Christmas Rejected by Real Prophets

  The Old man / New man idea, as a Bible narrative of God’s plan for ( HIS ) Creation that has become inherited by “CURSED” men, this Old man / New man narrative is a consolidation of many scripturized principle “Truths” that are merged together into a more singularized focus of application. This Old man / New man conversion plan of scripture is dynamically complex and multi-layered, and is not simplistic; so that, this Old man / New man idea must be overlaid, by “Believers”, with a Covenant mindset that accepts the .. DIVINE .. virtue of Jesus Christ, while such “Believers” are yielded in voluntary subjection to ( HIS ) sovereign ownership of all Creation. The Old man / New man paradigm offers “CURSED” men with an opportunity to leave their condition of being miserable in that “CURSE”, and to prove the “Believer’s” worthiness, a ( “price” ) is required, rendered in this Old man / New man willfulness of change. The Old man / New man process of conversion requires a sobering contemplation of God’s overall Covenant intention, bearing the weight of Eternal Salvation, and yet not guaranteed to receive such a “lofty” picture of attainability; therein, the Old man / New man requirement is Covenant agreeing / consenting by the “Believer”. This Old man / New man paradigm of Christianity presents a < CORE > value of legitimate validation of Bible “believers”, portraying a process and a commitment measure, that “truly” tests the veracity of Christian advocates, however indicting most as being superficially “Intellectualized” Christian philosophers, but who are faltering, unwilling, in the actual pursuit of Bible < FAITH > practices. The Old man / New man pursuit is certainly the Covenant intention of Jesus Christ; whereby, the example of Jesus Christ shows this Old man / New man miracle as a capacity of the New Covenant, and is even established as a measuring standard of Christianity; and yet, the Old man / New man conversion standard is not adhered to, nor pursued after by the general Church community, leaving the Christian society grossly negligent in its under performing this Bible narrative; and even further, the inadequate Church Institution is known publicly by this scripture declaration as being a fraudulent Institution. Therein, this Old man / New man conversion, as a “Rebirth” experience of having the “Remission of Sins”, appears to not characterize the contemporary Church community, at all; consequently, without converting through this Old man / New man pursuit of yieldedness, such contemporary Church members cannot circumvent this Old man / New man process to the other stages of Christian promise. The “CURSED” world desperately needs this Old man / New man exemplification in the Church community, and; needs more Covenant of God helps, even the “Remission of Sins” in the Church and through the Church to the world’s Sinful men, to be followed behind with a direct infusion of the Holy Ghost – Spirit of the New Covenant; wherein, “CURSED” men of the world may directly / individually know the “power” of God, as God’s ( Earnest ) Gift of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. This Old man / New man “Rebirth” conversion is not only portrayed in the scriptures of the New Testament, in the Gospel of Luke 3, but also, then, becomes a foundation “brick” from which the Christian experience may build upon, to achieve further objectives of the Bible’s narrative, including Church – body development unto Covenant Salvation, an Eternal Life promise. This Old man / New man paradigm, then, is not .. actually .. the ending conclusion of “hoped for” expectations, but; is a starting point in the New - Christian reality. Something beyond this Old man / New man experience is “hoped for” in scripture; however, this Old man / New man experience must, itself, be pursued vigorously with somber contemplation and resolute determination; for, this Old man / New man reality becomes then, a testing / proving profile for launching on to other matters that lead to Eternal Covenant Salvation.

 The Church paradigm for contemporary times of Worldly friendliness has taken God’s Old man / New man mystery, and ( HIS ) Covenant promise of miraculous “deliverance” from every bondage of Demonic motivations / self destructive compulsions, and the Church society has then framed a different ideology of Old man / New man attainment, by declaring an official Church decree, [ THAT ]; the Old man of [ SINFULLNESS ] ( IS ) automatically the New man of scriptural promise. The actual process of experienced change, unto the Old man / New man conversion, certainly is “God required”, according to scripture, and should be expected in < FAITH >. Without having / showing any Old man / New man heart nature change, the Old man / New man narrative simply, in their view, is an announcement of ( FAITH ), without them requiring any evidence of Old man / New man confirmation, and; without them needing any discernment from any “Gift” of God’s Administration, such as an appropriate Prophet – person, that confirms the Old man / New man legitimacy of experience. In that view, the “Intellectual” exercise of philosophical ascendency in .. DIVINE .. change, is the fullest expectation of Old man / New man conversion that “Believers” still in the ( Flesh ) may expect in a Christian experience. The “Intellectualizing” of the Old man / New man reality .. simply .. does not satisfy God’s expectation; for, the New Covenant, consecrated by Christ’s Blood, substantially provides for this reality. The Church paradigm of Old man / New man attainment is currently void of the original Baptism protocol of an Overseeing Prophet, who Baptizes “believers” who have met the original qualifications of “Repentance”; whereby, such “believers” articulate an explained knowledge of Biblical sensitivity of [ SINFUL BONDAGES ], in their acknowledgement of the learned promise of “Remission of Sins”, to be expected through their “Repentance”; wherein, the Old man / New man experience can launch such “Believers” unto a Covenant – minded journey that progresses them forward unto Biblical “Salvation”. The contemporary Church ideology dismisses the Old man / New man mystery of scriptures, circumventing that experience for “Believers” and .. assumes .. that they may pass automatically to “Salvation”, having no perceived obstacles nor required Old man / New man burdens to engage with .. DIVINE .. protocol. The Old man / New man paradigm, to them, seems to be too exaggerated as a plausible experience, and therein; the Old man / New man must be acknowledged but also accepted as an “afterlife” reality of God’s later intention. This Old man / New man mystery of protocols is .. entirely .. overlooked and uniformly dismissed, leaving untold multitudes of “unsaved” ( Souls ) untouched by the Old man / New man experience, and having .. NO .. warning orientations to what follows behind this scriptural [ STEP ] of necessary Old man / New man protocols, which is the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and Fire, and then a separate Baptism into the “Body of Christ”, and then the necessary follow up Walk of “FAITH” that includes the experience of proving themselves through persecution and money sacrifices, that defies “MAMMON SERVING”. The Churches’ race to gain proselytes, in their estranged competition against other Church Denominations, has happily presented an immediate gratification ideology; whereby, they sidestepped the priority of Old man / New man conversion; whereby, the Old man [ SINFUL ] nature is ignored and even pandered to shamefully, to embrace the natural society’s < EVIL > population, without Shepherding them unto “Righteousness”, and without Shepherding them unto a reconciliation with the Creator God, which would lead them to a decisive Baptism of “Repentance” for their obtaining a “Remission of Sins”, in a Old man / New man conversion.

 The Prophet Administration / work in the Church community is vital in the discernment of this Old man / New man process of transformation; wherein, the entirety of the Christian promise & mandated Church function is measured and confirmed, corrected or denied; therein, the Prophet Administration cannot be ignored, nor officially denied, without blatant Church abdication of the Christ mandate for the Church Institution. Such a Church abdication is the contemporary state of the Church community; for, the Church society has misread the function / necessity / vital purpose of the Prophet administration; so that, sadly, the Old man / New man concept of change has no Prophet Gifted – persons in the Church society to ascertain such a reality or even its basest < CORE > progress. The Prophet Gifted – person is irreplaceable and cannot be duplicated by any other Church Gift, especially not by Gentiles who are thinking they would make up that Divine Gift with their abilities of “Intellectualism”. Beyond this simplistic definition of the Prophet administration, the next .. following .. acid test of establishing a line of Prophet validation is the discovery of purpose and value given to the Prophet – person, again being commonly / routinely failed, and ignored, even with trained adversity, throughout the mainstream Church community; therein, castigating every Prophet – person, Covenant help, that God may send. The Old man / New man reference and the Prophet Administration of Christian standards has been buried beneath layers of Church ( self ) definition and function; so that now, the Church has molted itself into a “therapy” model of community that champions the Old man < flesh man > abilities / talents as somehow representing the Christ purpose and Bible promise to [ SIN LADEN ] mankind, for the Church to provide psychological family comforts and encouragements, trying to “build up” ( the Old man .. < flesh man > .. self esteem / validation / skills & abilities ), which of course needs not the Prophet administration to achieve that [ CURSED MAN self ] reality. The Prophet idea, comprised of a Divine Gift package, directly contradicts this view of the contemporary Church community, even chastising that philosophy with loud condemnation, for its gross misdirection of “Believers” < FAITH >. That reality already exists; whereby, the Old man nature can .. NEVER .. enter into the .. NEW COVENANT .. of Jesus Christ, especially when the Prophet administration is not a contingent “Oversight” Church ability, officially Church relied upon. The Prophet ability / insight / buttressing is God’s appointed administration that particularly, and uniquely, affirms the – WAY – to New Covenant Entrance. The Prophet mindset of purpose and function is concentric upon this Old man / New man process and requirement, and therein; the “Gift” / “Power” of the Prophet – person is specifically concentric upon this basic intention of the Creator – God, rendering other “Spiritual” healings / miracles / confirming signs of the Prophet to be secondary, subordinated, and yet beneficially supplemental. The « Apostle Doctrine » articulates this Old man / New man idea as a < CORE > purpose in the .. NEW COVENANT .. experience; wherein, the Prophet administration is explained and emphatically incorporated as having a necessary “Gift” component for a < true > Church experience and baseline function; therein, the Prophet idea is very much a component in the « Apostle Doctrine » structure, of God’s sovereign control over ( HIS ) representation of Church leadership. A true « Apostle – person », of course, will advocate this direction of Church pursuit, along with the necessity of the Prophet administration; whereby, the most fundamental Christian expectation / experience is held to in the Church paradigm of definition and is not “lost” to a panorama of ( deadly ) philosophies / “religious paganisms” / diabolical distractions, that jealously seek to infiltrate the Church Society, to corrupt the Church - Prophet system, to replace the Church – Prophet methodology, and to preempt its own eventual overthrow and appropriation, where from; it would lose ( ALL ) of Satan’s Kingdoms of the world.

  The Prophet Administration, of course, is a Guardian - “Oversight” function in the Church community, establishing and upholding a standard of Church purpose and mandated function of Jesus Christ, to sustain a clear directive of Church experience in its definition; wherein, the Prophet Administration holds the “listening” Church community to its original .. NEW COVENANT .. standard as ordained by God. The Prophet – person will be a “Warrior” and vigorous advocate within the Church community, who “Wars” against the infiltration and basic subversions of Worldly philosophies, and Old man [ SINFULLNESS ] of its ( self serving ) inclinations / ( self saving ) temper tantrums / ( lustful man ) motivations, that will intend to “remake” the Church into its own [ SINFUL ] image, of “condemned” heart natures. Such an active Prophet will be “Warred against” by such compromised Churchmen, who will shamefully commit crimes against God’s Prophet – persons, to < crush > any Prophet - revelation of Godly .. COVENANT .. truth, that would interfere with such devious .. [ ANTICHRIST ] .. plans of preferred darkness; wherein, the mission of God’s appointed Prophet – persons is complexly immersed within dangerous environments, that are disguised as being the Church community. The Old man / New man paradigm, of .. NEW COVENANT .. promises, can only occur with the helps and Guardian “Oversight” of the Prophet Administration; wherein, this Old man / New man - Prophet “Oversight” paradigm has been gleefully replaced by [ SINFILLED ] Churchmen, who are willing slaves to their own pre-established “unchanged” Old man conditions of ( self serving ) inclinations / ( self saving ) temper tantrums & ( lustful man ) motivations. Such [ SINFILLED ] / “unchanged” Churchmen do .. NOT .. desire the clear minded distinctions of a Prophet – person, that would condemn such [ SINFILLED ] Churchmen with a Prophet clarity of .. COVENANT .. rejection, correcting such Churchmen with .. COVENANT .. obedience, redirecting them to consider the Old man / New man paradigm of a Christian - Prophet experience. The Prophet – person will .. NOT .. accept compromise on this Old man / New man .. COVENANT .. promise and requirement; but, the true Prophet, of .. DIVINE .. “Gifts” will perceive / proclaim necessary corrections to real “believers” in Jesus Christ, guiding them straitly unto Old man / New man transformation, for the Prophet to help such “believers” reposition unto the potential of [ SAVING ] the “Soul”, to escape from the [ “WRATH OF GOD” ], which .. MUST .. be acknowledged, for anyone to feel motivated, even thankful, for enduring such an elevated journey of Old man / New man “Born Again” spirituality.

 Christmas has become a cultural “flashpoint” of Church idolatry, that has disguised a Bible idea of Christ’s Immaculate conception and birth within a strange cover narrative of [ SANTA CLAUSE ] .. who has been correlated to a symbolic Christian character called “Saint Nicholas” .., and then to a [ DECORATED TREE / Christmas Tree ] surrounded by complementary Christmas decorative house foliage, and then to [ < gifts > UNDER THE TREE – ALTAR ], all of which is centered in each household for worship, disguised within “Family time”. Christmas, on a simplistic scale of review is [ “MAMMON SERVING” ] and [ “SOUL INDULGING” ], being very retail – commerce concentric and family budget prioritized throughout the culture; and, Christmas .. therein .. becomes a religious icon of universal celebration, far surpassing the Christian – COVENANT .. intent as the primary focus of Church function and celebratory emphases, especially intended to champion the Old man / New man story narrative as a Prophet - [ FAITH ] discipline and practice, to .. even now .. over developing the Old man [ SINFULL ] nature of indulgence and Church advocacy, while pretending that such indulgence is God’s subliminal message of the Immaculate birth of Christ, weaving the Biblical story of the “Wise men” .. “bringing gifts to the Christ – child” .. somehow being reinterpreted as a cover alibi for Christmas indulgences in family < gift > giving and < gift > worship under the decorated [ CHRISTMAS TREE ALTAR ], so beautifully adorned for this annual celebration. Christmas now prevails as being ( THE ) preeminent Church event of universal endorsement and public glory, conclusively undermining the Old man / New man process / goal of Prophet - transformation, and adding each year another level of Christmas reinforcement to the Church ( Identity / Definition ) of Bible contradiction and redirection toward Human Creature compromise and [ SINFULLNESS ] perpetuation. Christmas, then, not commanded by God as an annual remembrance, Christmas has become the preeminent glory icon of the contemporary Church community, bringing clear condemnation of its [ FAITH ] direction, ( Soul ) perversion practices to its universal practitioners, especially to its Church advocates, who are glorying in its annual Christmas achievements of Bible remembrance to the Christ – child. The Christmas message does not bring remembrance to Christ’s sacrificed consecration of the New Covenant, and the Resurrected man – God, who has redeemed “believing” men from their [ SINS ] and from their perpetuated bondages to “Demonic” [ SINFULNESS ]. So, the Christmas cultural message brings focus, when remembered in the Church community, to the wrong idea of the Christmas Christ – person, misdirecting [ SINFUL ] men’s [ FAITH ] and their learning of God’s Covenant intent / process.

  The Christmas idea, from a “Believer’s” point of view, brings a celebration, allowing for “untransformed” ( Soul ) practicing and reinforcement, adding strength to the [ SINFUL ] ( self ), and therein; stopping the Old man / New man process of “Rebirth” conversion; whereby, such invited “Believers” are encouraged to practice the Christmas - inverse practice, obstructing .. actually .. the Old man / New man redemption, to therein reinforce Christmas ( Soul ) indulgences, even a [ mammon serving ] conscience, that steals from such “Believers” their Christ’s Covenant opportunity of ( “deliverance” ) from afflictions / torments / addictions of “Demonic” cursing, and therein; to encourage them to elevate their afflictions / torments / addictions to a higher level of “Demonic” cursing. To them, Christmas becomes a curse, within itself, surrounded by a culture of Christmas advocates and eager Christmas enthusiasts, that reinforce the “Believers’ ” struggle against their afflictions / torments / addictions of “Demonic” cursing. The additional horror, of the Traditional Church reality, is that they are teaching / preaching / conditioning the little Church children at Christmas to ( “keep” ) our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as a permanent fixture, as a little statue - baby in the “playhouse” manger – scene. The soul damage of Christmas, imposed upon these Church children; is that, these little children grow up not revering, nor fearing the Lord. These Church children are too fixated upon the real god of Christmas, Santa Claus; whereby, Jesus is summarily dismissed as being nothing more than just a cute / freakish little statue - baby, who lays in a manger every year, and who basically does nothing more than just that. Christmas, then, needs to be viewed as an enemy of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, and is .. NOT .. a friendly encourager of the .. NEW COVENANT .. and its promises / protocols of “deliverance”. Jesus is .. “ALIVE .. in the flesh” of man, the real Bible promise the Church should identify with, to give man Divine direction / insight / fellowship / life, and is .. NOT .. permanently relegated to the Christmas “nativity scene” - manger. Furthermore, the Traditional Church society has embraced the Church’s leadership of the Christmas celebration, even expecting the Church to officially direct the Christmas program, with its annual pageant staging of the birth of Christ; whereby, if the next generation Church children do .. not .. grow up properly, supporting the .. “little baby Jesus in the manger” .., then; these Church children are conditioned into believing that they would be disappointing to God / ungodly heathens / damned little bastards, to .. somehow .. be cast out of the good graces of God’s Traditional Church community. Instead of being taught the « Apostle Doctrine » of Old man / New man conversion, and learning spirituality from the Church Prophet, they are brainwashed / conditioned / propagandized into practicing the most .. pagan Christmas holiday .. of the year, to put their working faith into believing in a mythical St. Nicholas / Christmas Santa Claus, who they are to fear in keeping themselves “good”& to not be caught as “naughty”. The little children, then, grow up believing they .. MUST .., without a doubt, be ever so mindful of pleasing this Christmas god .. [ SANTA CLAUSE ] .., that their parents / grandparents / coworkers / Church family & friends, without the Prophet Gift in “Oversight”, have endorsed with their whole hearts, as being ( THE ) real invisible “Watcher” of society. This Church endorsement is the infinity loop of “damnation”, of loving & putting their faith into, the Christmas god they call St. Nicholas < Santa Clause >, instead of putting their faith, and even their whole hearts, into the “love” of the living God & His Son Jesus Christ. There is .. NO .. Bible idea of a Christmas benefit / Christmas Covenant / Eternal Christmas Life, from which “Believers” may obtain special favor from God, or ( HIS ) Son, the Christ. The Church’s Christmas idea is nonsensical, foolish, Gentile fabricated, and Church compromising, having .. NO .. DIVINE .. intention of [ SINS ] ( “deliverance” ). Such a contemporary Christmas idea, of its Christmas soul popularity, is a Pagan lie / a Pagan – Religion, having .. NO .. Bible authenticity that Christians are to “Believe” in.

 Salvation, from the contemporary Church Ideology that poses a Christmas culture, is .. entirely .. disconnected from the .. NEW COVENANT .. of Jesus Christ, in its having requirements of Covenant protocols and regulations with terms of conditional subjugation; whereby, the < baseline > Christmas culture presented Church Salvation is proposed as being < “free / simplistic” > and < “generally” > applied to all human creatures, having no Covenant protocols / regulation or terms of conditional subjugation / limiting conditions to bother with. Bible Salvation, then, has become a ( tool ) of bait, that the Christmas culture Church society uses to ease their proselytizing efforts, in their competing against other Christmas culture Church denominations, for membership numbers. Bible Salvation seems to .. NOT .. have any real clear definition, but; seems to be, in general, a probably good thing to obtain, whatever Salvation may represent, they suppose. The Christmas culture Church paradigm of Salvation has no clue of Covenant Entrance, nor Covenant fulfillment, nor .. DIVINE .. Oversight requirements of acceptance, which all would point to “Believers”’ pleasing the Salvation God, especially serving God in the Holy Ghost, confirmed by the Church Prophet, by which Salvation; true “Believers” would emphatically depart from a worldly paradigm of a “Fleshly” life of lust / greed / pride / self centeredness “saving”, condemned openly by the Church Prophet, to somehow obtain the mystery of a “Spiritual” Life of Christ, as ( THE ) Salvation Covenant intention. Salvation, according to the « Apostle Doctrine », and as scrutinized carefully by any legitimate Prophet, is .. NOT .. simplistically easy nor generally sprinkled about upon all human creatures, but; must be deliberately sought for, and must be deliberately weighed for its importance, by sacrificing a personal “price” in exchange for the benefit of Salvation, even in pursuing Salvation through a ( journeying ) process of Old man / New man discovery, of acquiring an piece by piece assemblage of Salvation, that finally pleases God’s Covenant intention. The Covenant Salvation of Jesus Christ is filled with an abundance of Old man / New man change requirements for the true “believer”, Salvation change from the commonly learned standards of worldly life, and Salvation change from the paradigm of “invisible” realm motivators, of SATAN, a “shocking” reality to acknowledge and face daily, and sadly Salvation change from the compromised and contaminating influences of the Traditional Church society. The Covenant Salvation of Jesus Christ is filled with “healing” / “strengthening” / “laborious inconveniences” & “exhaustive care” for the < invisible church community >, from which .. NO .. reciprocating “care” is returned nor expected. Aloneness, in a sanctified reality, is a common condition of the Bible’s narrative of fellowship of Salvation “TRUTH”, amazingly not accepted by a social paradigm that fears / warns of vigilantly as being a cult behavior, however which sanctified life; rejects the propagandized systems of a Gentile culture of “DEAD” religions, but then possibly is subject to spiritual deceptions unto a potentially dangerous / nonproductive Salvation fixation.

  The Salvation of Covenant men is directly dependent upon several Salvation factors, God devised; wherein, the “believer” .. MUST .. satisfy .. implicitly .. God’s interests and Salvation sovereignty, clearly acknowledging that God’s Christ Jesus is .. not .. a Christmas “Santa Claus”, nor a Christmas elf of “evil” men’s pagan fantasies. Men’s Salvation are accomplished by such men being ( predestinated - 1 ), ( called – 2 ), ( justified – 3 ), and ( glorified – 4 ), leading such Covenant men unto a < WORD of GOD > heart implantation, followed behind with precise < FAITH > trials / working, unto the intended conclusion of bearing Salvation “fruit” of the < WORD of GOD >; wherein, such “fruit” is evaluated .. DIVINELY .., and is recognized by the Prophet, unto Salvation approval or Salvation rejection. The ( justification – factor ), point 3 of Salvation progress, is God’s reconciliation of the Covenant man back into a “righteous” relationship; wherein, the Covenant man is delivered from the oppression / distorted logic of a [ SIN ] conscience, and is confirmed by the Prophet, in God’s suppressing the indwelling [ SIN – DEVIL ], allowing the Covenant man to have clear and unencumbered heart motivations, for walking with God in the Salvation Spirit. The ( glorification – factor ), point 4 of Salvation progress, is God’s endowing the Covenant man, having been ( justified ), with an endowment of ( HIS ) < ANGEL COVERING >, of holy Angels, that .. specifically .. enable the Covenant man with crystal clarity of God’s – OWN SPEAKING VOICE –, and recognition of God’s < WORD - “TRUTH” >, which Angels of Salvation are heard / echoed by the Prophet, therein; eliminating confusions / vagueness / mysteries of God’s ( WILL ), for such Covenant men’s daily walk. This process of the New Covenant Salvation is repeated, carefully and with steadfast continuity, not varying in process nor in God’s helps; for, the < WORD of GOD > bearing its Salvation “fruit”, from within the hearts of Old man / New man transforming Covenant men, is ( THE ) standard by which God’s Covenant Salvation is decided. This Salvation process < CANNOT > be modified but is a constant that defines any follower of Jesus Christ, specifically, as a Old man / New man disciple of the Salvation < WORD of GOD >, or not, in “evil” men’s preferences for ( Darkness ) and ( Antichrist worldliness ), cleanly indicted as false doctrines of philosophy, but which are proliferated as though they represent the Salvation doctrines of Jesus Christ; wherein, such false doctrines do not satisfy the < WORD of GOD > Salvation standard, precisely required of God unto accomplishing the conveyance of ( HIS ) Covenant Salvation. Such Salvation, that delivers Covenant men from God’s Wrath of damnation, is .. entirely .. connected to the < WORD of GOD >, in its most clear and precisely accurate form of Jesus Christ, and does not embrace, nor accept, any religious philosophy of “evil” men, nor any ( Antichrist ) perversion of truth, distorted as an intended substitution, disguising such ( Antichrist ) deceits as being a true Christian Salvation religion; therein, the < WORD of GOD > produces .. exactly .. the evident works of Jesus Christ, to be always known by a true Prophet of any millennial age / Church generation / society or scientific technology.

 The Church culture, having become contaminated with layers of [ SIN BEARING ] vices, and having been warned of .. abundantly .. in scripture, the Church has merrily rolled along in its corruption, even aggressively pursuing after social domination, enforced at times with cruel aggression, and whenever necessary even relying upon invasive militarism, in its strategies of Church advancement, disguised, even to themselves, as representing the Anti-christ paradigm of [ DEVIL - LIES ], while not being of the character of true Church Salvation. The Church has so deceived themselves, in their many [ SIN BEARING, DEVIL - LIES ] devices, that .. NOW .. the Church society is far away from God’s Covenant ideal of Salvation, and has especially “lost” itself from the Covenant paradigm of God, known clearly by any installed Church Prophet. The Church, known commonly today in all of its diversity of scattered names / doctrines / Christmas paganisms, is very much confused in its invalidating deficiencies and Anti-christ contaminations, having become structured in < Gentile > logic of hierarchical order, following the world’s many “lost” societies, so structured; and, in this paradigm of < Gentile > order, not of the installed Church Prophet order, every Christmas Church variation patterns itself after the other Christmas Church examples, not ever discovering < “basic” > errors in its structural order / hierarchical pattern, that can .. NEVER .. correct themselves, nor even can it point to such a comparison for referencing a plausible change in order. The Church is now “lost” .. entirely .., and cannot be recovered back to a .. DIVINE .. order of Jesus Christ, nor experience any of its [ “POWERS” ] / [ “CONFIRMING SALVATION SIGNS” ], without such Church members becoming convicted of their vast error and < “basic” > contamination, and therein; fall into deep repentance before God, and conclusively subordinate themselves beneath God’s hand of merciful or judgmental condemning sovereignty, to ( ALLOW ) God to reset ( HIS ) Church order, however ( HE ) will, in ( HIS ) way and time, in ( HIS ) showing ( HIS ) < truly > appointed messengers to follow, escorted then by ( HIS ) confirming “signs” / “miracles”. The Church community, it seems, will unfortunately undergo ( TRIBULATIONS ), promised by Jesus Christ, and will be “sifted” quite radically to separate the wheat from the chaff; and therein, the .. Divine .. order will be installed, profoundly, by the END TIMES – two Prophet messengers, who then guide that “sifted” Church community away from the established Church [ SIN BEARING, DEVIL - LIES ], to repent of their many Church contaminations, including the Christmas celebration; whereby, the END TIMES – two Prophet messengers will “Revive” the necessary Christian journey of Old man / New man conversion, which is astonishingly confirmed with the Old man / New man experience of the “Remission of Sins”.

  The Church of dependent Covenant men, is an Institution of prayer, as the New Covenant ( Priesthood ) of required intercession; wherein, God’s ( predestinated - 1 ), ( called – 2 ), ( justified – 3 ), and ( glorified – 4 ), human creatures become separated away from the world’s paradigm of lying references; for, the Church to become the – FLESH BODY < hosting tabernacle > – of Jesus Christ’s < WORD of GOD - “Truth” >; and therein; the Church must learn how to serve the “living” God. The Church is .. entirely .. dependent upon God, in particular, the Holy Ghost – Spirit, for whom, the New Covenant was arranged by God and consecrated by the blood of Jesus Christ; so that, Human Creatures in the Church, may advance beyond God’s Covenant terms of the Old Testament, and enter into the direct relationship of the Holy Ghost – Spirit; and therein, the Church would know the power of God while in the flesh of Humankind. The Church idea, then, is established, by the Creator God, to have purpose, to serve God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to function on a < Kingdom of Heaven > paradigm of Spirituality, to know things of God’s Holy Ghost; and therein, the Church is to be followed behind .. commonly .. with “signs” of God’s confirming miracles, to ( always ) show to the world the WAY – TRUTH – LIFE of God’s Christ Jesus, while the Church is still in the midst of all wretched Human Creatures, who suffer punitively and unmercifully with the “CURSE” of unremitting [ SIN ]. The Christmas paradigm of a Church “Santa Claus” has .. NO .. place in God’s Covenant plan for the Church community or toward ( “Saving” ) the world; therein, the Christmas pathology of Church must be circumvented, in its entirety, and original Church usefulness must be re-discovered, to reestablish the true virtue of Jesus Christ and the Covenant Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Church Gift of the Prophet, who .. exceptionally .. hears the Covenant Holy Ghost – Spirit, must, then, be reinstated unto the Church learning, to adapt to a Prophet Gift ability, for the benefit of the whole Church society. The Church, then, is a community of standards, that is to exactly portray the virtue of holiness, of Jesus Christ, in the flesh embodiment of humankind; wherein, the Old man / New man paradigm of change is occurring while men are still abiding in their flesh bodies, and; showing this holiness virtue of Jesus Christ’s miraculous confirmation, that validates the < WORD of GOD - “Truth” >, that is so emphatically portrayed by the whole of such a Church community. The Salvation – idea of the New Covenant will be a constant theme of a true Church society; wherein, the evident “sign” of Old man New man conversion portrays a wonder of Holy Ghost “power”, indicating to worldly orientated men that the Church society is legitimately of Jesus Christ, and is not a counterfeit / deception, and may be “truly” heard and followed with a dedicated < FAITH > unto a plausible Salvation. The Church, then, must know the standards of Jesus Christ, believing such standards in “true” < FAITHFULLNESS >, and therein; be a “true” witness to the truly “CURSED” Human Creatures of the world.

Michael Mitchell