, which is ( “Redeemed” ) out of the [ .. END TIMES .. Apocalypse .. ], is [ THE ] exclusive body of Jesus Christ that enters into the Church evidence of ( soul ) Salvation, that incorporates a change in the heart, as a transformation from sinful lusts toward the .. exceptional .. Divine Life of Jesus Christ. Men of the ( Fallen ) World have .. NOT .. known, nor seen evidence of, an empowered Covenant ~ Church of Jesus Christ, up to the start of the [ .. END TIMES .. Apocalypse .. ]; whereafter, men's heart natures are being set free from common Worldliness, of the Antichrist nature. And, when this [ .. END TIMES .. Church .. ] is ( “Redeemed” ) out of the ( Fallen ) World, arriving at the fruit maturity stage of the Holiness ~ Life of Jesus Christ; this sudden appearing, of this [ .. END TIMES .. Church .. ] in the Prophecy ~ fruit of Holiness ~ Life; such [ .. END TIMES .. Holiness ~ Church .. ] appearance brings a final conclusion to the Church – age of Babel faith; and therein, the Church ~ Apocalypse process of global devastation is no longer required by God, as a mandated punishment for men's unabated sin! The Church ~ perfecting process, of the Apocalypse, then reaches its finality of purpose with the climaxing event of Armageddon, by the destruction of the World's men who rejected the Church ~ Prophecy ~ Evangelism ~ voice of Life ~ of Jesus Christ's “living” Covenant. After this final reckoning, then; the Church ~ Apocalypse ceases unto its rest. This Church ~ Covenant plan, of perfecting the Church in its intended Holiness ~ Life of Jesus Christ, through a process of [ .. Great Tribulation .. ]; this Church ~ Covenant plan is [ THE ] Divine solution to the World's men abiding .. in perpetuity .. in a ( Fallen ) condition, unto an eternally irreversible damnation; whereby, this Church ~ Covenant ~ Perfection, God's [ .. Wrath .. ] ceases to be poured out upon ( Fallen ) men, and; a new age of Jesus Christ begins.

The Doctrine factor is extraordinary in relevance, in Christian believers' sorting out “correctness” in Church validation, in the structuring of their faith practices. Searching disciples .. of Jesus Christ's faith ~ Holiness .. can positively define the construction of Doctrine ~ principles that they would follow as Christian believers, and; filter out “junk” Doctrine ~ philosophies of ( Fallen ) men's religious entrapments, bringing an assured .. Doctrine ~ correlated .. result of Covenant understanding and ( soul ) Salvation. In the course of this Doctrine assimilation by believing disciples, the Doctrine of [ .. Believer Sanctification .. ] is one such reference that needs to be considered, scrutinized with deliberation, and embraced with resolve. The Doctrine of Sanctification is a Holiness ~ faith matter that encompasses true disciples' being set apart unto a condition of .. exceptional .. dedication and lifestyle resolution [ .. to enter into the cause of Jesus Christ's Holiness ~ Life .. ], [ .. to become Holy .. ], [ .. to be < willing > to separate away from .. ANY / ALL .. distraction .. ] that would hinder this course of highest Doctrine ~ pursuit. Separating away from the World's Doctrine ~ references of ( Fallen ) man ( Self centered ~ Knowledge ) and ( Self need ~ serving of mammon ); this Doctrine of [ .. Believer Sanctification ~ discipleship .. ] is ( Fallen ) men's most sober obligation to consider with careful scrutiny, toward personal acceptance, when invited into God's Covenant of Jesus Christ's Holiness ~ Life. And, adherence to this Doctrine principle enables willing disciples to enter into the Covenant promise of ( soul ) Salvation; so, this Doctrine, of believer Sanctification, is a primary Faith ~ Doctrine to crystallize in the believer's mind, of highest relevance of Covenant Knowledge ~ awareness. This Doctrine acceptance structures the minds of Christian disciples unto hearing the Prophecy ~ voice of “lighted” guidance, which leads such listening disciples unto a course, and lifestyle, of Holiness ~ Faith, being pleasing to God, but; will be mysterious to a ( Fallen ) nature mind, and; would be rejected. And, this Sanctification ~ Doctrine premise .. must .. necessarily .. be followed behind with the .. ( next ) .. subsequent Faith ~ Doctrine platform, of the believing disciple's “correctly” serving of God's Son, Jesus Christ, who is [ .. the “living” Word of God, within a living flesh tabernacle .. ]. This ( second ) Faith ~ Doctrine platform, compels a believing disciple to accept the role of serving Jesus Christ, by voluntarily hosting .. by purposely inviting the Word ~ seed, of Jesus Christ, to dwell within that believer's heart; whereby, the believing disciple becomes a heart ~ garden for the Christ ~ Life ~ Tree to grow in, and; to continually abide in. In a parallel acceptance of this ( second ) Faith ~ Doctrine platform, of serving God's Son, .. such a believer resolves [ .. simultaneously .. ] to [ .. NOT .. ] please and serve the ( Fallen ) nature interests and priorities, of ( The Self ), of the ( Fallen ) World's pattern of Tree of Knowledge ~ fruit eating, therein; upholding the ( first ) Doctrine of believer Sanctification. Such posturing of these two .. “correct” .. Doctrine principles will reinforce .. exceptionally .. a particular conscious discipline of ( 1 ) ( daily ) eating the fruit born of of Jesus Christ's “living” voice of Prophecy, which; is the hearing of / the listening to / the obeying of instruction, of that “voice” of Prophecy~ Life, mysteriously supplied by Angels, through the prayerful intercession of God's Prophets. And, in this acceptance of “correct” Doctrine principles, by having eaten the daily .. supplied fruit .. of God's Word ~ Tree of “living” Prophecy, ( 2 ) true disciples will believe .. swallow .. ingest .. the seed ~ core of the Word of God ~ Tree nature, that abides within that eaten fruit of Prophecy ~ speaking, thereby; accepting that Prophecy ~ fruit ~ seed ~ core into the believer's heart ~ garden, whereby; that Word of God ~ seed takes root and grows up to its inner ~ heart fruit bearing, of the Prophecy ~ fruit of Jesus Christ's Holiness ~ Life. And, after faithful adherence to these ( 1 ) and ( 2 ) preceding Faith practices, in Doctrine ~ “correctness”, then; ( 3 ) such a believing disciple attains the promised Holiness ~ Life of ( Soul ) Salvation, by abiding .. continually .. in Jesus Christ's Word ~ Tree ~ “voice” of Prophecy, as an inner heart ~ bearing of Prophecy ~ fruit, and; is no longer needing the Prophets' intercession of “sent” Angels. Some Christian Church construction of Doctrine, will .. NOT .. represent these two Doctrine ~ factors of Christian Faith ~ discipleship, [ .. of Doctrine ~ Sanctification, and Doctrine ~ serving of Jesus Christ, through voluntary “hosting” of Christ's Word ~ Tree ~ Life .. ] as being necessary Doctrine ~ statutes of Holiness ~ Life; because, they prefer to rely upon past Church Doctrine ( rules ) and Doctrine ( traditions ) and Doctrine ( naivety ) that seem to be simple, and should easily satisfy the perspective of ( Fallen ) men's ( Self awareness ~ Knowledge ) and ( Self need ~ serving of mammon ), unto the result of such ( Fallen ) Church ~ men's continuation of damnation. Such ( Fallen ) Church men are caught .. with certainty .. in the Apocalypse ~ reckoning of Jesus Christ's truth; for, it is the Church Doctrine ~ philosophy of remaining spiritually lazy toward Church men's own sinful enticements and entrapments and behaviors, that will be answered with the Covenant ~ fulfillment of Jesus Christ's Apocalypse, unto God's inevitable wrath.

The Doctrine of Jesus Christ encompasses the Doctrine of [ .. The Cross .. ], which; is commonly .. and universally .. represented as being the death, of Jesus Christ's sacrifice, .. when ( He ) became the symbolic lamb of priesthood sacrifice, while ( He ) embodied the [ .. SIN CHARACTER .. ] of all mankind. This Doctrine is continued further, in Christian recognition, that, this man .. Jesus Christ .. was born without [ .. SIN .. ] within ( Himself ), and committed no transgressions of [ .. SIN .. ] in ( His ) walk on the earth, deserving to not die, but being justified to live .. perpetually .. in Divine Life .. without ever dying; but, ( He ) became the bodily vessel of men's [ .. SIN CHARACTER .. ], for the Son of God to carry that [ .. SIN .. ] within ( His ) spiritual body, .. into its designated place of Creator ~ appointed punishment, in Hell's fires. And, after the conclusion of this .. substitution payment .. for men's [ .. SIN PENALTY .. ], the Doctrine of Jesus Christ declares that ( He ) was .. singly .. Resurrected unto Eternal Life. This is the sum - conclusion of Traditional ~ Church Doctrine ~ thought; however, a more “complete” Doctrine will continue beyond this point, with a careful evaluation of the Doctrine ~ Words spoken by Jesus Christ, as ( He ) declares, to Covenant believers, ( His ) Doctrine of the Cross, that; [ IF ] they will be ( His ) disciples [ .. following ~ students .. ], then, they will .. necessarily .. “deny the self, .. take up their own Crosses, .. and follow ( Him )” .. . This Doctrine of the Cross qualifies this [ .. Following of Jesus Christ .. ], carefully, by these two factors of “correct” Doctrine ~ thought. [ .. This discipleship Following .. ] of Jesus Christ will .. NOT .. have any Covenant achievement of ( soul ) Salvation .. UNLESS .. this Christian confession [ .. this discipleship Following of Jesus Christ .. ] is supported by ( His ) “correct” Doctrine ~ qualification. Jesus showed ( His ) disciples the validity of this Doctrine of the Cross, .. by ( His ) vivid demonstration, what it would mean for ( His ) disciples to take up their own Crosses, of personal ~ Doctrine ~ appointment of sacrifice. This Doctrine of the Cross, therein; is twofold. When arrived at in “correctness”, this Doctrine, .. of the Cross of Jesus Christ, .. will portray Jesus Christ being established as men's Savior, ( Saving ) men from the power of entrapment by their indwelling [ .. SIN CHARACTER .. ], as the Divine accomplishment of ( Reconciliation back to God .. through Justification and Redemption .. ) from [ .. a spiritual BONDAGE to SIN .. ]; but, the Doctrine of the Cross .. necessarily .. must continue on to include the personal sacrifice which must be born by believing disciples of Jesus Christ; whereby, such believers identity themselves with God's Son's example of sacrifice; wherein, they submit themselves to carry out this example of Jesus Christ's Doctrine, even unto their own deaths, if God should require it. And, in this component of Doctrine ~ acceptance, such believing disciples enter into the Covenant fulfillment of ( soul ) Salvation, which goes beyond the Divine endowment of ( Reconciliation back to God .. through Justification and Redemption .. ) from [ .. a spiritual BONDAGE to SIN .. ]. And, when such true believers accept the “complete” perspective of this Doctrine of the Cross, they .. therein .. accept Jesus Christ's [ .. Lordship Rule .. ] over them, as a necessary ~ Doctrine component, of the Cross experience, unto ( soul ) Salvation; whereby, ( The Word of God ~ Person ), .. of Jesus Christ, rules over those disciples' ( souls ) with highest authority of ( soul ) retraining, becoming their spiritual guide to ( soul ) reprogramming unto Salvation, that comes from the “living” Word ~ Tree of Prophecy ~ fruit bearing, that is growing up within their heart ~ gardens. Without the Divine miracle, of this sacrificed death of Jesus Christ, the [ .. SINS .. ] of ( Fallen ) men would remain in effect, continually upholding the Doctrine ~ empowerment of the Curse upon them, with its unalterable spiritual bondage of unholy ~ darkness and damnation; but, with the Doctrine of Jesus Christ imposing a strange work of miraculous powers, the [ .. PAST SINS .. ] of ( Fallen ) men have been blotted out, so that ( Fallen ) men have been ( Redeemed ) from the condemnation of their [ .. PAST SINS .. ]; and, the Doctrine of Jesus Christ declares that the Divine judgment of unholy ~ spiritual darkness, has been .. momentarily .. suspended, in .. temporary .. remission, but; not yet as a permanent liberty until “right” faith has been obtained. This format of Doctrine provides, to ( Fallen ) men, the opportunity to exercise faith .. “right” faith .. “righteous” faith of Doctrine “correctness” .. and walk in that Doctrine ~ faith of exact “righteousness”, from that moment forward, to obtain ( soul ) Salvation of Doctrine ~ permanence. Such ( Redeemed ) men, of this Doctrine ~ “completeness”, must [ NOT ] waver in their faith, but must continue in a steady course of “right” Doctrine, that follows Jesus Christ's faith training .. exceptionally .. with assertive resolve to not ( fall away ) once again, unto fresh commissions of [ NEW SIN ], after the past way, of the “old man”, of the World's ( Fallen ) nature and Doctrine ~ deceit. This commitment of “right” focused faith requires the knowing of that “right” faith ~ Doctrine, which; “right” Doctrine, starts with the believer ( 1 ) taking, assertively, the Cross of sacrifice, by accepting the very death to the ( “old man” ~ Self ), by enduring the heart felt pains of ( The Denied Self ), and then ( 2 ) denying the ( Self ~ Life of the “old man” ) .. of the ( Fallen ) nature .., by purposely resisting what ( The Fallen Self ) wants and cries out for, when the ( “old man” ~ Self ) is provoked with trials of threat. Trials of faith will appear, with God's design of purpose; and, the ( “old man” ~ Self ) will attempt to rise up again, and again, to insist upon ( Self awareness ~ protection ) and a returning backward to the previous Doctrine ~ ways of Antichrist “spirits”, who would speak, once again, from the heart that would be given back to its darkness. And, it is this very Doctrine of the Cross, that insists that disciples of Jesus Christ resolve to be ( nailed down ) to the wooden cross, after the picture of Jesus in ( His ) example of death, to ( Deny the “old man” ~ Self ) until that Doctrine ~ Tree of Antichrist ~ logic has died, finally yielding up the disciple's heart garden to the exclusive dominance of the Word ~ Tree of Christ's Life, of Holiness Doctrine ~ Prophecy ~ fruit bearing. The Apocalypse, of Jesus Christ's Doctrine, brings extraordinary emphasis on this specific Doctrine of the Cross; whereby, the Church society, having claimed to follow Jesus Christ, has held onto the ( the “old man” ~ Self ), as a declared form of Doctrine ~ “rightness”. Consequently, the unfolding Apocalypse, of Doctrine ~ justice of Jesus Christ, is the voice of God's particular confirmation; whereby, the Babel ~ Church system of ( Self ~ serving .. Doctrine ) is brought to its highest level of permitted Antichrist experience and outward expression, as its preferred heart ~ garden ~ nature, before that ( Self ~ Serving ) Church society is finally given over to devastation by the World's Kingdoms, of the same rising Antichrist nature. These rising Kingdoms, embracing the Antichrist ( Person ) and character, will launch a policy to eradicate .. ALL .. referencing to Jesus Christ from civilization; and [ ONLY ] Satan will be acceptable, as its declared Lord of highest Doctrine ~ rulership.

Michael Mitchell

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