Remission of Sins, a Prophet's Gift

    The Remission of Sins has not become the recognized characteristic of the contemporary Church culture; for, Church leadership has not pursued after, nor even understood the Remission of Sins experience and reality. This Remission of Sins idea, of - COVENANT - thinking, is an instantaneous manifestation of God’s Christ Jesus, that reinforces a literal reality of .. DIVINE .. presence and “power”. Some churchmen, strangely, have conjured an early “Salvation” Bible narrative to substitute, intellectually, for the Remission of Sins experience, not perceiving any distinction between the two different Covenant ideas. This, of course, is a telltale sign that reveals the true state of the Church community; wherein, the Remission of Sins, to them, has .. NO .. conscious connection to the present Christian experience. The Remission of Sins, by New Testament context, means directly that Covenant of Jesus Christ “Believers” are enabled, by conditional qualification to this Remission of Sins event, to shake off the unseen shackles of indwelling spirits .. ( Devil spirits ) .. and their subliminal motivations. Such “Believers” had previously been bound to [ SIN ] lifestyles, and to varying consequences of affliction, .. physical, .. mental, .. familial, .. and social / societal, that directly confounded such Covenant “Believers” hearing the “living” - VOICE - of God, and knowing without distortion the direct will of God, in .. DIVINE WISDOM .. . The Remission of Sins reconciles [ SINFILLED ] men unto God, in right relationship, which positions such “Believers” for walking with God in ( “right faith” ); therein, this Remission of Sins miraculously enables - COVENANT - men to .. entirely .. circumvent the ( “Devil kingdom realm” ), as if they don’t exist. To cause this Remission of Sins is a “miracle” of God, of course; for, “untransformed” men of Gentile rationality cannot cause nor conjure nor contemplate such “powers” of God’s Remission of Sins, and cannot comprehend matters of invisible .. spirits .. manifestations, rendering worldly minded men to be completely illiterate and sterile in defining this potentiality of scripture.

    The Remission of Sins ideology opens up a clear potentiality for Covenant “Believers”, allowing them to be - FREE - from interference from indwelling .. ( Devil spirits ) .., who are unseen spoilers of New Testament - COVENANT - progress. The Remission of Sins event, even in its strangeness, brings a hope of - COVENANT - Deliverance from worldly immersions unto [ SIN ] and cultural coercions to perpetuate [ SIN ] lifestyles, unto “Damnation”. Such “Damnation”, ( ITSELF ), will not be overcome by this Remission of Sins; but, the indwelling distortions of - COVENANT - “truth” clarity will be immediately and conclusively swept away by this Remission of Sins experience. “Believers”, of the New Testament - COVENANT - and its Remission of Sins through Jesus Christ, may directly walk with the “Living” - VOICE - of God’s Spirit and Holy Angels; whereby this Remission of Sins, “Believers” may know the direct will of God for their own lives, which then incorporates a revealed knowledge of their intended place in the ( “body of Christ” ), .. of their appointment of particular “Spiritual” Gifts, .. of their intended geographic jurisdiction, .. and of their having a designated grace of - RULE / RANK - in the ( “body of Christ” ). The Remission of Sins becomes, of a certainty, a prerequisite of Church leadership, confirming their knowledge of - COVENANT - procedure, and affirming the leadership’s guidance of new “Believers” unto this necessary Remission of Sins paradigm of - COVENANT - “truth”. All of this - COVENANT - “truth” comes forward, out into the open, after the Remission of Sins experience, clarifying this benevolent grace of God, as being necessary for the ( “body of Christ” ) to come into its manifestation, as being the real Church. Without this Remission of Sins protocol, the ( “body of Christ” ) would be handicapped from indwelling corruption and subterfuge; and therein, the ( “body of Christ” ) could never obtain the - COVENANT - blessings, “Spiritually” applied / discerned / activated through Remission of Sins ( “right faith” ). This Remission of Sins is a very clear confirmation of the New Testament - COVENANT -, demonstrating a sure connection of these “Believers” to God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and to his “Resurrection” affirmation of “spiritual powers”; wherein, this Remission of Sins becomes a witness of Bible “truth”, whenever the - COVENANT - Terms and Remission of Sins conditions are accepted and embraced as a .. New Testament .. platitude, and are not resisted by “untransformed” Gentile churchmen. The Remission of Sins parameter of “truth” experience brings astonishment to Covenant “Believers”; for, the universalized indwelling - VOICES - of worldly [ SINFILLED ] motivations and afflictions - STOP -. This sudden quietness, from the Remission of Sins, is “freaky” when not expected; for, it was previously not understood how indwelling .. ( Devil spirits ) .. had been present all along, influencing the person - host; and wherein, that indwelling .. ( Devil spirit ) .. - VOICE - had hidden its own presence behind the strategic deception of its being the actual person - host. This Remission of Sins discloses this frightening “truth”, exposing this common ( LIE ), by the Remission of Sins activation shutting this indwelling - VOICE - down, suddenly and firmly.

    Baptisms of Repentance for [ SINS ] is a prerequisite to this Remission of Sins paradigm of experience; wherein, the Baptisms fulfills a requirement of the New Testament - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ, which Baptisms by a qualified Prophet; engage a profound - COVENANT - reality, offered from God to [ SINFILLED ] humankind. The Prophet - person is provided by God, within the functional dynamic of the New Testament Church hierarchy, which may then activate this “miracle” of astonishing deliverance from ( Devil Spirits ) and from their subliminal motivations toward a [ SIN ] lifestyle that is to become recognized and repented of in Baptisms. These Baptisms, then, are to become a normalized expectation of Church protocols; wherein, the whole character of the Church family is to be standardized with such Baptisms unto the Remission of Sins, as the confirmation of proper Christianity. The amazement, of the Remission of Sins, is activated for “Believers” by a Church sponsored “Spiritual” Gift in God’s sovereignly prepared Prophet; so that, the Prophet .. [ ONLY ] .. can apply this unique - COVENANT - manifestation by the laying on of hands in Baptisms, for such “Believers” who will cleanly hear the “truth” of - COVENANT - access and activation, and then exercise ( “right faith” ) through their own Repentance from [ SINS ] in their qualified Baptisms. Their experience of the Remission of Sins is immediate and astonishing, in confirmation of such a - COVENANT - Baptisms reality, as an immediate reinforcement of God’s Bible narrative, that [ “SIN is deadly” ], and is to be denied as a - COVENANT - paradigm of reality, through this Baptisms experience.

    This Baptisms ideology affirms a standard of Church authenticity, that the Remission of Sins is a universalized characteristic of a New Testament - COVENANT - Church, within its certifying of individual “Believers” and its leadership; wherein, the Baptisms protocol moves the Church away from the many pretensions of charlatan counterfeits with their “dead” ( faith ) types, even with “dead” Baptisms, having .. NO .. - COVENANT - reality of the Remission of Sins. The Baptisms “truth”, that follows behind the .. DIVINE .. empowerment of Baptisms, will be the literal evidence of the Remission of Sins, a clear change of such “Believers’” behaviors, to be publicly known by any observer of the world. And, without such a confirming evidence, such counterfeit ( faith ) types, even Baptisms, become exposed as being only fanciful imitations, even in their posing staged Baptisms for luring proselytes, to affirm their Church validation, in their religious attempts of ( Self ) justification. So, such counterfeit Baptisms, especially without Repentance for [ SINS ], and particularly without the “Believers’” learning the pretextual understanding of [ SINS ] and the necessity of repentance, such charlatan Baptisms are worthless in activating the New Testament - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ, and therein; have .. NO .. “power” helps for such “Believers”. This “powerless” condition, of course, leaves such Churchmen subject, continually, to the indwelling - VOICE - of ( Devil spirits ), and to the perpetual motivations of physical .. mental .. familial .. and social / societal afflictions / torments / and addictions, that collectively overwhelm such Churchmen, without their understanding, but compelling their ( Faith ) in “unrighteous” applications, that hinder - COVENANT - entrance and success.

    The Church Prophet - Gift that accomplishes Baptisms of Repentance for the Remission of Sins, that Prophet - Gift is enriched, profoundly, with complimentary Gifts as “Teaching”, “Preaching”, “Edifying”, and “Bold Confrontation” of all manner of - ANTICHRIST - lying philosophies, even Christian styled philosophy distortions, to therein; enable a ( “right faith” ) posture within - COVENANT - “Believers”. The Church Prophet, to accomplish effectual Baptisms, must of course have accomplished such extraordinary tasks as resisting his / her own indwelling ( Devil spirits ) without having the benefit of the Remission of Sins Baptisms, from predecessors. This battling against indwelling ( Devil spirits ), perhaps for years, clearly taught such Prophet - persons of that indwelling threat and profound reality, tempering the ( “faith” ) of such Prophet - persons with such ( Epic ) wrestling against evil, that such an indwelling reality became clearly confirmed, and without question of debate. Those Prophet - persons, of Prophet - testings, would learn the success of ( “right faith” ), in its victory over motivational / afflictive ( Beast spirits ) of monumental subversion, and therein; would know, as well, the deadly ineffectiveness of ( “wrong faith” ) postulations in their many diverse theories of Christianity. This - WILDERNESS - experience, of the Prophet - walk / faith trial, is following the Holy Ghost without having the help of proper Church assistance / enabling / understanding, which then qualifies such Prophet - persons as having profound experience in knowing the threat / reality / savage relentlessness of indwelling ( Devil spirits ), and therein; affirming the necessity of the Remission of Sins for other “Believers”. The Repentance of [ SINS ] protocol of Baptisms, by a qualified / experienced Prophet - Gift, is therein, confirmed through others’ Baptisms victories over their indwelling ( Devil spirits ).

    The Prophet - person, as a leader of Church community “Spirituality”, is the guardian of New Testament - COVENANT - “truth” within the Church population; wherein, the Prophet - Gift upholds the continuous standard of ( “right faith” ) Baptisms that attain the Remission of Sins platform of real Christianity. The Prophet - persons will remind the Church leadership of the relentless “truth” of ( Devil spirits ) abiding within ( ALL ) “Believers”, which .. MUST .. be neutralized, to keep the character of Christ’s virtue propped up and aligned with the Church’s Christianity. The Prophet - person is the conscience of a Bible proper Christian “Spirituality” within the Church paradigm of operational protocols, to insist upon Remission of Sins Baptisms, which guards the Church Institution from straying off course, to become the spokesman of another philosophy / religion / or worldly culture. Without this Bible proper Christian “Spirituality” within the Church, no one enters the New Testament - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ, to attain the resurrection of the dead, for Eternal “Salvation”. The Prophet - Gift accomplishes, profoundly in God’s sovereign empowerment, this “miracle” of the New Testament - COVENANT -; and yet, this Prophet - Gift .. Prophet - person .. is extraordinarily opposed throughout the charlatan Church community; for, the Prophet - person reminds the ( “Failed” ) Church Order of its systematic violations of - COVENANT - requirements; whereby, this Prophet witness discloses such error that the Church desperately wants to perpetuate, that allows its Gentile leadership to own / possess / exploit to its benefit a system of worldly gain, and societal influence, in its Mammon Serving [ SINFULLNESS ].

    The Holy Ghost of Bible scripture is profoundly exaggerated as being ( THE ) primary purpose of the New Testament - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ, emphasizing the very reason for God’s offering a - COVENANT - with humankind of historical [ SINFULLNESS ]. The Holy Ghost .. “infilling” .. is the < CORE > characteristic / promise of the New Testament - COVENANT -, which Holy Ghost benefit and promise enables [ SIN BOUND ] men to know God, directly and perfectly, to understand God’s - WAYS -, and to walk with a Holy God within the Earthy realm. All of the strange and wondrous signs and benevolent abilities, of the New Testament Holy Ghost, are deliberately intended to be an experience of ( ALL ) - COVENANT - men, to show forth this benevolent God - ability, openly to the whole of humankind, to enable bringing many of the world’s “CURSED” men to the embrace of God’s Holy Ghost “mercy” / “Love” of healing and safety, and therein; to ( HIS ) “power” of Eternal “Life”. The supernatural qualities of the Holy Ghost are intended to make ( ALL ) - COVENANT - men Kingdom of Heaven minded; wherein, the Holy Ghost, of course, guides and directs - COVENANT - men to diminish their Earthy paradigm of importance, to exert their ( “right faith” ) toward following a Holy Ghost paradigm of God’s Heavenly Kingdom realm; so that, - COVENANT - rewards will become “empowered”. This extraordinarily stresses the idea of ( “right faith” ) for such unique “Believers” of the New Testament - COVENANT -, who are willing, as resolute soldiers, to endure the suffrage of a diminished Earthy reward system, to pursue, instead, a Holy Ghost dynamic of Heavenly Kingdom rewards. The Holy Ghost dynamic of - COVENANT - activation is, profoundly, hidden behind the Remission of Sins experience, which Baptisms by the Prophet - Gifts suppress powerfully the indwelling ( Devils spirits ) of [ SIN ] repetition, which would imitate the Holy Ghost, pretending to be God, ( HIMSELF ). Peculiarly, the - COVENANT - Gift of the Holy Ghost is engaged only after - COVENANT - “Believers” have proved their intentions by declaring their Repentance of [ SINS ] within the Prophet directive of Baptisms; wherein, they have accomplished, implicitly, the Remission of Sins, qualifying them for the following - COVENANT - activation of Holy Ghost Baptisms.

    The Holy Ghost confusion, throughout the Christian populous, is the very common experience of Holy Ghost visitation upon the world’s [ SINFILLED ] men, without their having Repented of .. “anything” .., and without their enduring .. “any” .. Baptisms, or their experiencing .. “any” .. Remission of Sins, or even their hearing the - VOICE - of .. “any” .. Prophet - persons. The Bible narrative of such Holy Ghost visitations is centered upon God, ( HIMSELF ), giving - VOICE - to “Calling” men out of the - EVIL - [ SINFILLED ] world, to come to ( HIS ) Son, Jesus Christ, for them to find the - COVENANT - of “Salvation”. The Gentile - minded Church community has interpreted this Holy Ghost manifestation of God as representing an - AUTOMATIC - dispensation of “Universalized Salvation”; wherein, such Gentile Churchmen have not comprehended, at all, the idea of New Testament - COVENANT - terms, conditions and protocols, that God still enforces, including .. of course .. Repentance for [ SINS ], understandably “taught” and “preached” by Holy Ghost speaking Prophet - persons, followed behind with Holy Ghost “empowered” Baptisms unto the Remission of Sins. Then, the following Holy Ghost visitation would be the ( “infilling” ) Holy Ghost of New Testament - COVENANT - entrance, who, the Holy Ghost, then remains, guides and directs - COVENANT - “Believers” in their walk unto learning and activating the death Baptisms of Jesus Christ, in their learning to diminish Earthy realm rewards, by their learning a ( “right faith” ) walk of Heavenly rewards. So, the Holy Ghost visitation, before entrance into the New Testament - COVENANT -, is the presence / - VOICE - of God “Calling” men to come out of the ( “Evil” ) world and Eternal Damnation, to come to HIS Son, Jesus Christ; whereby, this Holy Ghost visitation is .. NOT .. a “Salvation” of - COVENANT - fulfillment, nor is even a Holy Ghost activation of the New Testament - COVENANT -. This ( “Spirit upon” ) men of God’s “Calling”, is not the same as the ( “Spirit within” ), which is promised in Baptisms of the Holy Ghost, which follows behind the Remission of Sins. The New Testament Prophet - persons may well sort out this confusion of .. “any” .. listening / learning Church body, who would bring Holy Ghost “teaching” / “preaching” / “exhortations” / “Bold Confrontations” that would redirect Gentile Churchmen back to the Holy Ghost council of - COVENANT - thinking.

    The Life of Jesus Christ, a Zoë translation of Life .. < spirit life > .., is ( THE ) < CORE > principle to learn through the Holy Ghost council of indwelling direction; wherein, God’s Life - Zoë is the literal “Salvation” of the New Testament – COVENANT -. So, without this Life of Jesus Christ, there will be no other “Salvation” offered through the New Testament – COVENANT -. This Life – idea, then, must be focused upon, to discern its principle “truth” of Bible narrative; wherein, this Life - concept, the - COVENANT - Gift of the Holy Ghost is comprehended as being the key component of this “Salvation” Life. The Holy Ghost guides and empowers this - COVENANT - direction of “Salvation” Life; however, without the “Believers’” invested cooperation of ( “right faith” ), this promise of Life attainment cannot occur. Consequently, obtaining the indwelling Holy Ghost is not an automatic guarantee of this “Salvation” Life - COVENANT -. This Life attainment is implicitly dependent upon the [ WORD OF GOD ] being ingested as prefaced “Spiritual” food that must be eaten daily, which then, when - COVENANT - “Believers” accommodate this [ WORD OF GOD ] dynamic, the hearts of such “Believing” men become the growing “garden” for the Life force .. “Salvation” Life .. to take root and grow unto fruit bearing. Certainly, this - COVENANT - process of [ WORD OF GOD ] ingesting / study / “Belief feeding” cannot even commence without the - COVENANT - infilling of the Holy Ghost, which ( itself ), cannot be activated without first “Believers” being qualified by the Remission of Sins, which comes behind their Repentance of Sins within the Baptisms of a qualified Prophet - person. This seemingly convoluted arrangement of multiple processes guards the - COVENANT - entrance of Jesus Christ’s “Salvation” Life. But, what is commonly overlooked, even defiantly debated against, is the idea that God has offered ( HIS ) - COVENANT - with [ SINFILLED ] men, obtained with an extraordinary consecration of God’s Son, Jesus; whereby, God has constructed a reconciling - COVENANT - and “Salvation” of Life, according to ( HIS ) wisdom and perpetual oversight, that transcends [ SINFILLED ] men’s abilities. So, Baptisms for the Remission of Sins, and Baptisms for the “infilling” of the Holy Ghost, and a necessary instrument of a Prophet - person, with Prophet – Gifts, being all required sequentially, .. CANNOT .. simply be supplanted by ( “EVIL” ) men and still such ( “EVIL” ) men somehow obtain God’s result of Life - Zoë .. < spirit life >, accomplished uniquely by Jesus Christ.

    The Life perspective of Bible reality is extraordinarily ( “lost” ) from the Christian conscience of expectation. The Life - idea of Jesus Christ cannot be reasoned through the Gentile logic and mind of intellectualism; for, the Life of Jesus Christ is a “Spiritual” concept. The Life of Jesus Christ, lifestyle and holy virtue of miracle Life – force, can ( ONLY ) occur God’s - WAY -, .. by God’s peculiar methodology, .. within ( HIS ) offering of a - COVENANT - process, .. which is empowered uniquely by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is not accessed simply by ( “EVIL” ) minded men, but can ( ONLY ) be accessed by prefaced Baptisms of “Repentance”, which produces a .. DIVINE .. miracle of the Remission of Sins. Such a miraculous Life effect, empowered by a sent Prophet, to “teach, “preach”, “boldly confront diabolical philosophies”, and then bring Baptisms of such miracles as the Remission of Sins, such a miraculous effect can then enable - COVENANT - “Believers” with the following Holy Ghost Baptisms, unto activating God’s process of “Salvation” Life, a Zoë translation of Life .. < spirit life > .. . This - COVENANT - process, then, requires ( “EVIL” ) men to surrender up in forfeit their ( “EVIL” ) idea of control over the Christian religion, .. of their interpreting its Bible narrative with wild distortions, .. and of their deciding they can play with its - COVENANT - promises, including “Salvation” Life. ( “EVIL” ) men, even “untransformed” religious men, must recognize their own susceptibility to Gentile intellectualism and of their hosting ( “Devil spirits” ) contaminations, an unseen presence that subliminally guides them / steers them / champions - COVENANT - violations of [ SIN ] lifestyles within them, that covertly distorts those men’s views of ( “faith” ) and hinders all their progress unto - COVENANT – Life. This most < BASIC > “truth” of - COVENANT - Life principles has been ( “lost” ) to the Contemporary Church community, liberating their “Vile” motivations to fantasize the New Testament Bible, of “Salvation” Life, into limitless ( “EVIL” ) versions of worldly religion. The Holy Ghost has, similarly, been fantasized into “ANY” ( “spirit” ) of ( “EVIL” ) men’s natural heart desires, as its confirmation. And, the Prophet administrator of Life, commonly disregarded and exiled from the contemporary Church system of Order, the Prophet administrator of Life has been counterfeited by ( “EVIL” ) religious men, permitting / endorsing < BASIC > [ SIN ] lifestyles, rendering all contemporary Church followers to be without Baptisms that bring the Remission of Sins, therein; completely blocking any Churchmen from qualifying for the following Baptisms unto the Holy Ghost, which then .. of course .. - STOPS - any - COVENANT - process of “Salvation” Life.

    The Church system of order, having been compromised, extraordinarily, by ( “Evil” ) Churchmen of Gentile intellectualism, the Church system of order now represents a diabolical opposition toward Jesus Christ, as ( THE ) proverbial “Antichrist” institution of - DAMNED - humankind. That “Antichrist” Church will now become massively exposed by the unraveling Apocalypse of John. The Remission of Sins .. of course .. cannot be engaged by the “Antichrist” Church society; wherein, such Church attempts at staging pretentious Baptisms have .. NO .. effects upon their Church followers, other than bathing them publicly; for even, their wild claims at accessing the Holy Ghost goes without effects of - COVENANT - confirmations. Such Church ideas of doctrine ideology cannot obtain the “Salvation” Life of Jesus Christ. Even the Church pretension of automatic < this > and < that > of distorted Bible interpretation has .. NO .. effect of .. DIVINE .. reality in confirmation, leaving such Church followers remaining as [ SIN ] violators, and subjecting such “Antichrist” Churchmen to afflictions / torments / mental darkness that compels them to believe the [ LIES ] / [ CONFUSED Bible distortions ] of the “Antichrist” Church. The true Prophet - persons will be forced to renounce publicly the pretending Church society, as being the “Antichrist” character forewarned of in Revelation. Such Prophet – persons will be accomplishing their intended works of Baptisms in predestined Church - factions, unto the Remission of Sins, while they .. YET .. openly renounce the “Antichrist” systems of the contemporary Church community. So, the Holy Ghost, released in proper Baptisms, will be manifesting - COVENANT - guidance and “empowerments” unto “Salvation” Life, while simultaneously “Antichrist” ( “spirits” ) will become activated unto a more aggressive Church - based defiance against God and God’s Son, Jesus, in their insistence upon ( “EVIL” ) Gentile intellectualism, in their Church mocking the Holy Ghost of New Testament – COVENANT - Life.

    Present Church members must now begin to reassess their connection to the Church society and normalized Church culture, in whatever vein of branded denominationalism they have fitted themselves, as to whether or not they must .. NOW .. refute these website claims and reaffirm their - DEAD - Church loyalty. The Church, of this universal “Antichrist” diabolism, cannot help any “Believers” in Bible reality; for, such Church institutions are foolishly ( “lost” ) in their derelict Gentile intellectualism, and therein; cannot guide others to “truth” which they, ( THEMSELVES ), refuse and vigorously war against. The Life of Jesus Christ is “nonsensical” to them, unimaginable to their “TREE OF KNOWLEDGE” reasoning, just like the Remission of Sins, they declare, to be the actual “Salvation” of God, given ( freely ) to all mankind with or without Church Baptisms, which certainly does not need a Prophet - person to implement such abilities. To them, the Prophet - person, of N.T. Ephesians 4:8-11, is certainly unnecessary in the New Testament Church institution, although the Old Testament usage of Prophet - persons, the Church grudgingly concedes, was purposeful and necessary for that time. And furthermore, the Holy Ghost, a New Testament puzzle - box conundrum, is an automatic ( “Gift” ) for everyone, the Church assuringly gurgles, requires no “preconditions” or “protocols” of qualification, nor explainable evidences of confirmation. For even ( “right faith” ), by their Church proclamation, is simplified to “Believing” God has - GENEROUSLY / MERCIFULLY / COMPLIANTLY - acquiesced all things to [ SINFILLED ] men, which forced concession by God; transcends men’s presumed future failures of Church ( “faith” ) regulation. God, then, has automatically conceded to [ SINFILLED ] men, ( HIS ) Heavenly ( “Gifts” ) of every Bible promise, including the Holy Ghost ( “Gift” ) and even the final attainment of “Salvation” Life, in its never ending mysteries of Heavenly composition. In their Church view, of dogmatic theocracy, the afterlife is .. entirely .. predetermined and fixed, regardless of men’s ( “faith excursions, experimentations & aberrations” ) or works of [ SINFULLNESS ]. The “Believers’” conundrum, then, is to reflexively consider these documented - words of a Prophet - person, as to whether the Prophet - person is Bible authenticated / necessary, and to what manner of purpose such Prophet Baptisms might be legitimate, and then, why is the Remission of Sins of Bible record, and why Baptisms unto the Holy Ghost are a separate protocol, and further why, oh why, are - COVENANT - confirmations / signs so evasive / elusive in the Traditional Church community? What does this elusiveness / absence of the Holy Ghost mean about the Church theocracy, anything at all?

by: Michael Mitchell